Private investigator Joe Mason continues guarding porn star turned talent agent Alyssa Breeze, after her 19 year old starlet Missy Sky’s aka Melisa Beletsky’s brother Jimmy was shot dead by her friend 18 year old Amber Blue. To make maters worse two new characters show up making Joe’s bodyguard duty even more difficult than it was before. But not before romance blossoms between Joe and Alyssa, and he receives a few more erotic fringe benefits of the job.
Chapter 7. Amber and Missy’s night out.

It’s Monday evening after taking their dates out for dinner and a movie Jones and Sanchez invited the girls to their two bedroom Malibu apartment. After all no sane heterosexual male should ever refuse the company of two young, but experienced girls like dark haired brown eyed petite Missy Sky, and slightly taller platinum blond blue eyed Amber Blue from spending a private evening alone at their bachelor pad. Both officers are between girl friends, and the night they spent with Amber and Missy at Alyssa’s home on Malibu beach last Thursday night made them crave a little more alone time with the pretty young starlets.

“Would you girls like a drink,” said Mike Jones. “We have beer soda, and…I think Frank has a bottle of Tequila around here somewhere.” Frank speaks up thinking like an honest cop. “But Mike, these girls aren’t old enough to drink.”

What Frank said causes Amber and Missy to laugh. Missy speaks up giving him her radical opinion

“Frank baby. The government lets girls and guys our age join the military, they send them into dangerous war zones where they risk life and limb fighting for their country. The government also lets girls our age make pornography, but they won’t let us drink alcohol. Don’t you think the 21 year old drinking age is a bit silly when you think of all the things 18, 19, and 20 year olds…Are allowed to do?”

“Beside that guys Tequila makes me and Missy’s cloths fall off, so pour us a few shots of good old José Cuervo….C’mon guys lets get us a party going.” said Amber.

“I’ll drink to that. Frank, go get that tequila.” said Mike.

“Hey y’all,” said Amber. “I’ve just thought of a game we can play. Every time one of us takes a shot, we take a piece of clothing off.”

“Now that’s sounds like fun, I’m game.” said Missy, doing her best not to show she’s having trouble coping with what happened three short days ago.

Frank gives his approval with a big smile on his face. “Sounds like fun to me too, I’ll go get the Tequila.”

Within minutes after officers Jones and Sanchez agree to break the law with their teenage dates everyone takes their first shots. 24 year old Frank and 23 year old Mike take their shirts off, now they’re standing in the living room in their pants and white tank top’s. Amber’s wearing a black one piece evening dress, when she takes her dress off both men’s eyes fall upon her wearing nothing but a pink lace pushup bra and matching panties. Missy’s wearing a red midriff top and a black miniskirt. Each man gawks at her when she reveals she’s not wearing a bra, she teases them playing with the long pink nipples of her small round breast.

“Look guys,” she says playfully. “Tequila makes my nipples hard.” Frank reaches over playing with her erect nipples. “Missy baby….You’ve got the cutest little hard nipples.” he says with a big smile on his face.

After a few more shots of Tequila finally everyone’s completely nude. And not to mention just a little drunk. Amber’s eyes fall upon Mike’s bare cock, she drops to her knees and takes him in her mouth.

“Looks like Amber’s hungry for some cock.” says Missy. She eyes Frank’s cock smiling flirtatiously. “Mmm. I’m hungry too.” She drops to her knees taking her Latin dates cock between her red lips.

Sanchez and Jones are standing close to each other in the middle of their living room, grinning at each other they slap high fives like school boys. Mike watches Amber suck his cock, bobbing her head back and forth stopping occasionally licking the sensitive flesh of his cock shaft.

Frank watches petite little Missy Sky deep throat his long thick cock, she holds his meat deep within her throat for what seems like an eternity then slides her lips back up his long shaft without gagging.

“Oh my god mom-sita….That’s fucking amazing.” he exclaims in disbelief.

Not wanting to be out done Amber does the same to Mike. Missy sees her deep throating and shoves Frank’s cock deep within her throat once more. Both men watch the girls start a little contest of who can hold their breath the longest with cocks shoved down their throats. Amber finally comes up for air gagging.

“Don’t kill yourself baby,” said Mike sounding worried but turned on just the same.

Amber gently nudges Missy with her elbow. “Wanna switch guys,” she says. Missy takes Frank’s cock from her mouth. “Yeah little sister…I’ll share my guy with you.”

They quickly move their nude bodies to their new men. Mike’s body trembles with pleasure when Missy licks her pink tongue around the circumcised head of his cock.

“Mmm…Your cock taste like vanilla ice cream,” she says smiling up at the tall muscular white off duty cop.

Amber licks Frank’s nut sack then runs her tongue up his shaft, his body shivers with pleasure. She peers up at him speaking flirtatiously.

“Mmm. You taste good officer Sanchez…I’m so glad my big sister likes to share.”

“Are you two really sisters,” says Mike in a curious aroused voice.

Missy giggles. “We’re not real sisters,” she says. “We’ve just unofficially adopted each other.” She licks her tongue over the head Mike’s cock, he groans. “Ahhh…Cool. I’m glad you sisters like to share.” Missy leans over kisses Amber’s cheek and whispers in her ear. “Lets fuck these guys.”

“Yeah lets do’em good big sister,” says Amber letting her soft pink lips caress Frank’s cock as she speaks. She looks up at him smiling. “Do’ya wanna fuck me big boy.” Frank threw his head back laughing. “Shit yeah I wanna fuck you,” he looks at Missy. “Do you mind if I fuck your little sister, mamasita.”

“Why sure baby, you can fuck my little sister anytime you want.” Missy kisses Mike’s hard cock. “Is it okay if Frank fucks my little sister, us sisters share everything.”

“Its fine with me,” says Mike. He winks at Frank. “Just don’t wear my girl out buddy, because she’s sleeping in my bed tonight.”

The girls lead their men to a nearby tan velvet covered sofa. “Have a seat sweetie,” Amber says to Frank. “I wanna take your big old cock for a ride.”

“That sounds like fun,” says Missy. “Have a seat Mike, I wanna take yours for a ride too.”

Within minutes they’re shoving each mans cock between their legs. Frank clutches Amber’s slender hips helping her lift her beautiful firm body over his stiff shaft. To his left Mike’s enjoying the warm wet feeling of Missy’s tight sex as she slowly fucks his erection he grasps her hips assisting her as she rides him.

For Missy the warm feeling of Mike’s cock stroking the inner walls of her sex is just what she needs, just a little over three days ago she watched her brother try to murder Alyssa Breeze and Joe Mason. But the cock she’s riding is only a temporary fix, once the sex is over memories of seeing her only brother die will soon return.

To quell memories of Jimmy’s death she begins riding Mike a little faster, feeling the mans cock stroking the inside of her sex causes the horrifying memory to fade an orgasm rushes through her body. She stops fucking him her body trembles, she whispers Kiss me in his ear. They kiss his lips feel warm and inviting.

Amber leans over kissing Frank, she’s been struggling with what she had to do last Friday afternoon. Memories of taking Jimmy Beletsky’s life have been haunting her over and over. She wakes from dreams where she sees a bloody hole appear in Jimmy’s forehead and his head snapping back when she shoots him. And the worse memory of all is the recurring sound of Missy’s voice screaming. “Oh no….Its my brother Jimmy.”

The feeling of Frank’s cock being shoved deep within the snug folds of her sex helps her deal with what she had to do, but after her first orgasm rushes through her young body memories of what she did come back to haunt her. She begins riding Frank’s thick long warm cock harder, and as if his stiff prick is some kind of magic wand these horrible memories fade away once more.

To her left on the sofa Missy speeds her pace up riding Mike’s cock, it seems she and Amber are thinking the same way. They’re both struggling with memories of her brother Jimmy’s death, and for Missy she’s struggles with the mind boggling question of “Why” did Jimmy come all the way to California to kill her old friend Alexis Carlisle, then do his best to take her friend Alyssa Breeze’s life too.

Each girl fucks their men hard, then suddenly as if they’re minds are connected in some kind of strange female wavelength each young women stops riding their men’s cocks. Amber smiles at Missy. “Hey Missy,” she says. “Lets swap guys.”

Mike and Frank don’t complain about the girls sudden urge to switch cocks, after all what is there to complain about they’re enjoying every erotic moment of their date with these hot young fantasy girls, of whom at one time before this they could only watch these beauties fuck other men on collections of porn video’s they own.

Amber kisses Mike then makes a suggestion. “Bend me over the armrest of the couch baby, I want you to fuck me from behind with that big ole cock of yours.”

Mike cracks a big smile. “Hell yeah girl, now your talking,” he says. She quickly assumes her position laying her slender shapely body face down over the velvet sofa’s tall armrest. Mike eyes the blond haired blue eyed Texans upturned firm teenage ass, she moans in pleasured surprise when he begins licking and sucking both her pussy and fully exposed asshole.

Seeing Amber’s enjoying a good salad tossing from Mike, Missy bends her petite body over the other armrest. Frank kneels behind her and begins eating her fully exposed anus and pussy too. Both men discover these young but experienced starlets do take good care of the tools of their trades, each girls cunt and anus tastes remarkably clean and fresh.

Missy’s body trembles with pleasure feeling Frank’s tongue licking her anus as he fingers her pussy. Amber moans pushing her backside a little harder into Mike’s tongue and fingers, then to her delight she feels the head of his cock pushing in through the wet folds of her vulva, her voice trembles. “Yes…Fuck meee.”

On Missy’s armrest Frank does the same, feeling the thick girth of the mans cock being shoved in she pushes back jiggling her ass a little. Frank’s feels her tight cunt gripping his erection, his pleasure is so immense he wants this moment of a fantasy come true to last forever.

Both men fuck their dates occasionally looking up from their pleasurable task to watch each other, now they feel more like male porn stars instead of off duty cops. Mike feels Amber’s body tremble from an impending orgasm, she moans he begins fucking her a little harder. Frank feels Missy’s cunt walls gripping his cock a little tighter, he looks down seeing her juices shimmering on his cock meat.

Missy feels an orgasm rushing over her body, she gives her approval of what Frank’s doing. “That’s it baby…Keep doing that, it feels so fucking good.” Frank speeds his pace a little, she cums again. On Amber’s side of the couch she feels a third orgasm rushing over her body. In this position with her ass and pussy lifted higher than her head the blood suddenly rushes to her brain intensifying her orgasm. She moans out. “Fuck meee…fuck meee.” Mike takes heed slamming inside the sexy young woman’s pussy, his hips smack against her asscheeks.

Missy’s voice trembles. “Fuck me harder baby.” Frank’s hips smack hard against her asscheeks. Sounds of both men’s hips slamming against firm asscheeks echo throughout the two bedroom apartments living room. Mike feels an orgasm churning from his groin. “I wanna cum on your face,” he says to Amber in hope of experiencing a full on porn star experience.

She looks back at him smiling. “Why sure baby, I was hoping you’d say that.”

Not wanting to be left out Frank makes his request to Missy. “Can I cum on your face too.” She looks back flashing a playful smile. “Why sure thing baby,” she says fluttering her big brown eyes at the tall dark skinned man. Within seconds of his request she kneels before him on the floor. Amber does the same kneeling next to her on the floor in front of Mike.

“Well C’mon boys, feed us some cum.” says Amber in a playful southwestern voice.

Both men masturbate aiming their cocks towards each young woman’s open mouths and pretty faces. Frank grunts feeling an intense orgasm rushing from his groin. Missy tilts her head back looking up at her man with her mouth open, he grunts again and suddenly thick ropes of warm cum ejaculate inside her mouth. Some of it drips down her chin, she wipes it off with her fingers.

Mike strokes his cock Amber opens her mouth pointing a finger at the target she wants him to hit. He grunts as thick loads of warm sperm eject from the tip his cock, some of it lands in her mouth and some lands on her lips and chin. She wraps her full pink lips back around his cock causing more intense sensations of pleasure, rocking her mans world to the fullest. When she pulls away Missy leans over kissing and licking her face and lips. Amber smiles up at Mike noticing he’s enjoying the show. “Wow,” is all Mike can say.

“You’ve got that right,” says Frank enjoying the sight of Missy cleaning Amber’s face with her tongue and lips. Amber looks at them smiling.

“Now we need a couple shots of Tequila to wash your cum down with,” she says.

“Yeah I think that’s a great idea,” says Missy.

“Okay girls,” said Mike. “Come sit at our clothing optional bar slash dinner table, and I’ll be more than happy to pour you beautiful lady’s a few shots.”

Frank cuts in. “Shit yeah partner, these lady’s earned their shots tonight.”

Back at Alyssa’s Malibu beachfront home Joe wakes up laying next to her in bed, its nine P.M. They began making love right after he carried her from the beach front deck of her home to the bed they now call our bed. She’s sound asleep but he’s wide awake, thoughts of what Jimmy Beletsky said to him and Alyssa, when he made a threatening phone call to her cell phone while they were in Santa Barbra keep flashing through his mind.

Alyssa told him, Jimmy said. “My angels are watching you.” And what the young man replied when he called Jimmy a sinner also comes to mind. “I’m not a sinner. I’m a good Christian, my angels told me so.” Is what he said before abruptly hanging up.

A cold chill runs down his spin when a horrifying thought comes to mind. What if Jimmy Beletsky wasn’t here by himself. He gently slides from bed, not wanting to wake Alyssa. Watching her sleep he slips back into his brightly colored paisley print swim shorts, pulls a blue and gold UCLA sweatshirt over his chest then quietly leaves the bedroom. Thoughts of Jimmy not working alone race through his mind, he mentally kicks himself for not thinking of this sooner. He walks to the kitchen grabs a cold beer from the refrigerator, then takes his cell phone from the dinner table. He wants to call his friend L.A homicide detective Mark Sanger and run his hunch passed him.

Again not wanting to wake Alyssa he slowly opens the sliding glass door, leading to the upper patio overlooking the ocean. Its mid December, a rush of cool pacific ocean air blows his hair back as he steps outside. He takes a sip of beer then dials his old friends home phone number. The call rings through for a long time, he thinks Mark’s either asleep or away from home. He’s about to hang up when Mark’s wife Sarah answers.

“Hi Joe, what’s going on buddy,” she says in her usual happy go lucky voice. He’s known Sarah almost as long as he’s known Mark, she must’ve noticed his name and number from their caller ID.

“Hi Sarah…I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“No, Mark and I are just hanging around the house watching T.V, like all old married couples do. Well Joe I suppose its not me you wanna talk to, although I do miss talking with you.” she giggles. “Hey Mark says you’ve got yourself a new girlfriend, I’d like to meet this Alyssa Breeze chick. She sounds like an interesting girl,” she giggles again. “I mean her being a porn star and all. I bet she’s an interesting girl, we should get together sometime. Well anyway here’s Mark.”

As she hands her husband of fifteen year the phone he hears her tell Mark.

“Its Joe. Ask him to bring his new girl over for dinner sometime.”

Mark answers the phone. “Hey what’s going on partner.”

“Mark I’ve got a hunch, and I wanna run it across your mind to see what you think.”

“A hunch,” said Mark. “Okay give it to me Joe.”

He hears Joe take a deep breath, his old partner seems uneasy.

“Okay Mark. I know you think Jimmy Beletsky is the only suspect for Alexis Carlisle’s murder, and the attempts on Alyssa’s life…But I believe, he didn’t do it all on his own…Were you able to get in touch with Missy’s father back in Michigan?”

“I did call the number Missy Sky…Or rather Melisa Beletsky gave me, but I found the numbers been disconnected. I’ve been in touch with Detroit P.D. I asked them to track her father Paul Beletsky down and her uncle George, but they haven’t gotten back with me as of yet.”

“Dammit Mark I asked you to get with me on any info you found….Mark I have a bad feeling Good old poppa Beletsky and his older brother George are out her somewhere. Remember I told you I’m planning on going to Detroit with Missy to help her press rape charges on her uncle, well now I’m not going. Because I have a bad feeling Paul and George Beletsky are involved in this case up to their necks.”

Mark takes a deep breath, his friendly demeanor changes from an old friend to a serious cop.

“Joe…I Don’t know if you remember or not, but…You’re not on the force any longer, you quit five years ago. And I add our old pain in the ass Chief Robinson has informed me, the Carlisle murder case is officially solved and closed. And he’s also made it clear, I have other cases to work on.”

Hearing skepticism in his old friends last remarks, he calls him out.

“I think you feel the same as I do Mark, but your buckling under to Chief Robinson’s will. That son of a bitch is why I quit the force, and you told me yourself, that prick called those patrol cars back from the cemetery last Friday because he didn’t want them guarding a porn star. That moron gave Jimmy Beletsky his chance to try and kill Alyssa. If it weren’t for Amber’s quick thinking, and good aim with her gun, he would’ve killed us both and you and a few others while he was at it for all it matters.”

“Okay Joe…What the hell do you want me to do, like I said I do have other cases to work. You know how L.A is I’ve got three gang shooting, and a prostitutes body was found in my precincts jurisdiction yesterday.”

“You say you have a dead prostitute.” The wheels in Joe’s detectives mind begin turning. “What’s the cause of her death.”

Mark takes an uneasy breath. “Her throat was cut.”

“Did her body show any signs of torture.” Joe asked this question thinking of the photos he saw of Alexis Carlisle’s body. Mark takes an uneasy breath.

“I shouldn’t tell you this…But yes, she had whip lacerations on her back and ligature marks on her wrist and ankles. But Joe, you know these prostitute killings most always turn out to be some crazy john, or maybe her pimp.”

“Its possible Mark, but its just something about the murder of someone Jimmy Beletsky would call a sinner, it just crossed my mind when you told me about the hookers death. Sorry partner I guess I was a cop for way to long….. But anyway here’s what you can do for me, just to set my mind at ease. Put an APB out for Paul and George Beletsky, who knows maybe you’ll drag them up for a traffic violation or something. And Mark, I know George Beletsky raped Melisa Beletsky when she was sixteen. If and when you find him, run his ass over the coals for what he did. Maybe he’ll never be convicted for what he did, but he’ll at least sweat it out for a while.”

“Okay Joe if it will make you happy, I’ll give the morning watch captain orders for an APB.” Mark changes the subject. “Hey Sarah wants to know, if you’d like to bring Alyssa over for dinner sometime.”

“Sure,” says Joe. “I’ll have to check with Alyssa to see when she’s free, but yeah I think that’s a great idea.” He hears Sarah talking in the background, and replies before Mark relays her request. “Yes tell Sarah Saturday sounds great, but I’ll need to run it by Alyssa first.”

Suddenly to his surprise Alyssa steps in behind him wrapping her arms around his waist. “What will you run by me baby,” she says before kissing the back of his neck while slipping a hand down the front of his shorts. “Who are you talking to Joseph.” she asks in a sweet voice.

“Its Mark, his wife Sarah’s asking us over for dinner next Saturday. Do you have any plans. If not, do you wanna have dinner with them?”

Mark listens in hearing Alyssa talking in the background, he hears Joe’s voice trembling, and something that sounds like kissing. Back in Malibu she’s kissing Joe’s neck while reaching inside his shorts playing with his cock.

“Why sure…That sounds nice,” says Alyssa. “No baby I don’t have any plans.” Her voice sounds so seductive, it’s actually turning Mark on just hearing her speak in the background. Joe’s about to speak but Mark cuts him off.

“Okay Joe, come over Saturday around three. And hey, see if her friends Amber and Missy would like to come over too.” Out of curiosity Mark gets personal “So have you moved in with her, or what Joe?”

“Yes…Or at least I will be moving in. Looks like I’ll be calling Malibu my home.” Joe makes one last request before hanging up, hoping Alyssa won’t understand what he’s saying, he doesn’t want to worry her. “Mark before I hang up I just wanna remind you. Don’t forget to talk with our old patrol friends about the APB, okay.”

“Don’t worry partner. I wont forget,” Mark laughs. “Now go get laid Joe, that’s just what you need.”

He hears Joe’s breathing intensify and hears what sounds like kisses being placed on his cheek near the phone. Joe’s voice trembles. “I’ll make sure and do that partner.”

When Joe ends the call Mark turns to his wife sliding close to her on the sofa, he kisses Sarah’s lips. “What do’ya say. You and I go to bed early tonight.”

Sarah smiles curiously. “What’s gotten into you all of the sudden.” she says.

“Oh nothing,” he says with a smile caressing his pretty blond haired brown eyed wife’s ample breast through her cotton floral print pajama top. “But if you must know baby. I wanna get into you, that’s what I want.” he says.

Back in Malibu once Joe disconnects the call Alyssa hugs her body to his standing in front of him, she’s dressed in white silk pajama’s under her favorite dark blue terry cloth robe. “I heard what Mark said,” she says looking into his eyes.

Joe’s mind reels thinking she heard them talking about the possibility of more killers. “Oh what did you hear sweetheart?”

“I heard Mark tell you to Go get laid, giggle. He said you need to get laid. If only he knew I’ve been laying you quite often since we’ve met.”

She takes him by the hand leading him back inside once inside they kiss, for Joe kissing this beautiful woman is even better than sex. The outside air was cool but her soft full lips are so invitingly warm.

Breaking from the kiss he tells her. “I love you.” She gives him a puzzled look.

“You love me?…Hmm…I like the sound of that.” she kisses him. “Then I love you too.” She takes him by the hand leading him back towards her upstairs bedroom. “Come on lover, lets go back to bed,” she says playfully. “Remember…Doctor Highland told us, we both need plenty of bed rest so lets do as the good doctor ordered.”

Joe guzzles the last of his beer. “Oh yes,” he says. “The good doctors right, and I’m so glad I have you to recuperate with.”

Without warning he lifts her up and carries her towards the stairs, she scolds him.

“Joe…You’ve got two cracked ribs, put me down now.” This time he does as she asks, but once she’s on her feet she tickles his sides then runs upstairs saying. “Last one to beds a rotten egg.” He chases her upstairs admiring the way her firm buttocks sways as she runs. “God you’ve got a great ass,” he exclaims. At the top of the stairs he pinches her asscheeks, when she screams in surprise he runs passed her into the bedroom. He jumps into bed ignoring the pain in his cracked ribs exclaiming proudly. “I beat you.”

“You cheated,” she says then runs and jumps on the bed like a playful kid, the sudden jolt of her body landing on the bed sends sharp pains shooting through his injured ribs, he clutches his ribs moaning in pain. Alyssa stops playing around becoming concerned about the man who took four bullets in the chest to save her life, luckily for him and her the bullet proof vest he wore last Friday saved his life. She was knocked unconscious when she fell hitting her head on a concrete driveway and is now recovering from a non life threatening concussion.

“Oh I’m so sorry Joe….But see, I told you you’re going to hurt your ribs.” As she lies beside him her head begins throbbing painfully, she holds her head squinting her green eyes. “Shit now I’ve got a headache. I guess maybe sex is out of the question for right now, huh babe.”

“We can still cuddle,” he says gruffly. “Just don’t cuddle with me too tightly, okay sweetheart.”


Back at Mike and Frank’s apartment, the younger crowd is doing a lot more then cuddling. After another round of Tequila Mike took Amber to his bedroom and Missy went to Frank’s bedroom.

Amber’s laying under Mike in his bed, he’s thrusting his cock between the soft wet folds of her cunt with reckless abandonment. Amber’s long slender legs are wrapped around his backside, they’ve been fucking in different positions for at least forty-five minutes.

The feeling of his tight eighteen year old lovers pussy caressing his hard cock starts an orgasm churning deep within his groin, he begins thrusting harder and faster. She thrust back, hearing his soft moaning and grunting she knows he’s about to cum. She moans out. “Cum for me sweetie…Cum inside meee.”

Mike hears her plea and lets himself cum, he doesn’t speak he just moans sweat roles down his face. Weakened by his orgasm he lays his face between Amber’s neck and shoulder, she’s weakened by their love makings as well. They lay in each others arms catching their breath, finally Mike roles over on his back.

“Damn sweetie you’re good,” says Amber. “I think you missed your calling as a porn star.”

“Why thanks for the complement babe, but I think I’ll stick with police work.”

She looks into his brown eyes. “Mike….Have you ever shot anybody.” Her question takes him by surprise, but he remembers the police report he read about what she did at the cemetery.

“Yes I did, but I wasn’t a cop at the timea I was in the Marines. When I was about your age, my platoon was deployed to Afghanistan. We were out on patrol when about twenty Taliban fighters attacked us. They killed two of our Marines, but me and rest of the platoon killed fifteen of theirs.”

He hears unsure sadness in her usually happy Texas draw. “Did killing those Taliban guys bother you?”

“Yes….But it was them or me baby girl,” He kisses her cheek then speaks reassuringly. “Amber I read the police report about what you did last Friday, you did the right thing honey. If you hadn’t reacted quickly like you did Alyssa Breeze and Joe Mason would be dead right now. The report said they found another fully loaded nine millimeter pistol, with extra fifteen round clips stuffed in a small back pack he was carrying.” He strokes her soft blond hair. “He might’ve been planning on killing more people, but you stopped him.” He looks into her watery blue eyes. “Stop beating yourself up, okay babe.”

She flashes a smile wiping tears from her eyes. “Shoot Mike, before last Friday the only thing I ever shot with old pearl was a couple diamond back rattlers and few ten cans,” she snickers. “Well I did almost shoot a guy once, but in that situation I just gave him a good scare by shoving pearl into his crotch.”

“You named your gun pearl?” he says puzzled.

“Yep, that its name.” She rolls out of bed and digs through her purse, she takes out the chrome plated 38 special she affectionately name pearl unloads it then hands it to Mike.

“Nice piece,” he says. “Smith & Wesson, chuckle. Hey I just thought of a good nick name for you Amber.”

She lays back next to him. “A nick name?” she says curiously.

“Yep…I’m nicknaming you Dirty Amber.”

“Hmm Dirty Amber….Yeah I like it, giggle. I am a dirty girl sometimes.”

He reaches into a drawer near his bed pulling out a fully loaded 44 caliber Smith & Wesson pistol.

“This baby here is just like the 44 my old movie hero, inspector Harry Callahan carried. His nickname in the movie was Dirty Harry, you might know the actor by his real name Clint Eastwood.” He unloads the gun then hands it to Amber, her love for guns shows on her face when a big smile appears.

“Wow this things so cool. Can I shoot it sometime.” She giggles pointing the big gun at the far wall of his bedroom. “Fucking for a living and shoot’n guns, are two of my favorite things.” she exclaims proudly.


In Frank’s bedroom Missy’s riding his thick stiff cock, smiling down at him enjoying every inch of his manhood. Frank takes her by the hips then roles her over. “My turn,” he says. Once she’s on bottom he begins driving his long hard cock deep within the folds of her pussy.

She wraps her legs around his backside exclaiming. “Fuck me big boy…Fuck meee hard.”

Frank obeys her commands, banging his nineteen year old girlfriends sex as if there’s no tomorrow. His hips slap against her thighs, she gasps. “Fuck meee…Yes Fuck meee.” He doesn’t let up, he’s fulfilling a fantasy he’s had since he first saw Missy Sky in a movie called Teenage lust. He’s been holding back for at least an hour, now he feels tell-tail signs of a major orgasm building in his groin.

Missy’s on her fifth orgasm, its the first time she’s had multiple orgasms in a while. On the movie sets she sometimes has two or three, but tonight her bodies being riddled with orgasms. All brought on by the first non porn star man she’s had sex with in a year. He groans in her ear. “I’m cumming.” She feels hot seed spewing inside her, it brings on a sixth orgasm. They’re both sweating and panting like they’ve just ran the Los Angeles marathon, they don’t speak as their orgasms wash over their bodies. Frank roles to her right.

She speaks breathlessly. “Thanks Baby, that was just what I needed.”

He lays on his side hugging her body close to his. “Your welcome,” he says. Looking into her big brown eyes he sees she’s in deep thought. “What’re you thinking about.” he asks.

She sighs. “I’m thinking about my brother Jimmy. I just cant believe he came all the way out here from Detroit, to do the horrible things he did.”

Tears begin streaming down her cheeks, Frank wipes them away.

“Its okay baby,” he says caringly. “Go ahead and cry.” He holds her close letting her cry.

She wipes tears away trying to smile. “Thanks…You’re a real sweet guy.” She pulls herself together and tells him about Jimmy. “When Jimmy was younger, he was a kind hearted guy,” she scoffs. “Then my uncle came to town. That hypocrite claimed to be a Christian. First he took my father, his younger brother under his spell. Then he pulled Jimmy into his web,” she wipes tears away. “That’s when I lost my brother. We grew apart, it was never the same again.”

“I know how it feels to lose a brother. I lost my older brother Emilio to the gangs of east L.A. They pulled him into their web, just like your uncle did with your big brother. But it wasn’t some kind of false Christianity, it was the money he made from selling Cocaine and Heroin. He was gunned down by the Bloods, when I was 15. My father moved me and my mother to Malibu after that to keep me out of the gangs.” She sees the hurt in his eyes.

“I’m sorry about your brother,” she says apologetically. “I saw my brother die, it keeps flashing through my mind. And the one who took his life, just happens to be my best friend,” she shakes her head. “Amber thinks I hate her, for what she did…But I don’t. This might seem strange to you Frank, but in a way I’m glad Jimmy’s dead. Its like he’s free of uncle George’s spell.”

She begins to cry again, he strokes her blond streaked dark hair. “Its okay baby, all you need is a good cry. Just lay your head on my shoulder and cry it out.”

And that’s what she did, she cried herself to sleep. He fell asleep too, holding the girl of his sexual fantasies in his arms. Finding out she’s just as real and as human as he is.

Chapter 8. The Beletsky brothers.

At an old ranch somewhere near Palmdale California, 50 year old Paul Beletsky, Melisa Beletsky’s father, aka Missy Sky. And her uncle 52 year old George Beletsky sit at a small wooden dinner table. They’re both bowing their heads in prayer, tears are running from Paul Beletsky’s dark brown eyes. He’s been breaking down like this since he learned from a television news report three days ago, his one and only son died trying to kill Alyssa Breeze in hopes of breaking the satanic spell the demon woman cast over his younger sister. To comfort his younger brother over the death of his only son, uncle George a supposedly ordained Christian minister began praying, his polish accent echoes through the small kitchen dinning room as he prays.

“Lord God in heaven, please take your devout Christian follower James Beletsky into your golden kingdom. My nephew Jimmy was a good Christian soldier lord. Satan’s whore demon, Alyssa Breeze and her demon follower Amber Blue took his life. Oh lord help us deal with our lose. And once my brother and I are done grieving lord, please help us capture the whore demon Alyssa Breeze, so we may cast the demons who control her back to hell. Help us show Melisa how the demons within this woman have been controlling her. And lord, help us bring Melisa home where she belongs.” He ends his prayer. “Amen My lord. In the name of Jesus, all things cane be done.” He pats his younger brother on the back. “You need to get control of yourself, my brother. I need you to be strong, with Jimmy gone I’ll need you more then ever.”

When Paul doesn’t come to his senses George slaps his younger sibling hard across the face. Paul’s head snaps hard to the right George yells out. “Pull yourself together now little brother….Stop your confounded sobbing, you’re acting like a woman not a man.”

Paul pulls himself together, running a hand through his thinning dark hair. “I’m sorry George, but it’s hard for me. Don’t you see, my only daughter ran away over three years ago. She didn’t even leave a note saying where, or why she was leaving. Now just three months after we moved to this godforsaken sinful state to look for her. I loose my only son.”

George stands and walks nonchalantly to a kitchen counter where a half full bottle of polish vodka waits to be drank, he pours two tumblers of straight Krol vodka.

“Here Little brother, have a drink…It will calm your nerves.”

Paul takes the tumbler. “Thank you my brother. You’re right, a drink will calm my nerves.”

As Paul drinks, memories of what started their vengeful quest flash through his tired grieving mind. One month before they left Detroit George had him and Jimmy on a mission to burn down a local adult video store. The store had just opened on the outskirts of their all Polish neighborhood. They tried having the church parishioners protest at the stores grand opening, but their protest fell upon deaf ears of the city council politicians. After the failed protest George had his brother and nephew load cans of gas in the back of his pickup truck, they broke in late at night and started spilling gasoline over the stores interior.

It was Jimmy who found a few DVD’s with Melisa’s nude pictures on them. The name of the actress on the box was Missy Sky, not Melisa Beletsky. She changed her hairstyle cutting it short instead of long like she wore it before she ran away. She added blond highlights to her new style as well, but Jimmy noticed his little sister right away. After torching the store they returned home. Jimmy gave his father the heartbreaking evidence, that his only daughter has succumbed to the evils of pornography. Paul sold his home and the family restaurant, uncle George sold his land and hunting cabin located near Traverse city Michigan.

As they made the long journey from Michigan to California, George filled Paul and Jimmy’s heads with exaggerated stories of how Satan possesses the minds and bodies of pornographers. He told them, they trick young men and woman like Melisa into doing unspeakable sexual acts on camera. And they sell the filth to men and woman to corrupt their minds. Once in L.A they began looking for Melisa.

They all began making rounds to different movie companies asking questions. Paul found out a retired adult film actress named Alexis Carlisle, was now an adult talent agent, and she might be helping his daughter find work. Someone told him she owned a strip club where his daughter used to dance. Paul and George went to the club to talk with Alexis. But Melisa befriended Alexis way before they arrived, she told Alexis what they did to her back in Detroit. Paul remembers what the evil blond haired blue eyed fifty year old ex porn queen told them.

“You tied your little girl to a table, then you all took turns whipping her.” George was there, she laid into him too. “And you raped her…You son of a bitch.”

After that, Alexis had her bouncers throw them out of her club. Before they were thrown out she told them. “There’s no way I’ll tell you where she is.” Later, Paul did question, his older brother about what Alexis said, about him raping Melisa. But George explained the accusation away, saying. “Satins demons tell lies.” That same day, before Alexis was able to warn Melisa, that her father and uncle were in town. George had Jimmy Beletsky help him kidnap the women. They tied her up in a horse stable on the ranch, they bought using Melisa’s mother Christina’s maiden name Zavosky.

It was in that dark dank dirty horse stable, where they slowly tortured Alexis. She held out almost two weeks, but she finally broke. George tricked her, promising to let her go if she told him where Melisa was. Thinking she’d soon go free, she told him his niece was working for Alyssa Breeze, and she was living at her home in Malibu. In a terrified state of desperate confusion Alexis gave them Alyssa’s, name phone number and address. George heartlessly took her life, soon after she gave him what he wanted. He made sure Paul and Jimmy watched, telling them.

“Cutting the throat of a demon. Is the best way to send them back to hell.”

Now three months later Paul Beletsky, a one time respected Detroit business owner sits half crazy and half drunk, in the small kitchen of an old Palmdale California ranch. Truth be known, Paul’s not exactly an innocent man himself. One night, over four years ago, at the Beletsky restaurant. Six months, before his daughter turned sixteen. He accused his wife Christina of being unfaithful. In a heated argument Christina told him.

“I’ve always been faithful to you Paul….But you’ve changed for the worse, since your brother George came to the states from Warsaw. He’s corrupting your mind, with his talk of born again hell and damnation.”

Paul lost his temper, although it wasn’t the first time he was abusive to his now dead wife. Only wanting to slap his wife of twenty years, to put her in her place as he calls it, he hit her way too hard. The hard slap made Christina fall backwards, she hit the back of her head on the sharp corner of a stainless steel food prep table, the sudden blow to the back of her head killed her instantly. Melisa was out with friends that night, she was usually working at the family restaurant at the hour of her loving mothers death. But her mother gave her the night off so she could go to a rock concert with her friends.

In panic Paul called his brother George, thinking his older brother would surly know what to do, and of course George knew exactly what to do. While his younger brother was in a completely panicked state of mind George cleaned up the crime scene. He used some of Christina’s makeup, covering the bruising on her cheek. Then he called the police for his frantic little brother. While the police and ambulance were in route. He told Paul what to say.

“Tell them she slipped and hit her head. Do not tell them you hit her.”

So that’s what Paul did, Just as he always did when he was a kid growing up in a small Polish town just outside of Warsaw. Paul always listened to his brother, with exception of when Paul fell in love with Christina Zavosky. George never liked Christina’s family. He said. “They have Jewish blood in their veins.” But Paul didn’t listen to his brothers racist propaganda back then. He and Christina moved to Michigan, where they opened their own restaurant. Both Jimmy and Melisa were born in Michigan.

George was married for a while when he was in the Polish army, but his wife mysteriously disappeared. George told Paul. “The whore ran off with another man.” But in reality Juliana Beletsky’s body may never be found.


Now back at the old California ranch kitchen, uncle George pours his brother another two fingers of vodka. Seeing Paul’s sitting there in a daze, George snaps his fingers in front of Paul’s face. “Paul wake up.” he says. Paul comes out of his trance and memories of the past fade away.

“What…what did you say.” Paul says confused. George chuckles.

“You were sitting there with a far away look in your eyes. Little brother, you’re dwelling on what happened to Jimmy again aren’t you.” George took a seat then began giving his opinion of what Jimmy did wrong.

“Jimmy would still be alive, if he would’ve listened to me. The first thing he did wrong was to warn that demon whore, we were coming after her by sending those pictures he took of her demon friends body. The second thing he did wrong was to take on the demon by himself. He told me, she hired that private I Joe Mason to protect her,” he sips his vodka. “I told you both, a demon can only be wounded with bullets, but he stole my custom made Winchester and tried shooting her from a distance.”

He downs his Vodka, then pours more in his glass and Paul’s glass too.

“Then like a fool James took two of my specially made Beretta’s, without my permission. He went to that cemetery, he called me before he did that foolish thing. He told me, he’d kill Alyssa Breeze in front of Melisa, then she’d see how evil the woman is. I told him, no boy don’t try your foolish plan, but my nephew is headstrong. He told me, he prayed long and hard on his plans. He told me, his guardian angles will protect him,” George takes a drink with his dark eyes showing disapproval. “I told him. No Jimmy, there are to many of Satan’s minions there. But he would not listen.”

Paul’s Polish accent slurs. “Now my son is dead George….What will we do now.”

George pats the back of Paul’s hand. “We wait…We will follow them. We will watch them. When Joe Mason, and that demon whore Amber Blue let their guards down. We will take that demon woman, and Melisa. Once we have them both out here. We will show Melisa what Alyssa Breeze really is.”

In a drunken stupor Paul speaks of what he and his brother have been up to since Jimmy died Friday.

“What are we going to do with that Spanish whore demon, we’re keeping out in the stable. Are we going to show her what it’s like to have sex with pure Christian men, before you take her life like you did her negro friend?”

A sinister grin appears over George’s pale lips. “So little brother. Now you want to have a little fun with that sweet looking young Spanish demon,” he finishes his drink, Paul finishes his. “Come with me brother, lets show the demon what real men are like.”

Its late just before midnight as George and Paul stagger across their dusty property, to a large wooden stable located about a hundred yards behind their small three bedroom ranch home. Both men’s hearts race with thoughts of deviant sexual pleasure they’ll soon derive from the 19 year old Mexican prostitute waiting inside.

They kidnapped her along with a 21 year old African American prostitute. The 21 year old named Tasha, was the murder victim Mark told Joe about. Maria, the girl they have stripped nude and tied up in the stable is an illegal immigrant. No one cares nor even knows she’s missing. Of course it was George who talked Paul into taking both hookers from a late night street corner in east Los Angeles.

He told Paul. “We’ll to take these demon’s from the street, taking their lives will make us stronger.”

Truth be known, before George Beletsky left his native home of Warsaw Poland. The first person he murdered was his wife Juliana. After hiding her body in a place she’d never be found, he began seeing prostitutes with Juliana’s features of long thick black hair and green eyes. Going insane with thoughts of Juliana returning from the dead to haunt him, he began posing as a john, tricking any prostitute with his dead wife’s features into going to his country home. Before he left Poland there were numerous bodies found of teen girls and woman with tell-tail features of dark hair and green eyes.

Entering the stable Paul turns on the lights, they hear Maria gasp in fear. Walking to a horse stall they find Maria, she’s tied just as Alexis Carlisle was tied. Her hands are tied above her head to a low wooden beam, she’s gagged with a red bandana. “Hello Maria.” George says in a demented drunken voice.

Paul walks in and begins touching her breast. “Have you missed us.” he says. Maria’s a pretty teenage girl, her dark black hair is long and thick. Her brown eyes although red from crying are elegantly shaped. Her nose is petite with just a slight crook at the center, her breast are ample and full.

Paul always plays with them when he comes to visit her, but the only way he can stomach what they do to her is to be drunk. He’ll enjoy raping her tonight, but he’ll feel guilty in the morning. George on the other hand, never feels any remorse or guilt. He as always, sees prostitutes and pornography stars as evil demonic plights on the worlds society. His sick mind tells him, it’s okay to rape and brutalize women such as young Maria. It never crosses his mind, why or how these innocent woman become what they are. He only sees them as tools of the devil. In reality George is a sexual predator, and a brilliant manipulator. Now he’s turning his younger brother into a sick twisted animal like himself.

George steps in behind Maria, she’s helpless to resist his touch. Feeling his right hand clutching her breast, and feeling his left hand fondling her ass. Her body tenses, she tries pulling away but its of no use. Paul removes her gag, she speaks begging them.

“Please senors let me go. I tell no one about you, please let me go. I’ve repented my sins as you’ve asked of me.” George slaps her hard on the ass, she screams in pain. He whispers a lie in her ear. “Be a good senorita for us Maria, then we will let you go.”

Paul strokes his hand between her legs, his speech slurs from too much vodka as he lies to her. “Yes my sweet. Once we untie you, you’ll need to do everything we say. After that, you will go free.”

Chapter 9. Tuesday morning in Malibu.

As the sun rises like a bright orange ball in the east Joe wakes up feeling Alyssa’s warm lips on his now fully erect cock. He pulls the covers off looking down at his beautiful auburn haired lover. Although he’s enjoying the oral pleasure she’s giving him, he cant help but joke with her. “I guess your headaches gone.” She stops for a second, looking up from her morning task smiling.

“Sucking your cock, is even better than those pain pills the doctor prescribed for me.”

She lovingly goes back to her task running her lips and tongue down his long stiff shaft. Joe moans as she sucks him, she wets her fingers and moistens her vagina with her wet fingertips. She moves her slender shapely body to a crouching position over his erection. Joe grasp the soft white flash of her hips steadying her as she lowers her sex around his cock. He feels her body tremble with pleasure as his cock slips deep within her velvet walls. She moans.

“Mmmm….Now that’s just what I need to wake up properly.”

Joe smiles up at her as she begins slowly riding him. “You’ve got that right baby. Now lower those pretty lips of yours down here, I need a kiss.” he says.

Keeping his erection inside she leans down, once again he enjoys the warmth of her lips, he loves kissing her almost as much as he enjoys making love to her. She rides his manhood slowly they kiss. As they kiss, he roles her over. “My turn.” he says playfully. Her voice trembles. “Take me lover boy,” she moans. As he thrust inside she wraps her legs around his back, her cunt becomes tighter. They kiss with passion as he thrust in deep then pulls back slowly.

She feels his penis throbbing against the inner walls of her sex, an orgasm causes her body to tremble. She gasp a low pleased moan. He keeps shoving his cock deep then pulls back slowly. “Let me back on top,” she whispers. He lets her roll back on top. Once on top she begins riding his cock with all the passion she can bring out. Her ass cheeks slap against his hips, he feels seed churning up from his groin. He groans. “Keep riding me hard baby…Your going to make cum.”

“Mmm…I like making my man cum,” she says playfully. Speeding her pace, her firm ass slaps against his hips. An orgasm sends tremors of pleasure over her 38 year old body. Joe feels the intense tingling sensations of an orgasm flowing from groin, he thrust his hips grunting moans of pleasure. She feels his warm seed flooding the inside walls of her sex, another massive orgasm weakens her body. She slumps over his chest. He’s still shoving his cock deep inside, enjoying the euphoric affects of the inside walls of her sex flexing around his cock flesh. Alyssa roles her sexually spent body from his, looking at the ceiling smiling she gasp.

“Now that’s the best way for two lovers to start their day.”

Joe roll over giving her a kiss. “Yes it is,” he says. “Now lets go shower, you wash my back, I’ll wash yours.” he says playfully.

After showering they step from the bedroom hearing country music playing low in the kitchen. Its Keith Urban singing Sweet Thing. “That must be Amber,” says Alyssa. “She’s the country music fan around this house.”

Stepping inside the kitchen they find both Amber and Missy making breakfast. Amber's needing her fingers in a bowl of biscuit dough, as Missy stirs hollandaise sauce; she always makes the sauce when she makes omelets. Amber chirps up I a cheerful voice. “Good morning lovers.”

“From the looks on their faces Amber,” says Missy. “I think they woke up having a morning quickie.”

“How was your date Girls,” says Joe. Alyssa chimes in. “Yeah, tell us the dirty details.”

Missy replies in a sassy voice. “Ladies like me and Amber…We never kiss and tell.”

As usual Alyssa gives her young starlets hugs and kisses. Today as Joe watches her showing affection to her girls. She seems more like a mother to Amber and Missy instead of their agent. Today instead of sensual kisses on their lips, she gives them affectionate kisses on the cheeks. She jokes with Missy.

“I know what not kissing and telling means girl…It means you girls screwed Mike and Frank’s brains out.”

“Yep,” says Joe. “Now those rookies will be driving around town, with big grins on their faces all day.”

“Have a seat Joe,” says Alyssa. “I’ll pour you some coffee.”

Sitting down he finds today’s copy of the Malibu Times news paper on the table, he reads the headlines to himself. A chill runs down his spin when one headline stands out from the rest. As he reads it, he remembers what Mark Sanger said about a dead prostitutes murder he’s investigating. It reads

Woman’s body found in an L.A dumpster Sunday morning, has been identified as Tasha Morison. A police spokesperson says she’s a known prostitute. Morison and a young teenager, known only as Maria, were last scene on L.A’s east side getting into a black 1998 Chevrolet van. The van had California plates, but witnesses didn’t get the number. Police are looking for anyone who can give them more information about the two middle aged white male suspects who were in the van. An unnamed witness says, she couldn’t get a good description of the men.

As he sits reading the article Alyssa startles him when she brings him his coffee. She sees the headlines. “Another murder in L.A, huh. I’m sure glad I moved to Malibu.” she says sitting next to him. He folds the paper and sips his coffee, she sees uneasiness in his brown eyes. “What’s wrong Joe.” she says. Not wanting to say what’s really on his mind he changes the subject to her.

“You’re on my mind, that’s what.” He leans over giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Awe,” Amber coos. “Ain’t they a cute couple….Who would’a thought they’d hit it off in just a weeks time.” she nudges Missy while she’s pouring egg batter for an omelet into a small frying pan. “Ain’t they a sweet couple Missy.” she says tenderly.

“Yep. Now hurry up and put those biscuits of your’s in the oven…Its nine o’clock, we don’t wanna be eating breakfast for lunch.”

As Missy and Amber pour themselves coffee the kitchen phone rings. Amber answers it speaking enthusiastically. “Why hey there Mister Larson, how’re you doing this morning.” The caller is producer Dick Larson.

“Well I’m doing great babe. How’s my sweet little Texas rose today.”

“I’m doing just fine sweetie,” Amber says, she smiles as the fifty year old ex porn star flirts with her.

“Hey babe,” says Larson. “Is Alyssa feeling better today. I know she banged her head pretty good last Friday at the funeral,” he sighs. “I’m so glad she wasn’t shot…And you little miss quick draw, you surprised the hell out me with the way you whipped out your gun and blew that asshole away.”

Not being exactly proud of what she did Amber goes silent, and decides to hand him off to Alyssa. “Here talk with Alyssa Mister Larson, she’s sittin here at the table wait’n on breakfast.” Alyssa takes the phone. “Good morning sugar plumb,” he says trying to be charming. “Are you feeling better today?”

“Yeah,” she replies joking. “My head only hurts, when my old friend calls me sugar plumb….Good morning Dick, what’s going on with you today.”

“Well babe…I’m in a major fix today. I held a meeting this weekend with my Slut Production studios partners. They want me to wrap up the production on my Santa Barbra Cheerleaders DVD series today.”

“So what do ya want Dick?” she says satirically.

“Can you bring Amber, Missy, and at least two other girls from your agency up to that mansion we shot scenes at last Thursday out on walnut street in Santa Barbra…I know you and the girls went through hell last Friday. Hell I was there too. When I saw you and your bodyguard go down, when that nutcase shot at you. I thought I lost my old friend Alyssa Breeze.”

Being desperate he switches back to his agenda. “I have something to sweeten today’s deal Alyssa. My business partners and I viewed the rough cut of Amber and Missy’s scenes, we shot last week. We’ve decided they should be the lead stars of our movie….And also, the reason why I want more of your girls is, I wanna shoot a big grand finally orgy scene. I’ve called Jake McKinley and Dale Peters, they’ll be there. And there’ll be a couple new studs there as well….But I need four girls to complete the scene.” He pauses in thought.

“And hey sugar plumb, Its been a long time since you’ve shown your gorgeous body in front of the camera. What do you think about joining in on my orgy scene. I’ll make sure you receive a nice financial cut of the profits, once Santa Barbra Cheerleaders hit’s the market.”

The financial wheels in Alyssa’s mind began turning, she knows if Missy and Amber are the lead stars in a hit series like Santa Barbra Cheerleaders. Both she, Missy and Amber will make a bundle. She speaks up quickly. “I’ll need to talk it over with my girls…I’ll call you back Dick. Bye.” She hangs up and walks to Missy and Amber with a cheshire grin on her face. In reality, she’s a natural business woman even though she dropped out of college to become a successful porn star.

“Hey girls. Dick just informed me, he and his partners in Slut Productions are offering you both staring roles in his latest production of Santa Barbra Cheerleaders. Girls…this is your chance to make some real money, a staring role in a best selling DVD series like this will make you some major cash. And it’s a stepping stone to more staring roles….This is your big chance girls, what do’ya think.”

Suddenly she thinks of what Missy’s dealing with after seeing her brother die just last week. She hugs Missy looking into her big brown eyes. “Are you up to working today honey.” she asks sincerely.

Missy flashes a quick smile. “Hey…You know I’ve got car payments to make on that new Camaro I’ve got stashed away in your garage. Will I make enough to pay it off?” Her strangely cool demeanor takes everyone by surprise, but Alyssa stays cool.

“Yes you’ll make plenty of cash…The Cheerleader DVD’s are selling very well. Both you and Amber will make a bundle. But Missy, you’ve just lost your brother. Will you be up to this…Dick wants to shoot an orgy scene. Orgies can be rough on a girl, if she’s not mentally ready.” Missy pauses in thought, everyone thinks she’s going to pass on doing the orgy but she startles them all.

“Alyssa…An orgies just what I need. Now call Larson and tell him I’ll be there.”

They ate a quick breakfast with everyone but Joe acting like today’s just another day. After breakfast with worries of Missy being able to perform her orgy scene seeming to be settled Alyssa gives orders to her live in starlets.

“Okay Girls go get ready. With rush hour traffic Santa Barbra’s a little over two hours away. Once we’re on the road we’ll need to hall ass.” Suddenly as if the girls are soldiers told to move double time Amber and Missy run from the kitchen to shower and dress into their movie costumes and put their makeup on.

Alyssa turns to Joe. “Do you mind if me and the girls drive up to Santa Barbra on our own. Dick wants to start filming around noon today?”

Hearing her say she wants to travel alone, he’s almost overcome with panic. Feeling his detectives hunch is right, that Jimmy Beletsky didn’t act alone. But not wanting to worry her, he makes an excuse to go with them. “Alyssa…doc Highland pulled me aside last week before we left the hospital. She told me, you shouldn’t drive your car or be on your own. Basically the good doctor told me to keep an eye on you.”

She hugs him looking in his eyes. “But Joe…I’ll be with Amber and Missy, they’ll keep an eye on me.”

“Yes, but they’re going to be working.” He grins thinking of the scenes he watched the girls do last Thursday. “Okay sweetheart, the real reason why I wanna go with you is, I’m really into voyeurism,” he chuckles telling a white lie. “I was completely turned on last week watching Amber and Missy do their scenes, with those oversized studs….Now please let me drive you and the girls to Santa Barbra.”

She kisses him, as she kisses him she thinks of what Dick Larson asked her to do. Thinking maybe he won’t approve she decides to feel him out. “Joe baby…What do you think of seeing me doing an orgy scene.” Joe doesn’t reply, he stands hugging her thinking of her question. She speaks curiously. “You don’t like the idea, do you babe.” Suddenly an idea comes to mind. “Hey, how would you like to join in with me and the girls, and two of my other girls in an orgy. Does that sound fun baby?”

He replies nervously “Me…In a porn movie?” Thoughts of being nude in front of movie cameras along side well hung men, like Jake McKinley and Dale Peters scares the hell out of him. But thinking its the only way she’ll let him go he gives in. “Um…Yeah, I think it’ll be fun. Yes I’ll do it!!” he says trying not to sound unsure if he should.

As they stand in the kitchen contemplating his first and most likely last and only adult movie sex scene. Missy and Amber come in, they’re both dressed in their costumes, the same blue and white cheerleading uniforms they wore at last Thursday’s movie shoot. Joe’s eyes take in the sexy sights of the way the extra short skirts make each girls legs look Long lean and sexy.

Missy rattles her car keys. “Me and Amber are going in my Camaro.” She jokes with Joe. “I’ll race you. I bet your old Coup Deville cant keep up with my Car.”

Not liking the thought of Amber and Missy being on their own, he tries changing Missy’s mind.

“I don’t think you two should go alone…What I mean is I like driving you girls, its like going on a family road trip together.”

Alyssa cuts in. “Joe…Last week, when we were threatened I wouldn’t let Missy drive her new car. Now its over we don’t need to hide any longer.” She spots uncertainty in his eyes. “Don’t worry Joe, they’re big girls they’ll be okay.”

He gives in reluctantly. “Okay…You’re right sweetheart.” he turns to Missy. “You be careful…And don’t speed.” Amber cuts in. “Joe…You’re start’n to sound like my daddy, now lets go because I’m really look’n forward to this orgy.”

A few minutes later Missy and Amber walk into Alyssa’s garage, where her bright red SS Camaro coup’s been waiting to be driven since Alyssa gave her and Amber strict orders not to go anywhere alone. Missy pushes the unlock button on the key chain, the bright red modern muscle cars headlights flash they hear the doors unlock. Amber talks of the plans she has for the money she’ll make once Slut Production’s makes her a star.

“Missy I love this car, but when I get paid…I’m going to buy me one of those Mustang GT’s.”

Missy sits in the drivers seat, Amber sits beside her. Missy pushes the button on a remote garage door opener, when the large wooden garage door opens she fires the engine up. The cars high powered 3.6 liter V6 roars to life. She backs out with feelings of freedom on her mind, almost forgetting about her brothers death and the thoughts that have been on her mind of why Jimmy would’ve murdered her old friend Alexis Carlisle and attempted to murder her friends Alyssa and Joe.

As they pull out on the main road from the Sierra Madre housing community Joe begins scanning his eyes over the roadway, he sees nothing suspicious. But thoughts that Jimmy Beletsky, or possibly someone else followed them last week have been bugging him. “How” is what keeps going through his mind, as a private detective he’s learned to follow unsuspecting unfaithful spouses and the like without being noticed. But every since he began working as Alyssa’s bodyguard, he’s been looking for tails, he knows what to look for. He’s been cursing himself for not seeing anyone following last week.

Alyssa reaches over turning the car radio on an old song called Don’t stop believin starts playing. “Alright, I love this song. Don’t you Joe?” She begins singing along with the old 1980’s tune, her happy go lucky attitude makes him feel at ease. Hearing her sing slightly off key, he never sees the vintage Vietnam war era olive drab Huey helicopter flying eight hundred feet above.

Chapter 10. The Angels are watching.

Last Thursday during their drive home from Santa Barbra Missy told them, uncle George flew helicopters for the Polish army. Now as they drive towards highway 101 George Beletsky follows his unsuspecting prey from above. His younger brother Paul is sitting in the copilot seat using binoculars to keep an eye on Joe’s black Cadillac and his young runaway daughter Melisa’s bright red Camaro.

Two months ago, George Beletsky being the smooth talking manipulator he is, and a highly trained licensed pilot strolled into a small municipal airport located a few miles south of their Palmdale ranch. At the airport he met the man who owns the old Huey. Chatting with the man about his love for helicopters he soon befriended the old Vietnam vet. Now from time to time he rents the Huey from its owner, knowing it’s the best way to tail someone like Joe Mason who might be able to see someone following him in a car. When Jimmy told Alyssa. “My Angels and I are watching you.” He was actually speaking of his helicopter pilot uncle. Now as Melisa’s father Paul observes her new car, he scoffs at his daughters new found wealth.

“My Melisa, she is making dirty money selling her body to Satan’s pornographers.” Paul glances at his Brother. “It breaks my heart big brother. We need to take her away from Satan’s disciples.”

George speaks loud over the old helicopters rotor blade and engine noise.

“Yes my brother. And as you see, they are letting their guard down. Now all we need is for Melisa, and that whore Alyssa to go out on their own. Once they’re alone….We will take them.”

“But when?” says Paul in a desperate tone.

“Maybe tonight. We will watch where they go.” George looks below, seeing Melisa’s red car speed onto the north side of highway 101. “They’re heading to that mansion where we watched them film their filthy pornography last week.” He reaches over patting Paul’s shoulder. “If things go right, we will take them today.”

Paul smiles. “It will be good to have my little girl back, She has been gone too long big brother.”

Chapter 11. Breaking Joe’s cherry.

As luck would have it traffic on northbound 101 wasn’t too heavy, they arrive at the mansion just a little passed noon. As they pull in they meet Dick Larson near the mansions elaborate Dolphin water fountain statues. Two cement Dolphin’s spew water from their smiling mouths, while two of Alyssa starlets Strawberry and Charmaine pose for videos and photos. Each young woman’s in costume, which are of course are the movies signature short blue and white Santa Barbra Cheerleader uniforms. Dick Larson’s clicking still photos of the girls while his camera man films them with a high def digital video camera. Dick calls out to Amber and Missy.

“Come on over girls, I need you to pose for a few promotional photos and videos, before we step inside for today’s scenes.” Strawberry and Charmaine see Alyssa, they both come over to meet their long time talent agent. Strawberry’s a shapely young woman with naturally curly strawberry blond hair, she’s wearing bright red lipstick and light pink eye shadow accentuating her green eyes. She hugs Alyssa. Charmaine’s a beautiful mixed race black girl with long straight jet black hair and provocative hazel eyes she hugs her too.

“Alyssa…I’m so glad you called us. We haven’t worked in two weeks,” says Strawberry, she kissed Alyssa’s cheek. “Thanks we need the money,”

Charmaine kisses Alyssa’s cheek. “I heard about what happened last Friday,” says the alluring black girl. “I so glad your alright.” Strawberry cuts in. “Yeah, the TV news report said you and some guy got shot. When I heard the report I was so afraid that we might’ve lost you.”

Joe’s standing next to Alyssa, she places her arm under his pulling him close introducing him to her starlets. “Joe I’d like you to meet Charmaine and Strawberry…Girls. This is my friend and bodyguard Joe Mason.” She smiles at Joe. “This is the one who took four bullets in the chest, saving my life last Friday.”

Strawberry exclaims her intelligents. “You got shot four times, and you’re still alive. My god that’s a miracle.” Alyssa replies sarcastically.

“He was wearing a bullet proof vest Strawberry…Although I do believe someone up there likes this guy almost as much as I do. Girls Joe will be joining us in today’s group scene. This is his first time girls, so when you do your scenes with him Take real good care of my man Okay.”

Strawberry looks him over from head to toe. “Oh boy Charmaine…You and I get to take his cherry.” Both girls hug him. Charmaine jokes. “Don’t you worry baby…We’ll be gentle.” The girls flirtatious affection cause Joe’s heart race.

“Thanks Girls,” he says with a smile. “I’ll appreciate that.”


Once Dick Larson and his cameraman finish the outside photo and video shoot, he gathers everyone inside the mansions spacious sunken living room. There’s a long plush white velvet wrap around sofa surrounding half of the living room. In the center of the room there are ottomans, stools and chairs. Everyone’s standing around Larson listening to him talk about the old days of porn, when he was a handsome young porn stud. He’s 58 years old now, he’s been in the adult film biz since the mid eighties. He begins by telling everyone about his love for the old ways of producing an erotic adult movie.

“Back in the eighties, when I started my career. Directors back then actually did screen plays, they didn’t just wanna film little short jack off movies they wanted to both arouse and entertain porn fans….I look about this room today seeing all these beautiful young ladies, and these handsome young men. It brings out my need to re-create the good old days of porn.” He hugs Alyssa. “When this sexy lady was barely 21. I was one of the first men she fucked on camera. Today, she and I will show you kids how it’s done. Ain’t that right Sugar plum?”

Joe notices Alyssa admiring her old friend, maybe thinking back to her younger days or is it something more. Richard Larson’s a well fed stocky six foot tall blue eyed man, his once popular curly black hair is turning grey. At one time, he and the famous Ron Jeremy were mistaken as brothers. Larson is said to have bedded hundreds of famous, and not so famous porn starlets, Alyssa is one of his most memorable ladies from the nineties.

“That’s right Dick.” says Alyssa proudly viewing four of her young starlets. “But you know what, over the years since I’ve became an agent I’ve had the chance to stand back and watch my girls in action…There’s not much we can show them.”

With that said Larson begins directing the scene he has in mind.

“Okay everyone, the scene we’ll be doing today is going to be a high school football team homecoming win celebration party….Alyssa, you’re Mrs. Breeze the cheerleading team coach Joe, you’re Coach Mason a horny old football team coach.

Joe replies sarcastically “I’m a horny OLD coach…Cant I be a horny middle aged coach.”

Larson remembers being intimidated by Joe last Friday, during a tense moment between him and Alyssa. He stammers. “Sorry Joe…I didn’t mean that in a bad way. Shit I’m the old guy here, right buddy.” he shakes Joe’s hand. “And thanks for volunteering your services today, one of my male stars couldn’t make it here on such short notice.” He looks Joe in the eye. “Joe. This is your first time doing porn, you’ll have five beautiful ladies to fuck. How’s your stamina?”

Alyssa cuts in. “Don’t worry Dick, he’s got excellent stamina,” she winks at Joe. “We’ve been practicing, haven’t we baby.” Joe blushes, everyone laughs but their laughter makes him feel at ease. Larson hugs Alyssa asking Joe. “Do you mind if me and Sugar plum here do a scene together.”

Alyssa spots apprehension in Joe’s face and body language. He shrugs it off. “No…. I don’t mind.” he says. “Hell…it’s a porn film right,” Joe smiles at Amber, then back at Alyssa. “Do you mind if I do a scene with Amber?”

Alyssa chuckles. “Go ahead and fuck her brains out, lover boy.” she says.

Dick pats Dale Peters on the shoulder then pulls Missy to Dale. “You two are together.” He pats Jake McKinley’s shoulder and pulls Charmaine to him. “You two have fun. Strawberry, you work with Joe and Amber.”

Strawberry hugs Joe. “Alright,” she says. “I get to pop your cherry baby!”

“But first,” shouts Larson. “Our cheerleading team has a cheer to get the party started.” Larson hands Alyssa and each girl a short but sweet script. Alyssa takes her starlets aside, they all turn their backs to the men leaning into a huddle discussing how they’ll cheer.

A minutes later Larson shouts out. “Quiet on the set….Action.”

Joe’s dressed in blue and white sweats, with the words Santa Barbra High on the back of his jacked. Jake and Dale are dressed in blue and white football jerseys and blue jeans. Dick Larson’s acting as the school principle, he’s wearing a dark blue suit white shirt tan trousers and dress shoes. Joe stands fascinated, watching Alyssa get into character.

“Okay Girls Get ready to cheer,” Alyssa says cheerfully. “Hey guys The Santa Barbra cheerleaders have a special cheer to get everyone in the mood for tonight’s party….On your marks girls.” She’s holding two blue and white pom pomes, shaking her pom pomes she rouses her girls into a loud energetic cheer.

“Rah…Rah Sis Boom Bah. We are the girls of Santa Barbra…. Rah…Rah Sis Boom Bah…..Lets party….Lets Fuck….Lets party…Lets Fuck….Lets Fuck Coach Mason…Lets fuck Principle Larson Rah…Rah…Sis Boom Bah….Lets fuck our quarter back…Lets fuck our line backer….Lets fuck them All…Rah…Rah Sis Boom Bah….Lets fuck!!!!”

The camera man zooms in close as each girl, including Alyssa jump high splitting their legs. As the camera zooms in closer each girls short blue and white skirt hikes up. Every one sees, the sexy Santa Barbra Cheerleaders aren’t wearing panties under their short skirts. Alyssa exposes a thin line of auburn pubes. Missy exposes she shaves hers bald. Amber exposes a diamond shaped trimmed patch of light blond cunt hair. Strawberry’s sporting exotic looking died pink pubes. Charmaine exposes neatly trimmed jet black pubic hair.

Larson yells. “Cut.” They stop. “Alright,” he says. “Let the orgy begin.”

The camera zooms in on Alyssa, Amber and Strawberry. Alyssa tells her girls.

“You girls go take care of Coach Mason. I’ll take care of principle Larson.”

The camera follows Amber and Strawberry as they walk to Joe, they begin flirting. He does his best to act surprised.

Amber flirts with him sensually grinding her slender body against his. “Hi handsome.” she says enhancing her Texas drawl.

“Well hi there sweetheart.” He replies smiling enjoying the feeling of Amber’s body against his. Strawberry grinds her tall slender body against his backside, she unzips his blue workout jacket. Amber unties his sweatpants, he’s been wanting to undress Amber and Strawberry ever since he met them. He lifts Ambers blue and white cheerleading sweater up.

“Oooh. yeah coach…Get me naked. You handsome devil.” says Amber.

She lifts her arms up, he pulls her sweater off exposing small round firm breast, then he turns to Strawberry peeling her sweater off. Her breast are somewhat larger then Amber’s. He begins playing with Strawberry’s ample 21 year old breast, he helps Strawberry remove her skirt, after that he helps Amber take her skirt off. Both Amber and Strawberry drop to their knees, they pull his paisley print boxers down and begin playing with his balls and sucking his cock. Joe looks down smiling seeing Amber suck his cock while Strawberry licks his nut sack.

The camera moves to Alyssa and Larson, they’ve already undressed. He’s sucking Alyssa’s full firm breast. “Mmm…That…feeels sooo goood Mr. Larson.” says Alyssa actually enjoying what he’s doing. The camera zooms in on his tongue, licking her quarter sized areolas and long hard tan nipples. As he sucks her breast she’s playing with his famous long thick cock. The camera zooms in, she strokes his erection then drops slowly to her knees. Alyssa’s well known for her oral skills, she plays with his large testicles while deep throating his thick member.

The camera moves to Dale and Missy, they’re both completely nude. She’s on her knees giving head, expertly bobbing her head back and forth on her black partners large tool. Seeing she’s on camera, she deep throats the mans long cock. Her petite nose touches Dale’s pubic hair. She gags pulling her mouth away, the camera records saliva dripping down her chin.

Next the cameraman moves to Jake and Charmaine, she’s laying on her back on the long white velvet wrap around sofa they’re sixty-nineing each other. The camera zooms in first to Charmaine, the pretty mixed race 22 year old shoves the tip of her finger in Jake’s asshole, while sucking the muscle bound tattooed porn studs massive cock. The camera pans to Jake, he’s bending his head between Charmaine’s tan legs licking sucking and fingering the sexy black girls cunt. Zooming in closer we see, he has one finger in her anus while shoving two more inside the pinkish tan folds of her cunt lips.

Back to Joe, Amber and Strawberry. They’ve moved to a long leather ottoman. Strawberry’s laying on her back, Amber’s kneeling down eating her pussy. Joe’s kneeling behind Amber, he’s finally getting the chance to taste the 18 year olds pussy. The camera zooms in showing he’s shoving two finger deep inside her while licking and sucking the pretty young Texans clit, occasionally licking her asshole. The camera catches the flesh of her ass cheeks quivering when an orgasm rushes over her body. Joe stands up then shoves his cock in slowly.

“Yes…fuck mee.” she moans. Now Amber’s fantasy is finally coming true and so is Joe’s.

He begins slowly shoving his stiff member deep then pulling back, the high def camera records Amber’s girl cum shimmering from his cock shaft. As he fucks Amber, he looks across the room Alyssa and Larson have moved to the long sofa. Alyssa’s leaning back against a pile of throw pillows, with her legs spread wide Dick Larson’s eating her pussy. The Camera zooms in, showing Larson vigorously fingering his one time long ago girl friend. Alyssa begins humping against her old boy friends mouth tongue and fingers.

She moans. “Eat…Me….Oh fuck yes eat meee. That feeeels sooo good.”

The camera switches to Dale and Missy. Dale’s laying on his back on the floor over a soft Leopard skin rug. Missy’s kneeling over his face, he’s tonguing her asshole and pussy, running his long tongue back and forth between both orifices. He’s enjoying the taste of both, while Missy sucks his cock. She lifts her head smiling into the camera speaking flirtatiously. “I’m taking this big cock…For a ride.” She moves her body around and guides the tip of his cock to the pink folds of her cunt.

Charmaine begins riding Jake, shoving his long rod deep within her body. She looks into the camera exclaiming. “I just love….White meat.”

Back to Joe, Amber and Strawberry. He’s now fucking Strawberry while watching her eat Amber’s pussy doing his best not to cum too soon, thoughts of the Beletsky brother’s being in town seems to be what’s keeping him from climaxing too soon. The warm wet feeling of sweet young Strawberry’s sex gripping his seven inch cock is such a fantastic feeling, he doesn’t want it the end. He peers across the room at Alyssa, she’s moving into a kneeling posture. Noticing he’s watching she smiles and winks, he smiles and winks back. Larson slips his thick cock inside her sex, she closes her blue eyes her body quivers from a small orgasm.

The arousing smell of sex fills the air of the large plush mansions living room, moans of pleasure echo from the walls. The cameraman stands at the center of the room, slowly turning his body catching the action as it unfolds. He pans in on Jake and Charmaine, she’s riding his long rod reverse cowgirl style. He pans back to Joe, Amber and Strawberry Joe looks into the camera smiling. Missy decides its time to change partners, she’s been wanting to fuck Joe since she met him last Wednesday. Memories of when she sucked his cock along side Alyssa and Amber under the dinner table in Malibu are still fresh in her mind.

She leaves Dale moving to where Joe’s doing Strawberry. The cameraman follows behind, zooming in on the sexy way her asscheeks sway when she walks. She taps Strawberry’s shoulder “Lets trade places.” she says flirtatiously. “Go party with Dale.” she says. Joe’s eyes are closed as they trade places, he opens them in surprise feeling Strawberry’s wet cuntlips slip from his cock. Missy leans over Amber then looks back at Joe smiling.

“Its my turn now coach Mason.” she says, acting like a silly high school girl.

“Why yes! It sure is your turn Missy Sky…I was hoping you’d come over.”

He quickly slips his girl cum soaked cock between the pink folds of her sex. She’s a petite girl, but her pussy’s so wet from screwing Dale Peters his cock slips in with no trouble. He’s been craving the dark haired brown eyed girl since they first met in Alyssa’s kitchen almost a week ago.

The feeling of Missy’s tight sugar walls flexing around his cock shaft is almost too much to bear, but he holds back knowing the scenes not over yet. He looks at Alyssa, she’s now riding Jake McKinley’s cock. They’re both on the couch, her backs to him. McKinley’s large cocks stretching her pink cunt lips to there limits as she rides the twenty 23 year old studs cock like the pro she is. Dick’s leaning back on the couch with a big smile on his face as Strawberry drops to her knees and begins sucking his cock.

He looks at Joe giving him a thumbs up signal. Joe smiles back still shoving his cock deep within the tight folds of Missy’s sex but returns Larson’s thumbs up. He watches Strawberry turn her body around, she slips Larson’s cock into her pink haired cunt then begins riding Larson reverse cowgirl style. The camera zooms in showing how wide Larson’s cock split’s the young woman’s cunt lips. Beside them Charmaine lowers her body down over Dale Peters stiff cock, she begins riding him hard.

The long orgy scene seems to go on forever, the girls keep rotating to different men. Joe is now laying on his back on the ottoman, Amber’s riding his stiff cock while Missy squats over his tongue. As he enjoys her musky sweet juices, he hears Alyssa telling Amber. “I’ll take over here Amber, go play with Jake.”

The camera zooms in showing Amber’s cunt slip from Joe’s cock, only to be replaced by Alyssa’s wet looking pink pussy lips.

She leans down. “Are you having fun baby?” she says.

He mumbles from between Missy’s legs. “Your damn right I’m having fun.”

Alyssa begins slowly riding her lovers cock. For the entire time she’s been with the other men in the room she’s been craving the feeling of his cock inside her body.

She moans. “Mmmm…You’re the best baby.”

After she rides his cock for a good long time, Dick Larson calls out. “Cut.” he looks at every one with a broad smile on his face. Strawberry’s kneeling on the floor in front of him sucking his cock. He tells everyone “Okay boy’s and girls, its money shot time. Ladies, I want you all kneeling by your men. Guys, when the camera comes to you start jacking off. You can cum in your girls mouth, over her face. Hell even her tits if you want…Get her nice and messy.” he gives the order. “Roll camera Action.”

Dick begins jerking off, Strawberry leans her head back while playing with his nut sack. Suddenly his cock erupts gushers of semen, the first eruption flows into her wide open mouth a second stream shoots over the bridge of her nose. She laps it up wiping her finger over her face then she licks her fingers seductively smiling at the camera. The camera zooms to Dale and Amber, his load shoots directly in her mouth, she licks cum from his cock.

Charmaine kneels before Jake, his load jets into her mouth another gusher spills over her straight raven black hair. She looks at the camera sensually fluttering her hazel eyes, licking semen from her fingers.

Last but not least it’s Joe’s turn. Alyssa and Missy are kneeling before him, they’re taking turns sucking his cock. Seeing the cameraman’s beside them he begins masturbating. Alyssa’s sticking her tongue out, Missy’s doing the same. He grunts when he cums, shooting into Alyssa’s open mouth first she swallows it down speaking sensually. “Mmm…Coach, you’re delicious.” Feeling more seed rising he continues jerking off, Missy takes the last of his seed. He grunts, she catches drops of sticky white cum on her tongue. The camera zooms in recording Alyssa and Missy cleaning each others faces with their tongues.

Larson yells. “Cut.” ending the scene. He comes over to Joe. “Great job,” he says offering to shake Joe’s hand. He declines the congratulatory handshake, slightly disgusted knowing Larson just finished jacking off. Alyssa hugs Joe. “Baby…You did a fantastic job.” He kisses her with lustful passion, not thinking or even caring she’s been orally pleasing the other men in the room.

“Okay everyone, it’s time to party for real now.” says Larson, in a happy tone. “I’ve planned a good old fashioned wrap up party. I have beer, liquor and soda in the kitchen. Go ahead and help yourselves to anything you want. I’m having a cater bring us dinner. So get dressed, the food should be here soon.”


Joe and Alyssa shower together then dress before the party starts, In a bedroom, where earlier this afternoon they both changed into their movie costumes. When they changed he hung his shoulder holster and Colt 45 automatic in the bedroom closet. As he slips it back, Alyssa asks. “Why did you bring that old gun?”

“Because it’s a dangerous world my dear. You might say, it’s my security blanket.”

She hugs him looking into his eyes. “But we’re safe now Jimmy Beletsky’s dead. I don’t think you need it anymore.”

As she grills him about the gun he turns his cell phone on, it beeps showing detective Sanger left a voice message and called him more than once, he ignores her questioning concerned about why Sanger’s been calling him so often.

“Mark left a voice message. Excuse me babe I need to check this, it might be important.”

Feeling he’s ignoring her she leaves the room in a huff. “Oh go ahead ignore me, I’m going out for a drink,” she say. Mark’s voicemail is vague but his tone of voice seems urgent, even though all he says is. “Call me Joe, it’s important.” It’s late now around six P.M. Knowing Mark’s most likely on his way home, he calls his cell. It rings for a long time, he’s about to end the call when Mark finally answers.

“Joe…I’m glad you finally called me. I’ve tried to call you four times today.”

“Sorry Mark…I just realized, my phones been turned off all day. So um…What’s up.”

“What’s up Joe, is I’ve been trying to call you to let you know. I found out, the remaining male members of the Beletsky family. Paul, his son James and his rapist brother George. They sold their property in Michigan about four months ago, then they moved.”

Joe fights an urge to panic. “They moved!…Did you find out, where they moved to?”

“Joe…You’re not gonna like this, but one of George Beletsky’s church deacons told me they moved west to look for his niece Melisa.” The hair on the back of Joe’s neck tingles, his arm pits begin to sweat.

His voice trembles. “Have you found out, where they are now?”

“No, not yet. I’ve been checking all afternoon. Plus I put that APB out, and so far no ones picked them up yet. Its like the Beletsky brothers are hiding under a rock somewhere….Where are you at Joe?”

“I’m up in Santa Barbra with Alyssa and her girls. They had to film a scene up here today.”

“That’s good Joe…I’m glad you’re still keeping an eye on your girl. But anyway while you’ve been hanging around up there, watching sexy women screw. I’ve been at my desk at the precinct doing a little digging into the Beletsky brothers past history…It turns out, the Beletsky’s are wanted for questioning in a few arson investigations. Four months ago three men fitting their description were seen leaving the area where a newly opened adult video store burned down. One day before the store burned to the ground, pastor George Beletsky led his church members in a protest over its grand opening…And before that they protested an abortion clinic, it burned down too.”

“Yeah,” said Joe. “I’d say George Beletsky’s a good suspect. Missy told us her uncle was always preaching against the evils of pornography, abortion and homosexuality. I wouldn’t put it passed the prick to do something like that.” he takes a tense breath. “So now do you believe my hunch, that the Beletsky’s murdered Alexis Carlisle. Mark, I think George Beletsky’s another Charles Manson. Just as Manson was back in seventies, this guys a master manipulator too. He's not surrounded by drug grazed hippies, but from what Missy’s told me it seems like her father and brother believe whatever her uncle says.”


As they speak, Charmaine comes in. Joe looks her over seeing she’s changed into a short one piece sky blue dress. Her long straight black hairs draped over her right shoulder. She seems a little high, or drunk. She begins flirting even though he’s on the phone.

“Well hi….Coach Mason, giggle. I was hoping I’d find you in here.” Mark hears Charmaine’s seductive voice. “Who’s that Joe….Why is she calling you Coach Mason.” Now Mark’s curious Joe doesn’t reply, Mark listens in.

“Charmaine honey….I’m on the phone, can you please leave.” She hugs him grinding her firm body against his speaking seductively. “But Joe, you and I never got to do our scene together,” she giggles playfully. “Now that Alyssa, Missy and Amber drove off to the liquor store. We can do a scene of our own, before they get back….Doesn’t that sound fun.” She kisses his cheek, Mark hears the kiss.

“Hey Joe…It sounds like whoever that is. Wants to play, I’ll let you go Bye.” Mark hangs up Joe tries to stop him. “No…Mark…don’t hang-up...” The line went dead. Charmaine keeps flirting.

“Are you done talking Joe, because I wanna suck your dick then fuck you really good. Would you like that baby!” She begins groping his crotch, trying to unzip his fly. Suddenly what she said about Alyssa, Missy and Amber going to a liquor store alone, sends him into a panic. Now he knows for sure George and Paul Beletsky are hiding somewhere near L.A. He pushes her away, being a little drunk she staggers back falling on a nearby bed. She smiles seductively pulling her dress up, showing she’s not wearing panties.

“Come on Coach, lets get it on baby.” she exclaims her desire spreading her legs wide.

“No… Charmaine, not now. Just tell me where this liquor store is that Alyssa’s going to.”

Charmaine laughs spreads her legs wider, and begins stroking her tanish pink labia.

“The liquor stores over on Elm street, its at least five miles away. Come on Joe that’ll give us plenty of time for a quickie.” He ignores her walking towards the bedroom door leaving Charmaine feeling a bit hurt. “What’s wrong Joe. Don’t you like Chocolate girls.” she says in a pouting voice.

He stops at the door. “No sweetheart, that’s not it. As a mater of fact, I think you’re gorgeous. But Alyssa’s my girl, and she’s your agent. And now she might be in danger….Sorry but I’ve gotta go.”

He walks through the living room passing Dick Larson and Strawberry without speaking.

“Joe where’re ya going, Alyssa should be back soon.” Larson chuckles. “When I bought the liquor for tonight’s party I should’ve remembered. The only alcohol Alyssa drinks is wine. Missy’s driving her to the liquor store down the road.” he begs “Come on Joe stay here, have a drink with me and sweet little Strawberry.”

Joe stops at the exit door. “Not right now Mister Larson. I have a bad feeling Alyssa and the girls might be in danger.”

As he steps outside Larson runs after him. “What do ya mean, she’s in danger.”

“My friend detective Sanger just found out, there might be two more killers in town.” Joe sits in the drivers seat and starts his car. “Should I call the cops.” says Larson, in concern.

“No,” says Joe. “I might feel like a fool once I meet them at the store, finding them all safe and sound. But I’ll feel more at ease once I know they’re ok. I’ll be back soon for that drink buddy. Save me a shot of whisky, I’ll need a drink once I tell Alyssa the bad news.”


On the five mile drive to the liquor store Alyssa, Missy and Amber become enthralled in girl talk. “So Amber…And you too Missy, what do you think of Joe’s sexual skills.” Alyssa says with a smile.

Missy stops in the turning lane across from the liquor store, and breaks into laughter missing her first chance to pull across the street. Amber exclaims her opinion, in her usual country girl manner.

“Sweetie, all I can say is. You better hang on to him, because his skills are fucking excellent!!”

Missy guns the Camaro’s engine speeding across the street, playfully joking with Alyssa.

“Amber, if she doesn’t keep him then I’ll take him,” she chuckles. “I mean like…For an old guy, he knows exactly how to please a girl.” she parks her car giggling. “He really knows how to eat pussy too.” She lifts the hem of her plaid skirt and strokes her panty covered sex. “My pussies still tingling from the way he ate me, before the scene ended.”

Alyssa makes herself humorously clear. “Well girls I hate to disappoint you, but I am keeping him for myself.” she becomes serious. “Girls Joe told me he loves me last night.”

Missy looks into her blue eyes. “Well. Is that good, or bad that he said that?”

Alyssa flashes an affectionate smile. “Its good Missy…Because I love him too.”

Amber coos. “Awe….They’re in love. Ain’t that sweet Missy.”


The woman all step from the car giggling like high school girls. The suns sinking low in the sky, it’s a cloudy evening and its getting dark early today. In the early darkness, during the drive they never spotted the black 1990’s black Chevy van. Its been following them since they left the mansion. Paul’s driving George is in the passenger seat, he gives out orders seeing the chance to take Alyssa and Missy.

“Pull in behind them. I’ll take Melisa and that blond haired demon. You take the woman demon, point your gun at her head. If she struggles to much Shoot her.”

As Paul pulls to a quick halt George goes for Missy, her backs to him she’s chatting with Amber. They’re both startled when a tall middle aged man dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt and camouflaged pants, places a hand over Missy’s mouth.

He aims his 45 pistol at Amber saying. “Be calm Melisa. If you struggle, I’ll kill her.”

Realizing who he is Missy stammers. “Uncle George….Let me go Now!”

In panic Amber goes for her chrome plated pearl handled 38 snub nosed pistol, now buried inconveniently in her purse. George fires one shot, the bullet slices through her upper chest. The close range shot staggers Amber’s one hundred and ten pound body six feet backwards. Missy screams seeing her fall, possibly dead to the liquor store parking lot. Seeing her young friend laying face up bleeding and not moving Missy’s overcome with pure anger as she struggles to get away from her uncles grasp.

“You son of a bitch….Let me go, she needs me. God damn you, let me go!”

George ignores his nieces pleas dragging her towards the van. Paul’s struggles with Alyssa, she stops struggling when he places the cold barrel of a nine millimeter to her head. “Stop struggling,” he says in a cold voice. “I will shoot you dead, if don’t stop fighting me.” Overcame with fear she stops struggling. Fearing Amber’s laying dead on the other side of Missy’s car, tears begin flowing down her face. Emotions weaken her body allowing the man to force her back towards the impending doom of the black van.


As Joe stops at the light near the street leading to the liquor store, he hears one loud shot echoing from the direction of the store. Fearing the worse he guns his engine, making a quick turn at the intersection. Pulling to the center turn lane, he sees Alyssa being dragged to a black van by a tall dark haired man wearing a ball cap and a denim jackets. He’s holding a gun to her head.

“God Dammit.” he exclaims. Flooring the gas pedal he shoots across two lanes of traffic, almost colliding with two passing cars. They slam on there breaks, tires squeal. He quickly veers to the right missing one last oncoming car. Once in the small parking lot he slams on his breaks. Squealing tires draw Paul and George’s attention. Joe quickly draws his 45 at the same time sliding from the drivers seat. Eyeing both men, he takes aim at Paul using the roof of his car to steady his gun.

Paul stands in fear with his gun to Alyssa’s head. Joe sees the older man holding Missy, with one arm wrapped under her breast pointing his gun to her head. Now it’s a stand off, he begins negotiating doing his best to control an extremely tense situation“Let the ladies go. When they’re free I’ll let you both get in your van and go.”

George speaks defiantly. “No…Mister. Mason, that is not in our plan. I say you drop your weapon then depart from my sight. If you don’t do as I say, my brother will shoot the whore demon he’s holding.”

While the standoff unfolds Missy carefully slips two finger into the back pocket of her blue demon daisy duke shorts. Earlier when she changed to her street cloths, before leaving the mansion she slipped the only weapon she’s ever owned in her back pocket. It’s the same switch blade a friend gave her for protection, back when she was a 16 year old runaway prostitute working the tough streets of L.A.

Pulling the razor sharp weapon out, still unnoticed by her uncle. She pushes the button releasing its deadly six inch blade. With one hard thrust, she jams the knife to its hilt deep inside George’s upper thigh. EEEEEOUCH. He lurches screaming in pain. She twists from his grasp, mot thinking of her own safety she runs to Amber’s side dropping to one knee. “Talk to me, little sister.” she says holding Ambers hand.

Her heart breaks seeing the massive amount of blood covering the white lace midriff top Amber’s wearing. She places a hand over Ambers heart feeling a very faint heartbeat.

Hearing his brother scream, Paul turns his head for a split second still holding Alyssa, but moving the gun barrel from her head. Seeing his only opportunity Joe fires one shot, blood spews from a small hole on the right side of Paul’s head. George watches in shock as the left side of his brothers head explodes, splattering him with gore. Alyssa quickly moves away glancing back seeing Paul’s body fall dead to the ground.

Coming to his senses George aims his gun at Alyssa, but Joe’s already sighting him in yelling out. “Alyssa drop…Now.” George fires off one shot, it whizzes harmlessly past her as she falls to the ground. Fearing she’s been shot, Joe fires three rounds, each bullet drills into George’s chest.

His body stagers back lurching as every bullet tears through his body, when the elder brother falls Joe runs in with his gun at ready. Knowing Paul’s dead for sure he passes him up. Knowing the other took at least three bullets, he carefully makes his way to him. On the other side of Missy’s car he finds George Beletsky laying on his back. He’s still alive, but in bad condition, Beletsky’s guns laying close by.Seeing George eyeing the gun Joe challenges him.

“Go ahead asshole. Maybe you’ll get to it, before I pull my trigger.”

George speaks coughing blood. “That woman, cough. Do not trust her, she is protected by Satan.” Joe picks up Beletsky’s gun then drops to one knee beside him. He pulls George up by the front his dark blue sweatshirt, it’s now caked with his blood, he snarls in the mans ear.

“That woman, you’re referring to Is no demon….She’s not protected by Satan, I’m the one who protects her. If you want my opinion asshole Alyssa’s an angel from heaven,” George coughs up blood. “You’re the evil one, you son of a bitch. I know you raped Melisa, I know you murdered Alexis Carlisle…You’re either going to rot in hell for your sins, or a nice cold jail cell.”

His little heart to heart with George is cut short when a Santa Barbra cop kneels beside him. “Sir. You need to let the man go now, if you don’t I’ll arrest you for assault.” says the cop.

“Yeah sure officer, I’ll let him go.” He drops him, George moans in pain. “Here officer, this piece of shits all yours.”

Alyssa cries out. “Joe, Amber’s been shot. Tell him to call an ambulance.”

The uniformed cop speaks reassuringly. “There’s one on the way mam.”


At the hospital, Missy’s sitting between Alyssa and Joe. They’re doing their best to comfort Missy. She’s leaning her face in her hands sobbing, tears are flowing down Alyssa’s face as well. Joe’s almost on the verge of tear himself, but he keeps his emotions bottled up inside trying to be strong for Alyssa and Missy.

Missy’s voice trembles. “I felt her heart beating….But there was so much blood. This is all my fault, if I would’ve just stayed back in Detroit Amber wouldn’t be laying in there on that table fighting for her life.”

Alyssa caresses her back speaking like a mother. “No Missy. Don’t think like that, it’s not your fault.”

“She’s right,” says Joe. “Don’t ever think any of this is your fault.”

As they sit comforting Missy, Mark Sanger walks in. He’s come up from L.A to question his one living suspect uncle George Beletsky. Knowing one of Joe’s clients was critically wounded he figured he’d find his old friend as well. “How’s she doing says Mark. Joe stand up looking grim.

“We’re not sure. They’ve had her in the operating room for at least three hours.”

As they speak the emergency room surgeon walks into the waiting room. Alyssa sees him, hoping the look in the middle aged balding mans blue eyes is just exhaustion not sadness over loosing a patient. She stands looking into his eyes.
“Please say my girls going to be alright doctor.” The doctor flashes a smile.

“She’s made it through the surgery,” he says. “It was touch and go at first. We almost lost her twice, but we’ve finally got the bleeding stopped. Her hearts beating just fine now. She’s stable now and resting in our ICU.”

Missy hears what he says and hugs the surgeon. “Thank you so much doctor,” she says while maybe squeezing the older man a little too tight. She looks into his eyes. “Can I go see my little sister now.” The doctor cracks a tired smile.

“You must be Missy. When they brought her in, she kept asking about you. I asked her who you were, and she said Missy’s my big sister. Yes honey you can go see her.” Alyssa cuts in. “Can I go too.”

When Alyssa and Missy leave Mark tells Joe. “I’m here to see George Beletsky. You wanna join me,” he smirks. “I cant believe he’s still alive. The report said, you shot him three times in the chest with your 45.”

“The bastards too fucken evil to die.” said Joe showing anger in his soft brown eyes.

Chapter 12. A year and a half later, mid July 2014.

Joe and Alyssa have been happily married for eight months now. They tied the knot in a three party ceremony, along side Missy who’s now Mrs. Sanchez, and beside Amber who’s now Mrs. Jones. Missy’s evil uncle George, is spending his last remaining days on San Quentin prisons death row.

Its 9 A.M Friday morning in Malibu, a warm summer breeze blows in through the west windows of Joe and Alyssa’s beach front bedroom. Joe finally has time to sleep in, after gaining a reputation as a tough private investigator his case loads have been keeping him and his new staff busy.

But right now, both he and Alyssa aren’t sleeping. They’ve just finished making love. Now they’re cuddling lovingly in each others arms Alyssa’s laying on her back. There’s no way she can lay on her belly, being as she’s now six months pregnant. Joe places his hand over her nude tummy, feeling his unborn daughter kicking inside. Alyssa giggles when he kisses her belly, speaking to their unborn child.

“Good morning Sarah. Sorry I woke you, but. I just love your mommy so much, and she’s such a sexy pregnant lady. I just couldn’t help myself, so I woke your mommy and we had great sex together.”

Alyssa lays her hand over her swollen tummy. “I love you Sarah….Now I hope you’re hungry baby. Because today’s the grand opening of your aunt Missy’s restaurant. She named it Christina’s after her mommy, isn’t that sweet baby.” Alyssa looks at the bedside clock. “Joe. We need to get ready.”

As she slowly stands from the bed, Joe admires her new found pregnant curves. Her once 36c breast, are now much larger then they were the day they first met in his old office back in L.A.

“Come on Joe,” she says. “We need to shower and dress. I told Missy we’ll be there by noon.” She hurries off to their bathroom, saying. “Dammit, I’ve gotta pee.”

He swings his legs over the bed, as he stands his cell phone rings. He sees the name and number on the caller ID, its Amber. She’s working for him now, and she occasionally makes an adult film or two. He answers the call, hearing her overly excited Texas drawl.

“I got the goods on that unfaithful husband you told me to follow.” She’s so excited, her accents extra pronounced today.

“Amber sweetie. What do ya mean by, you’ve got the goods honey?”

“I followed him, and his fake blond haired floozy to a cheap hotel up the coast. I took pictures of them holdin hands and kiss’n. When they went inside their room I snuck in close. Finding the curtains half opened…I took pictures of Mr. Ballard screwing his mistress doggie style.” she becomes serious. “But Joe, I’m giving you the job of tell’n Mrs. Ballard the bad news okay. Because, I just don’t wanna see the poor woman cry ya know.”

“Okay babe I’ll take care of Mrs. Ballard. Now hurry back to town, Missy’s expecting us all to be at her new restaurant today.”

She replied cheerfully. “You know Me and Mike will be there. I’ll be damned if I miss my big sisters big day. Hey darlin I gotta go. Tell Alyssa I’ll see her tonight Okay Bye.”

Ending the call, Joe thinks how he sometimes feels like a father to the sweet young woman they almost lost close to two years ago. He also thinks of Missy, and how strong she is. She lost both her brother, and her father. And now the only family she has is him, Alyssa and Amber. But like all good loving families should do. They’ve helped each other through the bad times, while always looking forward to better times ahead.

The end.

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