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Mary does her first cam show.
My heart started beating like crazy again, and I wondered if this was good for my health. Even though I felt amazing, the best I’d felt in a long time. I swallowed so hard I could almost feel my heart sliding back down my throat and into my chest that I instinctually pushed out, straightening my back. It felt like an eternity as the page started to load. I could see my screen name at the top of the little box where I was about to appear, alongside the built in chat room. Suddenly becoming very conscience of how I looked, I checked myself out from head to toe.

Bare feet, no socks and I definitely needed a pedicure. The tight black pants I had thrown on were wrapped around my ankles, hugging my legs that maybe aren’t as skinny they used to be but still in good shape I thought. I slid my hands slowly up the sides of my thighs, digging my nails in lightly, feeling the excitement grow in my body. I let out a light moan as I was still charged up from my earlier orgasm, looking up quickly as I remembered that I had the web cam on.

Sure enough, the red light was on and the room had loaded.. “2 users are currently viewing your room.” It said above the chat section. I clicked to see who they were, one of them was me, the other had a screen name like “bigstudmike” or something, I can’t remember now. I do remember giggling though, and blinking before the screen refreshed and now said “12 users are currently viewing your room.” I was in complete shock. There were already that many people watching me? I wasn’t even doing anything! Goosebumps took over my arms and I felt a chill run over them. I was nervous as hell. It felt so naughty, but so awesome at the same time. Soon there was all kinds of action in the chat box, people saying hello and how beautiful they thought my body was, some people talking to each other even- who were I guess friends from other rooms on the site. I had to just sit back and watch for a little while, wondering if I should respond or just keep acting like I hadn’t seen what they were saying.

I had the camera positioned just like the lady I had watched and cum to earlier, showing from my neck down to my mid section. I resumed checking myself out, now staring down at my breasts that were jutting out as far as ever. Of course I had to pick the one white tank top I own, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. I suppose it was making a good first impression on the room however, everyone was raving about it.

“Awesome rack!”

“Wow, you are stunning baby!”

“Those tits look so fucking hot in that white tank.”

“Mmmmm ya I’m gunna have to pull my cock out staring at those big nipples.”

I choked reading the last one, looking down again and seeing that indeed my nipples were hard and could clearly be seen through the thin cotton material. Subconsciously I swayed gently in my chair, causing my boobs to jiggle freely under my top. I was already feeling so hot and turned on, I had to stop myself from ripping off my clothes and rubbing myself to another incredible orgasm. My mind was again darting around thinking of so many different things, landing on the fact that there were now over 50 people looking at my tits. I decided to give them a squeeze, holding them up and pushing them together lightly causing my cleavage to pop up out of my top even further. The room responded, cheering me on, and it felt incredible!

My audience started to grow quickly, from 50 to 70, to 85 to 110 viewers… This was really happening, I was being watched by over 100 men (and some possibly women I suppose). I didn’t expect to feel this turned on, I had thought I would have to work myself up to be able to put on a show, but I was feeling so hot that all my inhibitions were fading away and I found myself thinking very dirty things.. One of them being a question that had crossed my mind earlier. A question that I didn’t even give any attention because it was so dark and perverted.. I breathed in deeply and let out a slow muted moan as it washed over me again.. Had Peter seen my nipples as well? Oh god, he must have.. There were no hiding the dark outlines in my thin white tank top, even if they weren’t hard, he would have seen them if he looked…

I shook my head and sat back up in my chair, returning my attention to the room. I thought I should probably say hello, typing quickly I was hit with a bunch of responding “hello’s” phrased in various ways. I actually found myself chatting with a few guys who seemed rather normal. It took me a little bit to get the hang of things, but those guys really helped me out by filling me in on a few things. There were more than a few weirdo types who said terrible things to not only me but other members of the chat room, and so I had to get myself a few moderators to kick them out and police the room. A couple of the guys even sent me private messages and gave me some advice on how to get tips, they also tipped me themselves and promoted me as best they could to everyone else. I don’t know why they were so generous towards me, but they said it was because I was “hot” and new.

Before too long I’d made around $75 and I still had my shirt on, even though everyone was begging me to take it off. I told them that I needed $25 more and I would. Instantly I was tipped by four different guys and made $100 more! I hate to admit it, but it made my pussy absolutely soaking wet when I heard the ding of a tip. The grin on my face must have been literally ear to ear. Reaching down, I thought I better not tease them any longer and pulled my shirt up over my head, letting my big tits bounce free for everyone to see. I’d never been so excited and horny in my entire life, and believe me there have been moments where I’d said the exact same thing to myself in the past. I put my arm over my nipples and held my chest tightly, getting a chorus of displeasure from the room as I continued to tease them. A few more tips rolled in and I started to play with my nipples, using both of my hands to cup and squeeze my breasts. I pulled on each nipple with my finger tips and rubbed over them, sending lightning bolts straight to my pussy.

I didn’t even have to ask for more tips as I kept playing with myself, they just kept coming, getting me hotter and hotter in my seat. I kept grinding my ass in circles down on the chair, my hips having a mind of their own. It must have been noticeable because everyone was raving about how my body moved, how they thought I must be a dancer or something. I started to giggle again when I read how they were talking about me, but I was so into the moment that I couldn’t respond, all I wanted to do was cum.

I tilted the camera down a little lower and stood up, turning around and giving my ass a wiggle. I bit my finger and bent over, giving everyone a perfect view of my backside as the black yoga pants I had on stretched over it. I reached back and smacked my butt gently, playing it up for everyone. Ding, ding, ding.. tip after tip rang through as I moved my body. Pushing my fingers into the waist band, I slowly moved my pants down over my ass, exposing the top of my crack and then all the way down until the material was clinging to my pussy lips from how wet I was. Once I got them down, I kicked them off and bent back over, now completely nude for everyone to take in. My mind, body and soul were all on fire. I couldn’t fight it, I was a natural and I loved every second of it.

Then, as I was about to turn around and give everyone a view of the front, I heard Peter’s door click open and his feet pad across the hall to the bathroom, shutting the door.

“Fuck.” I thought to myself, “Maybe I should stop.”

I sat back down quickly, giving the room only a brief glimpse of my puffy little pussy. Of course they started to whine about it and begged for me to show them how wet I was. I was breathing hard again, my skin was damp with sweat and I felt my legs sticking to the chair. Getting brave, I told them I’d show them and even cum for them if I got enough tips. Immediately the screen filled with money and I almost burst out laughing, this not only was the easiest money I’ve ever made, it was very, very fun. Quickly I pulled the cam lower, spreading my legs up onto the desk, giving them a direct view of my pussy. Seeing it up on the screen caused it to get even wetter, which I didn’t think was possible. You could see my cum dripping down my slit and disappearing between the cheeks of my ass.

The tips of my fingers walked their way down to my clit, which again was throbbing so hard I had to bypass it. Slipping a finger into my hot little hole, I gasped at how good it felt, squeezing the arm of the chair with my other hand. I couldn’t resist it any more and slid another finger deep inside myself, fucking my pussy slowly over and over and over, biting down on my lip to stop myself from screaming out in pleasure. I heard the bathroom door open again and Peter walking down the hall. I hoped he wasn’t going to come looking for me, I didn’t think I could stop now and I was in one hell of a compromising position- Legs spread out wide on the desk, web cam pointed down at my drenched pussy, fingering myself completely naked.

I could feel my orgasm build and couldn’t hear anything other than the wet sounds coming from between my legs as I pushed my fingers in deeper and deeper. Using my other hand, i rubbed over my little clit, feeling the pulse of my heart as it throbbed and ached to be touched. I rubbed in gentle little circles, matching the rhythm of my fingers as they slid in and out of my hole. I was so close, so fucking close. Everything faded away until it was just me, floating on cloud nine. My naked body started convulsing, my legs trying to force themselves closed as I bucked against my fingers. I turned my head into my shoulder and moaned hard, feeling myself let go, cumming so damn hard and long that I didn’t think it would ever end. My body shook and shuttered again and again as I took my hands off my pussy, humping the air now as I rode my orgasm down. The world was spinning as I tried to catch my breath again. Slowly taking my legs down from the desk, I felt like I had just blacked out.

The screen was a blur, hundreds of messages scrolling up the chat box, filled with tips and compliments. I couldn’t even make out what half of the people were saying, but somehow managed to type that I needed a shower and would be back another time, thanking everyone for their tips. I clicked the broadcast button again and the screen went black with the chat remaining open. The little tip counter at the bottom of the screen was now flashing- “You made $415!” I was in complete shock again, how did I make so much? Scrolling back through the chat I saw that there were plenty of large tips, but also that there were some interesting comments..

“WOW, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen on this site!!”

“You didn’t tell us you were a squirter baby, damn!!”

My eyes almost popped out of my skull, “a squirter”? What the hell did that mean? .. As I thought about it for a second, I again realized my feet were in another puddle of my cum on the floor. Not only that, but there was some on the desk too! I stood up and stepped to the side, seeing that the chair was just covered in my own cum and pretty much surrounded by it on the floor. There was cum every where, and I knew right then that that was the hardest and best orgasm I’d ever given myself. I just stood there and felt my face get really red, to the point where my cheeks almost hurt.

Suddenly very aware of my nakedness, I bent down and grabbed the towel again, trying to soak up as much of my juices as I could. Wiping down the chair and desk, then the floor. I knew I’d need another towel, but tried to get as much as I could. I slipped my pants back on, pulled the white tank back over my head and creaked open the door to the hallway. I peaked out and saw that Peter’s door was again shut and there was no sign of him. I ran silently up the stairs to my room on the top floor, throwing the wet towel into my en-suite bathroom and grabbing a fresh one. Bounding back down the stairs I tip toed past Peter’s door again and into the office, cleaning up and closing out any evidence on the computer of what I’d been doing.

Finally getting back up to my bedroom, I fell back onto my bed and let out a huge sigh, closing my eyes, smiling and giggling to myself. I shook my head back and forth, stretching my arms out, twisting around on my bed like I was a child. I hadn’t been this happy in a long time, I felt completely liberated. Standing up, I stripped off my two pieces of clothing and walked naked across my room to the shower. The hot water felt amazing, blasting down onto my body that was still tingling from my two amazing masturbation sessions. I washed and rinsed and repeated, not even really thinking about anything other than that I was accomplishing what I’d set out to do this morning. I’d already made a good chunk of money to put into Peter’s college fund and if all went well, I wouldn’t have to deny him his dream of being there next fall.

Finishing up, I towelled off and put on some grey PJ pants with a matching tank top, my usual attire for the early evening. I looked at the clock and decided it was probably time to start some dinner and get back into Mom mode.

To be continued…

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