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My Incest Memoirs-True Stories Part 4

After high school, I moved to the city, living with my brother, Patrick, and his chubby, cute wife, Marie. They already had a little girl and she was pregnant with another girl (although at that time, there were no accurate ways of determining that… whichever was born, that’s what you got). I had other friends in the city and between all of us, we were able to find parties and… GIRLS.

Within six weeks after graduation, Roger, Bobby and I were all getting pussy from a few cock-loving females. As good as most of it was, I still missed the feeling that incest gives you, so one day, when I caught a glimpse of Marie’s ass while she traveled from the shower to her bedroom, I thought to myself, ‘a sister-in-law is as good as a sister…’ As it turned out, Marie had a similar idea.

Patrick worked too many hours and, since Marie was getting so heavy with child, he only got into her panties about once a week. He was never home in the evenings when I got home from work, but Marie always had supper ready and fed me breakfast in the mornings, while Patrick slept.

One morning my car wouldn’t start, so she offered to take me to work, “He’ll still be sleeping when I get back. That’s all he ever does, now, when he’s at home. I could be stark naked when he opens his eyes and he wouldn’t be interested… Maybe after the baby’s born he’ll want me again.”

I was hoping she heard me when I mumbled, “If you mere naked in front me, I’d damn sure be interested.”

As I drove her car to work, Marie told me the baby was really kicking and asked if I wanted to feel it. I kept my left hand on the wheel and reached toward her belly. She took my hand and placed it right under her ample tits, on the very top of her baby bump. I felt the kicks easily, but she kept moving my hand around. Finally, she rested it right on her swollen nipple. I tried to pull away, but she held my hand firmly and rubbed it back and forth, making that nipple AND my dick to get hard.

“Uh… Marie?”

“Just rub it, please, Donnie. Patrick never messes with them anymore and they’re so sensitive right now.”
I did as she asked… no problem.
When she walked around the car to drive it back home, she handed me my lunch sack and kissed me goodbye, “I’ll have a special dessert this evening, if you want it.”
Fuck yes I wanted it… bad enough to go straight to the restroom and give my balls and prostate some relief.

Not only did she have a friend bring me a new battery, she had fried chicken (my favorite), potatos, gravy, corn on the cob, and cherry pie for supper, “Damn that was a good supper, Marie. If Patrick doesn’t eat the last of it, I’ll pack it in my lunch tomorrow.”

“Glad you like it, Honey. I’ll put Robbie in her playpen and you can have that special dessert, if you want it.”

“Are you sure? Am I going to have sex with a pregnant woman?”

She picked Robbie up and answered, “Yes, Honey, you can fuck me, if you want to.”

“Shit! Why do you keep saying, ‘if I want to’? Damn right I want to. Your room or mine?”

“My room has the bathroom right there. Lock the doors and clear the table, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Five seconds later (which HAD to be record time), the doors were locked, table was cleared and my clothes were strewn from the kitchen, to the back door, to the front door, across the living room to Marie and Patrick’s bedroom. I laid on my back with my cock pointing at the ceiling when she appeared from the bathroom.

I had only seen one other naked, pregnant woman, my oldest sister, Susan. Connie had helped Leo and I had discover a way to set the mirror in our old bathroom so we could peek through one of the windows and see reflections of anybody drying off, after taking a bath. That had been when I was much younger. Now Marie walked slowly to the bed, her eyes on my missile, on the launch pad, ready for ignition.

She was five years older than me but my cock didn’t care. She explained that she’d have to be in control because of everything inside her being full of baby, “I’m pretty sure you’ll like fucking a horny pregnant woman, anyway. Once this baby’s born, I’ll have you and Patrick both. Mmmm I can’t wait.”

She leaned over and managed to wet my dick with saliva, licking and spitting on it. Then, she crawled over my body and sank her swollen, loose pussy onto my meat stick. It was hard for me not to push up into her, seeking depth and tighter muscles. She twisted a little and settled lower, until I was all the way in, “Yeah… I think that’s gonna work. Just let me do the work. If you should pull back too far, you could cause me some pain when you go back in. Mmmm.. Yeah.. that’s it. Oh, yeah, this is exactly what I need..”

Marie was very good at what she was doing to my cock and balls. She rose and settled into a rhythm that held me at the edge for several minutes. I never realized a woman who was eight months pregnant could be so horny, nor did I realize she could still have orgasms at that stage… Boy! Was I wrong. My dick head was moving less than two inches, against her womb, as she rocked on my shaft.

She knew exactly what she was doing and what it took to get her body to the point of orgasm. Ordinarily, I could hold off long enough to let my partner cum first, but Marie had me holding my breath and my eyes rolling back in my head, “Oh, God, Marie.. I can’t hold off any longer.. I’m gonna blow.. oh, oh, ooohhhh SHIT! Ahhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… oooooooo… shhhhhhh.. Mmmmmmm. Oh yeah, that was so fucking goooood.”

She sped up and told me to stay with her, “Just ..a ..little ..bit ..more.. OH YES! HERE IT CUMS! HERE IT CUMS! AHH..AHH..AHH..AHH..AHHHHHHHHHHHHH..AHH..AHH..Ahh..ahh..ahh. Mmmmmmmmmmmm… Oh, Donnie, it was just what I needed. Yeah, just what I needed. The doctor says I can have sex for one more week, then I have to quit until after the baby gets here.”
It was hard for her to roll forward enough to kiss me, but she did, “You’re a good boy, Donnie. You get extra dessert for the next week.”

Sure enough, once Marie’s body got back to where it had been before her babies, Patrick resumed his desire for more sex with her. I did fuck her about a dozen times over the next two years, but when I found the girl who would become my wife, my nuts stayed drained until after we were married and moved to another state. Marie and I slipped away for one last tryst at one of those (always interesting) family reunions.

At the next reunion, she introduced me to my three month old son… but Patrick never knew he was mine.

Watch for My Incest Memoirs-True Stories Part 5

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