Prologue to Long LA Hustle. Long story. I'm a new member looking for feedback as I write long stories with complicated plot developments. Enjoy...
She let the vibrations take over her body. She was sitting on an amplifier, tired from the concert that had just ended. If you could call it that. It was a glorified practice session where the band allowed the public inside, while they practiced their most famous tracks. Apparently they were new in LA and they didn’t have a place to practice yet and he had arranged a pub basement that leased out the place for things like that. After paying the advance for the place, he had spread the word and led all the college students weary from the week of finals into the pub. Calling in advance of course and negotiating a return of the advance and an extended lease in return for a full occupancy and sales for the pub. She had watched in awe, as he took over the pub leaving me to enjoy the music along with the rest of the students who had managed to procure a drink. The rest crowding the bar, where he was helping the bartender getting the crowd drunk. He is such a controlling guy. She smiled at the thought of that. If only he had seen the drunk hands groping me and realized he had played a hand, so to speak, in getting her felt up in the mosh pit.

“I hope it’s our music, you know, the reason behind that smile of yours…”
The voice broke her trail of thought and brought her back from the vibrating fantasy. She looked up to see the electronics guy nodding towards her. He had been experimenting with bass lines since the show ended producing the vibrations that kept tingling her between the legs and led to the dirty trail of thoughts in the first place.
“You could say that,” she replied. She looked at him closely for the first time. She had missed him in the darkness of the flashing ultraviolet. She could see now why…. Unlike the other band members, he appeared well, normal. She wouldn’t have known he was in the band if she hadn’t seen him call over the vocalist and the guitarist several times during the concert, to give advice them she presumed. He was wearing a black t-shirt with aviators hanging from the middle and skinny jeans. “Nate. So, are you a niche fan? Or is this your first time hearing rockstep?” he asked coming forward stepping aside from his equipment, raising a hand to meet hers. “Im… uh… “ He smiled more. “Oh! Niche fan then…” taking her hands in his. She got up, wobbling forward and was caught by her. “A little too much to drink I presume?” He kept up that smile. She realized now her legs had become numb from the lack of blood flow as she sat at a weird angle. The sudden realization at how wet she was shocked her back to reality and she sat back down extricating herself from his arms in the process.

“No, I’m just sleepy and tired. My legs more so than my body” She smiled back now. “Im sorry, I guess the music and the drinks just put me in a numb state” She straightened her top now and looked him straight in the eyes with the look that she had used so many times to intimidate the guys who started getting too friendly with her. But he just smiled more and retorted, “Most people go home before that you know. Why don't you do that or you could go talk to the band upstairs if thats what your waiting here for.” She felt her eyes turn to slits. She would never leave a conversation like that. She needed him to know his place. “Aren’t you in the band? Then why aren’t you upstairs hitting on the girls like the rest of your pals? I’m waiting for a friend to be free. What’s your excuse?” She attacked him with her stance to match her stare her words. She saw him surprised for a moment before he deflated back to the cozy demeanor and replied. “Band needs a new song. And a few others need polishing.” She was almost fuming inside as he took a swig from a random beer bottle kept at the stage and continued dismissively, “So, who is this imaginary friend again?” “Dave, you know, the guy who organized this event, brought you here, got you a meeting with my record company” she replied appearing nonchalant but full of rage on the inside. “Well, hope it goes well,” she scoffed and turned to walk away.

“Wait, What!" he spilled his beer down his front and continued "Im so sorry. I didn’t realize who you were. I hate the whole pretentious bullshit but the band members say it works so I was trying it. If I knew you were with Dave, I would never have behaved so rudely” She turned around to see his expression attentive, pleading almost. God, if she wasn’t wet already, she’d be now. She loved breaking people's ego and watching them squirm. Gave her a chance to tower over people both figuratively and even literally when she pretended to be the bigger person and forgive them. “It’s okay. I can see you aren't a bad guy,” she replied back, tartly. If you didn’t know her you would never have heard the condescension in her voice. “So, I guess you are the brains behind the band huh?” “Yeah, I guess. I come up with the lyrics and the basic notes. Did you just say you owned Red Bedroom Records?” He almost looked scared now. “My dad does actually, but he never signs a band until I sign off on it.” she replied. “Im so sorry again. Dave’s such an old friend and we were ecstatic when he called us over and Im so sorry to be a jerk to you. Im a little socially challenged when it comes to women and George, you heard him perform just now, he said just be dismissive and the fans'll love you” She was started to feel sorry for him now. Her legs tingling again. “Come on, introduce me to the band and maybe I’ll replace my first impression of you guys with a better second one.” She said wanting to lengthen the conversation now.

They both went upstairs with her sashaying her ass provocatively as she climbed in front of him. She knew it was dark enough that he couldn’t look up her skirt so she decided to tease him now to start the process of taking away more of control from him. Nothing hotter than to give a guy a hard on he cannot control and leave him out to dry embarrassed. They reached upstairs where he ordered two beers in the now empty pub. As he went to take the bottles from the weary bartender, she sat down taking the chair next to the band where the band sat now, each of them with a girl in their laps. The sight brought disgust to her face. The way some girls submitted themselves to men without any semblance of control. “Guys, this is…” “Darcy, hi” “She is Dave’s friend and she has to approve our band before it gets signed.” It was as if she had shocked each of the band members. They were sitting upright now. They each introduced themselves to her, pushing the girls off their laps. She had the attention of the band now and relishing it she introduced herself softly to the whole band before softly critiquing their whole performance.

As the girls slowly left she was left alone with the band. The bartender was in the kitchen now. “But you didn’t even hear our best songs today. We were just trying out variations on songs we felt needed improving,” George interjected when he could finally get a sentence in. “Yeah and the performance was totally tame because of the setting,” Percy added in. “Whatever you say fellows, have any of you seen Dave” “He got a call about a thing, he’d be right back. Come on. Let us prove to you that we are better. We have the place for two more days now.” George said. “No, I guess I have heard enough ROCKSTEP for now”, she replied using "air quotes". Enough to make sure you don’t get signed during this trip anyways.” She scoffed and turned around to leave. She was halfway to the door when a hand grabbed the back of her neck and another pair 'swept her off her feet'. If only it was as romantic as it sounded. Before she cried out, she felt a hand block her mouth and she was being carried downstairs to the basement. Last thing she saw was Nate closed the door and turn off the lights as everything went dark around her.

She was released on top of the bass she had been sitting on. The muscular hands held her in place as she felt her skirt and top being ripped out from her body followed by her panties. Then there were cords tying her hands behind her back, her feet spread to the amplifier and another one going from the back of her neck to the speaker in front of her. When they were done. She could barely move an inch. She had spent the whole night basking in her confidence getting turned on as she intimidated a band that was making people go crazy. Now she was tied up in a basement, her screams unheard. As she took a breathe remembering the thing about the soundproof walls of the basement to avoid cops shut down events Dave had said, she felt a creeping sensation up her spine. Fear, she recognized it and she realized she had lost control now. But it came back quickly as she realized they had put themselves into a corner. The thought of four unknown members she would get to use and punish after they finished brought the tingling sensation back. “Fuck you guys. You made a terrible mistake. Dave’s gonna be here anytime and you’ll be in jail for raping and kidnapping me.” She screamed into the blackness.“ She heard laughter on her right towards the stage and looked up that way suddenly only to have the cord tug at her neck knocking the wind out of her. “Who said anything about rape. This is just an audition” She heard George’s voice before the bass and the speakers came to life.

They had significantly turned up the volume and used the cords that restrained the vibrations on her. As the song started she began to feel the enhanced vibrations on her body. She still had the mental faculties to know she felt the vibrations way more that actuality and as the music deafened her ears, pleasure intensified as she recognized the familiar feeling of Ecstacy take hold of her body. Fuck, she had been drugged. Suddenly she felt her clit get hard and almost stick to the feathery touch of the huge speaker. Usually it took about ten minutes of foreplay before anyone could get her this turned on but under the drugs and the vibrations, it had taken her less than a minute. Facing the speaker, she could feel every vibration of the slow song as it took control of her and strummed her sex like a wet guitar string. She felt hatred in her heart but she heard herself moan as the song picked up speed.

Dave was sitting in front of his computer. The three large screens attached to help him trade were now streaming night vision video from the cameras he had installed. He turned up the volume from mute as he saw the band started playing. He smiled at the irony. They were starting the song All In. “I like this music babe, now come back to bed” A voice came from behind him. He turned back to look at Michelle, eye shades blocking her vision, legs spread eagled tied to the bed as she began to play with herself. Dave went back to looking at the screen and replied, “Do you know what sweetie, I took Darcy to their concert today."
“Oh thanks sweetie, Roger was getting suspicious of us. He can relax now that you are dating someone publicly."
"No worries, by the way, they are really good. I hope you convince Darcy to help me get them signed."
"Oh! You need a favor huh? I might talk to Darcy if you stop messing with the music and come finish in my mouth. I want to cum again at the same time you do.”

Dave smiled and moved towards the bed, his eyes glued to the screens. He lowered himself as his lips barely touched Michelle’s. As he watched Darcy starting to vibrate with the increasing beat, he whispered into Michelle's mouth, “You know what I love about Dubstep?”

Darcy was shaking now. He was hard as a rock as he got up and pulled Michelle's head back pointing his cock straight towards her open lips. He turned up the volume. “The Fucking Bass Drop!!” He yelled at the momentary silence and just as the bass filled the room he entered his whole sex inside her mouth, down her throat in one go holding her while he saw Darcy violently seizing as a string of orgasms gripped her. He could faintly hear her screams over the bass now. He looked at Michelle choking on his cock. He pulled out and went all in just as the second bass drop ended bringing the chorus back.

“Can you take it all in?” He sang with the chorus as he pumped inside Michelle’s throat watching the controlling bitch losing every inch of her dignity on his screens. Michelle was coming on her fingers now and before he knew it he was shooting his loads inside her mouth. He pulled out halfway as his seamen filled the inside of her mouth and came out of her nose and made a mess of her face. She couldn’t breathe and hit another orgasm in her semi-asphyxiated state and passed out. He bent down and made sure she could breathe just as the song ended and Darcy’s screams of pleasure filled the room.
"FUCK!" He ran to mute the sound and looked back just as he did to find Michelle sleeping in the same position as he had left her in. "God bless erotic asphyxiation" he thought Sighing. He started looking around for his clothes. As he got dressed, he saw members of the band releasing Darcy as she stumbled onto the floor backwards. He chuckled. This was fun. And they were just getting started. He looked over at Michelle, lightly snoring. She could wait. This was just the beginning...

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