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Lust and Horny
Heather looks amazing on her run today wearing her hot sexy tight jogging suit. She is sporting a tight tank top and tight jogging shorts with no panties, wearing her usual ponytail. Her tits are looking as if they would pop out. She enjoys jogging through the park near my condo, she has not done it since returning to Dallas. She needs to run to clear her head, since the wildfire season has started in southern California. As Heather starts jogging through the park. Her thoughts drift to eariler this morning, she feels herself starting to get a wet again at the thought of how I bent her over the bathroom counter and fucked her fast and hard. Seeing how I squirted my load inside of her in under a minute then just left her to go to a conference call. Most women masturbate when left all horny like that but Heather jogs.

Heather feels her b-cup tits snuggled nicely inside her tight tank top. One can see her hard nipples poking up in the fabric. The 53-year-old is very feeling sexy. She is jogging along the new park path, it looks dark and ominous. I finshed my conference call deciding to surprise Heather on her jog. Instead of walking the trail to find Heather, I decide to wait at a near by Starbucks. I knew after her run she stopped there, looking around as I entered the shop, I spotted Heather sitting at a table for two beside the window. Heather looks very sexy in her jogging suit that accented her luscious curves. Her tight fitting top further enhanced her breasts as they just begged to be appreciated. My mind went into overdrive remembering eariler this morning fucking her in the bathroom. As I stood there looking at her gorgeous long legs.

The blood is surging in my cock imaging a number of erotic thoughts. Finally, raising my eyes to her face, I see Heather smiling, albeit mocking, as she slowly runs her tongue over her lips, wetting the already bright red make-up. I walk over to her sitting down. " John, What are you doing here? She asks. " I decided to join you for coffee after your run." I reply. As I sat there, the mild fragrance that she was wearing washes over me as I glance at her breasts while trying to maintain my gaze on your face. As Heather turned towards me, her breasts were receiving no support. They did not need any. My cock got harder increasing the bulge in my pants. I'm extremely horny now, I notice Heather's attention had been drawn to the tent in my slacks.

Her tongue again caresses her lips, showing her increasing arousal. After some minutes of idle conversation, she knew what she needed. I notice that her breathing is beginning to increase and, with that observation, the bulge in my slacks increases to the point of being painful, and gaining more of her attention. Staring into my eyes, she slowly uncrossed her long legs, slowly sliding her hand between her legs. She got up and headed for the restroom, all the time twitching her tight ass under that tight fitting jogging suit. My erection threatens to burst though my trousers. I ordered a couple of more drinks while I waited Heather's return. I glimpsed her coming towards me and her smile again made my heart sing in anticipation. I know that this is going to be a great morning again!

She sat down again, my eyes are instinctively drawn to her legs and I was not disappointed. Heather is a bit of an exhibitionist this morning! She again slides her hand over her thigh as she sat. Her ass hit the chair she again parts her legs sliding her hand between them. I look back up at her face as she smiles. The problem is further compounded when Heather pointed out that we hadn't received our drinks yet.
With a twinkle in her eye and that knowing smile upon her lips, she said, " John, why don't we have one more drink and then decide what to do next?"

I turned slightly so that I was directly in front of her, leaning back and staring directly into her eyes, I slowly adjust my cock so that it ran up the length of my stomach. I picked up our glasses and then stood up so that the bulge in my slacks is directly in front of her face. Her expression is worth the pain of my belt cutting into my cock as I stood up. Standing there in front of her, I watch as she licks her lips. I almost expected her to lean forward and swallow the front of my slacks. Smiling to myself, I walk to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. Waiting for the coffee gave me the opportunity to calm down and allow my boner to return to its natural state. I looked forward to again of getting her onto her back with her legs spread open before me.

After I return to the table we continue our little game. The innuendos become more sexual in nature to the point that both of us become more stimulated. We had a lot of fun discussing the funny way that I jog. I decide that it is time to move to the next level while we were both very stimulated. I suggest a little game of " truth or dare". Turning towards Heather, I lean back for a second time, adjusting my hard cock and, looking her in the eyes, and said " I have a little problem here that needs some immediate attention. I dare you to look after it?" The look in her eyes is that of pure lust as she again runs her tongue over her lips. She hesitates for only a second before replying, " First, it looks like what you've got isn't a " little" problem. Secondly, I've never turned down a dare in my life and thirdly, do you want me to look after it here or would you like to go to our condo?"

Nothing more need be said. With that, I help her up and we proceeded to the door. Watching her walk ahead of me is an experience in itself, driving me crazy. By firmly placing one foot in front of the other it accents the calves of her perfect legs while causing her tight ass to roll in ways that is erotic. You would think that she would be extremely sore from the visual fucking that she is receiving from me as we walk to our condo building. Alone in the elevator, she turns into me before the doors had finished closing. Turning towards her, our lips come together with a fiery intensity. As our tongues duel, she thrusts her pelvis against my hard rod which causes it to further swell. Reaching down, she grasps my cock and breathes into my mouth, "Jesus Christ, I really need this again. It feels huge!"

Always ready with a quip, I replied, " Actually; my name is John and we're at our floor."
A giggle escapes her lips as she squeezes me one last time and proceeds out of the elevator for the short walk down the corridor. I love the feeling of her tight body against mine as I stiffly try to walk beside her. Entering the room, her actions left little room for discussion. Her jogging suit took on the essence of a sail as she launches it over her head. It floats across the room to land in a chair. In seconds she stood before me wearing only the jogging shoes. Standing naked, in all of her feminine glory, she appears as a roman goddess, exuding the sexuality of all of the ages. How could I have let this beauty out alone? Extending her arms while turning slowly towards me, in that low, sultry voice she asks, " You like?"

I remove my shirt and unbutton my slacks in what must have appeared as one motion. I tore them off! I stood before her with my now engorged cock licking at my belly button.
Just as my slacks hit the floor I couldn't help but notice a look of concern cross Heather's face. She moans, " Fuuuck John, your so big. It will be a tight fit." This wasn't the first time that I had heard this lament and I was ready for it. " Don't worry Heather honey, it's gone into your tight pussy before and have loved it. I'll be gentle as you cum like you've cum before." That settled her down as her hands slowly rose up her side in a caress that came to a stop as she cupped both breasts squeezing the nipples between her fingers.
This vision of beauty stood before me as I drank in a female of lustful proportions. Directly in front of me her breasts stood upright and proud. Moving forward, I fill my hands, allowing the firm nipples to sit comfortably between my fingers and thumb as I roll and tease them to their fullest extension.

Large, with a hint of maturity, they beg to be caressed. They are capped with brownish aureoles whose bumps are very visible as a result of her excitement. The nipples protruded a good half inch or better and I can't resist sucking the erect nipple into my mouth. I squeeze the two of them together until I have both nipples clenched between my teeth. Biting down gently I beat a tune upon the nipples with my tongue while Heather moans and grasps my cock with both hands in her excitement. I release one breast and reach down over her mons to run my fingers over clean shaved pussy. Pushing further I slip a finger into her slit to find it sopping wet with lubrication and her lips swollen in arousal. Her pussy continues to lubricate. Heather separates her beautiful legs further to allow me access as her moans become louder and more intense. Breathing into my ear she hisses, " Oh fuck that feels sooo fucking good, John."

I move her backwards toward the bed until Heather has no where else to go. Pushing forward, we fall onto the bed. I'm grasping Heather's nipple with my mouth while my two fingers are buried deep in her sodden pussy. She is jacking my cock up and down and I feel her rubbing the cream leaking from my cock over the head. While lying on top of her I add a third finger to her hole in order to feverishly finger-fuck her while running my thumb over her engorged, very erect and sensitive clit. Heather's encouraging, " Yes, yes... please fuck me now. I need you to fuck me. Put that big cock in me now!" causing an increase in my efforts until Heather came with a loud scream " OMG..YYYEEESSS "
and more lubrication is released from her pussy over my fingers as she hits her first orgasm.

I release her nipple which by now is red and swollen from my efforts. I roll Heather over pulling her ass up on the bed so that her feet are on the floor while her face and chest rest on the bed. Her ass and pussy are predominantly in my face with the pouty wet lips begging for attention. I grab her ass cheeks in both hands and spread them wide apart as my tongue bathes a path from her clit up to her ass. Gathering lubrication on the way, it is easy for me to drive my tongue into her little starburst with no effort. This is met with a loud gasp as she pushes her ass back towards my face. I continue my efforts until her slit is totally soaked with her moisture. Pausing for a moment and stepping back, I stare at the sight before me.

Heather's straight legs are magnificent with her running shoes, her soaking wet pussy crowned by a perfect ass. The skin surrounding her saturated pussy presents the most erotic sight I have seen. That, coupled with the strong scent of a woman in heat is intoxicating. As I stood mesmerized drinking in the sight before me, Heather is torturing her clit while rolling her hips in open invitation for me to do something, anything. " What are you waiting for? Isn't this what you wanted?" escapes from her lips. I just stared. I love this position. I know that what I'm staring at will give another great penetration while Heather realizes that she wll be well and truly fucked. I grasp my cock firmly in my hand stepping forward to split the wet peach that lay open before the purple head of my cock. As I push the head past her labia and into her pussy, she tries to pull away with, " Nooooo... stop it. It's soo big. Please, it hurts. Oh John please go slow."

It is said that a woman has a right to change her mind but..With a lust filled laugh that sent shivers into her, I respond with my deepest, most dramatic voice, " Relax Heather, you know how much I stretch your little hole." She continues to resist as I push more of my thick cock into her greasy hole and firmly grasp her hips while I pull her back towards me. I leaned forward roughly grabbing her tits squeezing the nipples to give her something else to concentrate on. " Noooo...gentle" escapes her lips in a gasp as another two inches works it's way inside her stretched pussy.

Pulling her nipples back toward me, I push my shaft deeper into her tight interior. I look down to see the bare lips of her cunt obscenely expande and stretched around the shaft of my cock. I stop when I feel the internal resistances of her pussy give way as I reach her cervix. I slowly draw my shaft back up her tight pussy until only the head remains inside. " Whaaat John? Noooo, No, No, No... Don't take it out," she yells. "Just... Please... Go slow." Escapes from her parched lips. Smiling to myself in recognition of her surrender again, I gently slid back in continuing to thrust my cock back and forth inside her. After a few more strokes I feel her lubricating more as she loosens up to receive my hard thick rod. Finally, she is relaxed, loosened up and starting to work with me.

Picking up the pace, her breathing becomes more hurried and shorter as she reaches for another orgasm. Three more strokes take her over the edge as I feel her pussy spasming and clutching my cock, she moans in ecstasy. " Oh God..OOOOhhhhh..AAAAAhhhhhhhh."
I use the opportunity to slow the pace until she recovers. Her pussy has now opened up to the point that it is fully accommodating my rigid prick. I line myself up to drive the last two inches deep into her cunt. Reaching down in front of her thighs, I pull her pussy lips back as I run a finger from each hand over her engorged clit. She jerks up as I hit the sensitive button. I allowed my other fingers to run through the wet hair on either side of her pussy lips as I ram the last two inches home banging up hard into her womb.

" Fuuuccccckkk", is all that escapes from her lips as I pull back and then start pile driving my cock into her as my balls smack against her swollen, sodden pussy. Wap..Wap..Wap.
I start stroking into her faster and faster until I feel my balls tighten and realize that if I didn't slow down I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. I feel that I can no longer control my emotions as the sensations from her pussy runs straight up into my cock, through my body and into my brain driving my erotic sensors into overload. As I drive myself into her body I see Heathers's hair is soaked with perspiration as if she had just stepped from a shower. I can't help but notice the sweat glistening and running along her back as it is joined by the moisture running from my body.

Her cries " Oh God John..You are spliting me in half..AAAAAAAhhhhhhh..AAAAAhhhhh,"
fell on deaf ears as my balls tighten I know that I'm getting closer to releasing my load into her hot, wet box. I tried to think of the business negoiations and any other mundane things in order to avoid the inevitable but I know I won't last long. My thoughts continue to return to the sight of Heather's gorgeous legs and the wet sodden pussy contained between them. I'm further inspired when Heather's cries turn to, " Fuck me, fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard, I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

Just once more! Just one more time I want to take her over the top and fill her full of my cream. I feel her tense, suddenly stop and a primeval scream " Fuck..YYYEEESSS..AA
AAAAAhhhhhhhhhh..MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm," escapes from her throat as her orgasm rolls over her. Her pussy clamps down on my cock like a vice as I drive it into the bottom of her womb and unload string after string of hot cum as her body is writhing and shaking. Covered in sweat, we both collapse on the bed as our orgasms subside and the world slowly returns to normal. As I begin to recover, my cock softens and falls out of Heathers's hot pussy. I slowly rise to my feet taking the weight off of Heather's back as the cool air runs over my sweat saturated chest. Standing back, the sight before me is one that will make me horny in an hour. She is still in dreamland and somehow, the strings holding on one of her shoes has come undone as a result of our lust.

Looking down, I gaze upon Heather's lovely long legs with one shoe barely on and the other tied securely. Like the keystone supporting two pillars, her beautiful pussy, red and swollen, is surrounded with wettness sticking to her lips and ass with our fluids. Her gaping hole lay before me with the remainder of our fluids slowly dripping out and running over her still swollen clit and onto the bed. As I stood there staring at how peaceful she lay before me I knew I would regain strength soon to satisfy her for the rest of the day. I was certainly going to try to make her happy for the rest of day if she would let me. After sleeping for four hours, She is lying in bed, she shivers as my hands trace a slow and lazy path over her naked body. I stroke, touch and pinch her body. Heather pushes my hands away, " No John, I'm sore from our two eariler lovemaking." My fingers return roaming from her ears and face, down the hollows of her throat, stopping to press lightly on her windpipe, cutting off her breath for a short, exciting moment. I hold tightly until she can't resist struggling just a little as a tiny thread of panic threatens to overwhelm her. Finally, she tosses her head sharply to the side, and I release her, my hands continuing their downward path as though they has never been interrupted.

Her nipples are already hard and erect and my fingers slowly traces circles around them, not touching, just teasing. She lets out a pleading cry " Oh John..please..please touch them," as she pushes her breasts up into my waiting hands, willing me to touch her. I oblige her by slowly pinching one nipple, squeezing just a bit too tight, and then loving it with my tongue. Heather shudders, feeling it all the way down to her clit. Her body shifting on the bed. My hands left her breasts and roam further, running down her stomach with a light feathery touch bringing her body to a tingling peak. She feels my hands running down her thighs. She shifts again, whimpering, growing impatient, and with that movement she feels my hands pull down hard on her legs, squeezing, holding her still.

" Shhhhhh," I whisper, my fingers pressing tight into her flesh, it made her want to writhe, or kick, but she didn't dare to try. Not yet. With a slow movement, I slid my hands to grip the insides of her thighs, and press them outwards, spreading her legs wider and wider until she feels the muscles strain to their limit and she couldn't possibly open them more. I held her there, legs as wide open as they could go, exposed to me as I stare at her.
One hand slids higher, and lightly runs along the length of her slit. She is wet and trembling. Waiting for whatever pleasure or pain I want to give her. Carefully, I slid one finger deep into her cunt again, curving it to caress the walls inside of her. " You like that baby?" I whisper to her as my fingers start slow circles inside her, She murmurs her consent as she settles into my stroking. " I like to feel you like this, all tight and wet. You like it." I said, this time it wasn't a question. She shifts her hips as I continue to stroke her.

I slid another finger inside her, this one going in easier since she has already been worked, but it is still tight. She squirmes, and I smile. " Yes... you like that." And with no further play, I shove another finger to join the other two, it hurt, feels like I was splitting her in half. She lets out a short cry that turns into a moan " Owww..Ohhhh..AAhh," as I push my hand hard up against her cunt, twisting my fingers in slow quick circles. " See how I work your cunt? It's mine to do with as I please. I will fuck you for a fourth or fifth time, if it pleases me," I snarl. I fuck her cunt hard with my fingers but sensuously stroke her clit. Heather trusts me and loves the feeling she begs me over and over. She needs release. Her body shuddering and shivering uncontrollably. She is gonna spasm violently if I keep it up. I lightly slap her clit merciless.

As I work her, my other hand slaps her thigh, she jumps, and that small move grinds her body closer to my talented fingers and hand. Instinctively, she pulls away from the invasion, causing me to slap her again, harder. She cries out. " John..Stop."
My hands stop their work on her cunt and pulls out of her entirely with a soft pop, it left her feeling empty, aching for my touch again, She feels like she had brought it on herself. She revels in the feeling. I rise up over her as she writhes. Her legs are still wide open and she feels me, hard and hot as I come into contact with her body. I crawl over her, my legs on each side of her settling down and sitting on her chest. She has trouble breathing, noticing that, I didn't rise up, just gave her a second to get used to the pressure.

She sees my cock in front of her face, almost there but, not quite ready for her. I grab her hair in the front. " You have some work to do." I said as I pull her head up to meet me. She turns her face to run her lips along the side of me, licking lightly. I grip her head with both hands centering her, showing her what I wanted. Slowly, achingly slow, showing the care that I had shown her nipples, she wraps her lips around the head of my cock.
Heather slids her mouth down, massaging me with her tongue as she sucks me in. I moan low in my chest and the sound encourages her, inspires her, as she knew that I had meant it to. She starts sucking me harder. I begin to give her short, low thrusts into her mouth as she sucks me, wanting me to go deeper, harder into her throat, but unable to tell me. She made small moaning noises as she sucks me, her hands hold tight on my hips. I thrust deeper, more slowly, I'm growing larger and larger as it went on.

I fuck her willing mouth, I move faster in my thrusts and she wonders if I'm just going to cum in her mouth, leaving her to finish herself off while I watch later on. I went deeper until she started to choke, not able to breathe around my massive cock as it touches the back of her throat as I thrust and she starts to see stars. Finally, I stop, pulling out of her. I slid down her body again, stopping to torture her nipples for a while longer licking, stroking, sucking until she thought that she might go mad. She bucks against me, wanting me to get on with it, to get to where she wants me. I bit down on her nipple making her scream for the first time tonight, " OW..John..That hurt..You bastard."
I grab her chin and brought my mouth close to hers. " Be good Heather. Or I'll fuck your pretty little cunt rougher than I already plan to," I said ending in a hot, sloppy kiss. She nods and whimpers as my hand pinches her sore nipple. She keeps her teeth clenched shut but can't stop the noise of pain and pleasure that escapes her. I smile, then head back down her body. She is tingling with pleasure.

She is aching when I pull her legs apart again, shoving them wide and exposing her cunt to my view. I stroke her. She is still wet, still trembling with want for me. She raises her hips to offer herself to me. " Please.: She whispers. I rub her cunt again. " Please, what?" I said. My voice rough and unsteady with my own lust. " Please fuck me, please, please, please, fuck me hard." I moan a little, rise up above her body, taking her legs and draping them over my shoulders. Heather feels my cock pressing tight against her cunt, pushing in slowly. She is tight, but so wet. " Please, harder. Please, Please." She can't stand that I'm taking so much care with this, not when what she wants is to be fucked hard, slammed into the bed until she feels bruised all over. I ignore her, pressing my body into her, inch by slow inch. Teasing her.

She begs until I clamp one hand over her mouth and nose, cutting off her voice and her breath. She struggles, I hold her until she feels a light buzz in her head. The sensation of me pressing deep into her cunt is magnified as the blood left her brain. She is getting dizzy, and the second she stops struggling, I release her. She gasps for breath as I push myself that last inch home, then I stop, my head back, reveling in the sensation of being completely inside her. " Please." She whispers, when she had her breath back. Her cunt is begging for hard rough fucking again. She feels like she will do anything to make me move. Suddenly, I pull back, nearly out of her then I slam myself back in. She shrieks and scrapes her nails down my back, claws at me, slaps me, trying to make me to punish her harder.

I start thrusting into her harder then, almost pulling completely out of her before slamming myself back in with increasing speed and strength. I draw my body up so I'm kneeling above her, bending her body almost double as I hammer into her, harder and harder. She feels pressure building inside her and cries out "OMG..YYYEEESSS..OOOOHHHH..MM,"
below me as the first wave of her orgasm takes her. I feel it, slowing for a moment before thrusting rough and deep inside her. She shrieks below me, " AAAAAHHHH..AAHH," trying to sink her teeth into my shoulder, I keep myself out of reach, slamming her harder as she spasms around me. She came hard.

My face is a mask of pleasure as I fuck her, she moans and cries beneath me as I thrust my cock into her cunt like a pile driver out of control. Her body aches and cries for me to release her, to let her move, to make me stop. She can't stand the teasing anymore. She begs me to come, to come inside her and stop. " Quite Heather. I'm done when I'm done." Returning to my fucking with full force. She is slammed into the bed with each thrust, her cunt sucking hard on my cock as I slam into her with increasing speed.

Finally, with a moan of my own, I shove hard and deep inside her, forcing her body to fold on itself, delighting her. I growl letting her know I'm close. My body shaking as I come hard, shoving into her roughly one more time, jarring her sore and quivering cunt making her cry out below me. " OMG..JOHN..OH GOD." I collapse on top of her, weighing her down with my body, sweat soaking both of us. It is uncomfortable but somehow pleasant. I rise up, finally finished, and roll off her body, trailing my hands across her stomach. She curls her sore, bruised body so it touches me as I stroke her. Running my finger down her cheek. " I'm sorry," I whisper kissing her slow and soft. Running my hands through her hair. " I love you," I muse. Then we asleep to prepare for more play soon.
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