Total work of fiction... No government agent would ever abuse their power. They are all hard working and honest.
Aki rocked back and forth driving the massive dick into and out of her. Her petite Asian body was bouncing up and down on the buff young man. She loved the feeling of his cock in her cunt as she rode him on her desk. She reached her hands down and grabbed his tanned muscular chest. He wasn't a great thinker but he knew how to fuck her.

She sped up her bouncing. She was getting closer to orgasm and it was feeling great. Her cunt was getting sloppier and tightening around his cock when there was a knock at the door.

"Your honor?" Came a woman's voice.

"Fuck." Aki muttered under her breath. "I'll be right out." she called. "I was just briefing the bailiff."

Her bailiff was looking dumbstruck when the 30 year old magistrate hopped off his cock and quickly threw on her judicial robes with nothing on underneath.

"Hurry the fuck up!" she called and he quickly pulled on his pants.

He quickly ran out in front of her into the small courtroom and called out. "Federal Magisterial Court for Southern Florida the honorable Aki Kurosawa presiding."

She walked in and looked across the courtroom. It was a familiar sight. There was a federal prosecutor and next to him a tall shapely black woman. On the respondant side were two uniformed TSA agents in that gay ass blue shirt that no one in the government took seriously, a union rep, a union lawyer, and another lawyer provided by the DoJ to keep everything from going off the rails, or perhaps to push it there.

The federal prosecutor was the most junior of the bunch. She looked over at him and wondered if she had seen him while she was sun bathing on south beach. He had University of Miami written all over him. Tall sun bleached blonde hair and skin tanned to a nice bronze. She became suddenly aware of her empty pussy. She had been riding the bailiff but hadn't managed to get off before her court reporter called. Now she was sitting at the bench wearing only her robe. Her pussy was sopping and the silk felt so good against her hard nipples.

The prosecutor stood up and presented his opening argument. "Yadda yadda abuse of power yadda officiousness yadda sexual assault and rape. That caught Aki's attention. Maybe this case would be worth listening too and not just dismissing the case against the TSA agent. She and the TSA had an agreement, she got to pick over their seizures and she let them get away with shit like this.

She had been a hungry young lawyer in Washington, working as a lobbyist, while fucking her way up and down Capitol Hill. A quick roll in the hay with the chairman of the judiciary committee got her recommended for a position as a federal magistrate. A bit of jealousy and change of power had her relegated to Miami. She knew she would never leave. She had slept her way to the middle when the winds of change blew. When the winds blew back in her direction there would be someone younger and hungrier ready to move up to the supreme court. In the mean time she settled for fucking the bailiff and using the TSA seizures as her treasure trove.

The lawyer finished up his summary with something else about the TSA abusing power. The respondent lawyer from the DoJ gave his opening which sounded to Aki as nothing more than "Rah Rah terrorists rah rah USA rah rah think of the children."

The union lawyer spoke next and was pretty much the thing except every other sentence was "hard working." She wondered who he thought he was kidding. She was buddies with these TSA guys. They didn't work any more than they had to. Show up late, leave early, always on a coffee break.

The witness for the complainant took the stand and started her testimony. Aki had a good look at her. She was an african american with cocoa colored skin and massive tits and a nice booty. She had seen dozens of women like this in thongs and bandeau tops shaking it in go-go clubs all up and down the strip. Their nipples poking out obscenely their asses jiggling rhythmically to the music. The Hottentot Venus, the mother of the human race that all men wanted to fuck.

"I was on my way from Miami to LA for a gig. I am a singer and I had feature roll in the sound track of an upcoming motion picture. It was a great opportunity for me and then..." she started to break up. Aki rolled her eyes and sighed. She chastised herself silently.

"I was directed into the line for the body scan." Aki nodded. The porn scan. It was a a fully naked picture of whomever in high detail. The only thing missing was the hair. Of course the machines couldn't store pictures unless they were in testing mode, which they always seemed to be. Aki flipped open the folder of the case file and sure enough there were the virtually naked photos of the young lady. Her breasts were not at all padded and were truly massive. In her lesbian days she would have spent the full night sucking on what promised to be large nipples. She looked down and saw a large nice looking clit as well. Aki rubbed her legs together wondering what that clit would feel like rubbing against hers.

"When I went through the body scan they said there was an abnormality and that I needed further screening. I didn't know what to do so I did what they said and they took me into a back room for further screening. A woman came in and said that I was to get undressed for a strip search She gave me a paper gown to put on and a bin to put my clothes in. I undressed and put my clothes in the bin and I put my gown on."

"A voice came from outside to put my clothes out of the room and I did so. I knew it was getting late and that I would miss my plane. I shouted to them that I need to get to my plane. That is when he came in." She pointed to the respondent table and Aki took a look at the guy. He was a weasel. She had seen him before and was actually getting tired of his shit. She knew that one day he was going to cross a line and she would have to come down on him and that would end her trips to the candy store, and might land her on the no fly list. She had a met a judge at a conference that that had happened to. He had been in her position. A guy got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, by a TV station! He had to come down on the guy but the thin gay ass blue line closed ranks and as the story goes that was the last time he flew in a plane. He was stranded in Europe twice and was now on a first name basis with every Amtrak employee on the Acela line.

"I was scared and naked in a thin paper robe that didn't cover my ass." Aki started to think about her ass again and how it must jiggle oh so delightfully when slapped. She planned to pick up one of the go go girls as soon as she could.

"He came in and told me that he could hold me for 24 hours without allowing me to talk to anyone. I would miss my chance at the recording session. I would lose my job. There was a good chance that I would never be hired again. He then said that he could hold the plane, explain to the airline that there had been a mix-up and that I was to fly to LA first class. He then pulled out his dick and told me it wasn't going to suck itself."

"He tore off my gown and started to squeeze my tits. I knew I had no choice so I started to suck his dick. I was so disgusted as a took it into my mouth. I started to suck him off as he was pulling on my nipples. He pulled and twisted so hard. I felt inhuman and degraded as I sucked his dick."

"He came in my mouth and zipped up. When he left he tossed my pants and blouse back in and not my underwear. I had to fly all that way to LA commando. I was so humiliated."

As she talked the TSA agent grew angrier and more purple. He was livid as she walked off the stand.

He took the stand and explained standard procedure and random selection. Aki could feel her eyes glaze over. He insisted that she look at the exhibit for the random selection sheet, a printed paper that came out each day of what passengers were to be selected. Inside the folder she found a note with information the latest TSA seizures. There were pictures of nice jewelry that "must have fallen out of the bag."

"She was randomly chosen for a more thorough search and was taken into a separate room by a female agent and then given a gown. The female agent was getting ready to go back in when the complainant started to scream about missing her plane and us ruining her life. She then tossed her clothes out the door. I went in to try and assuage her as was my job as supervisor and she tore off the gown. She was standing naked in front of me with her hands spreading her pussy. She was fingering herself madly and said that if I could get her a first class ticket to LA she would let me fuck her."

"She then dropped to her knees and pulled out my dick and started to suck on it. I didn't want her to do it. It was wrong. It would be an abuse of power if I had suggested it. I wanted to stop her but I couldn't. She was so incredible the way her tongue worked its way around my my prick, the way she licked my peehole as she sucked the head of my cock. One of her hands reached inside of my pants and she started to finger my asshole."

"I was astonished at how good she was. She could even deep throat me. I had never had a woman do that to me before. She went all the way down on me and then pulled back sucking harder as she went until her lips were wrapped around the head of my cock. Then she flicked the tip with her tongue. I couldn't help myself, I ended up cumming in her mouth. I was so ashamed. She then flashed my seed to me and swallowed it and looked at me and said 'Yum'"

"I just wanted the whole thing to be over. I didn't want my perfect career tarnished by something like this, a randy passenger abusing the system. I had her clothes brought back after they had been searched for contraband. We had found two joints but after her actions I couldn't bring myself to have her arrested. I was too ashamed that that this would come out. As for the missing undergarments, she had none. She had come into the airport without bra or panties on."

Aki looked at the security photo again and could see no evidence of panties and scant evidence of bra. She really could have been going through without undergarments but Aki wondered what woman with breasts like those would walk around without a bra.

Aki took a look at the folder and saw that there was a note indicating security video existed. She stood up and wondered if there was a wet spot on the back of her robe from her soaking pussy.

"We will be taking a brief recess where I will review the video evidence and then render a verdict."

Aki walked over to the elevator and took it down to the basement. She had called down and had the tech ready the tape. He was there waiting for her when she arrived. She recognized him immediately. He was a young man with a bad porn problem. Being in changge of the government surveillance video was letting the fox guard the hen house. She smiled since she knew he was also rather well endowed.

"I have the video cued up if you would like to join me in the editing bay."

Aki took his arm and siddled up next to him and followed him into the editing bay. They sat down on a bench in front of video controls and a large flat panel screen. Her hands went instantly to this thighs and she started to massage his erection through his pants.

The video started out with a split screen of her walking into the scanner. Her naked body was on display on the other half with large breasts and well defined nipples. Her pussy lips and clit were also proudly on display. Without thinking Aki opened the tech's fly and freed his mammoth cock. He was getting off on this. Precum was seeping from the tip as she started to stroke it. There was obviously nothing suspicious about her besides having massive tits and an ass that any many would live to ride.

Next the tech fired up video of her in the interrogation room. Aki raised her robe showing the tech her bare pussy. She lowered herself down on him and loved how his cock filled her. He was breathing heavily now as she was sliding up and down on him. She knew her bony body was no comparison to the fleshy goddess on screen before them and that he was thinking of her as she was fucking him, but that was okay. She got his cock and she didn't.

The young woman on screen undressed as she was directed to and started to cry. Part of the question was answered then. The lady had been wearing a bra but no panties. When she lowered her jeans, the tech focused the image on her shaved pussy. Aki bounced up and down on the tech's massive penis. He fondled her tiny breast through her robe and she sighed.

The TSA agent walked in and started to talk to her. Aki could see the young woman pleading with the man. There was some conversation going on that wasn't recorded and was longer than either version. Aki was guessing how the conversation was going.

"I have to get on that plane"

"I have to make sure you aren't a terrorist. We need to do a thorough investigation"

"But I have a job to do!"

"So do I. I protect the security of America."

"I need to be convinced that you are a patriot."

"What can I do to convince you?"

"True patriots love men in uniforms." He was clearly indicating his crotch.


"Love" He said nodding, and easing his zipper down.

She took the hint and bent down and fished his cock out of his pants. Once again the truth lay somewhere between the stories. He was clearly forcing her but she was taking all of the actions. He knew about the cameras and was using it to his advantage.

He did start to squeeze her tits through the gown but she took it off. When it was off he was certainly aggressive about working her nipples. Aki undid the front of her robe and guided the techs hands to her breasts. She sped up her bouncing and felt the tech cum in her.

"Dammit." She screamed. "You will fucking eat me until I cum." She said pushing the tech down and straddled his face while he happily ate her pussy. She liked this part. She was rubbing her clit as his tongue dug into her pussy. Aki started to cum when she saw something unexpected on the video.

The TSA agent didn't cum in the girls mouth like they both had said. After a minute of enthusiastic sucking the woman started to finger herself. Then she turned around, her ass up and towards the agent. He drove his cock deep into her pussy. He grabbed her hips and was slamming into her for all he was worth. She was biting her lip to keep from screaming out. He was into it as well his hands digging into her round thighs as he pounded into her eventually cumming in her hard. Aki could even see the cum in her pussy on the security camera.

She bent down and kissed the tech on the lips, savoring her taste on him. "Can I take this copy?"

"Sure judge."

"Thanks... for everything."

Aki straightened her robes and went back to her office and called in all the parties.

She turned to the TSA agent, "You are a son of a bitch and a weasel. You will resign immediately." His lawyers and union rep started to argue with her violently. Aki silenced them with a cold glare. She then turned to the young woman.

"You aren't winning either. You are going to drop the complaint and say it never happened and this whole thing will go away."

The lawyers all shut up knowing that this would go down as a win in their books. The other two were still livid about being denied their day in court.

Aki pointed at the agent. "You and your wife, the agent who did the initial search seem to go by the Clinton 'Eating ain't cheating' rules of fidelity. If you don't want the tape to come out, you resign immediately. Call it stress, wanting to spend time with your family, I don't care. You've caused too much shit for my tastes."

She then pointed at the young lady, "You have your secrets too. You don't want your boyfriend... no husband, to know the child you are carrying isn't his."

"When I heard you two testify there were some amazing ways the testimony aligned. It was almost too neat. When watched the video, I wondered why neither of you mentioned the sex, then I realized you both had something to hide. Make this all go away or I will." Aki said and pointed to door.

"Bailiff, I need you to stay a bit." She said as everyone else left.
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