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This is the story of how my fascination with sex started to about when i turned 14 or 15. (continues later in another chapter). Names are changed, but story is real.

Hi. My name is Crissy. I'm a 19 year old female. This story is about how my fascination with sex began.

I was maybe 4 or 5 years old when it started. What me off was the first porn I saw. I remember sitting in my grandparents bed at their house with my older brother Joe (he’s two yrs older then me), and my cousin Derrick (he’s a year older then me). Well, we were watching TV when my brother and my cousin decided to put in this movie they found in grandpa’s desk. They thought it was one of our cartoon movies, as they found it beside one of our cartoon movies. So the boys put the movie in and push play on the VCR.

On comes this porno... I still remember the scenes. I had never seen porn before, and didn't know what was going on. I was too scared to watch at first. Of course, the boys didn’t turn it off. After a few min I started to watch, and I liked what I saw. There were scenes with a male principal and his female students, and Santa Clause and young girls, and I remember army chicks and a basement and a helicopter. I did enjoy the movie. I got mad at my brother and my cousin for putting the show on and left after the movie was done.

My next experience with sex didn’t come until I was about 10. I did think about the porno movie once in awhile before this time, but I thought more about other things (normal things). My younger cousin, Stacy (she's 4 yrs younger then I am) and I were over at my grandparent's house (same set of grandparents as earlier). We went and were hanging out in the bedroom when we decided for some reason to look under the bed.

We found a few porn magazines. Just your normal run of the mill hardcore porn, nothing special. When my cousin saw it she laughed, but I was fascinated by it. My cousin and I looked at it till we heard Grandma coming upstairs so we hid it again. End of the fun for that day, but it continued later.

Now I was fascinated with the porn magazines. My grandparent's house was in the same yard as my parents, so I could go over to their house whenever I wanted. Well I realized, if Grandma and Grandpa were gone, I could go look at the magazines without being caught. So I’d often sneak over there and would read the porn and look at the pictures and think about how hot it was. I knew by this time about sex a little bit.

One day I got the brainwave to bring a few magazines downstairs and put them under the couch in the living room so I could get easier access to them... and I could hear when my grandparents got home so I could leave through the other door to go play in the yard (oh I loved growing up on the farm). Soon I started to experiment with playing with my pussy. Once I started, I didn’t like to stop.

My cousin and I would often look at the magazines together downstairs when she came out to the farm if grandpa and grandma weren't home... She thought it all was funny, but I was fascinated. I started going to look more and more often. But then one day I couldn’t find the porn.
It was about this time Grandpa and Grandma separated. Grandma moved to the Yukon and Grandpa moved out. Grandma did come back sometimes. She eventually met a new guy (who is no prize let me tell u, i don’t like him). Well anyways back to my story.

Grandma eventually moved back to the farm, now with her big, fat, lazy jerk for a boyfriend. I was upstairs in the bedroom the one day by myself and had stumbled across these videos in their dresser. Well I decided to pop 1 in. It was a video on how to have better sex. I had never heard much about masturbation and pleasure yet so it was nice to see. I also saw for the first time sex toys.

I really learned a lot from watching the movies. I started thinking about sex a lot more. But I almost got caught watching the movies the one time. That was so exciting. I still liked the porno mags more, so I looked at them and if I was alone I’d masturbate to them.

When I was about 11 or 12 I started to grow a little pubic hair. At this same time, I got my first razor. At first I just did my underarms. But then I read in one of the pornos about shaving your pussy. Well I started doing that then... and I haven’t quit since. I just love the feeling of my pussy when it is freshly shaved. Mmmm.

At about age 13 I really started to hit puberty. I started getting really interested in boys and had loads of crushes. But I was very shy. Now at this stage in my life, I actually looked really pretty and had lots of guys asking me out already, but I would get scared and turn them down. Later I’d regret it. I was a really horny chick, but was too shy to do anything about it other then masturbate.

Boy though, I got to know my body good.

The rest of the story will be uploaded soon. Comments welcome.

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2011-12-09 07:31:35
Of the panploy of website I've pored over this has the most veracity.


2006-04-11 01:02:02
not bad not bad at all


2006-02-27 09:22:20
Stiner/Crissy: I like your story. I don't think it's boring. I think it sounds just like a true story. Did you experiment with sex with your cousin or brother -- like playing doctor and nurse? My cousin (two years younger than me) let me touch her pussy with my fingers when I was maybe 7. I knew it was exciting but I didnt know what else I could do. When we grew up I never had the chance to get to know her better sexually. I often wished I had known what to do when I had the opportunity


2006-02-19 21:25:40
I was shy and horny when i was a kid too


2006-02-01 02:30:51
I guess I have a weird family. That's my life though, Now this first chapter is kinda a bore for some people as all they want to hear about is sex. I'll write the chapter where I actually have sex soon. And I accidnetly posted my next two chapters before I edited them. I wrote them late at night and thus was tired. I had insomnia otherwise I would not have been up writing then. Anyways this is all true, and this is a kind of therapy for me to write this stuff.

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