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The first taste
“Me first I’m afraid boys” she said. After her early morning seeing the Newton’s off, the subsequent impromptu masturbation session on the floor of their bedroom, fantasising about Sally’s husband fucking her while the dogs watched and the following mid-morning snooze, Marsha felt in need of refreshing and refreshment. She decided to eat, then feed the boys, and then have a nice long soak in the sumptuous free standing bath situated in the en-suite bathroom.

The day was hot, a few wispy clouds serenely drifting across the bright azure sky, blissfully unaware of the glare of the sun. Despite the warmth outside, Faust and Luca refused to leave the kitchen as Marsha slid the doors open. She shrugged at their reluctance and went to the fridge, opening the door of the large silver behemoth. It was well stocked; cold meats, salad, juice, dairy products. A light salad would fit the bill perfectly, she thought, and she pulled out the odds and sods she needed. The dogs padded about aimlessly. Luca came to Marsha’s side as she prepared her salad, sitting down and looking up at her, his eyes shifting from her face to her hands as she held the knife and cut the tomatoes. She looked down at him, smiling and went to stroke his head. Her palm touched his short soft fur and she slid her hand back, down through his ears and to the nape of his neck. She loved the feel of him, and forgot the salad as she stroked him. Luca tipped his head back and licked at her fingers. A soft noise escaped Marsha’s lips as she let him lick before sliding her fingers under his snout and tickling under his chin.

Subconsciously she shifted slightly, pushing her thigh against Luca’s head as she stroked him, letting her fingers wander back to his mouth so he could lick them. Putting the knife down on the chopping board, she turned and went down on one knee, her face level with his. He turned slightly without standing and looked into her eyes. With both hands on the side of his face Marsha moved her head slightly forward and kissed Luca on the nose gently. Its wetness moistened her dry lips and she pulled away, her tongue licking over them. In a trance she moved forward again and kissed his black nose again, lingering slightly longer. As she pulled back once more, Luca’s tongue licked out at her and caught her on the lips, licking across them. Her tongue pushed out slightly between her lips as she held her head in place, an inch from Luca’s mouth. He licked again and she thrilled as his tongue licked across hers.

Jealousy intervened. Faust, seemingly put out at the attention being paid to his little brother, tried to force his way into the action, pushing his snout against Luca’s and licking out at Marsha’s face. Far from getting himself a kiss, Faust’s canine intervention brought Marsha out of her reverie. Blinking to clear her head, she laughingly pushed both boys away before looking at Faust and pulling him to her.

“Awwww, is my little Fausty jealous of a little kiss? C’mere ya big doofus!” she grabbed his collar and pulled him to her. She pursed her lips and kissed him briefly on his mouth. Before Faust had the chance to lick out at her, she had pulled away smilingly. “When will you boys be satisfied?” she said, shaking her head as she stood to continue making her salad. Pausing, she brought the fingers of her left hand to her nose and smelled them. She closed her eyes and pushed three fingers into her mouth, sucking at them, moaning lightly as she did. She shook her head again and carried on making the salad, trying to ignore the nudging of the dogs against her. Eventually, ignoring the insistence from the dogs not working, she had to physically remove them from the house and close the door. The dogs peered in, the puppy dog eyes of their youth, well-practised but ineffectual. Finally, they turned to the run as Marsha sat at the island to eat her lunch, watching her boys as they idled about, Luca chewing his rubber bone and Faust, looking up at the blue tits chirruping in the tree.

As she sat picking at her salad, Marsha considered how strange it was that her sexuality had become stimulated while she was here in her neighbours’ house. Back home with her joyless spouse, she had behaved almost as a nun. She had played with herself very infrequently, sinful thoughts were rarely at the front of her mind and fantasies of Clive had never reared their head. But now she was here, in her mind she had fucked Clive while masturbating in front of the Newtons’ pet dogs, legs spread wide and her pussy barely covered from their watching eyes. She squirmed in the balloon backed chair as she felt the warmth between her thighs and eyed the dogs in the run.

The dogs were beautiful; sleek, lean and muscular. Their short grey fur shone in the light of the day. She looked under Faust’s taut body as he stood side on to her and saw his balls hanging low. His furred grey sheath hid his cock and Marsha slipped a tomato into her mouth. She played with it in her mouth. She inhaled deeply. Looking down at her salad, a few limp leaves of lettuce remaining, she decided it was time for a bath, but not before feeding Faust and Luca.

Sensibly, Marsha served the food up into the bowls, each adorned with the embossed initial of each dog, before letting them in. Two more bowls were quickly filled with water, and the patio doors were opened, Marsha calling to them. Retreating inside as they came, she opened the door to the hallway, stepped through and closed it behind her. The dog bowls clattered about on the marble tiled kitchen floor as Faust and Luca got stuck into their lunch. Marsha smiled as she listened to her boys obviously enjoying their food and she headed upstairs.


The hot water flowed quickly from the gold taps on the side of the bath. It stood on its crafted lions’ paws in the centre of the large bathroom tiled from ceiling to floor in white. Seemingly random tiles interspersed the white, bright red, with white Latin . Of course, neither the Newton’s nor Marsha had the slightest clue what any of them meant but they sure looked pretty.

Moving into the bedroom, she closed the connecting door and kicked off her shoes. Standing in front of the mahogany cheval mirror, she peeled off her dress. Could be worse, she thought. She lifted her breasts and pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger, slightly wincing at the self-induced pain, pulling them towards the glass. Her feet shuffled away from each other through the deep cream pile and she reached down with both hands and pulled her vermillion lips apart, letting out a moan as she realised how wet she had become. She slowly slid her forefinger from her right hand up through her open lips, legs shaking. Reluctantly, her hands pulled away and she stroked her hands over her body. She screamed at the mirror. God those fucking dogs! Why am I so horny? Refusing to acknowledge the oddity of her question, she slapped her arse cheeks and urged herself into the bathroom.

Too hot. Cold water. Marsha leaned down to swirl the cold from end to end, equalising the water temperature throughout the length of the bath. The bath was large and deep, so this took some time. Marsha knelt on the floor, splashing some of the water on her hand onto her face. She ran her wet fingers through her hair and dipped them back into the hot water, running them through in a figure of eight, watching the wave she had created, undulating back and forth around the bath. Her nipples pushed against the lip of the bath and she pressed in against the cold marble.

Finally, the water had cooled to a heat she thought she could handle. Standing, she gently dipped her toe into the water. One foot, then the other before easing herself slowly into the heat. As the steam filled the room she slowly slid down into the length of the bath until her chin rippled the surface. She engaged with the heat. It was hot, but she’d win. A sheen of sweat formed on her face and she blew a bead from the tip of her nose. She held her hands out of the water, clutching the side of the bath, the marble cool. Then slowly, she lowered her hands into the water, relishing the delicious heat, fingers tingling. Her fingertips touched her thighs under the still surface and she dug them in and dragged them upwards, eyes closed, feeling the added heat.

Her fingers touched on her tummy and she pressed down, into her stomach and down to her mons. She reached her lips and pulled them open. The middle finger of her right hand dragged up from her perineum, past her hole up to her engorged clitoris. She closed her eyes tighter and pushed against it. In her mind, Luca’s nose pushed against her and she pushed her middle finger of her left hand into herself. His long tongue pushed into her and she whispered “Oh, you bad boy” to herself. The vague notion of wrongness, of depravity briefly entered her mind but disappeared as she pushed a second finger into her pussy. Luca’s tongue pushed into her and her left hand went to her nipple, Faust, gently nibbling it.

She plunged her fingers in deeper, pushing hard, pulling her nipple out, twisting it and stretching it. She licked her lips, remembering the taste of Luca. Growling, her fingers plunged in and out of her sex. “Fuck me!” she urged. “Fuck me Luca!” The urgency grew and she fucked herself harder, one foot leaving the bath and draping over the edge, spreading her legs wider. Her need grew as she plunged her fingers in and out. “LUCA!” The primeval scream that came out shocked her, but as she pulled her fingers out of herself and dragged her nails over her clit, she called out again, almost sobbing. “LUCA! Come to me! Come Luca. COME!”

She heard the whining downstairs, Faust and Luca pawing at the door that held them in the kitchen. Her fingers gripped the curved sides of the bath and she pulled herself up and out, almost slipping as she stumbled to her feet. In an uncontrollable haze of lust Marsha stumbled through the bathroom door, through the bedroom and out onto the landing. She could hear Faust and Luca more clearly now. Her boys; trapped. Breathing short and hard she headed to the stairs, dripping wet and naked. She held the rail with trembling hands and rushed down, almost slipping at the top. Desperately, she turned the handle on the door and they were on her.

She fell back onto the floor, her head hitting the lush William Morris wallpaper of the wall in the hallway. Faust was first and she pulled him to her. He licked at her face and she pulled his face down to her breasts to catch her breath. As he licked the drops of water from her, Luca moved between her open thighs. He licked at her thighs, lapping hungrily. She reached down and grabbed his collar at the back of his neck, pulling him to her cunt.

“Lick me!” she urged. Luca, lapped between her smooth lips, his tongue snaking up inside her. The pulse beating in her, already fast and hard, grew to a staggering pace and depth. Luca continued licking, Faust found her nipple and licked at it as she held his collar, gripping hard. Her orgasm gripped, taking hold from the centre of her and emanating outwards, throbbing, almost hurting, making her cry out, a visceral, bestial howl. The ecstasy rippled and burst through her, muscles spasming, making her buck and writhe. Luca licked harder as the creamy fluids flowed out of her and she had to reach down to his collar to ease him off as she slowly came down, trying to regulate the force of his tongue on her clit, inside her, over her lips.

Her breathing slowed and she tried to urge him away, squeezing her thighs against his powerful body, pushing him back with her arm outstretched holding his collar. Faust’s paw landed on her tummy and she winced, moving her to action. “Faust! No!” she cried. Faust backed off immediately. “It’s ok baby, you just hurt me a little!” She didn’t want to scare the dogs away. Luca looked up at her, his nose, slightly wetter than it was when she had kissed him earlier. She laughed at him. “Luca. You have got some fucking tongue on you!"

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