Mommy and Daddy asked me to come into the family room one night and were very serious looking.
Well, this is the neatest one I think almost of my whole life.

Mommy and Daddy asked me to come to the family room one night after supper. I did and they had some wine set out and sat on the love seat next to each other and had me sit right across from them. I was wearing my night shirt that was short and I had on a white thong to go with it. They both smiled as I sat down and did not bother to be modest, not around them ever. ""Well, Hunny," Mommy said, "We have a really big favor to ask you for us." "I laughed and said, "You know I will do anything for my Mommy and Daddy" I said and got up and sat between them on the small love seat. "Well, you know that I cannot make babies anymore since you were born, they had to take care of that so that is it for me." Mommy said holding my hands and Daddy rubing my shoulders in the way he knew turned me on. "So what is it then?" I asked. "Well, we want to have another child but want it to be of our actual family, our flesh and blood so to speak." Mommy said and then Daddy said, "So we would like to know if you will have a baby by me and we can have another child that is really family." I looked at them a moment and broke down and hugged Daddy, "Oh yes, yes, I will, anything, when do we start?" I said and they laughed. "Well, first you need to stop the pill and then we will take care of it but you cannot have sex anymore till we know you have Daddy's baby in your tummy." Mommy said. "Oh, no problem, I can do that." I said and could not sleep all night.

The next day I gave my pills to Mommy and she smiled and kissed me. "See you guys later." I said and went to school. I had several offers and told them no and they did not believe I was not leting them fuck me like before, I decided to say something that may help and so I blurted out, "Sorry guys, girls only for me from now on." and they started at me mouths open as I walked away. I really did just do it with girls from then on for a couple months and was so enjoying it. Except for Daddy my pussy did not have any cock.

I was going to bed with Mommy Daddy all the time now and at least Daddy a lot even before the pills wore off then one night we all went out to dinner and dressed up and I knew that I was ovulating about that time because of my feelings. I get horny as hell in the middle of my cycle and I was ready to attack anything or anyone. We had some wine and ate a nice dinner and Mommy got up to leave and kissed me leaving me with Daddy. We sat and talked and soon I found myself acting more like his girlfriend than his daughter. I was playing with his huge cock under the tableand he had his hands under my dress making me soaking wet and made me have two orgasms. It was time to go so he paid the bill and were walking out. A couple looked at us and the obvious fact that we were fooling around and the woman said, "Kind of young for you isn't she?" and I laughed. "Oh, don't worry, he can wear me out and satisify me all night, bet he could fuck you senseless when he is finished with me." and they stood there watching us.

We went to the hotel room and I went in to pee and when I came out naked Daddy was laying on the bed naked and his wonderful cock laying on his stomach all the way up to his belly button and swollen. I climed on him and straddled him and rubbed my pussy over his cock and I felt shivers go all through my body. His hands took my tits and squeezed them, "Harder Daddy'I moaned and he did and I begged him again and he did even harder making his nails dig into my flesh. I reached down quickly and moved his cock to my pussy and sat on it ramming it all the way in my pussy. An orgasm shook my boddy as I tried to ride it and have an orgasm at the same time. I finally collapsed on top of him, his cock still hard in me, "Oh thank you daddy, I have so needed that lately." He kissed me, "That is okay Baby, there will be more of those." he said staying in my pussy and moving me under him, my legs around his hips and then over his shoulders. He began moving in and out slowly teasing me and making me shiver all over and bitng my tits and kissing me and making me feel so like a loved woman that I was starting to cry. Making love with Daddy was never just sex to me, it was really making love. "Daddy, will you do my ass please?" I said and he said, "Of course Baby, anything you like." hesaid. I turned over and had a pillow under my hips and he slapped my ass some and slipped into my ass slow and deep and made me cry out from pleasure. "Oh yes Daddy, do that a little." I said reaching under me and pulling my swollen clit. He did just that and gave me two more orgasms and then I told him, "Daddy, now the pussy, load me with your cum, give me your baby." I begged and he turned mo over and sank his cock deep in me and began really pounding me and soon he filled my cunt with his wonderful cum. We laid there kissing some and then I began squeezing his cock with my pussy muscles and he got back to fully hand again and began doing my pussy again, teasing it and pounding it and after a long time he filled it with another load. I slipped him out and put my legs up over my head so I did not let any cum leak out and he laughed.

"Bring it up here." I said and he moved his cock to my lips and I sucked him down my throat and teased him till he begged me to stop teasing and make him cum. He moved over me, straddling me and with my ass still in the air slipped into me vertically and even though cum came out he bagan moving in and out and filled me again. We slept and I woke him the next morning sucking him hard and then sitting on his cock again. After he filled me up again we showered and went to get breakfast. People all looked at us because of the difference of age and I always smiled and sometimes rubbed his pants and made sure they knew he was doing me good. One older guy said, "How much he paying you?" and I laughed. "He is so good I am paying him Hun." and he laughed as we walked away. Back in the room we ripped off our clothes and fell on the floor and he drove into me like he had not been making love the night before. Again Daddy filled my pussy and I cleaned him up and got him hard with my mouth and tongue. We slept on and off and made love and Monday morning packed up to leave and got into the car and drove home. Mommy had lunch ready for us and we all ate and then Mommy and Daddy took me to bed again and Mommy had me first then Daddy had me again. I went back to school the next day and was happy from the weekend and smiling. Every day that I went home I waitied for Daddy to get home, ate supper and went to bed. I got up one morning and as I walked to the bathroom I sped up and threw up in the toilet. "Moommmmmy, I think we did it." I said down the stairs. She came up, "What is it Hunny?" she said. "I think I have morning sickness." I said and threw up again. I went back to bed and woke later and Daddy was there rubbing my tummy, "My baby gonna have a baby?" he said and I wrapped my arms around him, "Yes Daddy, you are gonna be a Daddy and I am gonna be a Mommy." Then I said, "You know what?" and he asked "What is it?" and I rubbed his cock and said, "I think it will be a very horny pregnancy." and Daddy slipped into me again.

Well, folks I will write more of this later. Love ya.

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2014-09-10 15:13:04
You're a babe and we love you, daddy is one lucky guy.

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2014-08-05 08:52:11
Hope they stay as a family fun. and after daughter gives birth start with the new oen soon. love these stories . want to talk about life experience yah me at annawb

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Hope they stay as a family fun. and after daughter gives birth start with the new oen soon. love these stories . want to talk about life experience yah me at annawb

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he pulled out off your arse and stuck it in your puss...with shit all over it ??naaahhhh..not on


2014-01-23 16:14:47
For everyone that readds these comments above I am not on any cams or shows. Someone is lying and trying to get you to go to their stuff. It IS NOT me. Sue

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