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Here is part 2. Enjoy
Chapter 2:

Eli woke up with a start, he looked at his clock and it was 3am, he felt something warm in his arms and looked down and smiled as his sister was curled up next to him. Paige moaned a little, as Eli rubbed her tits and then moved to go to the toilet.
Eli was done in the toilet, he flushed as quietly as possible, washed his hands and cleaned his cock of the crusty cum that he missed in the shower. Eli went back into the bedroom and Paige had rolled onto her back, her legs were spread and she was still asleep.

“I’m hungry” Eli whispered to himself, he made his way to the foot of the bed, got on his knees and started kissing his way up his sister’s chubby legs, he saw she was getting chills from each kiss.
“mmmm” Paige sighed with a song to her voice, she may have been asleep, but she was enjoying herself.
“God this pussy looks amazing” Eli said to himself, he darted his tongue up and down her pussy lips, wetting her cunt and tasting how potent she was this early in the morning, Eli’s tongue penetrated her lips and he felt her gush on his tongue.
Eli moved his head back and forth, his nose hit her clit and his tongue went deeper into her cunt, Paige’s breathing was quickening and her hand went on his head, and grabbed onto his hair.
“Fuck...this is a way to wake up....” Paige purred, she tightened her legs around his head and bucked her hips into him, her clit was throbbing from just his nose and she was dripping.
“This is my breakfast” Eli spoke up, taking a breath and licking his lips, Paige giggled, causing her tits to jiggle and she gasped as her brothers hands began to squeeze them, rubbing her nipples till they got hard.
“I’M CUMMING. OH BABY!!” Paige cried, her toes curled up and she pulled some of her brothers hair out, as she gushed over his face and soaked him for a good 2 minutes.
“Your pussy is amazing. I love it and I love how it gushes” Eli told her, Paige giggled, leaned forward and licked her juices off his chin, before kissing him deeply.
“You’re the only one that can do that to me. I’m still sleepy, do you want to fuck now, or when I’m more awake and can pay attention more?” Paige yawned, she wasn’t being rude, she was horny, but it was super early.
“I’m good for the morning. I was just hungry as I didn’t tongue fuck you earlier like I promised” Eli replied, he yawned as well and laid down on the bed, his head nestled against his sisters and her hands were running up and down his stomach as they fell asleep again.

Eli slept soundly for another couple of hours, he woke up feeling something wet around his cock, he looked down and Paige was sucking his hard cock as quietly as she could.
“Good morning” Eli said, he had to hold onto the bed sheets as Paige’s tongue was wrapped around his cock and making it throb harder.
“Just thought I could use some breakfast as well” Paige giggled, she looked up at him, jerked him with her hand for a few seconds then put his cock back into her mouth and moaned as she sucked.
“Oh fuck yes!!” Eli cried out, Paige felt his cock become thicker and she knew he was close to cumming, she quickened her pace and felt his hands go on her head.
“I’M CUMMING!!” Eli lifted his ass off the bed and spurted 3 hot loads of jizz in her mouth, Paige didn’t move and swallowed all he gave her.
“Thank you. So what’s the plan for today?” Paige asked, she climbed on top of her brother, her tits squished onto his chest and they felt warm on his skin.

Eli was dressed in a pair of old sweat pants and a black shirt and Paige was dressed in a tight pair of shorts that hugged her ass perfectly and a red shirt, as they went to her place to pack everything up and call a real-estate agent.
“I know with dad’s money I got the house, but it just makes sense moving in with you. My brother, my love” Paige told Eli as she was folding some of her clothes away, into a suit case.
“I know the feeling. I’ve wanted to fuck you for years, but I don’t think we would have been mature enough for it” Eli explained, Paige understood and she helped him move her bed slightly.
“Naughty boy” Paige giggled and opened her curtains and began to sneeze from all the dust that cascaded the room.
“So do you have any boxes or anything? Plus when was the real-estate agent supposed to call back?” Eli put his hands on his sisters ass and squeezed through her shorts, she cried out in surprise and turned around and kissed him, she slowly lowered both of them down onto her bed and wrapped her legs around him.

Paige pulled her mouth away from her brother’s and pulled his shirt off, slowly kissing his chest, she felt Eli’s hands pull her own top off and unclip her bra, causing her tits to fall out. Eli watched as his sister turned around on him and he pulled her shorts off, while she pulled his pants down and put his cock in her mouth, he put his face deep in her pussy and they were moaning into each other.
Eli tongue fucked Paige’s cunt, making her soaking wet and her body shook with delight as her clit was in his mouth. Paige was bobbing up and down over her brothers vieny cock, she held his shaft still and got it all wet from her saliva, she darted her tongue over the tip of his head.
“Tongue fuck my cunt....oh fuck yeah” Paige held his cock and was trying to calm herself down, Eli knew where she was sensitive and she loved it.
Eli spread her pussy open wide and licked all around, her labia was quivering and he could see her clit was all alone, so her paid attention to it and she screamed in pleasure. Paige tried to be quiet and she put Eli’s cock back in her mouth and began to suck again, deep-throating his cock till it hit the back of her throat, she was able to do it and not choke.

“I’m about to’m so....close” Paige moaned, she wiggled her hips in his face, causing his tongue to go deeper in her cunt.
Eli worked his tongue faster, holding her just at the right angle, he felt his cock was about to explode as well, her mouth was working wonders.
“Uhhhhh OH FUCK....I’M CUMMING URRRGGHHHH” Paige howled, her hips buckled in Eli’s face and squirted him with her juices, Eli moaned and came, Paige missed the first shot, as it landed on her chin, but she got the rest and swallowed it with ease.
“Now get your cunt on this cock and fuck me” Eli growled playfully, as he spanked her ass, Paige giggled and turned on him and slide her wet cunt onto his soaked cock and thrusted into him, nearly cumming again as she did.
“Oh fuck....Oh fuck me...Yes...oh god” Paige cried out, she sat up and held him tight with her thighs, her hair was in her face and she felt Eli’s hands go up her stomach and he put two fingers in her mouth, which she sucked magically.
“Take it baby...take it...oh fuck” Eli groaned, his fingers were getting tight in her mouth and he put his other hand on her tits and squeezed, playing with the nipple, then putting it in his mouth and sucked it, like she was sucking on his fingers.
“I’M CUMMING. I CAN’T HOLD ON” Paige screamed, and she soaked Eli’s cock with all her juices, her tits bouncing up and down as she did, her cunt was on fire.
Eli held her still, he wasn’t ready yet, he put both hands on her hips again and thrusted into her, he could hear their bodies slap together from all the body fluids and it made him smile up at his sister.
“I’m about to cum to sis” Eli beamed up at her, she was still cumming herself.
“Hurry up...then.... oh fuck” Paige was barely able to get the words out, her heart was pounding and her legs felt weak.
“Fuck. I’m cumming...nghhhhh” Eli moaned and his hips buckled as his cock spurted his hot jizz in her cunt, joining her juices.

Paige fell on her brother and snuggled into him, his cock still in her wet cunt and kissed his neck softly, the phone rang as she just got comfortable.
“Damn it, that must be the real-estate agent” Paige groaned, as she got off Eli and went to get the phone, he grinned as he watched her perfect as wiggle out of the room.
Eli got up, he decided to get dressed, Paige entered the room talking to the real-estate agent and she pouted when she saw he had got dressed.
“I’m going to go and get some boxes. I love you” Eli whispered to her, she nodded and kissed him hard, he pinched her ass and went out of the room, his wallet and keys were in his pocket and he got into his car.

Eli drove around for a few minutes, he stopped at a red light and was watching an elderly woman cross the road when his phone vibrated in his pocket.
‘I love you’ Paige text him, it made Eli smile and he wrote back the same thing with a winky face.
The light turned green and Eli drove off, he saw ‘Target’ in the distance, he smile and his phone vibrated again, he looked down at the message and it was a picture of his sisters pussy, spread with two fingers soaking wet.
“Damn that is...” Eli was cut off from his thought, when his car got t-boned and sent crashing into a tree, he blacked out.

“FUCK...WHAT?? WHERE AM I??” Eli jerked up, a shooting pain went through his bottom half of his body, and his left arm stung, as he saw a needle in his arm.
“Hey...hey, calm down...CALM DOWN!” a nurse told him, she put her hand on his chest and pushed him on the bed, trying to calm him down.
“But...ow...what?....why?” Eli was confused and blabbering like an idiot.
“You had a car accident. You have been in a coma for two days. Don’t worry, you’re basically fine, you may need some physio for your legs, as they were bruised when they came in.” the nurse looked at him, and he had slowed his breathing down, he understood, but was in a heap of pain.
“Now, we called your family. Your mother and sister are here, they are in the food hall, I told them to go eat something as they were worried. I will send them up to you in a few minutes. Your phone and wallet are on the table right next to you. If you need some morphine, press this button and if you need a nurse, press this one. I’m Kelly” Kelly smiled at him, and walked out.

Eli leaned over, wincing as he did and got his phone, it was dirty more than anything and he checked his messages. A few were from friends who heard, probably from his sister or mother, and there was a video message from his sister. Eli clicked on it.
Paige appeared on the screen in tears.
‘I am so sorry you got hurt. I love you with all my heart. This is for you when you wake up’ Paige said to him. Eli watched as his sister got all her clothes off, she got on the floor and put the camera at an angle so she was looking up at it and he could see her tits and cunt.
‘I love you’ Paige kept repeating, as she got a purple dildo and fucked her cunt with it, going faster and faster, Eli could see she was cumming as the dildo was shiny and so was the floor she was sitting on.
“Honey, is it ok for visitors?” Celia, his mother stood at the door, Paige was behind her, both had been crying. Eli clicked out of the video as quick as he could and he felt his erection under the blanket.
“Mum..Sis, great to.....see you” Eli smiled at them and winced as he sat up, his ribs ached and his mother kissed him on the head, while Paige kissed him on the cheek and lingered for a little while, it was more than a kiss.
“You scared me half to death, I was so worried that I wouldn’t see my baby boy again” Celia cried, her eyes were watering and she kissed her son on the head a couple of more times.
“I cried when I got the call” Paige told him, she hugged him and ignored his winces, as she missed him and really wanted to fuck him better.
“I don’t know what happened, I was driving, the sun may have gotten in my eyes or something” Eli knew the truth, but he didn’t want to admit it here.

Celia stayed for half an hour, then she had to get back to her home and feed her animals, Paige stayed behind.
“I was so scared that you were going to leave me” Paige whispered to him, she pulled the curtain across, so no one was able to see, she kissed him with all her passion and love, it made Eli’s heart beat faster.
“I don’t know what happened...I was driving, I looked at the picture you sent me, but I think I put my phone away before the crash” Eli tried to remember what happened, but he kept seeing glass fly everywhere.
“I hope you enjoyed the video I sent you the other day, I did it knowing you would wake up” Paige was getting horny thinking about what she did.
“I loved it” Eli put his hand on his sisters ass and smacked her playfully.
“Don’t move. I have something for you” Paige pulled the blanket up, and she fiddled with his gown and wrapped her lips around his cock, it was already hard and pulsating in her mouth.
“Oh fuck” Eli whispered, he was taking deep breaths as he felt his sister go up and down and deeper on his cock.
Eli’s heart monitor was speeding up, and Kelly pulled the curtain back and was shocked to see what was going on, but she kept on watching, she pulled the curtain across so she could see and shook her head at the other nurses, they understood.
“Baby...I’m cumming” Eli grunted and he shot 3 hot loads in her mouth and she swallowed and licked it all from his cock, she appeared from the blankets and smiled.
“Mmmm that was good. I’ll be off to baby. I brought your laptop here, so I can chat with you when I get home. I may visit tomorrow if you’re not doing physio. I love you” Paige said to him, putting the laptop on his food tray and she kissed him.
Kelly quickly moved away and Paige pulled the curtain back, she waved at her brother, smiled at the nurses and made her way to the elevator.

Eli set up his laptop and Kelly stood in the door way, with a smirk on her face.
“You have a really loving family. They care for you a lot” Kelly pointed out, she came over and checked his vitals.
“Yeah, they are great. Do you know what the password for the hospital is please?” Eli asked nicely, he noticed that Kelly had massive cleavage out.
“Sure, hold on I’ll do it” Kelly smiled and leaned over and typed in where she need to, purposefully pushing her tits into Eli, he didn’t mind.
“Can I ask you a question?” Kelly asked, once she was done and the internet started working, she moved back a little.
“Sure anything.” Eli looked at her in the eye, he could see a strange twinkle in them.
“I saw what your sister was doing earlier. So I’m safe to say you and her like incest?” Eli was a little shocked at the question, more shocked that he and she got caught.
“Yeah. It started a week a go” Eli began to explain, but Kelly put up her hand, as she got the idea.
“I get it, I had a thing for my brother, but he got married. Tomorrow I have a special idea for your physio.” Kelly rubbed his shoulder and he watched her walk out, pulling the curtain.

Eli was looking at some random videos on the internet, mostly YouTube videos, when a ping from his chat room nearly scared him. Eli clicked on the video and Paige was on the screen, she waved at him.
“Hey, how is it going?” Paige asked, she unzipped her shirt to expose her cleavage, with a giggle.
“I’m good, they just brought food, and I’ve debating to eat it or not. How are you?” Eli showed her the ‘Steak’ and grimaced.
“Ew, that looks gross, but hey, I’m at home and I can eat whatever I want. But what I want is at the hospital” Paige pouted, she licked her lips and winked at her brother.
“Well I would love to feed you, it would be better than being stuck in here. Oh I start physio tomorrow, with that nurse Kelly” Eli told her, he winced as he tried to move his legs by himself, but it took a lot out of him.
“Oh great. Once you’re able to move those legs, they have to be wrapped around me. That nurse seems nice. Also kind of hot” Paige admitted, she curled her hair with her finger as she said that.
“When I’m all better, want to see if she will join us?” Eli suggested, he didn’t want to cheat on his sister, but inviting another person would be a great idea.
“That would be kinky and hot. Sure, when you’re better invite her.” Paige said with a smile, then she stood up and pulled her pants off and was just standing in her pink panties.
“Can I watch you?” Eli asked, he was very horny and he missed seeing his sister in action.
“I’m not getting undressed for me” Paige giggled.

Eli watched as Paige, pulled her top off and undid her bra, her tits bounced out and she pinched her nipples a couple of times, to make them perky.
“You like that baby?” Paige asked, Eli nodded and felt his cock harden beneath the sheets, she pressed her tits together and jiggled them for her brother.
Paige stood up again and pulled her panties down, Eli saw that she was dripping wet and her pussy was puckering.
“I can’t wait for you to be in me again” Paige told him, she slid two fingers in her dripping cunt, and she bit her bottom lip from screaming, as her hand was becoming soaked with her juices.
Paige spread her legs wider and got closer to the camera, Eli saw how fast she was going, and how red her pussy was. Paige’s legs were shaking and she was on the verge of cumming, her fingers were soaked and she held her tongue as she gushed all over the camera and fell back down on the bed.
“Wow...that” Eli said, he was stroking his cock and imagining his sister lips wrapped around them.
“I do it because I love you. I can’t wait for you to be better. I’ll let you go and eat...if you want. I have to see the real-estate agent tomorrow. I cancelled it, when I knew you were in the hospital.” Paige blew him a kiss, Eli did the same and smiled as she clicked out of the video feed with him.

Eli woke up and Kelly was standing by his bedside taking his blood pressure, she smiled at him when he looked up at her.
“Morning, how did you sleep?” Kelly asked him, he noticed she was wearing a white overcoat that was covering all of her body.
“Pretty good, I was excited for working on my legs today” Eli told her, he stretched and winced again.
“Excellent. I have your wheelchair. Get in and I’ll take you to the rehab centre.” Eli did as he was told, and he twiddled his fingers as Kelly wheeled him to an empty room and placed him in the middle of the area, then she went to close the door.
“Alright get up and walk to me.” Kelly told him, Eli couldn’t see what was happening, he twisted his head and saw that she had taken her gown off and she was completely naked.
“Holy crap.” was all Eli was able to say.
“If you want any of this, get out of the chair and come get me” Kelly, rubbed her 34 C- cups at him.

To be continued

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