Tyler and his mother have some more fun......
Tyler and Mom – part 3

Tyler lay on top of his mother, his second load of his young 12 year old cum filling and dripping out of his mother’s pussy. Tyler’s cock was still hard and inside her just-fucked pussy as his young, naked body rested on her. He was recovering from the biggest orgasm he had ever had in his life – and he had came while fucking his own mother.
As he lay there panting, his young slim naked body still tingling from his orgasm, his mother slowly stroked his hair.

“Ok Tyler” she said “Now listen to what mommy wants.”

“Um, ok” Tyler whispered. He was enjoying the feeling of his cock slowly growing soft inside his mother, and did not want to take it out.

“You need to pull your cock out of mommy” she said as she started to push Tyler off of her. Tyler resisted, so she pushed him harder.

“Tyler, get off of me NOW” she said in a firm voice. This made Tyler jump up, his cock pulling out of his mother’s pussy with a pop. He quickly got up off of her, and stood there beside the couch looking worried.

“Oh crap, what have I done?” he thought to himself, looking at his mother’s smooth pussy – and seeing his cum running out of it down toward her naked ass. He felt dirty, ashamed, and very worried. “Oh no” he thought to himself “What if she tells dad?” he stood there motionless, panic starting to take over. His young cock grew very soft quickly.

“Tyler, I am your mother, and you MUST listen to me” she said to him in her firm, mom-is-angry voice. All Tyler could do as stare at the floor, his face turning red, feeling more panicked each second.

“Yes mom” he whispered, feeling scared.

“That is right Tyler – and you better do what I tell you without EVER putting up any resistance” she continued, staring at her son. She was loving the feeling of seeing him standing there naked, exposed, worried, and looking scared – she liked the feeling of control.

“I am sorry mom” was all Tyler could manage in a very quiet whisper.

“Damn right you are Tyler – you just fucked your mother and came in me” she said, enjoying watching him squirm as each word came out.

“I am sorry mom” Tyler said, starting to feel tears running down his cute, young face.

“OK Tyler – so we have an understanding then?” she asked.

“Yes mom” he whispered as the tears began running faster. As she looked at him, she felt almost sorry for Tyler, and guilty for making him so scared – and also in the back of her mind she was thinking of what they had done. “I can’t believe I let my 12 year old son fuck me” she thought, feeling her still wet pussy twitch with excitement. “And I let him cum in me – what was I thinking?”

“Tyler” she said gently, looking at her now quietly crying son standing there naked next to the couch. She greedily looked his young naked body up and down, feeling nasty but loving every minute of it.

“Yes mom” he whispered, still looking down.

“Stop crying honey” she said gently. “Look at me”

Tyler hesitated, and slowly brought his head up until he was looking into his mother’s eyes. He felt wracked with guilt and looked miserable and scared. The tears slowly ran down his face and dripped down to his slim, naked chest.

“Ok Tyler – I want you to know that when I tell you something, you have to listen and do what I say immediately” she said gently.

“I, I, I am sorry mom” he whispered

“Ok Tyler, now you know. I am not mad at you – I am setting the ground rules if you want to continue to have fun with me” she continued.

Tyler felt hope stirring inside him – maybe things would be OK.

“Yes Mom” he whispered. “I am sorry, and I will do whatever you want”

“Good son, very good” she said in her gentle voice. “Did you enjoy fucking your mother?”

“YES” Tyler instantly said in a loud voice.

“I enjoyed it too son” she said with a sexy grin forming on her face. She could feel her son’s cum running out of her pussy – but she was still horny and needed to cum. “I have him where I want him” she thought to herself.

“And are you mommy’s little sex toy?” she asked, trying to hide her grin.

“Yes” Tyler responded.

“I want to hear you say it son” she continued. “Tell me you are my little foot licking, nasty fuck toy” she said. Tyler stared at her.

“Say it son” she demanded.

“I am your foot licking, nasty fuck toy” Tyler said in an embarrassed voice, blushing. Saying it out loud made him feel humiliated, but he liked it – and his little cock was showing that it turned him on.

“Nasty little boy who licks mommy’s feet and cums on and in her” she said.

“I am a nasty boy who LOVES mommy’s feet and cumming on and in her” he said, his cock growing harder – which his mother noticed as her eyes focused on his young, smooth cock and balls. Tyler was growing very horny very quickly saying these things out loud – and he was finding that he was very tuned on by the humiliation he felt.

“I am a very bad bad little boy” Tyler continued, noticing his mother staring at his ever-hardening cock. “I love to lick your bare feet and suck your toes, and I love the feeling of putting my cock in your pussy and cumming in you” he blurted. “The pussy daddy fucks with his big hard cock – I love to see daddy’s cock hard mom I get turned seeing you play with it – and watching daddy and you have sex while I jerk off”

“Oh shit, what did I just say????” Tyler thought, feeling even more humiliated – he just blurted out one of his secrets – that he was turned on by his dad, and watched them have sex while he jerked off – “Why did I say that” he moaned in his head.

“Really son – you do huh?” she said, staring at her now blushing son. She felt that twinge again in her pussy – “My son has been jacking off watching me and his father have sex, and he gets turned on by cock too???” she thought, feeling even hornier than ever. “Hmmmm…..”

“So you like to see hard cocks too son?” she asked, smiling at her very embarrassed, naked 12 year old son as he stood there with another raging hardon. “How long have you liked looking at cocks?”

“Forever” he replied quietly, feeling very turned on but also completely embarrassed. “I can’t believe I told her that” he thought, blushing deeply. But yet inside he was very turned on confessing this to his mother as he stood naked and hard in front of her.

“Really?” she asked, seeing him squirm a bit. “So when we go to the nudist campgrounds, you have been looking at guys too?” she asked

“Yes mom, I have” he replied.

“And have you wondered what it would be like to play with someone else’s cock?” she asked coyly.

“Yes mom” Tyler replied, his face beet red, his cock now rock hard and standing straight up.

“Have you ever touched another cock besides your own or had anyone touch yours?” she asked, her pussy soaking wet from the thought.

“No, but I think about it a lot” Tyler replied.

“I can see it turns you on son” she said, taking his hard cock into her hand and slowly stroking it. Tyler closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure.

“Yes mom” he whispered, moaning as she slowly stroked his cock.

“Well, maybe I can help you with that” she replied, thoughts racing through her head – she felt herself getting even wetter thinking of seeing her son suck his father….or even doing more.

“Really? It’s ok with you that I like boys too?” Tyler asked, his mother still stroking his cock – the way she made him feel, he would do anything she wanted to have her keep making him feel like he did.

“Yes son, that actually turns me on, knowing my boy likes both boys and girls” she replied. Tyler felt relieved by what his mother was saying – and also didn’t want her to stop stroking his cock.

“You won’t tell anyone will you? “ Tyler asked

“That is up to me to decide son” his mother replied, gripping his cock harder as she stroked him faster. “Got it?”

“Yes mom” Tyler moaned – and felt both excited and scared that she knew this about him now – and could tell someone – his dad, his friends – that he liked boys too at any time.

“Good Tyler, remember that I know this, and I will decide when and if I tell anyone” she said, smiling.
“Yes mom, oh yes mom” Tyler groaned, feeling an orgasm building again. Suddenly he felt his mother’s hand leave his cock. “Pleeeeeeeeeeease don’t stop mommy” Tyler begged.

“Oh, is my nasty son going to cum again?” she asked. “Damn, he is a horny little fucker” she thought to herself.
“Yes mommy, your nasty boy needs to cum again pleeeeeease” Tyler begged.

His mother smiled – if her son could recover and be ready to cum a third time so fast – well, the possibilities were endless – she thought to herself.

“Ok Tyler, I will let you cum again – but this will be the last time for now” she said.

“Thank you mommy” Tyler replied, now grinning.

“But……..after your mommy cums first” she said. “So I am going to use you as my little fuck toy and get myself off son” she said to Tyler, smiling.

“Ok mom” Tyler instantly agreed – but not really knowing what his mother meant.

“Lay down on the couch, on your back” she told Tyler. As she watched Tyler get on the couch, her eyes hungrily ran up and down his young, slim body. “Damn he is just so fucking HOT” she thought to herself.

Tyler was now laying on the couch, his cock hard against his body, his head resting on the arm of the couch. “Bend your legs up so your feet are on the couch” she said. Tyler instantly did as she asked.

She now laid down on her back, opposite of her son, her pussy near his feet. Her pussy dripped with her juices and her son’s cum as she positioned herself – she was going to fulfill a deep, nasty fantasy she kept secret but thought about often.

As she got comfortable, her legs now on either side of her son, she smiled at him. “Ok Tyler, you will do whatever I say” she instructed.

“Yes mom, yes!” Tyler said loudly, wondering what she was going to do. He had no idea – his head was on the opposite arm of the couch from hers.

“Ok son, no talking. I don’t want to hear you say a word about what I do” she said, feeling naughty.

“Yes mom” he replied, wondering what she meant and what she was going to do.

He watched as she slowly slid her body closer to his, her pussy almost to his young bare ass, her legs on either side of him. Her feet were very near his face.

Suddenly, Tyler felt his mother grab his right ankle with her hands and pull his foot towards her mouth. “Oh wow” is all he could think.

Tyler’s mother held his foot up, near her face. She was staring at the smooth, soft sole of her son. “Damn my boy has beautiful feet – and the perfect size” she thought to herself. She thought back to the other day when they were at the store buying him a new pair of Nike hi-tops. “MMMM, just a perfect size 6 young boy foot” she thought to herself. Slowly, she pulled it to her face, kissing his big toe.

Tyler groaned with pleasure. “Wow, mom likes feet too!!!!” he thought to himself, enjoying feeling her kisses on his toe.

Slowly, his mother kissed each of the toes on his right foot. The wiggled as she kissed them. Then she licked slowly under his toes – and heard Tyler giggle as his foot flexed.

“Does that tickle son” she asked.

“Yes” he responded quickly.

His mother licked under his toes again, loving the taste and feel of her son’s smooth foot against her tongue. Then she licked slowly up and down his sole, enjoying feeling his foot flex as she licked, hearing him giggle. At this point her pussy was soaking wet. She slowly licked up her son’s bare sole to his toes, and he groaned with pleasure.
Suddenly, she began sucking on his big toe – and Tyler gasped with pleasure. His mother was sucking it like it was a cock – and he loved the feeling. She sucked his big toe for another few seconds, then moved to the next and did the same – and continued down until she had given each of his toes a short, wet blow job.

Tyler’s cock was rock hard – and he couldn’t believe how much he loved having his mother lick and suck on his feet and toes – it was a dream come true!

“Keep your foot right where it is” she told Tyler, her words muffled by his foot as she continued to lick and suck on it.

“Yes mom” he whispered. He had never needed to cum as bad as he did. But he kept his hands at his sides, waiting for his mother to tell him it was ok to jerk himself off.

Tyler felt his mother grab his left foot and turn his leg slightly sideways as she pulled it towards her. He adjusted his position a bit, keeping his right foot against her face. Suddenly, he felt her warmth on his left foot as she used his toes to rub her soaking wet pussy. Tyler groaned.

His mother continued to lick his right foot as she guided his left foot to her pussy – she began moaning with pleasure as she felt his toes brush against her smooth, dripping pussy – and heard Tyler groan with pleasure too.

Tyler felt his foot becoming very wet as his mother slid it into her soaking pussy. He heard her groan and moan quietly, still licking his other foot. His mother had always been turned on by feet – that is one thing that she and her husband, and apparently her son too, had shared. She kept pulling his foot into her pussy, his smooth young size 6 boy’s foot now halfway into her. She could feel an orgasm approaching, and began pushing against it.

“Wiggle your toes Tyler” she said as she continued to lick his other foot, moaning with pleasure. He could feel her wetness and tightness on his foot that was in her pussy.

Tyler wiggled his toes, and heard his mother groan louder. She could feel his toes in her, hitting her spot just right as he wiggled them – the spot she rubbed when she masturbated.

“OOOH Tyler” she moaned. “More!”

Tyler obeyed, and wiggled his toes as much as he could – though it was not much being inside her pussy. She groaned again. As she was doing this, she moved her feet into position – one in her son’s face, the other against his cock and balls.

Tyler groaned as he eagerly grabbed his mother’s foot and began licking it, heel to toe over and over, up and down her sole. She slid her other foot up and down his cock, rubbing it with her foot against his body. As she did this, she licked his right foot over and over, and was using one hand to now hold her son’s bare foot in her pussy. She moved her other hand and started tickling the part of her son’s sole that was not in her pussy. His toes and foot wiggled and twitched inside her as she tickled it – rubbing her spot over and over.

They both were moaning and groaning – licking one of each other’s bare soles as she masturbated him with her other foot, and used his other foot to masturbate herself. As she tickled her son’s sole, his toes wiggled harder and harder against her spot.

“Oh Tyler, Oh Tyler” she moaned, feeling her son’s foot building up an orgasm inside her.

“Oh mommy, oh mommy” Tyler groaned, thrusting himself hard against her sole that was rubbing his cock.

As they masturbated each other, the intensity grew as they both grew close to cumming.

They both began moaning and groaning louder and louder as their orgasms built up. Suddenly his mother let out a loud yell “Oh Tyler Oh Tyler Oh Tyler I’m cummmmmmmming!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, as the first of many orgasms wracked through her body.

“Oh mommy, oh mommy I am cuummmmmmmmmmmmmmming too!” Tyler yelled, as his young cock began spurting cum out – the first two spurts hitting him in the face, the others landing on his chest as he came.

As they both came, they groaned and moaned together. As their orgasms wound down, the intensity of their licking and movements decreased, until they were lying there – both panting. Tyler’s right foot resting against his mothers face, his left half in her pussy. One of his mothers’s feet rested against Tyler’s face, as the other slowly rubbed his cock then stopped, resting against his hairless balls.

“Oh fuck Tyler, that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!” his mother said, panting hard, trying to recover from her multiple orgasms.

“Yesssssssssssss” Tyler panted, “That was HOT”.

You are such a good fucktoy Tyler” his mother said, as she slowly pulled his foot out of her soaking pussy. “Mommy really loved that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you son”

“MMMMM” is all Tyler could say. He licked his lips, tasting his own cum against them.

After a few minutes, he felt his mother pull away and sit up. “OK Tyler, enough of that……for now” she said, grinning at her son. “I have to call your dad”

“WHY??????????” Tyler said in a very panicked voice as he quickly sat up, staring wide-eyed at his mother, feeling almost frozen in fear.

To be continued……………………………………………………


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Let me know if you like my stories - and feel free to give any feedback (good or bad) and also any ideas you would like to have me work into them - Your feedback is appericated!!!!!


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Let me know if you like my stories - and feel free to give any feedback (good or bad) and also any ideas you would like to have me work into them - Your feedback is appericated!!!!!

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