At 22yrs old and married, I took advantage of the opportunity to fuck a 12yr old. Yes, it's incest. No it wasn't legal. If you don't want to read about these things, move on to another story.
My Incest Memoirs-True Stories Part 5

My wife’s older sister always wore tight, short shorts and was one of the biggest teases I ever knew. Although I tried to get her to turn loose of some pussy many times, she just never did.

As her daughter (Rene) grew up, she picked up several of her mother’s ways, including flirting with me. I never thought much about it until she was about 12. Her boobs had begun budding and when we were at my in-laws’ lake house, she always wore last year’s bathing suit, which was too little. When a man can see the impression of a girl’s pubic hair, that suit is too tight… but it Goddamn sure looked good.

Every time I’d see her tight little ass wiggling around the house, I would think of Connie, my little sister, who got her cherry busted at the age of eight.

The only thing I could think of was sinking my 22yr old cock into her young cunt, hoping she’d ask for more.

I was keeping an eye on the charcoal grill, behind the house, one day. Rene came running around the corner, soaking wet. She pulled her bathing suit up as far as she could, making a camel toe.
I pointed at it and said, “You better be careful, young lady, someone might want to stick a finger in that crack.”
To my surprise, she walked over and sat on my left leg, the same one that I always ran my dick along when it got hard.

Of course, it made me harder when Rene asked, “Now why would anyone want to stick a finger in me? I mean, really? Just a little ol’ finger?”
With that comment, she began sliding her little ass back and forth on my leg… and my cock.

“You better not do that, young lady, someone might see you and bust your pretty little ass.”

“You think it’s pretty, Uncle Don?”

“I can’t think of a prettier one in this whole family. But if you’re not careful, one of these days, some boy will jerk this bathing suit off and stick something MUCH better than his finger in here.”
To make sure she knew what I was talking about, I placed my hand between her legs and stroked her little cunny with my middle finger. She opened her legs a little wider and leaned against my shoulder.
I took that as a sign to go a little further and used my index finger to pull the thin fabric to the side, exposing her pussy to my touch. Three strokes later, my middle finger was inside her to the second knuckle… I felt no hymen.

“Mmmm… you wanna know a secret?”

“Now Rene, if you tell me, it won’t a secret anymore.”

She whispered to me as I maneuvered the end of my index finger into her slit, beside the other one, “I’ve already been screwed, Uncle Don, eight times. My neighbors screwed me four times, each. I sucked on their dicks, too.”

The width of both knuckles were a little too much for the young hole. When she winced, I pulled the index back out, but managed to shove the other one deeper, “Sorry that hurt, Sugar. Next time we’ll have to use some Vaseline or baby oil so things will fit better. I’m gonna go down on the point and swim after we eat. Ask your folks if you can go, too… you understand?”

Her slim body was working away at my finger and the tiny ass was driving my cock nuts, “Oh, yes, I’ll ask. Are you gonna fuck me? Pleeease?”

I kissed her ear and told her I’d find some baby oil and we’d see what we could do. She sat up, looked all around and squeezed my shaft, thru my shorts. Looking at the swollen member, she smiled and sang, “I’ma gonna suck you.. you’ra gonna fuck me. La la la la la laaaaa.”

Rene’s dad and one of the other kids went to the point with us after supper. As skinny and homely as he looked, it was no wonder that my sister-in-law flirted with other guys. Bill was a nice man and ran a chain of furniture stores. His net worth was a little under two million dollars. After I thought about it, although his wife liked to flirt, she probably wouldn’t cheat on him, for fear of losing her share of the wealth.

Bill yelled at Rene and told her not to swim much longer, then took the other little girl and started back to the house. They weren’t out of sight before Rene had her bathing suit in her hand, waving it in my face, “I’m naked Uncle Don. Can we fuck now?”

As soon as I felt we were safe from being caught, I snatched her suit from her hand and eased my way to the shore, telling her to stay in the water. Leaving my suit on the bank, I retrieved the small Vaseline jar from my towel and gave my cock a liberal coating. I knew water would repel from the oily rod, so I walked back to my target, “You sure you want this? It’s a lot bigger than those neighbor boys and it’ll stretch you out when it slides into your cunt.”

She bounced of the lake bottom and wrapped her skinny little kegs around me, “Yes, do me now. Do me right now before anybody else comes swimming. Stick it in me. Fuck me Uncle Don… now.”

With her body in that position, it was easy to line up my objective. The Vaseline did its job and I entered her 12 year old body on the second push. She gave out a little grunt, twice, and started flexing herself against me. My entire six and a half inches was seated deep inside her as she began to get more excited, “OOOH, Uncle Don! I can’t believe we’re really doing this! Mmmmm you feel, like, soooo good in side me. Ted and Warren never, ever made me this full. God… this feels soooo good.”

“Did you ever cum while one of those boys fucked you?”

“Cum? You mean have an orgasm?”


“No… not that I know of. I don’t really know what one feels like, so I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think so.”

I had my hands under her ass and was giving her full thrusts when I felt my own climax about to hit. It was all I could do, but I managed to pull out as my first shot blasted through the end of my dick. I disregarded her plea to stick it back in her, and pumped the entire load into the lake. I explained that, even though she hadn’t started her periods, there was still a small possibility of getting her pregnant.

“But you owe me, Uncle Don. Let’s get out of the water and I want to suck the next bunch down my throat. I swallowed Warren’s juice once and it tasted kinda good.”

That began my incest with Rene. Her mother found out about Ted and Warren, and Rene was forbidden to play with them anymore. As a precaution, though, she put the girl on birth control pills. I never had to pull out again. She was a brilliant student and graduated high school at sixteen. She went to another state for her college, but even after forty years, if we happen to be together as my wife’s family has some kind of function, we still manage to get away for a little while, for old time’s sake.

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