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Snow gets her revenge
Hey guys there's gonna be a point of view in some of my chapters too so just letting you know and sorry about the spelling my spelling sucks so plz don't judge me thanks

When I woke up the next morning at 11:00 on a Saturday I thought about how I was gonna get that fucked up jock back but how? Maybe seat up cameras in his room see what he dose i don't know. I'll ask onyx for help. Walking to her room waking her up "why the fuck you waking me up at 11:00 on a Saturday" she says to me angrily. Oh yea she's not a very good morning person. "I need your help" she sits up groaning in frustration "help with what" I grin "a way to get him back for what he did" that brings a smile to her face as she gets up. "First off I need coffee and second your paying for waking me up. Starbucks sounds good doesn't it"? I nod and walk to my room and get into casual dark clothes and driving us across town to Starbucks. As we sit down and drink out coffee she looks at me "alright what do you have in mind girl"? I shrug "we'll I thought about getting a camera and hooking it up in his room and watching what he dose and if he dose something that I know will fuck him up and make him be my bitch I'll go for it" she stairs at me like I just said something evil. "What"? I ask. "Dude that is an amazing prank we should like hook shockers to his bed and shock the hell out of him as he's sleeping too" I shake my head "I don't wanna kill the poor basturd" she laughs at me and shrugs "it was just an offer. Alright let's go get the cameras and stuff we need". Nodding we make out way out to my car and drive to Walmart. After getting the stuff we need we go back to campus and wait for a prefect time for him to leave his dorm room. After waiting what felt like three hours he finally leaves and onyx takes her pick out and unlocks his door with it as we slip in putting cameras in his room kitchen living room and bathroom we run out locking the door and make out way back to our dorm room. "Did you make them to ware he couldn't see them"? I ask he only for her to nod "yup it's all good". She hooks up her computer and clicks a button only to see every inch of his room. "Dude I swear you should be a nurd sometimes onyx your good at this stuff" she slaps me "I am not a nurd". I laugh and sit down with her watching his room.

Erigon's point of view

"Dude that was awesome what you did to that gothic chick what ever her name is" my friend Tony says to me. Grinning having the school slut dance on my dick. She's pretty bit not enough to get me hard. Hell she probably has some diseases or something fuck is I'm going to touch her pussy I'll probably need a fucking toxic suit. "I had to man she's clueless and to tell the truth for a gothic chick her body's sexy tho" my friend Luke nods "yea I could do her but first she'll need a bag over her head for me to do that" everyone at the table laughs. "But her friend man she scares the shit out of me do you see the muscle on her" Tony says. Shrugging I look at him "she has a sexy ass body tho I'd tie that bitch down and fuck the shit out of her in a heart beat. She wouldn't know what hit her after I was done with her" I say grinning at my friends as they stair at me shaking they're heads. "Dude she would probably eat your dick for lunch" Luke says. Rolling my eyes I move the slut off me and get up "I'm going to get me some food then head back see ya later" they wave as I leave to go grab me a couple burgers and head back to my room locking my door. Sitting on my couch I eat my burgers and think of something to do. "God college is boring man just like high school except you can do what the fuck you want. God I'm going fucking crazy talking to myself " rubbing my head I walk around my dorm thinking of something to do until I come over the tape of the two gothic chicks in the shower. Pausing for a moment I grab it and grab lotion. I mid as we'll do something to entertain myself. Sitting down on my couch I put in the tape turning it on watching as they shower rubbing they're big nice breast as water runs down they're sexy body's. I may be a jerk but when I see someone sexy I can't waist my time on getting them in my bed. I get hard fast rubbing lotion on my hand taking out my thick long cock. Rubbing myself as I watch them rub they're pussys. In my head I picture them fingering themselves in front of me which only makes me close my eyes and pump my cock faster letting my breathing pick up. Opening my eyes I look at the tv and the gothic chick I messed with earlier is rubbing her big juicy breast. Groaning I move faster as they rinse off drying off I make myself cum a big load from not cumming in a while. "Fuck"!!! I breath heavy and sit there "man I need someone to fuck"

Snows point of view.

Me and onyx sit their open mouthed staring at his dick man he had to be at least 8 or 9 inches. Onyx looks at me "we'll there's your pay back. Black mail him girl. Kick the punks ass you can do this I believe in you" laughing I get up taking the record and burn it on a DVD. This will be so good to black mail the fuck out of him I want him to beg for mercy like I'm his mistress and he's my bitch. Down on his knees. Grinning I felt a evil expression come over me . Maybe I should show it to his friends. Maybe the whole school. Oh yes maybe I should make copies and hand him out. The tittle being "ERIGON JACKING OFF TO TWO GOTHIC CHICKS". I smile to myself and onyx looks at me weird. "You alright your kinda scaring me with that look and I never get scared but that look is freaking me out just a little bit... Wait you have something on your mind don't you. Tell me I wanna know now" laughing I sit down by her. "I'm thinking about making him my bitch" she looks at me wide eyed. "Know way girl yes the dominance side is slowly coming out of you. Yes whip the fuck out of this black mailing girl make him your bitch show him who's boss" nodding "oh don't worry I'm done being shy and not sticking up for myself I'm changing now my appearances and everything it's time for a new look" she gets happy "how about we hook you up with some tattoos and piercings girl to fit your gothic style"? Thinking about it I nod sure lets do it. Wait one question dose tattoos hurt" she laughs "no they feel amazing girl let's go" we leave to her gothic cousin who owns his own tattoo shop in town called stings. He ned it after himself which is kinda weird. Walking in he smiles "what's up bitches" rolling my eyes at his words from hearing it all the time by onyx now I see where she gets it from. "We'll Snow here is changing the way she looks meaning tattoos and piercings on her body she sick of bull shit" he nods grinning at me "let's do this sit down my friend and I'll make you look sexy like my beautiful cousin here" he winks at her and she smiles. I know they're close but how close? I'm going to have to ask her about that later but for now I'm sitting through this weather I like it or not. After long hours and two days later I have nice tattoos and piercings on me. Skulls and a pentagon on my left shoulder blade. And all kinds of cool tattoos. Anyway it hurts but not as much as I thought it would be. Licking the piercing on my lip I grin to myself. Onyx smiles at me "you glad I talked you into that girl" I nod "hell yea I am". Walking into class the next morning kids stair at me and I grin. "The hell you looking at me for" I say making them stair even more shocked. I look at Erigon and he grins shaking his head "your pathetic thinking these guys are afraid of you just cuz you got a new look. Pathetic little bitch" laughing to myself I sit down and take out a peace of paper and write so how did you like your jacking off to me and onyx in the shower? I set the paper on his desk and he stairs at it swallowing hard. Smiling to myself I go through class without a word from him as me and onyx talk to each other about his expression. After class I walk out and Erigon follows me. "How the fuck do you know that you stupid gothic whore"?!!! Laughing I look at him "we'll I got you back dum ass by putting cameras in your room next time I wouldn't mess with gothic girls unless you know what's good for you. And another thing I have the disk and I'm going to make copies for everyone in this school to see". He looks at me with fear in his eyes. "Don't you fucking dare do that I swear I- I cut him off "you'll what jack off to me again"? He clenches his jaw "what do you want for that disk" I grin and look at him. "Oh your going to be my bitch for our whole freshman year. I guess this is what you get for underestimating me next time use your brain stupid and mess with someone else" his mouth drops to the floor and he stairs at me "that's too long" I shrug "that's your fault next time pay attention to who you fuck with Erigon" at that I turn around and walk away thinking to what I'm going to do to my little bitch
So the next chapter tell me what you think. Vote and comment me what you think snow should do to Erigon

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2014-01-27 02:38:19
Sorry about spelling I told everyone I'm not good at spelling and another thing I'm typing on a iPod so it's kinda not my fault it dosent like spell words correctly.


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Sorry about spelling I told everyone I'm not good at spelling and another thing I'm typing on a iPod so it's kinda not my fault it dosent like spell words correctly.

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Stop using gothic all the damn time. Say scene or something. LETS GET YOU SOME TATTOS TO GO WITH YOUR GOTHIC STYLE. No dumbass. Let's get you some tattoos to match with your look.

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