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Claire's reluctant work at the woman-demeaning lobby group "Titcage" is transforming her life into that of a slut.
Chapter 23

At work the next day, Claire’s “panties” for the day turned out to be a Slut Stick.

“Just keep it jammed up your cunt, there, Fucktwat, and every thirty minutes or so swap it with the one you’re licking,” said Michael.

Claire slid the candy into her pussy, unhappy about her cunt being filled with, effectively, pig cum, but unwilling to say no.

She took out her frustration on Samantha.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said. ‘Did anyone say you could wear panties today?’

‘What… but I thought….’ said Samantha unhappily.

‘Take them off and put them on your desk. And your bra too, for being such a stupid fuck-up.’

Samantha was able to get her bra off without taking off her shirt. Her pink lacy bra looked cute lying on her desk, next to the more conservative cotton panties she’d worn to try and escape Claire’s attention.

Claire liked looking at the little slut sitting there with no underwear trying to do her work, but she remembered the girl giggling at her yesterday, and decided she wasn’t satisfied. She watched Samantha covertly until the girl had to pee, and then followed her into the toilets and pointedly watched as she undressed and urinated. It made Claire horny so she began to fuck the Slut Stick in and out of her pussy as she watched. She didn’t care that Samantha was looking at her and judging her. If she dared to say anything Claire would just treat her even worse. She didn’t. The little bitch just kept her mouth shut and tried to pretend Claire wasn’t there as she pissed.

Back at her work station, Claire found that regularly swapping the Slut Sticks between her cunt and her mouth left her tongue constantly tasting her own cunt juices. It was a nice taste and it mixed well with the basic salty-sugary taste of the cum candy.
Jim came over around 10.30 for a blowjob, and Claire enthusiastically sucked his dick and drank his sperm. About fifteen minutes later David visited for the same reason, and Claire was somewhat less enthusiastic about swallowing his cum. Nevertheless she complied; she would rather be in control of the experience that have him just using her head as a masturbation aid again.

A bit later Michael called her into his office. It turned out that he, too, wanted to sample her mouth. He pushed her down to her knees when she entered, and then took out his penis and pushed it into her mouth. Claire suckled on it until Michael orgasmed in her mouth, and quickly swallowed his sperm.

“You’re getting quite a reputation for your blowjobs, Fucktwat,” said Michael as he did up his pants. “I hear you’ll just let anyone put their dick in your mouth.”

“No,” said Claire, “that’s not…”

SLAP! Michael hit her hard on the cheek. Claire was shocked. No one had ever hit her like that before.

“Have you forgotten your X grade rules already, Twat? Never enter an argument with a man. Let’s try that again. I hear you’ll just let anyone put their dick in your mouth.”

Claire felt tears coming on. Her cheek hurt. She was confused, and answered in the way she knew Michael wanted. “Yes, I do.”

“Do what?” asked Michael.

“Let anyone who wants to put their dick in my mouth,” sobbed Claire.

“And you like sucking cock, don’t you?”

“Yes,” sobbed Claire. And she knew it was basically true.

“Well, that’s settled then. I’ll just let everyone know the rumour is true.” He went to his computer and typed out a short whole-of-office email.

To: All Staff
Just had Fucktwat in here giving me a blowjob. She tells me she likes sucking cock and that anyone who wants to put their dick in her mouth is welcome to do so. Good news!

He attached a photo from this morning of Claire pushing a Slut Stick into her twat, and then showed it to the sobbing Claire before pushing “send”. Claire felt humiliated and scared. Were people going to treat it seriously?

“I also have some extra work for you, seeing as you’re the blowjob expert around here. One of our offices has put together a manual for men about how to get the most out of a slut’s mouth. I’d like you to take it, proof the text, arrange the layout, and find some illustrative images so that we can publish it. It should be educational for you too. Once we have a final product we can keep a few copies on your desk for you to distribute. You’ll find the text in your inbox. Oh, also, I want you to think of something useful to add to the text.”

When she came out of Michael’s office she could already hear the new girls giggling, and from the way they avoided her eye she knew they were giggling at Michael’s email about her. She blushed, and felt her pussy clamp tightly around the slut stick buried inside it. She ignored them and sat at her desk, clipped her pussy ring in place, and looked at the file Michael had sent her.

It was a series of short paragraphs, clearly intended to be laid out one paragraph to a page, with an image on each page. The first paragraph read:

“Your Blowjob Slut
Women are basically a life support system for three dick-warming holes - their cunt, their anus and their mouth. They have legs to let them bring their holes over to you, arms to help them stimulate your dick and guide it into their holes, and tits and hair to give you handholds to control them while you fuck them. This guide covers proper use of your slut’s mouth.”

Claire had to read the paragraph three times before she accepted she’d read it correctly. It was incredibly offensive and degrading even for Titcage. Was that really how they saw women? But she knew that it was.

She was about to move onto the second paragraph when she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning her around in her chair. It was Roger from legal, a big bearded man, and his cock was already out and pointing at her face. She tried to jerk away from him, but had forgotten she was chained to her chair by her clitoris, and the sudden blinding pain in her vagina made her stop wriggling. Roger’s cock poked at her lips and, rather than be slapped again, Claire obediently opened up and took it into her mouth.

Roger came quickly, and thanked her when he was done. Claire drank a glass of cordial to wash the sticky sperm down her throat, and then turned back to the document. Was this really going to happen? Were people just going to fuck her mouth whenever they wanted? Was she going to let them?

“Getting Your Cock Into Her Mouth
Women were made to suck on your cock. Don’t ask for consent. Just stuff your dick into her mouth. If she won’t open up, try slapping her face or pinching her nipples. The pain may make her open her mouth. If that still doesn’t work, try threatening to rape her pussy if she won’t suck you off, or threaten her tits with permanent damage. A good slut will know what you want and open her mouth when she sees your crotch coming. Reward good sluts by stroking their faces.”

“Protecting Your Cock
The easiest way to protect your cock during a blowjob is to fit the slut with a ring gag. This will let her use her tongue but not her teeth. Other ways include holding a weapon to her, or attaching a firm clamp to her clitoris with a long chain, allowing you to painfully pull her clit to discipline her, or, in the case of her using her teeth, rip the clit off entirely.”

Another man was waiting for a blowjob as she finished this passage. She didn’t even know his name. She took her Slut Stick out of her mouth and obediently opened up to let the cock in. She sucked him to orgasm, and then went back to the document.

“Controlling Your Slut
Sluts have several useful handholds to help you control them. You should try grabbing her hair tightly, or her ears, or, if you can reach them, her tits. All of these make good handles for pulling her around and controlling her movement. You should make use of these even if your slut is behaving herself. It’s important that sluts know they are not in control of who uses them or how they are used. Good sluts will keep their hair in a ponytail or pigtail to make it more effective as a handle. They will also have pierced nipples with rings fitted, allowing you to connect chains or other tit-leashes for easier handling. Some sluts will even have their noses pierced with rings, allowing you to clip her face directly to your belt.”

The next man could see this paragraph on Claire’s screen, and even though she willingly opened to her mouth to take in his cock, he grabbed her hair and used it to bounce her face painfully up and down on his dick. He reached down into her shirt and began pinching her nipples for a couple of minutes immediately prior to cumming down her throat.

By this time Claire was aware of several things. The first was that she had swallowed six loads of cum already today and it wasn’t even lunchtime. The second was that her pussy was dripping wet and she was leaving a sopping wet stain on her seat. She promised herself she would go to the toilet and take care of it after reading just one more paragraph.

“How She Should Treat Your Cum.
Obviously a slut who spits out your cum deserves to be beaten viciously and then raped. Do not hold back if you find an ungrateful whore like this. Assuming that you’ve found a slut smart enough to retain your sperm, she has several options. Some sluts will swallow your sperm immediately. This is probably because they are addicted to cum and can’t help themselves. You may tolerate these girls but it is also acceptable to slap them to help them learn. A good slut will instead open her mouth to show you the cum, and await orders. At this point you might tell her “Swallow”, and let her drink it. But you also may want her to swap it into the mouth of another slut, or dribble it over her tits or pussy. Or even just hold it in her mouth and enjoy the taste for a half-hour or more.”

Claire wished she could masturbate properly right here in the seat, but the clitoris ring being connected to the chair made it hard to access her sluthole. She was about to get up and go to the toilet to address her horniness when another man turned up. She recognised him as Stefan, a clerk. She took his dick into her mouth, sucked it to orgasm, and then opened her mouth to show him the sperm pooling on her tongue.

He smiled down at her and said, “You can swallow, Twat.” She did. Then she stuck her Slut Stick back into her mouth, unclipped herself from the chair, and ran to the toilet. Once inside, she pulled off her clothes as fast as she could, leaving herself completely naked, and then began frantically masturbating while beginning the process of relaxing her bladder.

She was just starting to piss when the door opened and Sluthole came in. Claire had thankfully avoided her cruel co-worker for the past couple of days, but now, completely naked and with her fingers jammed up her twat, there was no way for Claire to escape her. Sluthole pulled off her own clothes, revealing that perfect pussy, and then marched up to Claire and grabbed her by the nipples.

‘I want what the men are getting, Fucktwat,’ whispered Sluthole in Claire’s ear. At first Claire didn’t understand, but then Sluthole began to pull down on Claire’s nipples, forcing Claire to descend to her knees. Once Claire was kneeling on the ground, Sluthole stepped forward with her legs spread, pushing her shaved cunt into Claire’s face.

‘Lick,’ she commanded. Claire was horrified. She didn’t want to be a lesbian with Sluthole. She didn’t want to lick Sluthole’s pussy. But Sluthole had transferred her grip to Claire’s hair, and was using it to pull Claire’s face painfully against Sluthole’s crotch. Claire felt the soft flesh of Sluthole’s twat press wetly against her face, and even with her mouth closed she was forced to breathe in the scent of Sluthole’s sex through her nose.

Sluthole reached down and painfully slapped Claire’s cheek. ‘Lick,’ she commanded again. Reluctantly, Claire opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and began to lap at the salty skin of Sluthole’s labia.

Sluthole sighed happily, and spread her legs a little more. She placed one foot way to the side of Claire, but put the other directly between Claire’s legs, so that the arch of her foot pressed against Claire’s cunt. She flexed it and Claire felt her cunt spasm happily at the pressure.

‘Keep licking,’ said Sluthole, ‘and piss.’

Claire tentatively licked more at Sluthole’s labia, and then began to pry deeper into the slut’s fuckhole with her tongue, finding the little nub of Sluthole’s clitoris, and the warm, firm entrance to her whore-tunnel. Honestly, it tasted good. A little like cordial, a little like Kitten, a little like her own cunt juices. She pushed her tongue further into Sluthole’s cum-catcher, exploring for the whore’s salty nectar.

Unbidden, she reached down to her own pussy and began to rub it, as best as she could with Sluthole’s foot pressed against it. She pulled happily on her clitoris ring, and pinched her labia, and felt her cunt squeeze tightly in response. At the same time, she relaxed her bladder, and began to hesitantly urinate on Sluthole’s foot.

With those first drops of piss, there came a terrible shock. No sooner had Sluthole felt the warm liquid on her foot, than Sluthole herself began to urinate. Claire went rigid with shock as urine spurted from Sluthole’s urethra and splattered on her face. Her own piss dried up and she closed her mouth in horrror.

Sluthole was quick to slap her painfully again. ‘Keep licking and keep pissing, or I’ll report you for disobeying a superior’s command.’

Claire started to cry. This was degrading and sick and she just wanted to go home and hide. It seemed like in a single day she’d turned from a slightly slutty office worker into a toilet for people to dump their semen and piss into. This wasn’t her. (But it was, the voice in her head told her.) She didn’t know what to do. But she didn’t want to tell her parents she’d been fired for not letting a girl piss on her.

Unhappily, tears running down her cheeks, she went back to licking and sucking Sluthole’s cunt. And, after some internal struggle with her own unwilling bladder muscles, she began to piss again as well.

As soon as she started to piss, Sluthole started as well. It was so well-timed that Claire couldn’t shake the feeling she was pissing on her own face. The majority struck her on the nose and cheeks, but with her mouth open and her tongue extended, a large part of it ended up in her mouth.

Claire was ashamed and mortified to have a girl pissing on her face, but she was even more mortified by what happened when she tasted the piss on her tongue. It immediately brought on a whole host of associations - the taste of her own piss as she masturbated, and the horniness and arousal that went with that experience; the taste of cordial, and the way it made her feel happy and hydrated, and the association that this was an okay drink to enjoy and drink a lot of; and the feeling of kissing and being masturbated by Kitten as she lay on Kitten’s floor in a piss-wet shirt. It felt like being nourished, and like being loved, and it felt like sex. In short, it felt good.

Her cunt spasmed violently and she orgasmed right there on the spot, with the feeling of more orgasms around the corner. And without any conscious thought, without being able to control it, she moved her mouth up on Sluthole’s cunt to be directly kissing Sluthole’s urethra. With her tongue she could flick Sluthole’s clitoris even as Sluthole pissed directly into Claire’s mouth.

Sluthole’s foot shifted, and Claire felt the bitch’s toes pressing into the opening of her vagina. She shifted to give the foot better access, humping her hips to fuck her cunt against the foot. She rubbed and spanked her pussy, partly trying to stimulate it and partly trying to hurt it. And she eagerly sucked at Sluthole’s twat, convulsively swallowing to keep up with the flow of urine into her mouth.

She came two more times before Sluthole herself orgasmed. By then both girls had empty bladders, and Sluthole had managed to work all five toes into Claire’s cunt. Sluthole shuddered, and then pushed Claire’s face away, and withdrew her foot.

‘Good slut,’ muttered Sluthole, patting the confused and degraded Claire on the head. Flushed and panting, the cruel bitch looked around, and then looked down at the pool of piss beneath Claire’s crotch.

“I’ll give you two choices, for being such a good slut, Fucktwat,” she said. “You can either go back to your workstation without washing up in any way, with my piss and cunt juices smeared on your face, or you can dip your bra in the urine and put it back on all wet and arm after you’ve washed your body.”

Then she left. Claire sat there for a long time, in her puddle of piss. At first she was simply stunned, but then she started crying. What had happened was unthinkable. Unforgivable. If one of her friends had told her that they’d drunk a girl’s piss while licking her cunt, she would never be able to look at that girl the same again. She’d think the girl was a disgusting trollop of a slut. And now Claire was that girl.

Slowly, Claire got up, took her bra, and dipped it in the urine, until it was soaked through. Then she put it back on the clothes bench, and thoroughly washed her face, cunt and body. Finally, she re-dressed, sticking the Slut Stick back in her cunt, and encasing her boobs in the wet, pissy bra.

She thought she would be able to hide her slutty attire but the piss was already soaking through her shirt by the time she left the bathroom. Her wet bra was clearly visible through the thin material of her shirt, and the yellow stains it was leaving on her shirt hinted at what it was wet with. Plus, it smelled of piss, which reminded Claire of her degradation but also, infuriatingly, was making her horny again.

She looked at the blowjob manual on her screen. She knew now what she should add to it. She started crying as she typed, as she couldn’t believe she was suggesting anyone should do this to a girl, but she knew that it fit, and she could practically hear the words in her heard, spoken in her own voice, telling her that she deserved this.

“Other uses for a slut’s mouth.
Cum isn’t the only thing that sluts can suck from your cock. If your bladder is feeling full, try pissing in a slut’s mouth. Make sure you control her head tightly so she can’t pull away when she tastes the piss, and if necessary hold her nose shut to ensure she swallows all your urine. There’s no reason to ever urinate in a toilet if you have a well-trained slut handy, and the taste of your piss will remind her of her place in life.”

Sure enough, when she was done with the paragraph, she felt herself being turned around again to face another cock. It was Jim’s again, rock hard and ready for sucking. He looked down at her pissy shirt, and then over at the text of her screen, and then at the tears drying on her cheeks. He reached out and stroked her hair, and then pulled her head down towards his dick. Claire opened up and took it in.

She sucked on it affectionately, trying her best to please Jim, hoping that he would be content with cumming in her mouth. Soon enough he orgasmed, filling her mouth with sperm, which she swallowed eagerly. But, as she had feared, he didn’t take his cock out of her mouth after cumming. Instead, he waited, and moments later, just as Claire had feared, she felt hot urine start to wash over her tongue. She started crying again as she swallowed Jim’s piss. She had liked Jim, and thought him the nicest boy in the office, and now he was using her as a toilet.

She must deserve this, she thought, swallowing the piss. She must be such a slut if even the nice boys pissed in her mouth. And the worst part was that she started wiggling her hips as she drank, to make the clitoris ring that was clipped to the chair tug painfully on her clit, to stimulate herself, trying to orgasm with a mouthful of urine. She couldn’t cum, of course, and so when Jim’s bladder was empty, and he wiped his dick clean on her face and went back to his desk, Claire was left with the taste of piss in her mouth and a hopelessly drooling twat.

(To be continued...)


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