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This is about the bond between a father and daughter.
Chapter 1

Drake had a close relationship with his daughter Alice, he was 29 and she was 13 and was beginning to blossom into a beautiful young woman. They could talk about anything and they were always there for each other. Drake had to look after her at the age of 6, as his wife, her mother Kim, died in a terrible car accident on her way to work that killed her on sight.

Drake wasn't the usual father type, he was good looking, bit of a nerd, loved his video games and books and had his dream job of Anger Management Owner, which was part garbage dump where people smashed stuff.
Alice was young and perky and had her mothers lips and was beginning to get her figure, she had small perky breasts and already had to ask her father to get lady products. Drake was proud but nervous at the same time, it was a big step and he didn't want to geek it up or overly humiliate her.

The birds woke Drake up, he groaned and rolled over to look at the time, which was 7am, thankfully he didn't have to get to work early, as he had a few assistants and he could take his time.
Drake felt he was sporting a tent in his boxers and his cock was a bit tender, as he hadn't had sex for years, and wanking wasn't helping the overall problem. Drake got up and opened his bedroom door and made his way to the bathroom, he opened the door and was surprised to see his daughter up early.

“Dad...I was just going to the toilet, I didn’t mean to wake you up...” Alice trailed off, as she looked down and saw her fathers cock poking out of his boxers.
“Jeez, sorry honey. Nah you didn’t wake me. The fucking birds did” Drake quickly put his cock back in his boxers, which was a nice 9 inches for him and scooted past his daughter to get in the bathroom.
“I hate those birds. Any plans today?” Alice asked, trying not to look at her fathers crotch, which caused her pussy to tingle.
“I may go into work today to see what we need to stock up on, but apart from that nothing comes to mind. I’m going to have a shower, I’ll see you downstairs baby” Drake smiled and kissed his daughter on the forehead, which caused her breathing to fasten, which seemed odd to him, but she smiled and went off as he closed the door.

“I need a monster of a wank right now” Drake told himself in the mirror, pulling his boxers off and seeing his cock in all its glory.
Drake turned the shower on, got it to the right temperature and got in, lathering his cock within the water. He picked up the shampoo and squirted a few drops into his hand and began pulling his cock, getting himself into a good motion.
“Ok, come on. I’m almost there” Drake muttered to himself, he pulled a few more times and had to hold onto the wall for balance as his cock shot off 3 huge loads, nearly knocking him back and breaking his neck.
“That felt good” Drake beamed, as he cleaned himself off, turned the shower off, dried himself with a towel and wrapped it around himself, before opening the door and making his way to his room.

“Oh fuck” came a quiet growl from Alice’s room, Drake was curious and he went up to her door and was about to knock when he heard heavy breathing come from behind the door, lucky for him it was open enough for him to see her in the mirror, but not enough for her to see him.
Alice had her pj’s off and was straddling one of her big teddy bears, she raised up enough for Drake to see, that she placed a dildo on it and was fucking it as hard as she could.
“Fuck me daddy. Oh daddy” Alice moaned, rubbing her tits and leaning into the teddy. Drake couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing, his little girl was fucking a teddy bear and she was wanting him.
Drake felt his cock begin to harden again and he wanted to go in there and fuck his little girl till they couldn’t move.
“I could make you so happy daddy. Oh fuck me!!!” Alice cried as quietly as she could, Drake watched as she leaned upwards and had a massive orgasm, for what seemed like ages, then feel back on the bed and was puffing hard.
Drake quickly went to his room and wanked as hard as he could, thinking about Alice as he came.

Drake sat down in his favourite chair, with a beer in his hand and a plate full of left overs, as Alice was reading on the couch, wearing a lime green skirt and a plain white top. The tv was on and Drake was watching a re-run of an old ‘Two and a half men’ episode, he watched while he ate and chuckled every now and again.
After witnessing his daughter fuck her teddy bear and wanting it to be him, Drake went to work to try and take his mind off it, but now that he was back at home, he was getting horny again and wanted to play with her.

“I’m going to get a drink daddy, want another beer?” Alice asked him, putting her book down and getting off the couch, causing her skirt to ride up and Drake have a peek at her panties, which were purple.
“Sure, I’ll take another one. Listen, I know you are young, but do you want to try one as well? It would help bond us more I reckon” Drake suggested, he knew it was wrong to let his daughter drink...or to try and make a move on her, but he was horny and not thinking with the right head.
“I’ll pass on a full beer. But can I have a sip of yours? Alice asked sweetly, leaning on his shoulder and kissing him softly on the cheek. Drake handed her his beer and she took a swig and gagged, causing him to laugh, Alice hit him in the back of the head playfully.
“Shut up, I don’t like it. Doesn’t mean you have to laugh at me for nearly choking on it” Alice pouted, making her lips desirable and causing Drake to stand up and hug her, and his cock to spring to life in his sweat pants, which Alice felt touch her and her pussy began to get wet.

Alice broke the hug, Drake let her go and watched, as she went to the fridge and looked around for the beer for her father. Alice bent down, knowing her father might be watching, and searched the fridge, her skirt was above her panties and Drake was enjoying the show.
“Daddy, I can’t find the beer” Alice groaned, swaying her hips a little.
“Twat” Drake said jokingly, and walked up to her, standing directly behind her, his cock was fully erect and he brushed it against her panties, as he helped her look for another beer, which he could clearly see, but was glad she was playing ‘dumb’.
“Daddy...” Alice stood up and leaned back against her dad, pressing her ass against his cock and putting her hands behind her, holding his hips.
“Baby...” Drake put his hands on his daughters shoulders, then up and down her arms slowly as he kissed her neck and breathed in her scent.
“I...want your big cock in me” Alice cooed, wiggling her ass against him, moving her hands to her skirt as she slowly pulled it down.
“I know. I saw you fuck your teddy this morning, calling for me....Took all my strength not to go in and fuck you right then and there” Drake confessed, he put his hands on her smooth stomach and rubbed up and down, feeling her tense up a little.
“Did...did you like what you saw?” Alice asked, she was grinding harder against her father.
“I loved it all. Want to go upstairs and have this cock in you?” Drake suggested, pulling his shirt off and dropping it on the floor.
“Fuck yes” Alice said, she turned around and kissed him on the lips, before pulling away and making her way, swaying her ass in the process, upstairs, Drake following behind, watching her perky ass bounce with each step.

“You do know this is wrong, are you sure you want to fuck me?” Drake asked Alice, once they were in his bedroom and he was sitting on the bed.
“I know what incest is daddy and I don’t care. I love you and I want to show you how much I do. Don’t you want to play with me?” Alice pulled her shirt off and she was standing in her purple bra and panties.
For a 13 year old, Alice had a nice rack, she was a 12-C cup and freshly shaven, from what her father saw earlier in the day.
“I do, I just want you to know, that other people may find it wrong and so this has to be between you and me” Drake told her, Alice nodded and licked her lips.
“Take your pants off and let me take care of you daddy” Alice pleaded, she smiled when he took his pants off and his cock hung between his legs, huge and delicious and throbbing, waiting for her young pussy.
“I take it you’re not a virgin?” Drake asked, curious more than anything.
“I haven’t had sex yet, but I’m not a virgin, I broke my own hymen with that dildo” Alice giggled.
Alice went to her fathers radio and turned on some music, she changed the station a few times, before she found a slow and sexy song to strip to.

“What do you want to do to me daddy?” Alice asked, swaying her hips and flipping her hair, Drake watched and slowly stroked his cock as his daughter was being very sexual and giving all her attention to him.
“I want to make love to you. Tease your entire body and make you want more” Drake told her, she smiled and bent down to the beat of the music and spread her legs, causing her father’s heart to beat faster than the music.
“I can’t wait. I’m so fucking wet right now” Alice groaned, she undid her bra, but held it to her chest as she continued dancing, grinning as her father’s face dropped a little, it made her feel good that he wanted her that badly.
“Want to have this huge cock in your mouth?” Drake pulled on his cock and Alice nodded and dropped her bra, her tits bounced and were firm and perky, she got on her knees and crawled towards the bed.
Alice wrapped her hands around his throbbing cock and licked up and down, lathering it up in her spit and moaning as she put it in her mouth. Drake watched and put his hands on her head, moving her hair, as she bobbed up and down, surprising him as she went all the way down to the base of his cock without choking.
“God...this cock tastes amazing” Alice looked up at her father and jerked him off, as she lapped at his cock with her tongue, running it up and down, watching him close his eyes and breath heavily.
“I’m amazed you can go all the way down on it so easily” Drake said, stroking her cheek with his thumb and fixing her hair out of her face.
“...Practicing on the dildo helped” Alice admitted, then she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue on her fathers cock, before sliding it in her mouth and sucking it.
“Baby I’m about to cum. Get ready, I don’t want you to drown” Drake uttered, he put his hands on her head and held her there, as he shot 3 hot loads of jizz down her throat.

“Damn...oh wow, you taste amazing” Alice licked her lips and stood up, she grinned as her father’s cock was still standing rock hard.
“Glad you think so. Now want to climb on top and feel this in your cunt?” Drake asked, he moved back on the bed, so that his head was on the pillow.
“Yes I do.” Alice said firmly, she got on the bed, stood over her father and she pulled her panties off, wiggled them off her legs and threw them at the bedroom door.
Alice bent down and kissed Drake on the lips, then lowered herself onto his cock, her pussy engulfed his cock and they both heard how wet she was and Alice moaned as his cock pulsated in her.
“Oh....fuck...this is sooooo.....much better than the....dildo” Alice groaned, she put her hands on her father’s chest and thrusted her hips into him, Drake put his hands on her hips helping guide her into his cock.
“Oh baby...Yes...fuck...this cock” Drake moaned, he raised his hands up and squeezed her tits, then put his left hand up to her throat and slid two fingers into her mouth, she moaned as she sucked them hard.
“Mmm...mmm” Alice murmured, thrusting and sucking harder in the process, Drake squeezed her right tit and thrusted his hips into her, making her squeal with delight.
Drake felt his cock tighten and his daughters pussy pulsate on him, his head was becoming light headed and his nose smelt all the sweat and cum that was building up.

“I....I’M ABOUT TO CUM DADDY” Alice wailed, her nails dug into his chest and she bit her bottom lip, trying to hold on a little longer.
“...Me too baby...ready?” Drake replied.
“Tell me when” Drake put his hands on her hips and thrusted harder and harder.
“Oh baby”
“ME TOO!!!”
Alice leaned back, raising her hands in the air, while Drake put his hands on her sides and held tight as they both came, the bed vibrated.
“Oh fuck me...holy crap that was amazing” Alice breathed, she laid on her father’s chest, it was all sweat and red from where she dug her nails into him.
“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had...thank you so much baby” Drake told her, kissing her on her forehead.
“I can’t wait to fuck again” Alice giggled, she got up and kissed her father on the lips and rubbed his chest with her hand.
“So you want to keep this going?” Drake asked, surprised and delighted at the same time.
“Are you kidding me? I don’t want you to fuck anyone else but me, unless I approve and I can join in” Alice told him, Drake was surprised by how she was taking control but he agreed with her.
“I can live with that. I love you baby” Drake said, kissing her deeply, feeling her tongue slid into his mouth and swirl around.
“I love you too daddy. Want to take a shower with me?” Alice got off the bed and got up and looked at her father, who nodded and followed her to the shower.

To be Continued
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