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I was a uniform Police Officer in Bakersfield in 1971. Janet was a young lady in distress I met at the local Pancake House late one night.
Before I begin my story I will give you some background. The following is a true story that happened to me in 1971. I have changed the names of the involved persons for obvious reasons. I joined the PD in the late sixties starting out as a Patrol Officer. When this happened I was a seasoned officer, 26 years old. I was working midnights in an east side district. It was one of those cold nasty nights in winter, with not much going on. I stopped at Farmer Johns after the bars had closed for my lunch break. Two of my Police Officer buddies were with me, however they were off duty;. We had just recieved our meal order when we were approached by a young woman, obviously in distress, who appealed to us, asking "I need help, why won't anyone help me?" My two buddies just continued to stare at their plates and didn't say a word. I will never forget this woman.. She was in her early 20's, about 5'8" or so, with a fine set of breasts, at least a c or d cup. She was dressed nicely, wearing a off white silk button up shirt, with a square cut shirt tail, worn outside her beige stirrup pants. She was wearing white horn rimmed glasses, that made her look geeky. I love women. I noticed that she had very pretty features, a clear complexion, and shoulder length brown hair, and full lips. In short she was a real beauty! I immediately responded "Ill help you" "Whats wrong" I then stood up and walked over to where she was standing. She was very distraught. She told me that she had to be in Lemore, Ca, tomorrow morning to start her new job, and she was afraid she wouldn't make it because her car wouldn't start. Im somewhat of a backyard mechanic, so I offered, lets have a look at it. We went outside and her car, was a beige Valiant convertible, with a tan top. I confirmed the battery was low and she told me her name was Janet. She added that she must have left the lights on and ran down the battery while in the restaurant, and she would be fine if she could get a jump start. I told her I would call a tow company to have her car jumped, and she replied she didn't have the money for the service. I said "Im an AAA member, and their service is free for me". I called the com center and ordered a AAA tow truck. While we were waiting I asked Janet what kind of a job she was going to report to tomorrow. Much to my surprise, she told me she was a stripper. WoW! I inquired as to why she was traveling at this time of night, and she explained that strippers work at different clubs for about six weeks, and they have overnight to report to the next club;. I think that her last gig was in Las Vegas, but Im a little hazy on that point, Now I was extremely cold, as I had left my uniform jacket inside the restaurant, and my wool uniform didn't keep me that warm, and despite my best efforts, I was shivering. Janet noticed and said "You're cold" and hugged me tightly, pressing her large firm breasts into my chest. Oh my goodness. Soon I was not cold any more. Janet was extremely grateful and invited me to come up to Lemore and visit her. I didn't see how I possibly could as I was married, but I told her maybe and that I would like to visit her. The tow truck had finished starting the Valiant, and she drove off in the darkness. I went back in the restaurant to a cold meal.
I didn't think any more about Janet for about a week, until my days off. At that point in my career I had days off in the middle of the week, so one night, I think a Tuesday, after an argument with my then wife, I decided to go drinking. I went to several bars and had a couple of beers there, but mostly it was just me and the bartender. Then I had the bright idea of driving to Lemore to visit Janet. Hum…So I put gas in my 69 Chevy pickup, and headed north. When I arrived in Lemore, which you all know is a Navy town, I sopped at the busiest bar I could find. I walked in and found it quite crowded, mostly with young good looking women. I sat down at the only vacant spot at the bar, next to two good looking women, and Ill be a son of a bitch, they picked me up. This is the only time in my life I have been picked up, anywhere. We talked for a while, and the two girls suggested we change locations. I suggested the club where Janet was working, and they replied "You don't want to go there, its a strip joint" "Come on we will take you the this other whats happening bar" I agreed and we left the bar. When we were about halfway to my pickup, I had the overwhelming desire to kiss the better looking of the two girls. I put my arms around her, and bent her over a nearby car, with a hot passionate kissing session. I always loved to french kiss, the wetter the better. The other girl waited patiently, gazing off into the distance. It was fun. We then drove to the bar recommended by the two girls, and found it to be deserted. We had a couple of beers there, and I again asked them to come with me to the club where Janet worked. I had not mentioned that I was going to meet Janet there. The girls declined, but gave me clear directions to the club. I offered them a ride back to the first bar, but they declined, saying that they would find a ride back there later with one of their friends.
I then drove to Janets club, noting it was much like an auditorium. I don't remember the name of it right now. I went inside and observed that nothing much was going on. A waitress walked up to me asking if she could help me. I asked if Janet was working tonight. She said she was and asked my name, which I will omit here. She led me into an auditorium, you know the type, angled floor, seats close together, facing a stage, with aisles on each side, leading backstage, and one larger one in the middle. I waited while she went backstage and pretty soon she walked out followed by Janet. Janet stopped and peeked out from behind a curtain looking at me until she recognized me. Then she came running out and jumped on me, arms around my neck, legs locked around my waist, her lips locked on mine. I thought this was a little strange because we hadn't kissed during our brief meeting a week or so ago. But I was not complaining, she was an excellent kisser. She was wearing blue baby doll see thru pjs, and nothing else. I loved it. We talked for a few minutes, and I asked when she was off . She said not till 2A, but as it was quiet tonight, she thought she could get off early.. She was gone for a few minutes and came back dressed casually in leans and a T-shirt. She was not wearing those awful horn rimmed glasses. I was hungry so I suggested dinner, although late, and she said she was hungry too. We went to a local restaurant, and had breakfast, which is my favorite meal. I asked her if we could go back to her place, and she told me "I didn't know you were really going to come up and visit, so I am staying in the dorm, and they don't allow men in there" " But Ill go to a motel with you". I said OK and we began looking for a decent motel. We drove past a nice looking one and Janet looked questioningly at me. I said "I don't have any cash with me, all I have is my Mobil credit card, so we need a motel which will accept that. A couple of more motels and we saw the Flying Red JackAss emblem, so we stopped and checked in. When we got into the room, I got a close look at Janet. She was beautiful. I didn't notice any makeup, she didn't need it. Peaches an cream complexion, full lips, brownish hair shoulder length. WoW. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. We kissed and our tongues wrestled. It was great. I suggested a shower together, which she readily agreed to. As I began taking off my clothes, I marveled at Janet's beauty. She took off her T-shirt, I don't remember if she was wearing a bra or not. Her bare breasts were quite firm, with a pink areola, about the size of a 50 cent piece. Her nipples were getting hard. Janet then tool off her pants, and I noticed she kept her pubic area trimmed and the hair was brown. She has a flat stomach, gorgeous legs and thighs perfectly proportioned. I could see at once she had a perfect body, just right for a stripper. Again, I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she was beautiful. We got into the shower and had fun soaping each other up, touching and caressing each other and kissing. She was hot. After the shower we got on the bed. Kissing touching and licking. For me one of the best things about sex is licking pussy. I can go for hours. Well seems like it. I just love it. I made her cum a couple of times, licking and touching her pussy and clit. I wish I could say I have an 8 inch cock, alas it is only about 6 inches on a good day, and this was a good day. I was pretty horny as I hadn't had sex in at least a week or so, and couldn't wait to get going. We started out missionary with her feet behind her ears, she was very tight, even though she told me she has a son. Next I rolled her over and did her doggy. What a beautiful girl, so hot. She sucked my cock a while, but I wanted to cum in her cunt. We finished up missionary, which is my favorite position. I knew I was going to cum in her, I was extremely exited and just didn't think about protection. I pounded her good, and squirted a large load deep in her pussy. Although I wanted to spend the night, it was not possible, as I had to work, all too soon. We basked in the afterglow for a while, talking and giggling about her Valiants low battery and the tow truck driver. I made my excuses and drove Janet back to the club. I reluctantly returned to Bakersfield, arriving just after daybreak. When I walked in the front door, I expected my then wife to be irate, so I called out in a loud voice "Does anybody want to Fuck"? She didn't answer. and tried to act like she was sleeping. When I came in the bedroom, she sat up, and said something to me(I don't remember what) and I undressed and went to sleep. My wife went to work and never mentioned me staying out all night. Years later I found out that she had been seeing one of her coworkers frequently. I am not the jealous type, and probably would have joined them had I walked in when they were fucking. Later in my life I had my fortune read. I was told that I had 5 children, 3 boys, and 2 girls. Well, I know of only 4 children, 3 boys, and 1 girl. I never saw Janet again. I always wondered.


2014-01-22 21:59:10
Thanks for the constructive criticism. Although I have written many police reports, I am a novice at writing a story. I realized I should have broken up the story a little more after I posted it.


2014-01-22 04:52:13
Two minor points:
- - The wall of words is off-putting - try breaking the story into visible paragraphs by breaking individual thoughts into their own paragraph and then putting an extra blank line between the paragraphs themselves.
- - More deion - you had a lot of visual deion but almost no tactile or taste. The different senses will add length and time reading to your story as well as depth.

Other than the points above, your story was well written. I would enjoy seeing more of your work.

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