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An innocent girl is taken from a park and forcefully introduced to sex.
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The Taking

Naina was cheerfully walking down a quiet park lane. The beautiful and petite twenty-year-old didn't have a care in the world. The sun was setting, and the park was getting dimmer. She knew she should be moving on to get out of the park before darkness fell.

However, it was such a delightfully cool evening the young woman wanted to continue her walk. The day had been so hot, and the cooling evening air felt so good to her. There was a gentle breeze that was cooling her skin. She was enjoying the almost sensual feel of the air as it caressed her body.

Her long silky dark brown hair bounced with each step she took. It waved on the gentle puffs of air as she strolled along. The young woman’s hair shone in the fading light of the sun.

Her dress showed her sensuous body. The skirt was short and loose enough to allow the cooling air to circulate between her legs. The top of her dress was cut low enough for a little cleavage from her ample breasts was clearly visible.

Her arms could feel the cooling effects of the breeze. Her legs felt it too as they made her short summer dress flutter as she walked. As the cooling air kissed the exposed portion of her upper chest her nipples began to harden. Naina presented a very enticing image as she walked alone in the deserted park.

Naina's mind was not on her surroundings. It was on the new young attorney that had just been hired that day by the firm she worked for. She looked forward to working with him at the firm where she was a secretary. His name was James, and he looked so good to her. It was Friday evening and she had all weekend to day-dream about James before seeing him again at work on Monday.

If she hadn't been day dreaming about the new lawyer, she may have paid more attention to where she was heading. She ignored the warning signs. She should have known better than to turn off the park's main walkway and into the heavily wooded part of the park. She didn't pay any attention to the dark colored van parked in the trees. In the fading light, she never saw the man get out of the sliding side door of the van. Naina didn't even know he was there until....

Without warning, a burly man slapped his right hand over the pretty girl's face from behind. With surprising strength, he covered the frightened girl's mouth with his hand. His left arm snaked around her waist. He lifted and pulled the frightened girl tightly to his body. Swiftly, the man dragged Naina into the brush beside the path. He roughly carried her toward the still open side door of his old van. With his arms still tightly wrapped around Naina, he backed up to the open door and sat down pulling Naina down with him. She landed hard on his lap. He scooted backwards into the van dragging his captive with him. While one hand covered her mouth, he held her upper body tightly to his chest with the other. He kicked the van's side door and it slid closed with a loud thud.

Once inside the van, Naina vainly struggled to free herself from her attacker. She was simply not capable of fending him off. He was much too strong for the small girl to effectively fend him off.

Bravely, Naina continued to struggle against him. For her efforts, he briefly released her, spun her around, and viciously slapped her face. She fell onto her backside on the van's floor. She cried from the stinging pain she felt on her face.

She was still stunned from the slap when he rolled her onto her chest. He quickly tied her hands together behind her back.

While he tied her hands, Naina came to her senses. She screamed at him. “What are you doing? Let me go! Why are you doing this to me?”

A rag was roughly shoved into her mouth and tied behind her head. A cloth bag was jerked over her head and loosely tied under her chin. Flipping her over onto her back again, her attacker tied her thighs, caves, and ankles tightly together so her legs could only bend at the knees as one.

He then spoke to his captive for the first time. “Shut the fuck up. Don't fight with me, and you will live. Continue to fight and you may not survive the night. Now, lay there quietly and enjoy the ride.”

He then calmly climbed into the van's driver's seat, started the engine, and slowly pulled out of the park. He was careful not to break any traffic laws as he headed out of town. There was no sense attracting the cops by driving stupidly.

After about an hour's ride and many turns, Naina felt the van come to a stop. She heard what sounded like doors closing. The van's sliding door opened, and her captor spoke to her again. “We're here sweetheart. Remember what I told you.”

He didn't wait for a response.

Naina felt herself being dragged out of the van by her feet until her ass was perched on the edge of the vans floor. He stood her up by grabbing her by the hair and pulling.

She cried out from the pain.

He then picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of rice. She still couldn't see, but knew she was being carried into a building and down some steps.

Abruptly, she was dumped onto a mattress. Her hands were released from behind her back, pulled over her head, and secured to a steel post.

Naina then felt her attacker’s hands on her breasts. She struggled and tried to twist away from the hands pawing at her chest. The hands squeezed her breasts tighter until she again cried out in pain. It was no use. She couldn't get away from her tormentor.

“Now! If you will behave and not go nuts, I'll untie your legs, take the bag off your head, and remove the gag. Even if you scream, no one will hear you, but I don't want to put up with all the yelling. Do you understand? Will you behave?”

Naina realized she had no hope of over powering her captor, and if she wanted to survive she had to do as he asked. She nodded her head affirmatively.

“Good! Now hold still.” Starting at her ankles, he untied her legs. Moving slowly up her legs, he removed the ropes binding her. As he moved from one binding to the next, he slid his hand along the outside of her smooth legs. Her dress was being pushed up higher and higher as he went. “Very nice legs, sweetie.” He told her.

When the ropes were removed from her thighs, he pushed her dress up to her butt and flipped the front of it up over her belly. “Very nice indeed. You have some very nice legs, and I love the silky white panties.

Naina shook her head and whimpered in embarrassment. The frightened girl was trembling but did nothing that could be taken as resistance.

“My oh my. You do look delicious. Let's see what the rest of you looks like.” He then removed the bag from over her head.

Her brown eyes stared at him with contempt. Still she said nothing.

He next removed the gag from her mouth and asked. “You are a very lovely young thing my dear. What is your name?”

“Naina! My name is Naina. The frighten girl sobbed. “Please don't hurt me. Please let me go. I won't tell anybody anything. I promise. Just let me go.” Naina begged her captor for her release to no avail.

Naina's sobs, and pleas fell on deaf ears. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Her captor just chuckled and opened her dress' two top buttons.

Sobs racked Naina's body as she again tried to twist away from her captor.

It happened so fast that Naina didn't even realize it for a few seconds. When she had begun twisting, he had grabbed the top of her dress where the first buttons were undone. With a swift jerk, he yanked her dress apart. In a flash, Naina's dress had been ripped wide open. She gasped when she saw her dress fall to her sides. Next, he grabbed her white cotton bra between her breasts. Another violent jerk and it fell away as well. Naina's firm plump 34 C-cup breasts stood proud and firm out from her chest.

“Whoa! That's one hell of a set of tits you have there, Naina. I'm going to love playing with those babies.”

Naina was shaking like a leaf in the wind. She was laid on her back, her hands tied to a post over her head, naked except for her panties, and a stranger was ogling her body.

“Please don't do this! Why are you doing this to me? I don't even know you. I've never done anything to you. Please let me go. I've never done anything like this. Please, don't hurt me.” Naina continued pleading for mercy from her captor. She saw no mercy in his eyes.

Softly he answered. “I told you to shut the fuck up! But, if you must know, my name is Lucky. Now you know me. As for why you're here, it's because when I saw you walking in the park I knew I just had to have you. You were so beautiful and alluring. Now, we have all weekend to play.”

She continued to sob. Her tears were making her eye make-up run.

“Might as well get on with this.” Lucky told her in a matter of fact manner. He then took a hold of each side of her panties at her hips. Without haste, he pulled the panties from under Naina's butt and down her shapely legs. Lucky stood over her and admired his reluctant guest.

Lucky frowned at Naina and said. “Now, that's a shame. You’re such a beautiful girl and your crying has made a mess of your make-up.” He looked down toward Naina’s virginal mound. It was covered with a thick carpet of fur. That bush will have to go too. I'll get some warm water and clean you up. Don’t go anywhere.” Lucky chuckled as he walked away.

Naina remained silent. Continued sobs were her only response.

Lucky left Naina alone in his basement. She tried with all her strength to get free from the post her hands were tied to. Her efforts were in vain.

Lucky soon returned carrying a steel basin filled with warm water. A bag hung from one arm. He set the basin on the floor next to Naina's mattress. Pulling a wash cloth from the bag, he dipped it in the water, and began wiping the streaked make-up from Naina's face. He roughly wiped her eyes and cheeks until they were free of any trace of the messed up make-up that had been there. He then wiped her brow and the rest of her face. Naina couldn't help but feel a little easier as the warm water soothed her face.

When Lucky had finished washing Naina's face, he slowly continued wiping the warm wash cloth over her body. Her shoulders, then her upper chest, were wiped off with the warm water. He moved the warm cloth over her arms stretched over her head. He trailed the damp cloth down her sides. Avoiding her breasts and pubic bush, Lucky wiped her smooth flat abdomen. The front of her legs completed the washing of the front of Naina’s body.

Lucky rolled Naina onto her stomach and proceeded to wipe off her back, butt, and the backside of her legs. She gasped when he swiped the cloth between the cheeks of her butt. Before rolling her onto her back again, he gave each cheek of her ass a gentle pat. It was really more of a feel that a pat.

Lucky rolled Naina onto her back again and proceeded to thoroughly wipe off her luscious tits. Though Naina mentally fought the urges, her nipples hardened due to attention her tormentor was giving the breasts below them.

Lucky couldn't resist. He bent over and sucked Naina’s left nipple into his mouth while rolling the right one between his thumb and index finger. He sucked, licked, and nibbled Naina's nipples until she could take no more.

“Nooooo.” She moaned. Her protest was not very convincing. She seemed to be resigning herself to her fate. At least her breasts and nipples had given up the fight to resist. They reacted normally as they continued to be the focus of her attacker’s attention. Her breasts tingled and her nipples had never been so hard. They were so hard they almost hurt.

“Just one more thing to do.” Lucky told her. He then got up and left the room again. He soon returned with another basin. He dropped the wash cloth in the water and knelt at Naina's feet.

Naina stiffened when Lucky forced his knees between her legs. “No, please don't. I really haven't ever done that before.”

“Hush! If that's true, your cherry isn't long for this world, but I'm not going to take it right now. Now shut fuck up!” Using his knees, Lucky pried her legs apart.

Naina began sobbing again. She abruptly gasped and stopped crying when she felt the hot wet wash cloth being draped over her pubic mound. “What are you doing to me now.”

“I told you that bush has to go. I don’t like furry pussies. I'm going to shave that thing bald. Now spread your legs and lay real still. You don't want me to cut your pussy do you?”

Naina said nothing, but spread her legs so Lucky had unobstructed access to the thick bush of dark hair covering her pubic mound and pussy's lips. He noted that her fur extended nearly to her asshole.

'No matter! I'll get it all anyway.' Lucky thought to himself. He then told her. “Hold still now. This won't hurt at all unless you jerk around.” Lucky then proceeded to shave Naina's pussy. He covered her crotch with a thick layer of shave cream. Slowly and carefully he pulled the razor through the foam covering the girls pubic bush. Gradually, Naina's pussy was stripped of it fur. To be certain he had gotten it all, Lucky lathered the entire area a second time and shaved her again.

Finally, he rinsed and dried Naina's pussy with a towel he had brought in with him. Lucky petted her pussy that was then as bald as a baby's butt. As he rubbed her smooth pubic mound his thumb stroked up and down her snugly closed vaginal lips. His excitement grew at the thought of taking this young virgin’s cherry.

Again, Naina's body betrayed her. Without her consent, her pussy’s lips began to swell. Her lubricating juices glistened as Lucky's thumb slid up and down her slit. Her oily secretions were flowing freely and were being spread by his thumb as it moved over her lips.

Finally, Lucky could resist no longer. He abruptly dropped to his belly between Naina’s legs. His face was mere inches from her swollen lips. Inching forward, he ran his tongue up her slit. He licked her from her asshole to her clit at the top of her slit.

Naina jerked and gasp. “Please don't. I'll do anything else for you, but please leave me alone there.”

“Of course you will do what I want. But for right now, I'm where I want to be. I love the taste and smell of fresh virgin pussy.” Lucky returned to licking the pussy lying in front of his face. The more he licked and probed his reluctant partner, the more her pussy lips swelled and began to part. Her lubricating juices were making her wetter and wetter.

She was soon groaning as Lucky licked her. Did she spread her legs a little wider? He could have sworn she did. When he drove his tongue into her wet hole, Naina gasp again and rocked her pelvis up to his face. Her pussy seemed to be chasing the tongue that was teasing it.

Though tears continued to flow from Naina’s eyes, her lubricating juices were flowing heavily from her pussy. She was rocking her hips rhythmically as Lucky tongue-fucked her hole. When she seemed on the edge of an orgasm, Lucky sucked her clit into his mouth. As he sucked hard on her clit, he flicked his tongue over it.

Naina cried out. “You son-of-a-bitch, how can you do this to me?” She exploded in orgasm and cried out. “OH GOD!”

Lucky flattened his tongue against her clit and let her provide all the stimulation she could handle. As she violently rocked her hips in orgasm, Naina rapidly, if unintentionally, ground her clit into his tongue. Her orgasm was thus deepened and prolonged. After a deep shutter, Naina's hips stopped rocking and she slowly calmed.

“God I love eating a fresh pussy. They react so well. Don't you think so, Naina?” Lucky taunted the poor girl.

Tears were still sliding down her cheeks, but she had a dreamy look in her eyes. They seemed to be a bit glazed, and her breathing was ragged.

“I'll let you rest a little while before we continue. This is promising to be an exciting weekend for both of us. Are you hungry or thirsty?” Lucky asked.

“Yes, please.” Naina said. Her voice was shaky and barely above a whisper. She couldn't help staring as Lucky got up from between her legs. Her juices were glistening on his face, but what got her attention was the large bulge in his pants.

The reality of her situation came rushing back to her. She was lying naked on a mattress in a basement, her hands were tied to a pole, her pubic hair had been shaved off, and she had been orally attacked. Most disturbing to her though was the fact that she had succumbed to the pleasures she had gotten during the attack. He had made her have an orgasm. And now, here she was staring at the weapon that would soon be used to take her virginity.

Lucky turned and left Naina alone. He returned some time later carrying a tray. On the tray were two ham sandwiches and two Cokes.

“How am I supposed to eat with my hands tied to this pole?” Naina asked.

“Good question. Why don't we make it a little easier for you? Do you promise not to fight any more?” Lucky asked.

“Yes.” She replied softly.

Lucky then untied her hands from the pole. He then added. “If you try to fight or escape, you will regret it! Got it?”

“Yes. I've got it.” With her head bowed, she agreed to behave for him.

They sat quietly eating their sandwiches and drinking the Cokes. When they had finished, Lucky stood and said to Naina. “Stand up please. I would like to show you something.”

Naina stood and replied. “Yes, Sir.”

Lucky escorted the girl around his rather large basement. “Please note that there are no windows. You are below ground level and the walls are solid concrete. The nearest neighbor is half a mile away. So, even if you scream as loud as you can, no one will hear you. The door leading to the rest of the house is solid oak overlaid with heavy steel. It will only open when the proper combination is entered into the lock. That combination is safely locked away in my head. So, even if you should somehow overpower and disable me, you cannot get out. You will merely be here until you die of thirst or starvation. Do you understand?”

Again Naina bowed her head. “Yes, Sir. I understand.”

“Good. Then return to your mattress. I don't think it will be necessary to tie you to the pole any more. Will it?”

“No, Sir.” Naina had resigned herself to whatever her fate was about to bring her. With her head still bowed, she walked to the mattress at the far end of the basement.

“Yum yum. Girl, you sure do have a nice pair of legs and a great ass. You are going to be so much fun over the weekend.”

“Yes, Sir.” She replied.

Lucky had not expected her to reply and thought to himself. 'This gal is going to really be a great fuck. She knows what's going to happen and isn't as frightened as she was at first.'

Naina lay down on the mattress, put her hands behind her head, and spread her legs. “Alright, if you are going to take me, you might as well get it over with.”

Lucky smiled at her and said. “All in good time sweetheart. I'm in no hurry, but thanks for the offer. Rest assured, you will soon be giving me that cheery pussy.” He chuckled at her resignation. He stood over Naina and took his clothes off.

She stared then gasped when she saw Lucky’s cock. It wasn’t much larger than the average man’s cock. However, she had never seen one before. From her prospective on her back looking up, it looked huge. “Oh my God! It’ll never fit. You’ll tear me in half.”

Lucky chuckled as he knelt and patted her bald pussy. He lay down beside her and reassured her. “It’ll fit, Baby. I promise you can handle it.”

She didn't move when he began fondling her tits like he had earlier. Again her body betrayed her. Her breasts tingled and her nipples became hard and erect. Naina was ashamed of her body's reaction to Lucky's unwanted attentions. Not only were her breasts reacting as he caressed and squeezed them, she could also feel a fluttering sensation in the pit of her stomach.

Lucky, seeing Naina's bodily reactions and her obvious anguish, pressed his advantage. He fondled a breast with a firmer hand while attacking the nipple of the other with his mouth.

Naina was soon softly moaning. “Nooooo. Please not again.” She pleaded with Lucky.

He gave no concern to Naina’s pleas. He lavished attention on her ample tits. He was vigorously manhandling them. As he licked, sucked, and nibbled on one hard nipple, he firmly squeezed the other tit and rolled its nipple between his thumb and index finger. When he gently bit down on the nipple in his mouth and pinched the other, Naina gasped and thrust her chest up to Lucky's face.

“No, no, no! I can't let this happen again.” Naina said under her breath.

She believed she had only thought her words, but Lucky heard the whispered plea. He knew at that moment that he had her. Naina was going to soon be begging to be taken.

Slowly, Lucky moved a hand down Naina's flat belly to her freshly shaved pubic mound. Stroking it gently, he gradually pushed his hand over the crest of her mound and slid a finger through her slit. She had already become quite wet. Her lubricating juices were flowing freely again.

With a single finger, Lucky probed Naina's virgin cunt.

She tensed but soon relaxed. He continued probing her tight hole until his finger was sliding in easily. He added a second finger, and she tensed again. He probed her hole and rubbed her clit with the heel of his hand.

Without warning, Lucky jerked his fingers from Naina’s pussy. He took a tit in each hand and rolled on top of Naina. He firmly kissed her lips. 'Did she just return the kiss?' He kissed her again. 'Yes! She did return the kiss. It wasn't much, but she did kiss back.'

Lucky smiled and pushed himself down her body, kissing and licking as he went. It took him several minutes to work his way down her body. He didn't want to hurry himself or his captive.

By the time he had worked down to her pubic mound and placed a kiss there, Naina had spread her legs wide to accommodate Lucky’s body between them. When he kissed her mound, she twitched and ever so slightly raised her hips up to meet the kiss.

Lucky then proceeded to attack Naina's virgin pussy with his mouth much as he had earlier that evening. He got similar results.

Naina lifted her hips and offered her pussy to him to be eaten.

'This gal likes having her pussy eaten. Well, I sure as hell can give her what she wants.' Lucky thought. He then proceeded to ravish her hot hole with his tongue. He tongue-fucked her until she was moaning and writhing on the mattress beneath him. As her orgasm seemed to approach, Lucky attacked her clit.

Just like the first time, Naina exploded in orgasm. She reached down, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled his face to her awakening pussy with all her strength.

“OH GOD! IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN! OH GOD! DO IT TO ME YOU BASTARD!” Naina screamed out. She groaned and continued to rock her pelvis in Lucky's face. Admit it or not, she did indeed like having her pussy eaten.

This time Lucky didn't quit. As Naina's orgasm subsided, Lucky continued to slowly lap up the copious juices flowing from her pussy and flicking his tongue over her clit. Her breathing hadn't returned to normal before another orgasm was building in her core. As she seemed about to fall over the orgasmic precipice, Lucky stopped his tongue’s action. He placed a kiss directly over her horny hole and crawled up her body to lay beside her.

Breathless, Naina begged. “Please, don't stop. That was so wonderful. Please do it again.”

As he had predicted, she was begging. His next goal was to get her to ask to be fucked. Instead of eating her again, Lucky reached under her neck and pulled her close. He kissed her firmly. At the same time, he put his free hand over her pussy again. First one then two fingers probed into Naina's virgin hole. His thumb stroked her clit in time with his finger's probes. “Lick your pussy juice off my face, Baby.”

With a groan, she did as he had instructed.

Again, Naina climbed toward an orgasm. The sensations from Lucky's fingers and thumb became more and more intense to her. When she couldn't stand it any more, she cried out again. “Are you going to take me, or not?” There was just a hint of anger in her voice.

Lucky smiled at her and asked. “Do you want me to?” He then gently pinched her clit.

“No! But you're going to anyway. So, come on Lucky, please take me if you’re going to. Take me now!” Naina was begging to be fucked.

“If that's what you want, Baby.” Lucky then rolled on top of her and placed his cock where his fingers had been. With a short thrust his cock’s head spread Naina’s pussy lips open.

Naina moaned in pleasure.

Another short shove and Lucky’s cock bumped into the hymen that was blocking his way.

Naina’s eyes widened. “Oh! Wait a minute. I don’t.... No! You can’t do that!” She realized what she had asked for. She was not going to willingly give her virginity to a rapist.

Lucky raised up on his arms. He wanted to watch the girl’s face as her virginity was ripped from her. With force, he shoved his cock forward. His cock instantly split her cherry. The hymen that had been protecting her depths for twenty years had been destroyed.

He eyes flashed wide open. Her legs stretched straight out. Her face twisted in pain and shock. She cried out. “Aieeeeee! Stop! It hurts! Take it out! Please stop!” Tears were flowing from her eyes again. She feebly tried to push her attacker off with her hands. He was just too heavy and strong for her.

Lucky chuckled and rammed his cock fully into Naina’s devirginated hole. When his cock’s head bumped into her cervix, he held it there firmly buried in Naina's tight hot hole.

Naina knew her virginity had been swept away, but she had changed her mind about participating in her own rape. She cried over her lost virginity and the pain that resulted from its destruction. “Please take it out. It hurts.” She sobbed.

Naina gasped as Lucky pulled back until only his cock's head remained in her painful pussy. The blood from her torn cherry coated his cock. Rather than pull the rest of the way out of her tender hole, Lucky shoved his cock all the way back in.

“Ow! No! Please, take it out!” She begged.

Once fully imbedded in Naina again, Lucky kissed her cheek and softly spoke into her ear. “It's time to get fucked sweetheart. If you relax, you just might enjoy it. Whether you enjoy it or not, you're time to get fucked is here!”

“Noooooo.” She groaned in response.

Lucky then wrapped his arms around her upper body and pulled his body tightly to hers. Her tits were being crushed into his chest. Slowly at first, he began sawing his cock in and out of the girl's tender hole.

She fell limp under the weight of his body and the inevitability of what was happening to her. She could feel every inch of Lucky's cock as it plowed into her. She gasped each time his cock bottomed out and hit her cervix. The impacts between Lucky's cock and her cervix hurt, at first. Then, as he continued to ram into her, a strange feeling seemed to replace the pain. Yes, her forced open pussy was still very sore. Each passage of Lucky's cock in and out of her tender hole gave her pain. But she was feeling something else as well. Something was beginning to stir deep inside her core. Each time Lucky bumped into her cervix, she felt the sensation grow a little stronger.

Lucky didn't give a damn if she liked it or not. He was enjoying the hell out of fucking this tight devirginated cunt. At that point in time, Naina's pleasure was of no concern to him.

The sensation she was feeling soon became pleasurable to Naina. Strangely, she could feel her breasts tingle and her nipples harden as they rubbed against Lucky's chest. Naina didn't understand why she was getting pleasure out of the assault on her body. Why was she beginning to like what at first had been so painful? Something was happening inside her. It was the same as but different from what she had felt when Lucky had used his tongue on her. Whatever it was, it was causing her to feel sexual excitement.

Her groans turned to moans. The same moans she had made when Lucky ate her pussy. She relaxed her legs and let them spread just a little wider. She was thinking to herself again. 'It doesn't hurt as much as it did at first. As a matter of fact, it is beginning to feel kind of nice. Am I wet from the blood of my torn hymen, or are my vagina’s juices responsible for the wetness?' She quickly found that when she widened her legs, Lucky made more contact deep inside her. That contact felt very nice to her.

“Umph, umph, umph!” Naina grunted each time Lucky thrust into her depths and bumped her cervix. The speed and force of his thrusts had increased. Naina realized the pleasant feelings had grown stronger. She wanted more of them.

Her instincts told her to raise her knees. When she raised her knees, she spread her legs a little wider as well. This gave Lucky a better angle into her hole. He grabbed her knees and shoved them up to her shoulders. He drove his cock as deep as it would go into the tight hole below him.

Against her will, Naina body was reacting with pleasure to Lucky’s assault. She found herself breathing in raspy pants and rocking her hips in rhythm with Lucky's thrusts. She was feeling the same urges she had felt when Lucky tongue-fucked her. “Oh nooooo.” She moaned. Like it or not, she was building toward an orgasm. Her body liked sex even if she wanted to deny it.

Lucky too was building to an orgasm. His balls ached to send out their load of cum. They had been denied release all evening. Now it was time.

“Oh God yes! Fuck me Lucky. Fuck my virgin hole.”

“That cunt ain't virgin any more, baby.” Lucky slammed his cock deep into her pussy and held it there as his balls let go. He bathed her cervix with it first load of cum. Three, four, five strong spurts of cum rushed out of his cock, splashed against her cervix, and settled into a pool below it.

“Oh my God! I can feel you shooting in me. Give it to.... Oh God, no! Don't put your stuff in me. You can't! I don't want to get pregnant.”

Lucky smiled at her and dropped his full weight onto her folded body. He was still holding her knees against her shoulders. The last drops of cum dribbled out of his cock and joined that already deposited at the entrance to Naina's womb.

Using her legs for leverage, Lucky pushed his body up and pulled his cock out of her pussy. He slapped her ass and said. “If you're going to get knocked-up, it's too late now. If you're not going to get knocked-up, then relax and enjoy your fucking. You seemed to really get into it there at the end.”

Somehow, that made sense to the confused girl. “No! I did not like it.”

Lucky just stared silently down at Naina.

“Well maybe just a little. OK, yes, I liked it. It did feel sort of good after the pain went away.” She admitted.

“Good! We've got all weekend to break in that cunt of yours. Of course, if you're really frightened of getting knocked-up, there's a few other things we can do that won't be a pregnancy risk.” Lucky squeezed a tit firmly and grinned widely at the girl lying next to him.

“What can we do?” The naive Naina asked.

“Well, you can give me a blowjob.” He calmly said.

“A blowjob? What's that?

“My God girl. You really are naive. A blowjob is where you take my cock into your mouth and suck until I feed you my cum.”

“WHAT!!! No way will I ever do that! That's sick!” Naina was shocked.

“No it's not. It’s just something you haven’t done yet. I promise you will swallow a few loads of cum before you leave here. You hadn't ever been eaten or fucked before tonight either, but now you have had three orgasms from those things. So, sucking cock shouldn't be all that difficult for you. And I promise you will suck my cock. We might even dump a load of cum or two in your ass.”

Naina looked up at Lucky and began crying again. This was going to be a difficult but thrilling weekend for young Naina.


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