Lexi is finally adopted
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Lexi Is Finally Adopted

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Chapter 5

After seeing my attorney and giving him added instructions, I made it home in time when Lexi got off her bus.
Hauling her book bag, she ran up to the door, and rushed through. Slamming it, she bound into the living room.

“DADDY, I’M HOME,” she yelled. “WHERE ARE YOU?”

“I’m here in the kitchen, lovely girl,” I softly answered hoping to give her the idea that she should never have to yell under our roof.

Lexi rushed up to me and threw her arms around me and kissed me with a nice, passionate, tongue-dueling kiss, holding me tight.

“I thought of you so much today, Daddy,” she enthused. “It’s so strange having somebody fill your thoughts so completely. But then, I’ve never loved anybody as much as I do you.”

“I’m flattered and honored that you think of me so much, beautiful girl,” I responded. “But I’m thinking that you may want to concentrate on the subjects at hand. Which reminds me, do you have any homework tonight?”

“Believe it or not, we have to learn about the Constitution. It sounds so boring,” she whined.

“Well,” I answered, “From what I understand, the U.S. Constitution is one of the most important documents ever produced in the world, along with the Magna Carta. It may be handy for you to be familiar with what’s in it. We’re all affected by it.”

“What’s the Magna Carta?” my lovely daughter asked.

“The short definition would be that it’s Britain’s constitution, but it took longer to produce,” I answered. “But let’s sit down and get your homework done. In case we think of anything else to do.”

After studying the Preamble, and the difficulties producing the Constitution and getting it ratified, we called it a night. With Lexi reading on, I began dinner.

After eating, Lexi put her books away, and walked into her room. After about a half hour, she called me in.

“Daddy, could you come in for a minute?” Lexi softly called.

I had an idea of what she wanted, and I knew it was going to take longer than a minute. Much longer.

I walked in and noticed that she was much the same way she was as a couple of days ago. She had placed a bath towel under her to soak up her copious seepage. She was very naked. Her hair was fanned out around her head on the pillow. Her nipples were hard, and she shamelessly had her legs spread showing me her wetness. My cock started to rise to the occasion.

“You remember a couple of nights ago, Daddy? Do you remember what we did?” she asked huskily. “Do you remember how wet I get? I’ve been wet all day because all I’ve been doing is thinking of you. My panties were soaked. I hope nobody could smell me.”

“You know what Maggie told me, Daddy?” my little lolita asked. “Maggie said that for people like her and me, and how much our pussies leak, that it’s a good thing. A very good thing. She told me that if I leak enough, that I will want you to smell my aroma. That it’s telling you that I’m ready for you. That I should always keep my legs spread for you and your hard cock. I agree, Daddy. My legs will always be spread for you. Always.”

She spread her legs more for me, shamelessly showing me her smooth, soaked cunt. My cock was getting hard, and my little sexpot noticed. “Daddy, you know you could take off your clothes and get more comfortable,” she said softly, looking at the outline of my cock in my pants.

I looked at my little girl in the eyes, unbuttoning my shirt. I let it fall to the floor, and kicked off my shoes. I unfastened my pants, and pulled them down, and stepped out of them. Staring at the front of my briefs, Lexi unconsciously licked her lips. I could see the lust building. Her breathing quickened and her nipples hardened more. Her eyes reflected her need. I lowered my underwear, and my cock sprang free, and jutted out its 8 circumcised inches. Lexi’s eyes got real big, and a small moan escaped her lips. “God, Daddy, come closer to me. Let me suck it. Please. I need to feel you cum in my mouth. I need it.”

“I’ve been thinking about your birthday present my sexy, wet girl. Everything you want, everything you desire, everything you’ve dreamed of, will be yours Saturday night. I’ll give you everything you want Saturday night. But first, we’re going out for a nice, romantic dinner. How does that sound?” I asked admiring her nakedness and wetness, with my cock getting harder.

“Tonight,” I continued, “we’re not going to engage in anything oral. You understand, my horny one? You won’t be able to suck my cock and I won’t be able to lick your pussy until Saturday night.”

“Daddy! I’m going to go crazy if I don’t feel it in my mouth. I need to taste and swallow your cum! Please, Daddy! Let me suck your cock!” Lexi cried.

She was so beautiful begging for my cock. I could get used to treatment like this. But I had to soften the blow a bit. No pun intended.

“I’ll tell you what, my little soaked one,” I began, “although we can’t use our mouths on each other, that doesn’t mean we can’t use our hands. So I want you to stroke my cock until I cum on you, and I’ll play with your soaked pussy until you gush your cum in my hand. How’s that?”

“Why, Daddy? Why can’t we use our mouths on each other?” she asked, close to tears.

“Because I want us to be so hot for each other for Saturday night, that when I lick your pussy and clit, I want you to cum so hard in my mouth, that you gush a gallon of cum. I want to drink all you give me. And you’ll be able to suck my hard cock and get a mouthful of my most precious gift. I want to see you open your mouth to show me that you’ve taken it all before you swallow it.”

While I was telling her all of this, she started to play with her soaked cunt, gazing at my hard cock, her aroma wafting throughout her room.

Getting on her bed, she spread her legs even more for me, and I brought my cock within her reach. She reached out, and encircled my hardness with her small hand. It felt like heaven! Watching her gaze lovingly at my cock and concentrating on stroking it, I was turned on beyond belief, and my cock showed it.

“Oh, Daddy,” she moaned. “I had no idea it would be so hard and so soft at the same time. It feels wonderful.
I love you so much, I want to make you feel really good and cum all over me. I want to feel it! Please, Daddy. Cum all over me!”

She started slowly stroking me while I put my hand between her legs feeling how wet she was. My god! This wanton girl was soaked! Although I loved her very much, I came to the same conclusion that I had with Maggie. This girl was placed on this earth to fuck. Even at this young age, it was easy to see. She’s the horniest, hottest female I’ve ever been with, although Maggie would be really close. I made an oath to myself that I would do absolutely anything and everything to give this girl all of the cock and orgasms she could handle. Realizing that Maggie enjoyed Lexi’s body too, I knew I was going to have the help I was going to need.

As Lexi started stroking my cock, I was drawing circles around her hard and wet clitoris. Drawing her legs up and spreading even wider, her soaked labia seemed to be opening, wanting, needing insertion of a hard cock.
My cock was getting harder, and the circumcised head was turning purple. God! I don’t remember ever being this hard. Precum started forming at the tip, and I could see my daughter licking her lips.

“You want this in your mouth, don’t you beautiful girl? You want to suck on my hard cock, don’t you?”

“God, Daddy, I need it so badly! Your cock in my mouth would be heaven,” she wailed, still gazing longingly and lustfully at my incredibly hard shaft, pumping her hips.

Rubbing circles around her soaked clit was driving my little Lexi crazy with lust. Stroking my cock harder and faster, I could feel the beginning of a good, hard cum.

Circling her clit, and then giving it direct stimulation was making Lexi gasp, moan, and whimper. Pumping her hips with uncontrollable lust, my little lolita was begging for me to make her cum.

“Daddy, don’t stop! Pleeeease don’t stop! Oh god! This feels soooo good! I love you so much, Daddy! I’M GETTING CLOSE, DADDY! DON’T STOP! I’M GOING TO CUM! I’M GOING TO CUM SO HARD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! I’M CUMMING! DON’T STOP RUBBING MY CLIT! I’M CUMMING!” my young daughter screamed, squeezing my cock hard. So hard I thought it was going to burst.

After getting over her awesome distraction and a moment of recovery, Lexi resumed stroking my now semi flaccid cock. God, I hope I could recover from her last cum! Next time, she won’t be holding my cock when she cums. Especially when she cums so hard!

“Daddy, your cock is getting so hard! The head is so purple! I love your cock, Daddy. I want you to cum on my face, Daddy,” Lexi moaned. “Cum for me, Daddy. Cum hard for me! Cum on my face!”

“My cock loves you too, beautiful girl. Oh shit, don’t stop stroking my cock! I’M GETTING CLOSE, LEXI! DON’T STOP! I’M GOING TO CUM! HERE IT CUMS, SWEETHEART! OH SHIT! I’M CUMMING!
I’M CUMMING! DON’T STOP STROKING, MY LOVE!” With Lexi aiming, my cum erupted from my cock, and squirted all over her face and her little adolescent titties with her hard, puffy nipples.

“YES, DADDY! COVER ME WITH YOUR CUM! I LOVE IT! I NEED IT! GIVE ME ALL YOU’VE GOT!” she yelled, drenching herself.

After my incredibly hard and copious cum, I almost collapsed on top of my little lolita, but managed to shift my weight and ended up lying beside her. Lexi was on her back, with her legs spread wide, shamelessly frigging her drenched pussy pumping her hips, with her face and chest covered with my white semen. God! What a sight! The youngest, horniest, most wanton female I’ve ever seen or been with. And she’s all mine.

With her other hand, she was scraping up my cum with her fingers, and licking them clean. God knows she had quite a meal all over her. And she managed to get the majority of it in her mouth and swallowed.
“Yummmm, Daddy. I’m never going to get tired of tasting your cum. You can cum anywhere in me or on me, whenever you want. I’ll always want your most precious gift. Because it’s yours, and I’ll always have a little of you inside me.” Lexi softly told me, with such a look of love.

Just then, the phone rang. I was thinking of letting it go to voice mail, but thought better of it, so I got up and answered. It was a good thing I did too. Working late, it was my attorney asking if Lexi and I could be free tomorrow afternoon at 2. It seems that the judge had a cancellation, and could see us then. It was also when the representative from DCFS could make it too. I told him that I could take Lexi out of school for the afternoon, and we could be there then. I didn’t tell Lexi, as she would automatically assume the worst, and she’d worry all night and the following day.

I walked back into her bedroom, and she managed to get most of my cream off her, and was asleep. Still naked, I walked into the bathroom to get a damp washcloth. Wiping her chest and face with the warm cloth, she opened her eyes, looked at me with love and adoration, whispered a thank you, and drifted back to sleep.

Needless to say, I didn’t have too much trouble sleeping either.

The next morning, I woke Lexi up with a soft and gentle kiss, gave her a hot breakfast, and got her off to school. She looked so sexy, and well, so much like a woman who is very satisfied. She almost glowed! I hoped nobody at school would notice.

I did a brief check on my investments, and went to a local real estate office. In looking for a site for my new house, I gave the real estate agent a list of my criteria, with instructions not to call me unless she found a site that met them all. Next, I went to a jewelry store and ordered Lexi’s birthday present.

I went to the mall to say hi to Maggie, and asked if she was going to spend the weekend with us. That we wanted her to. I reassured her that our household isn’t complete unless she’s there. Her eyes tearing up, she dragged me to her office, closed the door, and put her arms around my neck, and pulled me close. Sobbing, she put her luscious lips on mine and gave me a heartfelt and loving kiss. “Thank you, David. My days and my life aren’t complete unless I’m with you and Lexi. Thank you for making me a member of your household. I love you so much! And I love Lexi for accepting me too.”

“Will you always stay with us?” I asked. “Will you be a real member of our household and come and live with us? Will you make our family complete?”

With tears running down her cheeks, she looked at me and sobbed, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you. I will! I’ll move in with the both of you. I’ve never been so happy in my life! Thank you!”

“This will make Lexi’s birthday even more meaningful. Having the woman she loves agreeing to move in with us will make her so happy! Thank you, Maggie. We’ll try to make you the happiest woman in the world. I promise.” I tilted her chin up, and softly put my lips on hers and held her tight so her magnificent breasts were tightly pressed against me. I held her tight reassuringly whispering to her that we loved her so much, our lives aren’t complete without her in them.

“Don’t forget that Lexi will be here picking out a new dress for our dinner Saturday night. And, don’t forget too, that we would like for you to come with us,” I whispered.

“Oh David, thank you. But I thought you wanted to be alone with Lexi over dinner. Why the change of heart?”

“Well, at first, that’s what I thought would be best. But after all we’ve been through together, I just can’t see it. You’ve become such a big part of our family, I think it would be hypocritical not to have you with us,” I admitted. “You’re one of us now, Maggie. We want you in our lives.”

“Thank you, David,” she sobbed. “I’ll get her the most alluring dress I can find for her. She will look absolutely gorgeous for you.”

“For us, my love,” I corrected. “She will look gorgeous for us. And I want you to look just as alluring and sexy. Our love for each other will be evident Saturday night. Remember, she’ll be with you Saturday, and it’s up to you to see that she doesn’t cum. The first time I want her to cum will be Saturday night, and the first one will be a big one for her.”

“I promise, Dave,” she quietly responded looking lovingly at me. “I’ll keep her primed all day for you. I’m sorry. For us. But she WILL be begging for you to fuck her by the time we get her alone.”

“That’s the idea, sweetheart,” I responded. “I want her to be a nervous, anxious, horny, wanton, no-holds-barred, shameless slut by the time we’re all alone. And thank you.”

“Thank you for what?” asked Maggie

“Thank you for helping me turn my daughter into a slut. OUR slut. We WILL be busy keeping her and ourselves satisfied.”

“MMMMM. Now that you’ve asked me to be a part of your lives, I can’t wait to move in and take advantage of the situation and of Lexi.” she mused.

“I have to go run a couple of errands right now, little girl. I’ll bring sexy Lexi to the shop in the late morning to shop for a dress. You have my charge card number. I expect you to use it,” I instructed. I lowered my mouth to Maggie’s and gave her a tongue dueling kiss, leaving her breathless. “I don’t want you to cum until Saturday night either, so refrain from playing with yourself.”

“I understand, Daddy,” Maggie promised.

I left Maggie at her shop, and went home to get ready for our afternoon appointment. I called Lexi’s school and told them that she had an appointment, and that she would have to leave a bit early. I told them that I would be by to pick her up at 1:30.

I was wearing a suit and tie when I pulled up to the school. Lexi was waiting for me with an extremely worried look on her face. Looking at my attire, her expression looked like we were going to a funeral. “Daddy, what’s wrong?” Lexi asked with tears in her eyes. “Oh my god. Where are we going? What’s happening?”

After Lexi got in the passenger’s seat and buckled herself in, I leaned over and hugged her and did my best to reassure her that absolutely nothing was wrong. Looking at me with tears in her eyes, I don’t think she believed me. When we pulled up to and parked in front of the courthouse, Lexi’s eyes got real wide, and the tears started again.

“Relax, beautiful girl,” I softly told her. “This will be fine.”

Meeting my attorney and the representative from DCFS outside the courtroom, Lexi stood quietly, taking everything in. We walked into the courtroom, and took our seats in front. Lexi was sitting beside me clinging to my arm, the DCFS rep, and the attorney all sat quietly, waiting for the judge to walk in. When he finally did, we all stood. I looked down to Lexi, and her eyes were wide, pressing her lovely lips together, trying not to cry.
The bailiff announced the case number and the principals of the case.

“Do you have the signed consent form and all the needed paperwork, Mr. Smith?” the judge asked my attorney.

“Yes, your honor. We should have everything in order,” my attorney replied.

“Will you and Mrs. Jensen please approach the bench?” Covering the microphone, the judge took the paperwork, read it over, and asked a couple of questions of the both of them. I thought I heard him ask about Lexi’s mom, but I didn’t hear the response. Dismissing them back to their seats, the judge asked Lexi and me
to stand up.

Lexi was so terrified, that she was shaking. I put my arm around her and held her close, trying to reassure her.
“Mr. Chase, I take it that you’re well aware of what you’re getting yourself into,” the judge smiled.

“Uh, yes, I do, your honor. But it’s a responsibility I gladly accept,” I answered, my voice quivering.

“Miss Campbell, do you really want Mr. Chase to become your father? Are you sure about this?” inquired the judge.

“Yes, your honor,” Lexi answered meekly, not quite comprehending the meaning of the question. Finally realizing what he was asking and gathering her strength, she asked, “Your honor, may I say something?”

Looking at her with admiration, “Please do, Miss Campbell,” answered the judge.

“Your honor, living with my mom, and her way of life, wasn’t doing me or her any good. After I met David, he showed me how to take some things in life more seriously, like school. He finally convinced me how important school is, and we do my homework every night. His friend, Maggie has always been there for me when I had to have a girl talk. To be honest, if I didn’t have David and Maggie, there’s no telling where I’d be right now. I love him like the daddy I never had, and would like to stay with him. Please, your honor. We’ve become a family. Please keep us together.” Not being able to hold it together, Lexi sat down, put her head on her arms, and started to sob loudly.

I turned and looked at my attorney who had tears in his eyes, as did the DCFS councilor. I looked at the judge, and he weakly smiled at me. He signaled to me to have Lexi stand. I helped her up, and helped hold her up.

“Mr. Chase, this court hereby gives you total custody of Miss Alexa Campbell, and for the adoption for her to become your daughter,” the judge announced.

Lexi, having heard that not only was I going to be her guardian, but her father, completely broke down and clutching my arm, started crying loudly. I never saw or heard her cry like this before, and was very concerned. The judge seemed to be just as concerned.

“Miss Campbell, are you alright?” asked the judge. “Do you need a glass of water or something?”

The judge was just as powerless in the presence of a crying woman as any man. What the hell are you supposed to do?

“I’m so sorry, your honor,” Lexi loudly sobbed. “I’ve never been so happy in my life. This is the happiest day, ever. Thank you, so much. I’ll be the best daughter for David, I promise. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’ve made my dreams come true.”

The judge, looking at me like I was out of my mind wanting to adopt an emotional wreck, smiled weakly. “You’re now formally a family, Miss Campbell. If you wish, you can change your last name to Chase.”

Looking up with tear filled eyes, “Of course I will your honor. Nothing would make me happier than being David Chase’s daughter,” she answered, looking up at me with so much love and admiration. I will be Alexa Chase, and be the best daughter ever. Thank you again.”

We left the courtroom, and I introduced Lexi to the DCFS councilor, and my attorney.

Wrapping her arms around Mrs. Jensen, Lexi thanked her profusely, and she did the same for my attorney.

Walking back to the car, Lexi put her arm through mine, and was quiet with a pensive look on her face.

“Daddy, does this mean that I’m finally yours?” Lexi asked. “I’m really your daughter? My mom signed the papers to make you my daddy? Is she alright?”

“Your mom is fine, sweetheart. And yes, this means that you’re finally mine. And I’m yours. You’re really my daughter. We’re a family now.”

“I just want you to know that I’ll always love you and be the best daddy you can imagine,” I promised.

“What do you think of the idea that we pick up a pizza on the way home? Then we can do your homework. We can celebrate you finally becoming my daughter tomorrow night along with your birthday. But remember, we can’t let Maggie know. She already thinks that we’re blood relatives, and we don’t want to spoil her active imagination.” I suggested.

“I agree, Daddy,” Lexi said.

After eating the pizza, and doing her homework, Lexi told me that if I didn’t mind, she was just going to go to bed. I figured that she wanted to be alone with her thoughts, too. A lot happened today, and she probably had some issues to sort out. Especially about her mom.

“Okay, sweetheart. Good night my darling girl. Sleep tight and sweet dreams. You have a big day tomorrow,”
I reminded her. Lexi came over and gave me a big toe-curling kiss, smiled her sweetest smile, and went to her room and quietly closed her door.


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