What possible purpose could that serve?
You are talking to your wife in the bedroom one evening as she packs for a business trip.

"So where are you off to?" you ask her.

"District office in Vegas again, as usual," she sighs, putting some toiletries into a bag.

"Who is going?"

"Just my boss and I," she says.

"You and Jim travel together a lot," you say, realizing too late that you sound suspicious just as the words leave your lips.

"Well, yes…" she admits shyly giving you a strange look.

"I don’t mean to suggest…" you stammer.

"Oh, I know, dear. I am sure you and I trust each other after all these years together," she says tightly as she takes out some of her sexy lingerie and packs it in the suitcase.

"You are taking that?" you ask, surprised.

"Um, sure… I always take this sort of thing… Just in case…" she says blushing, as she adds a transparent negligee, stockings, and garters to her suitcase.

"Wait, what?" you ask incredulously. "Just in case of what?" You are embarrassed to be interrogating her like this, and your stomach flips with nervousness, but she rarely wears this sort of thing.

"In case I am feeling, randy." she says softly, tilting her head down bashfully and avoiding your eyes.

"But…" you stammer, nonplussed.

"Are you really going to investigate my choice of sleepwear, dear?" she asks you with an awkward laugh. "That’s not like you…"

"Well of course you are free to wear whatever you like," you say hastily. "I don’t mean to pry into your personal attire." You pause hesitantly, unsure of how to proceed. "It’s just that you usually wear that when you want to… I mean I think of it as being part of our foreplay when you wear those things." You are blushing yourself now, and wish that you just hadn’t seen her pack these sexy garments. This conversation is starting to upset you.

"I know honey but Jim likes it when I wear these things to bed," she says, biting her lip and averting her eyes as she packs a short dress.

You just laugh nervously. "Surely you are joking," you say, your voice cracking with anxiety. “I mean, why would Jim be in your room when you are getting ready for bed?"

Your wife’s pale complexion is flushed, and her cheeks are bright red with chagrin. She continues to avoid your eyes and just looks at the clothes as she packs them. "We generally just get one room when we travel together…" She casts you a furtive glance and cringes when she see the look of astonishment on your face. "Of course, we almost always get separate beds," she adds quickly.

There is a long pause as you try to process this news. Your heart is pounding in your chest and your blood is running cold. "Darling." you say, trying to breathe normally. "Can you stop packing for a moment? I want to make sure I understand what you are saying here." It comes out as a croak.

Your wife stops packing regretfully and stands with her head bowed, nervously plucking at her clothes.

"Are you telling me that you and your boss generally share a room when you travel?" you ask.

"It’s so much cheaper, that way," she says urgently, casting your a desperate look before returning her eyes to the floor.

You take a deep breath. "Ok. That’s reasonable. But what do you mean that you ‘almost always get separate beds’? Are you saying that you sometimes actually… uh, share a bed?"

"You know how these things go, dear," she says, loosening up slightly and trying to smile. “We reserve a room with two double beds, but then there is some mixup at the reservation desk, and all they have is a single king when we arrive. Jim used to offer to take the couch or sleep on the floor, but I couldn’t let him do that…"

"Well, that’s very considerate of you," you say sarcastically.

"Oh, honey," says your wife, putting her hand to her mouth and looking at you beseechingly.

"I’m sorry, dear, but this is really quite… I mean, for a married woman to be sharing a bed…" you are stammering and surprised to find yourself growing aroused at the thought of this. You trail off, trying to suppress the erotic thoughts that are emerging.

"Oh, Jim is married too, of course," says your wife primly. "You know, we have been working together so long and have grown so close over the years, that we never really gave it a second thought," she says haltingly.

"Really?" you ask, amazed that your timid wife is revealing this salacious side of herself. "You know I could almost understand that, but then there is this business with the lingerie," you say. You notice your penis growing slowly engorged as you picture your beautiful wife parading around in lingerie, showing off her gorgeous pale body to another man. You find the idea unaccountably fascinating and struggle to banish the thought from your mind. You gaze at her large full breasts and shapely legs and grow more aroused.

"Yes, well, that’s a bit harder to explain, I admit," she says biting her lip and looking up and to the side. "Jim used to tease me about wearing my normal baggy pajamas."

You know you should be showing a stern face to your wife, but you chuckle in spite of yourself at this. Her favorite pajamas are the opposite of sexy.

She notices your smile and brightens, visibly relieved that you are not angry. "See, you know what he means. So I started wearing sleepwear that is more… flattering? I guess?"

"Darling, I hate to say this, but I can’t help picturing you walking around in that transparent nightgown, showing off all of your… assets… for Jim and then slipping into bed with him…" you are practically gasping for breathe at this point and your cock is stiff and pushing against your pants.

Your wife glances down at the tent you are pitching in your trousers, but doesn’t mention it. "Now, dear, you make it sound so… improper," she says with a crooked smile.

You say nothing, struggling to control your arousal and to come to terms with the very fact that you are aroused at the idea of your wife with another man.

Your wife notices you thinking things over and slowly resumes packing. You notice that she is packing a lot of unusually short skirts and revealing tops.

"I assure you, honey, it’s all perfectly harmless," she says bustling around, arranging her things. "Jim and I are just good friends."

"He’s a good friend who you show your body to," you blurt out excitedly, gripping your cock unconsciously. "As you saunter around the bedroom in that lingerie,your nipples clearly visible through that see-through material. Why you even show him the dark thatch of your public hair," you say holding up a pair of lacey, transparent panties.

She just laughs uneasily and gently takes the panties from you and returns them to the suitcase. "Well I hardly ‘saunter’ around… but yes, he certainly enjoys it when I wear these things." She is blushing again and avoiding your eyes as she zips up her luggage. "To be honest, I enjoy it too. I like the way he… reacts. But, you know, it’s all in good fun, really," she says lamely.

"Oh, yes, great fun, I’m sure," you croak, struggling to control your emotions.

Your wife steels herself and looks you in the eye. "Now darling, I have told you some details about my business trips that I hadn’t revealed before because I felt you should know. I am a good wife and I will respect your wishes regarding this."

"My wishes?" you ask with confusion.

"Do you want me to cancel this trip?" she asks you with a pleading look in her eye. "Do you want me to quit this job?"

"What? No. I mean, I-I know how important this j-job is to you," you stutter.

"So am I allowed to go on this trip?" she asks you hopefully.

"Allowed? Since when do I forbid or allow you anything? We have always been equal partners," you say with trepidation.

"Of course, that is why I love you, but I want to give you veto power here, since these trips might seem… well unseemly when viewed in a certain light," she says scanning your face for a reaction.

"Is it really all or nothing?" you ask uncomfortably. "Can’t you just, I don’t know. Get separate rooms, or at least forgo the lingerie or something?" you ask half-heartedly.

"I could…" she says holding her head stiffly and gazing over your shoulder.

"Oh jeez," you say, putting your hand on your head. You can’t admit to her that you find the whole idea incredibly titillating. You are having a hard time even admitting it to yourself. And your wife seems intent on carrying on this flirtation arouses you further. "I have always trusted you to be loyal to me," you sigh. "I guess you figure that you have been loyal to me so far."

"Why yes of course. I consider myself very loyal," she says looking at you softly.

"You have an interesting definition of loyal," you say tenderly.

"Perhaps…" she says with a wry smile.

"Have a nice trip then," you say with a sheepish grin.

Her face blooms with a beautiful smile and your heart melts slightly as she throws her arms around you and kisses you goodbye.

"Thank you dear. I knew you would understand. Love you, see you next week," she gushes and then rushes out the door to catch her flight.

You return the bedroom and unzip your pants to contemplate what might happen after your wife had gotten Jim’s blood flowing with her sexy outfits and finally crawls into bed next him.

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