Lexi is prepared for her birthday celebration
Daddy Aquires Lexi

Lexi is prepared for her birthday celebration

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Chapter 6

The morning after her adoption proceedings was Saturday, and Lexi was going to spend the day getting ready for her birthday celebration. I rose relatively late, and let Lexi sleep for awhile longer, as today and tonight she was going to need all of the energy she could muster. I made coffee, and sat down at my computer to check what happened to the stock market and my investments yesterday. After a few minutes, I shut the computer down, and just sat and thought that Lexi was now my daughter and my responsibilities were just beginning. I was giving thought that some of my interest income should go into a college fund for her. I’d have to explore the tax implications of a college savings fund.

After about an hour, I softly walked into Lexi’s room and stood by her bed and watched her sleep. She wore one of my T-shirts with nothing else. She was lying on her back, her hair beautifully mussed, and the T-shirt rode up showing off her absolutely stunning pussy. My god! She was so breathtakingly beautiful! The absolute personification of young and desirable female beauty! It dawned on me how much I loved and cherished her, and not necessarily in a fatherly way.

Leaning over, I softly kissed her cheek and whispered that it was time to get up. “Happy birthday, beautiful girl. You have a busy day ahead of you.”

Her eyes fluttered open and seeing me, she got a huge smile on her face, “Good morning, Daddy. Not to mention a really busy night. At least I hope so. All of my dreams will come true tonight, right Daddy? You promise that you’re going to truly make me yours?” she asked with such love in her eyes and hope in her voice. “I’ll always want to be yours, Daddy.” Saying this, my lovely lolita slowly raised the T-shirt more and spread her legs. “This will be yours tonight, Daddy. I can’t wait to give it to you.”

“I’ll always want you to be mine, my darling daughter. We’re a family now, I will always love you,” I whispered with tears forming in my eyes. “You have to go to Maggie’s shop sweetheart to pick out a dress for our date tonight. While you’re in the shower, I’ll fix you some breakfast,” I said gazing at her lovely snatch.

It took all of my will power, but I turned and quietly walked out the door.

While I fixed Lexi a small omelet and toast, I heard the shower going, and later, a hair dryer. She walked into the kitchen with her full, dark hair cascading down her back, with curls framing her face. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a frilly, off white feminine blouse, the top 2 buttons unbuttoned. 2” heels completed the outfit. Jesus H. Christ! I couldn’t believe how beautiful this girl was. She was turning 13 today, and it may be odd to think, but she was fuckable personified! This girl oozed sensuality. And to think that she was all mine!

I poured myself another cup of coffee, and sat down and watched her eat her breakfast. Maggie had taught her well in the most graceful feminine behaviors, even eating. When she was finished, she put her dishes in the sink, and got her jacket. “I’m all ready to go, Daddy,” she announced.

Helping her with her jacket, I picked up my keys and we walked out to the car. I opened her door for her, and she sensuously slid in. I went to the driver’s side and got in. She kept her seatbelt loose so she could lean close to me, and she put her hand on my thigh. I put mine over hers, and we just held hands for the short drive to the mall. I dropped her off at the entrance closest to Maggie’s store, and went downtown to pick up Lexi’s birthday present, paid my attorney for his excellent work, and checked in at the real estate office. Then, I went home and cleaned the kitchen and looking forward to tonight’s activities, took a nap.

Lexi got out of the car, and walked into Maggie’s store and found Maggie ringing up a customer’s purchase. Noticing the adolescent sex bomb, Maggie finished her sale and came around the counter and gave Lexi a big hug and a small kiss on the lips. Taking Lexi by the hand, Maggie pulled her into her office. Putting their arms around each other, their lips frantically came together and opened for invading tongues.

“God, Lexi. You look very beautiful today. Even good enough to eat,” whispered Maggie. “Which I would love to do right now. But we can’t. We have to get you ready for your big date tonight. Happy birthday, by the way.”

“Oh Maggie, I want you to eat me. And I want to do the same to you. I’m getting wet just thinking of us doing each other,” Lexi admitted.

Smiling, Maggie was thinking that ‘this is only the beginning, you hot, little sexpot.’

“Daddy told me that you were coming out to eat with us. Tell me it’s true, Maggie! We want you to be with us so much!”

“Yes, sweetheart, I’ll be with you tonight.”

“And Maggie, are you going to be with us, ummm later?” Lexi tentatively asked. “I really hope that you’re going to stay. I may have some questions. I’m thinking that I may need you. I probably won’t know all I should do, or how to do it.”

Wrapping her arms around the young girl, and placing her hands on Lexi’s rounded, firm ass and pulling her firm young body to her, Maggie looked into her lovely brown eyes, and asked: “Are you saying that you won’t know what to do with your daddy’s beautiful hard cock? That you won’t know how to suck it? You won’t know what to do with his most precious gift that he’ll be giving you?”

Beginning to get the young lolita worked up, Maggie kept up with her lewd questions. “You’ll be receiving his cum tonight. Have you thought where you wanted it? You’ve tasted his cum, haven’t you? Can you imagine how his cock will look with its purple head, so hard for you? I’m sure you want to suck his heavenly cock and want him to squirt his cum in your mouth, don’t you? Can you imagine how his hard cock will feel in your mouth with your beautiful lips sucking it, trying to make him cum? Can you imagine what it would feel like to have your mouth full of his sweet tasting, delicious cum? And of course, we’re expecting you to show us your mouthful before you swallow his precious gift. Are you saying that you won’t know how to suck his cock? I rather doubt it.”

“Oh god, Maggie, please don’t do this,” Lexi cried. “I’m getting wet already! Now you’ve got me thinking about his cock and what we’ll be doing tonight! Maggie, what am I going to do? I can’t go around with soaked panties all day, and they’re getting wetter and wetter! I can’t help it!”

“You poor, horny girl. You need your daddy’s cock so badly don’t you? You need your daddy to give you your first mind blowing fuck don’t you? Imagine how incredible his cock will feel sliding deep into your soaked pussy,” Maggie taunted, squeezing and rubbing the adolescent’s butt cheeks. “His cock sliding in and out of your cunt will be pure heaven. I can smell your juices, Lexi. Don’t you wish your daddy was here so he could smell them too? Then he’d know you were ready for him. For his awesome, hard cock. But, right now we have to find a dress for you for tonight.”

“Maggie!” Lexi wailed, “What am I going to do? I’m soaked! Please get a pad for me! God, I can smell it too.”

“I’ll get you a pad, my horny, soaked girl,” Maggie reassured her. “Just stay right here, and don’t move. And keep your clothes on! And promise me that you won’t touch yourself. You promise?”

“It’ll be hard, but I promise. Hurry, Maggie. Please!” Lexi sobbed.

Just a bit later, Maggie came in and told Lexi to undo her jeans. “Take them off, sweetheart. I brought you a new pair of panties and a pad. Remember, you told me that I can have the panties that you soak, so I’m going to want these too.” Squatting in front of the soaked girl, Maggie could discern Lexi’s pussy through the transparent, soaked panties. Pulling them down, the aroma of a wet and wanting pussy wafted throughout the room. After seeing how the panties adhered to the youngster’s saturated labia, Maggie finally got them down Lexi’s legs so she could step out of them. Taking them, and holding them to her nose, Maggie just about swooned from the heavenly aroma. Looking the needy girl in the eye, the beautiful woman with the hard nipples protruding through her blouse took the gusset of the drenched panties and put it in her mouth and sucked.

“I love how you taste, beautiful girl. I’m hoping you give me a mouthful of cum tonight. Would you like that?” Maggie whispered, keeping the child wound up. She could tell she was doing her job well by how wet the panties were and by the child’s moans and heavy breathing.

“Maggie, please make me cum. I’ll go crazy if I don’t! I won’t tell, I promise! Lexi sat down on the couch and obscenely spread her legs as wide as she could. “Please, Maggie! Lick me! I’ll cum in your mouth! I promise I’ll give you a lot! Just make me cum!”

Gazing at Lexi’s soaked dilating pussy, Maggie’s mouth began to water. But unfortunately, she couldn’t do what she wanted so badly. Thinking that she may have done too good of a job, Maggie thought it prudent to distract the horny, wet child. Handing her the new panties and pad, the horny young girl slipped them on, then her jeans.

“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go find a sexy dress your daddy will love. But first, we’re going to find you some beautiful, sexy underwear to entice your daddy with,” Maggie suggested.

“First, I want you to wear these for your daddy tonight,” Maggie said holding up a pair of crotchless thongs.

“Maggie, there’s no way I can wear those. Any dress I wear will be soaked in a couple of minutes. You know how my daddy affects me, not to mention that the whole room will be able to smell me,” Lexi sounded truly distressed.

“Sweetheart, you’re not going to wear these to the restaurant tonight. I’ll let you know when you can put these on,” Maggie answered.

“Follow me. We’re going to find a special bra for you to wear.” Holding up a shelf bra, “This is what you’re going to wear tonight,” Maggie said. “This will bring your breasts up and together.”

Looking at the little bra, Lexi snickered and said, “Maggie, no offense, but my nipples won’t be covered. They’ll be sticking out.”

“That’s the idea, my young love. With the dress I have planned for you, you’ll be giving your daddy a little show, getting him worked up for later, and driving him wild,” Maggie whispered conspiratorially. “Not to mention you.”

Taking Lexi to the more formal dresses, Maggie pulled off the rack an off white, scooped neck, short sleeve sleek number. It was shorter than knee length by about 3 inches, and loosely fitted. The waist was reasonably tight with a loose neck. She held it up to the youngster to see how close the size was. “Hmmmm. Let’s take this into the dressing room and see how it fits,” Maggie said.

“Take off your clothes, sweetheart, including your bra,” instructed Maggie. Without the bra on, Lexi’s nipples were puffy, hard, and protruding. Maggie, admiring the child’s lovely tits, unconsciously licked her lips. Trying to keep Lexi turned on, Maggie softly whispered “I’m soooo looking forward to licking your nipples and your soaked pussy tonight, my love.” The extremely horny teen arched her back, sticking her breasts and hard nipples out.

“These are for you too, Maggie. You can have them whenever and wherever you want. And the rest of me, for that matter,” Lexi said, looking at Maggie in the eyes with a look of lust and want.

Wanting to get Lexi more excited, Maggie unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. Then, she unfastened the front of her bra, and out popped her breasts (38 D’s), with her very hard nipples. Lexi’s eyes grew wide at the beautiful and ample tit flesh. “Suck my nipples my horny one. See how hard they are for you? Suck my tits, Lexi,” Maggie huskily whispered, lightly pinching Lexi’s nipples. “These are for you and your daddy.”

Moaning, Lexi practically lunged at Maggie’s unbelievably ample chest. Taking a nipple in her mouth, she reached over and started to pinch the other. Sucking and pinching, Maggie was holding the child’s head tight against her large tits and reveled in the sucking and the manhandling of her nipples. Breathing heavily with lust, Maggie pulled Lexi’s head away from her, and put her mouth on the receptive child’s. Pulling away, she then fastened the front of her bra, then buttoned her blouse.

“Maggie! Why did you make me stop?” Lexi was close to whining with her disappointment.

“Because I don’t want to cum until tonight, lovely girl, and neither are you. We’re going to wait until tonight, and today, knowing what we’re going to get and do tonight, we’ll cum so hard, and make your daddy cum just as hard for us. Now go ahead and try on the dress.”

Lexi pulled the dress over her head, and Maggie helped her pull it down. It fit snugly over her beautiful butt, and the hem of the dress was loose enough it could easily be pushed up, and legs spread for access. The stomach area was tight enough, and the very top was loose enough that when it gaped open, you could look down into it and see her luscious nipples being pushed up by her shelf bra.

The dress fit like a glove, so they went to find a pair of shoes that would go with it. Finding a pair of matching off white, open toed, inch and a half heels, Lexi finished her ensemble.

“Now it’s off to the beauty shop for a little makeover. You’re going to love it. Not to mention your daddy.” Maggie promised. “Let’s get you changed back into your other clothes.”

Walking into a salon a floor above, Lexi and Maggie were met by the owner, a stunning redhead by the name of Cathy O’Donnell. Standing about 5’ 5” tall, her top was tight on her chest encasing her large breasts. Tit mounds came over the top, and if you looked closely, you could discern her nipples. She had the cutest freckles, and her innocent appearance made her even more desirable.

“Maggie! Good lord, I haven’t seen you in so long! Where in god’s name have you been?” Cathy almost yelled, running up to Maggie and throwing her arms around her. Giving each other a peck on the lips, Lexi noticed that Maggie had clutched the redhead’s beautiful ass and pressed their mons together.

“Cathy, may I introduce my young friend, Alexa Chase?” Maggie proudly announced. “She’s the daughter of a very good friend of mine.”

“Good god, Maggie. She’s absolutely gorgeous! Is she the reason you’re here?” gushed Cathy.

“Actually, yes she is. Can we go someplace private for your ‘whole treatment’? I’ll explain the whole situation then,” Maggie answered.

Following Cathy, “Maggie!” Lexi whispered. “You’re not supposed to say anything about Daddy and me to anyone. Did you forget? All of us can get into sooooo much trouble!”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” Maggie whispered back. “Cathy is one of my best friends and I’m very familiar with her sexual appetites. She’ll think that what we’re going to be doing tonight will be the hottest ever. Believe me, with the attraction I had for my daddy, she’s fully aware of where I come from, and where you’re coming from.”

“I’m not so sure about her knowing about our family, Maggie,” Lexi retorted. “And, please remember. You’re a member of our family. I want you to be. I love you so much, if I lost you, I don’t know what I’d do. Please be careful.” To answer, Maggie put her arm around the child and pulled her reassuringly close.

When they got to the ‘full treatment’ room, Cathy asked Lexi to take off her clothes and to put a robe on.

With a worried expression on her face, Lexi looked at Maggie for confirmation.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Maggie put her arms around her and whispered in her ear. “We’re getting you ready for tonight. Everything we’re doing today is for your daddy.” To accentuate her point, Maggie then lightly licked Lexi’s ear and earlobe, feeling Lexi shiver. “I would never, ever do anything to endanger our family. I promise.”

Pulling her head away, Maggie looked at Lexi to give her a look of assurance. “Go ahead, beautiful girl. Believe me, this will be a good thing, and your daddy will love us all the more for it.”

Lexi turned and walked behind a screen and started to undress. “All of my clothes, Cathy?”

“Yes, honey. Then put on the robe. Maggie said that you were to get the whole treatment,” Cathy answered.

“What, exactly, is the whole treatment?” Lexi softly asked.

“You’ll find out honey. And I have a feeling you’re going to love it,” Maggie answered.

Coming out in her robe, Lexi maneuvered herself onto the cloth covered table. “Now just lay down on your back, sweetheart,” Cathy said.

Gently opening the robe, Cathy lustfully gazed at the youngster’s body. Exposing the budding breasts and hard nipples, she whispered, “Oh my god, absolutely beautiful.” Louder, she said, “Maggie, she’s gorgeous! May I?”

“Please do, Cathy. But under no circumstances, do not let her cum. That’s for later,” Maggie answered.
“By the way, she’s going to be deflowered tonight. She’s a virgin.”

Lightly running her fingers over the budding breasts, and nipples, Cathy could feel the child’s nipples get hard and erect. She knew she was doing well when Lexi let out a low throated moan and arched her back to give her more. Bending over the young teen, Cathy ran her tongue over Lexi’s nipple, while lightly pinching the other.

“Oh, god. Yessss. It feels so good! I love it!” Lexi moaned, spreading her legs giving Maggie a perfect view of her drenched pussy.

With Lexi beginning to pump her lithe hips searching for a tongue or a cock, Cathy went on sucking a nipple while Maggie took the other one. Lexi, trying to reach her soaked cunt so she could frig herself, was prevented by both older women.

“Oh, pleeeese. Make me cum! I’ve been wanting to all day, except Maggie won’t let me! I need to! Please!” cried Lexi.

“My god, Maggie. She’s so wet, you can smell her. She’s needs it really bad, doesn’t she? You said that she can’t cum until tonight. May I ask who the lucky person is who gets her to cum?” Cathy asked, pinching the girl’s nipple.

Lexi, moaning and gasping from the women’s ministrations, brought her knees up and spread her legs as wide as she could. “Please. Do it! Make me cum, pleeease! I won’t tell, I promise!” she said humping her hips.

“No, beautiful girl. Not a chance. We have been given our instructions. You’ll cum when your daddy lets you. Understand?” Maggie instructed.

“Did you say her daddy? Are you kidding? Her daddy is going to be her first? How erotic is that? Are you going to be there, Maggie?” Cathy gushed pinching and lightly twisting the adolescent’s nipples, and trying to hold the young girl still.

“Both her daddy and Lexi asked me to be there. We’re going out to dinner to celebrate Lexi’s birthday tonight before her daddy gives her first fuck. And she wants and needs her daddy to be the first to fuck her, don’t you, Lexi?” Maggie answered.

“God, yesssss. My daddy is going to be my first,” Lexi moaned, her head shaking from side to side, messing her hair on the pillow like the young sex goddess-child she is, pumping her hips. “I need his beautiful cock. I need his ultimate gift. I need for him to fuck me.”

“And how old is our little sexpot?” Cathy asked. “She’s still a virgin, so how old is this beautiful, wet, and horny girl?”

“Tonight, we’re celebrating her 13th. birthday.” Maggie informed her friend. “All night long. We’ll be celebrating, and she’s going to love it. You can smell how wet she is.”

“Oh my fucking god!” Cathy whispered loudly. “She’s only 13? And she’s as horny and wet as she is? And her daddy is going to be her first?”

Leaning toward Maggie and whispering in her ear, “At such a young age, you’re going to be training her to be your fuck slut, aren’t you? I’d say that by her behavior so far, you’re well on your way. You are so lucky to be able to take part in this. I can imagine that you’re almost as wet as Lexi. I know I sure am. If I was in your shoes, or out of them,” Cathy smiled, “I would think about partaking in such beautiful, young pussy too. I can see why you want to be involved.”

“You’re so perceptive,” Cath. “Actually, her daddy and her have had some intense masturbation sessions, and that’s why she wants his cock so much. She’s seen and felt it. She has yet to suck him or feel him fuck her. In case you haven’t noticed, she doesn’t just get wet, her pussy gets absolutely drenched. She wants her daddy’s cock so much. She gets that wet just thinking about it.”

“I’m going to be there helping him with her first fuck. And with her first suck. And it’ll be the first time he eats her,” Maggie disclosed. “Okay. It’s time to stop with the stimulation and start with the primping for her daddy,” and in a quieter tone, leaned in to Cathy and finished, “and his beautiful, rock hard cock.”

“She’s beginning to grow pubic hair. Her daddy wants her pussy as smooth as a baby’s bottom, and he wants it kept that way. We have to take care of that,” Maggie instructed.

“It looks like her pubes are too short for waxing, so we’ll have to go with a shave,” Cathy mused. “Okay, sweetheart, spread your legs as far as you can.” Smiling, she glanced up at Maggie and licked her lips.

Maggie, standing above Lexi’s head and seeing what the salon owner wanted to do, vigorously shook her head.

“My god sweetheart, you get a bit damp don’t you?” Cathy exclaimed. “Don’t be embarrassed. I get just as wet.” Keeping her on edge, Cathy further said, “Besides, you’ll be experiencing your very first hard cock. Your daddy’s. We have to prepare your pussy so your daddy will stay between your legs longer licking you. Won’t that be heaven? And judging by how wet you are, you’re going to be giving him a mouthful. He’ll love you even more for it. You are one lucky girl to experience what your daddy and Maggie will give you.”

Bringing her knees up by her head and spreading her legs as far as she could, “Oh god, Cathy. I have to cum so much! Maggie, please let me cum! I can’t wait until tonight! Pleeeease!” Lexi cried.

Ignoring her pleas, Cathy spread shaving cream around the young girl’s pussy, taking care to avoid the labia.
“All of it Maggie?” Cathy queried.

“Every last little hair, girlfriend,” Maggie answered. “Her daddy wants her to be kept smooth at all times so I guess after this, I’ll be the one who keeps her pussy smooth. Unless of course, we come in for some special treatments.”

“Oh, god. I’d love that. Hold still, sweetheart,” Cathy instructed. “Actually, it’s a good thing that your pussy is so wet. This makes it easier. Maggie, will you come here and help hold her still? Our little birthday girl needs to be fucked, and very soon.”

After doing her soaked pubis, “Now turn over, Lexi. I want to do your beautiful butt, too,” Cathy told her.

“My butt too?” surprised, Lexi asked.“Why my butt too?”

“You’ll have some hair on your bottom, and your daddy will want that smooth too. He may want to pay quite a bit of attention to that part of your anatomy,” Cathy joked. “If he does, I think you’ll love it.” Applying some shaving cream to her lovely cheeks, Cathy took the extra time to work her finger around the child’s asshole.

“MMmmmm,” moaned Lexi. Pumping her bottom toward Cathy’s fingers, it was clear that she needed some attention to her anus. Reaching to a small bottle on the table, the stunning redhead put a couple of drops on her finger. Putting just the tip of her index finger in, the young girl moaned louder and hunched her butt higher. Cathy slowly worked her finger into her butt, then removing it, and sending it deeper each time, Lexi was getting even more turned on.

“Oh my god! Who’d have thought that something like this would feel so good? Don’t stop, Cathy. It feels soooo good!” moaned the young girl.

“She certainly is a horny thing, isn’t she Maggie,” stated the redhead. “My god, her ass is absolutely beautiful.”

Maggie smiled in agreement. “Cathy, when you’re finished making her butt smooth, will you do a small makeover for Lexi for the finishing touch? You won’t have to overdo it.”
Removing her finger from the lovely asshole to the disappointment of the horny child, she ran it under her nose, then in her mouth. “Cathy, please don’t stop! It feels so good! I need to cum!”

Ignoring her, Cathy responded to Maggie, “Absolutely, honey. Let’s go out and we can do it. It won’t take long.”

While Lexi got dressed, the stunning redhead whispered to Maggie, “Please don’t feel less of me, Maggie, but I seem to be taken with young pussy. I think I would really like to have some. Actually, I’m thinking that I NEED it. What can I do?”

“Don’t worry Cath. After tonight, I’ll bring Lexi back and you can feast on her all afternoon.” Maggie whispered conspiratorially. “You may want to just keep your eyes open. In your business, I’m sure you get some hot, young and beautiful candidates in here. But you’re going to have to be perfectly sure. Your aren’t going to need a police raid to shut you down and for you to go jail. I’m sure you’ll be able to read how a young girl will react to you if you can get her in your ‘full treatment’ room and start in on her. But if I get any leads, I’ll let you know.”

Settling Lexi in a chair, and doing just a small amount of makeup to highlight her eyes and lips, Lexi looked even more breathtaking than she normally did.

Maggie put the whole treatment cost on David Chase’s credit card, as instructed. Walking downstairs, Maggie ducked into her shop and picked up a package that was the outfit she was going to wear. Walking to the car, the girls held hands, and Maggie opened the car door for the youngster. Holding her hand, Maggie noticed how gracefully Lexi lowered herself into the seat. Walking to her side, Maggie was thinking how much she was looking forward to getting between Lexi’s widespread legs tonight.


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