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A mother agrees to let a man use her daughter
This is a fictional story for adults only and describes sexual activities between an adult male and an underage female. Please do not continue reading if this offends you. This story was written for entertainment only and the author does not condone any illegal activities or abuse of any kind. This is a 3rd attempt at story writing and feedback is welcome.

CHAPTER 6 - Brian's Story Continued

Brian had fallen asleep on the couch, even in his excitement. His first orgasm was so intense that try as he might to watch the sex show going on in the bedroom, his eye lids grew heavy and he soon nodded off.

The next thing he knew the blonde boy from earlier had plopped down on the couch beside him and turned on the television. He groggily turned over and moved into a sitting position, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Sorry kid, didn't see ya there. Don't you have a bedroom or something to sleep in?" Devon asked Brian.

"I always sleep on the couch and Mommy and Rachel sleep in the bedroom," he responded. Then his eyes suddenly shot open and he remembered what was happening in the bedroom. He turned back towards the room that was occupied by his mother, sister, and a red headed sex god, and had a vision that would stay with him for the rest of his life.

His beautiful young sister, totally naked and lying flat on her back, legs spread as a massive cock slowly fucked in and out of her impossibly tight snatch. All the while, his slutty but sexy mother, also naked with dramatic curves in all the right places, was leaning down and gently licking his sister's tiny nipples. His cock immediately became erect.

"You like watching your mom and sis, huh, kid? Hahaha. Well, can't say that I blame you. You're one lucky kid, you know that? I bet either one of those sluts would love to have you bury your cock in them every night," Devon laughed, then went back to watching television and ignored everything going on around him.

Brian felt awkward having this stranger sitting next to him, when he really just wanted to rub his cock some more. So he scooted down from the couch and sat Indian style beside it, which allowed the couch to obstruct Devon's view of what he was doing. From there, Brian could see clearly into the bedroom.

He pulled his hard penis from his shorts and started rubbing it up and down as he watched his mother and the strange man love on his sister. He was leaning back into the couch, shaking slightly from the stimulation, seeing the pink of his mother's tongue extending from her red lips and settling upon the even lighter pink of his sister's tiny nipple, then watching as his mother sucked it slowly into her mouth. From Brian's spot, he also had a clear view of the huge cock penetrating her young cunt. He loved how it moved in and out so slowly, but firmly. He could see the man clench every time he pushed into her, and figured it was because her pussy was so tight it might actually hurt.

Suddenly the man stood up and moved away from where his mother and sister were laying in the bed. He went over to the stool against the wall. Mother kept it there so she could stand on it to reach items that were in the top of her closet. They were limited on space in the one bedroom apartment, so she crammed stuff anywhere it could fit. The red head had other ideas for the stool, though.

"Tell your daughter to come to me, slut," he told Brian's mother. She turned quickly to her daughter and said, "Go to him, now. Be a good girl and do as he says."

Rachel got up from the bed and shuffled towards him. Brian couldn't help but notice how cute she looked walking around naked. Her legs were skinny and smooth and her butt cheeks were really round and stuck out from her body. Her tits were very small, but the way the nipples poked out from her chest was pretty cute. She looked almost shy as she meekly covered her pussy with her hands. Brian was all too familiar with it, though, and he pictured it... the soft pink hairless lips closed tightly, keeping their treasure safe.

Rachel stood in front of the man. With him sitting and her standing, their eyes were level. He took her by the hips and spun her around so she was facing away from him. Then, he easily lifted her small form by her hips and set her on his lap. His cock poked out from between her legs, and he placed her hand on the head and showed her how to rub and squeeze it for him. Then he started pinching her nipples.

"Come over here with us, slut," he said to the mother. She crawled to him on her hands and knees, more turned on than she'd ever been at being used by this young, huge dicked boy. When she was in front of them, the red head instructed Rachel to guide his penis into her mother's mouth. She did as she was told, and the mother began deep throating the big cock, tasting her daughter's juices as she did. Every time she forced her throat to encase the cock, it brought her face right up to her daughter's pussy. This is what the red head intended and was more excited by even than having his cock sucked. He took hold of Rachel's small legs and lifted, then parted them into a V.

"Take my dick out of your mouth, whore, and put your tongue right here on your daughter's pussy," he demanded. The mother anticipated that this was where tonight's events would eventually lead, and she was actually looking forward to it. She'd been with other women, but that was the key word. Women. She had never been with a young girl and the fact that it was her own daughter made it even more arousing. She could smell her daughter's excited pussy and found the smell intoxicating.

"Rachel, is it okay if mommy licks your little pussy, baby?" The mother asked, more for the benefit of the red head than because she actually cared what her daughter wanted. All she cared about now, like any good whore, was making her customer happy. So she tried to put on a show.

"Mommy's never licked a little bitsy pussy before and she just wants to try it. Will you let mommy try your baby pussy juices, honey?"

Rachel didn't know what to say, but she didn't have to. The red head answered for her. "Yes, she will let you lick her pussy. She wants to feel her mommy's tongue on her, I can tell."

Brian watched as his mother leaned forward between his sister's little legs and placed the tip of her tongue against the dark slit. Even with the red head spreading her legs wide, the lips stayed closed. Brian wished the man holding her would pull her lips apart so he could see the pretty pink insides.

Instead, his mother made a V with her fingers and spread his sister's pussy lips open for all to see. Then she ran her tongue tip from the bottom to the top, swirling a couple times over Rachel's little clit, then slid back down to the hole.

"Put your tongue in her hole, open it back up for my cock, slut."

And she did. She was so turned on and she couldn't deny that her daughter's pussy juice tasted really good. So mild and sweet, yet strangely addicting. She closed her eyes and pressed her nose flat against the open fold so she could ram her tongue in as deep as possible. Brian and the red head watched lustfully as mother roughly tongue fucked her young daughter. Rachel's head was leaning back against the red head's shoulder, her eyes closed, and she was panting heavily.

The red head had shifted so his cock was over to one side, allowing the mother complete access to the young little slit in his lap. He placed Rachel's closest hand back on it and together, they jacked his cock up and down.

"Do you want me to put my cock back in your little pussy, baby? While your mommy licks us both? Wouldn't that feel good?"

Rachel didn't even open her eyes as she nodded her head up and down. The red head didn't need any more assurance and quickly lifted the tiny girl in his lap up so that his cock could be guided back inside of her.

"You know what to do now, slut. Put my big fat cock back in your baby's little cunt hole. Make sure it fits."

The red head was breathing very heavily as he watched the mother grab hold of his thick cock and move it so it pointed directly up at her daughter. He then slowly began to lower the girl back onto his cock.

Her hole had closed back up since it had been several minutes since he filled her. She was very tight again and everyone was struggling to try to make him fit inside. The mother spat onto her hand and rubbed the saliva into his cock head, then pressed the moist shaft back against her daughter's soft pink skin. The red head firmly pushed the little girl's hips down, determined to get back inside.

"Get this bitch on my cock now, you fucking whore!" he shouted, and the mother took hold of both her daughter's pussy lips and folded them out, exposing the opening more to the cock head. Rachel's hips hurt from being gripped so tight, but she wanted him back inside and she knew he had to do this to her to make himself fit.

Finally, the mother leaned forward and stuck her tongue back into her daughter’s pussy hole, opening it, and forcing saliva into the opening. She held the lips apart and aimed the cock right where her tongue had been, then looked up at the red head and said, "Force your cock into her now!"

And he did. Holding tightly to her hips and thrust upwards and felt his cock impaled by the tiniest of pussies. Rachel felt the pain all over again and began crying for him to stop. "Please, take it out. It hurts! Mommy, it hurts. Please make him stop."

Mother ignored her pleads and leaned forward again to lick where her daughter's little pussy lips gripped the red head's massive cock. She felt the little girl's skin being stretched thin and tight around the large organ and she shuddered, flicking her tongue up and down the cock.

The red head waited for only a few moments before he began to move the girl’s body up and down his cock. He wanted to have total control over this little slut in his lap. He wanted to feel how small she was compared to his large form... to completely dominate her.

He took each of her hands and placed her palms flat against the back of her thighs. Then he put his own hands over hers, and pulled her legs up toward her head, but keeping them spread enough so her mother's head could fit between them. With his broad shoulders and large, muscular arms, he was able to hold her so firmly that it was like moving a small, tight toy up and down his shaft.

Rachel didn't know why the man was moving her into this position until it was too late. The way he held her now, her movement was completely constricted. She was completely at his will, and couldn't get away if she tried. She shivered when he put his lips right up to her ear and whispered, "Now you're all mine little girl, I'm going to fuck that baby cunt the way every man wants to fuck."

She felt his grip grow firmer as she was moved slowly up and down on the huge cock between her legs. She looked down and watched as it entered her, seeing her mother's tongue wetly lapping at both of their privates. The sensations were too much for the little girl she began to sob a little.

"Oh, little baby, it's alright. Your pussy is made for this. Just take it and your mommy and I will make it feel really good for you. You're such a sweet little slut; you make my cock so happy."

He, too, was hardly able to handle the sensations. The little bitch was so fucking tight on his cock, and felt so small and delicate in his hands. He could feel every crevice of her small pussy wrapped so unforgivingly around his thick meat. She was only a child and he was fucking her with her own mother.

"Suck on my balls you fucking whore, I'm going to fill your daughter's little cunt hole with so much hot cum," he told the mother, who quickly wrapped her wet lips all the way around his balls, sucking and licking them with vigor.

The red head gripped Rachel's thin body with all his strength as he forced her down hard and fast, over and over, ripping into her slit, making her feel like his cock head was all the way inside her stomach. He flattened his cock's bulbous head against her cervix as hard as he could, gripping her and pulling her towards him with rough thrusts, each time making her feel like the air was being knocked right out of her. He was bouncing her up and down on his cock like a meat puppet. He couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he was fucking such a young, little girl, and how her own mother was right there helping him. Both of these sluts were enjoying his fucking cock and he felt so powerful.

"Fuck. Oh, fuck! God damn! So tight! Uhmm, all the way up her little cunt. Fuck!" He roared as he shook on the stool, sweat dripping from everywhere on his body. He sat there as the mother continued massaging his balls with her tongue, forcing all of his cum deep into her little girl. She could see little bits of white exploding out from where his cock filled her, her pussy being too small to fit it all.

Finally his orgasm was over. He pushed the mother's head away and pulled the little girl off his cock with a "pop", almost tossing her off him as he leaned back against the wall, trying to catch his breath.

Rachel's whole body was extremely weak and she fell over onto the bed. The mother crawled into the bed after her, spreading the little girl's legs and lapping up the man's cum that was leaking from the tiny hole. Both mother and daughter were enjoying the feelings and neither even noticed when the red head stood up to leave the room.

Brian noticed, though. He watched silently as the man walked by him, paying him no attention, and shook his friend who had fallen asleep watching TV. "Come on, man. Let's get out of here. We know where they live, we can come back anytime."

Brian watched them leave a big wad of money on a table, then walk out the door. He looked back towards the bedroom and saw that his mother and sister were actually sleeping. Rachel was still lying on her back with her legs slightly spread, while his mother was on her side, her head resting on Rachel's hip. Brian walked into the bedroom, turned off the light, and crawled into bed with them.


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