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Claire's reluctant work at the woman-demeaning lobby group "Titcage" is transforming her life into that of a slut.
Chapter 21

The next morning Claire masturbated in bed as her clit ring hummed and her sister tongue-kissed her. She didn’t let herself orgasm this time, and then continued her masturbation as she pissed in the shower, still not cumming.

She went through her clothes, taking all the conservative ones and placing them into a garbage bag, until she was satisfied that everything she had left accentuated her tits or ass or pussy or was otherwise scandalous in some way. (She decided to keep a perfectly concealing pink shirt that had ‘FLIRT’ written on it, for example.) She chose to wear for herself a very short pink skirt, and a white button-up shirt that she tied off below her tits.

Then she went downstairs, got a cunt spanking from her father, and went off to work with her cunt aching with pain and lust.

Michael’s “panties” for the day was a small weight on a half-foot length of chain, to be clipped to her clit ring. It wasn’t too painful but it was very distracting. She found when she walked it would swing back and forth in a way that made her pussy wet, and that sometimes it would catch on her leg and end up pulling painfully on her clitoris.

Michael also had an announcement for her. Well, for the office really, but also for her. Three new girls were starting today, to replace three of the higher-ranked sluts who were transferring to other offices. Among the transferees were Toy and Pussy, who Claire had learned were really Fucktoy and Bitchpussy.

The new girls were all Z grade, and clearly had no idea what they were getting into. Their names were Kimberly (an attractive, toned brunette), Sarah (a busty blonde former cheerleader), and Samantha (a petite, bratty blonde). Claire had a wave of mixed feelings on seeing them.

First she felt contempt. These girls looked exactly like the stupid sluts that Claire blackmailed every day. She could almost picture them nude and masturbating, while crying. That thought set off a wave of lust. As per her rules, Claire was staring at their tits, and she suddenly wanted to touch those tits, and see them naked. She wanted to see their cunts. Would they have cute little peach-like twats, or elongated labia just right for tugging on, or a long clitoris that stuck out just begging to be pinched? Then she felt a little bit happy. These sluts were going to be just like her, pissing standing up and sucking on pig cum. The more girls who acted like that, the more normal Claire would be, and the less she’d have to hate herself for being such a slut.

Michael introduced Claire to the new girls in his office. ‘Hi, I’m Twat,’ Claire said, blushing. She felt horrible and gross saying it. She was glad she was staring at the girls’ tits, because it meant she didn’t have to see the shocked and repulsed looks on their faces.

“Twat will show you around and get you set up,” said Michael to the girls. As Claire led them off to their workstations, she could hear Samantha and Sarah giggling behind her, probably about her name, and she instantly wanted to hurt them. She wanted to beat their tits and their cunt with her hands. Then she realised that they could see her clit weight, hanging down beneath the hem of her skirt, and she wanted to die.

She showed them to their seats, and got them set up with the kind of cataloguing and tagging work that Claire herself had started on. She showed them the cordial cooler, without explaining what it was made of, and gave them each a Slut Stick without explaining its contents. She took pleasure in watching them unsuspectingly suckle on pig cum as they worked. She decided not to show them the toilet yet, and let them have the same uncomfortable experience that she had.

Samantha, the bratty blonde, was the last to get set up. As the girl arranged her workspace, Claire got a glimpse of her pink satin panties beneath her skirt. The girl’s face was still smug and mocking, and Claire decided to make use of her new rank and get some progress to U Grade while taking this know-it-all whore down a peg.

‘What are those panties you’re wearing, slut?’ she said. Samantha jumped, and tried to pull down the hem of her skirt.

‘What?’ Samantha asked, confused.

‘What kind of place do you think we’re running here? Do you think you can just go around flashing your slut panties and get special treatment?’

‘No…’ said Samantha, frightened now.

‘Take them off,’ said Claire.

Samantha looked around for support, not believing what was happening. She saw none. Most of the staff were looking at her expectantly.

‘Here?’ she asked, on the verge of tears.

‘Now,’ said Claire.

Slowly Samantha reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She did it awkwardly, knowing that bending at the waist would show her bare ass and pussy, and yet not really having enough room to squat, backed up against the desk by Claire as she was. She compromised on a half-squat, half-bend, and almost fell over. Claire got a good look at her pussy anyway. It was cute, shaved, and well-proportioned.

When the panties were off, Claire snatched them out of Samantha’s hand. She placed them on Samantha’s desk, and smoothed them out to make them as visible as possible. ‘These stay here,’ she said. ‘If you feel you must wear slut lingerie, and you want to be raped that badly, you can put them back on at the end of the day before going home. Now get to work.’

Samantha sat down in her office chair, crying and humiliated, her panties laid out for the whole office to see. Claire walked away, and was suddenly aware that her pussy was gushing with moisture. She was so wet it was dribbling down her inner thighs. Unable to contain herself any longer, she walked past Slutkitten’s desk and grabbed her arm.

‘Come to the toilets with me,’ she said. A bewildered Slutkitten followed her to the toilets, where Claire hastily stripped out of her clothes. Kitten copied Claire, and as soon as both were naked, Claire pushed her up against the toilet wall and began to kiss her. With one hand she caressed Slutkitten’s face, and with the other she violently fingered her pussy. She hadn’t intended to piss as well, but she was used to urinating when she was in the toilets and without really thinking about it she soon found piss dribbling from her cunt onto Kitten’s legs. Kitten started to piss too, and the feeling of another girl’s warm urine on her legs brought Claire back to her very first lesbian experience with Sluthole, and suddenly Claire was orgasming, moaning loudly into Kitten’s mouth as she sucked on Kitten’s tongue.

She shuddered through the after-effects of the orgasm, and then backed away. Kitten was masturbating too, clearly wanting her own orgasm. ‘I’m sorry,’ said Claire. ‘I don’t know what came over me.’

‘It’s all right,’ said Kitten. ‘I love that you wanted to do it with me. I feel really special.’ She gasped, having touched just the right place on her own twat, and continued fingering herself.

Claire remembered some of her U-grade requirements. ‘Do you want to feel my breasts and pussy while you do that?’ she asked. Kitten gasped with happiness. ‘Yes!’ she replied. Claire stepped close to Kitten again, and let Kitten stroke her boobs and her labial mound until Kitten finally orgasmed.

They hugged afterwards, and Claire remembered something. ‘Kitten, when we do this… if I don’t please you….’

‘Yes?’ asked Kitten.

‘You should hurt me if I don’t please you,’ said Claire.

Kitten smiled. ‘I will. But you do please me. But you should do the same for me, you know.’

Claire smiled, and kissed her. Then they dressed and went back to work.

Claire hadn’t been at her desk long when she felt her chair being swivelled around by strong hands. She let herself spin, and found herself face to cock with Jim. Jim was looking down at her tits while he unzipped his pants. Claire was a little put off by the fact that he wasn’t saying anything, but her eyes were fixated on his crotch. A voice in her head had been telling her how much she loved sucking cock since she’d started on the tapes, and now here was Jim’s cock again. She opened her mouth in anticipation as Jim took his stiff dick out of his pants, and let him push his cock past her lips and onto her tongue.

Claire sucked on it happily, oblivious to the shocked looks she was getting from the three new girls. It felt just like the Slut Stick, only warmer, and it twitched in her mouth. It felt great, and her pussy was getting wet again already. Soon Jim orgasmed, ejaculating into her mouth, and she swallowed the sperm gratefully.

‘Thanks Twat,’ said Jim, patting her on the head like a pet.

‘Thank you,’ replied Claire, looking up at him. He tucked his cock back in his pants, and left her to get on with her work, the taste of semen in her mouth. Already her mouth felt empty, so she went back to suckling on her Slut Stick. When she sucked it down to the liquid centre, and tasted piss spilling out into her mouth, she swallowed it, finished the rest of the pig-cum candy, and then went to get another.

She had been thinking about the problematic aspects of her U-grade requirements, so at lunch she printed out some pornography from Titcage’s copious databases. She picked a picture of a crying bit-titted slut with her tits bound giving a blowjob to go on her desk, and two lesbians 69ing while a man whipped the ass of the topmost one to go in her wallet. She then printed several poster-sized options to take home for her bedroom.

She also called Ben and asked him to come visit her tonight. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and thought maybe he could solve one of her problems. She knew it was going to be humiliating, and felt herself starting to cry on the phone to him. She hung up before he could ask what was wrong.

After lunch she felt her chair being swivelled around again. She smiled, expecting it to be Jim and his cock again, but it was another man entirely. His name was David, and Claire hadn’t had much to do with him, as he worked in accounting. He was around 40 and much less attractive than Jim. And as Claire watched, he was getting his cock out.

Claire shook her head and tried to back away, but he grabbed her hair, and pulled her face towards his groin. He had his dick out now. It was thick and hairy and stiff. Claire kept her lips closed and felt it bang against her face and cheek.

‘Come on, Twat, you do this for Jim,’ said David. He slapped her lightly on the cheek. It didn’t hurt much but Claire felt her mouth pop open in shock. How dare he hit her! And as soon as her lips opened he pushed his cock into her mouth.

Claire had no choice but to suck on it. He had a firm grip on her hair and she couldn’t pull away. He used her hair to push her face back and forth on his cock as he fucked her mouth like it was a vagina. Claire started to cry. Soon he came, and for the second time that day she felt her mouth filling with a man’s sperm. She swallowed, to avoid choking, and David took his dick out of her mouth, wiped it clean on her cheek, and then stuck it back into his pants and walked away, without even thanking her.

Claire sat there, shocked, for a moment, and then went back to her work, trying to control her tears. Looking at the sluts in front of her begging her not to ruin their lives made her feel better. She had felt powerless as David raped her mouth, but at least she could take it out on these girls. The next three emails she sent out demanded that the sluts send in photos of them sticking pins into their own tits. As was usual, several sluts had also not replied to the blackmail emails, so she took pleasuring in plastering naked photos of them on Facebook and porn sites, and mailing them to the slut’s friends and family.

On her afternoon trip to the toilet she found Kimberley there, nude from the waist down, crying with humiliation as she pissed down her legs. Claire said nothing, just stared at the girl’s exposed cunt and rubbed her own pussy while pissing.

(To be continued...)

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