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Who does not like games for the head?
This is my first attempt at story telling of any kind. I have been reading this forum for the last few months, so if some of the adjectives sound familiar, thank you in advance for adding to my vocabulary. I hope you all like.

Head Games

It was very late one night when I was returning home from my bartending job in the city. I was taking the last train out on the Metro and to say that it was deserted would have been an understatement. There were only a handful of people on the train and everyone was bundled up to protect themselves from the cold night air. I could not wait to get back to my small warm apartment and release my feet from the shoes that had been cramping them for the last 12 hours.

When the train slowed for the next stop, a beautiful redhead with green eyes boarded. She, like everyone else, was wearing a heavy jacket and scarf, so I could not check out her body. She was about five feet tall and had a glow to her, man, I could not take my eyes off of her. Unfortunately, she never looked my way and the next stop was my exit. I was sad as I walked from the train to my living quarters, such a beauty, and all I did was gawk at her, what a loser I am. Sleep was a long time coming that night.

The next night I was back at the bar slinging drinks as usual. It was a little after nine pm and the bar was steady but not real busy. In other words, busy enough to get the redhead off of my mind for bit. I was in the well making a drink for Lynn, a pretty little blonde who is a cocktail waitress for the tables located around the bar, teasing her about how she was taking me away from my bar patrons, again. Lynn was on the short side as well with pretty blue eyes and a real flirty attitude. She also had nice size perky tits that were barely covered in her low cut uniform which was only topped off by her mini, mini skirt( it helped with the tips).

“Well”, Lynn smiled,”What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here, get on her knees.”

Smiling back at her, I said,”You say the sweetest things, especially when I’ve got something you need”, pouring her two glasses of wine.

“Well I’ll just take the wine for now, looks like you have someone else to take care of now”, she nodded toward the far end of the bar. Lynn left with her drinks as I turned to take care of my new customer that had just sat down.

“ Hi, I am Sean and I will be taking care of you this evening.” The lady slowly turned toward me and gave me a slight smile, as I almost crapped my pants, it was the redhead from the night before.

“Hello, Sean is it, What kind of specials do you have tonight?”

“Well,” I stammered, “We uuh, have Bloody Marys for uuh $3.50 and um small drafts for $2.00.”

Damn it, I was making a fool out of myself. She looked up from the drinks menu, with a twinkle in her eye said, “I was really looking forward to having a Blowjob.”

I stood there with my mouth open as she said,”you know, the drink? But the night is young, so just give me one of those Bloody Marys.”

“Yes Ma’m,” I stammered. Who the fuck was I calling Ma’m, she had to be in her early 20’s, at least ten years my junior. As I made her drink, I kept taking deep breaths to get some of my composure back. I kept telling myself to be cool as I approached with her drink, “One Bloody Mary as advertised. Would you like to start a tab, or is this one n done?”

She glanced up from her cell phone and said, “I’m not sure yet, but one n done doesn’t sound like any fun, but let me keep my options open for now.” She stood and asked, “ Can you point the way to the ladies room, I need to freshen up a bit.”

I told her it was down the hall on the right, second door on the left. She turned and walked off giving me a chance to drool over her body. She had a loose green blouse on (that matched her eyes) that came to a V in the front, not showing her big firm boobs, which jiggle enough to keep it interesting. She also wore tight black jeans that showed off her perfect ass. Lord, this woman was hot.

I was working the far end bar when she returned, refilling drinks and joking with bar guest as I worked my down to her end of the bar. As I approached, she was talking in a low voice on her cell phone and shaking her head. Just as I arrived she hung up and I asked, ”So, what will it be, Ma’m?”

She looked up at me with a stern look and told me, “I’m sorry, I need my check, I have to go.” I told her the total would be $3.85 and she handed me a ten and told me to keep the change. As she turned to leave, she leaned over and whispered, “If you ever call me Ma’m again, I’m going to slap the shit out of you, Old Man.” For the second time that night, I just stood there dumbfounded.

The next day I was off from work so I took the Metro into town to do some much needed shopping and run a few other errands. As the day grew on I was really getting hungry since my last meal was breakfast, eleven hours ago. I headed over to Bailey’s Irish Pub for some good old beer as well as some fish and chips. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer from Mike, an old friend of mine. We chatted about the old days as I ate and drank. I drank enough to numb the cold air outside and asked Mike for my check. When he brought it over I asked him, only slurring a little, I think, “Why do the stinking British call a fucking french fry a fuckin chip, anyway”?

Mike patted me on the shoulder and asked if I was ok and did I need a ride home or anything. I told him I was fine, that I did not drive, all I had to do was take the Metro home. I payed my bill and left after assuring Mike I would call him if I ran into any trouble, fortunately I did not.

I made it on to the train just fine and sat near the door in case I needed a quick exit. As I neared my house the train stopped, and you guessed it, that redheaded entered the train. This time she stared right at me with that sly smile and asked, “looks like you have sampling your own poison.”

I smiled back, “You got me, busted.”

We chatted for a couple of minutes about the weather and other small talk when my stop came up. As I stood, I stumbled a bit and she reached out and grabbed my arm and asked,” you gonna be ok.” I told her I was fine, just stood up a little too soon.

“Well, let me help you to your door,” she frowned, “if you pass out before you get home you will freeze to death.”

“Yes, Ma’m, whatever you say.” She steadied me as we walked out, with a glint in her heye told me, “You do remember what I said I would do if you called me Ma’m again right”?

“What,” I mumbled, I think. To be honest I don’t remember what happened the rest of that night.

I awoke the next day with a burning stinging feel on my left cheek. I opened my eyes to see the beautiful redhead straddling me on my bed, I was completely naked and tied up with my hands to the headboard, she was clothed in a black mini skirt, black stockings, and a loose fitting white sweater. “I told you the next time you called me Ma’m I was going to smack the shit out of you,” smiling at me. She slapped me again, hard across my face, “There, now we are even.”

“But,” I stammered, still in shock of what was going on, “At work I call everyone Ma’m, I did not mean any offense to you, I swear.”

She followed by smacking four more times, left handed and right handed, back and forth. “You said Ma’m again, will you not learn,” she hissed, “ and what is this growing beneath me, do you like being smacked around, by a girl?”, she mused.

I hate to admit it, she was turning me on, but it really wasn’t the slapping that was doing it, it was her sexy teasing voice more than anything, and her lips. I guess I really never noticed because I had never been this close to her before. Her lips were perfect, puffy but not fat and oh so moist looking. I was wondering what it would feel like to kiss this beautiful creature.

She leaned down with our noses almost touching, staring into my eyes for a few moments, I thought I was about to get that kiss and my dick throbbed up into her leg. She leaned further forward and whispered in my ear,” What do you think I was going to do, kiss you”?

Again my dick throbbed upward. She grabbed it painfully hard with her right hand without moving her head which was still right next to my ear. She sexily whispered in my ear,”and what would you have me do with this monster?”

She lightened her grip on my member and pulled her head up so we were nose to nose again. She looked into my eyes almost poutingly said,” I’ve been so mean to you, how can I make it up to you?” She bent forward and ever so briefly, kissed me on the lips. Her lips were so soft, so gentle, then they were gone as she raised back up. “But you don’t even know my name, how could we have any fun being strangers and all?” She got up off the bed and turned to walk away as my cock begged for some attention.

“Please,” I begged, “Don’t leave me like this, at least untie me.” She turned and smiled, “Oh, I’m not going anywhere, I am just going to get us something cold from the fridge, so we don’t melt.”

She returned a few minutes later with a couple of cold beers and a few less pieces of clothing. She stood at the end of the bed and put both arms out and asked, “You like?’“ with a devilish smile. She was still wearing the black mini skirt but the nylons were gone as well as the sweater, the sweater had been replace with a low cut tee shirt that showed the tops of her large boobs. You could clearly see her nipples poking into the thin fabric. The shirt stopped an inch below her breasts, showing off her thin waist and belly button piercing( one that hung an inch below and swayed as she moved).

Again she straddled me, this time her mini skirt hiked up just enough for me to see that she had removed her panties as well. She took a nice swig of the beer then brought the bottle down and poured some in my mouth. Before I could even finish swallowing the beer, she had bent down and started to passionately kiss me. Our tongues danced around first in my mouth, then into hers. She finally broke the embrace and placed the beers on the nightstand, then asked, “What tasted better, me or the beer?”

“Pull up that mini skirt and let me kiss your other lips and I’ll let you know,” I laughed. She laughed too and added, “Na, you would never want beer again.”

She tenderly kissed me on the lips again, then on my cheek, then my neck, then whispered in my ear, Have you forgiven me yet?”

Oh, hell yes,” I moaned.

She slowly kissed and licked her way down my body, every once in a while giving me a little bite here and there. She was kissing and nibbling everything around where I wanted her to go, my stomach my thighs, back to my stomach. If she didn’t do something soon I was going to explode from anticipation alone. Then she just stopped. Her head was between my thighs as she looked up at me, her green eyes peering into mine, the only thing between us was my dick, which was dancing around like mexican jumping bean. She just stared into my eyes until my dick slowly stopped its dance. She raised her head a bit and placed her thumb and forefinger around the base of it, tight but not uncomfortably so. As she held onto me she asked,”still don”t know my name, yet?”

“How could I,” I stammered, “You never told me.”

“Well then, I guess thats a fair statement, so I’ll give you two hints,” she said with a coy smile.
“First hint, You might have seen me somewhere before, and the second is my name starts with an S, any idea?” she asked.

She must have seen the confusion in my face because she said, “To bad, looks like I get to torture you before you for a bit.” She smiled wickedly at me and stated to give the tip of my cock small kisses all over while still holding it by the base. Every once and a while she would look up and and smile at me and give my dick a little lick, then went back to her kissing it all over. Soon my dick was throbbing and pulsing from all the attention, I knew I was getting close. Pre-cum started to drool out of the tip and I moaned out.

She looked up and saw what was happening and stopped everything she was doing with her mouth, but kept a firm hold around the base. “You nasty fucker,” she cried out, “what are you trying to do, make me taste it, you sick pervert.” She then took her free hand and began to wipe up my pre-cum, then that hand started to come up toward my face. “I ought to make you eat it you fucking pig.” Thankfully she just smeared across my forehead.

When she slowly brought her hand back I noticed she was smiling again. I know what you’re thinking, psycho bitch from hell, or was I in love. “Oww, nameless girl is being so mean, I guess you deserve another hint. I am an actress in town doing a small Indie movie probably no one will ever see and the last letter of my first name is T. So who am I?”

She got up on her knees, still holding my cock with two fingers, she hiked up her mini skirt and pushed out tits in a sexy pose, I could her shaved pussy glistening in the afternoon sun. She started to run her finger up and down her moist slit moaning, “If you can say my name right now,mmm, I will lower my hot dripping wet pussy, mmmm, down on your big fat cock right now, ohh yea baby, all the way down, all the way in, to the hilt.” “ So do you know my name,” she purred?

I slowly shook my head no, I was so out of control in lust right now, I would not even have been able name my own mothers name. She looked at me sadly and said, “too bad, I really wanted to fuck you, I’m really tired of men disappointing me.”

A wicked smile started to spread across her beautiful face. She nelt down and started to kiss and lick just the tip of my dick, barely even holding by the base now. She then started to swirl her tongue around the head of my dick getting it good and wet. Then she took the head of my dick into her mouth started to poke her tongue into the little slit at the tip, sucking and drooling on it all the while. She started to moan around my stick and I noticed her other hand had slipped beneath her skirt, I’m sure she was rubbing herself. Suddenly she stood up and removed her skirt, now all she was wearing was that flimsy tee shirt with the nipples pointing out like covered diamonds. She got back up onto the bed again, this time she put both of her legs over mine and scrunched up so that her pussy was up against the bottom of my dick. I could feel the juices of her pussy starting to leak onto my prick. Again she wrapped two fingers around the base of my cock and with the other hand she started to slowly jack it up and down. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly built up her rhythm. “Please tell me who I am, I want this fat cock in me soooo bad,” she panted.

Her stokes kept getting faster and kept moaning, “ Please fuck me, hhhhhmm, please, mmmm, fuc…...mmmmm…..” She raised herself up and positioned my cock right below her lovely folds as her juice slowly dripped down on my dick she was hammering away with her fist..There was no holding back now, I was going to blast away now, nothing could stop me….OHH……...SSHIITTT...ERRRROOWWWWW………………….

She had PAINFULLY squeezed the base of my dick so hard that it stopped me from cuming and used the other one to flick her finger into it in an unpleasant manner, flinging the precum and the little amount of cum that had come out onto my stomach. “ Ohh, so close, but still not there yet,” she teased. I was so angry, my whole body was spasming and jerking. I was about to give her a piece of my mind when she stood up and kissed me on the lips again, no tongue though.

She layed down next to me, putting her head on my shoulder, as I tried to look away. Thats about all the protest I could do at the moment, still being tied up and all. When she spoke, it was slow and very confidently. “I know how angry you must be with me right now, but I will release you soon enough and I hope all your angry feelings will be gone by then.”

She kissed and licked my ear, then did the same for my neck. “ I know how badly I have teased you today, and you may hate me forever for that, but I hope you reconsider before the day is done.”

She kissed my cheek, then my lips again, and then the other cheek. “In many ways I am just as frustrated as you are, but I really wanted to show you how much better it can feel if you don’t get everything you want right away. I think the journey is more important than the destination.”

She looked into my eye’s and kissed me deeply and passionately. To my surprise I didn’t bite her tongue off.

She once again worked way down to my cock, which to my surprise was still standing at attention. She stroked my meat a few times but did not put her fingers around the base this time. She took the head into her mouth and flicked her tongue on the sensitive area right under the head, driving me crazy. She pulled her head off my dick with a sly smile and said, “enjoy the ride.”

She then rammed her mouth back down on my cock, taking it halfway down, gagged a little and then came back up, only to come down again. No hands this time, just good old mouth fucking.She kept bobbing her head up and down, taking a little more in with each thrust. After a couple of minutes of this she pulled off my dick and a big glob of saliva fell out onto my dick as she continued to stroked it with her hand. “One last question,” she teased. “I really am a famous actress, my first movie was called Southeast, what is my name?”

I felt the rage boiling up again, until she started to laugh and said, “Just kidding, I am not famous, and even if I were, what difference does it make.”

With that said, she moved up and removed my arms from there restraints. I grabbed her around the throat, firmly but not too hard, and brought her face down to mine. I saw a trace of fear in her green eyes before it was replaced with a deep hunger, a desire that words cannot explain. We kissed again before she returned her mouth to my manhood. Once again she let my cock slide into her mouth halfway down my shaft. She pulled her head back up and bathed the top of my dick with her spit. Looking me deep in the eyes the whole time she again took me deep into her mouth. At first halfway, then she pulled up a little then back down, gagging, but she kept pushing until the tip of my dick was buried in her throat. Her lips were at the base of my dick and her tongue would come out to tickle my balls. I was getting ready to blow again and I was feeling a bit apprehensive about being let down again. She did pull off of me, but she continued to stroke me with her hand. She winked at me and said, “I know you are close, but let me know when you are getting ready to come, I still have not grown to like the taste yet.”

“Ok,” I nodded, “I just need to come.”

“I know baby,” she flirted, “You will, a ton.”

Again, she went all the way down in one stroke, swirled her tongue on my balls, back up again for some more swirling on the head of my cock. Then all way down back down, then up. She kept building speed taking all the way down. My balls were boiling, I would be was coming soon. “Hey babe, I’m close,” I breathed out.

She moaned deeply and used her tongue to tickle the underside of my head while she used her hand to stroke the base of my cock. Then plunged back down again. “I’m gonna cum,” I shrieked.

She moaned, “mmmm, hmmmm,” around my dick and sucked even faster.

Then she slid a finger into my ass and looked up into my eyes….”ARRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHH,” I screamed as I blasted into the back of her throat and mouth with load after load of spooge. She kept going up and down on my cock as I kept blasting hot ropes of cum, cum was coming out of both of her nostrils, cum was oozing between those beautiful lips and my dick, down my cock. The whole time she never let her eyes off of mine, slowly she pulled her head off my dick, her mouth was full of cum, it running down her cheeks and out of her nose. She swallowed everything in her mouth, then she used her tongue and fingers to clean off her face. Then she licked the rest of my cum off my dick, stomach, and then my balls. It had gotten everywhere.

“I thought you didn’t like the taste of cum,” I asked?

“I don’t like it, I love it,” she smiled and ran off to clean up.

She returned a few minutes and crawled under the covers where I still lay twitching. “So,” she asked,”was it worth the wait?’

“Oh,yea, hell yes,” I groaned. “That was the most mind blowing blow job I have ever had.”

“ Glad you liked,I hope we can have even more fun tomorrow.”

I was starting to drift, I did not even notice when she got out of bed and got dressed. She came over and kissed me which woke me up, a little. “ See you around,” she said sweetly. She then turned to leave before I called out to her.

“ You never told me your name,” I mumbled groggily.

“That’s right I didn’t. Maybe We should finish our game real soon. What do you think,” she asked?

I nodded my head as sleep started to wash over me. The last thing I heard was, “Just kidding, my name is Scarlett, Scarlett Jo…………………………………”

The End………………………...Maybe?


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