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I've noticed a few "Modern Family" Porn scenario's, so here is mine. Leave comments, I want to know what you guys think and If I should keep going. This is slowly going to involve each family member. Not in a huge family orgy, but each will have a role
Chapter 1 - Alex and Phil

The Dunphey house was loud with Phil and Luke trying to create a louder sound system than they already had, Alex growled, as she was trying to study and the noise was annoying her, more than when Haley was eating.
“Want a drink?” Haley asked, for some reason she was being nice to her, but she nodded in reply and waited for her to come back, to see if she was going to ask for something. Haley came back with two cans of coke and a twinkle in her eye, or a blown fuse, Alex was never sure.
“Thanks” Alex was being courteous before being asked something, she opened her drink and took a few sips, her eyes fluttering as the bubbles went up her nose.
“Listen, I was wondering have any money on you? I’ve run out and I need to buy something” Haley admitted, Alex rolled her eyes and put her drink down.
“I knew it. You were just being nice, buttering me up to ask a favour. So...what do you need money for? A dress. New shoes?...A” Alex ranted.
“I need to buy a pregnancy test alright?!” Haley interrupted in a hiss, just incase their mother heard, even though she wasn’t in the house, but Haley didn’t want to risk being heard.
“You could be pregnant?” Alex was dumbfounded, but not overly surprised, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
“Well...I’m late. And I spent the last of my money on phone credit. So please, I’m asking as a sister, can I have a couple of bucks just to make sure that I’m either pregnant or just over thinking it” Haley was in tears and Alex was on the verge too, so she pulled her wallet out and gave her a $20 note.
“I wont be long...Thank you” Haley hugged her sister and grabbed her phone and wallet and went out of their room to go to the car.

Alex hadn’t heard back from Haley yet, it had been 10 minutes since she left, and it was Haley, so to pass the time, she was looking at herself in the mirror.
“Why don’t boys like me?” Alex said to herself, she looked at her figure in the mirror. She had a nice figure, compared to most girls her age, she didn’t have pimples, or any scars, she had a nice 30- C cup and she knew boys looked at her chest. She even noticed that her dad and her brother Luke looked a few times as well, which she didn’t mind, she loved them and they loved her.
Alex pulled her pants off and her jumper and shirt and stood in her blue bra and panties and looked at herself in the mirror. Personally Alex thought she was good looking, better than her sister and more of a personality as well, it was the glasses that people didn’t like or her brain.
“Why?” Alex said randomly, she took her bra off and her tits bounced out of her bra, they were firm and felt nice in her hands, touching herself was making Alex horny.
Alex had masterbated before, but she had been too busy studying to actually do it again, but she had some free time now, so she decided to let herself go. Alex pulled her blue panties off and looked at her pussy, she had some hair on her, but that was because she hadn’t had a shower to shave it off yet, she noticed her lips were wet and puckering, asking for her to play and release some pressure.
“Oh...Ohhh that feels good” Alex moaned, she sat on the edge of the tub, her legs spread and 2 fingers slowly going up and down her lips, before inserting them, her fingers getting soaked from her juices.
“Mmmm yes....oh fuck yes...” Alex cried, she raised her left leg to get more leverage and to increase the pressure of her fingers in her pussy.
“Alex, I need to borrow...Oh sweet mother of Merlin” Phil opened the door and couldn’t believe what he saw, his little girl naked on the bath tub, fingering herself. Phil closed the door as Alex screamed in shock, that her father barged in and almost fell in the tub, but she caught herself.
Surprisingly, she also came heavily, as the thought of her father catching her really turned her on, and he was a good looking man.
“I’m really sorry honey. I wanted to borrow your ruler, but I can see you’re busy and...well you’re busy bye” Phil stuttered and Alex heard him go down the stairs and trip on the loose step and fall all the way down.
“I’m fine. I’m good...I may need to lie down” Phil shouted, Alex was breathing heavily and she slowly got up, licked the juices off her fingers, and got dressed.

The Dunphey family were getting ready to go to Jay and Gloria’s house for their usual BBQ night and Claire and Phil were talking about what to bring.
“Trust me, we have to bring the meat, my brother will bring the wine. I know the gays do that. They love meat, but wont bring any to a party” Claire stated, pulling out 4 steaks and 4 packets of burgers out of a shopping bag, while Phil was looking up and down at the wine selection in the living room.
“Fine Claire. I doubt they have a french 77 or a spanish 93, but I guess I don’t want to drink in style” Phil replied, he was a little on edge and really wanted to have a few drinks tonight, he rubbed his hands through his hair and walked out of the room.
“Hey dad, can we talk?” Alex stopped him from going upstairs as she wanted to talk to him about what happened that afternoon.
“Um...sure Alex. How about we talk in the basement. More privacy” Phil said, hinting at something, which she got the message.

Phil went down to the basement, Alex followed behind and closed the door, her dad stood against the wall and waited for her to talk, his eye was twitching, which she notied that he did that when he was nervous.
“I want to appologise for what you saw earlier. I was...well in the mood and I forgot to lock the door” Alex explained slowly, her pussy was tingling and becoming wet as she looked at her dad.
“I sometimes forget to lock the door before I have me time. Or when your mum and I have...”Phil began.
“Ok, I get it.” Alex cut him off, her mother was very attractive but she didn’t want to picture her naked, she only wanted cock.
“Well anyway, I’m glad you were exploring your body. An amazing body if I do say so” Phil told her, he beamed at her, which made her feel special.
“You think so?” Alex asked, no one else had seen her naked and she knew her dad didn’t lie that much, expecially when it came to the opposite sex.
“Indeed I do. The guy who snatches you up is going to be one lucky duck...Not that I want to lose my little girl, but anyway” Phil replied with a laugh, Alex knew he was going to say something stupid next, he always did after a laugh.
“If the boys aren’t too busy going after Haley. Like seriously, why doesn’t anyone want me?” Alex cut him off quickly, nearly tearing up as she spoke.
“Hey, if I was a 16 year old boy, I’d go for you. I prefer smarts over looks. I mean look at your mum” Phil said giving Alex a hug.
Alex held her dad tight and breathed in his musky scent, her pussy was getting wetter as she did and an idea popped into her head.
“So if I wasn’t your daughter, would you want to go out with me?” Alex asked, not letting go of the hug, but holding tighter, she felt a movement in her fathers pants.
“I sure would. You’re so smart and beautiful, believe me, that is a double team hard to come by” Phil told her, rubbing her back.
“Did you enjoy what you saw this afternoon?” Alex probed, she felt him tense up a little, and the movement in his pants start up again.
“ be honest. Yes I did. I know you’re my daughter, I know you’re only 16, but after I got my head around it, I had to unleash the pressure that built up in my pants” Phil told her, he wasn’t lying either. A few minutes after he collected himself that afternoon, he went to the shed and furiously pulled his cock, thinking about Alex till he came like a fire-hose.
“ thank you. I would like to know, do you want to play with me?” Alex asked, she pulled away, fixed her glasses and looked her father in the face.
“” Phil didn’t know how to answer. On the one hand, he was married and had the best sex with Claire all the time, and on the other hand, his own daughter, was offering herself to him.
“Don’t talk, let this be an offering for you and you can decide later on” Alex told him, she kissed his lips and slid her tongue into his mouth, which he accepted and swirled his tongue with hers.

Alex pulled away and got on her knees, she undid her fathers pants and pulled them all the way down, she had watched some porn when she wasn’t studying and knew what she needed to do. She pulled her dads boxers off and his cock flopped out, she licked her lips and picked up the 8 inch cock with her hand and kissed the tip and looked up at her dad.
“Can I?” Alex asked, flicking her tongue over the top of it, tasting how tangy his cock was, it didn’t bother her though.
“...Yes..” Phil simply uttered, he watched as Alex, licked up and down his cock, being real careful on how she did and after every 3rd lick, she jerked him off. Alex licked his cock all over and then she swallowed it whole, till it hit the back of her throat, it made her eyes water, but she didn’t choke and put her lips around it and sucked, swiring her tongue around feeling her dad put his hands on her head.
“You like that daddy?” Alex purred, she jerked him off for a bit and looked up at him, it made her smile knowing that she was making him happy and she was wanted for once.
“God yes I do...Don’t stop, I’m almost there” Phil moaned, Alex beamed from ear to ear and put her dads cock back in her mouth and sucked him so hard, feeling his cock grow even more in her mouth.
“I’m cumming” Phil groaned, he put his hands on her head and held her there, Alex stayed still and swallowed the 3 hot loads he shot into her mouth.
“ taste amazing dad” Alex told him, as she stood up and licked her lips, he was breathing heavily and his cock was still rock hard, which made her smile.
“You are amazing. Whenever your mother is away I will find you” Phil said to her, which made her smile even more.
“PHIL...ALEX...WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE” Claire called from upstairs.
Phil pulled his boxers up and his pants and made sure he wasn’t showing signs of cheating or incest and he looked at Alex, who looked so happy, but had a little bit of cum on the side of her mouth. Phil wiped it off with his finger and Alex sucked it off, making Phil smile and Alex to giggle.

“Where were you two?” Claire asked, as they came up from the basement, Luke was fixing his hair and Haley, being that it was a false alarm, was texting away on her phone, probably to Dylan.
“Oh dad was showing some of his dance moves in the basement. I have a dance coming up and I wanted some pro tips” Alex told her mother, which she bought.
“Oh ok, I guess thats cool. So who wants to drive and go with whom?” Claire asked, picking up the keys of both cars.
“I’ll drive and dad can help me with driving at night, so I can have more experience before my test” Alex piped up, looking at her dad, Phil nodded and agreed.
“Ok then, Haley, Luke you’re with me. I’ll see you two over there” Claire kissed Phil and then hugged Alex, as they made their way out the door and to the cars.
Claire got in and drove off first, leaving Alex and Phil alone.
“We aren’t having a driving lesson are we?” Phil asked, he was on the ball.
“No, I want more of that cock as you drive” Alex teased, she opened the door and got in, and got into a position where it was easy for her to lower her head and suck her dad off.
“Smart, beautiful and horny. I like it” Phil joked, getting in the car and watching as his daughter unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and began to suck again.


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