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Danielle definitely displayed some mixed signals after finally discovering, and taking part in, my heaven on earth situation. I knew that the whole thing was basically me playing with fire, and that I was willing to take the chance of getting burned if I didn’t stop. I decided to attend my second cheerleader slumber party, and it had finally caught up with me.

Still, it isn’t as though Danielle could claim complete anger at the situation. She could have easily freaked out, screamed at me, and left. Instead, she stayed, and joined the fun. Well, at least that is how I remember things.

Danielle hadn’t said much after the night wrapped up. She hinted that she would need a little time to process everything that had happened. I don’t think she wanted to lose me, but after discovering the situation, it was only fair to give her a little space. We didn’t talk as much at school over the next week, and whispers started to go around that perhaps we were finished. Danielle told her friends that wasn’t the case, but you know how gossip goes at school.

Meanwhile, I was taking things reasonably well. I was slightly pissed at myself for potentially screwing up a great situation. Danielle was an incredible mix of sexy, smart, caring, and passionate, and I would be stupid to throw that away. But, as I had confessed many times, I was still young and in one of those situations that was hard to give up. If things really did go bad, I would have more than a few girls to help cheer me up, literally.

Hailey had already sent me a couple of reassuring text messages, saying that she was sure Danielle would get over things quickly enough. She offered to hang out with me if I was lonely during the upcoming weekend. She was very generous.

Apparently, she wasn’t the only girl very concerned for my well being and happiness. It had only taken a little over 24 hours for Melanie to get word of my ‘hiatus’ with Danielle before she begged Hailey for my number and started texting me too. She started out sounding pretty sincere, with words of encouragement about how you never know how things go, and that she’d always be there if I needed her. Of course, words of kindness quickly turned into invitations to hang out, and it seemed as though the girl cleared off her entire weekend on the chance that I might take her up on something.

So, here I was with yet another internal conflict. Did I really want to risk this dangerous time by continuing to fool around? There was no reason Danielle had to know, but if word got back to her somehow, I’m sure she wouldn’t feel too loved. She’s reconsidering things and I’m out with other girls again. But, if I was going to continue doing things like this, what better time to do it then when Danielle and I aren’t really technically seeing each other? This might be as guilt free as it gets.

With no real word, all week, from Danielle in terms of how she was coming along, I figured there was no point in sitting around at home and wallowing. I had invitations from both Melanie and Hailey, and figured they’d have no problem hanging out together. I suggested that we all gather at Melanie’s house, to keep things as removed from Danielle as possible. They both agreed, and Melanie even went to the trouble of convincing her parents to take a date night to give us freedom. When it came to getting alone time with me, there seemed to be absolutely nothing Hailey and Melanie wouldn’t go through to make it happen.

The three of us agreed to get together on Saturday afternoon, as soon as Melanie’s parents left. She made sure that they had plans to go to the movies, dinner, and a holiday party later, to make sure they were gone as long as possible. I had never been to her house before, but Hailey mentioned that she had a pool, so bring a bathing suit, though she did mention that was optional.

Hailey asked if I would drive her over to Melanie’s, but I had thought that picking her up at her house might be a bad idea. Hailey said she’d walk over to my house and we could leave from there. I told her that was fine, and I met her out in front of my house as she arrived. She was wearing a white tank top, with a blue bikini top clearly visible underneath, to go along with short black cheer shorts. She quickly leapt into my arms for a big hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“How are you holding up?” she asked, with a mixture of compassion, but also teasing, knowing I couldn’t really be all that bad.

“I’m fine” I replied with a little laugh as she got into my passenger seat and I drove us off towards Melanie’s. There seemed to be a little extra excitement in her, which is saying a lot considering how she normally acted. Having me away from her sister must have given her renewed energy in the situation.

“Good, because if you weren’t I might have to suck you off right here,” she giggled from her seat and bounced up and down a little.

“Did I say f-fine?” I stumbled, laughing. “I meant terrible. Like really, really bad.”

She laughed and gave my arm a shove. “Too late,” she said. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to make us crash or anything.”

“Hitting my arm will definitely prevent that” I winked at her. She went off into another giggle as we closed in on Melanie’s house. We pulled into her neighborhood, and as we tried to figure out which house was hers, we quickly had our answer as Melanie was in her driveway, waiting for us. She, too, was dressed in a white tank top and black cheer shorts.

“What a copy cat!” Hailey joked as we both hopped out of the car.

“Oh whatever,” Melanie laughed and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a big bear hug. “So glad you could make it” she winked at me and flashed a seductive smile as she led us inside.

“Did your parents suspect anything?” Hailey asked, glancing around Melanie’s house.

“Nope, I played it very cool,” she beamed. “They’ll be out for a long time. So how is our man doing?” she asked. I couldn’t help but laugh, wondering how many girls thought of me as ‘their man.’ It was something I could get used to, honestly.

“He’s fine,” Hailey started with a grin, but he probably could use some cheering up. “I bet he hasn’t had a nice kiss in a while,” she continued and briskly walked over to plant a kiss on my lips.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Melanie nodded and quickly took the place of her friend, giving me a longer kiss, threatening to slip in some tongue already. After being with Danielle, it had surprised me just how much Hailey wanted me. And then, after some crazy adventures with Hailey, I almost felt as though Melanie took things to an even higher level of desire. I still had flashbacks to the first time I was with Melanie, not even really knowing her, and filling her up at the first cheerleader party. It had probably been my favorite thing that night. When someone wants you that badly, it makes things more fun.

“Should we show him?” Hailey asked as Melanie finished her kiss on my lips. She nodded, with a quick giggle, as the two young girls embraced each other. My eyes widened as I watched Hailey and Melanie lock lips and begin to make out, even groping each other a little. I had seen the girls mess around during the big sexual nights, but hadn’t really thought of them going at it like this. There was something sensual to watch the two girls focusing on each other.

“Knew that would get him,” Melanie giggled, as she glanced down to the tent in my shorts. The two girls tackled me to the ground and alternated kissing me and each other. The three of us made a makeshift love triangle, as I felt their legs gently rubbing my cock through my shorts. This was an odd slow tease from the two girls who had never wasted time in getting me inside them as quickly as possible. With the lack of a time constraint, and nothing to hide from, Melanie and Hailey were taking a new, slower approach, not even thinking of removing my clothes as they gently rubbed against my hard on. The two left my lips and started to kiss my neck on either side, sending me into a fit of wiggling and laughing at the absurd tickling sensation. The two girls giggled like crazy as they tortured me with neck kisses, turning my skin into a mess of goose bumps. After a little more of this, they slowly retreated, staring up at me while I recovered on the floor.

“That’s all?” I looked at them, slightly confused, used to a little bit less clothing by this point.

“What, you didn’t enjoy?!” Hailey asked, as the two of them grinned at each other, knowing exactly what I meant.

“Let’s go swimming already!” Melanie suggested excitedly and the two of them tore off for the backyard, removing their tops as they reached the back. They both slid each other’s shorts off, pausing to give me a nice long look as each ass came into view. Hailey had a blue bikini and Melanie’s was purple. I removed my shirt and walked outside, wearing shorts that could double as a bathing suit. This was more like it, I started to think to myself. They love to do things in the pool.

The two girls jumped into the water and I quickly followed, swimming close to them and waiting for something crazy to happen. Instead, Hailey grabbed a beach ball and started to hit it around. The three of us jumped around the pool for a few minutes, as I wondered what they were doing. If I had learned one thing with these two, it’s that outings with me always had some sort of plan.

“Did we ever figure out which one of us had bigger tits?” Hailey asked, coming closer to Melanie.

Finally, I started to think to myself.

“No, I’m not sure we ever quite figured it out,” Melanie responded. She pulled the top of her bikini outward to let her breasts fall out, and Hailey did the same. The two girls lined up side to side, but faced away from me as they compared.

“Don’t…don’t you guys want some help?” I asked quizzically, starting to swim around to get a better look.

“Oh no, we’ve got it” Hailey answered quickly, as the two girls turned in time with me, to keep their backs pointed at me.

I was starting to lose some patience, wanting them pretty badly at this point. They both turned around to give me a quick flash, before pulling their tops back on.

“Yeah, I think yours might be a little bigger,” Melanie said.

“Maybe,” Hailey admitted. “But it’s pretty close.”

I started to swim closer to them, and they both started swimming away from me. I went a little faster and they started giggling as they made their way out of the pool and ran back into the house. I chased them as fast as I could, considering the slippery conditions, and finally stopped at Melanie’s shut door.

“What are you guys doing?!” I asked, exasperated as I pressed against her door.

“We just wanted to make sure you were good and ready for our game,” Melanie said, an obvious grin in her tone. “First person to make the other cum gets to do whatever they want to whoever they want.”

“So what’s the catch?” I asked, as Melanie opened her door. I had to think I could easily outmuscle either of them.

“If you get too rough then we both get to fight you together,” Hailey smiled wickedly.

“Fine, let’s do this,” I said, eager to get my hands on one of them.

Hailey appeared in front of me, still wearing her blue bikini, as Melanie walked around, possibly looking to be the ref. As she walked around me, Hailey quickly shouted “Go!” and Melanie tackled me from behind. Normally, it probably wouldn’t have been enough to knock me over, but without being prepared, it was enough. I felt Melanie’s bikini top press against my back as she laid on top of me.

“What in the world are you going to do from back there?” I laughed as I shifted, although not using all of my strength yet.

“Uh, shit” she laughed, knowing there wasn’t much she could do. She reached her hand into the leg of my bathing suit and gently rubbed my balls. “There, that’s better than nothing” she whispered and laid her body back on top of my back. I let her have a few minutes of fun, knowing I wasn’t nearing any sort of edge, before I started to use some more strength. She started to lose her balance on my back and fell off, though she did manage to pull my swim trunks off. She gave Hailey a high five and gave them to her to make sure I stayed naked.

I turned towards Melanie and grinned at her. “So, I guess you’re in trouble now” I teased her as I walked closer to her. She backed up until she ran out of room, and I quickly grabbed her body, pulling her against me and kissing her hard. She kissed me back passionately and grabbed my cock in her soft hands. She pumped as best she could, before I picked her up and then put her softly to the floor. I nimbly maneuvered so that I could keep her pinned to the ground with one hand and arm, and use my other to strip her. Before long, she was naked underneath me, writhing as my fingers reached her clit.

“Well, this should be quick” I teased, as my fingers spread her pussy lips and gently touched her clit. “Why don’t you make this easy and cum for me” I teased her as I slowly started to pick up the pace on her clit. She continued to writhe underneath me, trying to escape but not finding a way out.

“Hailey, help!” she cried as her body slowly started to tense up.

“No you don’t!” Hailey yelled as she jumped onto me, knocking me off balance and allowing Melanie to escape. Hailey quickly sat on my chest, which turned out to be a tough place for me to rid her from. As she did this, Melanie quickly grabbed my cock and started to suck me off hard. Her head bobbed up and down in a blur as I struggled to move Hailey. I tickled her sides, but by the time I could even move her a little, Melanie was sitting on my legs while sucking me, making escape pretty difficult.

“Hurry up Melanie!” Hailey called as she struggled to stay on top of me. I grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to my face. “Oh no! Shit!” Hailey cried out as my mouth got between her legs and my tongue found her clit.

“Do something!” she said as she started to moan. “Ride him and make him cum with that tight pussy!” she desperately said to her friend as my tongue quickly went to work on her clit.

“Ugh, that’ll probably make me cum too” she said, but wasn’t about to resist the invitation as she quickly got up and slammed her tight pussy down on my cock.

“Oh fuck, hurry up!” Hailey screamed as my tongue danced over her clit, gently sucking, too.

“Shit” Melanie moaned as she started to quickly bounce up and down on my rock hard cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, so I concentrated on sucking Hailey’s clit harder and trying to angle my cock against Melanie’s g-spot as best I could.

“Fucking hell, he’s trying to hit my g-spot” Melanie screeched as she reached to massage my balls. “He’s going to fucking make me cum,” she moaned.

“Me too!” Hailey squealed as I grabbed her legs to bring her closer, not letting up on her clit. I felt my own orgasm starting to build as my cock stiffened inside of Melanie.

“Just hang on a few more seconds, he’s going to cum!” Melanie screamed, mid-moan. “I can feel his cock getting so hard inside me,” she purred, trying to fight off her pleasure as she rubbed my balls with one hand and my stomach with the other.

“Ahhh!!” filled the room from all around as everything seemingly happened at once. I felt Melanie’s tight pussy begin to spasm and contract around me as my cock twitched deep inside her, shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum deep inside her pussy. Hailey shrieked and squirted on my face as I continue to torture her clit through her orgasm.

“Fuck he’s shooting so much cum inside me!” Melanie screamed in pleasure as her pussy continued to spasm and milk me. The thick vein on the underside of my cock contracted with each rope that it shot inside Melanie’s depths.

“So, uh, who won?” Hailey said, breathlessly as she collapsed onto my body, her beautiful ass right in front of me. I grabbed her firm ass in my hands and playfully massaged it.

“I think it was a tie” I laughed, smiling at Melanie who was still impaled on my cock. She gently rubbed her clit and shivered as I felt her tight pussy spasm quickly on my cock. Finally, she got up and off of me, as my cock fell out of her and some cum followed. Hailey laid forward more and put her face between Melanie’s legs, tasting my cum from her pussy.

“So good,” Hailey moaned and took another few licks.

“Can the three of us just run off on an island forever?” I couldn’t help but say, knowing my sexual desires could be satisfied for a lifetime by these two. “Don’t tell Danielle I said that.”

“I’ll buy the tickets!” Melanie laughed and rubbed my thigh.

As the two girls went back and forth about the three of us on an island, I started to think about what I had just said. I honestly meant that I wouldn’t mind being with these two girls for eternity, and that meant no Danielle. There was no way that either of these girls could currently match the emotional bond that I shared with Danielle, and that was important. But, these relationships couldn’t help but grow as more time was shared.

“Let me ask you girls something,” I started, slightly more serious than either of them were probably used to. “Why do you like me so much? I imagine you’re not like this with everyone.”

The two girls started by looking at each other. Their faces indicated they either hadn’t really ever thought about that, or didn’t quite know how to formulate it into words.

“Well,” Hailey began. “Obviously at first it was just attraction. Whenever you came over to hang with Danielle, I wanted to join because I thought you were so cute. But it’s more than that. You were always really nice to me. Guys my sister’s age never even talk to me. You always talked to me when you came over. And our sexual chemistry is pretty awesome. I know you like Danielle, but I can tell you lust for me. You wouldn’t fuck me like you do if you didn’t want me really badly.”

I smiled warmly at Hailey, knowing that everything she said was damn accurate. Before responding, I turned my glance towards Melanie, perhaps even more intrigued by her attraction.

“Oh gosh,” she started, blushing and laughing a little. “I really don’t know what to say. You probably thought I was pretty innocent when you met me at the cheerleader party, and believe it or not, I kind of was. I never did anything like this before. But, like with Hailey, I was so physically attracted to you, and I wanted you so bad. The first time we did it…I just lost my mind. It felt so good. I wanted it more. I needed it more. Gloves fit around hands, and I feel like your cock is perfect for my pussy. Of course, once I saw how nice and genuine you were, too, it made me really like you.”

I smiled at both of them. I couldn’t really ask for much better answers, considering how young we all were. I was hardly near the point where things had to be very serious in a relationship. But, I couldn’t help but think I might be stupid to give up on a real relationship with Danielle. I still hoped she would sort things out soon and things could settle back to our version of normalcy.

“So what about you?” Melanie asked. “What makes you risk your relationship or whatever you have to fool around with two young girls?” She came up closer to me now and started to kiss my neck and put my hands on her breasts. Hailey followed and stole one of my hands, letting me do my own comparison this time.

“I don’t know” I laughed a little, distracted by holding each of their breasts in my hands. “You’re both so gorgeous. I love how you’re always plotting ways to have sex with me. You’re passionate and it turns me on a lot. It’s really hard to resist either of you.”

Melanie’s hand dropped down to my shaft and started to stroke me, while Hailey’s hand rubbed the sensitive underside and head. The two kissed me all over, from my neck to my chest until I was fully erect again. Hailey moved lower and wrapped her lips around my cock, taking the head and a few more inches into her mouth and sucked passionately. Melanie went lower than her friend and let her tongue flick against my balls, and from time to time sucked them in her mouth.

“Not to complain but…” Hailey said with a small giggle. “I still haven’t felt him inside me today.”

Melanie nodded in understanding and backed up enough to let Hailey start to position herself. Before she could hover over me, I quickly got up, turned Hailey’s body around and pushed her onto all fours. She didn’t even have time to say anything before I was behind her and roughly shoved my cock deep inside her tight pussy.

“Oh my…shit!” Hailey cried as my cock immediately went to work on her g-spot. I grabbed her hair in my hands and pulled her face back to me, kissing her hard on the lips. Her tongue eagerly poked into my mouth and we tongue wrestled passionately as my free hand teased her nipples and then went to her clit. I only heard a muffled moan, but I could feel Hailey started to cum and squirt a little on my cock as my cock hit her g-spot with each thrust and my hand never let up on her clit. She was vibrating into our kiss constantly, her eyes rarely able to open but rolling whenever they did.

“Shit, look how rough he’s fucking you,” Melanie purred from next to Hailey. “I’m jealous watching that thick cock ravage your tight pussy.” Melanie went under Hailey and started to suck wildly on her breasts, flicking her tongue across Hailey’s nipples. Hailey was whimpering now, something that I had rarely heard from her, as she was being pleased from head to toe. I continued to pull her head back towards me and even gave her ass a spank as I split her tight opening over and over. Finally, I relaxed my grip on her hair, and Melanie stole her face to kiss her hard. There was something about these two making out that really got me aroused, and I grabbed both of Hailey’s hips and forced her back onto my cock harder and deeper. I could still hear Hailey’s muffled moans, breathing at an extremely fast rate, and as soon as my fingers returned to her clit, she came hard again, coating me in her juices and squeezing me tightly. Finally, Hailey collapsed to the floor from all of the intense pleasure.

“Cant…take….it” she panted, face on the carpet of the floor as I continued to pound her. Melanie, perhaps sensing that her friend needed a conclusion, came over to me now and started to kiss me hard, dropping her hand down to rub my balls.

“Cum in her stud,” Melanie whispered into my ear and gently bit down on my ear. “Fill her pussy up with all of your cum. Shoot it into her until it floods back out. I’ll taste it.” She dirty talked me and let her finger slide against the thick underside vein of my cock whenever it slid out of Hailey.

“Please…fill…me” Hailey continued to say breathlessly. As my orgasm closed in, Melanie massaged my balls more to bring me to the edge. I buried myself completely inside Hailey’s pussy, my cock rock solid inside her, until Melanie’s constant massaging put me over the edge. I grabbed onto Hailey’s breasts and let my cock shoot off rapidly inside her, coating her insides with an incredible amount of hot cum. Hailey let out a constant low moan as I filled her in seconds, shooting quick ropes inside her. Melanie kissed my neck and chest as I filled Hailey until the cum started to flood back out. I fell gently on top of Hailey and hugged her from behind, with my cock still going off inside her. As I finally finished, Melanie helped my cock slide out, and put her face between Hailey’s legs to taste my cum, just as Hailey had done earlier.

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