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A young Indian girl repeatedly has her dreams crushed.
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Bindu was packing her bags. Tomorrow, she would be leaving India for the official tour of New York City prior to her taking a new job at the company's head quarters. Mr. Jaitley, her current boss had recommended her to Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards was the CEO of the company she worked for. Mr. Jaitley was his Managing Director of the company's Indian subsidiary. Bindu would be accompanying Mr. Edwards and his secretary to New York.

She had left work just after lunch so she could complete her packing. She was excited to be getting an opportunity to complete the company's current project. It was a project that could earn the company huge profits. If the project was successful, it would go a long way in helping erase some bitter memories she had of her life in India. While packing she was remembering her past. It had been a long hard journey she'd taken to get to this moment.

As she packed, her thoughts carried her back in time. She remembered how happy she had been when she had finished first in her high school classes. She was very proud of the honors her hard work had brought her.

Most of the girls in the village where she had grown up were never lucky enough to complete school. Most of the village girls were sent to school only until they passed out of the primary grades. Many of Bindu’s classmate’s parents felt that girls were only for household work. That was a common parental opinion in that time and place in rural India. An education was a waste of time and money. A girl was considered a debt to her family. They were a debt that would cost a dowry to get rid of.

Only the daughters of government officials and the few rich families in the village were fortunate enough to study beyond the primary grades. Some were even married before they entered their adulthood.

Bindu's parents were something of an exception to the rule. Her parents had sent all of their children to school. They highly praised her success in her exams.

The school Bindu attended was the only school in their village. Initially, it had been just a primary school. It was later upgraded to accommodate the high school level as well. To continue their education at the university level, students had to move to the one of the larger cities where the colleges were located.

Unfortunately, for Bindu her grandmother had been insisting her father marry Bindu off to one of the better families in their village. The bright girl had just celebrated her 17th birthday and did not want to marry so young. She wasn't ready for that, yet. She wanted to go university like her friend, Manju had done.

Bindu's father had listened to his mother and was reluctant to allow Bindu to leave the village. He wanted to marry her off at the earliest possible time. She was the eldest of the children in the family. If Bindu could be married early, he would then have more time to think of arranging the dowry for his younger daughter, Anara.

Bindu's father had a small cloth shop in the village. The farmland, which came to him from ancestral property, was leased out. He had saved some money, which he thought, would be enough of a dowry to marry Bindu off to some young man. He had little or no concern for Bindu's wishes.

Binu was the youngest member of the family and the only son. The father had thought of making Binu, a rich and powerful man. He had all his dreams wrapped around his only son. His daughters represented an obstacle to that plan.

Bindu's dream of going to university for a higher education had been dashed. After some protests, Bindu had accepted her parent's decision. She then began dreaming of her future husband and marriage. In fact every girl throughout the world has fantasies of her dream boy and her wedding night.

Bindu's friends were wondering who would be the lucky man who would marry her. By any standard, she was a beautiful girl. She had long black hair that surrounded a lovely rounded face, almond shaped hazel eyes, and a slender light tan body. She drew attention wherever she went. Her D-cup breasts made certain she would not go unnoticed.

Her father had found what he thought was a good match for her. A boy named Mangat was selected to be lucky one. His father owned huge tracts of property in the adjoining village. Most of it was dedicated to farming and other agriculture purposes. They were among the richest families in their village. Also, Mangat's father had accepted Bindu's father's proposal of marriage the first time it was brought to him. He didn't even want much of a dowry.

It was a proud moment for Bindu's family. Her father thought that his daughter would live a happy and prosperous life with Mangat.

Bindu was happy too. She didn't love Mangat, but he was a young, handsome, and strongly built man. Bindu thought she had found her dream boy. With time, she would learn to love him. Her heart was brimming over with happiness. Her friends and sister kept bantering with her all day. Bindu used to envision herself in a bride's clothes. Then her thoughts turned to what Mangat would do with her on their wedding night. One of her elder cousins had told her that husbands don't allow their brides to sleep on the first night. The new husbands tease and have sex with them the whole night. Her cousin told Bindu that many brides were unable to walk the next day because of the soreness from all the loving their new husbands demanded.

When told of her body's use on her wedding night, Bindu naively giggled. The thought of Mangat taking her virginity and using her all night excited and frightened her at the same time.

Her wedding day finally came. Bindu left her father's house with tears of joy.

She was warmly welcomed into her husband's home. The ladies of the house, after performing some traditional rituals over the young couple, took her to the wedding couple's room. Fresh roses were laid all over the bed, giving the room a pleasant fragrance.

For hours, she sat alone on the bed, waiting for Mangat. To keep her dignity, she continued wearing her bridal clothing. In addition to the wedding sari, she was wearing a gold wedding ring on her finger, and a long mangalsutra (necklace). In addition to the ring, the mangalsutra signified her marital status. It was made of gold and black beads with a twin-cupped pendant. It hung low. The beads fell between her ample breasts. The pendent rested against her midriff. Her earlobes bore delicate earrings. She had a small bindi on her forehead and the traditional sindhoor. Her choli was nicely cut, and it scooped deep and wide enough to reveal a bit cleavage.

Just as she heard the noise of the opening of the bedroom door, her face became reddened with shyness. Her dreams were now going to be realized. This was the moment that every girl waits for. Along with her excitement, Bindu was suffering with the uncertainty that all young virgin brides feel.

But wait! What was that! Mangat came into the room with his manhood dangling from his trousers. He had been drinking heavily and could barely walk. His breath reeked. The odor from his mouth smelled of liquor and something Bindu could not identify. Bindu was terrified by Mangat's condition.

In spite of her fear, she somehow helped her husband undress and lie on the bed. He was deeply under the influence of whisky.

"Kamoo... .... Kamoo." Bindu heard these words slowly come from Mangat's lips. She was shocked to hear Kamoo's name from Mangat.

Kamoo was a local whore. She had caused much trouble in many local families. Many rich young men were her admirers. They were mad over her beauty. She hoped Mangat was not also among the victims of that vamp of a girl.

Again, the dreams Bindu had held so long, were shattered. Mangat was fast asleep on the bed with no consciousness of his new bride. Bindu could not do anything in this situation. She slept with tears in her eyes but with the hope that everything would be all right in few days. Her new husband had simply celebrated his marriage a little too much.

Unfortunately, her wedding night was just the beginning. Her doubts were turning to reality. Mangat came in late night after night. Night after night he drank heavily, and cried the name of Kamoo as he dozed off. What he earned during the day, he wasted at night on drinking, playing cards, and Kamoo. He gave little or no attention to the fact that his untouched bride was waiting for him at home.

Mangat never tried to understand Bindu's feelings or needs. In fact, he sometimes behaved cruelly toward his wife. He had not even consummated their vows and given her the status of his true wife. After more than six months they still hadn't had any sexual contact.

Sadly for her, Bindu's virginity was still intact.

She always tried to please her husband. She even went so far on a few nights to greet him by laying naked on their bed as an invitation to her husband to come to her. Except to tell her to move over, Mangat ignored his bride. In spite of it all, she took care of him. To her dismay, he was madly attracted to Kamoo.

Bindu couldn't complain of this to her in laws. They wouldn't take her seriously. She didn't want to tell this to her parents either. She didn't want to become a debt to them again. Her father had to think about marrying off her younger sister. Bindu was enduring a life of suffering and neglect. What cannot be cured must be endured!

One night, Mangat came home after finishing his daily work and flopped on the bed. Bindu was already lying on the bed trying to sleep. She knew that Mangat didn't take dinner at home after he had been drinking.

Suddenly, she found some rough fingers on her blouse. Before she realized what was happening, those fingers cupped her exposed breasts. She was surprised at this behavior from Mangat. He hadn't shown the least interest in her until then.

"Oh dear, that's pretty nice." Mangat praised her with slurred speech.

Bindu's blouse was open enough to give Mangat full access of her ample tits. Still, she was lying on her side with her back to her husband. She sensed Mangat's lips on her bareback. He then untied the belt to her thin robe. He slipped his hand in, and Bindu felt his fingers on her neglected sex for the first time. She was shivering with excitement.

"Oh that's most pleasurable, Kamoo darling.”

Bindu was stunned to hear Kamoo's name. She realized that Mangat, in his drunken semi-conscious state of mind, had imagined it was Kamoo with him on the bed instead of his wife, Bindu.

"You don't worry babe. I will throw Bindu out and will make you my wife. Then we can enjoy each other without fear." Mangat assured.

Bindu tears were flowing heavily from her eyes. Somehow, she kept her self-control.

Mangat soon passed out and was in deep sleep, again without accepting Bindu's offered virginity.

Bindu got up from the bed, dressed, and sat in a far corner of the room. She cried as the memories of her dreams came flooding back. The memory of all her dreams that had turned to ashes convinced her of what she had to do. She felt that she would never be happy with Mangat. Mangat had no intimacy and affection for her. She decided to leave his house.

But where she would go this late at night? Her parent's house was too far away for her to reach walking. Also, she didn't want to bring sadness and suffering to her parents.

Just then she remembered her school friend Manju. Manju was the daughter of a government officer and among the few lucky girls who had gone to a nearby city university after graduation from the village high school. Manju's parents had moved to the same village where Mangat's family lived. Bindu was confident that Manju would help her in this situation.

So, with her tears drying on her cheeks, Bindu packed her clothes and other valuable goods in a single bag. She slipped out of the house quietly. All were sleeping soundly in the house. None were aware of Bindu's departure.

Hiding herself from the leering eyes of passers-by, Bindu reached the house of Manju. Her mother opened the door and asked her to come inside. Manju was happy to see her friend. Manju told Bindu she lived in a girl's hostel in the city and had come to her mother's home for the holidays.

Manju's mother prepared tea for the girls and then went to sleep in her room. Bindu told her friend the sad story of her marriage. Manju felt sorry for her friend and assured her of help. Bindu told her friend, about her wish to go to the city to continue her studies. Manju asked her to stay with her that night. They would travel to the city in the morning.

The next morning, Bindu and Manju traveled to Raipur by bus. They made arrangements for Bindu's admission in the hostel and in the school. Manju and Bindu both lived in the same room.

Bindu started working a part time job after her class time. She had no contact with her family or with Mangat's family for many months. Neither did they try to search for her.

Manju didn't say a word about Bindu whenever she visited her mother in the village where Mangat lived. Manju suggested her friend get a legal divorce from Mangat. She knew one lady lawyer in Raipur, a Mrs. Nirmala Rawat.

Mrs. Nirmala listened to the misery of Bindu and filed divorce papers in the local court.

Mangat didn't take more than a minute to sign the divorce papers. He made no apology for what he had done to Bindu. He was free now to marry Kamoo.

Bindu's parents were deeply hurt by this step their daughter had taken. Her father announced that they didn't want to have any kind of relationship with Bindu. For them, she had died.

Bindu soon became satisfied with her new life. She had some sorrow for the separation from her parents, but she finally accepted her fate.

Both Bindu and Manju were highly intelligent. They both completed their college studies with high merit. Both of them got jobs in the IT department of a New York City based multi-national company.

Almost two years passed as they settled in and advanced in their jobs. By then both of them had become well experienced in their work. Their manager in the company was very impressed by their efforts. He had no doubt that both of them would help a lot in the progress of the company's business. He recommended them to the higher officials in Mumbai for promotion.

Every year a couple of employees, who showed promise in their work, were transferred to Mumbai. The salary and facilities they obtained in Mumbai were much better than in Raipur.

Both girls were happy to go to Mumbai. It was their first trip to a large metropolitan city. Manju's parents had given her their permission. Bindu didn't need or want anyone to give their permission. Though they stayed close friends and co-workers, they lived in separate flats provided by the company. The work here was on a very large scale. Their colleagues were helpful to them in learning the new work at the Mumbai plant.

Mangesh was the one who helped them most. He came from Pune. He was an only son, and his parents had assisted him all through school. They had even arranged his job. Mangesh, Bindu and Manju were all assigned to the same work group. They shared their ideas with one another and all progressed well in the company.

Mangesh showed sympathy for what had happened in Bindu's life. Unlike Mangat, his father had taught him to respect others and help if he could. That's why he liked Bindu a little more than Manju. Bindu was also beginning to feel close to Mangesh. Knowing he came from a wealthy family, Bindu appreciated his benevolence and courtesy toward her.

One evening, Bindu and Mangesh were working late. Manju had left for her home village after lunch because her parents had called her home. Together, Bindu and Mangesh had to complete the work that Manju had left undone. When they went outside after finishing the job, they were met with bad weather. It was raining hard, and it did not look as if it would be stopping any time soon. The taxi's, which usually came every now and then, were all filled. The local bus operators had announced a strike and were not running. Bindu couldn't find a way to make it home in this heavy rain.

Mangesh, who had a motorbike, offered her a ride. He promised that he would drop her safely at her flat. Bindu accepted his offer.

Both Bindu and Mangesh were already drenched. They didn't have an umbrella. The rain had started getting heavier. It wasn't easy driving the bike in the heavy rain.

Mangesh stopped the bike at his apartment. It was much closer than Bindu's flat. Mangesh suggested that they wait there for the rain to stop. Then he would drop her to her apartment.

Bindu again accepted his offer. They went into his room, dripping on the floor as they stood by the door. Mangesh asked Bindu if she wanted to change into something dry in the adjoining room.

Mangesh went to his bathroom and changed his wet clothes. He then went to the kitchen to prepare some hot tea.

When he came out with tea, he saw Bindu drying her hair. She was looking more beautiful than ever. She had changed into clothes she carried in her backpack just in case of such an emergency. The thin material of her blouse gave an excellent view of the shape of her pert breasts.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of lightening instantly followed by the roar of thunder in the darkening sky. The lights quickly dimmed and went out. Bindu got frightened. She ran to Mangesh and hugged him tightly.

Mangesh put his arms around the beautiful girl clinging to him and hugged her firmly. Slowly and gently he brought his lips to hers. He placed a kiss on her lips that had more passion than any she had ever experienced.

Bindu began to melt in Mangesh's arms. Her body was responding to him even though she did not want it to. She felt the beginnings of her body preparing for love.

Within a few seconds, the lights came back on. Bindu got hold of her emotions and pulled herself away from Mangesh. She realized what she had done and regretted it.

Mangesh saw it differently. To him it was his first chance to express his love for her. A bit hesitantly, he spoke to Bindu. "I have been looking for an opportunity to say this for a long time. "Bindu, I love you. Will you marry me?"

Almost in shock at Mangesh's request, Bindu replied. "I don't think I am fit for you, Mangesh. You know my past. You can get someone better than me."

Mangesh sternly spoke again. "I don't have anything to do with your past. What happened with you could have happened to anyone. I have fallen completely for you. I really love you, Bindu."

Bindu knew her place and was still hesitant. "No Mangesh. This is not possible. What will people say about this? Will your parents accept a divorced girl into their family?"

Mangesh then said. "Yes Bindu, why not? I know my parents. They won't disapprove of my choice of such a beautiful girl to be my wife. All I want is your acceptance."

Bindu, deep in thought, said. "Mangesh, I need some time to decide."

Mangesh agreed. "I will wait for you and your decision, Bindu."

Mangesh then offered her the tea he had made. As they sipped the tea, the rain slowed.

Bindu put her empty cup down and said. "I think we should leave now. The weather has improved."

Mangesh reluctantly agreed. "Ok. Please wait outside. I'll get my bike out again."

Bindu couldn't sleep much that night. It wasn't easy for her to decide about Mangesh's proposal. She liked him too, but will this be right? She had been cheated by her fate once. She didn't have enough courage to face something like that again. But she had full faith in Mangesh. She knew that he would never be like Mangat. Finally she made her decision. She would accept Mangesh's proposal of marriage.

Next day, she came in the office in a happy mood. Bindu had decided to tell of her decision to her best friend, Manju. Manju would be very happy to know this.

Manju also came to the office in a jolly mood, that day. Before Bindu could say anything, Manju expressed the reason for her happiness.

Manju asked. "You know, I am very happy today?"

Bindu responded. "Your charming face tells everything. What's is it that has you so happy, dear? Won't you share your happiness with me?"

Manju continued. "Of course dear, you are my only friend. My mother called to discuss Mangesh. I had told her about him shortly after we started here. My parents have approved of Mangesh. Next month, they will visit Mangesh's home in Pune to talk to his parents about our marriage. Mangesh doesn't even know of this himself. I knew my parents would never disapprove my choice and Mangesh is a sincere and intelligent man."

Bindu was shocked. The smile on her face weakened, but she kept showing her happiness for Manju. After all, her friend knew nothing of Mangesh's proposal to her. Her wish to express her happiness to Manju was quashed. It was like her fate had once again cheated her. Bindu said. "You will be a perfect match for Mangesh.

She would not come between Mangesh and her best friend, Manju. With a broken heart, she would refuse Mangesh's proposal during lunch break. She decided to throw all she had into her work.

The ringing of her doorbell stirred Bindu out of her musings. She zipped her bag and went to see who was outside.

To her surprise, Mangat was standing at her door. She was shocked to see him. She blocked him and refused him entry. She didn't even like him any more. He was not welcome in her flat.

Mangat said. "I know I am your culprit. But won't you even ask me to come inside."

Bindu glared at Mangat and stepped aside to give him the way to enter her room.

Mangat sat on the couch, his head bowed.

With an assertive voice, Bindu asked. "For what you have come here? We have no relation now."

Mangat looked up and said. "I know that, Bindu. I have deep regret for what I have done to you. It was my fault that I left a wife like you waiting while I messed with that whore, Kamoo."

Bindu was standing silently in the corner, not looking towards Mangat.

Mangat continued. "I know I don't deserve forgiveness, but I am pleading for it. Trust me, I have left all the bad things behind. No more wine or gambling, and no more Kamoo. I don't know why it took me to all these adverse things to see my faults. Now I have improved, Bindu. I am running a sugar mill in the village. I miss you a lot. If you accept, we can again start our new life."

Bindu stiffened her back. "No Mangat! How can I forget the sufferings I bore while living with you? You can not understand the feelings of a wife when her husband overlooks her and sees pleasure in another woman. Everything has finished now. I have no more feelings for you."

Mangat begged his ex-wife one more time. "I have come here with a hope, Bindu. Please reconsider your decision."

Bindu forcefully replied. "I think we should not discuss this anymore. Even if I forgive your wrongs, I will never consider living with you again. Now, get out!"

Mangat wanted to say something, but didn't speak. He had never had a woman put him in his place like that. He made his way out of Bindu's door and out of her life.

The next morning Bindu got up early. She had an early flight to New York with the company owner and his secretary. Mr. Edwards was a disciplined man. He sent a car to her home, so they would be sure to leave on time. It was going to be a long flight.

When their flight finally reached JFK airport in New York City the sun was shining brightly. A little girl, who was accompanied by a servant of Mr. Edwards, met them. He was surprised to see his daughter at the airport. She came running to him and leapt up to him. He easily took her joyfully up into his arms and hugged and kissed her.

Mr. Edwards asked his daughter. "Julia, why have you come to the airport?"

The servant spoke up. "Sir, Julia insisted on seeing you at the airport."

Mr. Edwards smiled and said. "Honey, I would have come home soon."

Julia, in her sweetest voice, told him. "No Daddy! The last time when you went out to go to your office, you didn't come home. You went to the airport and flew far away. You've been gone so long."

Mr. Edwards hugged and kissed little Julia again and sat her down. "Ok honey, then let's go home together."

Looking towards Bindu, Mr. Edwards said. "Miss Bindu, you must be very tired after such a long journey. You can take the rest the day off and come to the office tomorrow."

The company limo and its driver were also waiting for Mr. Edwards. He told his servant. "Mr. Brown, will you please take the company limo and see that Ms. Bindu gets safely to her apartment and my secretary gets home. I will see you at home later."

Mr. Edwards then had the company driver take him and his daughter home in his personal car. Mr. Brown and Julia had brought Mr. Edwards' personal car to the airport.

Meanwhile, Mr. Brown picked up their luggage from baggage claim and led Bindu to the company limo. He dropped Mr. Edwards' secretary at home and took a very nervous Bindu to her apartment.

The size of the stretched Lincoln was overwhelming to her at first. The young woman from a small village in India had never seen such a large car, and, after dropping the secretary off, she and Mr. Brown were the only passengers.

As they drove to Bindu's as yet unseen apartment, she asked Mr. Brown about Mr. Edwards and his family. "Mr. Edwards daughter seems very nice. The love between them is good to see. What is her name again, please?"

Mr. Brown freely answered her questions. "Mr. Edwards loves Julia very much. In fact she is his only close family since his wife past away a few years ago. His parents have retired and had moved to Florida. Now he is living just for Julia."

Bindu continued. "Oh, that is very sad. I didn't know about this earlier. How did his wife die?"

"Mrs. Edwards had breast cancer. Mr. Edwards took her everywhere for treatment. They went to surgeons, doctors, clinics, churches, temples, faith healers, and anyplace that offered a ray of hope. It was so sad." Mr. Brown bowed his head and softly added. "Who can resist the will of God?"

Bindu, taking a deep breath, added. "May God rest her soul.”

A few minutes later they arrived at Bindu's new apartment. To her pleasant surprise, Mr. Brown carried her luggage as they rode the elevator up to her 10th floor apartment. "Good luck at your new job, Ms. Bindu. I am sure you will do well working here in New York. I must go now. Mr. Edwards is expecting me. Oh, do you know where the company offices are?"

"No, Sir. I have never been here before. Would you please tell me how to find them?"

Mr. Brown laughed and walked to the nearest window. He held out his hand to the shy girl who joined him to peer out the window. With a bit of a laugh, Mr. Brown said. "The offices are right there." He indicated a large building directly across the street from Bindu's apartment.

Bindu giggled and said. "Thank you, Mr. Brown. I think I will be able to find my way to work tomorrow morning." Mr. Brown then bowed at the waist, told the girl good-bye, and left her alone in her apartment.

Mr. Brown swapped cars with the company driver. The limo stayed in the office garage, and Mr. Brown took Mr. Edwards' personal car and went to meet Mr. Edwards at his home. Mr. Brown was not only a company driver, but his main job was as a servant at the Edwards' home.

Bindu was left to unpack and explore her new home. She had been used to having only one room. Much of her life she had shared a room with family members and later, her friend Manju. Now she had an entire apartment to herself. Though it was small by American standards, the furnished apartment was huge to Bindu. She had a large kitchen with all the utensils she'd need, a separate bedroom, and a living room. She even had a TV, which was furnished by her employer. Her bathroom was nearly as large as the room she had shared with her younger sister. Bindu thought to herself. 'I think I will like living in New York.'

It didn't take much time for her to get involved with the staff in the New York office. In a week or so, Bindu was liked by everyone in the office for her politeness and devotion to her work. She had been appointed the leader of a group of co-workers responsible for a special project. As the deadline for her project neared, she worked late into the evening many times to complete it. When Mr. Edwards saw the project team was a little behind schedule and Bindu's dedication to her work, he asked if she would like to come to his house that night so that they could complete the project on time.

Bindu agreed, and Mr. Edwards sent Mr. Brown to pick her up after work. She was astounded when she saw Mr. Edwards home. It was a huge two story stone house. It sat on several acres of well-tended lawn that was dotted with oak and maple trees. The long curved drive was lined with perfectly trimmed shrubs. It wasn't until several days later that she saw the large and beautifully kept flower garden behind the house.

For the next several evenings, Mr. Brown picked her up after work and returned her to her apartment later that night. Bindu worked with Mr. Edwards in his home office. She felt privileged just to be in such a beautiful home.

One evening Mr. Edwards had been detained in a meeting at his office and wouldn't be home until much later. Bindu took a taxi and went to Mr. Edwards' house somewhat earlier than usual. When she arrived, Julia was fussing with the servant. She did not want to eat dinner without her father. Bindu had just begun working when she was disturbed by the noise made by Julia’s protests. She came out of the office investigate the disturbance.

Mr. Brown apologized to Bindu for the interruption. "I'm sorry Miss Bindu. Julia is having a fit. She doesn't want to eat without her father. She can sure be stubborn when she wants to be."

"Let me speak with her." Bindu replied. She had always been good with children. Mr. Brown nodded approval and Bindu approached her boss' child.

"No dear." Bindu cooed to the child. "Good children never cause trouble for anyone. Please, eat your dinner."

"No! I won't eat until Daddy comes home." The girl pouted.

"Do you want to please your daddy?"
"Yes." Julia nodded.

"Then please accept my request. Your daddy has some work to finish at the office. He might come home late, but he will be coming home tonight. So eat your dinner. You have to get ready for bed soon. You have to get up early to go to the school. Your daddy will be happy to see you have eaten and in bed when he comes in."

"You talk funny." The girl cocked her head as she spoke.

"Julia!" Mr. Brown admonished the young child.

Bindu looked at the servant. "It is alright, sir. To Julia, I probably do talk funny."

She then addressed Julia. "I do talk differently than most other people here in New York. Not funny, just different from everyone else. Well, maybe just a little bit funny." Bindu smiled broadly at the child.

Julia wrinkled up her nose then grinned at Bindu. "I will eat dinner, if you will eat with me, Ms. Bindu."
"Ok dear, as you wish. I too don't like eating by my self. I like to have someone to talk to while I eat." Bindu smiled at the little girl as the servant brought Bindu's dinner. Bindu and Julia chatted as they ate.

Julia had been calmed and began eating her dinner.

Bindu answered Julia's many questions about her accent and where she had come from. The servant brought the globe from Julia's room to the dinning room. Bindu pointed out the area in India where her home village was located.

Because of business meetings, Mr. Edwards, frequently got home from his office late at night. Julia was beginning to warm to Bindu and liked to have dinner with her.

A few days later, Mr. Edwards suggested that Bindu might like to stay at his home until the project was complete. He took Bindu's hands in his and looked into her hazel eyes. "This is a big old house. We have several spare bedrooms, and you would not have to travel to and from your apartment or report to the office. Your job will be here in my home office. Julia would like to have you here," He hesitated briefly, smiled, then continued, "...and so would I."

Bindu accepted the offer. Mr. Brown drove her to her apartment so she could retrieve the things she would need from there.

Julia enjoyed Bindu's company and Bindu would frequently help the child with her schoolwork. Sometimes, while waiting for Mr. Edwards, they played together after Julia finished her schoolwork. Bindu was feeling a growing closeness to Julia. She seemed to feel that Julia had some relationship with her from a past life. Her affections for Mr. Edwards were growing too.

One night, when Julia had gone to bed, and Bindu was waiting for Mr. Edwards, the servant entered the office.

"Julia has become a very obedient girl since you have been here. Thank you, Ma'am."

"Julia is a sweet girl. Anyone who talks with her will feel close to her." Bindu responded.

"Unfortunately, Julia needs a mother."

"Yes! I remember you telling me Mrs. Edwards died from breast cancer."

"I still remember those miserable days. I've been working for this family since Phillip, er, Mr. Edwards, was a boy. I watched him become a man, and I watched him take over the business when his father retired. He had become quite successful. Then about four years ago when Simone died, he changed."

Mr. Brown nervously kicked at the carpet with his toe for moment before continuing. He realized he would be violating his employer's confidence in him if he discussed the family's private affairs.

The servant then continued. "Julia was only two when her mother died. She doesn't even remember her mother's face, except from photographs. Phillip was a broken man then. He loved his wife very much. Her death was a real jolt to him. I've never seen him so distraught in the 30 years I've known him. He used to spend long hours alone in his darkened office. Phillip was so depressed that he even stopped going to the company office. Life was meaningless to him. His friends advised him to find a nice girl, remarry, and start a new life. But he loved Simone so much that he would never even considered a second marriage."

The servant stared at the floor for several moments. "It took him six months to get out of his depression. In passing, I mentioned to him that maybe he should put his attention on his daughter and business to relieve his pain. Shortly there after, he began to focus on Julia and got back to looking after the business."

When the servant stared into Bindu's eyes, tears were perched on his eyelids ready to spill down his cheeks. He swallowed hard.

Bindu felt her heart was heavy with sadness at his tale. She opened her mouth to speak, but instead, she had to take a deep breath to calm her pounding heart.

At last she muttered. "Oh God, what a tragedy for Mr. Edwards."

The servant, knowing he had revealed far too much of a personal nature about his employer, took a deep breath. Slowly, he backed out of the office. Bindu was left with sadness in her heart for her employer and his young daughter.

Left alone in the home office, Bindu found herself staring at a framed photo of Mr. Edwards' first wife, Simone. Running her fingers over the glass that covered Simone's portrait, Bindu saw that Simone's face was very much like her own. Except for Bindu's long black hair and light tan skin, she and Simone looked a lot alike.

Bindu found it hard to believe such a beautiful woman had died so young. Bindu had tears in her eyes and felt so sorry for Mr. Edwards and Julia. She took comfort in the thought that perhaps God needed a few more good people in heaven.

Over the next few days, Bindu and Mr. Edwards were able to complete the project they had been working on. The project had been a proposal to a major company located on the American west coast. Mr. Edwards' company wanted to provide the materials and services to help their client company with a major expansion. The proposal contained all the specifications of the materials to be provided, services needed to complete the expansion, and the costs involved. A healthy profit for Mr. Edwards' company was also included. Everyone in the company seemed to be on pins and needles waiting for a response to their proposal, especially Mr. Edwards and Bindu.

Late one night, while Bindu was soundly sleeping, Mr. Edwards burst into her room yelling. “WE GOT IT, BINDU! WE GOT IT! WE GOT THE CONTRACT!"

Bindu sat up quickly and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It's red numbers glowing in the dark told her it was 12:45 AM. Mr. Edwards rushed to her bedside, fell to his knees, and hugged her upper body tightly to his.

"We got the contract, Bindu. I am so happy." Before she could say anything, Mr. Edwards kissed Bindu's lips.

Bindu was surprised at the sudden show of affection from Mr. Edwards. The passion she felt coming from him took her breath away. She returned his kiss.

The passion wasn't sudden for him. Phillip Edwards had been getting feelings of affection for Bindu for weeks. He had worked very hard to keep his feelings hidden. After all, she was his employee. The relief of getting the new contract had allowed him to let his feelings out. As their kiss lingered, his hands slowly slid down her back and cupped her butt. She froze but offered no resistance. He opened her nightgown's buttons. As he slipped it off her shoulders and the nightgown fell to the bed. Bindu was naked before her boss.

Bindu made no objection, even though she was surprised and embarrassed. She moaned as her boss fondled her firm D-cup breasts. "Oh, Mr. Edwards." She cooed. Her body was responding to his attentions whether she wanted it to or not.

He again hugged her body to his and whispered in the ear. "My given name is Phillip. I think you should probably call me Phillip, Bindu." He then returned to fondling her luscious tits. He kissed her again and gently laid her back on her bed. He took her lack of resistance as acceptance of his advances.

He slowly crawled onto her body and her legs parted almost automatically. He slid between them and moved up her body. Still, Bindu offered no resistance to her boss.

She was scared. Nothing like this had ever happened to her before. However, somehow, this just seemed right to her. Was it a dream? Bindu could feel Phillip's manhood pressing against the petals of her womanly secrets. Secrets she had held within for her entire life, until now. Her secret place had not been violated even through her failed marriage to Mangat.

Phillip pressed forward. His manhood was prying open Bindu's welcoming lotus petals for the first time. She remained motionless. After a few shallow probing strokes into Bindu's treasure, Phillip pushed forward again. He briefly felt a resistance as he entered her.

Bindu yelped and hugged Phillip tightly.

"Oh my God, Bindu. You were a virgin weren't you? I am so sorry."

Bindu said nothing, but continued to hug him as tears rolled down her cheeks. She was confused by her conflicting feelings. She knew she was not worthy of her boss' affections. She was hurting, but she was also enjoying the new sensations of lust coming from within. Now, she had lost her virginity. Her mind seemed to be separate from her body. She heard herself say. "It is OK, Phillip. You may continue."

Phillip started stroking slowly in and out of Bindu's tender flesh. He was mindful of the pain he had caused her to feel, pain he had caused by taking her special gift. The tightness of Bindu's chaste body quickly had him ready to erupt. He hugged her tightly and thrust fully into Bindu's depths. He bathed her unprotected cervix with his sperm loaded juices.

He kissed Bindu passionately and rolled off her. He took her in his arms and held her body close to his. "I am so sorry I hurt you." He repeated.

She kissed him and cuddled up to his side. They slept together in the nude that night.

Early the next morning, Bindu awoke and was surprised to see she was naked and in bed with Mr. Edwards. Before becoming fully awake, she had assumed their intimacy had just been a dream. A dream that, like all the others, was doomed to be crushed
As Bindu became more and more alert, she fully remembered what had happened the night before. She tried to slip out of bed without disturbing Phillip. Just as she was leaving the bed to head for the bathroom, Phillip caught her hand.

"Bindu, I am so sorry I hurt you. I was too excited about the new contract and being with you to be in full control of myself. For weeks now, I have wanted you. At first, you had reminded me of Simone. You look a lot like her you know. Then I began to care for you for yourself. Just as importantly, you and Julia get along so well. You are a wonderfully sweet, gentle, and helpful young lady. I haven't felt like this about anyone since Simone died. Bindu, I love you. Will you marry me?"

Bindu was shocked when she heard those words from her boss. Without responding, she went to the restroom. She needed to clean herself up and get dressed.

As she walked toward the door, Phillip called after her. "I will wait for your decision. I hope you accept."

With their major project completed, Bindu returned to her apartment the next morning. She also returned to work at the company's offices.

She had a difficult time concentrating on work. Every now and then her mind drifted back to Mr. Edwards and the events of the previous night. Though she had bled very little after losing her virginity, Bindu was quite sore between her legs. Giving Mr. Edwards her special gift had been painful, and her soreness was a constant reminder of what she had given. Then her thoughts turned to Mr. Edwards' marriage proposal.

Her mind was over flowing with questions. She had to ask herself. 'Will it be right to marry the boss, a man so much higher than her station in life? Will Mr. Edwards' relatives accept their marriage, especially when they find out about her past. Mr. Edwards probably did not know about her past marriage or how she had come to be married. I am not the right woman for him. I will leave this job and return to India.' Her mind was made up. She had to go home to India.

After lunch, Bindu left work without saying anything to anyone of her decision to return to India. She made arrangements for a flight out of JFK. It was scheduled to leave later that evening. She packed her meager possessions during the afternoon.

Before she left the United States, Bindu knew she had to see Julia one last time. Over the last couple of months, Julia and Bindu had become very close. The little girl deserved an explanation of why her friend was going away.

Julia had just arrived home from school when Bindu arrived via taxi.

The servant was surprised to see Bindu at the door with her packed bags. "What's the matter Ms. Bindu? You look like you're in a hurry to go somewhere."

"Yes! I am leaving for India tonight. The project for which I came here is now over. So, I wish to return to India."

"I am sure Mr. Edwards and Julia will be very disappointed to see you go. But please, come in."

Julia, who had started doing her homework, had seen Bindu arrive. She came bounding down the stairs to meet her friend.

Bindu took Julia's hands and knelt in front of the child. She told Julia of her plans to return to India. They both had tears flowing down their cheeks.

Please Ms. Bindu, please don't leave. I need you to help me with my homework. Who will play with me? Daddy and I will miss you so much." The little girl latched on to Bindu's legs and hugged the tightly as her friend stood up.

"Oh Julia. I will miss you too, but I have to leave. Calm down baby. My job here is over. I have to go back to India." Bindu then bent over and kissed the child.

Julia was sobbing and her tears were flowing heavily. Her little heart was breaking. Through her sobs she said. "Bindu please stay. My Mommy left Daddy and me. Now, you are leaving us. It's not fair. Please stay."

Pulling away from the crying Julia, Bindu went to Mr. Edwards' office. She wanted to leave him a resignation letter before he came home. She quickly finished the letter and looked around the office for one last time.

Her eyes fell on Simone's picture. The photo seemed to be calling to her. As she moved closer to the picture, in her mind, she heard it calling her name. The picture seemed to be speaking directly to Bindu in her mind. 'Bindu, all is well. I am gone, but you are there. Search your heart, Bindu. Do you not love Julia? Do you not have great feelings for Phillip?'

"Yes, but I am so unworthy to be a wife and a mother to them. What will his family say if he marries a divorced and rejected woman? A woman who was rejected in favor of a whore." Bindu verbally responded to the thoughts coming from Simone's picture.

'You must put the past behind you, Bindu. Give Phillip a chance. He is a good and fair man. Tell him about your life. It will not matter to him, or his family.'

"How can I ever replace you, Simone?" Bindu's resolve to leave was weakening.

'You must! I know you will take good care of my family. You must help Julia grow up to be a fine young woman. Phillip needs you too. Let your heart guide you in this.'

Though it seemed like she had been in Mr. Edwards' office for only a few minutes, the clock on the wall told her differently. Bindu had been there for nearly an hour. She knew she had to leave right away.

As she opened the office door to leave, she heard tires screeching to a halt in the drive. A matter of seconds later, Phillip Edwards breathlessly burst through his front door. Bindu stood frozen in place in the office doorway.

"Bindu! Please wait. Don't go just yet. We need to talk." He approached Bindu and asked. Would you please step into my office for a few minutes?"

Bindu lowered her head and agreed to speak with Mr. Edwards. She followed him into his office and shut the door behind them.

"Bindu, I know I hurt you last night. I am truly sorry I hurt you. I swear I didn't know you were a virgin. I have fallen in love with you and have been wanting to ask you to marry me for weeks."

Phillip knelt on one knee, pulled a small jewelry box from his jacket pocket, and opened it. The box contained a wedding set including an engagement ring with a large solitaire diamond. Holding the box out to Bindu, Phillip spoke again. "Julia and I both want and need you to become part of our family. Please, stay and be my wife." Phillip pleaded with the beautiful girl standing before him.

About then, Julia could not stand the waiting any longer. She ran into Phillip's office and saw her father on his knees before Bindu. She instantly knew he had proposed to her. She, and her father, had discussed this a few days earlier. The little girl ran to her father's side and knelt beside him. She held her hands up to Bindu and pleaded. "Oh please say yes, Ms. Bindu. Please be my new Mommy, and Daddy's new wife. We love you and need you." Tears were beginning to form in Julia's eyes again.

Bindu was not unmoved. She began tearing up as well. "Oh, Mr. Edwards, er Phillip, I am unworthy of being your wife. I..."

"Nonsense!" Phillip sternly interrupted. I know all about your failed marriage. I had my office manager, Mr. Jaitley, tell me all about you and your past. I knew all I needed to know about you before we left for NY. Forgive me, but that's why I didn't expect what I found last night. I knew there was something special about you the first time I saw you. I know about your failed marriage. I know your parents are disappointed in you. I even know about the young man's proposal that you turned down so you didn't hurt your friend."

Bindu's head was bowed as a tear fell down her cheek. "But Sir, I am unworthy to...."

“You are in America now, Bindu." Phillip continued. "None of that matters. I know how important it is to you to be accepted by the family of your future husband. Let me assure you, they will love you as much as I do."

"Me too Daddy. Me too!" Julia chimed in.

"Yes, you too Julia. You see, Bindu, you have already been accepted by everyone in this family that matters. Julia and I accept, want, and need you. We love you, Bindu. I love you. I ask you again. Will you do me the honor of becoming my bride? Will you marry me?"

By then Bindu was in tears. Could this man really not care about her past? Would his family really not care? Her dreams had been broken and crushed so many times before. Did she dare dream again? She did have deep feelings for Phillip. She and Julia seemed to have a special connection. She glanced at Simone's picture one more time.

Again she heard Simone speak to her mind. 'Let your heart be your guide, Bindu. You must take care of our family.'

With trembling hands, Bindu reached out to the rings Phillip was holding. "Yes, Mr. Edw...Phillip, I will be your wife. Julia, if you will have me, I will try to be your new mother."

Still kneeling, Phillip took the engagement ring out of its box and slowly slipped it on the ring finger of Bindu's left hand. Julia was excitedly clapping and bouncing in place beside her father.

Phillip then stood and pulled Bindu to him. He tightly wrapped his strong arms around the small woman. Lifting her chin with his hand, he kissed her with all the passion he had inside. Bindu eagerly returned the kiss.

'Yes, she could dare to dream again.' She thought.

While Phillip kissed Bindu, Julia hugged both their legs and quietly sighed. "Daddy, Mommy."

As she returned Phillip's kiss, Bindu stroked Julia's hair and pulled the child close.

Mr. Brown then entered the office. After a few moments, he asked. "Sir, Madam, do we have a wedding to plan?"

Phillip, Bindu, and Julia all had tears in their eyes. Robert continued to hug Bindu and replied. "Yes, Mr. Brown! Yes, we do."

"I'll get right on it, Sir." He then left the new family alone in the office.

"Bindu, Julia, we have to make a phone call."
Julia recognized the speed-dial button her father had pushed. She told Bindu whom her father was calling. "Daddy's calling Grandma and Grandpa. They will be so excited."

"I hope your grand parents accept me, Julia." Bindu was visibly shaking.

Phillip soon hung up the phone. "They're flying in and will be here late tomorrow morning. We will pick them up at JFK." Phillip saw how nervous Bindu had become. He took her into his arms again and hugged her snugly to his chest. "I promise it will be OK. They will love you as much as I do. Now my love, would you like to move back into a room here, or return to your apartment until the wedding?"

"I...I...I think I should return to my apartment until the wedding, if you don't mind. I will come to live with my husband after we are married. I will give all of myself to him then."

"Bindu, if that's what you want, that's what you shall have. If you are ready to go back to your apartment, Julia and I will take you. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow."

Mr. Brown carried Bindu's luggage to Phillip's car. Phillip, Bindu, and Julia soon followed. Mr. Edwards and Julia then took Bindu to her apartment. As Phillip drove and Julia sat close to her, Bindu thought to herself. 'Maybe this dream will come true.'

At Bindu's apartment, Julia hugged Bindu tightly and asked. "Bindu, can I call you Mommy when you and Daddy get married?"

"Of course you may, sweetheart. I promise to try very hard to be a very good mommy for you." Bindu told the young child. With a tear in her eye, Bindu tightly hugged Julia.

Phillip then took Bindu in his arms and passionately kissed his bride to be. He quietly told her. "I love you, Bindu. You will be a beautiful bride that I will be proud to have as my wife."

"I will try to be a caring, attentive, and dutiful wife for you and mother for Julia. I hope your father and mother find me acceptable as your wife."

"Of course they will. Just wait and see. Now get some rest. I'll be here at about 9:00 AM to pick you up. You're going to the airport with us." Phillip told Bindu.

"You want me to go to the airport with you to meet your parents?" She asked.

"Of course." Phillip insisted.

"Yes, Sir." She obediently replied.

"Just one more thing, Bindu. Stop calling me, 'Sir'. Please call me Phillip." He insisted.

"Yes, Si...I mean, Phillip." She smiled broadly.

The couple kissed passionately again. Julia kissed Bindu, then she and her father left for home. On the way, they chatted about Bindu joining their family. Julia promised to be as good as she could for her new mommy. Phillip hugged his daughter and said. "I know you will sweetheart. We will both do our best to be as good as we can to Bindu and make her feel welcome and loved."

As promised, Phillip and Julia arrived at Bindu's apartment a few minutes before 9:00 AM. They stared at her when Bindu opened her door for them. She must have spent hours getting ready to meet the Edwards. Her hair was perfect with not a single strand out of place. She was wearing the only sari she had. It was light green and nicely complimented her tan skin.

"You look beautiful, Bindu." Phillip praised his fiancée. He gave her a light peck on her cheek. He knew women that had spent so much effort getting ready did not want their efforts ruined by an amorous boyfriend.

Bindu smiled and said. "Thank you, Si... er... Phillip."

"Yeah, you're really pretty." Julia added.

"Thank you, Julia. So are you." Bindu smiled at the child that was soon to be her daughter to love and care for.

Phillip knew Bindu was nervous about meeting his parents. He had felt her shaking when he kissed her. In India, the parents of a couple could approve or disapprove of a marriage. If they disapproved, that was that. There would be no marriage.

Phillip sought to calm his future wife. He took her by her hands and said. "Honey, I know my parents will love you as much as I do. They are good people and will welcome you into our family as much as Julia and I have. I promise. Now come on. We don't want to be late."

The drive out to JFK was uneventful. They passed through the security checkpoint with little delay. They got to the appropriate gate just as the plane carrying Phillip's parents taxied to a stop. Phillip, Julia, and especially Bindu, anxiously waited for the passengers to begin deplaning. Bindu was a bundle of nerves. Phillip took her hand and squeezed it. Again, he reassured her. "It'll be alright, Honey. I promise."

Julia spotted her grandparents first. She broke away and ran to them. The three of them stepped out of the flow of people getting off the plane and hugged each other.

Julia was bubbling with excitement. "Oh Grandma, Grandpa, I've missed you so much. But wait 'til you meet Bindu. She's really nice and wants to be my new mommy." Taking a hand from each of her grandparents, Julia led them to where her father and Bindu waited.

Forgetting her father was even standing there, Julia excitedly introduced Bindu to her grandparents. "This is Bindu. She is going to me my mommy."

The senior Mr. Edwards held out his hand to the still shaking Bindu. "It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Bindu." He said.

She took his hand and politely shook it.

"Robert, is that any way to greet your new daughter?" Mrs. Edwards admonished her husband. She then warmly hugged Bindu. "Darling, I am Mona. I am so happy to meet you." Mona then released Bindu from the hug and continued. "You will be a wonderful addition to this family. I am so glad Phillip has found a sweet and lovely young girl like you who is willing to marry him. He has been calling us almost every night for the past month telling us all about you. He has made you sound so wonderful."

Bindu blushed, bowed her head, and said. "Thank you, Ma'am."

"Phillip, you better be good to this girl." For the second time in just a few minutes, Mona had admonished both men in her family. Bindu was very impressed by Mona.

As the men gathered luggage and loaded it into Phillip's car, the women, including Julia, had climbed into the rear seat and chatted. Mona, of course took the lead in their conversation. "Bindu dear, please don't be intimidated by us. We will accept you into our family. Phillip has told us of your fear of rejection from us. Don't worry. If Phillip loves you enough to ask you to marry him, that's good enough for us."

For the first time that day, Bindu began to relax. With tears in her eyes, she hugged Mona. "Thank you, Ma'am."

Mona continued. "There's just one thing I would like to ask you."

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Please dear, call us Mona and Robert. We're not too big on formalities.

"Yes, Ma... Mona." Bindu smiled broadly.

In the mean time, Phillip and his father were loading luggage in the car's trunk. Robert asked. "Damn boy, I thought Simone was pretty, but this one is a knock-out. Where in the world did you find her?"

"That's it exactly, Dad. I had to fly half way around the world to find her working at our Mumbai plant. She caught and held my attention the very first time I laid eyes on her. On top of being beautiful, she's a real asset in the office too. She led the team that put together the proposal that will keep our company in the black for the next five years. She and Julia have hit it off right away too. Over the course of a few weeks, I fell in love with her. I know that's very quick, Dad, but I really do love her."

"I can see that, son. Hell, I fell for your mother the first time I saw her too. Of course, I didn't tell her for a week or two. You should have seen the look on her face when, after dating only two weeks, I told her she was going to marry me."

"Yeah, it was probably a lot like Bindu's face when I asked he to marry me just the night before last. I guess the Edwards do big things in a big way in a big hurry."

Both men laughed and Robert slapped Phillip on the back. "Go for it, son. Besides, she looks like one hot little lady. That little gal is going to keep you worn out, boy."

"Dad!" Phillip was only a little embarrassed by his father's sexually loaded comment.

The men were still laughing when they climbed into the car and headed home. Mona asked. "What are you two up to?"

"Nothing Mom." Phillip lied.

"Nothing important, dear." Robert backed his son.

"Bindu darling, you're going to have to watch those two. They'll scheme you right out of your panties if you let them."

Bindu blushed and giggled. She realized that her in-laws were really wonderful people.

The wedding planning began that afternoon. "Where would you like to get married, dear?" Mona asked.

"I don't know. I don't know NY very well at all. Can you suggest some place."

"Well, this place is huge. Why don't you and Phillip get married in the garden out back?" Mona suggested.

"The garden is beautiful. It will be good to get married there, if Phillip wants to." Bindu agreed.

"Honey, when it comes to weddings, men will do as they are told as long as all they have to do is show up on time." The women laughed and it was settled. Phillip and Bindu would be married in the family’s garden.

Mona then asked Bindu how she could contact her parents in India. It seemed only right that they would want to be at their daughter's wedding.

Bindu told Mona how to reach her parents. "They probably won't come. They don't want anything to do with me after I divorced Mangat."

Mona called India anyway and spoke with Bindu's father. He told Mona. "Bindu? Bindu who? We used to have a daughter by that name, but she disgraced us. She is dead to us!" He then hung up.

Mona looked at Bindu who had tears in her eyes. Hugging the tearful girl, she said. "No matter my dear. Phillip is my only child. I always wanted a daughter, but it wasn't meant to be. Simone’s parents lived nearby. If you don't mind, would you allow me to fill in as your mother? I would love to be your mother and help you prepare for your wedding. Will that be OK with you?"

Tears flowed down Bindu's cheeks. "Oh yes, Mona. Thank you. Thank you for being so kind to me."

"Nonsense dear. You are going to be a daughter soon anyway. So, why wait. We can get started being family right now. In America, first time brides usually wear a white gown. How do brides dress in India? How would you like to dress? It is completely up to you."
"I have been married in Indian style once. It did not work out. I think a western dress would be good this time, but I don't know if I should wear a white dress." Bindu hung her head as she replied.

About that time, Phillip walked into the room. He had overheard the dress comments. "Mother, I know for a fact that Bindu is more than entitled to wear a white dress. If she wants a western wedding dress, it should be white."

Bindu raised her head and smiled. "Phillip, you always know just the right thing to say. Thank you. If you don't mind, Phillip, may Julia help too. I want her to be a big part of our wedding too."

"Of course she can. She will love that. She just can't go on our honeymoon with us." Phillip laughed and Bindu blushed.

"Where are we going?" Bindu asked.

"You'll find out after the wedding." Phillip chuckled again and left Bindu and his mother.

Bindu, Mona, and Julia left right away to go dress shopping. As was the nature of the Edwards family, the wedding date was going to approach fast. They had set a date only a month away. They had so much to do and so little time to do it.

The time flew by. Soon, the wedding was only a week away. Guests had already begun arriving from all across America and many countries around the world. Still, Phillip had not told Bindu where they were going on their honeymoon.

With just a week to go until the wedding, a frazzled Mona said. "Bindu dear, we need to take a break. Come with me to the airport. We need to pick up a couple of very special wedding guests."

Without further explanation, the women headed for JFK with Mr. Brown driving the company limo.

As they stood waiting at the gate, Bindu wondered who rated such personal service from Mona. As the people filed down the walkway from the plane, Bindu thought she recognized someone. Was that...? Really...? "MANJU! IS THAT REALLY YOU? AND MANGESH! I am so happy to see you." The two best friends hugged and began gabbing rapid fire.

Mona stood back enjoying the sight of the two childhood friends reuniting. Poor Mangesh felt like a fish out of water as his wife and her friend gabbed. He seemed lost with no one to guide him. This was the first time Manju had so completely ignored him.

Mona noticed Mangesh's discomfort and took him by the arm. As she led him toward baggage claim Mona asked. “Mangesh, do you speak English.”

“Yes I do Miss Mona.” The young man answered.

“Good! Then while the two girls gab, you and I can chat a bit.”

The two girls continued blabbing as they followed closely behind Mona and Mangesh.

Mr. Brown took their baggage claim checks and gathered their luggage. He soon had it loaded it into the limo's trunk.

Before Mr. Brown closed the car's trunk with the luggage inside, Manju retrieved a wrapped package. When they entered the car, Manju handed the gift to Bindu. "This is from Mangesh and me. It is for your wedding. I know you didn't bring anything like this with you. It may come in handy. Go ahead and open it."

Bindu nervously opened the gift-wrapped package. What she found caused her heart to race. Even Mona was in awe when she saw it. Manju and Mangesh had given Bindu a beautiful bright red sari decorated with gold embroidered patterns. It came with a short matching blouse.

Bindu was speechless. "T...t...thank you. Thank you both so much. I love it."

"Mona told us you will be wearing a white wedding gown, but we thought this might come in handy on your honeymoon." Mangesh said.

"Mona, red is a traditional color for a wedding sari in India." He added.

"It's absolutely beautiful. I've never seen anything so beautiful. I love it. If it looks as good on Bindu as I think it will, I may be tempted to get one my self. No. On second thought, who wants to waste such a beautiful thing and an old broad like me?" Mona laughed at herself and they all joined in the laughter. "Manju, did you bring a sari as well?"

"Yes Ma'am. It's not as pretty as Bindu's, but I think it's nice." Manju answered.

"Good! You will, of course, be her maid of honor." Mona was taking care of nearly everything for her new daughter.

Manju then asked her friend. "Where are you going on your honeymoon, Bindu?"

"I don't know. Phillip has not told me yet. I may explode if he doesn't tell me soon."

For the rest of the week, Mr. Brown was assigned to be at Bindu's service. He happily took her and her guests all around NYC. Mangesh was a wise husband. Most of the time, he sat up front and chatted with Mr. Brown while the girls yakked and giggled in the back like a pair of giddy schoolgirls.

The day of the wedding dawned with the promise to be a warm, cloudless day, with a gentle breeze. Mona arrived at Bindu's apartment early. She took the bride and her friends to breakfasts before returning to the apartment. She put Mangesh in a cab and sent him to Phillip's home to join the men. She and Manju then assisted the very nervous bride in getting dressed. The poor girl was shaking like a leaf. Bindu thought it was almost as much trouble getting into a wedding dress and it would have been a sari. Never the less, she was soon dressed and ready to go.

"You look beautiful and Phillip is a very lucky man." Mona then reached into her purse and pulled out a half pint of brandy. She was pouring the liquor into three small glasses when Bindu said. "Oh Mona, I don't drink. I've never...."

Mona interrupted and handed each of the girls a glass. "Never mind that. You need this. One drink won't hurt and it will help calm your nerves. Now, drink up!"

Both girls looked at each other and shrugged. They took the glasses Mona offered and all three quickly tossed the double shot of brandy down their throats.

"Alright, Bindu! Let's go get you married."

The wedding was scheduled for 2:00 PM. Mona was pulling into Phillip's drive with the bride and her best friend at 1:45 PM. Ushers dressed in tuxedos escorted the ladies to the back of the garden.

At exactly 2:00 PM, Phillip and his father stepped up to the right side of the flower covered archway and altar where the preacher waited. As the Bridal March began to softly play, Julia walked down the garden path scattering rose petals as she went. Manju slowly walked down the garden path next. She took her place to the left side of the archway next to Julia. The band then paused, played a loud flourish, then struck up the Bridal March with a strong tone.

Bindu then slowly walked the garden path toward her beloved. With a broad smile and tears streaming down her beautiful face, she came to the altar. She was met by Manju. Her friend dabbed her tears. Phillip stepped forward and took his bride's right hand.

Bindu would not remember the preacher's words. She was lost in the loving eyes of her beloved Phillip. It seemed a matter of just a few minutes before she heard the preacher say. "Phillip, you may kiss your bride."

Phillip lifted her vale, took her gently in his arms, and kissed her lips softly. They then turned and faced the crowd. Bindu realized for the first time just how many people had come to her wedding. There must have been at least two or three hundred people in the garden.

She then heard the preacher say. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Edwards." The band struck up again and Phillip walked his new bride back down the garden path.

In her too often battered mind, Bindu thought. 'Dreams can come true. I hope I never wake from this dream.'

The celebration lasted well into the night. Bindu quickly learned how to dance while being held closely by her husband. She had never danced like that before. Their gifts were piled high and took ages to open. The one gift that caught her eye and made her blush was from Manju and Mangesh. It was a copy of the Kama Sutra. Manju was grinning knowingly as Bindu opened her gift.

Phillip whispered in his wife's ear. "We will make good use of that book, my love." Bindu blushed an even deeper red.

Hour after hour people who were strangers to Bindu came to their table to congratulate the newly wed couple. About 10:00 PM, Bindu and Manju disappeared up the spiral staircase that led to the second floor.

About a half hour later, Manju reappeared. She quietly went to Phillip and said. "Mr. Edwards, Bindu wants me to bring you to the bottom of the stairway, if you would please."

Phillip, followed by his mother and father, Julia, and Mangesh, accompanied Manju to the staircase. Mona had a good idea what was about to happen. A few minutes later, Bindu appeared at the top of the stairs. They all gasped. She was wearing her bright red sari.

"Wow! Will you look at that?" Robert Edwards exclaimed.

Mona and Manju were smiling from ear to ear. They too had tears in their eyes.

"Yeah! Is she not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? And she's all mine." Phillip was surprised and very delighted. His bride was so alluring in her red sari; he could hardly catch his breath.

The band's leader had noticed what was happening on the staircase. As Bindu began slowly descending the staircase, the band began to slowly play the Miss America March.

All eyes turned to Bindu as she walked down the stairs. The silk material of her sari flowed around her body. Since it reached the floor, it gave the effect of the beautiful girl floating down the stairway toward her husband. Not a sound was heard except the band. Bindu really didn't know the affect she was having on Phillip and all the wedding guests. If she had not been married, every man in the place would have fallen in love with her on the spot.

A family reception line formed at the bottom of the stairs. As Bindu reached the bottom step, Robert Edwards kissed her cheek and told her. "My son is a very lucky man, and you are a beautiful daughter."

"Thank you, Father." I am so happy to be part of your family.

Bindu hugged Mona and kissed her cheek. She said to her. "Thank you, Mom. You have made my wedding a wonderful day."

"You are the daughter I always wanted. You are so beautiful."

Manju and Mangesh stood off to the side smiling broadly at their friend.

"You're real pretty, Mommy." Julia stared up at her new mother.

"Oh, thank you, Julia. You are so sweet." Bindu told her new daughter.

Finally she came to Phillip. He wrapped her in his arms and kissed her so passionately, she nearly swooned. "Bindu, my love, my wife, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and you are all mine. I love you very much." He then whispered in her ear. "Honey, you are so beautiful, and I want you so much, I can't wait to unwrap my favorite wedding gift, you. I am going to try to wear you out tonight. You may need a wheel chair to get around tomorrow and on our honeymoon."

Bindu blushed a bright red and giggled. Her cheeks nearly matched her sari. "But where are we going, my husband?" She asked.

"Ok, ok, I'll tell you. We will be spending our first night together as husband and wife..." Phillip paused for effect. "in the master suite here at home."

Poor Bindu looked at her new husband with disbelief. Had she waited all this time to find out they were staying home? That was fine with her, but why did he build up her expectation so much.

Even his mother and father looked at him with confusion written on their faces. "Phillip, you wouldn't...." Mona began to chastise her son until he held up his hand to silence her.

Again, Phillip paused. "Bindu, my wife, I hope you can walk tomorrow. Otherwise, we may miss our flight. Or, I may have to find someone else to use these." He then reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a set of airline and cruise tickets. "First, we fly to LA. From there we take a cruise ship that is destined for Honolulu. After a week in Honolulu, Julia will join us. Then we will cruise the South Pacific for a month."

Everyone that could hear Phillip were ecstatic with his plans, especially Bindu. 'Oh Phillip, I don't care how much I hurt in the morning, I will be with you if I have to crawl to the plane."

The wedding party burst out laughing. They danced for another hour when all the excitement began to catch up with Bindu. Phillip could see his bride was getting tired. "Bindu, honey, why don't you head up to the master suite? I'll be with you in just a few moments."

Bindu bowed her head. She had heard that one time before. "Yes, Phillip. I will be waiting for you." She then turned and floated up the spiral staircase to her new husbands bedroom.

Once Bindu was safely out of earshot, Phillip spoke to his guests. "Thank you all so much for coming. Bindu and I certainly appreciate your presence to help us celebrate our wedding. Please feel free to enjoy the band and the rest of the food. But as you can see, I have a very beautiful bride and a very pleasant evening is still ahead of me. Thank you again and good night. My beautiful wife awaits."

One of his friends yelled from the back of the crowd. "What the hell are you still doing here while that gorgeous creature is up there waiting for you?"

Everyone laughed and wished him well as Phillip headed up the stairs. He took the steps two at a time hurrying to his waiting bride.

As Phillip stepped into his room, he saw Bindu had been crying. She looked up to see her husband standing there and her sad face immediately turned to smiles.

"No honey, this husband will not ignore his wife. I was only partially joking when I said I hope you will be able to walk tomorrow. I love you, and I intend for us to enjoy each other for as long as we can tonight. But, even if I have to carry you, we will leave together in the morning. Now, stand up here. I'd like to start unwrapping my beautiful bride."

Smiling broadly, Bindu stood and floated to her new husband. As he hugged her tightly, she could feel his manhood growing stiff against her belly. Looking up with love in her eyes, Bindu told him. "I am completely yours. You may do as you wish with me. Do me the honor of making me your true wife tonight."

Slowly, Phillip loosened the part of Bindu's sari that draped over her shoulders. He took several wraps of the gold embroidered red silk off her until her short tight blouse was uncovered. The blouse left her smooth flat belly bare and accentuated her breasts. Starting from the top, Phillip unbuttoned the blouse. As he pulled the blouse off, her luscious D cup breasts were exposed to his gaze and reach. Taking a breast in each hand, Phillip firmly squeezed.

Bindu moaned, and her nipples began to harden. While Phillip fondled her breasts, she unbuttoned his shirt. She rubbed her hands up and down his solidly built chest.

Phillip then kneeled and sucked each nipple until it was as hard as a small stone. Again Bindu moaned.

He then stood and continued to unwrap his bride. There was something highly erotic about unwrapping the layers of silk that were hiding his wife's treasures. It was like opening a brightly wrapped Christmas gift. He soon had the sari removed. He carefully folded the silk material of Bindu's sari and laid it on the nearby dresser for her.

All that remained was her petticoat, which was held to her waist by a tied string, and panties. Phillip again fell to his knees, untied the petticoat, and pulled it free. It slid easily down her legs to the floor. He again stood and placed the petticoat along side the sari.

Bindu nervously reached out and removed Phillips cummerbund, belt, and unbuttoned his pants. She lowered his zipper, and pushed his pants off his hips. They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. His rock hard manhood was pressing against his boxers trying to get free. Bindu stared at the large lump it was causing in Phillip's underwear.

Bindu was the epitome of the most desirable of creatures. She stood 5 feet 5 inches, weighed maybe 115 pounds, had firm 34 D breasts, a slender 23-inch waist, and 33-inch hips. Her bright red bikini panties were all that stood between her husband and her welcoming body.

Gently and slowly, Phillip pushed his thumbs under her panty's strings at her hips. She did the same to his boxers. At the same time, they both pushed down.

Phillip was pleasantly surprised. His bride had shaved and was offering him a bald pussy. Reaching out to gently pet it, Phillip told her. "Baby, I love bald pussy."

Bindu smiled and continued to stare at Phillip's large cock. It was at least eight inches long. It was thick too. She realized it had already taken her virginity, but it looked so much bigger now that she could get a good look at it. She asked her self. 'Did that thing really fit inside me?'

"Oh Bindu, your body is even more beautiful than I had dreamed it would be. Come here my love." Phillip scooped his bride up into his arms and carried her to their bed. He gently laid her down and crawled into bed beside her.

It was time for the politeness to end. Phillip had no intentions of hurting his wife. But he was determined to fuck the hell out of her. He pulled her to his side and scooted down to suckle her ample tits. He quickly had her nipples rock hard and looking like large pencil erasers. As he sucked and nibbled one nipple, he pinched and rolled the other between his thumb and forefinger.

Bindu was soon moaning loudly and rolling her head from side to side. "Oh Phillip, that feels so good."

Phillip sucked and squeezed her tits until they began to get tender. He put a large hickey on each tit beside its nipple.

He continued to pinch Bindu's nipples as he licked and kissed his way down her slender body. He lingered only briefly to tease her belly button with his tongue. Bindu giggled.

Phillip quickly left her belly button and proceeded to the treasure between his bride's legs. He kissed and licked her pubic mound and watched as she slowly spread her legs.

When he moved just slightly lower and licked the top of her pussy's slit, Bindu thrust her hips up to meet his tongue. Phillip licked, nibbled, and sucked his wife’s hot pussy until she was writhing on their bed.

He then turned and crawled up between her widely spread legs. He had taken her cherry a little over a month ago. That had been the one and only time a cock had invaded her deflowered pussy. Since then, her outer pussy lips had remained snugly closed. Even though he knew better, her pussy looked as if she had never known a man. He gave her a long pussy lip parting lick from her asshole to her clit.

"Oh!" Bindu cried out.

He gave her another similar lick, only this time he pressed his tongue deeper into the folds of her pussy's lips. She gasped and lifted her hips when he flicked his tongue over her clit. Scooping her legs up in his arms, Phillip raised Bindu's legs. As he pressed her knees toward her shoulders, his mouth attacked her pussy with vigor. Repeatedly, he lapped at her clit and drove his tongue into her waiting hole. The pussy lubricating juices she was producing quickly coated Phillip's face.

Bindu began thrusting her hips up to meet the tongue driving into her. Her thrusts became rapid and almost violent. She reached down and twisted her fingers into Phillips hair and pulled his face tightly to her awakening hole. When he sucked her clit into his mouth and rapidly flicked his tongue over it, Bindu shuddered and screamed. "GOD YES, PHILLIP! RIGHT THERE! DO IT TO MEEEeeeeeee!" Bindu quivered as her orgasm washed over her in waves.

As her orgasm ebbed, Phillip lowered her legs, crawled up her body, and lay on top of her. His chest crushed her firm tits. His fat eight-inch cock was poised to enter her horny hole. "Oh God, Phillip. That was wonderful. Was that an orgasm? I've never had one before."

"Yes, Baby. That was an orgasm, and it was only the first of many to come over the coming years. Now, kiss me and see how good you taste."

Bindu obediently kissed and licked Phillips face clean. "Hummm. I don't taste too bad do I?"

"No Honey, you taste great. I'll be eating that sweet pussy of yours a lot from now on. But now, it's time. It's time I properly fucked my wife. I hope you're a little more ready than you were the last time. I don't want to hurt you, but I do want to ride you hard."

"I am your wife. I am yours to use. Even if it hurts, you can have me anyway you like. If you want to 'ride me hard' it's OK. I want nothing but to please my husband. If it would please you, take me now."

"I'd love to my darling. Here it comes." Phillip then lifted her legs again, aimed his cock at her wet hole, and shoved. About half of his eight-inch cock disappeared into Bindu's pussy.

"Ummph." Bindu grunted as Phillip's cock invaded her hole.

He pulled back a little and shoved again. This time he firmly shoved his entire eight inches into Bindu's tight hole.

"IIEEEEEE! Bindu cried out.

"Did I hurt you too much, Honey?" Phillip asked. He held still. His cock's head was pressed tightly to her cervix deep in her pussy. He could feel her tight pussy trying to adjust to the invader in its midst.

"Yes, but it was not as bad as the first time you took me. Please continue my husband. My body is yours."

Phillip did as Bindu asked. He began giving her full but slow strokes. He was very aware of his cock's dimensions. He really didn't want to hurt his wife, but he did want her to quickly get used to his size. He began riding his wife harder and harder. In rapid succession, he'd pull back until just his cock's head remained in Bindu's pussy. He'd then plunge fully into her tight and tender hole.

"Umph, umph, umph, umph." Bindu grunted each time Phillip drove into her and his cock’s head rammed into her cervix. The pain caused by his cock's entry and stretching of her pussy's walls was easing. She was beginning to enjoy getting her first proper fucking. "Umph, umph umph." Phillip continued hitting her cervix with each thrust. It was feeling better each time he pushed deep into her. She wrapped her legs around Phillip's waist and began returning his thrusts.

In a short time, both newly weds were approaching their orgasms. Phillip increased the speed and power of his thrust. Bindu returned each one and urged him on.

"Oh yes, Phillip. Ride me hard. Give it to me hard. Take your wife."

"I'm going to cum, Baby. Uggh. Here it comes." Phillip thrust deep into his wife's cunt and bathed her vulnerable cervix with his cum.

At the same time, Bindu was about to have another orgasm of her own. "Oh Phillip, do it to me. I'm going to cum too." As she felt Phillip's cum jetting into her depths, Bindu used her legs to pull his cock as deep into her hole as she could. She pressed her heels into Phillip's ass and lifted her horny pussy up to meet him. Locked together like that, she cried out. "Give it to me, my husband. Give me your seed. YES! I CAN FEEL YOUR SEED FILLING ME!" She screamed.

As their orgasms subsided, Bindu lowered her ass back to the bed. "Hummmm. Thank you, my husband. That was wonderful." Bindu was dreamy eyed. With Phillip's cock still deep in her hole, she hugged her new husband tightly and told him again. "Thank you, Phillip."

"Honey, you don't have to thank me. You are my wife, and I am your husband. Husbands and wives make love to each other."

"No, my husband, you don't understand. Too many times, my dreams have been crushed. Until you came into my life, every time I had a dream it was destroyed. Now, the only thing being crushed are my breasts under your chest, and I like having them crushed by you."

"Come, my love. Let's try something else." Phillip told his wife. "Get on your hands and knees."

Bindu obeyed immediately. She was quickly on her hands and knees presenting her ass and freshly fucked pussy to her husband for his pleasure.

Phillip came up behind Bindu on his knees. He paused to admire and pet her nicely rounded butt. He saw a drop of his cum hanging off her pussy's lip. Then, holding her by her hips, he slowly slid his entire eight-inch cock back into Bindu's willing pussy.
Bindu moaned contentedly. This time, her husband’s entry had caused her no pain at all. It just felt good. "Mmmmmm. Oh Phillip, that feels so nice. You make me feel so full. Do me as you please."

Phillip took his time as he stroked in and out of Bindu's still tight pussy. Since he had just cum once, it was going to be awhile before he could cum again. Luckily for them both, he had been gifted with the ability to stay hard even after cuming.

Bindu was soon thrusting back to meet Phillip's thrusting cock. "Oh yes, Phillip. It's going deeper this way. I am going to cum again soon."

Phillip tightened his grip on her hips and pounded his cock into his wife's cunt.

She rapidly pushed her pelvis back to take as much of her husband's cock as she could get. "Aaaaggh, I am cuming."

Phillip could feel Bindu's vaginal muscles tighten around his cock as her entire body quivered. As her orgasm past, her head and shoulders fell to the bed.

Phillip continued pumping into his wife's pussy. He brought her to three more orgasms before his own approached. Digging his fingers into Bindu's hips, he repeatedly slammed deep into her. Once again, he bathed her cervix in cum loaded with sperm.

Finally, they both collapsed onto the bed. Phillip briefly pulled out of Bindu so she could turn onto her back. He then lay on top of her and gently reentered her cum soaked pussy. They cuddled until falling asleep with Phillip still in and on his wife. Sometime during the night, he softened and slipped out of Bindu’s pussy. He rolled off the sleeping Bindu and kissed her cheek. She smiled and scooted up close to her husband and slipped back into contented sleep.

The next morning, Bindu was indeed sore. The hot shower helped, but her body had been used so much that she hurt more than she did after losing her cherry to Phillip. Never the less, she was packed and ready to leave for her honeymoon when Phillip came down the stairs.

As Julia came to breakfast, she noticed Bindu walking a little bent over. "Are you OK, Mommy?"

"Yes, my darling daughter. I am fine. Now eat your breakfast, please." Bindu was a little embarrassed by Julia's question. How do you explain to a six-year-old that you're walking bent over because her father fucked the hell out of you for hours last night and your pussy is sore as hell.

Mona came into kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She too noticed Bindu walking slightly bent over. With a chuckle, she asked. "A little too much wedding night, sweetie?"

Bindu giggled. "Yes, Mom, but I sure hope it stays that way."

Softly so Julia couldn't hear, Mona kissed Bindu's cheek and whispered into her new daughter’s ear. "Honey, it should. Robert still wears me out when he's in the mood. Now, get busy. You need to leave soon. Robert and I are going to take care of Julia for you until she flies to Honolulu. You and Phillip will have a lot of opportunities to get too much wedding night in the days and years to come."

Bindu blushed and hugged her new mom. She thought to herself. 'Yes, and I intend to let him wear me out as often as he can and as long as he still wants me.'

An hour later, Mr. Brown was driving the newly wed couple to the airport while they cuddled in the back of the limo. Bindu's dreams of love and loving had finally come true. This dream would not be crushed.
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