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A mother reluctantly agrees to let her boyfriend use her daughter
This is a fictional story for adults only and describes sexual activities between an adult male and an underage female. Please do not continue reading if this offends you. This story was written for entertainment only and the author does not condone any illegal activities or abuse of any kind. This is a 3rd attempt at story writing and feedback is welcome.


"That's my girl," Brian said as he stroked Mommy's hair while she sat in his lap. I was relieved they weren't fighting anymore, but I was still confused about what was happening. I was tired, though, so I tiptoed back into my room and crawled into bed. I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly because the next thing I knew, I was being awakened for the second time that night.

This time there wasn't any shouting, though. It was almost completely silent. All I could hear were the crickets outside... and somebody else’s' steady breathing.

Fingertips reached out and ran lightly down my arm. It was Brian. He was sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Brian? What are you doing?" I questioned.

"Shhh, baby. Brian is going to give you a special back rub," I heard Mommy say. I turned in the direction of her voice and saw her sitting at the desk across from the bed. She was just sitting there watching and it made me feel uncomfortable.

"Why? It’s the middle of the night. I don't even need a back rub, Brian."

I shifted in the bed, trying to sit up. Brian pushed on my shoulder and kept me in a laying position.

"Be good, Sarah. Your mother and I want you to lie down on your stomach so I can rub your back now, okay sweetheart? Don't argue."

I felt uneasy, but I was really tired and figured that it would be nice to fall asleep to someone rubbing my back. So I nodded my head and Brian eased up on my shoulder so I could turn over onto my belly. I always slept in a baggy t-shirt and was worried my panties might show, so I pulled the blanket up to my waist.

"Come and sit on the bed, too, Laura," I heard Brian say to Mommy. I heard her stand from her chair and walk slowly over to us, and then I felt her sit next to Brian. Nobody moved for what seemed like a really long time, until all of a sudden I felt the blanket being gently pulled down my waist.

I pushed up on my elbows and looked behind me to see Mommy pulling the blanket down. "Wait, Mommy, no. He'll see my underwear," I whispered.

She placed her hand on my back and pushed me back down onto the bed. "Shh, sweetie. It's okay. He just wants to rub your back. Lay still.”

Then she continued pulling the blanket down until I felt it stop on the back of my knees. I hoped my t-shirt was covering my panties. I was embarrassed because they had the Little Mermaid on them and I didn't want Brian to think I was a little kid. Mommy's panties were all solid colors and lacey. They never had cartoon characters on them.

Then I felt a hand cupping my butt. I jerked up and looked back to see Brian's hand this time. Why was he cupping my butt? He didn't even squeeze. He just held it in his palm. He looked into my eyes before I could protest or ask him what he was doing, and the way he was looking at me scared me.

"Lay. Back. Down." he growled. I did immediately, my stomach in knots.

"Take off her shirt," Brian said to Mommy. I knew better than to argue now, and I think Mommy was kind of scared, too. I felt her fingers on my skin as she grabbed the bottom edges of my shirt and started to pull it up my back. The air felt cold as more of me was exposed. "He just wants to rub your back, sweetie," Mommy whispered in my ear as I lifted off the bed slightly so she could remove the entire shirt.

My chest felt weird when I lay back down on the bed. It was almost like my nipples hurt when they pressed into the bed sheets, but I pressed harder anyway because I liked it. My arms were stretched in front of me and crossed so I could rest my cheek on them. I liked the way the cold air felt on the sides of my breasts. They had just started growing over the last year and I was still getting used to all the extra flesh.

There was no doubt that my Little Mermaid panties were exposed now to Brian's eyes. I wondered what he and Mommy were doing because neither of them was touching me anymore and the room was silent except for heavy breathing.

Then I felt fingertips once again on my hips. They slowly rubbed up and down, over my skin and over my panties. I could tell they were Brian's because they were rough. The bed shifted and I felt weight on my legs. Brian had crawled onto the bed so that his legs were on either side of mine.

He grabbed my butt cheeks with both hands and squeezed roughly. I let out a little squeak, surprised to be touched there. Why would he want to touch my butt? He squeezed them over and over, like he was kneading dough or something. Then he stopped and grabbed the waistband of my panties against my hips. I knew what he was going to do and wanted to protest, but the tone in his voice earlier made me decide otherwise.

He pulled my panties down over my butt cheeks and left them hanging just off my thighs. He squeezed my butt cheeks once more, with his bare hands on my bare skin, then he let go of them and slowly moved his fingers up my back until he reached my neck.

"She's so soft, Laura. Touch her. Rub her back with me," Brian said softly.

I felt Mommy's hand on my shoulder blade. She rubbed gentle circles down my back until she came to my waist, then she stopped.

"Keep touching her, Laura. You know what I want to see."

I felt Mommy's hand moving on my back again. I felt Brian's hand cover hers, and together they rubbed my skin slowly moving towards my butt. I felt Mommy's nails sometimes and it gave me goose bumps. Then I felt her fingers on my butt. Brian was holding her hand so that her middle finger was parallel to my crack, and it tickled when she stroked it. Brian pushed her finger between my cheeks and I heard her moan.

"Yes, baby. Touch her just like that.” and he let go of her hand.

Mommy's fingers were tickling the skin on my butt cheeks while her middle finger nail scratched the crease between them. It came closer and closer to my hole and I secretly wanted her to touch it but I didn't think she would, because that would be so dirty.

Brian's hands were on my back again and he was squeezing the flesh hard. He ran his fingertips through my hair, pushing it off my neck, and then grabbed my neck firmly, massaging it. His other hand clenched my hip and then began to travel up the side of my body. It made me shiver and I knew he was getting closer and closer to my breast.

Finally, his hand wrapped around my breast. He pushed his fingers between the sheet and my body so that they could touch my nipple, which he then pinched. I jerked, which caused Mommy's finger nail to push forward right into my hole. I cried out, which made Brian squeeze my nipple harder.

His other hand released my neck and immediately grabbed for my other breast, quickly pinching that nipple. No one had ever touched my breasts before and I felt like I might pee. A few tears started rolling from my eyes as I wiggled around on the bed. Brian pressed his body into me forcefully, and then started rocking against me.

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