A mother agrees to let a man use her daughter
This is a fictional story for adults only and describes sexual activities between an adult male and an underage female. Please do not continue reading if this offends you. This story was written for entertainment only and the author does not condone any illegal activities or abuse of any kind. This is a 3rd attempt at story writing and feedback is welcome.

CHAPTER 5 - Brian's Story Continued

The blonde boy lay between Rachel and her mother. He'd been concentrating so hard on the little girl's bald pussy that he hardly noticed when they were joined. Once he realized they'd been joined, he used his other hand guide the mother's mouth to his cock. Once she was licking and sucking his average sized cock, the boy leaned over and put his mouth on Rachel's little pussy. It smelled and tasted heavenly. He had never even considered the idea of being with a girl so young until he saw her wet pussy, almost inviting him.

The red head walked to the head of the bed and gathered Rachel's t-shirt into his hands and lifted it over her head. He then knelt by the bed and took a small breast in each hand, leaning down to suck the tiny pink nipple between his lips. He rolled his tongue lightly over the delicate, small point until it hardened enough for him to lightly bite. Rachel squealed when he did, which only made the blonde bury his tongue deeper into Brian's sister's little twat. He felt her young, smooth pussy lips surrounding his tongue, firmly sealing together whatever area of the baby slit he wasn't penetrating. He dug down with the tip of his tongue, searching out her small opening. Her wetness and the fucking she'd received earlier from her brother, allowed it to be found easily, and he began inserting it over and over.

It tasted heavenly to the blonde and he'd never experienced such tightness. His tongue actually hurt she was so tight. But that only excited him more and encouraged him to delve deeper. It didn't hurt that a professional cock sucker was aiding to the pleasure by deep throating him, either. He was overcome by lust. He knew that his friend was the one paying, lucky rich bastard, but oh how he wished he could be the one to bury his cock in this fucking tight, young cunt.

The red head, too, was having trouble fighting back the urge to just stab the little bitch right now, to make her cry as he pounded into her hairless, underdeveloped slit. Instead, he practiced patience as he sucked the little nipples one at a time. He let go of one baby tit and reached down to gently stroke his cock, rubbing around the precum at the tip with his thumb, cupping his balls, imagining the pleasure that was soon to come. He just wanted to give his friend a chance to enjoy her little puss before he made a mess of it.

"Do you like getting your pussy licked, little girl? Is this what you want baby? You wanna get treated like your mommy, you little slut? You can't wait to be a big girl, can you, and have a big cock in you like mommy?" The red head teased Rachel, lightly licking at her small nipples. Then he put his tongue in Rachel's mouth and started kissing her like she was an adult. She grabbed the back of his head and eagerly kissed him back, humping her tiny pussy into the blonde boy's willing mouth.

The red head stood up finally and said, "Ok Devon, she's ready. Sorry man, I know you could do that all night but I can't wait anymore.

"No problem dude, I'm just happy to get some pussy man. Thanks for hooking it the fuck up, I owe you big time!"

The mother stopped sucking Devon's cock and her face was a complete mess. Eye makeup was running all down her cheeks and her lipstick was smeared all around her lips. She didn't seem to mind, though, and happily lay down on the bed next to her daughter.

"You want this, right?" Mother asked. Rachel excitedly nodded her head up and down and smiled as she said, "Oh, yes!"

"Okay Rach, just do like this," she instructed, and then she pulled her knees back towards her as she spread her legs.

"Like this?" Rachel questioned as she lay with her knees actually touching her shoulders, as mostly only young girls can do. Her legs were spread wide, and her mother couldn't help but admire her sweet, young pussy along with the two boys who were about to fuck them. It was just so small and innocent looking, but so sexy because of the shiny pinkness.

Both Devon and the red head climbed onto the bed. The red head leaned down towards Rachel's pussy and smelled it momentarily, and then he extended his tongue so that it licked all the way from her asshole to where the lips close at the peak. "Yes, that will do just fine. Plenty wet, thanks to you buddy."

Devon looked at his friend, hard cock in hand, pointing towards the mother's gaping hole. There was no question as to whether he could fit in her, but even with her years of experience and all those loose folds, there was no doubt that she had a wet pussy and it would feel good on Devon's cock. Since he was already lined up, he took the opportunity to continue gazing at young Rachel's perfect pussy. He figured if he stared hard, he could remember it well enough to picture it perfectly any time he needed an extra boost sexually. It was like an electric cock starter.

The red head took his time lining his cock up with little Rachel's young hole. He sucked on his pointer finger for a moment before placing it at her nearly invisible entrance, then slowly but firmly pushed inside. It squeezed his finger and he groaned. He knew he had a large cock and it would hurt her, but she was wet enough that he could probably force himself inside at least a little. Although she wasn't a virgin, she might as well have been one. Brian's cock barely penetrated past her hymen, and it was narrow enough not to stretch her at all.

He swirled his finger around a couple times, then added his middle finger to stretch her a bit. It literally sucked on his fingers when he pulled them from her body, and he felt so much resistance when they entered. His cock was oozing precum and there was literally drool hanging from little Rachel's pink lips.

"Are you ready for the real thing, baby girl? I'm going to fuck you with this cock honey. See it? Do you think it will fit in your little pussy? Like it fits into your mommy?" He asked her, as he removed his fingers and brought the tip of his cock down to her slit. He eased the tip in between the little lips just barely, and started spreading his precum around her hole.

Devon was stroking his cock now, and the mother was pushing two fingers in and out of her hole slowly, both intently watching the red head and the little girl next to them.

"Tell your daughter what it will feel like, slut." The red head commanded.

Rachel looked over at her mommy who told her, "Rach he's got a real big cock, hun. I think it's gonna hurt you in the beginning. You just take it like a good girl and after a few minutes it won't hurt anymore. I promise."

"Okay," she whispered, and then looked back at the huge cock nestled between her smooth, pink lips. She was scared, but she was excited. She could hardly wait to find out what a real grown up penis would feel like.

The red head and the blonde boy looked at one another, and both nodded their heads. They then turned to stare at the pussies they were about to pierce. Devon moved more slowly, knowing that the mother's pussy would offer no resistance. The red head, on the other hand, moved quickly, hoping they would penetrate the mother and daughter at the same time.

Rachel's pussy lips felt so soft on his cock. They grabbed the head of his dick like the lips of an infant sucking on his mother's nipple. It felt like he was pushing against a satin pillow, but he knew that there was an opening. While guiding his cock with one hand, he used the pinky of his other hand to find the hole and poke inside. This opened it enough for just the tip of his penis to make some headway. He removed his pinky at the same time as he pushed firmly forward with his hips, and the head of his penis finally went in slightly. He shuddered.

The most bulbous part of his cockhead was still outside, but he was satisfied with his progress. He looked at his friend and grinned. His friend groaned, imagining the pleasure of having his penis hugged by that little pussy, and rammed the entire length of his cock into the mother. The mother relished the feeling and cried out in pleasure as the blonde boy fell onto her, grinding and flexing his cock deep inside her.

This display encouraged the red head, who copied his friend and thrust his hips forward powerfully. Rachel cried out like her mother, only she was crying in pain, as the entire head of his huge, monster cock seemingly filled her entire pussy. She shook violently on the bed, the red head gasping as he wrapped his fists around her ankles and pushed them above her head.

"Oh my fucking god! This cunt is so fucking tight! Fuck! I just want to fuck her brains out right now but I don't even know if I can get my cock in her any further. This is so nuts, man, I'm going blind with pleasure," he told his friend.

Devon was laying on the mother, roughly thrusting in and out, his head lying on the pillow facing away from her and just enjoying Rachel's body. He couldn't get over how sexy it looked seeing his friend’s fat cock being squeezed so tightly by her tiny pussy lips. It made his blood boil and he had to slow his roll to avoid cumming.

The mother couldn't see much of what was going on, as Devon's hair was blocking her view. She could just see the red head's face, and his expression alone was enough to turn her on. She knew that he was feeling more pleasure than he'd ever felt in his life. Her pussy trembled and she came hard on Devon's cock, imagining how good it would have felt if her first fuck's cock had been that big.

"What does my cock feel like in your pussy, little slut?" The red head questioned. "Does it hurt? Is my cock hurting your tiny pussy? Poor baby, but you have to take it don't you? You have to take my big cock in your little cunt whether you like it or not, huh? Because I paid mommy to fuck you, didn't I? She gave me permission to use your tiny little cunt for my pleasure, and that's what I'm doing, isn't it?"

Rachel was crying a little, hardly able to distinguish the pain from the pleasure now. Yes, his cock felt like it was tearing her young slit in two. Yes, it burned. But it also started a fire in her stomach and she ached to have more of him in her. She made quiet sobbing noises as her pussy adjusted to the huge intrusion that a girl so young isn't really built to experience.

"It feels good, sir," she said weakly, not sure what to call him. He wasn't very old, but he seemed very strong and manly. "It only hurts a little. You can do it more to me if you want to."

Devon and the red head both groaned at her words. The red head nodded his head and said, "Okay honey. I'm going to do it to you some more. You just lay there and be a good girl like your mommy, okay?" Then he eased forward, slowly pressing his cock into the tight little funnel. He could hardly contain himself, she felt so good. He just wanted to fuck. He started pulling back and pushing forward so slightly, so gently and with such short strokes that even Devon could mistake it for heavy breathing, but it was just what he and Rachel needed.

Rachel gasped and threw her head backwards from the sensations of the huge knot rubbing in and out of her, right on her little g-spot. The red head wasn't giving up on getting inside of her; he was just trying to warm her up. Prime her for when he sank his shaft as deep as her shallow, young opening would allow.

Rachel began bouncing up and down on the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was squeezing the backs of her knees, pulling them against her as if to hug herself, so the red head was able to let go of her ankles and touch other parts of her body. Instinctively his fingers went right for her nipples. Just tiny, little pink hearts atop creamy white skin. Rachel's eyes shot open from the stimulation and she pushed her pelvis forward, causing the huge cock head to pierce deeper into her immature snatch.

The red head yelled out and, unable to stop himself, let go of her nipples and pressed both palms flat on the bed on either side of her waist, then thrust forward with all his might. Rachel screamed loudly and he immediately covered her mouth with one hand, a couple tears leaking from his eyes as he felt the tightest, silkiest, vice grip around his cock that he had ever, and would ever, feel. There were still a couple inches of his cock that weren't inside her, but there was no doubt that he wouldn't be able to make them fit. He could feel her cervix flattening his cock tip and goose bumps covered his body.

Meanwhile Rachel was sobbing into the hand covering her mouth, and had wrapped both her arms and her legs tightly around his body. She had never experienced pain like that and she just wanted to be held. Her body trembled.

Devon had watched as his friend's huge cock stabbed the little girl next to him. He closed his eyes as cum spewed from his cock into the little girl's mother. He didn't even have to move his hips as his cock pulsed and throbbed, and he felt pleasure with each jet of cum that shot forth. He was imagining how his friend must feel and it was too much for him to take. After his cock finally stopped leaking fluids he remained in the same position, totally elated and satisfied.

Rachel was still crying when the red head let go of her mouth. She looked over to her mother for comfort but all she saw was the face of Devon looking lazily up and down her body, obstructing her mother from view. Since his friend's head was buried in the pillow on the other side of the little girl's head, Devon moved towards her and kissed her gently on the lips. Rachel just wanted to be comforted so she enjoyed the affectionate kiss, and allowed Devon's tongue to swirl around inside her mouth. Even having just cum so much, he felt his cock stir knowing that he was penetrating this small girl's mouth while his friend penetrated her tight young pussy. Their tongues continued to swirl until Rachel felt her hair being yanked back from Devon's face.

The red head didn't want to share the little girl anymore. If someone was to be kissing her, it was to be him. He flattened his tongue and covered her lips with it, sloppily licking at her soft skin and pink lips, forcing between them until he filled her mouth with his thick tongue. He probed at it, fucking in and out as he began moving his hips in the same, steady motion. Rachel moaned, as the pain had finally subsided and her nerves were beginning to tingle.

Devon got up off the bed, annoyed with his friend for ruining his tender kiss. He stuck his flaccid penis in the mother's face and told her to clean it. She was still horny and was quick to comply, hoping to harden it again so she could have another round. Devon couldn't have been less interested in her pussy, though, and after she cleaned it he left the room.

The mother turned to look at the tall, brutish redhead that was kissing and fucking her little girl right there in the same bed. She was envious of the obvious passion between the two. It was such a steamy sight, watching that huge cock rocking back and forth so slowly in and out, knowing that he was pushing into her as deep as her little body could allow. Her, gently sucking his tongue as he probed her mouth, one hand lightly tweaking a small pink nipple. Rachel made tiny grunting noises every time he pushed into her, and she sucked in big breaths when he pulled out. The noise he was making seemed like something between a purr and a growl.

Suddenly he looked over and realized the mother was watching. He stopped kissing the little girl, smiling wickedly at the mother as his cock continued moving in and out of her tiny twat. "You like that, you old whore? You like watching me fuck your little daughter? I know you do. I can see it in your eyes. You like seeing my huge cock take pleasure in your baby girl. I think you want to help, don't you?"

"Mmmm," was all the mother replied as she turned over on her side to face them, and smiled back wickedly at the stranger in her bed.

"Put your hand on your daughter's tit. Squeeze her nipple for me. Make her yelp." He instructed.

Rachel looked at her mother, a little embarrassed but also excited. Her mother wasn't looking at her, though. She was just looking at the red headed boy and smiling as her hand moved forward and closed around her daughter's small tit. Her palm alone was big enough to cover the breast and she pressed down, feeling the hard nipple pushing back. She slowly closed her fingernails around the nipple, letting her hand open so the red head could watch.

"Suck that little nipple now, slut. Put your big wet lips right on your daughter's nipple and show her how good you can suck. Tease it with your tongue. Do them both, whore. I want to watch you suck your kid's tits."

He was only barely moving his cock in and out of Rachel now, trying to prolong the pleasure, not wanting to cum yet. He wanted to see how far he could make this nasty slut go with her own fucking little girl. It was blowing his mind. He knew exactly how he wanted to cum and it involved both mother and daughter.

Rachel giggled as her mother gently lapped at her nipples. She went back and forth between them, tickling them with her tongue and lightly biting them. It was weird having her own mom do it, but she couldn't help enjoying it. She especially liked it when her mother would suck the nipple into her mouth and rub her tongue back and forth over the tiny tit nub. The red head could tell Rachel was enjoying it as well by the way she was squeezing her already too small pussy on his enormously erect cock. It felt so good

"That's right, bitch. You're licking your daughter like a good little whore," he said, eyes glazed with lust. He let her continue until he felt he just had to cum or his cock would fall off, then he suddenly stood up, withdrawing his cock from her pussy.
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