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Its a history about a group of teenagers that live in a beach town called Blue Creek. The focus changes between them and their experiences as the plot develops. Flowing between romantic teen sex, fetishes of all kinds and brutal sex scenes. It'll approach it all.
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Here are some considerations for you to understand what is this story:

- Blue Creek is told from several different points of view, always in the first person. In total there will be 7 or 8 main characters. Feel free to state your preference for any character in the comments and I'll use it to determine in which ones I'll focus on.
- This is an edited version of the original one and an attempt to reduce flaws.

About the Author:

- I'm not from any country who has English as a native language so I make many mistakes, for which I am sorry. If you have suggestions for improvements or are willing to proof-read for me, please contact me.
- For those who can be interested, I'll upload photos of the models I used as reference to character creation on the album "Blue Creek" on my board profile.

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The Blue Creek

-Chapter One-


What a situation...
I liked him, it was so freaking obvious that I liked him. It could be easier than adding two and two, figuring out that I liked him. The only person who couldn't see it - guess what - was him.

My name is Karen. I'm sixteen and I live in a beach town called Blue Creek.

Blue Creek is known as a dormitory town. Nobody works in here. They take the green road, through the hills and forests, to work at Pines Ville. The place is full of offices and factories related to the large number of platforms extracting oil at the coast. So, those who earn enough money, they work there and reside in Blue Creek, surrounded by trees and the ocean. Simple as that.

Luckily my dad is one of those guys. Not that we are rich, but we live very, very well. I study at the local school with some friends, most of them in the same situation as me.

Including Jeremy.

He was the boy I had spoken earlier. I had a crush on him since the very beginning, since we've met, we were still thirteen years old. I always thought it was funny the way we were so opposite, in so many ways:

My hair was blond and my eyes were blue. His hair was black and so were his eyes. I was short, he was tall. I was playful, he was serious. I was so damn slow, he was so freaking smart... I thought I was in love with him... He didn't even care.

Not that he didn't like me, I knew he did. As Carla, James, Enzo and Jessica, he was also a very good friend. But I wanted more. Much more. I wanted him to want me, and when that happened, I would give myself to him.

But, just as it could be simple, it also could be very complicated. I couldn’t just go to him and say it openly! Urgh!



"Jesus Christ! Look at that ass! Look at that Brazilian ass!
No, no, don't look...
I think I'll have a stroke."

Carla came to the beach with me that day. Best idea I had in my life. My intention was to forget Karen for a while, to forget that - no matter what I could do - she only had eyes to the fucking Jeremy. But seeing that little muse coming out of the water and coming to join me on the sand... I couldn't think of anything else.

She emerged in the sea water twisting and drying her straight and brown hair, than she tossed it behind, leaning back, and her perky titties went up beneath that orange bikini. Her tanned skin, with a light caramel tone, was shining wet. When she bent over on my side to straighten her towel and that perfect ass reared up... For a moment I couldn't think of anything else.

When she turned to talk to me I was still a bit dazed.

"The water is great today, won't you go for a swim?" She asked sitting up and stretching herself over the towel.
"Nah, not today."

It was a really beautiful day. We were in Narrow Beach, on a Saturday morning. That beach was known for being surrounded by stone, leaving only a small margin of sand that made it practically into a private beach. There were only six people in total there; another couple at the opposite end of the beach, near the rocks, two surfers where in deep water and after the point where the waves broke and then the two of us, Carla lying on her beach towel and I was under a sunshade.

"What, you afraid of burning this porcelain skin of yours?" Carla asked mocking me with that cute accent of hers.
"What a good friend, wanting to see me red like a tomato." I said and she smiled.
"I swear that one dip into the water and coming back here won't leave you like this." Her smile was so damn beautiful. That tiny snub nose and those full lips... Why the hell I had a beautiful and available girl right next to me and, rather than enjoying it, all I could do was think of another one?
"I guess I'm just not in the mood."

The smile disappeared and an empathetic tone took its place, "Thinking about Karen?"
"More or less..."
"If I could give you any advice, I'd tell you to try to forget her, at least for now. She's very focused on that thing with Jeremy..." She said almost apologetically.
"Yeah, I know. I'll think about that. Anyway, wanna have dinner with me today?" I asked.
"What, like a date?" She asked, kinda startled, but smiling.
"No, girl. I'm home alone and kinda lonely. I wanted to call the rest of the guys too, but to do that I would have to invite Karen too and..." I said and she got what I meant.
"Got it... Of course I accept!"
"Great. You'll taste my famous pasta."
"What, that thing Enzo named tasteless plaster?"



I could never understand why she did those kinds of things. Jess was one of the most exciting girls to have around, one of the funniest girls I've ever met... Why the hell was she doing this kind of thing to herself?

"Jess, he is the owner of the bar. He's much older than us. What the hell do you see in him? Why would you decide to hang out with him just like that?" I asked annoyed, talking way too much.
"I like his style, duh! Why, you're jealous?" She asked grinning and sitting back on our booth.
"N-No, I just can't understand... You could do way better..."

Jessica was seventeen, just like me. She was small, white and a natural redhead, but she used to discolor her hair to make it pink, cut just below shoulder length, and had a piercing with a small brilliant on one nostril of her cute tiny nose. One of the coolest girls I've ever known... Even having terrible habits, like doing infernal things at school, drinking too much sometimes... I already saw her smoking pot and I don't believe it was the strongest drug she ever used... But worst than all this was when she threw herself at some random guy. Always the worst types.

"Why? Would you prefer I was hitting on you?" She asked bending over the table wearing her denim jacket – she never, ever, went out without wearing something with sleeves up to her wrists – and her white T-shirt, which had a loose neck... I could see her porcelain skin following down the neck until I could see her small breasts, topped with cherry red nipples. She was braless.
"It's not like that, Jess! Stop it!" I thundered.
"Bah! I'm just teasing! You like Carla and I know that," she laughed. "Now let me enjoy myself in my own way, amico mio!"

She said taking one last sip of beer, getting up fast, kissing my cheek and then heading to the counter, where she sat between two guys and leaned over to talk to Billy, the bar's owner, a guy in his thirties, looking like a rocker that was member of a biker club. Long hair, spiked wristbands, leather jacket, heavy metal band black shirt and stuff. I knew there were good guys in this metal thing. I didn't believe Billy was one of them.

Soon after, I saw her leaving with him to the dark of the night through the bar's back door while another guy took his place at the counter. They exchanged a last look to each other and both laughed maliciously.



When Carla arrived I was still at the kitchen counter cooking, wearing only black gym pants and a white t-shirt. My blonde hair was disheveled and still kinda wet from shower.

"Hmm... I have to admit, it really smells good," she said appreciatively.
"Glad you think. Pasta is ready, I'm making salad. Wanna help here while I open a bottle of wine for us?" I asked pointing to some vegetables on the cutting board.
"Of course!" She came around the counter quickly, wearing that yellow summer dress that matched so well with her, radiant.

"Your father won't be angry about you drinking his wine cellar?" She asked as soon as I came back, now barefoot, with her feet on the wooden floor just like me.
"No way. He himself taught me how to drink." I said bragging while opening a bottle of the sweetest wine I managed to find.
"If you say," she shrugged.

I filled two glasses with wine, gave her one and toasted: "Cheers! To the best company I could have right now, thanks for coming Carla, really."
"It's nothing. You helped me a lot when I first arrived here and you weren't even in my class. I was the one who should be saying thanks."

When we drank she dried her glass really fast. Sometimes I forgot that she was the youngest in the gang, she was still turning sixteen in a couple weeks.

"Hey, remember that it has alcohol!" I joked.
"Oh, you don't tell me!" She laughed, but when she asked for another glass I gave her. I wasn't there to bore her and, after all, I was there to take care of her if she needed.

We dined talking about a million things. I told her things about London and she told me very curious things about Rio de Janeiro. Even having lived in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the variety, the difference, it still impressed me. She had the talent to make things sound so damn interesting. Carla was full of contrasts herself; a girly face but a hell of a hot woman's body, very smart at some things and completely clueless in others. She had that calm and easygoing manner, but at the same time she was exciting and naturally sexy. A thing that became increasingly evident after we started the second bottle. The conversation flowed so well, she was paying so much attention to what I was saying that when I realized it, she was already speaking slowly.

"Carla," I called, wiping my glass and laughing at her.
"What?" She asked laughing back.
"You're drunk."
"Me? I'm not!" She propped her elbow on the table and rested her cheek on her hand. "Am I?" She smiled.
"I'm pretty sure. You ate more salad than pasta. And drank wine like it was juice." I laughed.
"And this is bad?"
"Theoretically no, but what will we tell your mother?"
"Nothing! It's 9 pm, she will pick me up around midnight. Until then... Until then I think I'll be ok," she said and it made no sense at all, unless she stopped drinking, what seemed improbable.
"Hmm... Okay, let's watch a movie?" I asked getting up from my chair and going to her.
"Only if you give me another glass of wine!" She proposed and we laughed.

We drank two more glasses of wine while watching an action movie on the couch. Actually we talked more than we watched. Carla was getting very funny at the extent to which the alcohol was making more and more effect. Also became more persuasive. She sat closer, looking directly at me with that mischievous little face, with her beautiful legs crossed and rolling the empty glass of wine between her fingers. She ended up making me tell things about my teenage years that I hadn't told anyone of our little group yet.

She was really interested in some of the topics I addressed, especially when it came to girlfriends, people I used to hang out and stuff. The extent to which I spoke, it seemed that the distance that existed between our ages, a little more than two years, turned into a chasm of distance. Only when it was already too late I realized that the wine was also affecting me, because I was already telling her the relationship I had with an twenty-one year old escort girl that, incredible as it may seem, studied at Oxford. Carla moved even closer and gaped throughout this part of the conversation.

"You loved her?" She asked.
"Iris? No. We had a very good thing there, we were true friends and I learned a lot from her. But no, I didn't love her." I said, lost in memories.
"I understand."

When I came back from my reverie something had changed drastically.

Carla looked at me intently, her face flushed and her little mouth ajar. She breathed deeply, her right leg was on top of my left one and... I could see her nipples marking the top of her summer dress.

I couldn't do that, I thought. I knew I couldn't. I shouldn't! But I decided to play with fire.
For a moment I looked at her mouth, those red and full lips and I bent forward a bit, as if to kiss her. She did the same, then sighed when I leaned back.

"You sure?" I asked, barely able to hold myself.
"Yes..." She sighed, staring at my mouth with those dark brown eyes, fluttering those long lashes.

Suddenly it was too late to hold back.

She was sitting to my left, where I leaned over, grabbing her by the neck and kissing her hard. Carla moaned into my mouth and started kissing wildly, crossing her arms around my neck. When I turned to get on top of her, my thigh got between her thighs and my knee snuggled in that warm place, which didn't seem to bother her even for a second.

At that moment the only thing I could think of was "Why I had taken so long to do this?" The touch of her soft skin, her warmth, her smell... I stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes.

Her dark brown eyes were glowing, half open, curious, trying to understand what was going on in my head. Her cheeks were still red and she was panting. I decided to risk a little, test my limits.

Without taking my eyes of hers, I started caressing the side of her belly, rising slowly over her ribs and resting my hand just below her right breast. She took a deep breath, but said nothing. A wave of anxiety and tension radiated through my body. Carla didn't take her eyes from mine, it was an ok.

I continued and felt her breast, filling my hand on that softness. Her little mouth opened into a small "o" and she sighed as my thumb stroked her erect nipple through the fabric. I climbed my other hand too, that caressed her shapely thigh, and I cupped her breasts with both hands, massaging them.

Carla began to gasp in a way so beautiful, so sincere... Her little hands clawed the fabric of the sofa. I doubted that anyone had ever touched her like that. Carefully I reached for the straps of her dress, running my fingers underneath them and down slowly, giving her time to stop me if she wanted to, which didn't happen. That kind of dress needed no bra, so those tits of average size, but perfectly shaped showed up for me. Lighter triangles marked the area where she wasn't tanned, only that lighter caramel tone remained and she had bright brown and delicate nipples.

I kissed her again as I touched her nude breasts for the first time, my thumbs playing with her nipples.

She gasped, but not as hard as she did when I took her right nipple with my mouth.

My movement was almost mechanical. I remembered Iris and the way she taught me, the way she asked me to do to help her reach the multiple orgasms that she loved. Holding firmly on the small of her back, I pulled her chest to me. When I realized I was repeating the same determined movement, licking up, down and suck her hard nipple. Meanwhile my left hand caressed her other breast. I didn't expect her reaction to be the same, since each girl has a way to make her clock tick... But I was surprised with the response.

"A-Aaaagh!" Carla let out a beautiful but ashamed moan and sighed, wriggling on the sofa and digging her fingers in the sofa's upholstery as hard as she could.

After thirty seconds I went to the other breast, doing the same thing. With my free hand I pulled and felt her leg, groped her thigh for good.

"Oh, oh my god... Ahh... Agghhh ..." She sighed, gasped, moaned almost out of control, until apparently, after almost three minutes, it was too much for her. "S-Stop... James, p-please stop..."

She was completely breathless, panting furiously. I smiled at her and she gave me an embarrassed smile with those red cheeks. The top of her dress hanging just below her tits and her beautiful long hair splayed everywhere, she looked breathtaking herself.
But I still thought I could more. I carefully slid my hand up her left thigh, reaching her inner thigh...

Carla gasped in surprise, her little body stretched out on the sofa and her little hands up, on the sides of her head, like she had surrendered, looking intensely at me with those apprehensive eyes. She sighed when I ran my hand over her panties, I caressed her flat tummy and then down, resting my fingers on the edge of her underwear. My forearm lifted the skirt of her dress, so I could see her beautiful black panties. I leaned over her again and gave her a small kiss. She trembled, but corresponded.

"You're virgin, aren't you?" I asked with my face close to hers.
"Y-yes..." She answered embarrassed.
"Okay, I'll be careful... Can I?" I asked as I stroked near that special place.

She took a deep breath and nodded.

Still looking her in the eyes I slowly slid my hand down over a thin line of pubic hair and soon finding that soft and warm fold between her legs. I cupped her cheek with one hand and stroked it, approaching to kiss her while my fingers sank lightly between her pussy lips and I could feel how wet she was.

"Huhh... James..." She moaned.
"You are spectacular... You know that?" I whispered.
"D... Don't be silly..." She said smiling between sighs, but as soon as my fingers sunk a little further among her petals she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

I started to massage her, first sliding my fingers carefully near her entrance and then up to focus on her tiny little bud. So I started to circulate it with my fingers and she began to moan again. Leaning forward, I got back to one of her nipples, taking it in my mouth and I used my body to pin hers in place, gradually moving faster.

"Huuh! Haaah! J-James... James! Nah-no, wait! Guuuh!" She began to moan loudly, writhing on the couch until she finally got where I wanted her to. "Gaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaagh! G-O-Oh God! G-Oh my gosh! Huuuuuuugh..." Her sweet voice distorted in agony, her small hands grabbing my hair firmly. She squirmed and trembled all over. Her cried moans filled the room until she collapsed. Then her little body went limp on the couch, still having spasms.

I sat on the couch, took her in my arms and put her sideways on my lap while she still felt the effects of the orgasm she'd just had.

I wiped the hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear and I took some time admiring her while she stopped shaking and her breath gradually returned to the normal, her little face snuggled on my chest.

"Are you okay?" I asked humorous.
She looked at me still very red and a little breathless. "Okay? I... I think I'm more than okay." She smiled embarrassed.

I caressed her legs while she was staring at me. I still felt her wetness on my hand, and I knew she could feel the volume in my pants.

"J-James I want it to be you..." But she was interrupted by the sound of car horn at the front of the house.
"Your mother has an impressive timing. Tomorrow we talk at school, ok?" I asked.
"Oh, of course," she answered a little disappointed, but with her mother waiting outside, there was nothing I could do.

I made sure to take her to the car, my arm around her waist to help her walk, now not only because of the drinking. Also I made a point of talking to her mother, apologizing for having served wine to her daughter.

Her mother, who looked like a slightly older version of her daughter, with an even more evident accent, didn't seem to mind at all. She not only was completely cool about it, as also answered me saying "I know you take good care of her, don't worry." And she cracked a smile full of meaning. Whoa.
"Mom!" She called indignant at her mother.

I walked around the car, kissed Carla's cheek and wished good night "Thanks for coming."
"You're welcome, dinner was great. Especially the dessert ..." She said with sort of a naughty smile.




Enzo would never understand. I needed it.

Billy was big, broad, rough-looking, always passing to and fro on his Harley. One of those guys who likes heavy metal. I had seen him looking at me three or four times, probably the way I looked like, kinda punk, it attracted him. Even though I looked so young.

So I gave him one chance to make his move and he caught it. It didn't take me long to suggest that we could have fun together. Have real fun. He didn't believe it at first... I mean, I know I look very young, at least two years younger than my seventeen years old. Also in his head a girl like me wouldn't just fall on his lap like that. If I was a normal girl, he'd be right.

I guess nobody would ever understand what went on in my head. I wasn't normal and I didn't meant to be. I didn't care. I didn't care about myself. I kept living a good life but I knew I didn't deserve it. People I loved died because of me and, since then, I'm like this. I cared about my friends a lot more than I cared for myself, that's why I didn't date James when I got the chance, even if we secretly were absurdly close to each other, that's why I didn't date Enzo either, even knowing that he has feelings for me and mask them saying that he likes Carla. I wanna get hurt, I wanna feel like I don't worth shit, but I don't want to hurt anyone in the process, that was the thought in my mind. I didn't deserve to be with any of them.

That was why I was with a guy much taller than me and probably weighing more than twice as me, sandwiching me against the back wall of the bar, kissing me like crazy. Taking the risk of being prejudiced, I thought that acting all metal head and stuff, he should be a brute. He should be violent. And that's what I wanted.

"You're a very naughty girl, you know?" He said lifting me by the waist.

I bit his lower lip. He groaned and growled.

"Take me to the truck and I will show you how much," I said with his lip between my teeth.

He laughed and threw me over his shoulder. I gave a small shriek, it was fun. Billy then took me into the double cab truck he used to go to work with and that was parked near us. Once there he threw me on the seat, came in and closed the door. As he came in he laid on top of me, pinning me underneath him and began to kiss and nibble my neck, then as soon as he came down a little more, nibbling my collarbone, he threatened:

"So little one, where is the naughty girl now?" He said, nibbling around my right breast and looked at me.
"Go for it, bite me, I'm not wearing a bra..." I said looking at him with a provocative look.

He took a while thinking, looking confused. Then he buried his face between my breasts and took a deep breath.

"You smell of family girl. How can you be so sassy? You're not afraid of what I might do to you?" He asked honestly.
"No..." I replied.
"So if I just put you on all fours here and shove everything I have into you, it's all right?" He asked that grinning mischievously, trying to intimidate me.
"Want me to take my shorts off for you?" I replied.
"Jesus..." He said confused and sitting on the driver's seat of the truck like he was trying to figure me out.

My God, that guy was frustrating.

"You know what, I'm tired," I said opening the passenger door, leaving the car and slamming it close.
"No. No, no, no! Wait!" He screamed from inside the car but I had already left. I walked away quickly by the back garden that separated the bar and the back wall of a department store, closed at this late hour. I didn't want to meet with Enzo again, in case he was still in the bar, that garden would lead to the park of the town.

Billy came out of the truck and ran up to me, but I kept walking. "Hold on girl!"
"No way, you had your chance," I said walking fast through the dark part of the garden, near the wall.

Then he grabbed my arm and pushed me into the wall, pinning me from behind and pressing my cheek against it.

"Hey, what you think you're doing!?" I said through gritted teeth.
"You know exactly what I'm doing!" He said, getting away from my hands and unbuttoning my shorts, pulling it down by force.
"Stop it Billy!" I squealed trying to stop him in any way I could.
"Put your hands on the wall or I'll hit your face on it!" He said pressing my face against it again... Trembling and feeling my heart racing like crazy I put my hands on the wall. We were in the open... I didn't care about what he was going to do to me, but what if Enzo came looking for me and sees this?

He undid my shorts along with my panties on a single pull down, after he was done opening its button and zipper. He used his weight to make me bend a little and when I realized, I already felt him poking me down there. Luckily for me, I was ready for him. Billy pulled my hair and yanked my head back as he used his other hand to guide himself to my opening.

Billy tried to get inside me once and failed when his dick misplaced and slipped.

"Fuck, you're tight!" He stated satisfied and soon I felt he forcing his way inside me, thrusting hard and he entered me.
"A-Aaaagh!" I groaned. I wasn't as prepared as I thought, not to how horny I must had let him. He shoved everything he could in a single thrust and I stretched too fast. I felt a stinging pain down there, making me squeal.

Once he felt confident enough to do so he began to move, forcing me against the wall every time he thrust in, my breasts and my chin pressed against it as he didn't let my hair go and I was forced to arc my back. That was what I wanted. My could hear my pulse in my ears, adrenaline rushing and my heart beating wildly. There was a guy practically forcing me to have sex with him in a public place, doing me roughly. The crude way how he got in hurt me and it made me even more excited. If I was to be happy, if I had to have sex, it had to be like that. Used like the little piece of shit that I was...

"Here, babe! That's what you wanted, wasn't it?" He said in my ear while I could hear the slapping sound of him pushing into me.
"Y-Yes... Yes..." I said gasping, tears rolling down my cheek while I was lost somewhere between pain, disgust and that fulfilling pleasure.

The position didn't let him get too deep inside me, but it felt like he was stretching me more than it should. He moved in and out quickly, furiously, and each thrust inside made me gasp and groan.

"Huh...! Ugh Oh-Ouch... F-fuck ... Fuck me harder Bi-Billy... P-Please..." I begged and he answered, hitting me even harder against the wall.
"T-Take it, baby!" He smashed me against the wall like I was nothing. The strength he used... I started to feel him reaching deeper and deeper inside me, his pelvis beating frantically in my white tiny ass.

Soon he began to pant, as if about to end. I didn't want it to end, but didn't know if I could take much more of that before really starting to cry. My small entrance was burning and I had lost myself to the feeling.

"P-Please hit m-me..." I whispered to him.
"What?" He asked lifting me up a bit by the hair and holding his hard cock all the way inside me. I had to stay tiptoed.
"A-Aaagh! S-spank me Billy..." I begged louder and he laughed maliciously.

Billy pulled out of me making a sloshing sound, then shoved it all back inside of me in a single thrust. I opened my eyes wide and gasped, while he hit a hard slap on my ass.

"GUUUUUUAAAAHH!" I squealed loudly, forgetting absolutely where I was.
"Fuck! I felt you twitch inside!" He said and SLAP! Hit another big slap.
"HUUUUUNGH!" I groaned louder, feeling my right ass cheek on fire and all my inner muscles contracting.
"J-Jesus! Fu-Fuck! Aaagh!" I felt him exploding inside of me, gushes after gushes inundating my sore insides and soon after his weight falling over my back as he shuddered.

Fifteen seconds later he withdrew from me and I felt the hot liquid running down my left thigh. I kept leaning with my hands and forehead on the wall while my legs trembled. He leaned back on the wall while straightening his pants and closing the zipper.

"Fuck yeah! That was a good fuck, baby! Need help? A tissue, a ride home? You name it." He asked, lighting a cigarette.

I looked at the candescent tip of the cigarette and began to straighten myself, pulling my panties and shorts up not caring about the condition I was.

"N-No, I'm fine," I said even knowing that I should look like crap. "Could you give me a cigarette? I'll walk home."
"Are you sure? It can be dangerous, not that I think that it would scare a girl like you," he said pulling out another cigarette from his pocket and lighting it on his own.
"Yeah... Don't worry about me," I said, but my voice barely went out. I took the cigarette and I stepped away from him.
"See you again?" He asked hopeful.
"Sure, who knows..." I braced myself until I turned the corner, then I had to hold back on the wall to keep myself from falling. My legs were shaking so much that I couldn't walk straight.

Then I pulled back the sleeve of my jacket until the elbow and took the cigarette that didn't even touch my lips. I saw the other three burning marks on it, took a deep breath and I put out the lit cigarette on the inner side of my forearm.

"Guuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh..." I stifled a scream, threw the cigarette away and kept walking, or trying to walk, while I pulled down the sleeve, covering the new mark in my arm.

That's when I saw a figure beneath the shadows of a tree of the near park, watching me from the dark and walking parallel to me. Whoever it was, if he stood there for the last minutes, he could have seen or even heard the entire scene.

Before I could turn back running to the bar he went through a lit part of the garden...

It was the new history teacher, Mr. Carmani, which just faced me for a feel seconds before he turn on his heels and take his own path.

Oh my god...


Planned to the next chapter: Enzo discovers something interesting about Jeremy... Something that will mess with Karen's head. Carla asks James a birthday gift and Jessica faces Mr. Carmani.

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