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Lust and Horny
Marci is surrounded by a soft pink towel. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she swirls the bubbles that are starting to form below. She stood and went to the medicine cabinet, grabbing a clip to pull her hair up. As she pulls her hair into a twist, her towel falls to the floor. She stands there, in front of the mirror, gazing at her curvaceous body. Her hands trailing down her neck and she caresses her nipples that are now hard from the cool air. She playfully covered her breasts with one arm and raised her other hand to cover her mouth which was shaped like an O. Her face, which was now mischievous with a pretend, shock-liked expression.

She gently eases her feet into the bathtub. The warmth of the water envelopes her. She feels the tension and hesitation about the evening's upcoming event start to slip away. She gathers some bubbles and they fly into the air as she lightly blows them out of her hands. She always found a bubble bath to be a sensual activity; her hands exploring their way down to her private garden. She starts to slowly touch herself. She rubs her hand over her mound, carefully sliding her fingers between her lips, slowly entering herself. The more she strokes, the more excited she becomes, her legs spread open. She feels that pull inside her, wanting more, she didn't want to spoil anything for tonight. As she stood, the bubbles rush down off her body; she wants to continue the evening ritual to prepare for her second adventure with her new boss.

The hot water pelts her from the shower head and beads across her chest. She grabs the shaving cream from its usual spot on the window ledge and works its blue gel into a foamy lather; she loves the smell of men's shaving cream. Her strokes are long and fluid as she takes care of all the areas that need to be perfectly smooth. After she has dried off, she stood at the closet debating the two outfits she has chosen. Should she stick with the comfortable, conservative pant suit or should she give into her sensual mood and wear the black dress with the plunging neckline? The black dress, it is really a no brainer. She carefully applies the right makeup, making her eyes more tempting. Her soft, smooth skin glows from not only the heat of the bathroom but from the excitement that is boiling within her.

She sat on the edge of the bed to put her stockings on. She works them up her leg until the lace edge ends at mid thigh. She repeats the same motions on her other leg. Normally she wouldn't wear something as risqué as thigh highs but tonight is different. She is making herself the temptress, she wants to be the woman that I long for, need and desire. She steps into her new pink boy short style, lacy panties and add the matching bra. The black dress looks perfect on, and her strappy heals complete the outfit. She needs to hurry if she is to meet me on time.

There is a chill in the air tonight and as she steps out of the limo, she tightens her grip around her shall. The wind is blowing her hair as she waits by the water fountains that play to their own ballet. She sees me approaching from the lower parking garage. I had a way about me, my presence draws her into me. She wants to run her hands through gray hair and get lost in my kisses but that will have to wait. " Evening Ava, gorgeous like your mom." " Good evening John." She gives me a slow smile as I lean to greet her with a kiss. " How was your day?" I'm genuinely interested. " It was wonderful," she coyly tells me as a smirk made its way across her face.

We entered the restaurant where I got my usual scotch on the rocks before making our way to our private table. We sat down just as the curtain was closed. The waiter takes our orders and leaves closing the curtain. Marci caught me staring. " What's the matter?" " Nothing. I like watching you smile, it's so damn sexy." " Oh yeah?" She leans over to my side of the chair, her breasts pushing together for a more inviting view. " How would you like it if I did this?" She reaches up to my face, her breath near my ear, nibbling on my lobe. " Mmmmm, I like that," I sigh.

" Perhaps you would like this..." She eases out of her chair quietly as she slides under the table, making her way between my knees. She is crouching in such a way that I see her skirt rise enough to reveal the top of her black stockings. Seeing her below me, in this setting, with those tits doing nothing but enticing me even more, made my cock hard just thinking of what I would like to do to her. She moves her hands up my calves, then to my thighs. " What do you think you are doing" I whisper. " What does it look like?" she mouths back to me. Her favorite part is unbuckling my belt. She got such a rush out of it, and then unzipping my pants; she is hot just thinking about it. She rubs my hard cock through the material. She likes to watch my facial expressions, always looking at my eyes.

She slids my cock out of my trousers gently stroking me between both of her warm hands. She loves watching me, loves stroking me. She leans forward to put her lips against my hard throbbing cock. I move towards her, trying to reach for her nipples that are obviously hard, she pushes me away. Her tongue reaching out to touch my shaft. She licks up ever so slowly and then down the other side. She is careful to avoid the head, because that is the best part, she wants to make me wait for it. She continues to stroke me making me wet. " Yes, baby, yes," I softly moan. " Mmmmm," she hums against my cock, making me harder. She uses both hands to stroke me, this time flicking her tongue over the slit at the top of my cock. " I can taste you," she whispers.

God damn I wanted to fuck her but she feels so good. She opens her lips, taking me in slowly and deeply into her hot mouth. She sucks on my cock making it harder, grasping my balls in the other hand while she strokes and sucks at me. Just when I thought I can't take it anymore she slids an ice cube from my drink into her mouth. She hovers over me and then slowly takes me deep, the sensation from the ice and the heat of her mouth is too much. I pull her hair back, so that I can get her attention.
" Lets get out of here," I said hastily. " Why?" she murmurs. " You want some of this?" I watch as she pulls her skirt up a little higher, revealing more of her thigh. She raises her hand to her mouth, sucking on her own finger, then she moves it down beneath her dress. I can't see what she is doing but I know. She slids her hand back up in front of me.

" Want some of this?" She positions her pussy-dipped finger in front of my mouth. I smell her and, God, it is tugging at my insides. She slids her finger in my mouth and I suck her juices off. She is hot, and so very wet, and her clit is aching to be touched by me.
" Lets go now," I firmly said. She reaches for her purse and we quickly but quietly leave the private table. We hardly made it to the parking garage before I find a corner to push her into. I press my body against her, I cup her face in my hands, kissing her neck.

" Gorgeous, I wanna make you cum," I pant. " I want to taste your pussy myself." Hearing me say that brought butterflies to her belly, oh how she wants me again. I forcefully plunge my head between her breasts, pinching at her nipples. I work my way down to her thighs. I run my hand up them, feeling the lace between my fingers. Her dress is long enough to hide me, so I duck underneath it. She feels strange being in the parking lot but it is dark enough that she didn't care.

I kiss my way up her thighs, gently biting on the flesh that is above the thigh high stocking. I slid her lace panties down around her ankles and she steps out of them, I place them in my pocket. She feels the heat of my mouth lingering at her pussy. Her legs start to shake, just in anticipation. She puts her hands on my head and tries pushing me closer, but I wouldn't budge. She feels my fingers touch her and spread her lips open.

Fuck, that feels so good. I blow air directly at her exposed clit and is getting lost in the smell of her juices. I dive into her, burying my tongue into her pussy. I lick her lips, swirling around her clit, and then pressing my tongue flat against it. Her knees are buckling and she is slowly starting to fall to the floor, I use this to my advantage. This only spreads her pussy lips wider, and gives me full access to her. I pull back for just a moment, then lick my way from her ass to her clit. She trembles, she is shaking. I bit on her clit and flick my tongue around in circles making her shudder and shiver.

She feels, in the pit of her belly, the heat and tension of her orgasm growing. It is over taking her, she is so blind with desire that she hadn't noticed that I had pulled my cock out of my pants. I swiftly move into a standing position, pulling up her dress and sliding my hard cock into her pussy. " Ohhhh, yessssss," she moans. Her body plunges into ecstasy, I feel her pussy gripping my cock tighter, milking me, and bringing me to my edge. " God John," she moans. " Fuck that pussy, I want to feel your hot cum inside me, cum for me, please." I knew I was gone the moment she said I could pour inside her. I shudder, quiver, and the throbbing is in full force. He can't last much longer.

" Gorgeous, I'm gonna cum." I growl. " Cum for me, John, cum for me." I explode into spasms, my rock hard cock pulsing out hot cum. I shudder against her, thrusting the last few times. She giggles sweetly, as she always did. " So what did you think of the show?" she asks. " Fantastic, I should come to New York more often, don't you think?" As she gazes into my eyes she replies "Absolutely."

We went to Marci's apartment, we talked about everything but work, which is nice. I seemed to understand her more than any guy she ever had. Under the table, she feels my foot stroke hers, and my eyes looking so sensual. She had never wanted me so bad as she does right now. Not even before, or during, our first time did she have this strong of a feeling. She wanted to jump up, grab me, and make me take her right there on the kitchen floor, but, she thought it would probably be rude, or too aggresive. I seen the look she had in her eyes and knew what it was, I jumped up and took her hand and took her into my arms and I carried her back to her bedroom.

As we got to her room, she saw more candles, lillies, and there was music playing. She looks at me and asks, " How did you know I was going to want it again?" I said, " I didn't. I figured if anything, we could just lay back here and talk and go to sleep." As I laid her down, Marci sarcastically said, " Uh huh." I just laughed and laid down next to her.

I pull her close to me and kiss her. Marci opens her mouth wider and runs her tongue along my bottom lip and mine slides against hers and she moans a little. My hand runs down her neck and chest and cups her breast and I run my thumb over her hardening nipple and she moans again. I kiss along her jaw line and up to her ear, which is her most sensitive spot, and her hips pushes into me. Marci feels me smile as I work my magic on her ear a little longer, running my tongue all along the edge of it and sucking on the lobe. I had her squirming and wanting me so bad that she tries to undo my pants but I wouldn't let her.

Instead, I took off her dress, and she mumbles that this wasn't fair and I told her to just relax and to let me take my time on her, which is quite possibly the hardest thing she has ever had to do. She laid there as I kiss her neck again, and kiss my way down to her breasts. Her back arches as I lick one nipple as I gently play with the other. I lick and kiss and suck both of them until she is moaning with ecstasy. Oh John..OOOOOhhhhhhh..OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh..AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh..AAAAAAAhhhhh."
I start to move down, she grabs my head and said, " No. I want you now. You can go down on me later, right now though, I need you."

Her eyes said it all. I take off my shirt and pants and climb on top of her spreading her legs. She is on the pill, so we had that area covered, which is nice because neither one of us like condoms. I kiss her again as I slowly slide into her. She moans loudly into my mouth. She is so tight and I have a massive cock, and it makes sex with me very painful and very euphoric. I slid in again, this time a little harder, and she throws her head back against the pillow and I kiss her neck as I start to thrust slowly inside her. She buries her face against my chest and grabs my arms as she came and I grunted as she tightened around me. When she laid her head back, My pace is like a pile driver slamming into her, pinning her aganist the mattress and my pelvis battering aganist hers. I kiss her ear again and whisper, " I love making love to you. You're sooo tight and you feel sooo good underneath me." All she can do is moan. " AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh..AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh..
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm." She kisses me, dragging her nails down my back and I moan " UUUUhhhh..UUUUhhhh," and start thrusting harder. I grab her breasts again and lean down and flick her nipple with my tongue. I kiss her again, and she wraps her legs around my waist as I slam hard into her.

I sat up and kneel between her legs and grab her hips as I keep a steady pace, slamming harder as I hit her cervix that made her scream " Oh God.. Stop..Pull back.. Not So deep and Hard," and I continued to hit it again and again. I lift her legs into the air and put them on my shoulders, ramming my my shaft all the way in on each thrust. Marci grabs onto the pillows, screaming " OMG.. STOP..TAKE IT OUT..YOUR HURTING ME..JOHN..YOUR SPLITTING ME IN HALF..STOP..PLEASE..PLEASE..NO MORE." She came like ever 5 seconds, tears are pouring down her face as her tight canal is stretched, scrapped and torn by the sustained ramming I'm inflicting on her. Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy causes it to give a bit, and I'm able to ram the last few inches in. It feels great, having her tight young pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams she is emitting " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! "

I groan into her mouth as I continue slamming into her like a pile driver. Tears streaming down her face. My fingers dig into the flesh at her waist and she cries out " AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!. “ STOP!,” she cries pathetically, her hands at my face as she tries again to push me away. I fuck my young doll for several more minutes, loving the tightness, and getting off on her screams. I feel my orgasm approaching and start slamming harder, enjoying ramming the fuck out of her pussy as I pound into the wailing young woman without mercy until my orgasm came, and I drive all the way in, holding it there as the volcanic explosion pumps my warm semen into the crying woman. I hold my cock there for a few minutes, feeling her pussy struggling to expel me. After a few minutes, I pull my cock out and look at the blood on it, and the blood and sperm dripping out of her split open pussy, as it still twitches from the trauma it had just endured.

Marci is in complete shock. I got up bringing back a warm, damp washcloth, and wipe her down. I tell Marci to stand up and I push her forward bending her over the bed edge, her ass pushing back towards me. Marci parts her legs as I come up behind her, she feels my hairy thighs aganist her legs as I step between her legs. I slide my finger up and down her crack stopping at her asshole. I rub her asshole then push my finger tip aganist it Marci protests, " NO! Please Stop!" I start to push my cock head into her ass she screams " STOP! PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS!" I pull my cock back, lubracating my cock and her asshole. Then position the tip of my cock head aganist her asshole, I start to push my cock into her, this time she easily accepts the first two inches. As we got to the thicker part of my cock, her asshole resists. She is really feeling stretched, It feels like a baseball bat is driving up her ass as I continue to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time.

"OOOOOWWW, its too big, don't stick it into my ass", Marci wails. I push harder and Marci's anus gives up to the assualt and opens to the head of my cock."AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWWW, Its tearing me up, take it out, don't push it in", she yells. " You only got the head, wait until you get all 9 inches fucked up your ass. I am going to stretch you wide open. I push another inch in, than out. The next thrust gains two inches, than back out. I thrust harder driving the entire shaft deep into her rectum," OMG! OMG! OOOWWW, that hurts, you're hurting me." I stroke her sides squeezing her breasts, " OOOWW, that hurts." Marci feels me push up from her body and fist my cock inside her anus. " Your lesson is about to begin" and I begin to push in then pull back again and again.. It feels like a baseball bat is driving up her ass as I continue to push and pull back and push again, each time driving deeper." OOOOOWWW, it's too big, don't stick it into my ass," she wails.

Her asshole is stretched and torn to accept the fucking of her ass. I pull my cock out to the head and than begin the painful journey back up her ass. My cock is gripped tightly by her ass.I begin to fuck her ass hard and fast, riding her. My cock thrusts into her deeper each time, causing her to cramp as it is forced to accept my hard cock. Each stroke of my cock brought a fresh batch of pain to her ass. Marci feels my cock swell as I thrust into her, I groan as I explode in her. My hot cum flowing like lava in her. I collapse aganist her breathing hard in her ear. Marci is shivering, and crying as I pull my cock out. " Oh Baby!" I wanted to fuck your beautiful ass when I meet you. " I will be back in New York in two weeks. I will call you and send the limo to pick you up. Be sure to be availble and plan on spending some time with me." I tell her.
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