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A mother reluctantly agrees to let her boyfriend use her daughter
This is a fictional story for adults only and describes sexual activities between an adult male and an underage female. Please do not continue reading if this offends you. This story was written for entertainment only and the author does not condone any illegal activities or abuse of any kind. This is a 3rd attempt at story writing and feedback is welcome.


"I want to see her," Brian said.

Brian was still pinching my nipples and I was making tiny grunting noises as he rocked me on the bed. Mommy's fingernail was still tickling my butt crack and I didn't understand the feelings I was having.

Mommy stopped touching me then and Brian got off me. I was startled by the sudden loss of physical stimulation and I laid there in shock. Before I knew what was happening, Mommy was gently rolling me over onto my back. My panties still hung at the top of my thighs, so all my privates were exposed. I shivered in the cold air and at the sudden exposure. No one had seen my body since I started puberty and I was embarrassed. Before I could react, Mommy pulled my panties the rest of the way off my legs.

Brian groaned as he stood at the foot of the bed, looking me up and down. I drew my knees up trying to shield my vagina from sight, but I'm sure he could still see it peeking out from between my legs.

"Spread her legs for me," Brian told Mommy. She was breathing really heavy and quickly got down on her knees next to the bed, taking one of my ankles into each of her hands.

"Sarah, I need you to be a good girl now. Do whatever Brian tells you to do and Mommy will get you a tv, okay? I know you have wanted your own tv for a long time, and if you are a very good girl then I know you will be responsible enough to have one in your room. Okay, honey? Will you be a good girl?"

I had wanted a tv for so long but Mommy always said I was too young. My eyes opened wide and I smiled from ear to ear. "I promise I'll be good, Mommy!" After all, Mommy and Brian aren't really doing anything wrong. It doesn't hurt. It kinda feels good, even.

Then Mommy pulled my ankles apart. Wide apart. I kept thinking she would stop, but she just stretched them as far as they would go. She crawled into bed and sat so my head was in her lap and my legs were being pulled back towards my head, with my knees bent. I must have looked really weird. Brian would be able to see my vagina and my butt.

"Move her legs out of the way, I want to see her little nipples," Brian told Mommy. So she spread my legs even farther. Brian just stood at the edge of the bed looking at my body for a long time. I felt really uncomfortable.

Finally Brian crawled onto the bed and put his face really close to my vagina. He sniffed it like food or something and I felt embarrassed, but he just groaned loudly and sniffed again for longer. He looked at Mommy like I wasn't even there and said, "I need this."

His finger reached out towards my vagina and I felt it gently make contact. I jumped a little; it felt like an electric jolt. He brought his finger to his mouth and licked it dramatically, then placed it on the slit of my vagina, tracing it down to my butt. It tickled and made my stomach feel warm.

"I love the way her little lips stay together even when she's spread wide. Only little girls have pussies like this. Look at it, Laura. See how smooth it is? Not a single hair, just velvet pink skin. A grown man can't be expected to resist a tiny little pussy like this, can he? Tell me you want to see me touch it, Laura."

I looked backwards towards Mommy and was surprised. She looked like she was almost asleep and there was a little drool leaking out the side of her lips. She was staring right at my vagina.

"I want you to touch her baby pussy, Brian. Let me watch you touch her. Please. Touch her little pussy." Mommy said.

"You want me to touch your daughter's pussy? You want your own adult lover to touch your young daughter's tiny pussy? Put my big, grown up fingers into her tight baby slit?"

Mommy moaned and eased back against the pillows. "I want you to spread her little pussy lips and rub her tiny clit. I want to watch your huge fingertip go into her pink virgin hole. Do it to her, Brian. She's my baby girl and I'm giving her to you."

Suddenly Brian stopped stroking my slit and fell over me onto his hands and knees. He roughly grabbed the hair on the back of Mommy's head and pulled her to him for a deep, sloppy kiss. Their mouths were right above my face and I could see their wet tongues swirling and licking at each other.

Then he stopped kissing Mommy and immediately rammed his tongue into my mouth. I've never kissed before but I tried to do what I saw them doing. I poked my tiny tongue out of my mouth and darted it across his lips, letting our tongue tips touch lightly before he pressed his whole tongue into my mouth. It felt so big in there and wet. He licked at my tongue and my teeth and sucked on my lips. I felt his hand return to my vagina, but this time he cupped it. He squeezed gently over and over, almost like a pulse, all the while kissing me.

Mommy took my hands and put them over my ankles where hers had been. She showed me how to hold them wide open the way Brian wanted. Then she placed her hands over my breasts. Her fingers slowly closed around my nipples until I felt her fingernails pinching them. I tried to cry out but Brian's mouth blocked my whimpers.

Finally his mouth broke away from mine and he groaned loudly. "Oh Laura, feel this little pussy. It is just the softest thing I've ever felt. Mommy let go of my right breast and moved her hand down my stomach and right over Brian's. He let go of my pussy and put his hand over hers, encouraging her to do what he'd been doing.

It felt different. Mommy's hand was softer, but her nails felt hard and cold. I liked Brian's hand better. I felt one of her nails ease between my lips and it kind of hurt the way it slid over my skin. I wiggled as Brian kissed his way from my nipples, down to my stomach, and down to Mommy's hand.

"Tell me what to do now, Laura. What do you want to see me do to your daughter?" His voice was deep and breathy. I was excited. What was he going to do next? I knew that men and women had sex, but to be honest, I didn't know exactly how it worked. Just that they would get naked and rub against each other. I knew there was more to it, though.

Mommy used two fingers to spread my lips apart. I felt cold air directly on my vagina and I shivered. "I want to see you lick her bald little pussy. I want to watch your tongue rolling up and down that tiny slit, parting her pink lips until you find her button. I want to see you suck it into your mouth. I want to see how excited it makes you to taste her baby cunt. I want to see your tongue probing her, making her shake and quiver, licking her virgin juices. I want you to stab her virgin hole with your tongue and taste her innocence. I want to watch you lick my little daughter's pussy, Brian."

"Oh God, Laura." Brian said before he buried his face between my legs. I felt his beard and it was rough against my soft skin. Mommy grabbed Brian's hair and pushed him against me harder. His lips were wet and they were kissing my vagina. He was just planting kiss after kiss up and down my slit, not parting the lips.

"I'm going to lick your little daughter, Laura," I heard him say, muffled. "It tastes so good, Laura. She's just a little girl. She's so little. Uhmmm I'm going to put my tongue between her little lips. She's just your baby girl and I'm going to lick her for you."

Then my whole body shook and I practically bounced off the bed. I felt Brian's tongue go between my lips. He groaned loudly then grabbed my thighs and pressed them hard against the bed, spreading me like a diamond. I didn't know what to do with my hands now that they weren't holding my ankles anymore, so I put them in Brian's hair. I felt Mommy's hands over mine and they were soft.

Brian's tongue continued to stroke up and down my slit. I withered in pleasure, tiny grunts and squeaks escaping my lips every few seconds.

"Does that feel good, baby? Do you like Brian kissing your little pussy, honey? You're being such a good girl. Mommy is so proud of you. Be good for Brian and let him kiss your pussy, honey. He needs your little girl juices, just enjoy his kisses." Mommy told me. Sometimes she would pinch my nipples.

My head was spinning and I thought I might throw up. I just had to close my eyes and try to relax. "Mommy, I'm sorry Mommy. I have to pee really bad. Please can I go pee?" I felt tears trickling down my cheeks, but not because anything hurt or I was sad. I didn't understand why. Everything felt funny. I thought I would explode.

"No sweetie, we can't stop. You're not going to pee, it just feels that way. It's supposed to feel that way. You just relax and let it happen, and it will feel so good. Just let it happen honey. Brian can't stop licking your little pussy, it tastes too good."

Brian was holding onto my thighs so tightly that it hurt. I don't understand what he was doing, but it just felt so good. His tongue felt so big and wet. It felt hard and soft at the same time and I just wanted to feel it all over my little vagina. He was making slurping sounds like he wanted to suck everything out of it.

Mommy could see what Brian was doing and started describing it to me. "Feel that, baby? That's called your clit. Brian is sucking your baby clit right now. I bet he's licking it with the tip of his tongue inside his mouth while he sucks on it. It's such a little clit, baby. He just wants to give it kisses. Your tiny little pussy feels so good on his lips and tongue. A grown man can't resist a bald little pink pussy like yours. Do you like Brian's kisses on your little pussy, baby?"

"Yes, Mommy," I sighed, still bouncing lightly on the bed.

"Put your tongue inside of her, Brian. I want to see you penetrate my baby girl. Make your tongue hard and force it as deep as it will go. Push into that tiny little virgin hole and taste her for me. I want to watch your tongue fuck my daughter."

The word fuck scared me. People always said it like they were angry, like it was bad. Brian leaned back from my spread legs. The expression on his face was strange. It looked ecstatically happy, but also somewhat possessed and dangerous. His beard was slick and shiny. He looked right into my eyes.

"Sarah, I want you to call me Daddy. Will you do that? Call me Daddy right now."

"Daddy?" I said questioningly. I didn't really know what else to say.

"Tell Daddy you want him to put his tongue inside you, Sarah," Mommy told me. She said it firmly. I knew not to argue even though I was scared.

"I want you to put your tongue inside me, Daddy."

Brian kissed Mommy again. Their tongues swirled around for a long time. "Taste her, Laura? Can you taste your daughter's juices on my lips? On my tongue? Do you like tasting your daughter on my tongue, Laura? Do you want me to penetrate your daughter with my tongue? Like a Daddy should?"

I heard Mommy shudder, then she nodded her head yes. "I can taste her and it's delicious. I want to watch you bury your tongue in her tight slit. I want to see your tongue inside of my daughter. I want you to be her Daddy."

Brian went back to between my legs and spread them wide again. His finger probed up and down the slit and then spread my lips open wide. It kind of hurt and I felt weird. His finger touched a spot between the lips that made me jerk, and it wasn't my clit like Mommy was talking about before. It was a different spot.

"Oh, you like that don't you little one. You want Daddy to put his tongue there. Tell Daddy to put his tongue there," Brian whispered.

"Please Daddy, put your tongue there," I said. And I meant it. I knew how good his tongue felt on other places, so I knew this was going to feel really good.

"Put it where, baby?" he responded.

"Put it inside of me, Daddy. I want you to put your tongue inside of me."

And he did. He jammed his tongue straight into my hole and my whole world exploded.

I started bouncing up and down on the bed furiously. Brian.. I mean Daddy held me down by my legs and kept thrusting his tongue in and out of the hole. It felt so wet and thick and ohhh soo good. Mommy leaned over me and started kissing my lips. I felt her tongue go into my mouth and I wanted to kiss her back, but my body was on fire and I'd lost control. I felt Daddy's whole face pressed hard against my pussy lips. His beard hurt, but I didn't mind the pain because of how good his tongue felt. Why would it feel so good? Why would he even want to do that to me?

It really did feel like I was peeing, but I didn't. There was a lot of wetness, but it wasn't anything like pee. It was kind of sticky and weird. Daddy sucked it all off, though, once he finally stopped "fucking me with his tongue". I didn't really want him to stop. I felt like I could lay there for hours, just feeling his tongue going in and out of me. I would let anyone do that to me, even Mommy.

When Brian finally finished licking me clean, he sat on the edge of the bed. "Nothing compares to little girl pussy, Laura. Tell me what I'm going to do next. Tell me you want me to do it. Tell me it's only natural. Tell me I'm her Daddy and you need me to take care of her. Tell me what I want to hear you say, Laura."

Mommy was quiet for a minute and I could just hear her breathing really heavy.

Brian started to stand up and said, "Ok Laura, I'll leave if that's what you want. If you don't want me to take care of you two the way I see fit, then I need to continue on my journey."

I quickly sat up and started shaking my head. "NO! Mommy please, don't make Brian leave. I don't want him to leave." I was crying now and Brian was edging towards the door.

"It's up to you, Laura."

I was sobbing, begging Mommy with my eyes to say whatever it was that Daddy wanted to hear. I didn't understand why she wasn't saying anything. What was wrong with her! Say something! "Please, Mommy! I want him to stay! Pleasssseee!"

"Fine!" She shouted. I immediately settled down and tried to stop sniffling. Brian walked back towards us and sat on the bed.

"Tell me, Laura." Brian said as he stroked my cheeks.

I saw a few tears rolling from Mommy eyes before she responded, "I want you to fuck my daughter. I want to watch you put your hard cock into her immature little pussy hole. I want you to tear her little cherry while I hold her down for you. I want to watch you stretch her bald little pussy with your huge adult penis the way a Daddy should. Please, Brian, put your cock into my baby girl's hole. I need to watch you fuck my daughter."


Thanks for reading! :) The story can be finished if anyone enjoys the first few chapters.

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