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A stimulating neighborhood
The experience I had with Laura really boosted my self-esteem: an amazing woman, who could have any man she wants, gave the privilege of enjoying her luxurious body to me, the young boy living in her neighborhood.
Maybe that’s what she liked the most: having a praising toy boy who always says ‘yes’ and makes her feel desired, but I honestly don’t care about that; a million other men would have killed to be in my shoes, so as long as I had access to her pussy, that was enough for me.

Since we broke the ice on that summer afternoon, I didn’t stop spying on her from my bedroom, I didn’t stop fantasizing about her, but now I knew that my fantasies sooner or later would have come true. A notable difference.
Every moment was right for a good fuck: whenever she was alone and in the mood for sex, my dick and I were always ready for her. But we had a kinda fixed appointment every week: her daughter Isabel was involved in a school project, and on wednesday afternoons she usually met with her classmates to study. Whenever her husband was working abroad, which happened quite frequently, we had her house to ourselves, so she texted me to come over.

The was the same every time: I entered her house, asked ‘Is anybody home?’ and she replied ‘Lonely lady upstairs!’, so I went to her bedroom, where she was waiting for me on her bed, with only her white bathrobe on.
It was like re-enacting our first time over and over - she was wearing exactly that bathrobe on that day - and the more we had sex, the better it was. Every now and then we go romantic: soft music, a bunch of candles, and scented body oil for sensual massages… But that afternoon there were just a woman and a man that wanted a damn good fuck.

As every other wednesday afternoon, as soon as I entered her bedroom, I almost ripped my clothes off and literally jumped on Laura: when I see her gorgeous body there is no need for any foreplay, a few strokes of her soft hands and my cock is rock-hard in a matter of seconds.
I hadn’t had sex with her in two weeks and I was on fire: I started licking her neck, then dived into her wonderful tits and sucked her nipples, then quickly moved down to savor her sweet pussy: she keep it shaved because she knows how much I love licking it, but that day she wasn’t in the mood for foreplay either.

She made my lie on her bed, then sit on me, and guided my hard cock inside her: we both love when she is on top of me, because I can touch her everywhere I want to, and she is more in control of my penetration. I love when I can cum inside her, but I’m very respectful and if she doesn’t want to, I don’t insist, there’s so much to enjoy anyway!
But that day she was particularly aroused too and anticipated my question, almost reading my mind.

With my hands on her hips, she leaned forward to kiss me; her boobs pressing on my chest felt amazing, and as soon as she started bouncing slowly over my dick, she whispered in my ear “Today you don’t even need to ask: bang me hard, delight me with your cock, and don’t you dare taking it out until I’m filled up with your warm cum…”
“I can’t wait…”
“Take your time, honey, I don’t want you to hurry!” she smiled, but I didn’t want to hurry either.
Our tongues started exploring each other’s mouth, while my hands caressed her hair. I went all the way down from her shoulders until I grabbed her ass, and then I started pumping deep inside her wet pussy. What a gorgeous woman, and what a lucky boy I was.

“That’s my boy! I love feeling your cock inside me!”
“It’s all yours, Laura, every inch of it!”
Our moans grew with our excitement, together with the rhythm of my cock. After a few minutes, Laura stopped kissing me and lifted up, leaning her hands against my chest. In this position it’s her pussy that fucks my cock, rather than the other way around, but it’s also the perfect position for me to admire, squeeze, lick and suck her big beautiful boobs.
Her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open and her nails barely scratching my skin were clear signals that Laura was about to reach the orgasm, and I was eager to cum with her.

A light shiver turned into a violent shake, followed by a long, loud orgasmic scream, and as I felt her vagina pulsating around my cock, I released the huge load that was boiling in my balls inside her juicy pussy, while groaning in pleasure.
“It’s so fucking good with you, Simon, why don’t we do it more often?”
“I’m yours whenever you want to…” I replied, panting.
I was catching my breath, with my head between her tits, already thinking about starting over, as soon as my cock would be ready again, but Laura suddenly stepped aside, jumped out of the bed, and ran to the window.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed.
“What happens?” I asked.
“Isabel is here, she just closed the gate! Why the fuck is she already here?”
“Oh, shit! What should I do? I cannot avoid her if I walk out now…”
“In fact, you have to take your clothes and hide somewhere!”
“Hide? And where? In the closet, like in a goddamn movie?”
“I don’t give a fuck where you hide, I said take your clothes and GO HIDE!” she shouted.
Panic was taking control of her, so I obeyed.
“Ok, don’t worry, I’ll hide here. Now take a deep breath, try to calm down and behave normal with Isabel, ok?”
“Ok” she answered, while putting her bathrobe on, and walking out of the bedroom.

“Hey mommy, I’m home!”
“Hi honey! I was about to take a shower, and I happened to hear the gate closing. I didn’t expect you to come home so early”
“Yeah I know. My mistake, we were supposed to gather next week, not today.”
“It’s no big deal” said Laura.
‘It IS a big deal, stupid chick!’ I thought, but of course I had to keep it for myself.

“Anyway, it’s better this way. I wasn’t really in the mood for studying today…”
“And why is that? Do you feel sick?”
“Not at all, mom. I just woke up… strange!”
“Strange how?”
“Mmmm, it’s just the two of us today, right?” asked Isabel.
“Uh… err… yes honey.” lied Laura. “Just you and me, why?”
“Well, I thought that we could have a bit of… time for ourselves”!
I couldn’t see her face, but the tone of her voice was cryptic.

“What do you mean, Isabel? Do you want to go shopping?”
“Oh no, mom, no need to go anywhere.”
“Mmmmh… manicure and girl talk?”
“Not exactly”
“Is it something I like?”
“Absolutely! But the last time was quite a while ago…”
“Is there anybody else involved?”
“No, just me and you”
“I have no clue, Isabel”
“Ok, fine: I would really really love a Mommy Special! I haven’t had one in months!”
“A Mommy Special? Wow, I wasn’t expecting that”
“Oh c’mon, mommy! I said I woke up differently… I couldn’t think of anything else today!”
“Well, you know what? A Mommy Special is an excellent idea, let’s get ready!”

I had no idea what a Mommy Special was, but I heard them coming upstairs, so I suddenly closed the door of the closet. If Isabel had gone to her bedroom I’d have had the time to get dressed and run away, despite my cock was far from being satisfied. But to my surprise, I heard mom and daughter stepping into Laura’s bedroom.
Oh shit, I was trapped! Had Laura already forgotten I was there? Why didn’t she come up with an idea to get Isabel busy, just for the time to let me go?

“How about some chill-out music?”
“Oh, I’d love to”
When I heard them talking softly while music was playing, I was so nervous I would have kicked anything, but then I realized I should get comfortable and just wait. At least there was a soft cushion I could sit on. But I couldn’t deny that a certain curiosity arose: I carefully opened the door to peek in, and I saw Laura was helping Isabel to undress.

Oh my God, what the hell was going on there? Isabel’s jeans and t-shirt were lying on the floor, and she was just wearing her underwear. Laura was sitting on one side of the bed, and Isabel was standing in front of her.
“Good lord, the clothes you wear don’t give you enough credit, sweetie, look how beautiful you are!” said Laura, admiring the body of her young daughter.
“Thanks to you, mom… But I bet when you were my age your boobs were bigger than mine…”
“Well, I’m not so sure… these modern bras sometimes lie” chuckled Laura.
“I better take it off then…”
“This is a Mommy Special, sweetie, you just have to relax. Let me take care of it”

Laura unhooked the bra, gently slid the straps over the shoulders, and let it fall down, revealing the wonderful tits of Isabel.
“Your boobs look gorgeous, honey… Can I touch them?”
“Well, you actually never asked for permission!” said Isabel. She then took her mom’s hands and put them on her own legs, guided them up to her ass, which Laura gently squeezed, moved them to her hips, belly, and finally up to her boobs. She leaned forward and whispered “You can touch everywhere you want”, then took Laura’s head in her hands, and kissed her lips.

I couldn’t believe to what I was seeing, but it was damn real: I thought that Laura was a “bad girl” because she was having sex with me, a boy who could be her son, but seeing her playing lesbian with her daughter was beyond my wildest imagination. On a second thought, I was glad I had no way to escape from my now privileged position, and my cock was reacting to that magnificent show I was enjoying. I couldn’t resist, and I started masturbating.

Without moving her hand away from Isabel’s breast, Laura stood up and returned the kiss. Gently at first, more passionately soon after. Isabel took the bathrobe off her mother, leaving her completely naked with just one move, and in turn Laura stripped off the last thing her daughter was wearing, her thong.
The two women were tied in a passionate embrace, skin to skin, their lips and tongues sealed for hot kisses and their hands eager to explore every inch of their bodies. No doubt they were mother and daughter: same hair, same long sexy legs, same big natural boobs.
“I love the feeling of your skin against mine, mom…”
“I love it too, honey… And you smell so good! We should do this more often…”
“I know… I wanted to ask you many other times, but it always seemed so wrong…”
“There’s nothing wrong here, darling, just a mother and a daughter who love each other…” said Laura.
“…and this is the perfect way of expressing this love” continued Isabel.
“I’m so proud you’re my girl… Now lay on my bed and relax.”
Isabel laid on the bed, face down, showing me her superb ass. I regret having underestimated how hot she was. Laura took her body oil, the same I sometimes used with her, from the drawer, and started rubbing her daughter’s back. I wondered if she forgot I was still sitting in her closet, but I honestly didn’t care that much.

Her oiled hands ran smoothly on shoulders, hips, ass, legs, ankles and feet, back and forth. With every passage, Isabel’s legs spread little by little, and Laura’s hands couldn’t resist that soft temptation for too long: one finger slid slowly into her young pussy and her moans confirmed that it was exactly what she was hoping for. Laura put another finger, increased the pace, and a couple of minutes after, Isabel was already screaming in pleasure.
“Oh yes mommy I couldn’t wait to feel your hands on me, I’m coming!”
“Cum for mommy, honey, cum!”
“Yes, yes, YEEESSS!”

I could see pure lust in the eyes of Laura while her fingers were banging Isabel: no matter it was her daughter, she made a girl cum, and she was just happy with that. The waves of Isabel’s orgasm hadn’t quite calmed yet, but Laura sucked her fingers and said “Now turn over, honey, I want to taste you better…”.
Isabel rolled over on the bed and immediately spread her legs, yet another prove that she wasn’t having sex with her mother for the first time. Laura started rubbing her tits on her daughter’s slit, ticking her clit with the nipples, then decided to get serious, and dived furiously in that wet pussy, licking all the way from her asshole to her clit, and spreading her lips to better suck it.
“Bang me again with your fingers, mom, and please don’t stop licking!”
With those experienced fingers banging her cunt, and that hot tongue licking her clit, Isabel was about to climax again: she grabbed her mother’s hair and pressed her face against her pussy, while her hips started shaking and a soft moan transformed into a long loud scream.
Laura’s lips were sealed around the pussy, and she didn’t move away until Isabel gained back her normal breath.
“Oh mom, I think you gave me the best orgasm of my life!” said Isabel, kissing Laura, “But now it’s my turn. Get comfortable, I want to eat you out!”
Isabel started her descent by licking and sucking her mother’s tits, then she kissed the soft skin of her belly and moved down, with the clear intent of making that shaved pussy come at least twice.
Those two sexy women were such a beautiful sight that my hard cock was almost ready to explode. I closed my eyes but when I was about to come…

“What’s up honey? What’s wrong whit you?”
“Wrong with ME? Look at this!”

That shouting destroyed my orgasm, and when I looked through the door I saw Isabel showing her dripping finger to her mother.
“I’m soaking wet, honey, what did you expect?”
“Well, I’m young but not stupid, mom. For your information, I already sucked some dicks, and I can well distinguish between pussy juices and sperm!”.
“Honey, please calm down…” begged Laura.
“I’ll calm down when I’ll get some answers. Dad left one week ago, who did you fuck with? Whose cum did I stick my fingers into?”. Her voice pitch was becoming screechy.
“Isabel, let me explain…”
“I cannot believe you fucked with someone right before I came home! You didn’t even clean yourself! Oh, I’M SORRY, did I perhaps interrupt you? Where is he? Did he escape from the roof? Or did you hide him somewhere, uh?”

Hearing those words felt like a punch in my stomach. I would have never been able to stand the look of Isabel anymore: we knew each other since we were kids, and this was a huge betrayal towards her. Fucking her mother is something that she would have never forgive me for. Not to mention the gossip in the neighborhood.

“Ok, ok, Isabel, let me clarify. Although I’m not that proud you are so familiar with sperm, I think you deserve a clear explanation.”

‘Please, please, come up with a plausible excuse!’ I thought to myself.

“You are right: yes, I had sex with a man right before you came home. Yes, you interrupted us. And yes, he is hiding here. But this is not the worst part.”
“Oh really? How could it be worse?”
I would have done anything to disappear. And instead…
“See it for you self. Open the door, Simon…”

I was literally dying of shame, and I was so nervous I could barely move, but Laura didn’t give me any choice, I had to walk out of that closet. I opened the door and presented myself, with shaking legs. Funny how I went from observer to observed in a matter of minutes. We were all three naked but this was the least embarrassing aspect.
The astonishment on Isabel’s face made me feel even more naked than I already was. Probably I was at the very bottom of the list of people she would have ever expected to come out of that closet.

“You?… Here?… WITH MY MOTHER?” she shouted at me, in a mix of surprise, disappointment and rage.
“I… I’m sorry, Isabel” is everything I was able to say.
“You better be! How could you do that to me? You, my friend since I was born! And with my mother! Don’t you like girls my age?”
She was angry, but soon her rage turned into sadness, and shed some tears, probably overwhelmed by many different feelings.
Isabel’s tears awoke the motherly instinct of Laura, who reached for her daughter, took her hands and hugged her, in an attempt to comfort her.

“Can you go any further than a trivial sorry, Simon?”
“Well, Isabel, believe it or not, I have always been attracted to your mother, since I was a little boy. I fantasized about her countless times, and sometimes even spied on her from my bedroom. For me, having sex with your mother is like making a dream come true, every single time. But that’s it.”

“Come on, honey. I know you’re mad at me too, but you can be sure that nothing could change what you mean to me, ever.” added Laura.
“Mom, I know men are driven by their cock, but you… Give me a good reason…”
“Well, honey, you already had sexual experiences, so you know how great is having sex. Women love sex just like men do. I am an active woman and I have needs too. I deeply love your father, but he works way too much from my point of view, and I don’t want another man in my life. I just need to have good sex when I desire it, exactly as he is probably having when he’s away.”

“And why Simon, and not any other random, older guy?”
“Well, having a young lover is a boost in self-esteem, Isabel, but you are too young to understand it. We have to treat us well as long as we can, and look what a beautiful cock your friend has” said Laura, trying to cheer her daughter up, “did you know that?”
A little smile appeared on Isabel’s face “I actually didn’t know that…”
“And you should feel how great it is inside you!”
“Mom! Please…!”
“Oh, c’mon! You have to enjoy the good things of life!” continued Laura.
I kinda liked the direction this conversation was taking.

“You know what?” she added “I think the two of you should put up a little show for me!”
“What?” me and Isabel exclaimed together.
“Given what happened today, a young girl and a young boy having sex would be the most normal and natural thing to happen! Come here, Simon” said Laura, so I got closer to the bed.
“Here, sweetie: caress this nice cock, and stroke it gently. Believe me, it’s the best way to get out of this discomfort”.
A bit reluctantly, Isabel took my cock in her small hands. I was a bit embarrassed at first, but her strokes were so delicate that the embarrassment went quickly away, and my erection grew hard between the not at all innocent hands of my friend.
“Good girl! Now let me see how you lick it”.

Without saying a word, Isabel took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Sucking, licking, stroking, fondling, like an experienced woman. Her tongue was dancing around the tip of my cock and I couldn’t help thinking that I was having my first blowjob from her before having my first kiss!
“Good girl! I’d be curious to know where you learned all this, but I prefer not to ask” said Laura.
“Do you like it?” she asked me, showing a certain pride.
“Oh, I love it!”
“I may even bite you…” added Isabel, with a severe look in her eyes.
The idea sent a shiver down my spine, and she must have seen fear in my eyes.
“Don’t get nervous, I’m just kidding!” she giggled. The discomfort of few minutes earlier had clearly disappeared.

“If you continue blowing him like this, honey, he’s gonna cum in your mouth right away” observed Laura, “you better save some of his energy for your vagina!”
“Mommy’s right, Simon… I think it’s your turn to fuck me!”

I couldn’t agree more. I have always liked playing with Isabel, and after all we were just trying a new game! She laid on her back and spread her legs, so I could once again admire her hot body, but this time I could also sense the smell of her eager pussy and her desire to fuck. She was so wet that my entire dick disappeared inside her with no effort, and I started pushing hard.
“Geez, Simon, be gentle with my baby!” said Laura smiling, with false concern.
“I’d say she is enjoying it” I replied, “right Isabel?”
“Oh Simon, I’m so loving it! Don’t stop…”

The vision of her tits bouncing under the strokes of my cock was beautifully exciting, but not only for me: I noticed that Laura was rubbing her clit while watching me fucking her daughter. Isabel noticed that too, and felt she should do something about that.
“Hold on Simon, I can’t let that sweet pussy alone!”
She rolled over, got on all four, and asked me to take her from behind, “I have an unfinished business to take care of” said winking at me.

My cock was attracted to her ass like if it was a magnet, but I thought it wasn’t time for anal yet, so I focused on my friend’s young pussy and with my hands on her hips, I started banging again, while she was licking her way towards Laura’s twat.
I loved hearing my slaps on Isabel’s ass, and seeing her tongue working hard inside and outside her mother’s cunt was just amazing. To add more excitement to the whole situation, me and Laura were looking in each other’s eyes, as if it was actually me and her to fuck.

With every stroke of my cock both Isabel and Laura let out a pleasure moan, it was like penetrating both of them at the same time! The more I slammed my cock inside Isabel, the harder she sucked on Laura’s clit, and the louder our moans got. I felt I was getting closer to the orgasm so I pushed harder, Isabel begged me not to stop, and Laura started screaming while pulling her daughter’s hair. I was ready to explode by then, so I took my cock out and dried my balls with a huge load that covered Isabel’s back.
Before my erection went away, I slid my cock back inside Isabel and gently fucked her, while she was enjoying her orgasm by licking and fingering her mother, who came as well, together with us.

After I collapsed on the bed, Laura collected my sperm from Isabel’s back with one finger, and put it in her daughter’s mouth, “it worths a taste, honey”.
Isabel gently sucked her mother’s finger, then returned the favor: she took a few drops of my cum to share with her mother, who swallowed it while making out with Isabel in front of me, just as if wasn’t there. Another gorgeous picture to frame in my mind.

Isabel was lying between me and Laura. She put one hand on my cock, and the other on Laura’s pussy.
“I’m so glad I had my first threesome with you two!”.

“I couldn’t agree more” I added. “You know what? I’ve always loved your school projects, ‘cause I could spend some time with your mother but, now… Well, I think I’ll love them even more!”

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