***** Chapter 7 *****

The shower felt great. I luxuriated in the hot spray while I soaped up and rinsed off. I thought about Traci’s suggestion when I washed my pubic area. Maybe I wouldn’t break out in a rash, after all my face had been exposed to the weather and my tender pubic skin certainly wouldn’t be. And if I applied some baby oil or moisturizer that would probably keep the skin soft and stop it from drying out. I guess the final factor that made me decide to do it was that it would please Traci, and the thought of my bare skin sliding against her soft pussy as we fucked was pretty erotic. I got out of the shower and dried off, making a mental note to pick up some baby oil on the way home from work the next afternoon.

It felt wonderful when I crawled in between the cool sheets. I couldn’t help but think that this was the same bed where I had just spent an evening fucking my 13 year old daughter and eating her pussy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have any regrets at all – any regrets I might have had went spurting out of my cock when I blasted my first load of cum down Traci’s throat on the sofa.

I had enjoyed every minute of it, as I’m sure she did too, and looked forward to the next time I could get my little sex kitten in the rack. I hadn’t felt this relaxed and at ease since Laureen had moved out of our bed and denied me access to her cunt. I wondered if there was some way I could have Traci begin sleeping with me without Laureen noticing, but dismissed that thought as a dream. Oh, well, we would just have to make the best of it and limit ourselves to the opportunities as they arose, and believe me I was going to take advantage of every opportunity I could. A constant stream of thoughts of Traci and images of her nubile body raced through my mind as I drifted of to sleep.

It seemed like I had only been asleep a few minutes when I was awakened by the phone. The caller ID showed it was my sister Jen and the only reason I could figure she would be calling me at this hour is if there was some kind of trouble. We had always been very close – no, not that close - and had turned to each other many times to share our problems and seek advice, so I figured there must be something wrong for her to call me this late.

Jen was divorced and lived across town in a home she got in her divorce settlement. As close as we were Jen had never fully told me the entire facts of her divorce, other than her and Larry, her ex, had ‘become incompatible’. She was trying to raise her daughter Alexis, who was just about a year older than Traci, by herself and sometimes called me when she wanted some advice or simply a different point of view. Lexi was a pretty decent kid and didn’t cause Jen any real trouble, but without a mate Jen really didn’t have anyone to talk things over with so she would call me.

“Hey, Jen,” I answered, “what’s up?”

“Hi, Tim. That’s just what I was going to ask you. Laureen’s here and asked me if she could stay with me a couple of days, she said she didn’t want to go home. She seemed a bit drunk and pretty upset so I thought it might be best to keep her here for the night. She’s passed out in my spare room right now. So right back at ya’ brother, what’s up?”

“Oh shit! I don’t know, Jen. Things around here have been pretty routine and she hasn’t been acting any different than normal. But you know how she rarely discusses things with me any more so I have no idea what’s rolling around in that head of hers. ”

“Yeah, I know. Well, listen, I know it’s late and I don’t want to keep you up so I’ll let you get back to sleep. I just wanted to let you know Laureen was going to be staying with me tonight so that you wouldn’t worry. I’ll call you tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to talk to her.”

“Okay. Thanks, Jen, I appreciate the call. Talk to ya’ later.”

“Awright, goodnight.” Click.

I was awake now and laid there trying to figure out what was going on with Laureen. Had she seen Traci and me in the living room earlier? Did she happen to walk past my room when we were fucking? Or was she just off on another one of her mental journeys? I guess I’d find out the next day after Jen had a chance to talk to her.

“Who was on the phone, Daddy?” It was Traci standing in my bedroom doorway.

“Hi, Trace. That was your Aunt Jennie. Mom’s kind of upset about something and had a few drinks and is going to stay with her tonight. Before you ask, Aunt Jennie doesn’t know any more than that. She’s going to call me tomorrow when she finds out more.”

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m kind of glad too.”


“Uh huh. I love you very much Daddy. And after all we did today I was lonely in bed by myself and was trying to think of some way I could sleep with you tonight. And since Mom’s not gonna be home tonight….”

Traci had been simply standing in the doorway when she came to my room but as we talked I saw her demeanor change, especially when she had heard about Laureen being gone for the night. She had leaned her shoulder against the door jamb and pivoted about a quarter turn so that she was standing almost in profile. I could clearly see her small tits as the light shining from the hallway made her skimpy nightgown almost transparent. She raised her right hand and started fondling her breast and reached down with her left hand to rub her pussy through her pajama bottoms, giving me an alluring ‘come-hither’ look as she caressed those spots I had come to love.

“Well, Daddy……?”

I had rolled over onto my side and bent my arm to prop my head against my hand to watch her little show. Of course she could, it was almost as if she was damn near reading my earlier thoughts. I didn’t really now if I was up to another fuck session or sex lesson that night, after all it was late and I should go to work in the morning, but it would be nice to have her warm, lithe body next to mine overnight. I didn’t say a word, I just smiled at her and patted the mattress next to me.

She smiled back and I knew she had more in mind than a good nights sleep as she slowly glided towards me. She had sensually slipped off her pajamas and arrived at my bed totally naked, her little nipples budded-up and the ‘vee’ of her cunt sparkling with pussy juice. She stood next to the bed briefly then suddenly dropped down out of sight. “What the fuck is she up to now?” I thought.

I quickly found out when I saw the bed covers start to move and a form crawling beneath them. She crawled down to my feet then turned and snaked her way up my body slowly, stopping to give my hardening dick a wet kiss then continuing to lick her way up until her head poked out of the covers. She had straddled me and dragged her moist pussy along my left leg and thigh as she inched up my body and the fragrance of her stimulation wafted out from under the covers with her head.

“Hi mister,” she purred, “do you think you can keep this lonely little girl occupied and warm tonight?” She scooted up until our faces were in line, placed her lips on mine and nudged her tongue between my lips and into my mouth for a passionate kiss. When she stopped scooting, her thighs were spread wide over my upper thigh and I could feel the heat and wetness from her inner pussy lips coating my thigh as she began fucking herself against me. I felt her passion increase as her kissing became more intense and she ground her hard tittie points into my chest.

While we kissed I had wrapped both of my arms around Traci’s back to hold her tight and to intensify the sensation of her breast nubs mashed against me. I could tell that her passion was on the rise when I felt and heard her moaning as our lips and tongues slithered over each others face. Unexpectedly she removed her mouth and pushed herself upwards off of me by about a foot.

She moved herself forward and downward and my mouth was suddenly filled with her soft right breast. “My tits, Daddy, my tits,” she groaned. “Suck on them. Bite my nipples.”

Her entire bud fit into my mouth and I alternated flicking my tongue over her nipple as I nipped at the hard pea shaped nub on the tip of her teen age breast. I slurped and slobbered at the tender little morsel she fed me as she pressed her body against my face and grabbed the back of my head to pull it tighter against her tiny bosom.

My dick was totally hard now and sticking up behind her ass, and as she slid backward in her humping motions it slipped into the valley between her cheeks. When she had raised up I moved my hands down to her ass and clenched her soft globes. I rubbed and squeezed them and reached in between us to grab my dick to hold it steady so that I could rub it along her entire slit to coat it with her lubrication as she humped back and forth. I wanted to stick my cock back into her hot young body but didn’t want to cum inside of her pussy this time, I wanted to shoot my next load up her virgin asshole.

“Oh, yes Daddy, that’s it! Yesss! Rub your dick on my pussy. I want it in me. Fuck me, Daddy, please. Fuck me with your big fat cock!”

When Traci felt my cock sliding along her cunt lips she sat bolt upright and jammed her pussy down over my shaft with such force that she puffed all the air out of her lungs with a muttered “Ummphh.”

As eager as I was to cornhole her, I couldn’t resist her pulsating vagina and worked my throbbing meat in and out of her slippery pussy as she pumped against me, meeting my hard thrusts stroke for stoke. Traci had become a total victim of her lust and desires, her vaginal muscles contracting and clutching at me as she pounded herself up and down on my shaft and rode my dick toward her orgasm.

“More, I want more. Fuck me deeper, Daddy. I want to feel your whole cock up inside of me.”

I wish I would have had more to give her but she was already pounding herself down to my root. I could feel my balls start to tingle and swell as I built towards my own climax and tried to de-focus from the ripples of pleasure being sent from my dick to my brain to delay my orgasm until I replanted myself in Traci’s butt.

I had had my hands on her waist while she fucked me and was about to lift her up and reach down to move my dick from her pussy to her ass when I felt her begin to tremble and she fell face forward onto my chest, pinning me to the bed. She wrapped her arms around me and held on tightly as she continued to pump her pussy and grind her clit against my dick, releasing her flood of cunt juice down my shaft and onto my thighs.

My mental exercise worked and I was able to delay my orgasm and stay hard and inside of Traci’s fuck hole, but my dick didn’t have the intense throbbing hardness it had a couple of minutes before. I put my arms around her and cradled her to my chest, giving her a fatherly hug as she gave a final hump and settled her pussy down to nestle around my prick while the final waves of her orgasm coursed through her.

“Oh, Daddy, I just love fucking you,” she sighed as she calmed down. “I really liked being on top this time, your cock seemed to reach so far up inside of me. But I didn’t feel you cum. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, honey,” I kind of lied. It was real sweet to hear her concern but I wasn’t too sure how she would feel about what I really had in mind for her next. Even though she had seemed to enjoy the feeling of my finger in her ass earlier, I didn’t know what she would think of the idea of having her tiny little asshole battered by my swollen prick.

I slowly withdrew my cock from her wet hole and started rubbing the head from her pussy to her asshole, dragging the lubricant down over the fleshy bridge separating her two holes and smearing it in the opening of her anal passage.

‘Stop teasing me, Daddy.” Traci began rotating her hips. “Are you going to fuck me again so you can come?”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. Without saying a word I guided my prick to the entrance and started to push in.

“Oh yeah, Dad, oh yeah. Stick your dick up my butt,” she huffed.

With my knob now lodged at the entry to her backdoor and both hands free, I spread her small cheeks apart to open her hole as much as possible to make it easier for me to slip up her chute. But it was tight and I couldn’t seem to get started.

“Relax your asshole, Trace.”

“Uh huh.”

I clutched her hips firmly as I started to jam my dick up her asshole and was determined not to stop until I had burst through. Encouraged by my efforts she hunched her butt backward to meet my pushing and I felt my cock slip past the muscle of her ring and into the beginning of her channel.

After sliding inside a bit I started backing out and slowly forcing my way in a bit further with each forward stroke. Her tube was so tight fitting that I could feel the membranes that line the walls of her channel clenching my cock as I the continued to drive it in further.

“Unnggh!” Traci grunted as she felt me shove my engorged dick into her rectal tunnel. “Fuck my asshole, Daddy. Stick your dick up my butt.”

I raised my legs so that they were bent at the knee to give me more leverage while I plowed into her. Traci had placed her hands on my chest and pushed herself upright, lightly resting her hands on my stomach as she rode up and down on me.

“I love this,” she moaned, “oh God, I love this.”

The sensations of Traci’s asshole on my dick were indescribable. The muscles of her anal passage tightened and released their hold on my prick as her tunnel expanded to accept the girth of my invading cock. Laureen and I use to have anal sex frequently but I simply could not remember it being as good as it was with Traci, maybe it was just that I had become used to Laureen’s asshole and I now had my dick buried up the virgin backside of my 13 year old daughter.

Traci had lifted her hands from my stomach and had leaned back against my legs to support herself. Her head was thrown back and she used one hand to mold her breasts and pinch her hard little nipples, while jamming two fingers of her other hand in and out of her sloppy, spread open cunt. She was panting heavily and facial features were twisted into a picture of pure passion, and our eyes locked momentarily.

“Do you like this, Daddy?” she rasped. “Do you like watching your little girl.....playing with her pussy....while you fuck her tight little asshole?”

It was absolutely the most erotic sight I had ever seen and intensified my arousal and desire to pound her ass until I blasted my spunk up her little shit hole. I grabbed her and pulled her off my dick, shifting us around into the classic doggy-style position. I might have been a bit rougher than I intended and she gasped and looked back up at me when I forced her head and shoulders onto the bed. But she seemed to understand quickly when I lifted her ass up, kneeled behind her and spread her cheeks apart.

She wriggled her butt at me and cried “Yeah, Daddy, yeah. Shove your big dick back into my asshole. Fuck my shitter!”

I grabbed my dick in my hand, steered it toward her gaping pinkish hole and thrust forward; grasping her hips in my hands I rammed in and out of her without mercy. “Take that you fucking little slut! You like it don’t ya’? Huh? Tell me how much you like having your little asshole reamed by your Daddy’s big dick!”

She exhaled a loud “Nrrgghh” and shoved her ass backward hard to force me into her hole.

“Yeah! I thought so,” I growled. I bent forward, wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her forcefully against me, shoving my dick in so hard my balls slapped against the bottom of her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass! Take meee..!” she cried and raised her head and shoulders. She grabbed the back of the headboard with her left hand and stretched her right hand back underneath her to rub her pussy and fondle my balls while we pounded together in an ass fucking frenzy.

“Now, Daddeee, nowww!!!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Give me you cum!!!”

I didn’t need any encouragement and exploded in an almost overpowering orgasm, flooding her bowels with the load I had been withholding. I continued to pump her ass as I filled her and within seconds her once close-fitting ass tube had turned into a slippery sluice.

I slowly released her waist from my arms and gently lowered her to the bed. I was surprised when I looked down as my cock slipped out; her once tight pinkish little anus was an open, gaping hole, leaking a small trickle of cum that oozed down towards her pussy.

Lying down next to her I pulled her to me and kissed her forehead. “I’m sorry if I got a bit rough with you, honey, but I got a little carried away. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

She raised her head to look at me and brushed her hair away from her face. “I’m fine, Daddy,” she smiled. “I kinda’ liked it. I really don’t think I’d like it like that all of the time, but I sure was different than the nice gentle fucking we’ve been doing. And I really liked your dick in my ass, so any time you wanna do it again I really wouldn’t mind as look as you do it nice.”

I was falling deeper and deeper in love with my little girl, not like a father and daughter but more like lovers, and told her so as I pulled her head down for a kiss.

“Me too, Daddy. I love you very, very much.”

I pulled the covers over us and we were soon asleep.

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