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A fantasy of mine i can only wish would become reality
It all started when I was in college. I started getting bored with the average every day sexual experiences. Thanks to the internet I was always able to indulge my “dirty” side and explore the wide variation of sexual encounters. Soon enough I was on to shemales and transvestites. I don’t know what it was, but something about a woman that had a raging hard cock get me all excited. I think it was the excitement of doing something you know was wrong that made it so good.

As shemales got old I started venturing into the gay porn and that soon gave me that next level of excitement, almost like chasing a high. As I watched a video of a hairless little fag getting his asshole opened up and filled by a raging wet cock I started to wonder how it would feel. I found myself touching and playing with my asshole any chance I could. Playing with it in the shower or even lightly caressing it early in the morning while I played with my morning wood.

As my desires started to drive my regular masturbation sessions I started experimenting, getting as close as I could to the real thing. Every time I’d see a banana I’d think about how it would feel fucking my asshole with it while I watched a dirty porno. Eventually my curiosity took over and I found myself locked in my room, a porno playing, towels laid out and all sorts of lube and toys strewn out across the floor.

The first time I took that banana and slid it inside me, I was hooked. I laid down on my bed spread my legs up in the air and lightly touched all those wonderful nerve endings around my little hole. Next thing I knew my cock was raging hard and leaking pre-cum all over my belly. Just like a tight little virgin pussy, my asshole got all wet and was practically begging to get pounded. First, I took my finger and slowly put just the tip inside. Then I’d work it in and out a few times until I could get a little more in. Next thing I know I’m knuckle deep inside my own ass. I reached over and grabbed that banana and ripped a condom open. I slid it on and was instantly imagining it being a hot hard cock. This got me even more excited to the point where I almost came. I grabbed the bottle of lube and covered my new anal toy and loved the feeling of it in my hand. I lowered it to my now loosened hole (so I thought) and started to tease it. I began tracing the tip of it around the outside of my ass just light enough to feel it. I did this as long as I could until I could have no more. I placed the tip of it right on my opening and starting working it inside. I was so much tighter than I thought I would be, but the excitement drove me to shoving inside it my wet little hole. It instantly hit me and the pain shuddered though my body, I pulled it out quick and almost gave up, but with that pain there was this massive rush of pleasure. I eased it back in slowly and took my time, working in and out, in and out until my ass was all lubed up and gaping, ready for more. As I got looser and looser my strokes got longer and faster. My mind wandered to a fantasy of being somebody’s little fuck toy and letting them have their way with my virgin ass. I soon found that sweet spot, right behind my cock. I began massaging my anal G-spot with that lubed up banana, imagining it was a big, wet, hot dick, ready to cum. Back and forth I fucked my asshole until I tensed-up, clamping my asshole around the toy and began flexing my cock, squirting cum all over my chest and face. It was absolutely amazing. I slowly pulled the banana out of my ass and laid there covered in my own cum. I rubbed it into my body using it like a hot lube as I eased my fingers back into my ass, slowly working them in and out, feeling every inch of it and just imagining how good the real thing would feel.

It was a while later before I got the courage up to actually try and find a person to give me the real thing. Thanks to Craigslist, this was much easier than I anticipated. I made a post, put a picture of my hard cock on it and the emails started flooding in. I found an older man, named Mike, nice looking and willing to host and be discrete. We were soon emailing each other every day with new dirty photos and desires we wanted to play out. After about a week of this we decide to meet up. We had set a date for me to meet at his place late one night. I was so excited and nervous I didn’t sleep for days. Not knowing what to expect, I was a bit apprehensive at first and almost backed out. But then the day came and when the hour rolled around I was in my car and headed across town to his place. I slowly walked up to his door and knocked. He greeted me with a smile and quickly invited me inside. I walked in instantly felt comfortable. He had a nice clean place, not a dirty dungeon I had imagined in my head. He asked me if I wanted a drink and I said yes. He fixed me a vodka and juice and it was quite strong, just what I needed to get relaxed. We sat and talked and he asked me if I had ever done this before. As I told him what I had experimented with I could see the excitement in his eyes. He said the first times are always the best and he was happy he could teach me. As I didn’t know what to expect I hadn’t showered or anything. After I finished my first drink he suggested we take a shower and get cleaned up. But first he suggested that we increase the excitement a little and pulled out a little cigar box from under the table. Next thing I know he’s cutting up lines of cocaine on the coffee table and rolling up a dollar bill. He showed me how it was done and quickly snorted up two lines. Not ever having done drugs before I didn’t know what to expect. I lowered my head and deeply snorted a line right up my nose. Instantly I could feel my face go numb and all sorts of butterflies forming in my stomach. He fixed me another drink, grabbed me by the hand and led me to the bathroom.

As I waited, mind racing and excitement rising, he heated the shower and told me to get in. He waited outside just to make me more comfortable. I quickly stripped down, pounded the drink and hopped in the shower. As I was washing off I heard the door open and soon felt his hand on my back and something hard and wet sliding between my ass cheeks. Overwhelmed, I turned around and looked down to see him completely naked and sporting a nice 8” dick rock hard and cut, ready to give some pleasure. My mouth started to water and he could tell. He asked me if I had ever seen another man’s cock before and I told him no. He grabbed my hand and slowly moved it towards his throbbing shaft. Like it was an instinct in wrapped my hand around it. It felt so good in my hands, warm, wet and pulsing. Without a second to think I had gotten down on my knees and was staring this massive rod right in the face. I slowly kissed it, puckering my lips up and placing them right on the tip. Then I opened my mouth and licked it, from the base to the tip, just like I had seen on so many porn videos. I pointed his cock straight in the air and began sucking on his balls, massaging them with my tongue as they rolled around inside my mouth. I then pulled them out and began kissing his shaft all the way to the tip, working around the head, hitting all the nerve endings and making it throb uncontrollably. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could with one quick thrust of my head. I worked his cock in and out, drooling all over his balls and my chin. He pulled out, saying he didn’t want to cum just yet. I stood up and noticed my dick was raging hard and already leaking cum from the tip. He bent over and sucked the tip, licking up the cum and then kissing me. It totally caught me off guard, but the taste of my cum all over his tongue almost sent me into orgasm. He told me it was time to get clean, before getting dirty and he was going to show me how to prepare for an all night fuck-fest. He grabbed a razor off the shelf and told me to touch my toes. As I bent over all I could think about was his cock inside my ass. He knew what he was doing, getting me so excited that I was almost cumming uncontrollably. He squeezed some body lotion down the top of my crack and let it slowly run down my asshole and over my now throbbing balls. Ever so lightly he began shaving my ass. Letting the tips of his fingers touch my wet little hole as he spread my ass cheeks for easier access. It was the biggest turn on I had ever had. He slowly worked that razor until there wasn’t a hair left on my ass or my balls. I stood up and ran my fingers between my ass cheeks and it felt so good. Slippery and smooth, just like a woman’s freshly shaven pussy. He washed me off and said it was time to get dressed. Confused I followed him into the bedroom and dried off. He came out of the closet with a handful of clothes and laid them on the bed, told me to get dressed and meet him in the living room when I was done.

Nervous with anticipation, I slowly unwrapped the pile of clothing on the bed. My heart instantly started pounding, not sure if was from all the cocaine or from the sexy outfit that lay before me. I first pulled out I nice little black g-string. I stepped through it and slowly pulled it up to my waist, enjoying every bit of it as the backside slid between my ass cheeks and snuggled up against my freshly shaven asshole. The front was just barely big enough to cover my smooth cock and balls. Next I found a pair of black thigh-high stalkings. As I bent over to slip on the first one all I could focus on was the feel of the g-string rubbing up against my asshole and when I looked down I could already see the cum starting to seep through the front of the panties. I slowly worked the stalkings up my leg and seated them just below my ass. I now knew why women loved wearing them so much, the feeling of something tight against your legs but having everything else exposed was absolutely amazing. I quickly pulled up the next one and started walking around the room, feeling everything tight against my skin, especially my shaven asshole. Next I found a bra with some large fake implants connected to the inside. I have taken plenty off, but never put one on, it was more difficult than I had imagined. Once on I felt sexier than ever, adding one more thing to squeeze my body and make me feel like a little slut. The only item left on the bed was a tiny little skirt. I stepped into it and pulled it up over my waist. It was very tight fitting and left nothing to the imagination. It was so short it barely covered my ass. The tip of my oozing cock was clearly poking out below. Now fitted in my sexy new outfit I stood in front of the mirror and thought, “I’d fuck that!!”. Now ready for my generous guest I opened the door and walked into the living room.

Heart racing and enjoying the rush from the coke and naughty outfit I came around the corner to see my new friend sitting on the couch, legs spread and watching a hardcore gay porno on TV. He instantly looked up with a big grin on his face, I knew he liked it as much as I did. I slowly walked over and saw many more lines of coke cut up on the coffee table. He looked at me and said, “You look good baby, now get me a fucking drink!” I was at first taken aback, but excited to play along. “Yes, dear” I said and slowly walked to the kitchen shaking my ass as I went. I could feel his eyes moving up and down my body and absolutely loved it. I fixed him a drink and slowly walked over to him, put my heels together and bent over, straight legged to expose my new tits. He smiled, took the drink and gave me a sexy kiss, shoving his tongue deep inside my mouth. “Come sit next to me” he said, so I walked past him and sat on the couch. I looked down at the coffee table and asked him “is any of that for me?” he smiled and said, “only if you’ll be my dirty little slut tonight”. I didn’t say anything, I just winked and began to move lean into the coffee table. He quickly pushed it out of my reach with his foot and said, “If you want it, you’re going to crawl for it”. I got down on all fours and arched my back exposing my silky smooth ass. I slowly crawled towards the table shifting my ass from side to side. As I got to the table I could already feel him inside me. I grabbed the bill and snorted two quick lines straight to my head. My heart started pounding and I started getting butterflies in my stomach. Enjoying the high I totally forgot where I was until I felt his hands. He started low and slow caressing my legs and moving up to my ass. I could feel both of his hands gripping me around the hips and working them side to side exposing my tight little fuck hole. His finger tips ran up and down my ass moving closer and closer to my asshole with every stroke. I could feel my asshole getting wet and loosening up ready to get fucked, but he wasn’t going to give it to me that easily. He lifted the skirt to expose my ass and gently kissed it. Each cheek got a nice wet kiss and a gentle little nibble. My cock was raging hard and spewing pre-cum all over the floor. He noticed all these juices going to waste and quickly grabbed my cock and began working it from behind. My asshole was pulsing with every jerk and all I wanted was his hot rod to explode inside me. He reached around with his other hand and grabbed me by the throat pulling my head back. He took his other hand, now covered in my cum and made me lick every finger until it was clean. My cum had never tasted so good, hot and salty, wreaking of sex and all the good things I knew were to come. He let go of my neck grabbed my hair with his left hand and spanked me with his right. The pain made my asshole clench and then the rush that came after made it looser than before. He loved it, having complete control of a little virgin slut ready to get fucked and take every inch of his raging cock. He let go of my hair and began working the panties off from around my waist. I arched my back and perked my ass in the air to let him see what he was getting. With the panties off I spread my legs and stuck my asshole in the air, exposed and nearly gaping, ready for anything. He began kissing my ass, moving closer and closer to my wet little hole. He traced my asshole with his tongue, making circles around it and lightly touching the center, just enough to make my body shudder and squirt a little cum from my cock. He could see my cock and balls flinch when he did this and he slowly moved below my asshole. He kissed that sweet spot between my asshole and my balls and with one lap of his tongue took both my balls in his mouth and began massaging them with his tongue. My body began to relax and I could feel my asshole start to open up. He took this opportunity to spread my ass cheeks and make my little hole open up and expose my insides to him. He worked up some spit and slowly let it roll off his lips and down the top off my ass crack. I could feel the warm fluid trickling down my crack headed right for my gaping hole. As it moved across my asshole and inside my body all I could think about was his hot cock inside my ass, working it like a wet pussy. He reached over my head and grabbed the bag of cocaine. I had no idea what he was doing, but took the opportunity to snort another line off the table. He told me to reach back and spread my ass. I did so willingly and waited for him to tease it. He licked his finger and stuck it inside the bag of coke covering it with the white powder. He bent over and licked my asshole to get it all wet and a little looser. He then took the coke covered finger and began rubbing my asshole working his finger in and out of my ass, coating it with the coke. At first I jumped as a burning feeling shot straight through my ass, but then that numbing feeling took over and it felt amazing. I could still feel his finger moving in and out of me, but it took away some of the pain. He pulled his finger out and gave my asshole a good licking, fucking it with his tongue before pulling away. The amount of coke in my system had my mind racing and I almost forgot where I was. It was then that I finally happened. He moved up behind me and put his knees down right outside of my own. I knew what was about to happen and my heart started pounding. The anticipation almost made me sick and the butterflies in my stomach were overwhelming and I knew there was only one way to get rid of them, cum. I could feel his left hand on my ass, spreading my cheeks and exposing my asshole. I looked behind me to see him pouring lube in his hand and working it all up and down the shaft of his cock. He noticed me peeking and gave me a seductive wink. He then grabbed the lube and squeezed it all over my ass and between my cheeks. It felt so good dripping down my ass, over my gaping fuck hole and down over my balls finally dripping off the tip of my still raging cock. I had never felt sexier and had never wanted to get fucked so bad in all my life. He started to rub my ass and work my man pussy with his fingers, I knew what was happen. He repositioned himself and told me to be still, if I moved he said he would spank me. I tested him just to get good slap on my ass. The excitement alone was almost enough to cum. Biting my lip and waiting for his cock, it finally came. The second the tip of his massive raging cock touched my wet, gapping asshole I let out a deep breath and arched my back. He slowly teased my hole with the tip of his dick, working it up and down, never pushing it inside me, but poking my hole with it, loosening it up for penetration. It was so warm and soft, like nothing I had ever felt before and so much better than I had ever imagined. He worked my virgin asshole like a little virgin pussy. Pushing it in and pulling it out, then pushing it in a little further before pulling it out and rubbing his cock up and down my slit. I found myself working my hips back towards him, begging to get more than he was giving to me. He noticed this and gave my wet ass a hard slap, causing my asshole to pucker up and my balls to tense. He slowly worked the tip of his cock inside me until I felt his swollen head pop inside my ass. My lubed up hole was tight around his cock like a ring of flesh designed specifically for milking his cock. Further and further he worked his shaft inside me. The pain from my stretched asshole was subsided by the overwhelming pleasure and the numbing sensation from the coke inside me. With every stroke he took he got further inside me, until his balls began slapping up against my shaven sack. I felt like such a little slut, dressed in stalkings, ass perked up in the air with a massive dick penetrating my wet, little man pussy. As my asshole began loosening up he began speeding up his pace. His hips were pounding into my ass, balls slapping up against mine making a sweet, wet sound with every stroke. I had never felt so good and so horny in my entire life and all I had to do was lay there and stick my ass in the air. He pulled all the way out and spread my ass cheeks to make my asshole gape open and expose my insides. He would then slam his cock back inside me all the way in until our balls slapped and then slowly pull all the way back out just to make me gape and ram it right back inside me. I couldn’t help but let out a dirty little moan and say “fuck that tight little asshole!”. He pounded me and pounded me, filling my ass with every stroke. He pulled his cock out and slapped me on the ass, “show me what that little fuck hole of yours can do you dirty little slut” he said and laid down on the floor, cock standing straight in the air glistening with my juices and lube running down his throbbing shaft.

Licking my lips I crawled over and straddled his legs. I leaned forward and licked his nipples, nibbling on one before moving to the next. I could feel our raging hard-on’s knocking up against each other all wet and hot, now both covered in cum and lube. I began kissing his stomach, moving lower and lower on his body. I got down low, ass perked up in the air, asshole gaping and began kissing around the base of his shaft. The scent of the lube and juices drove me wild. I grabbed his shaft and began slapping his cock against my face, looking up at him with seductive eyes. He looked down at me biting his lip and grabbed me by the hair. He pulled my head up and grabbed his cock, pointed it right towards my drooling mouth and forced my head down towards it. I stuck my tongue out and guided his throbbing cock into to my eager mouth. The taste of lube and cum and juices from my ass was better than a cherry pie. I loosened my muscles and let him fuck my mouth as I lapped up everything dripping off his cock. He let go of my hair and I pulled his cock out, pinned it to his stomach and licked his shaft from his balls to his tip. I worked my tongue over the slit in his cock and could taste the cum that was seeping from the tip. I began kissing his shaft, working lower and lower until I met his balls. I started licking them like an ice cream cone, enjoying every stroke of my tongue. I took his sack in my mouth and massaged his balls with my tongue trying to milk the cum out of them. His balls dripping and his shaft throbbing I spread his legs and told him to kiss his knees. He pulled his legs up to expose his hairless asshole. It was all puckered up and begging to be toyed. I slowly kissed around the outside of his ass the same way he had done to me, teasing him until he could take no more. I then put a big wet kiss right on his wet, tight hole. I placed my lips around the outside of his ass began to suck, pulling his asshole right into my mouth. I began working my tongue over his asshole as I sucked on it, getting it wetter and wetter. I ran my teeth over it and gave it a little nibble, feeling his body shudder and balls clenching up. Wet and ready, I began fucking his asshole with my tongue, working it in and out. Moving my mouth back up towards his balls, I slipped my middle finger inside his eager ass and pointed it right up. I started working it in and out milking his cock from the inside until I felt his asshole clamp down on my finger and balls tense up inside my mouth. I let his balls pop out of my mouth and pulled my finger out of his ass. I pulled my head up and grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed it as I worked my hand up towards his tip. A hot load of cum came oozing out if his cock and down around the tip. I placed my mouth around the tip of his cock and worked my tongue all over it, sucking the cum straight out of his cock. With my mouth full of his hot load I crawled up his body and leaned in for a kiss. He stuck his tongue out and I opened my mouth, cum dripping out we met for a hot sexy kiss. Our tongues tangled inside each other’s mouth working the cum over our taste buds and driving the experience to a whole new level. I sucked what I could off of his tongue and swallowed it down enjoying every bit of it as it went down my throat.

His cock still raging and my asshole still eager for more; I hopped off him and grabbed the bottle of lube. I held the bottle over his cock and let it drip over his throbbing head, slowly covering it, making it glisten in the light. I worked his cock up and down spreading the lube all over his raging shaft. I took my fingers and worked the lube all over my ass and inside my little hole. I straddled his body placed his cock right between my ass cheeks. Working my hips back and forth, up and down I ran his dick over my asshole teasing the both of us. My asshole began to loosen up, begging to get penetrated. I pulled hips up and placed the tip of his cock right over my wet and gaping opening. With my hands on his shaft and fingers gripping his balls I guided his cock inside my eager asshole. My eyes closed and I let out a breath of relief as I forced my ass down and around his wet hot shaft. I worked his cock little I corner-side slut. Grinding my hips to his and clamping my asshole around his shaft I could feel him working his hips and his cock starting to throb, I knew he was getting close to cumming. I stopped and clamped down extra hard around his cock and stared him in the eye. Before he knew what had happened I slapped him across the face and said, “I’m in control! You don’t fucking cum until I tell you to!” He gritted his teeth and said “ok” with a grin on his face. I slowly went back to grinding on his cock working the tip right across my anal g-spot. With every stroke of his cock my dick would squirt a little cum right on to his belly. He would wipe it up with his fingers and stick them in my mouth, making me taste my cum as I rode his shaft. He knew it was driving me wild, so to even the score my right hand made it back towards his balls. I worked my fingers over his balls and shaft as I worked my ass up and down over his cock. With juices flowing from my ass and down over his balls it was wetter than a slip between his legs. I began massaging his balls milking them for every bit of cum without making his explode inside me. My fingers found their way down around his asshole and I could feel him tensing up every time I brought my ass down on his rock hard shaft. Wanting to drive him to the brink, I slipped my wet finger inside with ass hole and began working his g-spot just as his cock was doing to me. His eyes rolled back in his head and I knew he was getting close to cumming. Before I could slow down, he grabbed my around the neck and pulled me tight to his body. With one quick motion he had my arms twisted behind my back with one of his hands and the other was gripped around my ass. He pulled me close to his body and kept me from moving, spreading my asshole with his other hand he whispered in my ear, “don’t you fuckin forget who the slut is you dirty little cunt”. With those few words I knew I was in for it. He began slamming his cock into my ass. Working my tight little hole harder and faster than any porno I had ever seen. My eyes rolled back into my head and I stopped breathing, the intense pain and pleasure sent my body into convulsions. He was working his cock right over my g-spot and then, without control I let a moan and began cumming all over his stomach. I was squirting stream after stream of hot cum between our bodies. With every squirt of cum from my cock my asshole clamped down around his shaft. It felt like his massive cock was ripping me apart, but It felt so good I screamed at him, “Cum for me baby!! Cum inside my fucking little asshole! Fill me up with you hot cum!”. I felt his hand grip my ass a little harder and spread my cheeks. He then pulled me a little tighter towards his body. His cock got harder and harder, I could feel it growing larger inside my ass. The thick head topping off his shaft began to swell up and penetrate me deeper than ever. He grabbed me by my hair, snapping my head back and making my back arch, perking my ass up right in the air. His hips starting violently and rapidly pounding his cock into my asshole, slapping his wet, sticky balls against my ass. He was thrusting his shaft so far inside me I could feel it in my throat. And then with a few more thrusts his body tensed up and I got what I had waited so long for. His raging cock exploded inside my ass. I could feel his dick tense up and then a hot stream of cum fill my insides. It was the best feeling ever, so good that my own cock raged up and shot another hot load between our bodies. I could feel our bodies shuddered and his strokes became slower. Not wanting it to end, I worked my asshole up and down over his shaft, milking every drop of cum out of his cock. My insides were warm and wet, I never felt so good in all my life, and the feeling was indescribable. All I knew was that I wanted more; I didn’t want it to end. I collapsed onto his body as he released my hair and grip from my ass. His cock still throbbing, began soften so I clamped my asshole around his shaft and slowly moved my hips up, careful to keep as much of his cum inside as I could. I pulled up and glanced down at the cum covered mess I had created on our bodies. I grabbed my still oozing cock and squirted all the cum I could over his glistening shaft. I crawled down and perked my ass in the air, careful not to let any of the cum drip out of my now gaping asshole. I kissed his sweaty body and licked my cum off his stomach. I then took his cock in my mouth and licked up all the cum I had squirted on to him and sucked his shaft clean. With the sweet, salty flavor of our cum I could taste my asshole on his dick. It was like sex in my mouth, covering every taste bud and making my mouth water uncontrollably. Wanting more, I began playing with my asshole working my finger in and out, coating it like an anal dipstick. I pulled my finger out and stuck it into his mouth, making him taste the sweet concoction we had just created. He swirled his tongue around my finger and licked off every drop of it. I carefully stood up, feeling my insides shifting and all the cum oozing down towards my little hole. I sat on the couch and he crawled up to me on his knees. He opened his mouth, taking in my cock and balls and sucking up all the juices. He told me to turn around and put my ass in the air. I did as I was told, and perked my little ass up in the air. As I relaxed I could feel my asshole open up and expose my cum soaked insides. He began lapping up the juices that were all over my ass and then started probing my asshole with his tongue. Knowing what he wanted I grabbed his hair and began fucking my ass with his tongue. I snapped his head back and pushed it down towards my hanging balls and told him to stick his tongue out. I slowly gave my asshole a little push and felt all juices start to flow out of my ass. As the cum started oozing out of my gaping hole it began trickling down over my balls and dripping off, right into his mouth. The feeling of the hot juices tickling my balls as they ran down almost put me into another state of orgasm. As he took in the last drop of cum from my ass he began to run his tongue up the back of my balls right towards my asshole. He puckered up his lips and began sucking on my ass. I let my body relax and then gave it another squeeze, forcing any remaining juices into his mouth. As my asshole relaxed again, his tongue slipped inside me, lubed up with his hot cum. I let go of his hair and turned around to greet him with a kiss. With the inside of his mouth and tongue covered in cum and my anal juices I put my lips to his and slipped my tongue inside, swirling our liquid sex inside our mouths. We worked the juices back and forth as we sat in each other’s arms and made out. I didn’t want to loose these hot juices, but I swallowed his entire load loving how it felt, sliding down my throat. His hands began rubbing my body and squeezing my ass, slipping his fingers into my, now no longer, virgin asshole. As I sucked on his tongue, trying to get every last bit of flavor that I could, his dick started to get hard again. I looked down at his throbbing shaft and then at the table, still full of cocaine. I glanced up at him with a seductive stare, we both knew this night had only just begun.

Mike got up and walked to the kitchen. I followed him and made him pour us some shots. I threw back a few shots of tequila and was feeling amazing with the cocaine still racing through my body. We went and sat back down at the coffee table and cut a few more lines of coke for the each of us. I had just snorted a big, thick line when Mike’s phone rang. He picked it up and walked into the next room. I could hear him laughing and joking, wondering if he was revealing my dirty little secret to someone. He came back in the room and saw that I was a little uneasy. I quickly questioned him about his conversation and he assured me that there was nothing to worry about, in fact, he had a surprise for me. He reached into his little box of goodies and pulled out a bag of weed and pipe. He packed it up and told me to smoke it and relax. I lit the bowl and pulled in a huge hit, filling my lungs. My eyes rolled back in my head and I nearly passed out. He was right though, I felt good and relaxed after that hit.

After a few more hits and another drink, he told me to go to the bedroom and make myself look pretty, we’d be having company. Shocked and confused I looked at him in disbelief. He told me that there was nothing to worry about and that I was going to love it. I stood up and picked my outfit off the floor and went to the bedroom. He had already set out a fresh new outfit, except this time there was something else underneath. It was a long brunette wig. I had taken the bowl with me and took another long hit from the pipe and let my body relax as I prepared for what was to come. As I released the hit I could feel the knots in my stomach relax and some of his cum managed to ooze out from asshole. I ran my fingers between my cheeks and over my asshole wiping up all the juices. I then stuck my finger in my mouth and tasted the sweet flavor of our sex. It instantly made my heart race and I found myself very excited for what was to come. I grabbed a wet towel and cleaned myself off and sprayed a little perfume he had left out on the nightstand.

I proceeded to put on the thong and stalkings, noticing that this set had straps. I pulled the skirt up over my ass and realized that they were garter straps. I hooked them to the stalking and pulled everything tight, making my ass “pop”. I loved the way it made me look and I hadn’t even finished putting on the outfit. I grabbed the bra and implants and fitted them up against my chest, now all that was left, was the wig. I reached down and grabbed the wig, which had little bristles on the inside to secure it to my head. I stood in front of the mirror and adjusted it. I never imagined I could look so good as a sexy, sluttly little woman. As I was admiring my new look and attire, I heard the front door close and Mike greeting someone. My heart started racing, now feeling very nervous about the way I looked and of what was to come. I brought the bowl to my lips and sucked down a giant hit and held it deep in my lungs. As I released I heard Mike say, “hey baby, come and greet our guest”. My heart started racing even faster and I got really nervous as I slowly walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. As I came around the corner I saw Mike standing, still fully naked, which made me feel a little less nervous knowing he felt comfortable being nude in front of this person. I came a little further and saw this good looking man, tall and very well built. He smiled at me and looked me up and down, obviously liking what he saw. I put on a nervous smile and squeaked out a “hello”. He walked up to me and I gave him a very feminine hand shake. “it’s nice to meet you” he said and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. He turned to Mike and said, “you said she was hot, but god damn!!”. It made me feel a lot better and I felt myself blushing a little bit. “Why don’t you two go sit on the couch and I’ll fix us some drinks” Mike replied. This handsome man took me by the hand and led me in front of him towards the couch. I worked my hips from side to side as he followed me, I could feel his eyes on my ass and I loved it. “You have a gorgeous body little lady” he said to me as I sat down. “Thank you Mr…….?” I replied. “James” he said and smiled at me. I kept my legs together so that I didn’t reveal too much, I wanted to keep him as intrigued as possible. He sat beside me and Mike came over and sat on the other side, handing both of us a drink. “Let’s hit some lines!!!” Mike said and pulled the table close to us. He lined up some coke as him and James talked about this and that. When he finished James looked at me and said “Ladies first”. I bent over snorted a thick line up each side. I leaned back and noticed both men smiling at each other, “I can’t believe you found this girl! And she’s a virgin!!??” James said. Mike replied, “Well she WAS a virgin”. And we all started laughing. Both men inhaled several lines and leaned back on the couch. “Why don’t you go get the pipe baby” Mike said. I placed my hand on either man’s thigh and pushed myself up off the couch. I made sure to run them down towards their cocks just to give them a little tease. I strutted across the room and into the bedroom to get the pipe. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I grabbed the pipe and headed back to the living room. As I entered the room they quickly stopped talking and looked up at me. I walked over and sat back between them, sticking my ass out as I sat down. “Damn girl” James said as he shook his head. I looked up at him and gave him a little smile. Mike loaded up the bowl and lit it, taking a big and hit and passing it to me. I sparked the bowl and inhaled deeply, letting the rush run through my body and ease my butterflies. As James lit up the bowl, Mike said, “Show James what you’re working with, give him a little show.” I grabbed the pipe from James and took another hit, releasing a puff of smoke as I stood up. I bent over and pushed the table away from us, exposing my ass and what little bit of my cock and balls that were poking through. I began working my hips from side to side. I turned around and backed up close to James’ face. I was rotating my hips getting real close so he could get a good look at me. He reached out and grabbed my ass with both his hands. I quickly turned around and slapped his hands away, waving my finger from side to side and said, “No touching!” he looked at Mike in disbelief. Mike said, “She’s got some attitude man, better do what she says!” Knowing he wanted me, I got even closer this time, putting my now bulging panties right in his face. I then placed my hand on the top of his head. I started working my hips closer and closer to his face, then just barely brushing my panties up against his lips. He looked up at me and then over at Mike. “What do you want baby?” I asked him. “I want you to take care of this hard cock bulging in my jeans!” he replied. “Cut me a few more lines and I just may do something about that for you” I said as I looked down into his eyes. He quickly pulled the table up and cut a few lines of coke for me. I turned around and put my ass inches from his face. I then bent over, straight legged and snorted the first line, which went straight to my head and made me feel a little wet. James reached over and unsnapped two of the back straps holding the stalkings up and skirt down. I felt the straps of my garter let loose and my skirt pop up exposed my wet asshole beneath my thong. I bent over and got ready to suck up the next line as I felt his lips against my ass. He kissed each cheek and then right as I snorted the line he placed a nice wet kiss right between my cheeks. I came back up and turned around. Leaned forward and squeezed his cheeks with one hand, puckering his lips. I went a little closer and with a quick move from the tip of my tongue I licked his lips. “Mmmmm, tastes good” I said and gave him a little slap on the cheek. I turned to Mike, who was now stroking his hard cock and asked him, “Baby, can I help James relax a little more?” Mike said with a smile, “show James what a dirty little girl you can be”. I turned to James who now had a big smile on his face and said, “are you ready honey?”. He didn’t say a word, just eagerly nodded his head and spread his legs, adjusting his bulging cock.

I spread my legs as I crouched down and got on my knees, revealing my oozing cock as I went down. I crawled up to him and got between his legs. I placed my elbows on his thighs and began working the buckle on his belt. Without looking away from his eyes I unbuckled his belt and undid the button. It was amazing how well I’d taken to my new found personality. My mouth started watering as I worked at his pants to get to his cock. I could feel it throbbing through his jeans and I knew that he was getting excited. I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down just a little. He looked down at me licking his lips, he wanted this just as much as I did. I reached my hand down into his jeans and felt it. The jeans were covering what felt like a massive cock. I pulled it out at it sprung out of his pants is it cleared the zipper. I finally broke eye contact and looked down in disbelief. My mouth dropped as I came face to face with the fattest cock I had ever seen in my life. I looked up at him and then over at Mike, who said, “ I told you, you’d like the surprise!” both men chuckled. It was a beautiful cock. It wasn’t longer than Mike’s, probably 6-7’’, but it was a lot thicker, almost twice as thick! I didn’t even know if I could fit it in my ass, let alone my mouth. I licked my lips and my mouth started to drool. I gripped the base of this monster and leaned forward to get above it. I didn’t want to gobble it up like an eager slut so I stuck my tongue out and stuck the bottom of his throbbing head right onto my wet tongue. I gave his head a slow hard lick, letting him feel how wet my mouth was. He let out a long moan and his cock flexed, nearly jumping out of my hands. I pulled back and began kissing his shaft, working from the bottom, up to the top. When I got to the top I puckered my lips and placed a big wet kiss right on the tip sucking the precum from the slit in his dick. The taste made my heart start racing and I could feel my asshole start to pulsate. I looked over at Mike and he was loving it, slowly working his cock up and down, watching me suck his friend’s shaft. I then reared up and came down on his cock mouth stretched to the limit. I barely took the whole thing. It was so large I couldn’t get it too far down my throat before I just wouldn’t go anymore. My mouth began watering uncontrollably, wetting his dick and drooling down his shaft onto his balls. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. “You like that cock don’t you baby?” James said as he thrust his dick to the back of my throat making me gag. “I fucking love it” I said as I came up for air. Mike moved over right next to James, jealous of all the fun he was having. I released James from mouth and moved over to Mike. I began working his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around his head and I could taste the sex we had had only hours earlier. I loved the feeling of servicing two hot studs at the same time. James stood up and disrobed as I lapped up Mike’s rock hard cock and balls. James came up behind be and gave me a good spank on the ass. He then gripped each cheek in his massive hands and spread my ass, exposing my asshole only covered by a thin string. He reached around and undid the last two straps of my garter and began pulling my panties down around my knees. I could feel my cock sticking to them as they left my waist. “Somebody wet their panties!!” James said. My cock jumped up as my asshole puckered. I loved having my ass in the air, exposing my wet hole and dripping cock. I arched my back and gave James a good view of what was his for the taking. He reached between my legs and pulled my cock back between my cheeks and placed his lips right around the tip of my shaft. He sucked and sucked, milking my cock for all it’s cum. This only made me hornier and I began taking Mike’s entire dick down my throat until my face was pressed against his crotch. As I worked Mike’s cock up and down, James lapped the cum from my dick and began sucking on my balls. He slowly worked his way up towards my asshole. The closer he got to my sweet little hole, the wetter and looser I got. My asshole was now pulsating as he kissed his way closer and closer. He finally placed both hands on either cheek and spread my ass. James leaned in and gave my little asshole a nice, big, wet kiss, working his tongue over my opening and making my entire body shudder. As his tongue probed my asshole I pulled up off of Mike’s cock and grabbed his legs from behind the knees. I forced his legs up and folded him like a pretzel, exposing his hairless ass and ball sack. Just as James was doing to me, I began making out with Mike’s asshole, working my tongue in and out, tasting his sweet juices. I was in absolute ecstasy, having my wet hole probed from behind as I sucked the sweetness from my new lover’s ass.

I’m not sure how long our little anal make out session lasted, but I had finally had enough and I wanted more!! I let Mike’s legs down, dragging my tongue across his balls and up the shaft of his cock, ending with a nice wet kiss right on his throbbing tip. He knew what I wanted just by looking into my eyes. I sat up and turned around to greet James. As he came up, face glistening with my juices, I leaned in and gave him a deep kiss, sliding my tongue into his mouth. I could taste the sex he had licked out of my ass and my heart started racing thinking of what was to come.

Mike pulled the table over and cut up a few more lines of coke for us. Both men went in and snorted a few lines apiece. As I crawled in to get my share of the goodies, James reached out and grabbed me by the waist saying, “oh no, you’re not snorting this round!!”. I turned around and pouted, trying to look as cute as possible so he’d let me get another taste. “Don’t worry” he said, “you’re gonna get some, just not up your nose” and winked at me. I knew exactly what he was going to do.

I crawled forward on my hands and knees and spread my legs shoulder width, then pressed my fake titties to the floor sticking my ass as far in the air as I could. I loved how the stalking grabbed my thighs, but ended right at the bottom of my ass cheeks, revealing my asshole, which was dripping wet and gaping, exposing my insides. James came over to my face and put his cock near my mouth, “get it wet for me you dirty little slut” he said. I came forward and took his cock with my lips and lathered it up with my tongue until it was wet. He pulled it out, making a “popping” sounds as it broke away from my lips. He walked over to the table and crouched down, placing his massive cock on a pile of coke. He picked some up with his fingers and sprinkled his cock like you would a fuckin pastry. Mike came over and sat down in front of me putting his cock right in my face. As I waited for James, I began working Mike’s shaft, drooling down all over his balls.

I felt James come over and get on his knees, squeezing between my legs and making me spread them a little wider. He leaned forward and gave my hole a nice wet kiss, poking his tongue inside and getting me a little wetter. He pulled back and gripped my ass, only to let go and give it a nice spank, making me jump and pucker my asshole. James laughed and looked at Mike, saying “you sure you want your cock in her mouth right now? She might find the need to bite down on something”. They both laughed, but I moaned, I wanted it SO bad! Mike looked up at James and said, “she’s a good little slut, she can handle the pain. Besides, I already loosened her up for ya”

I reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them wide and opening my asshole up for James’ huge cock. He leaned forward and let glob of his spit roll off his tongue and onto the crack of my ass. It hit my ass and rolled down, dripping into my asshole. I loved the way it felt as it slipped inside me. James leaned forward with his cock in his hand and tapped the tip of it right on my open hole. It made me pucker it up, but when I relaxed it opened wider than before. He traced my asshole with his cock, rubbing the coke all around. I could already feel it start to go numb. He slowly pushed the tip of his cock in and out of my ass, working it ever so slowly and lightly. He knew he was teasing the fuck out of me, making me wetter and wetter. I started working my hips back into him, begging for more of his huge member. He quickly slapped my ass and said “you’ll get it when I give it to you!!” Not listening to him and trying to be cute, I rocked my hips back forcing the tip of his dick into my ass. It popped as it slipped inside me, stretching my asshole and making me shudder with pain. “You fuckin disobedient little SLUT!!” James yelled at me and pulled his cock out. Thinking I was still being cute, James brought his hand back and slapped my ass harder than ever, making my whole body clench up. Just as my asshole was as tight as it could get, James grabbed my hips and thrust his cock into my ass. The pain overwhelmed my body as his cock ripped my asshole apart and I reactively bit down on Mike’s cock. Mike quickly pulled out and grabbed me by the back of the hair. He snapped my head back and slapped me across the face. “you stupid fuckin slut!!”. The pain from James’ cock and Mike’s slap made me cry. James kept his massive dick deep inside my ass, making my asshole stretch to its limit. Mike stuck his thumb into my mouth and pried my jaw open. He thrust his cock into my mouth and slammed it now my throat. He repeated to fuck my throat making me gag and drool all over his cock and balls. James and Mike began to violently fuck me from both ends, making me moan while they violated my tight body. As James worked my asshole he must have felt some sort of remorse for nearly splitting me in half, because he pulled out and grabbed the lube off the table. He squirted a generous amount into my asshole and onto his cock. The cooling feeling helped take away from the pain, but I still felt as though I had been raped by a horse. As James slid his lubed-up cock back into my gaping hole Mike pulled out and asked, “are you gonna be nice?” I looked up at him with tears still in my eyes and nodded. He took his thumb out of my mouth and let me work his cock the way I was before. James filled my ass with his cock and Mikes filled my mouth with his. As my asshole started to loosen up and the coke started to numb my insides the feeling went from pain to absolute pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of his dick inside me. I rocked my body back and forth as Mike’s balls slapped my chin and James’ slapped up against my own. Every time James pulled out juices dripped from my asshole and down my balls. As James thrust his cock inside me his balls would slap up against mine and stick to each other as he pulled back out. It was just one more feeling to put me in complete ecstasy. James’ cock was stretching my asshole so wide that I could feel the ribs of his shaft as he worked it in and out of me.
I thought it couldn’t get any better when I felt Mike’s cock start to tense up, I knew what was coming. I reached a hand up and cupped his balls, sliding my middle finger into his asshole. Mike reached down and grabbed my hair working my head back and forth as he started to fuck my mouth. I stuck my tongue out to give his cock a nice runway to the back of my throat. His thrusts got faster and faster until I felt his cock swell up, I eagerly waited for it to explode inside me. With one last thrust his body tensed up and shuddered as he let a hot stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I clamped my lips down around his shaft and worked it from the base to the tip, working it with my tongue. He thrust his cock into my mouth a few more times and shot another hot load to the back of my throat. I sucked his cock hard as he pulled out so I could milk it for all he had. James saw me sucking down Mike’s load and started speeding up his thrust, slamming his cock into my asshole. Mike leaned down and gave me a kiss saying, “now be a good girl and swallow my cum”. I swirled his hot load in my mouth savoring the flavor before I let it slide down my throat. The flavor was amazing and made me want to cum myself.

James pulled his cock out and I turned around. I took his glistening shaft in my hand and began sucking the head, working it with my tongue and lapping up all the sweet juices. “how do you want me baby” I said, looking up at him as seductively as possible. “on your back” he said
I rolled over on my back and spread my legs little a little slut, ready to get penetrated. Mike crawled over and straddled my face, dropping his balls right into my mouth. I took his wet sack in my mouth and massaged his balls with my tongue. James reached down and grabbed me by the ankles, folding my legs to my chest and forcing my ass straight up in the air. Mike reached up and grabbed my legs, holding me up and freeing James. James leaned forward and began licking the rim of my asshole. Having Mike’s balls in my mouth and James’ tongue in my ass made my body relax with pleasure and I could feel my asshole start to open up. James took that as his queue and stood up. He pointed his throbbing cock down towards my ass and dropped his hips, thrusting his member into my wet hole. He proceeded to pile drive his cock into my ass dropping it into me like a fleshy jackhammer. He would thrust his hips forward as he came down into me stroking his massive head across my anal g-spot. Each thrust from his cock would milk the cum from my body until it started oozing from the tip of my dick. Mike saw the wasted cum and leaned in. He took my cock in his mouth and began sucking it like a straw, slurping up all the juices that were seeping out. The feeling was amazing, I never thought I’d ever be getting my cock sucked as I had another fucking my ass and another riding my face. The excitement made me want more. I reached up and grabbed Mike’s ass and forced his asshole over my lips and started working his tight hole with my tongue. This only made him suck my cock more ferociously. As my cock penetrated Mike’s lips I felt myself begin to climax. My asshole clamped down around James’ throbbing shaft and he knew I was ready to cum. His hips sped up and he started pounding his cock into my ass slamming the head up across my g-spot. As his cock milked me from the inside and Mike worked my cock with his tongue my body tensed up and I finally released a massive load of hot salty cum into Mike’s mouth. Mike kept working my cock and James kept fucking my asshole. With the two of them working me from the inside and out, the orgasm kept coming. It didn’t matter how hard I clamped down on James’ cock with my asshole, he kept penetrating me. With each thrust of his cock another stream of cum would shoot from my dick into Mike’s mouth. He kept taking it, he kept every shot of cum swirling in his mouth as he sucked on my shaft. I was brought back to reality with the feeling of James’ cock swelling up and getting harder inside me. He grabbed me by the hips and pounded my ass ferociously, almost knocking my cock out of Mike’s mouth. With a loud groan James’ cock exploded inside my tight ass and he shot a hot load of cum deep inside me. I could feel the impact of his cum hitting my insides and warming me up. He kept fucking my ass, using his cum like lube. He worked his diminishing cock in and out of my ass until it was too limp to penetrate my tight hole anymore. As he pulled his cock out I clenched my ass around his cock, eager to keep as much of him inside me as I could. I had finally stopped cumming and Mike pulled his lips from my cock, carrying a mouthful of my salty cum. He scooted back, pulling his ass from my lips and then leaning down, about ready to kiss me. He stopped though, puckering his lips just inches from mine. I opened my mouth eager for his juicy present. He opened his mouth slightly and let all the cum I had shot into his mouth, drip out and into mine. I stuck my tongue out and licked it up as it rolled into my mouth. I swirled it all around my mouth savoring the taste of my own juices before I swallowed it down. The taste made me want more.

I looked up at James who had appeared to have read my mind. He put his hands on the back of my ass and pushed it up until my cock was dangling right over mouth. I pushed my ass out slowly, careful not to squirt James’ load into his own face. A huge load of his cum came up and out of my ass. As it pooled up around my asshole, James leaned forward and used his tongue to push it towards my hanging cock and balls. As his tongue moved over my protruding asshole the cum ran down over the back of my balls and down the shaft of my cock. His cum was still warm as it oozed out and down my shaft, towards the tip of my cock. It hit the slit of my dick and dripped off, right into my waiting mouth. There was so much cum that had come from my ass, my mouth was overflowing and it was running down my cheeks. I closed my lips around the savory juices and the two men let me go. As I sat up they both came in with eager lips. We all met with a kiss and I let the cum roll out of my mouth and onto their tongues. We worked each other’s tongues in and out of our mouths in a hot make out session. I took what cum was still in my mouth and swallowed it down, enjoying the last bit of juices from our night of fucking. I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen now, and if the night was over?

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