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This is a fantasy, nothing more. I realize that my spelling or grammer may be wrong, i am not a professional write nor do i wish to be. I write to get the images out of my head. please read tags if you find any of these abhorant please don't read this story
It’s about 9 pm when a stray breeze ruffles the flames of the candles surrounding me while I soak in the steaming water of my slipper bathtub. I look up from the book I’m reading and wonder briefly how a wind got in, all the windows are closed. I had checked the locks on both windows and doors before coming in here so I knew my house was secure. I look at the clock on the shower radio and see that my favorite show is coming on soon so I get out and go make a frozen tequila sunrise to drink while I watch the cop show. About 11 I decide to go to bed, so I shut off all the lights and make my way to the back of the house.
A whisper of feeling feathering my hair wakes me from sleep, there is a darker shadow looming above me and I startle, trying to push it away. But my hands jerk to a stop, there is something tied around my wrists, I can only move them about a foot from the headboard. The shadow chuckles and runs his hands over my face, down my neck, and around my silk covered breasts. I try to scream but there is something stuck in my mouth, tied around my head preventing me from spitting it out. He squeezes and shapes the globes, while I feel his tongue trace over my shoulder blade. Leaning back he pulls the covers from my body and when he lies beside me I feel that he is completely naked, his chest hair tickles my arm, and his hard cock is hot against my thigh. He moves lower and nips my nipples through the sleep shirt I’m wearing. Half sitting up he grabs something from my side table and brings it towards me, it glints in the light from the window; a knife. He positions it at my breastbone and slides it downward over my stomach, then uses it to move aside the two pieces he has made baring my skin to his gaze, and his mouth. He now leans forward and sucks hard on my nipples, moving between them from one to the other. He uses his teeth gnawing on the hard tips causing me to writhe from the pain. His breathing starts to quicken and while he feeds at my tits he wraps his fingers in my cotton panties and rips them off. I kick my legs trying to dislodge him but he moves to a kneeling position on the mattress and grabs behind my knees and pulls them apart, pressing till my thighs hit the mattress on either side of me. He lines the bulbous head of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and starts to press into the dry channel. He pulls back slightly and pushes in harder, he gets a little farther but the sting and burn of the forced penetration causes me to pull my breathe in sharply. He starts moving deeper and I feel a sharper pain and I can feel that skin just split and he started moving easier, the blood seeping from the tear making it slicker.
With the smoother glide of his rigid dick into my fuck hole he moves his mouth back down to suck and bite on my nipples and surrounding area of my tits. I strain against the ties holding me hands and keep trying to talk through my gag, asking him to stop, trying to tell him to stop hurting me. As the motion of his hips get faster and he starts trying to send his cock deeper, his head comes up and he starts muttering. He grabs my shoulder and presses down on one knee as leverage to be able to bottom his cock in my pussy, whispering “that’s a good whore, lay there and take it. That’s my special dirty little fuck bag. Yeah oh yeah that feels so good, I love fucking you, my own little whore. I’m gonna visit you a lot, I’m gonna fuck you whenever I want. I’m gonna to stuff your cunt with my cock and pump you full of come till your dripping with it.”
He stopped and pulled out, he cut my hand bonds and flipped me over, pulling my hips up. When I tried to crawl away, he slapped the back of my head and shoved his slippery cock back into my swollen cunt. He started to really pump it in, both hands wrapped around my hips to pull me backwards causing each thrust to really hit deep. I could feel the hard steel of his dick slide against the upper wall of my pussy over and over, I start to sob as each thrust causes a searing pain as he slid over the wound he made earlier. His rhythm pickes up and he really starts to pant while fucking me deeply, then suddenly he pulls back a little to far and when he slamms back in he slid upwards and the thick head and two inches of hard cock slip into my ass. All motions stopped for a minute and then he shoved deeper, pulling back and sinking more and more of his prick into my anus. When he was fully seated he stopped moving and just held me there, impaled on his fuck pole. Then he began to do full head to balls deep thrusts into my tight back hole.
“Oh yeah oh yeah oh fuck yeah” he chanted and with just a handful of pumps I felt him shoot thick pulsing deposits of come into me. Then he just collapsed over me, pinning me to the bed with his heavy body. I tried to get out from under him but he would grumble and I knew that he would wake if I rolled him off me so I resolved to just lie there, eventually I fell asleep. When I woke, he was gone leaving my body sore and aching from the abuse he gave me.
Or so I thought, I heard the noises coming from the hall bathroom, there was water running the light was shining under the door. He was still here, how did he get in. The doors were locked, I had checked I know I had just before I went to take a bath. I try to get off the bed but I’m tied down again my hands are once again bound to the headboard. I hear footsteps coming down the hall towards my bedroom again. He comes through my door, he is tall dark headed smooth shaved he has full lips and wide shoulders with slim hips and a thick long cock sticking strait out from his trimmed groin. He see that I’m awake and smiles at me. He leans against the door frame and just looks me over, lingering on my breasts and then further down at the curls between my legs until I try to shift my legs to hide my swollen lips from him. This action causes him to chuckle and start towards me, he comes up from the foot of the bed and runs his tongue up my leg from ankle to knee up to my thigh over my hip, to the indention of my belly button where he skims around it a couple times before licking up the bottom slope of my soft white mounds and finally he reaches his goal my swollen bruised nipples. Once reached he licks and sucks while reaching up with one hand to fondle the other, rolling the nipple between two fingers pinching hard enough to make me whimper. The gag is gone and I ask
“Why? Why are you doing this to me? Please I don’t know you, I haven’t done anything to you why are you hurting me this way?”
“Why, well because I like it and I can. I like knowing that you can’t do a thing to stop me from anything I want to do to you, I can fuck you, make you suck me, I can even sell the use of your pussy and you have not a damn thing to say about it.” Right about that time he crawls up to straddle my shoulders grabs a fistful of hair pulling my head off the pillow and shoves his rigid cock into my mouth. He presses forward until I start to choke and holds it there where it cuts off my air for a minutes before pulling back and finding a rythme, in and out in and out he fucks my mouth. I hear him start moaning as he slips further and further in, he had been using shallow thrusts but now he starts to push in until the head of his dick lodges in the top of my throat. Again and again he does this until he pushes so far that his balls slap my chin as my nose hits his pubic hair and the convulsing of my throat muscles around his shaft start his cock pulses his sticking globs strait into my stomach. He keeps his man tool deep in my airway until I feel the blackness creeping up on me, I pass out while he still thrusts the sensitive head around in my wet mouth as he shrinks from his hard on.
Tap tap tap, someone lightly slaps my face, “wake up whore I didn’t tell you you could sleep. We still have plenty of time for more play before its time for me to go. I want you to fix me something to eat and if you try to run I will catch you and gut you, you understand?” I nod my head and he cuts the ties holding me to the bed. I get up and my legs fall out from under me, but I try again and this time I can make it to the wall to hold myself up as I shuffle down the hall to the kitchen. But once I get there I don’t know what to make, what does he like? I stand there numbly and just look around my counters, everything looks the same but I don’t think it will ever be the same. I hear him coming down the hall now,
“well don’t just stand there, make me some food.”
So I ask him “what do you want?”
“I want some ham and eggs, I know I saw some earlier in the fridge. Scramble them and sprinkle some cheese on top.”
I gather everything and start to cook the ham, just as I’m about to add the eggs he comes up behind me and tells me to spread my legs, once I do he takes a decorative bottle I had hanging on the wall and shoves it up my cunt. He cautions me not to let it fall or I would get a beating. I hobble around as best I can to get his food made. Once I set the plate in front of him he motions me to kneel before his chair, and tells me to suck his cock while he eats. I take his soft penis in my mouth and lick and suck on his while he pets my hair and eats his eggs. It doesn’t take long for him to get hard in my mouth and his hand starts to tangle in my hair instead of pet it, he pulls me up and turns me around facing away from him. “Ride me, whore. Ride me like you did last time.” And he pulls me down onto his lap his fuck pole pushing into my hole once he take the bottle out. He fondles and pinches my tits and pulls me down onto his hard shaft after I struggle to pull myself up.
“You were there that night when my car broke down. You were one of them.” I cry out
He responds with a laugh “of course I was, who you think disabled your car so that it would stop. Me. Who do you think picked you out earlier in the evening, me! I chose you, your mine. My own private whore, my dirty little slut to use as I see fit. And I’m gonna fuck you and fuck you and fuck you, if I catch you letting any other man touch you it will be the last thing you do because I will kill you while I shove your cunt full of my cock.” He surged to his feet and pushed me over the table top slamming his cock deep. He pulled my head back and leaned over my back wrapped one arm under my arm and grabbed my shoulder using his hold to piston his rock hard prick over and over into my weeping pussy. He rears back and all his muscles stiffen as he empties his balls into my womb again before he collapses and squishes me beneath him as he recovers. Once he does he slaps me hard on the ass and walks away only to come back a few minutes later fully dressed and walks out the back door.

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Eat my cum you whore. That it's it, tell me you want to swallow me. Scream it, slut.

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