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this is continuing from my first true story of my first time at a glory hole
i had just gotten fucked by a cock sticking out of a hole in the wall it still throbbed inside of my pussy. its shaft pulsing inside of me the head was growing fatter swelling its mushroomed tip as the walls of my pussy tightened around it. his cum running over my lips and down his shaft dripping off his balls and running down my legs along my inner thigh. my boyfriend had me leaning up some resting on his shoulders as he pulled the new dress up my back and rubbed along my lower spin over my ass cheeks and softly spanking my little round ass as it pressed against the dirty wall.the cock slowly pulled out of my pussy letting my lips touch the tip of his cock as it dripped some cum off the tip and dribbled down the dried cum stained wall as fresh semen ran down the wall.

i heard the guy mumble something i think it was,"that was great." but wasn't thinking about anything else as my boyfriend started to kiss me pressing me up against the wall and rubbing the cum into my lips as it foamed out over them. our tongues twisting in and out of each others mouth tracing my lips to his as we kissed knowing he could taste the cum shot i swallowed earlier and him not caring. he groped my body pulling off my dress and tossing it into the folding metal chair. pushing me down onto my knees and pulling out his cock he was 7" and very thick i had to struggle to suck him every time i have done it in the past but i loved it so much. i started to slide my tongue up and down his shaft licking his balls and twirling my tongue around the crown of his cock. as i start to suck him slowly looking into his eyes smiling with his fat cock stuffed between my lips. i hear the door open and shut again as i am guessing the guy left.

i was sucking my boyfriend slowly now after a few minutes since i last hear the booths door open when suddenly i felt a hand on my right breast. it softly touched me gently rubbed my little stiff nipples and tugged them gently. my boyfriends hands where on my head clutching my hair as he pulled my face along his cock slowly pumping my head. letting his cock slide the entire length across my tongue and stretch out my throat causing spit to bubble around my lips and slide down and off my chin. the spit was rubbed into my breast by this other hand when i looked down a arm was sticking out of the hole in the wall grabbing at my body feeling it as my boyfriend was fucking my face. my first thought was that the guy was in there as the other fucked me. the arm withdrew and after a minute was up my boyfriend was pulling me off his dick and turning me around to look at the small little cock come through the hole.

i wrapped my lips around it and sucked hard my cheeks concaving around that small cock as my lips slide along it up and down my head not even bobbing far. my chin hitting the wall smearing against the cum and and pussy juices that ran down it. i sucked that cock so hard and so fast that it came hard into my mouth. it did not shoot into the back of my throat but instead spilled out in thick hot pools across my tongue. i never had a guy do that before it had always been shots hitting the back of my throat i liked this. his load filled my mouth with stranger seed i thought to myself that i did not even know what this guy looked like how old he was nothing. wondering if he was one of the men in the hallway which one was he then i swallowed the load down my throat as he pulled out of my sucking mouth slowly. my lips teasing the tip as it exited my mouth.

my eyes went to the hole peering through it wondering who that was hoping to see him and know what i have done or who for that matter. my boyfriend pulled my head away from the hole telling me i am not allowed to look and as he said that the door open and closed next door to us. he pulled me back to the wall and told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue into the hole. my lips pressed in the hole my tongue licking the other side of the wall around the other booths side tasting a mix of old dried cum and fresh cum of men i did not know. suddenly without warning i feel a cock slide into my mouth. it was about the size of my boyfriends cock but a little less thick. soon i found as it traveled across my lips sliding across my tongue caressing the underside of his cock as the tip hit the back of my throat and pressed in he was longer than my boyfriend as well.

my boyfriend held my head in place as he knew i was getting a cock in my mouth his hand rubbing my little ass as he kneeled behind me and spanked my ass hard. the slaps echoed through the place. all i could hear was my mouth being fucked by a strangers cock and the echoes of those slaps, that made my body shiver, that rang through the small booth and probably the entire hallway. the cock pounded my face faster fucking in and out of my throat making spit pour from my mouth spilling down my naked body. i could feel the spit on my tits running down my belly. rubbing that mess on my body against the wall of the dirty booth i was in. my knees rubbing agains the cold concrete floor as my lips where spread around a strangers cock. the new cock fucking my face thrust hard three times making me gag with each thrust my head not able to move away from the grip my boyfriend had on me. the last thrust sent a load into my mouth and down my throat. i coughed and spit it all out over his cock and down my chin against the wall. it was a big mess mixed with the spit that had gathered in my throat. my boyfriend pulled me back and smacked my wet sloppy tits.

the door to the booth opened again and that when i saw that they where coming in as the last one left like a line had formed and everyone was taking a turn. was my boyfriend actually going to make me suck and fuck everyone in the building along with him? my pussy was so wet and i was so turned on naked on the floor a little 18 year old slut. what was i to do the only thing i could do and that was let my boyfriend control the situation and do as i was told when i was told another flick slides through the hole and pulses its 9" long cock with a fat head so big i couldn't believe it my mouth watered wanting to try it as i leaned to it to suck it. my hair was grabbed by my boyfriend as he pulled me back away from it and smiled at me.

" i want to see something else from you with this baby." he said to me as i stood up i wondered what could he want from me with this big cock in front of me......

to be continued....

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2014-12-20 08:06:20
After my BF talked me into sucking his two best friends ,,, he gets off on watching me suck,,,I told him I want to try a glory hole !!! I love cock,,,and admit,, I suck good cock!!!

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