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Just a little game that my boyfriend and I have really come to enjoy.
Clean Up Time!
It was only about an hour before closing time and the only customer I had was a college kid home on winter break. His name was Jamie and he was a rather tall, good looking young man. He had been keeping me company for most of the night on this rather slow Thursday, and had been flirting with me the whole time. I had given him a few drinks on the house and he was beginning to show the effects. He kept telling me how hot I looked in my bartending outfit and reminding me that his parents were out of town and he had their house all to himself for the next few days. And….that I should follow him home after closing for a few drinks!!
We continued chatting until I had to start closing up the place. By that time, I had had a couple of drinks with Jamie and had actually been flirting back with him! I excused myself from behind the bar and went into the back storage room and called my boyfriend. I told him that I might be home a little late but that I was going to bring him a surprise that I was pretty sure he would enjoy!! I was pretty sure that Danny knew what I was up to, but he didn’t let on if he did.
It was after I had been bartending for about half a year that Danny and I had come up with a mutual fantasy. I usually came home after a long night behind the bar and complained about all the salesmen that would come into the bar and drink too much and then proposition me. If I didn’t flirt back with them it would affect my tips… I usually played along. Some of those guys were just gross! By the time I would get home I would be so bitchy that I was surprised that Dan would even put up with me! But, he did!
He would usually rub my shoulders as he listened to my girlish whining. Of course as I got more and more relaxed from his massaging, we would usually end up with me on my back and Danny’s tongue working his magic between my parted thighs! During one of our more heated sessions, (I had already cum twice), Dan suddenly stopped sucking on my swollen clit and pushed himself up. He crawled up until he was hovering over me and I could feel the tip of his hard on brush against my thick bush. I wiggled my hips until I felt him slide between my slippery lips. As he laid his weight down on me I could feel his cock slide into me.
“Ummmmmmmmm……yeah…….” I moaned at the pleasure he was giving me.
“You know Mary…….what might be kind of hot sometime……is if maybe you were with one of those guys… know…..before you came home…..” Danny grunted out as he enjoyed what my warm pussy was doing to his dick.
“Huh?! What do you mean…..with one of those guys?” I gasped. He had my full attention now.
Danny stopped fucking me and I unwrapped my legs from around his waist. He stayed inside of me however and leaned on his elbows.
“Well, you know……with them!”
“You mean have sex with them? Fuck them?!”
“Well……yeah. You know how much I love to clean you up after sex…..and how much you enjoy me cleaning you up…..I thought maybe…….,”
“Are you sure? You’d want to eat someone else’s cum out of me?”
“Wouldn’t it be kind of hot…..for you?”
“Well….I guess……I need to think about it a little bit.”
I felt Danny’s cock twitch inside of me and I squeezed back. Danny gave me a long wet kiss and began to go in and out of me with long, hard strokes. It was only a matter of minutes before he had me moaning and begging him to cum deep inside of me. I began fantasizing about another man fucking me just as Danny moaned and I felt my insides get all warm and gushy from the load he had just pumped into me…….and I suddenly came again!! That was the last we had talked about it.
Danny and I already had a couple of fantasies going on with each other…..I kept my dark bush full and thick for him, and most of the time I even had a noticeable carpet growing under my arms. In turn, he let me wear my soft, white ribbed socks whenever we fucked. That was just a fetish I had ever since I lost my cherry in the back seat of my boyfriend’s car after cheerleading at his football game. All I was wearing when he took my fifteen and a half year old virginity was, you guessed it…..a pair of white, ribbed, very soft, crew socks that were part of our cheerleading uniform. I was even known as one of the Sock Sisters for the rest of my high school years…..but that is a whole different story.
So anyway…..bringing in another fantasy to our sex life was not something I was overly concerned about. But then again….here was a golden opportunity just staring me in the face… opportunity to really show Danny just how much I loved him!
“Well Jamie”……I teased when I got back to the bar, “maybe I could stop by on the way home, but only for a night cap. I mean….I can’t stay all night!”
Jamie looked at me dreamily. He told me that he would wait for me in the parking lot and I could just follow him. I quickly finished locking the doors and shutting off the lights and followed him out the door. Since I had been cleaning up and restocking the coolers for the last hour, shutting down was no problem.
I followed Jamie and it wasn’t long before we were pulling into a beautifully lit long driveway. I parked next to Jamie’s car under the carport. I got out of my car and followed him to the front door. This house was fantastic!
After a short tour of the house and making a couple of drinks at the fully stocked bar, he led me by my hand into the living room. We sat on a huge overstuffed couch and finished our drinks while we chatted. The more I got to know Jamie, the better this idea was getting to be!
Jamie took my empty glass and set it on the cocktail table in front of us. He then sat down right next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. In seconds we were making out like a couple of high school kids…..which we weren’t too much older than! And oh yeah, Jamie was a great kisser! I was letting him feel me up as we made out but wouldn’t let him under my sweater….yet. I did manage to let my hand “innocently” drag across his crotch area a few times and got a muffled moan each time I did!
I suddenly stood up from the couch and took Jamie’s hand. I pulled him off the couch and whispered in his ear that maybe he should show me where his bedroom was. He quickly led me upstairs and down a hallway to his room. I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, my short bartending skirt riding high enough up my thighs that he could see a flash of my white thong. I kissed him deeply as I unbuttoned his shirt. I ground my crotch against his and could feel the nice bulge he had developed. I kissed and bit his nipples as I covered his bare chest with kisses.
Jamie pushed his hips up against my gyrating and let out a moan.
“I’ll be right back….” I whispered as I pushed myself off of his writhing body. “You get in bed while I get out of this uniform …..”
I went into the adjoining bathroom and took off my sweater and bra and pantyhose. I opened my purse and found the pair of my soft white socks I always carry, and pulled them on. I made sure they were slouched perfectly around my ankles. I ran my fingers through my short, curly hair, quickly glanced at the full length mirror behind the door, and walked back into the bedroom wearing only my socks and thong.
In the dimly lit room I could see Jamie was lying in the bed with a sheet pulled over most of his body. I assumed he was naked. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked to the open side of the bed and crawled under the sheet and rolled up next to him. He pulled me tightly against his body as we kissed and my hard nipples rubbed against his chest. He rolled me onto my back and one at a time, covered my nipples with his mouth. He flicked his tongue all around my areolas until my nips were sticking out as long as the tips of my little fingers. I was holding his head in both of my hands as he sucked and nibbled my sensitive nubs. I could feel my pussy moisten.
“Oh god Jamie… are driving me crazy…..” I hissed as he started to trail his kisses down my stomach. I was lifting my hips off the bed in anticipation of what was to come. When he got to the waistband of my thong he hooked his fingers over it and began pulling them down my thighs. He pulled back the sheet and I pulled my feet up so he could pull my thong completely off. He quickly slid the damp material over my sock covered feet and dropped it to the floor.
“Oh my…… “ he whispered as he stared at my thick, hairy bush.
“You like?” I teased. I raised my arms over my head showing off my hairy underarms. I spread my legs for Jamie’s viewing pleasure and could feel the cooler air as it hit my wet pussy lips.
“Yeahhhh….” Jamie moaned his approval.
He leaned forward and again covered my nipples with his mouth. This time however, he trailed his fingers up and down my armpits, playing with the hair that was there.
“Oh yeah baby….” I moaned out my approval.
It dawned on me that I hadn’t so much as seen or touched Jamie’s cock yet. I fleetingly thought about going down on him……but he hadn’t gone down on me yet……..
Jamie pulled his mouth off of my left nipple and covered my mouth with his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him tighter on top of me. I lifted my legs up and dug my heels into Jamie’s ass and made an effort to pull him down on top of me. I wanted his cock!!
Jamie sensed what I needed and reached between us. I suddenly felt something about the size of a golf ball sliding up and down between my pussy lips. It felt so good and I was so horny it didn’t dawn on me immediately that it was the head of his dick until he started to push it in to me!!
I felt the head pop between my lips and I moaned.
“Give me more Jamie….I want more of your cock….” I whispered in his ear as I began to rub my sock covered feet along his legs. “Give it……ahhhhhh….”
I stopped mid-sentence as I felt him begin sliding his meat up my pussy. My god…..he was stretching me out like I had never been stretched out before. It was a good thing my pussy leaks out a lot of juice whenever I fuck or this might have gotten painful!
“Jamie……baby…..” I moaned. “Maybe I should get on top……you’re pretty big!”
Jamie pulled his cock out of me and rolled onto his back. Oh my god!! This young man had the biggest cock I had ever seen! He was at least two inches longer than Danny, and much thicker. I must have been staring at his cock for too long of a time.
“Mary……are you OK?” he asked.
“Oh yeah!” I quickly answered.
I quickly got busy sucking and playing with Jamie’s beautiful prick until it was long and hard and wet and leaking pre-cum. I spit in my hand and began massaging his heavy ball sack. By this time I could feel my juices beginning to run down my thighs and I climbed up to straddle him.
I stood on the bed with Jamie lying on his back between my legs. I squatted down until I could balance myself by putting my hands on his chest. While Jamie reached down and held a sock covered ankle in each hand, I lowered myself a little further and felt the swollen head of Jamie’s dick once again slide between my heavy pussy lips. I started doing a little Kermit the Frog movement, taking more and more of his shaft every time I lowered myself. After a little bit, I finally felt my clit rub against the base of his shaft. I leaned forward and began to ride him the best I could.
I could hear myself moan with every grind I made. My pussy was so full and my clit was sticking out so far that I was an orgasm just waiting to happen! I could feel the big head of his Jamie’s penis sliding back and forth over my g-spot and when he happened to pinch my super sensitive nipples between his fingers…..I exploded!! It was like there was a direct line from my nipples to my clit. I came for what seemed forever. I felt myself ejaculate….covering his cock with my syrupy girl cum. I had to lay on top of him for a few minutes because I just couldn’t move!!
Finally I rolled off of him and onto my back. Jamie was kneeling between my legs and his wonderful tool was bobbing up and down, begging for attention. I reached out with my sock covered feet and began teasing his dick with them.
“Now Jamie…..” I whispered. “I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours……and I want you to fill me up with a big…..big load of your hot sperm…….can you do that for me?!” I teased.
Without saying a word, Jamie grabbed my sock covered feet and pulled them apart, spreading my legs. I looked down and could see that my thick bush was matted down with my ejaculation. Jamie wasted absolutely no time in fisting his hard cock back into my pussy.
“Mmmmpphhh……” I moaned as he filled me with his shaft in one hard thrust.
“Oh god…….you are so fucking big baby……oh yeah…..” I continued as he pounded my ass into the bed.
I managed to wrap my legs around his waist at about the same time he exploded inside of me. I could feel my pussy get very warm and felt a trickle run down over my asshole. After about five or six spurts, I felt Jamie slow down. I quickly reached down between us and circled his shaft with my thumb and forefinger.
“Pull out slowly Jamie……I want to milk every drop of you into my pussy….” I whispered into his ear using kind of a little girls voice.
As Jamie slowly began sliding his softening prick out of me, I milked his shaft from the base towards my cunt…..squeezing every drop of his man juice into me that I could. I felt him pull the head of his dick free with a soft, wet, plopping sound. Not wanting to waste any of his jizz, I rolled off the bed and immediately pulled my white thong back on. My pubes were a mess!!
Jamie was lying on his back, exhausted. His spent cock was lying on his leg, wet and shiny from our juices. I couldn’t resist. I leaned over on the bed and slid his sticky, hot prick into my mouth and began cleaning it with my tongue. What a mix of tastes; sweat, and cum, and pussy juice. I gave him a good suck and managed to get a nice glob of sperm on my tongue.
I covered him up with a nearby blanket and kissed him on the cheek.
“I’ll let myself out…..maybe I’ll see you again before you go back….”
I went back into the bathroom and slipped my bartending outfit back on. I pulled my soft, white socks off and before I left, I dropped them in the middle of the bathroom floor where I was sure Jamie would find them. As I walked down the steps towards the front door, I could feel just how squishy my cum-filled pussy was. I was sure my thong was getting soaked!
I only had a five minute drive to get home but I had to be careful to not be speeding. I parked the car in the driveway and opened the door to our apartment. Danny was lying on the couch waiting for me.
“I would have been home earlier baby…..but I had to stop off for something. I hope you like it!”


2018-01-17 00:18:57
I was hoping there would be so cum in your pussy that Danny would accuse you of participating in a gang bang.

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Awww, was hoping to read about Danny getting facesat for his meal of cum and pussy juice.

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i wish i could have clean your pussy

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lovely yarn

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That was really good. One of the best stories on this site in a long time, just because of how candid it felt

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