This is a true story from my diary. At the time I am 18 and Mr. Andrews is 41.

What with living in a small city, getting out when you're involved in a secret relationship can be tricky. Mr. Andrews being not only my secret lover but also a valued customer of the steakhouse where I'm a cocktail waitress, makes the consequences of whispers a very real danger. As much as I enjoy being alone with him and occasionally with his most trusted friends, I still like to hit the town for fun and play as well as to show off that I'm this fabulous man's bitch. The excitement of doing this on home turf though really doesn't out weigh the risks, so when Mr. Andrews invited me to join him on a junket to a big city many miles away where we would be anonymous I jumped at it!

The plan was to drive and stay at his friend's condo. The arrangement worked in favor of everyone because it gave us a very nice place to stay in the downtown core and for our host, someone to house sit. We set off late on a Tuesday afternoon for the three hour drive with much anticipation. It was nice to relax and chat while we watched the scenery roll by. Christmas wasn't far off and I was looking forward to doing some shopping. When we arrived I felt fresh as a daisy and ready for some fun.

I was both impressed and excited by his friend's flat. Approaching the condo complex I saw the top floors of both buildings had floor to ceiling windows overlooking a small park between them. The landscaping between the two slabs was tasteful and immaculately maintained. I felt like I was staying at a fancy resort. So many things to do were all within walking distance and cabs were easy to find. I got really excited knowing we were going to have an incredibly good time! I was expecting a nice suite but when the door swung open I gasped in astonished delight.

The foyer adjoined the front room and faced a wall of glass. The nearly full moon was rising, framed by the two towers, it filled the room with pale seductive light. I kicked off my shoes and ran to the window, stepped up onto the low sill and peered out at the surrounding neighborhood and flashing colored lights of the busy street below . We were very near to the top of the building allowing a beautiful view of the evening sky. Standing at the precipice I felt like I could fly! It made me jump up and down and clap my hands like a silly child.

Sitting some thirty floors above the city lights was a new and exhilarating experience for a small town kid like me. Mr. Andrews stood behind me, took my hands in his and embraced me against his broad chest. As I snuggled in, he kissed the back of my neck and sent a shiver down my spine. I turned my head to face him with wonder in my eyes and accepted his kiss with an open mouth. Greedily I turned into the kiss and ran my fingers through his luscious hair as his hands leisurely traveled down my sides, lifted my skirt and cradled my bum. He suddenly gripped my cheeks and as I wrapped my legs around him, he lifted me and twirled me around, never breaking our kiss. Finally, still holding his head, I threw mine back and laughed like a girl possessed. Setting me down, he took my hand and said with that huge beaming smile of his, "come on. I'll show you around."

Lit by the moon and the soft yellow light from the foyer, we walked back to the middle of the living room were two soft couches faced a large square wooden table. On it was a remote control which Mr. Andrews handed me. I pressed a button, heard the low whir of a motor and the curtains began to close. He took back the remote and as he reversed them I said, "nice touch."

Along the wall of glass was the living room and attached dining room off of which was a short balcony. From there we entered the kitchen and when he switched on the lights, the whole ceiling lit up making a bright shadowless space. Our tour brought us back through the foyer to the bedrooms. All the rooms were spacious and nicely furnished. To my continuing delight the first bedroom had a tanning bed!

The master bedroom was large enough to hold the cushy king sized bed and all it's accompanying furniture with room to spare. Adjoining the walk-in closet was a doorway leading to an en-suite bathroom with a nice raised bathtub. Looking around, it was obvious that a woman lived here as well as Mr. Andrews' friend. I walked up and hugged him. Looking up at him as he cuddled me I said, "considering what we'll be doing in that bed, will the lady of the house mind?"

"Considering what the lady of the house has likely done in that bed I'll confidently say, no."

When we returned to the front window I heard from behind me, "ahem."

"Yes, Mr. Andrews?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I stood there looking at him bewildered. "You're a little over dressed, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, yes of course" I exclaimed. His rule for me when at his house was to take all my clothes off at the door so he always had full and unfettered access to me, inside and out.

I turned to go to the bedroom and heard him say, "just take your clothes off now while I watch." I looked from him to the window and back then realized, he wanted me naked in front of the window. I hesitated, then thought, 'if that's what he wants then how can I to say no', and seductively undressed. In spite of Mr. Andrews being a stickler for neatness, I took my clothes off where I stood, held them out and dropped them in a heap on the floor. Standing there, right in front of the window, absolutely bare, I smiled at him, lifted my arms over my head and did a dramatic pirouette. With a nasty little smile I said, "please Sir, tell me the truth, do you like the view?"

"Oh yes, very much." Taking my hand he turned me to the window and we both took in the spectacular view. I absolutely love the feeling of being naked and vulnerable. Standing like this, fully exposed to the open was a huge enhancement of that feeling and along with my feeling of having been obedient, it was getting me wet. Mr. Andrews moved behind me, nuzzled my neck and ear as he fondled my breasts, sending a welcome shiver all the way down me, right to my cute little painted toenails. As I melted into him, he took my erect nipples in his fingers and twirled and pinched them just hard enough to make me gasp. Stretching, I reached my arms back around his neck as his hands moved lower.

He began to use his big hands all over my body completely feeling me up and making my skin tingle. As he kissed and suckled my neck, he started at my armpits and caressed down to my hips and back, bringing me to my tiptoes. As he teased my breasts and nipples again, I started to grind my bum against his hardening cock. As it grew to fully flush he pinched my nipples hard enough to make me squirm; I was flowing wet now. I'd had my eyes closed and now opened them wide and soaked in the panorama feeling completely bare and brazenly exposed. This was new and super exciting! I wanted to be his dirty, nasty little cock wipe for him right there in the moonlight!

With a moan I said, "Mr Andrews, please, may I suck your cock?"

"No, not yet. First I want to feel you all over and drive you mad!" He stopped his caresses and loosened his tie. I helped him undress and quickly took his clothes and mine to the bedroom and hung them up. As I scurried back I spied some tanning oil in the other bedroom and on a whim, brought it with me. With my head tucked into my shoulder, smiling sweetly, I handed it to him. He took it with a throaty chuckle and filled a cupped hand with it as I assumed my position in front of the window.

He placed his hand between my breasts and let the warm oil slid down to my belly. As it trickled he began to cover my front with it and massage it in. I can never get enough of having his hands on me so I was purring with pleasure at this. Slowly and deliberately he covered my whole body with oil and rubbed it in until I was slick and slippery, everywhere accept my kitty. It was running wet, my clit throbbing and screaming for attention, but it got none. I wanted it touched so badly. I arched my back hard and stood right to the very ends of my toes as his oily hands cupped my bum cheeks and squeezed them hard. I wanted more! In that pose I leaned into the glass, palms flat on it and perked my bum for more touching. Taking my cue, he ran his slippery fingers down my crack and spread my cheeks wide open. Constantly caressing my butt cheeks with both hands, he knelt behind me while I perched the on sill standing tiptoe and began to probe my asshole with his tongue.

I moaned from deep inside my belly and spread my legs wider, offered my exposed hole to him as my juice rolled out of me and flowed along my 'taint and into his mouth. His tongue turned to a sharp point, and in a tiny circle he pressed into the opening of my ring. I relaxed it and felt the tip slip inside and continue to circle. He did this until he was in as deep as he could go before pulling out, leaving his face right there. I felt him holding his tongue out long and stiff, so as he spread my cheeks wide open, I moved back to press against it. Sliding up and down hard over the broad part of it, I fucked his tongue with my hot little asshole.

By now I was in a frenzy of need and arousal. I was drunk with desire and began to beg him to let me suck his cock. He just ignored my pleas and instead, moved in behind me and pressed his throbbing rock hard cock deep up into my drooling cunt, driving me into the glass. Almost lifting me with each heavy thrust he pounded me as I moaned and arched my back feeling an orgasm begin to build, then suddenly, he pull out. Immediately I felt it press against my sphincter. With the tip he rubbed the soaking wet surface then in a thrust, ran it up my slick 'taint, across my pussy hole and rubbed the head on my aching clit. I exploded instantly into a quaking orgasm. I ran my fingernails down the glass and cried out with joy! Rubbing it hard, he got me off again.

Up on the sill, dancing on my toes, I leaned my cheek against the cold slobber slick glass as he reached his hands around, gripped my breasts hard while pinching my ever so erect and tender nipples. I lost control and began to shake and cry out. As he pressed his cock to my twitching asshole, he took me by the shoulders and rammed his cock deep up my ass with a ruthless thrust. Control of my insides were no longer mine as he began to fuck me, driving his cock ever deeper into me. I dropped to flat foot, held on and gave myself to him in total surrender while he bitch fucked me. I reached down between my legs and masturbated as he fucked me hard, fast and deep. With each new orgasm I squeezed his cock tighter as he fucked me. I stared to babble and beg in a delirium, "ohhhaaaa, please Mr. Andrews ohkakakaaa pleeeease let me suck your cock!"

He roughly took two big handfuls of my hair and jerked my face from the window jamming his cock all the way into me as hard as he could. With the bolt of sudden pain, as I cried out, my eyes flew open and I found myself looking at a man in the other building watching us. Unable to think, only react, I sucked in my breath as the sheer dirtiness and feeling of exposure rolled through my tormented mind making the eroticism of the moment all the more intense.

Holding me like that he fucked me without mercy until suddenly, he ripped his cock out of me. I turned to face him and stepping off the sill, I fell to my knees at his feet. In profile to the man watching, I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. With my hands flat on his thighs, I sucked as far down his cock as I could go until he was touching the back of my throat. With a quick gentle swallowing action my throat opened and his cock slid all the way down until my lower lip was pressing on his balls. Using my hair for a grip he fucked my face as I clutched his butt cheeks.

In short order he stared gasping as the head of his cock swelled. By my hair, he pulled his cock out of my throat leaving just the tip inside my lips and shot a massive hot load across my tongue to the back of my throat. Again, another spurt of jizm drenched my mouth. Holding my head steady he filled my mouth with cum. With the last gush, fresh on my tongue, I looked up into his eyes as he released my head. I opened my mouth wide so he could see his cum then swallowed it all in one big gulp as he watched with sinister pleasure. Looking into his eyes I said, "thank you for your cum Sir," meaning it.

As he cradled my head in his hands, I rose to my feet and into his embrace. When we'd caught our breath, I turned to the window and discreetly motioned to the man who was watching us. Mr. Andrews looked at him, shot a glance at my face to see if I was alright with it, and seeing I was, he turned back again to look at the man. "Let's give him a wave, shall we?" he said with grim amusement.

With a throaty, dirty little laugh, I said, "sure, why not." So standing side by side holding each other, naked and freshly fucked, we waved at him. I couldn't quite make out his face at the distance but saw him wave back.

I turned to face Mr. Andrews and smiling up at that handsome face I know so well said, "Damn, you sure know how to show a girl a good time!"

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