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A true story, changed slightly for a better story, names changed for privacy.
I used to think internet relationships were a load of bull, nothing real, just disillusioned, hormone driven teenagers fooling themselves, telling themselves they were in love. But this one was different, Joe was different. I’ve never had an internet relationship before, not had many relationships at all. I don’t find myself attractive, though I receive many compliments. I’m often told I have a nice figure. I must admit I am slim, and I receive many admirations about my breasts which, although small, are well proportioned with large, pink nipples. I have a small, tight arse, which goes well with my figure. My pussy is pink and shaved but left with a little stubble. I am a brunette with long, thick luscious hair, which matches perfectly with my dark green eyes.

Joe was a sex god, long, black hair that reaches his shoulders, which I just yearn to run my hands through as I kiss him passionately. He has the most beautiful bright blue eyes, which look almost unnatural. His slight chubbiness just makes my body lust for him more, wanting him to hug and hold me and kiss me, make me feel safe in his arms.

MSN pinged and my attention was brought back to the real world (in my mind I was slowly undressing Joe). Ah, Joe had just signed in. It was four PM there, these time differences came in handy, my grandmother was safely upstairs in bed, oblivious to the horniness of the teenager downstairs, and his mother was at work. But Canada seems so far away, how I longed for us to be together. We will be, one day. Nine months and I was going to Canada. Going to see my baby, be with him forever more.

“Hey hun” he said. I smirked, clinking the video conversation button I said “Hi darling”. His webcam came on first, I saw those delicious eyes and I just seemed to melt. I smirked as my webcam connected. I saw those beautiful eyes light up and his mouth drop open. I was sporting a cute little top with a cat on front, the low cut bra underneath making me appear bigger and more tasteful. I was also wearing my knee length, pleated denim skirt with thigh length, stripy stockings. I chose this outfit specially. I know how it teases him.

“OMG!!!” Joe exclaimed. Again I smirked and said innocently
“YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT, FUCK!!” he said with obvious excitement.
“No I don’t” I smiled sweetly, playing with him, I knew damn well what he meant, if this was any other girl doing this I would be wet and playing with myself, especially if she was a red head. I innocently moved my legs, “accidentally” giving him a slight view of my panties.
“Fuuuuuuuuck” he drooled, I could see his face clearly on cam, the pure torment just turned me on more. He got up and locked his door, I grinned… play time.

I slowly and innocently started running a single finger across my breast, in perfect view of the cam.
“Stopppp” He moaned, “MEANIE!! I want to do that”
“Do what baby?” I enquired still playing the innocent ickle girl act. He moaned and started beating his fists against the desk.
“How do you make me so God damn horny?” He asked.
“I don’t know. I should be the one asking you that question.” I answered, accidentally opening my legs again. I saw him gasp, and I was satisfied he was horny enough, his next statement proved it.

“You are like laying in an uber sexual position.” He smiled, “Maybe a little rubbing is in hand, err, that wording worked ;P” I stared in amazement at the screen, thought I was the one teasing him.
“Lemme see baby?” I pleaded, fully turned on. I could see his arm moving, I was getting so wet, longing to be with him, to do that for him, the words mutual masturbation crossing my mind.

I found my hand slipping down to my thigh; I stroked the top of my leg, arousing both me and him more (if that was possible). I then pushed my panties to one side and dragged a long, black nail down my slit making my body shudder. I longed for Joe’s touch. Wished he could be here with me.

He teased me for a few more minutes and finally pointed his cam down. His shaft, easily 6 inches long became in clear view. A slight moan escaped my lips, I saw his eyes gleam. He started to jack off right there and then on cam. Meanwhile my pussy was getting more and more wet. I slid a finger inside myself and rubbed my slit. After a few minutes watching him jack off, I decided my panties were in the way so decided to take them off right there and then. I “accidentally” gave him an ample view of my arse as I took them off. His hand started to move faster. I saw him type something; I quickly turned off the full screen cam to see what he had written.
“TEASE!!” I grinned, he’d figured me out.
“Yesh, a naughty little tease I am.” I replied.

I came back into view of the cam, now with no panties. I opened my legs and placed a single finger inside my now soaking pussy. I saw him jack off faster than before. I fingered myself for a few minutes and then took the finger out sucking off my juices from it. I was now fully turned on and wanted him inside me so bad. Reading my mind he typed…
“I need to fuck you, NOW!” I moaned, loudly. He heard it and I saw him smile. That smile just made me melt, especially my pussy. I put two fingers inside myself and slowly started to finger fuck my warm, moist hole. My thumb stimulating my clit with gentle round movements. I groaned in delight. I stayed like that, watching him jack off, till I orgasmed, and hell did I orgasm. Juices spilling from my pussy like a flood. I quickly brought my fingers up to my mouth licking up every last drop. God it tasted so sweet.

I took a few screen shots of Joe wanking, while I gently humped the sofa. Oh, the beauties of modern technology, I’ll keep those for later. I watched as Joe came and my pussy lusted over him, wanting his cum inside me. I felt the need to masturbate again. I needed something inside me, something to fuck me like one day I know he would. I looked around, saw my brush on the table, but that’s another story…


2005-11-17 15:02:30
Thanks Sexy Kittan, I'll bare that in mind. But there is a second part, I agree, it needs to be longer.


2005-11-17 00:31:51
make it longer and it wil be better


2005-11-16 23:26:26
No that was worth a 2/10

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