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as always all credit goes to skeezix
Chapter 3

I looked up tentatively at her. "We?"

Paige got a peeved look on her face. "Yah, stupid. I'm not letting you do this without me. Did you think I was not going to love you anymore because of ‘Rover’ down there? You know, you really piss me off. I thought we were connected on a deeper level than that. I thought you knew me better than that. I thought I knew you better than that."

My mouth dropped open. "My whole concept of reality is changing, and you want to fight. I'm scared to death. You know I love you. But, I'm never as sure about how you feel towards me. You're always so flippant. Nobody would blame you for not wanting me after this."

She smiled consolingly. "You really are stupid. You copied down the diagram in the first place because you knew I'd be fascinated. For the first time, I see evidence that something exists beyond our mundane reality and you think I'll be turned off. In fact, I'm rather turned on." Her voice transitioning into a husky whisper. She placed her hand on my crotch and squeezed.

"You mean you actually like the beast?", I stammered.

As an answer she reached over and locked the door to her office. She turned back to me and kneeled down on the floor between my legs. She untied my sweatpants and pulled them down to the floor. She started rubbing my cock through my sheath.

"Your fur is so soft. Let me see what you've got hiding in there. Can Schultzie come out to play?" She chuckled.

My dick started migrating out of my sheath. About six inches was protruding when she put it in her mouth and started twirling her tongue around and around. The feeling was absolutely awesome! More intense than anything I had ever felt before. My cock started growing even faster. She kept one hand on my sheath to aim it into her mouth. My cock was suddenly cold as she pulled her mouth off of it.

"What's this?" She'd found the bulge in my sheath. She pulled down on my sheath and the knot popped out adding another couple inches of shaft and three inches of knot to my exposed and still swelling penis.

"Wow. Just like on the farm," she said. Just when I thought she was going to turn away in disgust, she got up on her knees and deep-throated my whole eleven inches. And it was still growing. It felt great. Hell, it felt better than that. It was WONDERFUL!! My new penis was much more sensitive that my human cock. I can't ever remember her blowjobs being nearly this intense.

I moaned. "Oh God, oh God, OH MY GOD!"

"Shhhh. Quiet. You're not going to howl are you? There’s a class going on two doors down the hall." She quickly dropped her shorts and panties as she stood up and bent over her desk.

"I want you to take me. Take me like a dog, but no howling." She grinned lecherously.

My surprise at her behavior quickly turned to lust. I ran my hand across her vagina. Her labia were swollen and she was sopping wet. She was really turned on. I moved in behind her and started to ease my throbbing canine cock into her cunt. She was so lubricated that I slipped in easily up to the knot. She sucked in her breath as I entered her, and then began to quietly moan. Just the shaft of my new cock was already considerably larger than my entire human penis had been. I started slowly going in and out, picking up speed with each thrust.

The wonderful feelings were becoming very intense. The rest of the world disappeared and there was only the beautiful sensation emanating from my groin. I started thrusting harder and faster. My bulge kept advancing further and further into her vagina with each thrust. I was trying to restrain myself and not hurt her, but I was losing control.

"Put it in me. Come on, I want all of you in me." She panted in a deep raspy voice.

The encouragement caused me to totally lose control. I slammed into her and
pulled back on her hips pushing my new knot into her cunt. After some resistance, my knot popped into her. I had this urge to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her tightly to my pelvis. As I held still, it seemed her cunt was getting tighter, or was my cock still expanding? That thought was quickly forgotten as my pelvis, all on its own, started jack hammering into her with short rapid strokes. I couldn't seem to pull back very far because her vagina was too tight around my knot, but I kept pounding away uncontrollably. And I could feel the end of my cock pushing through a tight constriction up in the end of her vagina. My mind was totally focused on filling her with my cum, as the intense ecstasy of my orgasm built within me. Finally I gave one last, great heave, and wave after wave of raw, exquisite pleasure radiated from my groin as my cock started spasming my love juice deep inside her.

But the orgasm lasted MUCH longer than any one I had experienced before. My cock kept shooting jet after jet of hot cum into her. I could feel my balls twitching, contracting, and pulsating repeatedly in my scrotum. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, my orgasm subsided. Then I realized that Paige had been wracked by wave after wave of orgasm also.

Weakly, I panted in Paige's ear. "That was the most awesomely fantastic orgasm of my life."

Paige was still breathing heavily and was covered with a sheen of sweat. "I like the new little beastie too. You were quite literally an animal,” she panted. “But maybe next time you could be a little gentler, though. The end of your cock is through my cervix and into my uterus. I’ve never been filled this full. I think I'm going to be sore for a week."

Just then I felt a stabbing pain in my lower back extending to my butt. The pain was paralyzing and I could hardly breath or move for probably half a minute. Paige felt my tension and asked me what was the matter, but I couldn’t answer her then. Once the pain subsided, I looked around at my butt and there was a fur-covered tail: shiny, medium-length black fur on top, with feathered, tan fur underneath. A German Shepherd's tail. As soon as I realized what had happened, my tail disappeared as it bent down between my legs.

Paige giggled. "That tickles. Wait. What is that? A tail?"

I moaned. "Oh my God. It's started again. I'm changing."

I took my weight off of her back and stood up. I pulled back, but I couldn't withdraw my cock from Paige's vagina. "Ouch. Stop pulling,” she whined. “That hurts. I think we're stuck because that bulge of yours is too big. Give it a minute to shrink."

I plaintively asked. "What happened? I thought I had three days. Why have I started changing early?"

"I don't know. Maybe having sex is a catalyst of some sort. Are you sure there was nothing else with the curse?"

"I'm sure he didn't say anything else, but…." After a moments hesitation, I proceeded to tell Paige the full story including the part about being raped.

She nodded. "That explains the tenor of the curse. A Bacchant-like demon or an Id-centric force would certainly feel a being’s primary purpose would be procreation."

"So now that you know the kind of demon, do you know how to reverse the curse?"

Paige shook her head. "Not really, but it gives me some ideas on how to focus my lit search."

We waited a couple of minutes, and my penis was still firmly locked into her vagina. I could feel it still twitching and pumping more cum into her. So we waited some more. She reached down and rubbed her tummy. It was pooched out some, due to her uterus being swollen full of my cum. Thankfully no more changes occurred. Ten minutes went by and we were still stuck together. "Boy that sure is some staying power." She tried to joke, but I could tell she was afraid of the same thing I was.

I finally verbalized what we both were thinking. "What are we going to do if we're stuck like this? What if it's part of the curse?"

Paige tried to reassure me. "This is normal for dogs, you city boy. There is no 'slam, bam, thank-you ma’am’ in the dog world. The male dog has to stay and cuddle whether he likes it or not."

"How long then?" I pulled hard, but couldn't move.

"Stop that. You're hurting me. Give it some more time. Stop being so impatient."

I pulled slowly but firmly and started to feel some give, but I still couldn't pull out. I was encouraged that I could finally move a little. We stayed locked together for another couple minutes before I was able to pull out with a loud sucking noise. Cum poured out of her vagina, much of it running down her legs.

No wonder I'd been stuck. I was still erect and my knot was incredibly large. Paige turned around and her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw my still erect penis. It was about a foot long from the tip to the back of my knot.

"Wow, all of that was in me? I can't believe you didn't rupture me." I was so relieved that we could separate that my tail started wagging. I didn't even notice until Paige started giggling.

"I'd say the little beast is happy." Paige continued to giggle. I tried to stop my tail from wagging back and forth, but I was feeling oddly giddy and started laughing. That just caused my tail to wag harder. Once our nervous energy dissipated, we decided that I was going to go back to Paige's apartment while she went to the library to do her lit search. She pulled some paper towels and pre-moistened towelettes out of her desk and cleaned up herself and the floor.

We tied my tail to my leg with some string she had in her desk. This allowed me to put my sweatpants back on. It made it uncomfortable to walk and a bulge could still be seen. However, unless I ran into someone I knew, I doubted anyone would stop me to ask about it.

Chapter 4

Paige checked out about a dozen books she thought may help and brought them back to her apartment. I wrote down the curse as well as I could remember it. I also tried to recreate the diagram and words that I had copied from the book. We both read and searched the internet until the early morning hours without success and eventually I fell asleep.

I discovered that I couldn't stand or sit on the toilet to urinate. My sheath prevented me from pointing my penis down. I had to back up over the toilet while bent 90 degrees at the waist and then squat down placing my genitals in the bowl just over the water. Thankfully the thought of urinating or just having a full bladder caused my cock tip to automatically emerge from my sheath.

Neither one of us had any teaching responsibilities, and tomorrow was Saturday. We skipped our classes and continued our studies. Paige went back to the library to check out some more books, as nothing seemed to shed any light on my problem. I did some internet surfing on dog anatomy and discovered that the bulge in a dog's penis is called the “bulbus glandis” or “knot” and that it is normal for the male dog to be "tied" to the female after ejaculating. I also learned that a dog’s penis has a bone in it that makes it stiff enough that he can insert his penis into the female before it is grown much at all. Then once inside her, his cock grows to full sized.

I was finding it hard to concentrate. My mind kept drifting to erotic thoughts. Everything seemed so sensual. I had cut a hole in the back of my sweatpants so that my tail could stick out. I found myself with an almost constant hard on. I was becoming turned on just rubbing my erect penis against the fabric of my sweatpants. I either had to take them off or orgasm.

"I brought you a drink." Paige stopped at the bedroom door when she saw I was sitting at the computer in the buff sporting a woody. "I didn't know you were so turned on by canine breeding. Don't you think you've learned enough?"

I blushed. "Okay." I got up and started walking into the living room.

"Scott. I'm not complaining mind you, but don't you want to put your pants back on?"

"I can't. Something is wrong. I seem obsessed. All I can think about is sex. I took them off because the cloth rubbing against cock was going to cause me to cum."

Paige grinned. "I don't think I've ever seen your face that shade of red before. You think it's part of the curse?" It was more of a statement than a question. "Why don't you help me in the living room with the library books. They’re pretty dry reading."

We went into the living room and sat down on the couch. We each took a book and started scanning through them. But my attention was not on the book. Involuntarily I was glancing at Paige's bare leg. Its seductive curves and valleys. The wonderful warm moist mound of darkness I imagined I could see through her shorts.

"Paige, I'm going to take a shower." I got up and for the first time in my life I took a cold shower. It was not a pleasant experience, but it seemed to work. My canine dick finally returned to its home. My tail fur was holding the water and I reached around to towel it off making the fur puff out. I did the same with the fur surrounding my genitals. It was still moist, so I took Paige's hair drier and started blow drying my tail and sheath. The warm hair was like a soft caress. Unfortunately, by the time I had dried off completely the urges had returned and they seemed stronger, more immediate. My thoughts were clouding with a powerful desire.

Paige's sexy voice drifted into the bathroom from the living room. "Scott? Are you okay? You've been in there for a long time." I dropped the hair drier. There was something much more pleasurable. Something I wanted, desired, needed. I walked out of the bathroom and quietly snuck down the hallway towards the living room. Her back was to me as she sat on the couch. I leaned over the couch and put my hands on her shoulders. I started to knead and massage her petite neck and shoulders. She leaned back into me. "That's feels great." She leaned her head forward exposing more of her supple neck.

I put my nose into her hair. Inhaling her fragrance. Shivers ran down my body. I started to lick the back of her neck, as my hands migrated down her back. I felt the urge to bite her and started to gently nibble on her velvety nape. "Scott, I think you need another shower. You better stop before you get carried away."

I continued to advance my hands down her back and then sliding them around to grasp herbreasts. The female moved to get up. I grabbed her shoulders and held her down, pushing my face into her hair. She violently wiggled out of my grasp.

"Scott! What's wrong with you?" She turned and we locked gazes. She started backing up as fear creased her brow. I stepped over the back of the couch. My maleness proudly displayed dribbling pre-cum. "Keep away from me. I mean it." She commanded.

I crouched down on the couch and then pounced. Our bodies collided. Her body sliding against mine. She got her legs between us and catapulted me over the coffee table. She got up and ran. By the time I got to my feet she was starting to close the bedroom door. I ran down the hall just as the door slammed shut. The knob wouldn't turn. I threw my shoulder into the door, but it wouldn't move. I could hear furniture being piled up against the door. I couldn't reach her. I let loose with an incoherent yell of frustration. I needed release. I grabbed my straining cock shaft. A stinging, burning flash of pain tore into my cock. “DAMN!!!” My hands were just too rough and my cock just too sensitive to be able to stand that.

I remembered and quickly moved my hand down to my knot and started stroking. My fingers slipped down to the back of the knot and the shaft behind it, between the knot and my balls, and an electric jolt of pleasure shot from my groin. I started jerking off wildly. The pressure quickly grew until I was blinded with desire. Large thick shots of cum covered the wall and floor. As soon as the orgasm passed, the pain began.

My toes started to ache. The ache quickly migrated up my legs and became painful. My feet started lengthening and black and tan fur started emerging from my skin. A line of fur quickly migrated up my legs to merge with my furry genitals and tail. My feet became incredibly long and then both legs started changing. My thighs shortened and became slimmer. My calves thinned as my legs
turned into dog's legs. My toes had merged to form perfect canine paws complete with pointed thick nails and dark tough paw pads. I held my breath waiting for the change to continue, but it seemed to have stopped at my waist. From the hips down, I now resembled a very large German Shepherd Dog. The fur on my lower legs and paws was tan, and started blending into black on the outside of my upper calves and thighs. All of the fur under my tail, from my anus up to about my belly button, and inside my calves and thighs was tan. The fur across my lower back, the back and sides of my hips, and down the top of my tail was black.

I started breathing again. It was beginning to look like I wasn't going to be able to stop the curse. I seemed to be destined to live the rest of my life as a dog. Feelings of self-pity and despair merged as I was losing hope. Tears started filling my eyes making my vision blurry until I wiped them away. And then it hit me. Everything that had just happened came flooding back into my mind. What had I done to Paige? I had nearly raped her. Now she will leave me. I didn't deserve her in the first place; it would only be a matter of time before she met someone she liked better anyway. I stood up and knocked on the door.

"Paige? I don't expect you to forgive, but I'm so sorry." She didn't respond. "If you'll let me get my clothes, I'll leave. I won't try to touch you. I'll go to the living room and you can throw them into the hallway." I found that I could still walk upright. It was a lot springier walking on paws. Like I could jump a mile. It seemed like I was walking on the balls of my feet, but it felt comfortable. I went back into the living room. I could hear the furniture being moved again.

From behind the door Paige's muffled voice warned. "I've got my pepper spray, so stand back."

The door opened a crack. When she saw I wasn't there she opened it all the way and saw me standing in the living room. She froze in the doorway as her mouth fell wide open. She broke the silence and kept me from starting to cry like a baby. "They say that big feet mean a big dick. I guess it applies to big paws too."

I looked down at my canine legs in shame. "You like them? Unfortunately they're attached to an asshole. If you’ll throw me my clothes, I'll leave."

"You can't go outside like that. You don't have to leave. If the curse becomes too strong again, we'll pay more attention and I'll just lock myself in the bedroom again. Besides we have a better chance of breaking the curse together."

"Paige, I love you. I don't think I could handle this without you. You are my sanity, my reason for being. I know this isn't the most romantic time or place, but when this is over, do you think you would…um…want to marry me?"

"When you can get onto your human knees and propose, then we'll talk. Right now, while you've got your hormones under control we need to crack the books."

The next morning I awoke from the couch almost in a panic. Two days were gone already and we didn't have any idea how to reverse this. What was I going to do? I didn't want to be a dog. We had talked about going ahead and fulfilling the requirements of the curse, but we were keeping it as a last resort. But it seemed that we were out of other options.

Paige came from the bedroom. She was watching me and I could see the little can of pepper spray in her hand. "Are you okay?" She asked.

I frowned. "No. But I've got my hormones under control still."

"Good, I can't lock myself in the bedroom if I'm going to pick up Hank and Tina." We had called quite a few different dog breeders about purchasing two German shepherds. Our insistence that we had to have the dogs by today, and that the female be in heat made the breeders suspicious, and they wouldn’t do business with us for any price.

In desperation, we had called Phil, and he gave us the name and phone number of the breeder that Schultz had come from. He started to ask us a lot of questions, but we begged him to trust us, and promised him we would tell him everything tomorrow if he would give us a good recommendation to the breeder. In fact, Tina and I decided to really tell Phil everything. He was a good and trustworthy friend and could always think of unique solutions to problems, and seemed to always see situations from a fresh and different angle than most folks. For a blind person, he often had more “vision” than people with normal sight.

Our unique demands also raised suspicions with this breeder, but Phil’s recommendation of us, and our other references checked out. By the evening, our savings accounts were significantly depleted, and we were the proud owners of Heinrich von Leipshen and Christina von Butchmeier,
also known as Hank and Tina.
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