Tyler and his mother have quite the suprise for dad
Tyler and Mom…dad joins in…..part 4

Tyler stood next to the couch in the living room, completely naked staring at his mom with a very worried look on his cute face. His young cock was now limp against his hairless balls. “Yummy “ his mother thought as she sat there staring at her son. “Don’t worry Tyler” she told him, rubbing his arm “I have an idea that I think you will love.”

Tyler just stared at his mother, his eyes wide, tears ready to start falling down his face. “Mom, please please don’t tell dad” he begged.

“Don’t worry son, I have a plan I think you will love” she replied. “Sit next to mommy and I will explain” she continued, patting the seat on the couch next to her. Reluctantly, Tyler slowly sat down next to his naked mother. She placed her hand on his bare thigh, and began rubbing as she began to explain her plan.

“Ok Tyler, this is what I want us to do…..” his mother said, smiling at her son. Tyler leaned toward her intently as she began to explain……..

Twenty minutes later Tyler and his mother got up off the couch. “I have a call to make son” she said, giving Tyler a light slap on his young, bare ass.

“OK mom” Tyler said grinning. “This sounds like fun!”

Giving Tyler a kiss on his head, his mother grinned. “Yes, I really think this will be quite the surprise for your dad” she said, smiling. “Now let’s go and shower and get dressed – we have things to do today”.

Still grinning, Tyler ran upstairs, his cock and balls bouncing as he took the stairs two at a time. He felt extremely excited about his mother’s plan, and couldn’t wait until tonight. Until then, he was going to have to try to just act normal, though his thoughts were racing – thinking of what he and his mother had done that morning, and what they would be doing that evening.

Tyler’s mother went to the lower bathroom to shower. She felt very excited and a bit nervous about her plan – but she knew that it would be a very kinky, nasty and fun evening if her plans went according to what she thought – and when it came to sex, she always right.

A little while later, as Tyler’s dad was sitting at his desk eating lunch, his cell phone rang. “Hello babe” he said, smiling. He saw it was his wife calling.

“How is your day going hon?” she asked.

“The usual, sort of quiet today” he responded. “How about yours?”

“Well, it’s been interesting……and I have quite a surprise for you when you get home tonight” she said, her voice sounding sexy as hell.

“Oh yeah?” he replied. Tyler’s dad felt his cock begin to grow hard in his pants as he talked to his wife. When she said she had a surprise for him, it almost always was another person joining in for sex. “Who is the lucky girl or guy tonight?” he asked, rubbing his cock through his pants.

“That, my dear, is going to be quite the surprise” she responded. “I think you will not only be VERY VERY surprised about what I have in mind, but it is something beyond your wildest dreams” she continued.

“Really???? Can’t you give me a little bit more information hon?” he said, still rubbing his cock through his pants. He had become quite hard – and it was noticeable. Tyler’s dad had a very thick, very nice 8” cock, shaved and smooth – and he knew how to use it to please both women and men.

“That would ruin the surprise babe” she replied. “Yes” she thought to herself “this is definitely going to be fun”.

“Oooooh my” he replied. “Maybe just a hint?”

“Let’s just say you will love it hon – just have that nice, hard cock ready for action when you get home” she said.

“YES HON!!!” he replied. His mind raced – would it be a girl, couple, guy, or combination of those he wondered. “Will Tyler be out tonight? We don’t want him walk in on something like this” he said, grinning. In the back of his mind, he was thinking of his son – young 12 year old Tyler, cute as hell – it would really be something to have his son see him in action.

“No worries hon, I have it handled” she replied, grinning through the phone. “Just get your butt home as soon as you can”

“FOR SURE” he replied very enthusiastically. “I can get out a bit early; I should be home by 4:00 this afternoon.

“Perfect” Tyler’s mother replied. Exactly the response she had anticipated. “We will be waiting for you”.

“OK, I can’t wait” he replied, grinning. Oh, this was going to be a great afternoon. He just had to get through the next couple of hours without jacking off – he was very horned up already. He wanted to save his loads for whatever his wife had in mind. “I will see you in a couple hours babe”.

“Sounds great, love you” she replied.

“Love you too babe” he said, hanging up the phone. His thoughts raced. What did she have in mind?

As Tyler’s mother hung up the phone, Tyler came into the kitchen. “Well kiddo, we are good to go, it’s all set” she said, grinning at her son.

“Really mom?” Tyler asked, smiling. He was now dressed in a pair of blue gym shorts and a tank top – barefoot and looking very young and cute as he grinned at his mother.

“Yep kiddo” she said, feeling excited, her pussy starting to become wet already as he looked her son up and down. “Damn he is just so fucking cute, dressed or naked” she thought to herself. “So be home by 3:30 Tyler” she told her boy, grinning and ruffling her hand through his hair.

“Oh yes mom, for sure” Tyler replied, smiling at his mom. “I’ll be back at 3:30. If you need me sooner, I will be at Kyle’s house” he said, winking at his mom.

“Perfect” she said, and planted a big kiss on Tyler’s mouth as she reached down and gave his crotch a quick squeeze. “Don’t be late!”

Tyler through on his new Nike hi-tops over his bare feet, and ran out the door. He was very excited, and was struggling to keep his young cock soft. “Got to think about baseball” he said quietly as he hopped on his bike and began pedaling down to his friend’s house. “Baseball, baseball…….”

As she watched Tyler ride his bike down the driveway, she couldn’t help smiling. Her son was not only such a cutie, but damn that boy was as kinky as she was – and her husband too! She pulled her robe tight around her naked body, and went to her bedroom to get things ready.

Exactly at 4:00, as Tyler’s mom stood in her bedroom, she heard her husband’s car pull up into the driveway. “Perfect” she thought to herself, as she walked towards the front door.

Tyler’s dad jumped out of the car, and walked very quickly up the walk to the front door. His pants were already bulging in anticipation – he had driven home with a hardon, and it had not gone down. As he stepped up to the front door, it opened. His eyes widened with surprise – there was his wife, standing in front of him completely naked – her long blond hair falling down her shoulders to her large and very firm breasts. He greedily eyed her up and down.

“So I can see you like” she said, stepping up to her husband. She pulled him up to her naked body and gave him a deep kiss as she fondled his hard cock through his pants. Tyler’s dad kissed her back and moaned with pleasure.

“Oh hell yes babe, and I’m ready” he responded, picking her up off the ground and carrying her into the house. He quickly shut the door behind him as she groped him, kissing him deeply.

“Ok babe, enough” she said, pulling away from her husband. “Let’s get you to the bedroom and naked”

“Hell Yes!!!!” he responded, quickly turning and walking to the bedroom. She followed right behind him, smiling.

As Tyler’s dad entered the bedroom, he saw that the blinds were closed, and his wife had set candles all over the room – giving it a dark, romantic feel. As he quickly stripped off his clothes, he glanced to the bathroom door and noticed it was closed – though he could see the light was on through the gap between the door and the floor. “Is my surprise in our bathroom?” he asked, standing there naked, all 8” of his cock standing straight up from his smooth balls.

“Yes, it sure is” she replied, winking at her husband. “But we need to get you ready first”. She stepped up to her husband, and pushed him down on the bed. “Get in the middle of the bed babe” she said in her sexy voice.

Tyler’s dad immediately obeyed, and laid down on his back in the middle of their king size bed. “Spread your legs and arms out babe” she said seductively. Tyler’s dad immediately did as she asked.

Moving quickly, she grabbed the tie downs they had used many, many times, and began tying her husband to the bed. As she did this, he smiled – he loved when she restrained him during sex – she could make him cum multiple times during her sex sessions.

Glancing towards the open bedroom door, he looked at his wife. “Got Tyler busy so we don’t get interrupted?”

“Oh, you know it” she replied, smiling as she finished tying him down. He lay on the bed, arms and legs spread and tied down very tight – he could not move an inch. She grabbed a blindfold from the nightstand and covered his eyes tightly. “Can you see anything babe?” she asked.

Tyler’s dad was completely immobile – he was tied down very tightly, and the blindfold was very tight also. He could not see a thing. “Yep” he said smiling.

“Great” she replied, giving his cock a kiss on the tip. He groaned as she gently kissed down his hard shaft. “Let’s do it”.

Tyler’s dad was completely excited – his cock could not be harder. His wife ran her eyes over her naked husband, tied and blindfolded on the bed. He was at her mercy. And she had plans……her pussy twitched with excitement.

“Ok, come out” she said towards the bathroom door. Tyler’s dad heard the door open – but he had no idea who was coming out – was it one of his wife’s hot girlfriends? Was it a guy they had hooked up with before? Someone new? He intently listened, and heard soft footsteps on the bedroom carpeting.

“Who is it” he asked. Tyler’s mother put her finger on her husband’s lips.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh……no questions, no talking” she replied. “You are just to lay back and enjoy, and do what I tell you” He nodded his head in agreement – oh this was going to be fun!

With his eyes blindfolded, arms and legs tied down, Tyler’s dad could only hear the faint footsteps coming out of the bathroom. He had absolutely no idea who was there – and whether they were male or female – all he knew is that he lay there, totally helpless, exposed, and at their mercy – and he was loving every minute of it. His hard cock twitched with anticipation.

Tyler’s mom looked up towards the bathroom door as it opened – and saw her cute son, naked and hard standing in the doorway. His blue eyes sparkled, opened wide as he looked to his parent’s bed – and saw his father tied to it, naked and spread. Tyler let out a quiet gasp as his eyes ran up and down his father’s naked body – from his fathers bare feet, up his father’s muscular legs, to his father’s smooth, large balls, up to his father’s very large, erect cock laying against his father’s smooth stomach, up his father’s six-pack abs, to his blindfolded face. Tyler stood there mesmerized – this was another fantasy come true, and he was so taken by the sight he could not move.

“It’s ok, come on over” his mother said, then held her finger to her lips – she had instructed Tyler that he was not to say a word until she told him too – she did not want his father / her husband to figure out who the surprise was until she was ready – and boy was he in for a surprise!!

Tyler just stood there, unable to move. His small hard cock rock-hard, standing straight up against his young body. His eyes were wide, and he was overcome with the moment – and frozen in place. His mother walked up to him, and grabbed his cock. He groaned very quietly as she did this, and she quickly jerked it up and down twice. Then, still gripping his young cock, she used it to pull Tyler towards the bed. As she did this, Tyler’s eyes were locked on his father’s cock and balls.

“Fuck!!!” Tyler thought to himself as he stared at his father’s erection “He is soooo big!!!” Tyler had never been this close to his dad while he or his dad were hard, and he felt amazed at the size of his dad’s cock, and that soon he would be able to actually play with it.

Tyler’s mother released her son’s hard cock when they got to the bed. She smiled at her son, giving him a wink. Tyler winked back. By now, her pussy was dripping wet – and she knew she was going to be fucked hard and good by both of her boys – her husband and son! Excitement ran through her body.

Tyler and his mother stood at the edge of the bed, both naked and excited, staring at her husband / his father tied and spread eagle on the bed. Then, as planned, she knelt down by her husband’s right foot, and Tyler knelt down by his father’s left foot. They both reached out at the same time and each grabbed a foot, and began massaging it. Tyler’s dad let out a moan of pleasure.

As he lay there, Tyler’s dad heard footsteps coming towards the bed. He tried to listen carefully, but could not tell anything by them –t he carpet muffled the sound. He listened intently to try to get an idea who was there with his wife – and who was going to be playing with him. He could hear them both kneeling down by the end of the bed, and groaned as he felt their hands each grab one of his bare feet. He could not move his legs even an inch – but he was enjoying the feeling of two sets of hands massaging his bare feet. He felt the hands massaging his bare soles, then he felt two mouths around his big toes – he could tell his wife was on his right side, as he recognized the feeling of her mouth now working his toe, sucking it like it was a cock. He groaned. He felt the stranger’s mouth on his other big toe, sucking it again like it was a cock – he could tell it was a smaller mouth than his wife’s, but that was all he could tell. He moaned and groaned, his hard cock twitching as his wife and the stranger began sucking his toes…..then licking up and down his bare soles. He felt he would cum at any time already.

Tyler was at first a bit hesitant about sucking his dad’s toes – though he had always wanted to. It was a fantasy come true, and he could not believe it was happening now. And his father had absolutely no idea it was Tyler with his mother doing it! Tyler’s cock twitched with excitement as he watched his mother start sucking on his fathers toe….Then taking a deep breath, excited and still not believing this was happening, Tyler put his fathers toe in his mouth and began greedily sucking on it.

Watching her son suck on his father’s toes was really turning Tyler’s mother on – she began fingering herself as she worked her husband’s foot and toes with her mouth, her eyes locked on her naked son doing the same thing. She noticed that Tyler was using one hand to stroke his young cock, and she felt her pussy twinge with excitement – she was close to cumming already!

Tyler and his mother both played with themselves as they worked their husband’s / dad’s feet eagerly with their mouths and tongues – hearing him groan and moan with pleasure. Suddenly, they heard him say in an excited voice “Oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum real soon”. Tyler’s eyes, and his mothers both locked on Tyler’s dads cock as they sucked and licked his feet faster –

Suddenly, with a very loud moan, Tyler’s dad began cumming – without his cock even being touched at all! Hot, creamy cum spurted out onto his bare, smooth chest as he grunted with each spurt. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” he cried, as the cum shot out of his hard cock.

Tyler and his mother watched as the cock shot out of his cock – their hands and mouths still on his bare feet. As the orgasm subsided, the stopped and smiled at each other. Tyler’s dad was panting on the bed, cum on his chest almost to his face. “Oh my” Tyler’s mother said, smiling. “Look at what we made you do!!! And we have only just started!”

Tyler’s dad smiled. He felt his wife get on the bed, and start licking up the cum off his chest. He moaned as she gently stroked his now very sensitive cock. He also felt the stranger get on the bed – by the movement, he could tell it was not a very big person at all – and he guessed it was a small, young woman…..but boy was he wrong!

Tyler watched his mother lick the cum off his dad’s chest as she played with his cock. He climbed on the bed, and knelt near his mother’s head, his eyes locked on his dad’s semi-hard cock. As his mother licked up the cum, she motioned with her eyes to Tyler – she wanted him to touch is father’s cock.

Tyler’s cock twitched again with excitement – he could not believe this was happening!!!!!! He slowly placed his small hand on his dad’s smooth balls. He heard his dad let out a moan of pleasure. This was all Tyler needed to hear – he began to fondle and play with his dad’s balls as his mother watched, smiling.

“Perfect, that’s it, play with those balls!” she said to her son, smiling. She glanced to her husband’s face for a moment, seeing him smile as Tyler fondled his father’s balls eagerly for the first time.

“Do you like his balls?” she asked to Tyler. Tyler nodded very enthusiastically, his head bobbing up and down, a smile on his cute, young face. She glanced to Tyler’s cock, and could see it glistening with pre-cum. “Oh, my boy is sooooo excited!!!!!!!” she thought to herself. “And so am I!!!!!!!!”

Tyler’s mother began to lick up and down her husband’s semi-erect cock. Her husband moaned with pleasure as she did this. Tyler, still fondling his dad’s balls, watched his mother as her tongue ran up and down his dad’s cock. Without thinking, Tyler bent over and began to lick his father’s cock in unison with his mother. His dad let out a loud moan, feeling two tongues working on his cock. His cock began to grow hard again.

“Would you like to suck it?” she asked, looking at Tyler. His eyes were wide, sparkling blue. He nodded his head up and down. His father groaned. Tyler’s mother wrapped her hand around her husband’s almost hard cock, and pulled it up towards Tyler’s young, eager mouth and nodded to him – and Tyler slowly lowered his young mouth down over the tip of his father’s cock. His father groaned as his cock slid into Tyler’s mouth. Tyler wrapped his lips around the tip, and gently began going up and down on his father’s large cock.

Watching her son suck on his father’s cock was almost too much for her to bear – and she began masturbating as she watched her son suck on his dad. She felt an orgasm approaching, and her hands moved faster in and out of her pussy, as she began to groan and moan, her orgasm building up. “OHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK” she cried, as she began to cum, her eyes locked on her son as he continued to suck his dad, now using both of his young hands to stroke his dad’s large cock.

Tyler’s dad was moaning and groaning as he stranger worked his cock – the stranger had small hands, and a small mouth – and seemed like they were not very experienced sucking – but made up for it with enthusiasm. As the stranger worked his cock faster, he began to moan more as another orgasm began to approach – he was going to cum in the stranger’s mouth! As his orgasm built up, he heard his wife moaning as she brought herself to an orgasm – this turned him on even more, and though he tried to hold back, all he did was intensify his orgasm and he began to cum.

“OOOOOHHHHH FUCK I’m cumming” Tyler’s dad yelled as he felt the first of his cum spurt out of his cock and into the stranger’s mouth. He heard a surprised grunt, and suddenly the stranger’s mouth and hands were no longer on his cock as he came…..but his load spurted out.

As his dad began to cum, Tyler did not realize what was happening at first – until the first spurt of cum shot into his mouth. Completely surprised, Tyler grunted and jumped back, his dad’s cumming cock slapping against his flat stomach as more cum shot out of it onto his chest. Tyler’s eyes were wide with surprised, as he quickly swallowed the cum in his mouth. His mother looked up and smiled at Tyler – loving the shocked look on her son’s face – and seeing that he made his dad cum.

“OOOH FUCK” Tyler’s dad said again as his orgasm subsided, cum now on his chest again. Tyler stared at his dad, his young cock ready to cum as he watched his dad shoot his load. “I made him do that!!” Tyler thought to himself, grinning. “Tasted pretty good too!!!!” he thought, then bent over and began to lick up the cum off his father.

Tyler felt the stranger’s tongue begin licking up his cum off his chest as he lay there panting – he had never come a second time so fast! He moaned as the stranger licked up the load. Tyler’s mother smiling watching her son get every last drop. Tyler looked up at his mother smiling, some of his dad’s cum on his chin.

“Oh, I think it’s time for you to cum” she said to Tyler. Tyler grinned. You know what to do! She watched as Tyler positioned himself just as she had told him to earlier – Tyler moved so his young, small firm ass was directly over his dad’s mouth, and he faced towards the foot of the bed.

“EAT IT OUT” Tyler’s mom said to her husband, as she watched her son lower his young, naked ass onto his father’s mouth. Tyler’s dad’s tongue darted out and found his son’s hole quickly – Tyler groaned.

“Oh fuck, what a small, young smooth ass she has” Tyler’s dad thought to himself, as he began to tongue his son’s ass – thinking it was a young, female friend of his wife instead of actually being his 12 year old son. His tongue eagerly worked around the small, tight hole, then began pressing into it. Tyler gasped with pleasure as his dad continued to work his hole.

Tyler was so hard now, that his cock was standing straight up and was tight against his firm, young body. He quietly moaned and groaned as his father ate out his young ass – Tyler had never known he could get such pleasure from a tongue on and in his ass!

“Eat it harder babe” Tyler’s mom commanded to her husband, who began to eat out the young ass pressed against his face even harder. Tyler’s smooth, young legs were pressed against his dad, his young bare feet against his dad’s head. Tyler’s eyes were closed as he knelt over his dad, moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly, Tyler felt something warm and wet on his cock, and gasped with surprise. He looked down and saw his mother had started sucking him, and he groaned with pleasure. His parents were really working on their young son eagerly, loving the moans of pleasure they were hearing. His father, still not realizing he was eating out his 12 year old son, worked his tongue feverishly on the boy’s tight hole. His mother’s head bobbed quickly up and down on Tyler’s young cock as she fingered herself again.

Suddenly, Tyler began thrusting hard against his mothers mouth, as his father still worked his hole – Tyler began to groan, knowing he was about to cum. He desperately tried to hold it back – but very quickly he grunted as he shot his young, creamy load into his mother’s mouth – at the same time he still felt his father’s tongue eagerly eating his ass. Tyler moaned – and heard his mother began moaning too.

“FUCK, I’m cumming!!!!” she screamed, working herself to another orgasm as she felt her son’s cum hit her throat. She greedily sucked harder, not wanting to miss a drop. Tyler moaned as he came, each spurt of cum shooting out of his young cock hard – one…….two………………three………….four……………five……………..six……………seven………eight spurts of young cum hit is mother’s mouth, as he groaned.

As Tyler and his mother’s orgasms subsided, his father’s tongue slowed down on his son’s ass. “Holy Fuck, I want to cum in this tight little ass!!” Tyler’s father gasped, still tasting his son on his tongue.

Tyler smiled at his mother......

“Not yet hon, not yet” she replied, smiling at her son…………………..


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