Lexi exposes her innermost secrets. She and Maggie get better acquainted.
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Lexi exposes her innermost secrets. She and Maggie get better acquainted.

I would like to thank an excellent writer on this site for inspiring me and editing some of my stories. When you read my tales, I would like for you to be naked and masturbate, alone or with a significant other. My purpose is to make you cum, and cum hard.

Chapter 3

I slept like a rock that night, and woke up refreshed, feeling great. Yeah, a healthy round of uninhibited sex can do that for you. Last night’s masturbation session with my daughter Lexi was the hottest sexual situation I had ever been in. She demonstrated how wanton and absolutely shameless she was in performing for me, spreading her legs obscenely, showing me how she masturbated and even more erotic, how she orgasmed. She showed me how soaked her pussy could get, and how she gushed when she came. And it looked delicious. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I’d taste her copious juices.

After my shower, I quietly walked into Alexa’s room and leaned over her bed, and lightly pressed my lips against hers to wake her.

“Good morning, my lovely girl,” I whispered in her ear. “It’s time to get up and get ready for school,” and lightly licked her ear.

Stirring, she opened her eyes, “Oh Daddy. Last night was so wonderful, wasn’t it? I never experienced anything so incredible in my life, and you made it all possible,” she whispered, looking into my eyes with so much love and adoration. “My god. I love you more and more every day.” Wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling herself up against me, she pressed her lips on mine and gave me a not-so-daughterly kiss, tongue and all.

“I’ll always be the daddy you want me to be, my darling girl,” I whispered back. “But you have to be a good daughter, and I promise that you’ll be the happiest girl in the world. Now, go take your shower, and I’ll make you a decent breakfast before your bus comes.”

“I’ll always be the best daughter for you my darling Daddy,” Lexi promised.

“Would it be alright if I stop at the mall and see Maggie before I come home? I can wait until she leaves for the day, and get a ride home,” she said.

“I don’t have a problem with you going to see Maggie honey, but if you have much homework, call me and I can come and pick you up so we can get it done. That way, you won’t be waiting to do it until she leaves.” I answered. “You promise to call if you have to?”

“I promise, Daddy,” Lexi whispered, still looking in my eyes with wonderment.

I had to admit, it felt awesome to be worshipped. I could tell by the way Lexi looked at me. I could also tell how much she loved me. Something I would never take for granted. Well, maybe just a little. But, she would enjoy it. Given her lust and what appears to be her insatiable need for her daddy, I’m going to have to think of ways to keep her interested and wanting.

With my thoughts, I started to make a hot breakfast of oatmeal for Lexi, and raisin toast with a glass of orange juice.

“Hmmm. That smells so good, Daddy. Thank you,” Lexi sat down, and I placed her bowl in front of her.

“Honey,” I sat down, “we have to discuss something of the greatest importance. And no, I’m not leaving and neither are you,” trying to allay her fears I thought she’d immediately have.

“Because of your age, absolutely nobody can know what we do, understand? Society deems it illegal because you’re so young, and because if you’re going to be my daughter, it’s doubly bad. It’s called incest. Do you understand?” I asked as serious as a heart attack, and she knew it.

“I understand perfectly, Daddy. The only person who might have an idea as to what we do would be Maggie, and I think she’s more than okay with it, judging by the underthings she tells me to get for you,” Lexi stated. “Other than Maggie, nobody else has a clue. And I will never put what we have in any danger. To be honest, after finding you, I think I’d die if we were ever separated. And I mean it. I would die.”

Thinking of what I said, “What do you mean ‘because if I’m going to be your daughter?’” she asked gazing in my eyes expectantly.

“Are you going to adopt me?” she asked hopefully.

Damn. I let that slip. “Only depending on circumstances pertaining to your mother, sweetheart. Be sure not to tell anybody, including Maggie. I think she finds the idea of us being together exciting because she believes that we’re blood relatives, that you really are my daughter, and the things we do is especially naughty. I think that as far as Maggie is concerned, there are some things we don’t know about her, although she’s a wonderful lady, and she’s taken a special interest in you.” I explained.

“Okay, Daddy. Got it. God, that’d be so cool if you adopted me. Then, I’d really be your daughter, and you’d be my real daddy. My god, I hope it happens,” she said dreamily.

“Time to catch your bus beautiful girl,” I announced. “I’ll see you later this afternoon. Do your best, my love.”

Making another call to my attorney to see how things were going, I was informed that I could pick up the papers tomorrow. But, could I stop in this afternoon to answer some questions? I sat down to check on my investments, and to make a couple of tweaks to my portfolio. I grabbed my gym clothes and headed to the gym for a couple of hours of working out before seeing my attorney.

On my way to the gym, I called Maggie at her store and gave her my regrets and rescheduled for the next afternoon. After my workout, I took a quick shower at the gym, and stopped by my attorney’s office. I answered the questions that needed to be answered, and drove home to wait for my Lexi to call if she needed to.

It turns out that she didn’t need me to pick her up. “Daddy, I don’t have any homework tonight, so I’m at Maggie’s store.”

“If Maggie can leave her store early, invite her over for dinner. It’s Italian,” I informed my lovely daughter.
“Otherwise, we can eat later when you get home.”

“Okay. I’ll call and let you know what she can do,” she promised.

Meanwhile, at Maggie’s store, Lexi and Maggie were engaged in a very private conversation. Lexi asked Maggie if she had time to talk in private. They went into Maggie’s office, and sat on the couch. Maggie could tell that Lexi was in a quandary about something, and waited for her to begin.

“Maggie, you know I love my daddy very much, don’t you?” Lexi quietly asked.

“Of course, sweetheart. I can see that. I can see that you love your daddy very much,” Maggie answered.

“Do you think that I love him too much? He’s all I think about. Especially after last night,” Lexi whispered.

“What happened last night? You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” but Maggie knew something very important had happened, and she hoped that it was along the forbidden, erotic thoughts she had..

Lexi started her explanation with a question. “Maggie, can you keep a secret? I mean a real important secret?”

“Yes, sweetheart. I don’t have any trouble keeping secrets, especially real important ones,” Maggie smiled.

“Can we speak plainly? This is going to be awkward, and it’s going to be difficult,” Lexi admitted.

“Of course, honey. Just go ahead. We can talk about anything. Anything at all. I promise.” Maggie did her best to reassure her.

“Okay. Here goes. Maggie, please excuse me for asking, but do you masturbate?” Lexi asked in a whisper dropping her eyes to the floor.

The question was one Maggie had an idea this was going to be the direction the conversation was going. Actually, she hoped it was going to be something like this.

Smiling, Maggie answered, “Of course sweetheart. Everybody masturbates. It’s very natural. Why?
Did your daddy catch you masturbating?”

“Well, it goes farther than that. Two nights ago, Daddy heard me masturbating, and I was calling his name. I love him so much, that I was imagining him doing things to me,” Lexi still looking down at the floor, embarrassed.

Taking Lexi’s hand in hers, Maggie attempted to reassure the child that there was nothing wrong with this. “Honey, every daughter wants to experience the ultimate love with her daddy. What did you imagine him doing to you?”

“Do you promise you won’t laugh?” Lexi glanced up to look into Maggie’s eyes.

“Sweetheart, anything you tell me, I will never laugh or criticize. I promise,” Maggie assured the child.

Lexi began her tale. “Well, I imagined him licking my you-know-what. It drove me crazy. I came like there was no tomorrow, and I was calling to him. I never wanted him to stop. I came so hard. Then, I think he was outside my door listening, because he went to his room and I heard his door close. I got up, and tiptoed to his door. He must have been masturbating too because he was calling my name, and he wanted me to suck his you-know-what.”

“Honey, if we’re going to be frank, and have this discussion, we can’t be shy about what we call body parts. Your you-know-what is called your pussy or cunt. Your daddy’s you-know-what is his cock. Got it?” Maggie asked, smiling. “Sweetheart, do you want your daddy to lick your pussy and do you want to suck your daddy’s cock?” Maggie’s pussy began to leak.

“Oh my god, Maggie, I want so much for my daddy to lick me, and I want so badly to suck his ummm….cock. It’s all I think about all of the time now. I imagine my lips wrapped around the head of his cock, and I want him to cum in my mouth so bad. I want to show him how much I love him and take his cum in my mouth, and swallow it. That’s why I’m so wet all of the time,” Lexi was sounding frustrated. “Even right now, I can’t control myself and my pussy is soaked. My panties are soaked too. You can even smell how wet I am! I’m so embarrassed!”

Maggie was imagining the child’s perfect lips wrapped around her daddy’s cock, thinking ‘Lexi isn’t the only one who’s getting wet.’ The aroma of pussy was permeating throughout the office. Maggie wasn’t so sure it was just Lexi’s juices they were smelling.

“My darling Lexi, listen to me. This is very important.” Holding her hand and looking deeply into her eyes, Maggie quietly tried to reassure the young girl, “The fact that your pussy is soaked is a testimony as to how much you love your daddy, and what you want to do for him. The love between a father and his daughter is one of the strongest in the world, and the fact that you want to do things for him and to him and you want him to do things for you is the pinnacle of your love for each other. When you are with your daddy, by having a soaked pussy and if it’s wet enough, and he can smell your aroma, and by the way, you WANT him to smell you, you’re giving him the signal that your pussy is his. That you’re ready for him. That you will spread your legs for him and for his hard cock,” Maggie wanted to give Lexi the visual she wanted the young girl to have to keep her aroused. Actually, to keep them both aroused. “Also, you’ll be giving to him the most magnificent and intimate gift you can. You. Your love and devotion. Your body. Do you understand how important this is for the both of you? For you to experience the ultimate love between you and your daddy?”

“You don’t think I’m weird? That I love Daddy so much?” Lexi asked with frustrated tears in her eyes.

Realization dawning on her, Lexi exclaimed “Oh my god, you DO understand!”

“Of course I understand sweetheart. I felt the same way about my daddy.” Maggie confessed with sympathetic tears. “Now that happened two nights ago. What happened last night?”

“I couldn’t stop thinking what happened the night before, and I wondered if I would ever be able to see his cock. It’s like I didn’t just WANT to see his cock, I HAD to. I NEEDED to. Can you understand that?”

“Yes, baby. I understand perfectly,” Maggie leaned close and whispered, with her pussy soaking her panties too.

“You left in such a hurry last night Maggie. I wish you would have stayed. You know why?” Lexi shyly and quietly asked.

“Why beautiful girl? Why do you wish I stayed?” Maggie responded.

“You would have seen what we did. Daddy told me to get ready for bed, and that he would be in to tuck me in,” Lexi related. “When he came in, I was lying in bed on top of the covers, but I had taken off the thong that we got for him. It was soaked anyway. I was naked, Maggie. I was naked for my daddy! I asked him if he wanted to see what he heard the night before, and he immediately took charge. He told me to spread my legs for him. And I did. He asked me how wet I was. He told me that he wanted to see my wet pussy. I spread my legs even more. I wanted him to see! He told me to play with myself. He said that he wanted to see how I played with myself and how I cum. I could see how hard his cock was in his pants and I got more excited. My pussy was so wet. It was soaked. Just like it is now.”

“What did your daddy do next honey?” Maggie asked breathlessly as her breathing became heavier, nipples hard and protruding through her blouse, with her pussy seeping copious juices, her panties adhering to her cunt.

“I started to rub my pussy and especially my clit. It was so hard, and I was so wet. I begged him to let me see his cock. I begged him to take off his clothes. I begged him to stroke his cock so I could see him cum. He actually did a slow strip tease for me, driving me crazy! He had his back to me when he dropped his underwear and stood there while he knew I was looking at his beautiful butt, getting even more worked up. I was frigging myself furiously, and when he turned around stroking his hard cock, I lost it! I never came so hard, ever! I came so hard, I screamed. And when I screamed, daddy approached my bed still stroking his cock and came all over me! Maggie, watching his cum shoot out of his cock and onto my tits and my body was so hot, I came again! And I couldn’t stop! It was the most incredible thing that ever happened to me, and Daddy made it all possible! You can see why I love him so much. And when he kissed me good night, I came again! Can you imagine Maggie? Just cumming from a kiss?” looking up at Maggie with surprise and expectation.

Maggie, her nipples incredibly hard and pussy and panties soaked, was breathing heavily. The essence of pussy could be smelled in the office. “Oh god, Lexi. That is so hot! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful, hunky, loving father! How big is his cock?” Maggie needed to know.

“I don’t know Maggie. I never measured. If I do, I’ll let you know. But it has a big head on it, and it looks like it would be so wonderful to suck. But look, Maggie! My panties are soaked!” Lexi cried. “I can’t go home like this! Can you smell me? I know you said I shouldn’t be embarrassed, but I can’t help it. Maggie, what am I going to do?”

“Just relax my horny girl,” Maggie assured her. “Let me get you a change.”

When Maggie left, Lexi couldn’t believe how hot and horny and wet she was. Unbuttoning her jeans, she tried working her hand down to her soaked snatch. Because it was so tight and difficult to get her hand down her pants much less being able to frig herself, Lexi threw caution to the winds, and pulled her jeans and panties off. Lifting her feet onto the couch, and spreading her legs, she began to frig her clit. Moaning, she was imagining her daddy licking up her juices from her thighs, and sticking his tongue as far as he could up her pungent cunt.
Stroking her hard clit, her head thrown back, pussy juices leaking onto the leather couch cushion, nipples hard, her odor filled the office.

Maggie came back carrying a new pair of panties, and stopped when she saw the beautiful 12 year old with her legs spread wide, frantically rubbing her clit seeking relief from her hot and aroused condition. She quietly closed the door and locked it. Lexi was lost in her world with her daddy tongue-fucking her and licking her clit and didn’t notice Maggie when she came back. Watching the young girl and getting wetter and more turned on, Maggie unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She slid her soaked panties to the floor and stepped out of them. Hoping to give Lexi complete access to her body, she unbuttoned her blouse, opened it, and unfastened the hook in the front of her bra releasing her large breasts with her stiff nipples.

Leaning over Lexi and bringing her face ever so closer, Maggie asked softly, “May I help you darling girl?”

Startled, Lexi opened her eyes and with a look of desperation and lust, furiously rubbing her clit, “Please Maggie, help me cum! I’m going crazy! I need my daddy’s cock so much, it’s all I think and dream about! Help me cum, Maggie! Pleeease!”

Maggie leaned in and gently licked Lexi’s lips. Pushing her tongue, Lexi opened her mouth giving Maggie entrance. Drawing Lexi’s lips to hers, Maggie invaded Lexi’s mouth, and with a loud moan, Lexi surrendered.
With one drenched hand, Lexi reached up to draw Maggie’s head tighter to her. Smelling Lexi’s juices on her hand, Maggie was getting hotter and hotter.

With one hand, Lexi reached up and caressed Maggie’s left breast and tweaked her hard nipple, drawing a moan and more heavy breathing from Maggie.

“Let me help, you beautiful wet girl,” Maggie whispered as she slid down onto her knees before Lexi’s spread legs.

“Oh god, Maggie, pleassssseeee!!” Lexi pulled her feet up, and spread her legs as wide as she could exposing her pussy and luscious asshole. Maggie couldn’t believe how wanton and uninhibited this young girl was. She smiled to herself remembering that she was the same for her daddy. How she wanted her daddy to do the same things to her that Lexi was going to experience.

Maggie knelt in front of Lexi’s soaked pussy and watched as her juices were running down over her asshole onto the leather cushion. Maggie leaned closer and inhaled the musky scent wafting from Lexi’s cunt.

Lexi reached down and spread her labia, opening herself for Maggie. “Maggie, please eat me! Lick my pussy! Make me cum! Pleassseee!”

Maggie leaned in and started to lick juices from Lexi’s thighs, moving slowly and ever so closely to her soaked snatch, driving the child even more insane with lust.

Lexi, needing immediate relief, slouched on the couch trying to get her pussy closer to Maggie’s tongue.

Placing her feet back on the cushion, Lexi pushed her pussy higher to get Maggie’s tongue to make contact.

“Maggie, stop teasing me, pleeease! Lick me! Suck me! Tongue my pussy!” Lexi wept.

When Maggie inserted her tongue as far as she could into Lexi’s drenched cunt. “Oh my god! Yessss!”

Maggie licked and licked getting as much of the young girl’s nectar as she could, savoring the taste. She licked higher, and when she ran her tongue over Lexi’s clit, Lexi pulled Maggie’s head tightly against her pussy. Her head nodding up and down, Maggie drenched her face in Lexi’s wetness, reveling in the feeling, taste, and fragrance. Pushing Lexi’s legs further back almost to her head, Maggie ran her tongue over the child’s asshole, and got a very vocal moan. When Lexi reached down and spread her cheeks, Maggie speared her tongue into her ass as far as it would go, sticking her nose into the child’s cunt.

“Oh my god, Maggie,” Lexi moaned. “That feels so good. I love it.”

Finally concentrating on the youngster’s clit, Lexi began to breathe heavier and faster, her juices running out of her cunt. “Don’t stop, Maggie! Please don’t stop! I’m so close!”

Invigorated, Maggie took Lexi’s nubbin and licked, pressed it between her lips, and lightly took it between her teeth.

“Maggie, it feels so good! Make me cum. Make me cum in your mouth! Don’t stop, don’t stop! MAGGIE, I’M CUMMING! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! Keep licking me! I’M CUMMING! AAAARRRGGHHEEE!!” Lexi’s pussy gushed her cream into Maggie’s mouth and she swallowed the delicious fluid! It seemed that Maggie couldn’t get enough. Running her tongue over Lexi’s clit, wanting more, Lexi’s clit became so sensitive, Maggie was finally weakly pushed away, with the child collapsing in a heap on the couch.

“Oh Maggie! Thank you soooo much! I needed that so badly.” Lexi moaned. “Now what can I do for you?”

Sitting down beside the preteen, with her face soaked from Lexi’s cums and dripping onto her breasts, Maggie reached for the young girl for a toe curling open mouth kiss to make sure that Lexi wasn’t offended by her juices. Then, she obscenely spread her legs to expose her completely bald pussy, “Well, my little horny one, look what I have for you.”

Lexi could see how puffy Maggie’s labia was and how much her pussy was leaking her juices down to her asshole. Lexi could feel herself start to flow again, and soon her juices were running down her thighs.

Maggie couldn’t help but notice and marveled how wet this kid could get in such a short time. Her daddy was going to have a field day with his little girl. Little girl. That’s what her daddy used to call her. But she didn’t want to think about that right now. A nubile preteen was lowering herself to kneel in front of her, ready to lick and taste her. She never had a child service her before. The thought was mind boggling and sooooo erotic.

“You don’t have any hair! Your pussy is so beautiful! I’ve never done this before, Maggie. You’re going to have to tell me how to do it.” Lexi confessed.

Bringing her feet up on the couch, and spreading her legs, Maggie could feel her pussy getting soaked. “Do what comes naturally to you, darling girl. Do you see how wet I am? Do you see my hard little clit? This means I’m ready for you. Lick it sweetheart. Taste my juices. Lick my clit like I did yours. When I cum, take it in your mouth and swallow like I did for you. Oh, god Lexi. Eat me! Make me cum! I need to so bad!” Lowering her hands, she spread her labia to give the girl’s tongue more access. “Here. This is for you! Taste me my darling girl!”

Tentatively, Lexi lowered her head between the woman’s legs. The aroma emitting from Maggie’s cunt compelled Lexi to do things she never thought she’d do. Like lick the sopping wet pussy of an older woman. But she wanted to. She REALLY wanted to. She didn’t know why, but this was something she could not resist. Maggie smelled so wonderful, the pubescent girl was dying to get a taste of her cunt and what it had to offer.

Still naked, Lexi brought her tongue onto the woman’s thighs, and started to lick up all of the cream that was flowing. Maggie, still holding her pussy open, started to moan and breathe in short gasps. “Please Lexi. Don’t torture me like this! I need your tongue in my cunt! Make me cum! Make me cum in your mouth!”

Getting all of the excess fluids flowing from Maggie’s pussy, Lexi zeroed in on the older woman’s leaking cunt.
Extending her tongue as much as she could, the young girl started to lick Maggie’s juices from her pussy. Lexi was amazed at how delicious this woman’s essence was. She realized that being with another girl was going to be something she would want to do again and again. After her daddy, of course.

Lexi started to lick with vigor, running her tongue up Maggie’s slit over her hard and sensitive clit, causing the older woman to moan and releasing her labia, pulled the girl’s head tightly to her cunt, trying to get her to lick harder and more.

Concentrating on Maggie’s clit, the flow increased and the girl lapped up all she could. Moans and gasps came from Maggie getting closer and closer, feeling the pressure build. She knew this was going to be a big one, and couldn’t wait. Shamelessly pumping her hips against Lexi’s mouth, forcing her clit in the girl’s mouth, “Don’t stop beautiful girl. I’m getting close. I’m going to cum in your mouth, and I want you to swallow all I give you! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! OH MY GOD! AAAAARRRRGGGGHH!
DON’T STOP! I’M STILL CUMMING! AAARARRRGGGHH! I LOVE IT! I LOVE YOU MY PRECIOUS GIRL!” Lexi could feel the cum squirt in her mouth and was swallowing as fast as she could, loving the taste and the nasty, naughty feeling she got from such a taboo act. Watching Lexi take in all of her juices and swallowing, Maggie could only marvel how erotic it was to see a beautiful, young girl between her legs, licking her.

Lexi raised her drenched face from between Maggie’s legs and ran her tongue around her mouth to show the woman that she loved the taste of her pussy. Rising up, Lexi leaned in, laying on top of Maggie’s pillowy breasts and brought her mouth to the lucky lady’s. Returning the kiss, Maggie could taste her juices on Lexi’s face and licked. And licked.

After all of their juices were licked up, and their breathing got back to normal, Maggie gave Lexi a slow, lingering kiss. Then she gave the young girl a new, clean pair of panties. “Knowing how wet you get, my horny little one, I put a pad in the gusset to absorb any moisture you produce. I know when I was your age, I needed the same thing.”

“Because you loved your daddy so much?” Lexi asked while pulling on the new panties.

“Exactly,” Maggie answered, pulling on a clean pair herself. She took the young girl’s soaked panties and licked the crotch and deeply inhaled the lofty aroma. “May I have these, sweetheart? I’ll always remember our first time.”

Giggling, the youngster answered, “Of course you can have them. Anytime I get soaked panties, and you want them, just ask. I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind going without underwear. Especially between you and Daddy. But, I have this wetness problem.”

“You may call it a problem,” Maggie reminded her, “but remember what I told you about you always being ready for your daddy. Your wetness is hardly a problem. It’s a wonderful, and in your case, a very plentiful asset. And between your daddy and me, you should always flaunt it and be ready. I’m sure your daddy will eventually always want to smell you and taste you as much as I will.”

“God, I hope so,” Maggie said softly. “That would be heaven.”

“Shall I take you home now?” asked Maggie.

“Absolutely. No offense, but I’m really missing Daddy,” responded Lexi.

“None taken, beautiful girl,” Maggie answered.

“May I borrow your phone? I’d like to call Daddy and let him know we’re on our way, and you’re going to stay for supper. Daddy said to tell you that it’s Italian. Tell me you’ll stay, Maggie,” pleaded Lexi.

“Okay, call your daddy and tell him I’ll stay for supper. Thank you for asking. It means a lot to me that both of you would think of asking.” Maggie said.

Once at the apartment, Lexi and Maggie came in talking and giggling again, like before. “Daddy, we’re home!” Lexi called.

“Really. I’d have never imagined.” I responded. The girls were holding hands, and seemed to be getting close.

Maggie showed Lexi how to properly set a table, and was telling her the importance of being a good hostess.

Sitting down to eat, it was an image out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Lexi was telling us about her immature friends at school, and how she was doing in each of her classes. She was wondering about a couple of her teachers whom she thought were “a bit weird.”

After supper, we all cleaned up the kitchen and sat down for a game of ‘Life.’ Maggie cleaned our clocks, and it was great to see how much of a gracious loser Lexi was. I was very impressed with her maturity.

Upon leaving, we walked Maggie to the door. Giving me a hug, Maggie whispered rather than me coming to see her at her store tomorrow, would it be alright if she came over in the late morning instead? I nodded as she wrapped her arms around Lexi for a big hug, and a gentle peck on the lips. I couldn’t help but wonder how close they really were.

“Daddy, I’m really exhausted. If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to go to bed.” Lexi yawned.

“Not at all, beautiful girl.” I answered, a bit surprised. “I’ll be in to say good night.”

And that’s exactly what I did. I went into her bedroom and sitting on her bed, leaned in and gave her a nice gentle kiss on the lips. “Good night my lovely girl. Sleep tight.”


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