Maggie Bares Her Soul (and other things) to Daddy
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Maggie bares her soul (and other things) to Daddy

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Chapter 4

In spite of the fact that Lexi and I did not engage in an incredibly hot masturbation session last night, I still slept well. I rose and showered, and got myself ready for the day, remembering that Maggie was coming over in a few hours.

I quietly went into Lexi’s room, leaned over her and lightly kissed her lips. “Good morning my love,” I whispered. “Time to get ready for school. I’ll get your breakfast ready.”

Opening her eyes, Lexi looked at me with love and wrapped her arms around me, like she did yesterday morning. “Oh Daddy, I can get used to you waking me up like this every morning,” she said, hugging me.
“I love you so much.”

“Saturday is your birthday, beautiful girl,” I reminded her. “We’re going out to dinner and celebrate. You may need a new dress for the occasion,”

“Oh! That’s right, it is!” Lexi exclaimed. “This sounds like another trip to Maggie’s,” she giggled.

Getting up, Lexi wasn’t wearing much of anything. Just a pair of bikini panties, which were sexy enough. Topless, her nipples were hard on her budding breasts. She caught me admiring her nipples, put her hands behind her, and arched her back for me. “They’re still yours, Daddy,” she whispered. “They’re for you.”

“But, it’s too bad I have school today,” Lexi giggled. “I could stay home and we could entertain each other.”

“Sorry kiddo,” I said. “School is an absolute must. There is no question about that.”

I headed to the kitchen to prepare Lexi’s breakfast.

After she ate, Lexi got up, put her arms around me, and tilted her face up for a good bye kiss. I put my mouth on hers, and she opened her mouth for my tongue. Holding her tight to me, I pressed my hard cock into her to let her know that she created my hardness. That it was for her. After the kiss, she pulled back a bit and stared into my eyes, but she kept herself pressed against my cock.

“Daddy, will do you me a favor?” she quietly asked slowly rubbing her lithe body against my hard cock. “I think you know what I want for my 13th birthday. Please give it serious thought.”

Picking up her backpack, she walked to the door, and before opening it, looked back at me and lowered her gaze to the outline of my hard cock.

“I’ll be thinking of you,” she said, then walked out.

I’ve always admired women who knew what they wanted, and this may be what I should have expected by not treating Lexi like a child. She WILL be formidable when she’s older.

I cleaned up the kitchen, then did a quick check on my portfolio. I made a quick trip to the grocery store and picked up a few things and got back just before Maggie pulled in to the parking lot.

I opened the door before she knocked, surprising her. “I’ve been expecting you,” I bowed and swept my arm in for her to enter.

“Hi Dave,” she greeted me, leaning in and giving me a quick peck on the lips. “I’m glad you could take the time to talk a little bit about Lexi. I think there are some things that need to be brought to your attention.”

A little surprised at the greeting, I asked how she likes her coffee. After getting her a cup, we sat down on the couch.

“I really don’t know where to start, but here goes. You’re aware that Lexi loves you very much, aren’t you?”

“Of course I’m aware of it,” I answered. “She tells me every day.”

Exasperated, Maggie continued. “No, that’s not what I mean. She REALLY, REALLY loves you. She wants to give you everything she can, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Do you understand?”

Knowing the direction the conversation was going, I played along with my Quentin McHale (remember McHale’s Navy?) imitation. “Everything? Why Maggie, whatever do you mean?”

Getting serious, Maggie looked me straight in the eye and started to tell me off. “Don’t you dare be coy with me David Chase. Lexi has confided in me what you two have been up to.” Letting that settle in, she leaned back into the couch studying my face, and sipped her coffee. Her expression hadn’t changed.

I thought that that had been the case, but was hoping it wasn’t. But who was I kidding? Maggie had to have known how Lexi felt about me and what she wanted to do with me, otherwise she would never have recommended the sexy underwear to her. She may have thought she had delivered a coup, but she just brought to light what I suspected.

“And what have we been up to?” I asked, looking her in the eye.

“She told me about your hot masturbation session you had the other night. She told me that all she thinks about is you. David, she wants you to consummate your relationship,” she quietly said lowering her eyes to the floor.
“She totally loves you and is in love with you.”

“If that’s the case, and I’m not saying that it is, why do you say that and how would you feel about such a thing?” I asked. “And no offense Maggie, but why is this any of your business?”

Raising her eyes to mine, I noticed the tears. “I don’t think you fully understand what Lexi is going through. I don’t think you understand how serious this is for her.” The tears started to fall, leaving me in a total quandary.
I had no idea where she was going with this.

“And why are you concerned with this?” I softly asked my heart going out to her. Obviously, with what she had to say, she had an idea of what Lexi was experiencing.

“She is obsessed with you. When you got custody of her from her mother, she came into your life. You changed her life completely and for the good. She told me that she wanted to be the best daughter she can for you. The best you can imagine. You are the man she’s always wanted in her life, and she wants to show you how much she appreciates you and what you do for her. She told me that all she does is think about you, and that she becomes sexually aroused. Hence, the masturbation session you two had. And from what I understand, she heard and finally saw that you feel the same way about her.”

With the tears pouring down, Maggie lowered her head and said softly, “Please forgive me for butting in like this, but I felt that you had to know what Lexi is going through, so she doesn’t experience what I did.”

“May I ask?” I softly inquired.

“David, I felt the exact same way for my daddy. I worshipped him! And he loved me as much as I loved him. We became really close. Really, really close. Just like you and Lexi are becoming. And yes, we did everything you two have already done. But Daddy was fighting the stigma of incest. He wrestled with it until finally, he made up his mind. He decided that our love for each other was more important than what society thought,” Maggie admitted.

“I was the same way Lexi is now. I was even the same age. I would just think of my daddy, and my panties would get soaked. I couldn’t help it. I wanted him so badly, and I NEEDED him to make love to me. David, I NEEDED my daddy to fuck me!” Maggie cried. “He always called me his ‘little girl,’ and I loved him so much!”

Lowering her head and now sobbing uncontrollably, “Daddy and I never got to consummate our love for each other. He was killed in a car accident right before we were going to. I wanted to die with him. I seriously considered it. He was my life, my only reason to live. But I realized that he wouldn’t want me to kill myself, so to this day, I’m living in constant misery for the one and only man I’ve ever loved.”

I remembered Lexi saying that if she ever lost me, she would die. Judging from what Maggie was telling me, I could believe it. To be perfectly honest, I have never, ever had anybody love me as much as Lexi does.

“The man I eventually married could never understand what I was going through. He could never understand my loss, and what I needed to make up for it,” Maggie related, still crying her eyes out. “That’s why we’re no longer together. Don’t make Lexi go through what I did. Dave, she wants to consummate your love for each other. This will make her complete. I know the hollow feeling she has. I know the empty feeling she bears. Lexi needs you to fill her. Literally and figuratively. She won’t feel whole until you give her what she needs. You.”

I couldn’t believe how much Maggie was bearing her soul to me. “So you’re advocating that I should make love to my own daughter? You really think that’s what she needs?”

“Yes I do,” she sobbed. “I don’t think she needs it, I KNOW she needs it. She even told me.”

“She told you?” I asked with surprise. “That came up in conversation?

“David, she had to confide in somebody. Something like this is just so important for Lexi, I’m so happy that she chose me. I don’t know how she knew that I would know exactly how she felt. Just talking to her during our shopping, she dropped tiny hints that she wanted to dress for the man in her life. She wanted to show you how much she loves you, and she hinted that the only way to do that was to seduce you, so she wanted sexy underthings to help toward that goal.”

“Later, as we got closer, she opened her heart and soul to me. Don’t tell her I told you this, but she told me how thinking of you would soak her panties. She told me that she had to change her panties a couple of times a day if she had the chance
Lexi really wants you to do the things that a lover would do to and for her.”

“Really,” I stated. “And did she elaborate as what those things were?”

“Well,” Maggie sniffled, “To be blunt, she was worried that she wasn’t desirable enough for you to become intimate. In her own words, she told me that she needed for you to lick her pussy and to fuck her. All she thinks about is sucking your cock and having you cum in her mouth. We agreed that a daddy’s cum is the ultimate gift a father can give his daughter. David, she needs the intimacy with the man she loves. She may be young, but she’s experiencing the feelings every woman does for her man. Only with Lexi, the feelings are so strong, it’s all she thinks about. Believe me, I know how she feels,” sobbing again. “Do you think you can understand what she needs?”

With tears in my eyes, “Of course I understand. But it’s a bit hard, as nobody has ever loved me so much. And I mean nobody. It can be mindboggling.”

I continued, “Saturday is Lexi’s birthday. I intend to take her out for a nice, romantic dinner. It’ll be a date, not a father and daughter night out. She’ll be back at your store to choose a nice dress for her date. I’m sure you’ll help. Saturday night is when I’ll give her everything she’s ever dreamed of.”

Maggie was still crying, throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me, “I’m so happy for you and Lexi. The two of you will experience the true love and passion that so few daddies and daughters experience. You’ll make Lexi the happiest girl in the world. I wish I could have received what Lexi is going to.”

“You poor girl. I wish there is something I could do for you. Nobody should have to go through the pain you have,” I whispered in her ear.

Pulling back from me, she looked at me from her tear stained eyes. Slowly she brought her face close to mine and put her lips on mine. After the passionate, tongue entwining kiss she whispered, “There is one thing you can do for me. If I can’t have my daddy make love to me, I want the daddy I’m closest to.”

Standing up, Maggie looking at me in the eyes, started undressing. Now understand. The woman was not only beautiful, but had a body on her that was incredible. She may or may not have known it, but she was built for sex. She was placed on this earth to fuck. But still, she was my daughter’s friend. Her confidant.

“Ummm, Maggie, are you sure about this?” I choked. “Don’t do anything you’re going to regret later.”

“I’m not going to regret a thing,” she said doing a slow strip tease for me. “I want the man who reminds me most of my daddy. Help me come to grips with my shattered dreams, Dave. I need you to do this for me.”

Removing her blazer, she revealed her off white blouse with a couple of buttons unbuttoned showing just a tasteful bit of cleavage. She undid the zipper on the side of her skirt and let it fall. Stepping out of it, she picked it up and draped it over a chair. Maggie wasn’t wearing panty hose. Garters and suspenders held nylons up on an incredible pair of shapely legs. Taking off her blouse, she was wearing a frilly, lacy bra that seemed to be having trouble holding the treasures within. My god! Her breasts were large and begging to escape. She turned around, and emulating what Lexi did a couple of nights ago, undid the clasp of her bra, and let it fall off her shoulders. Standing with her bare back to me, she looked so fuckable with her butt cheeks exposed with just her thong string running up between her succulent cheeks.

Crossing her arms over her breasts, she turned to me to show herself. I couldn’t help but notice that her thong
was soaked. So much so that you could see her slit through them. She was completely smooth. My cock was straining against my pants and was beginning to hurt. And she noticed. Dropping her arms, again she emulated Lexi and put her hands behind her back. Thrusting her perfect tits (38 D it turns out), she lowered her eyes to the floor, and softly told me, “They’re for you, Daddy. They always have been, and they always will be.” I didn’t miss the fact that she was reliving her adolescent years she spent with her daddy.

Assuming the proper role, “I know little girl. And I’ll always treasure what you give me.”

Surprised, Maggie raised her tear filled eyes to mine, and rushed to me. Throwing her arms around my neck, she shamelessly brought her mouth onto mine, and pushed her tongue into my mouth. “Daddy, please do to me what we’ve always wanted. I’ll be so good for you. I’ll do anything for you. I promise. Daddy, please fuck me! Please fuck your only daughter who loves and adores you!”

I rubbed my hands across her back, and started to pull her drenched thong off. Her aroma filled my nostrils as I removed it. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. But she did say that she was a lot like Lexi in this way.

“I will, little girl. Let’s go the bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable, and you can spread your legs for me.”

“Oh god, Daddy. I’ve wanted to spread my legs for you for so long. You can tell how much I want you. You can see how wet I am for you. I’ll always spread my legs for you, Daddy. I promise.”

I let her walk in front of me, and knowing I was admiring her beautiful ass, Maggie accentuated her natural sway. God! She is one sexy and desirable woman. Her aroma wafted behind her informing me she was more than ready, willing, and able. Between her and Lexi, I didn’t know who would be more in need of a good fuck.

Walking into the bedroom, she laid on the bed and spread her legs for me. “See, Daddy? My legs are spread for you. They always will be. Look and see how wet I am for you. God Daddy! I want and need you so much!”

“Show me my precious, horny little girl,” I instructed. “Spread your legs more for me. Show me everything.”

Maggie spread her legs as far as she could and brought her knees up. She was not only showing me her soaked pussy, but also her lovely, puckered asshole. This too seemed to indicate to me that it was mine to do with as I pleased, as it was slightly dilated. I knew that it was just a matter of time, that after proper training, it would feel my hard cock. And I knew she would love it.

“Like this, Daddy? Can you see everything? What you see is for you. It’s all yours,” Maggie whispered.

“Please Daddy. Give me what I need!” her voice rising. “Please fuck me! Give me your cock! I need to feel it inside me!” Maggie pled, unconsciously pumping her hips in a fucking motion. “Please fuck me!”

I stood over the bed admiring her soaked cunt and her stiff nipples. God, this woman is so fuckable! And she’s begging me for it. It’s very obvious she needs it. Who in god’s name wouldn’t be turned on? I was thinking all of this when I pulled my shirt off, kicked off my shoes, and unbuckled my belt and undid my pants.

“God Daddy, yessss! Show me! I want to see your hard cock! I NEED to! Just like before! This time, I want it! I need it! Don’t deny me any longer! Please fuck me!” Maggie unashamedly begged, pumping her hips in need.

I lowered my pants and stepped out of them, just as I did with Lexi, letting her see the outline of my cock in my shorts.

“Yes, Daddy,” Maggie gasped staring at my cock’s outline. “Get naked! Give it to me!”

I turned my back to her, like I did with Lexi, and pulled my shorts down. I stood up, and kicked them off. I wanted her to gaze at my ass hoping that this would entice her even more. After all, women do it, why can’t men?

I had to hand it to her, though. She showed great restraint in not beginning to frig herself in spite of her heated condition.

I turned around and showed her my hard, circumcised 8 inches.

“Oh my god! Maggie moaned. “It’s so beautiful! Just like I remembered! Please Daddy, give it to me! Make my dreams come true!”

I crawled on top of the bed, walking on my knees, bringing my cock close to her head. Turning, she opened her mouth, expecting me to thrust my cock into it. As she moved closer to get it in her mouth, I pulled back slightly.
Whimpering, Maggie moved closer, trying to get my cock in her mouth.

“Please, Daddy. Let me feel it in my mouth. Pleeeeaassss! I need it!” Maggie sobbed.

“Okay, little girl. Here. It’s yours. Suck my cock like the good daughter you are.” I offered.

Maggie lunged and engulfed my cock, her lips tightly encircling the head, her tongue licking, moaning.

My god! It was heaven. Her mouth felt soooo good!

But I had to remember what I was expected to do. I thought it unusual that a good hard fucking would be therapeutic, but Maggie had deep emotional issues and they had to be addressed. Seriously. It was her chance to make things right. Or at least as right as we could make them.

Fighting her efforts to keep me in her mouth, I pulled my cock from her sucking lips, with Maggie moaning in exasperation. I worked my way down between her spread legs. When I got into place, she spread them even more.

“It’s time for us, my lovely little girl. It’s time for us to give each other our ultimate love,” I whispered. “Spread your legs for me my lovely girl. Let me give you my most precious gift. See my hard cock? It’s because of you. You made it so hard and ready. Now, it’s going to be yours. As often as you want it. Always. Your daddy loves you more than you’ll ever know.”

Keeping her legs obscenely spread, she lifted her head trying to see my cock’s entrance into her sopping cunt. I put the head of my cock touching her labia, which separated on its own, seeming to anticipate our coupling. Maggie gasped at the contact, and hunched her back trying to get the head of my cock into her.

“Please, Daddy. We’ve waited so long for this! Stop teasing me! I need your cock! Please fuck me! I love you so much, I need your cock!” Maggie was frantic with need.

I reached down and ran my finger along her soaked slit. I stopped at her clit. Getting my fingers wet with her secretions, I lightly started to rub her incredibly hard and enlarged nub. Maggie lifted her hips trying to create more friction on her clit.

“Harder, Daddy. Rub my clit harder! Oh god! I need for you to fuck me! I need to cum! I’ve been good! I haven’t been playing with myself lately! I need to cum so much. Pleeeeease!”

About to go insane with lust myself, I shoved my cock into her soaked, slippery pussy as far as I could.


“Thank you, thank you, Daddy! Oh god, I need this! I’ll always want your cock, Daddy! I love you so much!”

Pumping as hard as I could, I gave her the fucking she craved. The fucking she needed to become whole. The fucking she needed from her daddy. With her eyes closed, reliving the world she left behind, Maggie wrapped her legs around me and was meeting each one of my thrusts with one of her own. Thrashing her head from side to side, she fucked me with uninhibited abandon.

“Fuck me, Daddy! I’m so close! Don’t cum yet! Don’t cum yet! I’m going to cum, Daddy! Keep fucking me! Oh my god! I’M CUMMING! OH GOD, YESSSS! DON’T STOP! KEEP FUCKING ME! AAAAUGGGGHHH! KEEP GOING! I’M STILL CUMMING! AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHH!

Fucking Maggie as hard and fast as I could, “I’m close too, little girl! I’M GOING TO CUM, TOO! GET READY!

“DADDY, CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME! I NEED TO FEEL YOU CUM INSIDE ME!” Maggie screamed, still with her eyes closed, tightly holding onto my ass pressing my throbbing cock as far into her as possible.


“DO IT, DADDY! CUM IN ME!” Feeling my eruption inside her cunt, pumping furiously, Maggie came again. “AUUUGGGHHH!! DADDY, YOU’RE FINALLY CUMMING IN ME! I NEED THIS! I NEED YOUR CUM! GIVE IT TO ME!”

I gave her all I could and was sweating and breathing heavily. I collapsed on top of Maggie, but still supported myself on my elbows. I loved feeling her full, hard nippled, soft breasts pressing against my chest. My cock slowly deflated insider her, and fell out of her cummy cunt. I looked down and saw the cream pie she was releasing. I picked some up with my fingers, and held it to her lips. Maggie smelled our combined juices, and opened her mouth. I slipped my fingers in, and she closed her lips around them and sucked them clean.

“Ummmm,” she cooed. “We taste so good together, Daddy. Thank you for giving me what I’ve needed for
so long. I love you so much. You can have me whenever you want. I’ll always want your cock.”

“I love you so much, little girl,” I answered. “You are my pride and joy, and I’ll always want you.”

“But right now, we should take a quick shower and get dressed before we have visitors,” I advised. I really didn’t want Lexi to see us like this.

Maggie looked up at me with such love. “Thank you so much, Daddy. I promise to always be yours.”

Getting up, we walked to my shower, which was large enough for two, and after I got the water at the right temperature, we both got in. I put my arms around Maggie and washed her back, working my way down to her beautiful ass. She looked up at me, and our mouths met, with dueling tongues. With her soapy hands, she lovingly washed my cock and balls, and pulled away from me to rinse. I did the same with her breasts and her nipples. I then washed her swollen labia, so her pussy was as clean as her beautiful tits and nipples.

We dried each other, then got dressed. Walking Maggie to the door, I reminded her that Saturday was going to be Lexi’s and my date to celebrate her birthday. I told her that Lexi would be in to pick out an appropriate dress for the occasion.

“May I ask a question, Maggie,” I softly asked. “And try to be as honest as possible with me.”

“Sure, Dave. Ask away,” she smiled.

“Have you and Lexi been intimate? I can’t blame you if you were, as she’s an incredibly sexy and desirable girl.”

Turning red, Maggie looked down to the floor. “To be honest, yes we have. But she needed to cum so badly, she was beside herself. I’ve never seen anybody who needed it like Lexi. I thought I’d help her. Are you mad at me?”

“Did you eat her?” I asked.

“Well, yeah I did. I’m so sorry if I overstepped my bounds. The situation got a little out of hand. I’m sorry if I did something I shouldn’t have,” Maggie admitted.

“Well, I was hoping to be the first to eat her, but that’s okay, I guess,” I acceded. What was I going to do? It was over and done with. I wasn’t going to dwell on it. “I have to ask you that when she’s at your shop on Saturday, keep her from cumming. I want her aroused all day and when she cums, it’ll be a big one Saturday night. But it’ll be the first of many. I want her ready to explode when the proper time comes.”

Shaken a bit, Maggie quietly responded. “Dave, I’m so sorry. But, if you start with her before she leaves for my shop, I’ll keep her primed the entire time we’re together. And if you don’t want her to cum before she should, I probably should be with her most of the day so she doesn’t get herself off. I’ll prepare her for you.”

“Prepare her for me. I like the sound of that. Yes, Maggie. Prepare her for our big moment together. Make sure she’s ready. Make sure she’s soaked. But under no circumstances, do not let her cum,” I instructed.

Raising her lips to mine before she left, our mouths met in an earth shattering kiss. “This is going to be so diabolical. Poor kid. She’s going to be a frazzled, quaking mess by the time you’re ready to fuck her. But I know she’ll think it’s worth it.”

“And David, thank you for what you did to me and for me,” Maggie looking deeply into my eyes, quietly said.
“Lexi is such a lucky daughter to have you for a daddy.”

“Oh Maggie, one more thing if you don’t mind,” I asked. “Don’t tell Lexi, but I would like for you to be there.”

Her eyes wide, “Me? Why would you want me here to intrude on yours and Lexi’s most important day?”

“Well, I think she would want you to witness this special moment in her life, as would I, and because we both care for you so much, and you helped orchestrate this, you should be here,” I answered. “But, please understand, this will be Lexi’s moment. Allow her to experience what she’s been dreaming of.”

“I don’t know what to say Dave,” she exclaimed. “I would be honored. And I promise to be unobtrusive, unless you want me to participate. Thank you, so much. It means so much to me that you would want me to be there. And thank you for caring.”

Giving me a quick peck, she sashayed out the door, knowing I was admiring her luscious ass. Watching Maggie leave, it dawned on me that I still had to go to my attorney’s office yet. I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door. I wanted to be back by the time Lexi came home from school. I liked the sound of that: home.


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