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Well, my ex was a Lt in the Air Force and he could just never make Capt.
Well, my ex-husband was an Lt in the Air Force and he just never could make Capt. He tried his best but his evals and scores were just not at the top plus his recommendations from his Commander, Col. Young were not as good as they could have been and as I understand it, he signed off on the final paperwork. Well, we were in the Base Exchange one day after being at the pool and I had on a cover blouse over my string bikini and a pair of shorts and he was just in shorts and t-shirt and we ran into his Commander and his wife, Jackie. They were both friendly and Jackie hugged me a little tighter than I knew was normal. Col Young, Bob, was looking at me in a way that I knew what he was thinking. We talked some and Jackie gave me their home phone and said to call her one afternoon and maybe we could have lunch together "or something" were her words. I smiled and winked at her and said I would love to have lunch, and after a pause, "or whatever" and we left. I did not call for a couple days and then one afternoon the phone rang and it was her, "So I thought I invited you for lunch" she said, "Not good to turn down invitations from your husbands boss you know." she said. "I am so sorry, just been so busy, when do you want to have lunch?" I asked her. "Well, now is great, I am free for the afternoon." she said. "Okay," I said and before hanging up she added, "And wear that nice string bikini you had on the other day." "Okay" I said and after getting her address I changed and left leaving a note for my ex (I do not even like saying his name so please forgive me on that, he is just "my ex" and you fill in the blanks, "Shithead, asshole, fuckoff" or whatever.

Well, I had shaved that morning so was nice and clean and I put on some body oil that I liked and it was also a flavored oil if one wanted to lick or taste it (I was hoping). I drove over and went to the door and Jackie opened the door and she too was barely in a string bikini. She was a little buxom, 38DD and nice curves and very tan. Her blondish hair was to her mid back and straight. She hugged me, again a little tighter than I would have expected and I hugged her back our faces just inches from each other and we felt out lips open just a little then stopped the hug. "Oh my, I am so warm now." she said, "Wonder why?" she finished. "I wonder" I said and she took me to the kitchn and got the lunch she had made and some wine and we sat on the back porch in the sun and ate and sipped the wine. She got up and took the plate and asked if I wanted more wine and I said "Yes, of course." and so she came back with a bottle on ice and the glasses. "You just drink what you want to Hun, don't wait for me to ask." she said pouring herself more.

"So your husband can't make Capt. I understand." she said suddenly. "Well, no, I guess not." I said back looking at her waiting for the rest. "MMmmm, well, I have been talking to my husband and trying to think of a way that he might get the promotion." I said, "So how can that happen?" I asked her. "Well, you do not have any kids yet do you?" she asked me. "Well, no, we don't, and to be honest, I do not want his kids anyway." She looked at me, "Lets go in the hot tub." and got up and walked over and uncovered it and slipped into it. "Come on." she said and I took off the cover and slipped in across from her. The bikini was not very much of a cover since my dark nipples showed through the sheer yellow material. "Oh that is nice." she said and came over to me in the tub handing another glass of wine. "Do you mind if I take off my suit?" she said and I said, "Well, only if I can take mine off too." She laughed and giggle, "Of course Dear, I was hoping you would want to." and so we both took off our suits and were naked in the hot tub. "You look ver ynice" she said and I told her how good she looked. "In fact, you look so good I could just devour you." she said in a whisper. I moved to her and said, "Well, here I am." and kissed her deep and suddenly we were in a passionate fondeling and grabbing embrase as if we had not had sex in years and now had to make up for it. Her hands on my tis pinching my nipples hard and pulling them making me moan and get soaking wet between my legs and I was moving across to the side and lifted out of the tub as she came over and was between my legs as she was still in the tub and began eating my pussy. I went though orgasm after orgasm and she got out and laid next to me and we were so crazy that it was hard to actually know what we did except that we kept having orgasm after orgasm in all kinds of ways, Tribbin, licking, biting, and fingering and all things that we could do. We laid there weak after and kissed and she said, "Well, that was great, now the deal about your husband." I was waiting, "Bob and I cannot have kids and it is my problem, I never could but we really want one. Would you have our baby for us?" she said. "So, Bob fucks me and kncks me up and you adopt the baby, is that right?" I said as I kissed her. "Yes, and your husband makes Capt." she said. "Well, I do not care if he makes Capt but I will be glad to do anything you two want to." and she hugged me again.

We talked more and sipped wine more and got out of the tub and I heard the front door open and Bob call out, "Home Hun." she said. "Back here" Jackie said and he came back and stopped and took in the view of us sitting next to each other on the couch, wine in hands and our hands carressing each other as we could. "Well, I see that you two have been talking at least, you ask about the promotion?" and I got up and hugged him, "When do we start?" I said and kissed him deep and Jackie got next to us. "Oh this is going to be wonderful." she said and I had his shirt and pants off and his shorts going down and a massive cock sprag out slapping my belly and standing up between my tits. "Oh fuck yes." I said and Pushed him down on the couch and sat on his cock opening my pussy up and moving hard down onto it till it bottomed out in my pussy and his balls were against the lips. "Oh yes, this is going to be really wonderful." I moaned and he gripped my hips and I began riding his cock, Jackie there pulling my nipples and feeding them to Bob. "Oh damn baby, Jackie can't even take all of my cock and you have more room." "Yes, but you are doing fine." I said gasping for air as another orgasm shook my body. It was 7PM when we all laid back and rested and Bob's half hard cock, still 7 inches at least laid in my hands and I was kissing it and Jackie. "Well, I have to get off the pill so you can get me preg. but I would still love to come over and practice till I can make a baby." I said. "Oh yes, that will all count on your husband's evals. "Who care" I said licking his cock and kissing Jackie. "Okay, well, back over tomorrow then so we can, ahh, practice some more." he said and Jacike, "Make that at lunch time Hun." I will be starving by then." and I said I would be there anytime." I dressed in a toss on shirt that Jackie gave me and drove home and sat down. My ex was drinking as usual and drunk already and so could not perform. I told him that we were not havin sex after the first of the month." He looked at me, "Why not, not as if we do much anyway." he slurred. "Well, that promotion to Capt? I am going to get it for you." I said. "Oh really? How the fuck you gonna do that?" he said. "I am going to have Bobb and Jackie's bay." I said and he gasped. "You are going to get kncoked up by my boss?" she said. "Yes, and if you want top get the promotion you will keep your mouth shut and mind your own business." "What if I do not care about the promotion?" he said. ""Oh well, just a side benefit of me in bed with JAckie and Bob, I will be there promotion of not." I got up and went to the shower and left him open mouthed on the couch.

We never really talked about it but Bob had called him to the office one day and told him the rules and after that he just watched as I came home every day from getting fucked like hell and I hung out with JAckie a lot. Well, friends, I have to get going so I will write more about the things that happened over the next 12 months later on.

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2014-08-02 08:32:58
Damn please want hear more.


2014-01-31 22:37:44
Fantastic story. Hope you got knocked up, if that is what you really wanted, other than what your Ex wasn't giving you.

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2014-01-26 09:11:08
sweet story im fucking a usaf wife we sometimes put her wedding ring inside the condom so if it rips it and I knock her up.....who gives a fuck? so hot. I hope it does rip.


2014-01-26 03:50:31
You dickheads don't even know what her EX husband was like. She mentioned he was an asshole so think before you comment.

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2014-01-25 07:57:18
if you really did this,then I have to say you're one stupid fucked up lady.

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