Fantasy and Sci-Fi, with a step into the Dark Side....
ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF KAT AND CAL!!! It's been too long since I posted Part 04 of the Finkleman Cyberspace Research Center stories. Here's Part 05, and if I ever get the bugs out of this, I'll publish the rest soon. BoBo0050

The Players:

Katherine Banks (Kat): A very horny, 25-year-old, sexually imaginative woman. Virgin because no one has wanted to take her virginity away.

Caleb Whitaker (Cal): Kat's male counterpart. Similar story.

Peter: Cal's Avatar

Angela: Kat's Avatar; also Kat's friend, Angela Newman, Cal's elementary school days crush

Susan Simmons: A tech at the Finkelman Cyberspace Research Center; has the hots for Cal.

Melanie: Susan's Avatar. Also has the hots for Cal.

Paul Brighton: A tech at the FCRC. Has the hots for Susan and Kat.

Simon: Paul's Avatar. Also has the hots for Susan and Kat.

Keith: A tech at the FCRC where Angela Newman lives. Really likes fucking Angela.

Jack: Keith's Avatar. Can't get enough of Angela Newman.

Let the story continue....

Cal went to the Center wondering what was going to happen. Susan seemed to be out of it; Melanie was being very aggressive and had to be shut down; and, why the DNA samples? Cal was hoping Susan could answer his questions.

Kat was there, looking as anxious as Cal. “What’s going on, Cal?” Kat asked. “I got a call to come here after I cleaned up from my date; some woman named Susan.” Kat ran over and hugged Cal.

Susan sashayed in, exquisite body on full display, barely held in by her almost non-existent clothes and three-inch heels. “Hello, Kat and Cal,” Susan said. “I’m glad to see you. Cal, there’s been a slight change of plans.” She looked at Cal with her sexy eyes.

“You’re not Susan, are you?” asked Cal. “Susan would never do this kind of thing.”

“Absolutely correct, Cal. You win the Grand Prize,” Susan said, and stripped all her clothes off. “You get to feel, fondle, and fuck me, so I can take your virginity. And there’s nothing your pitiful girlfriend can do about it.”

“Too fucking late, bitch,” Kat said. “I already deflowered him, and he deflowered me. And it was FANTASTIC!! Just check his sheets; I saturated them when he made me cum!!!” Kat’s eyes were ablaze with hate and anger that someone would try to take her man.

Kat ran for the receptionist console. Susan tried to block her. Kat took a page from the Shirley-the-Waitress book and slammed the very solid Susan in the gut with everything she had. Susan went down on her sexy ass and lay there, stunned, her legs spread apart like she was ready for sex. Kat got behind the desk.

“That was a real, solid body I hit, Cal. Someone’s taken over Susan,” Kat said. “I’m going to turn on the hologram emitters and see if there’s an Avatar who can help us.” Susan is one sexy gal, Kat thought. If we get out of this alive, I’d like Angela and her to get together with Cal, Paul and me for a really hot time. Her pussy was starting to warm up to that thought.

“Cal, Kat,” called Melanie when the emitter network came on. “Melanie took over my body through the neural network. She trapped me in cyberspace and shut down the emitter network. LOOK OUT, CAL!!!”

Cal turned to see a naked Susan swinging a chair at him with murderous intent in her eyes. He ducked just as the chair sailed through the space where his head was. He was reluctant to hit a woman, even one who was trying to kill him.

“Try to knock her out and take her to Lab 3,” the Melanie hologram said. “I’ll give you directions for setting up my helmet so I can kick her out of me. “ Melanie looked at the fight raging between Cal and Susan’s body. “Damn. I’m one really sexy woman,” Melanie said.

“You got that right,” Kat said, trying hard not to start playing with herself. “You and my friend Angela should get together. Her tits are as big as yours; maybe bigger. And she doesn’t care who is getting her off; man, woman, horse, hologram; as long as her pussy’s being stimulated to orgasm, she just doesn’t care.”

“You know, Kat,” Melanie said, “I think I can help you. All you really need to do is just fix yourself up a little. Can I give you a makeover when this is all done?”

“You got it, Susan,” Kat said to Melanie. “But right now I’ve got a bitch-ass to slap down.” Kat stripped down so she’d be able to move. “Hey, Bitch!!” Kat yelled. “I’m coming to help my man kick your sorry ass into next week. When we’re done with you, you won’t be able to fuck for a week. You’re tits will be so sore, you won’t want anybody touching them for a month. And by the time your bones heal, you’ll be so old, your pussy will have dried up and blown away!!!”

“I don’t fight with women who wear glasses, dog. But in your case, I’ll make an exception.” Susan turned to Kat, snarled, and jumped at her.

“Long hair’s a liability in a fight, asshole,” Kat said, grabbing a double handful of Susan’s hair and swinging her around as hard as she could, using Susan’s momentum against her. Susan slammed into the wall, taking out a bank of emitters and some really nice artwork.

“Don’t hurt me too much, Kat,” Melanie’s hologram said. “I need to live in that body when we get me put back together.”

“It’s OK, Susan,” Kat said to Melanie. “I think she’s down for the count.”

“NOW she is,” Cal said, smashing his fist onto Susan’s head. “She was stirring during that last dialogue between you two girls.” Cal had a bulge in his crotch.

“I see you enjoyed looking at me,” Susan said through Melanie’s hologram, smiling wickedly, eyes twinkling, just like Melanie. She flashed her tits at Cal.

Cal was looking at his woman, Kat, in all her nude glory. “That was a great fight. Where did you learn all that?”

“Lots of free time in college,” Kat explained. “My parents always thought I’d be a late bloomer. Mom had a 40DD chest and legs like Susan, there. She was tall, too, about 5-foot-10. Dad was 6-foot-95, or so he seemed to me; more like 6-foot-2. You’d think with parents like that I’d be around 6-feet tall, but nnnnnOOOOOooooooo. I got all the recessive genes; short; no tits; bad eyes; flat hair, everything.” Kat looked at the unconscious Susan. “I’d always wished for a body similar to hers. That’s why my Avatar is built like she is.” She took off her glasses and wiped her eyes. “My parents thought it would be a good idea to learn how to defend myself, in case somebody decided to rape me in a dark alley or something. Little did they know that he couldn’t have forced his entry; you just can’t rape a willing girl. I would have welcomed the chance for sex.”

“Wow,” said Cal, holding Kat gently in his arms. “I didn’t know. That’s really deep; thank you for sharing that with me.” His respect for Kat soared, so did his love. “Let’s get this piece of unconscious meat to Lab 3 so we can get Susan where she belongs.” Cal hefted Susan’s body into a Fireman’s Lift, and carried her towards the labs.

Kat said, “Where’s Lab 3, Susan?” A green line formed on the floor and wall, showing the way.

“Follow the green line. It’ll lead you right to the Lab. I’m going to call Paul and have him come over here with his helmet. Then I’ll join you in the Lab.” Melanie picked up the telephone receiver and started to dial.

“See you soon,” Kat called, and followed the green line.

They entered the Lab and couldn’t believe what they saw; six tables set up, with all the apparatus necessary and ready to go. All that was needed were bodies and helmets. “This must be the orgy room,” Kat and Cal said together. “Up to six people, all fucking their brains out in cyberspace,” Cal said, blushing as he realized what he’d said in front of Kat.

Cal placed Susan’s body on the table closest to the main computer setup. He carefully arranged her on the slab, perhaps taking a little too much time. “That’s fine, Cal,” Melanie said, sitting in the chair in front of the computer console, totally naked. “Paul will be here soon with his and Kat’s helmets. Here’s what you need to do to set up a neuro-cybernetic interface helmet.” Melanie’s hologram gave excellent directions, and Cal followed them exactly. “Now, we’re going to run the program slightly differently. Normally, when the interface is established, your mind controls the Avatar, and your body becomes dormant. This time, your body will remain active, and as long as you are within 15 feet of the pickup, the interface will remain active. What this means is that you will be able to have sex with a live person, not an Avatar. Your Avatar will feel what you feel, and your partner’s Avatar will feel what your partner feels.”

“Kind of like what happens when we hook up, but only in reverse?” Cal asked.

“Similar, but not exactly. You see, we’re not stopping the feedback circuitry from working. You will still feel and hear and sense what your Avatar feels, hears, and senses. So, when you, Cal, start fucking a woman for real out here, your Avatar will feel his cock in your partner’s Avatar’s pussy. Your partner will feel your cock in her pussy, and you will feel your Avatar’s cock in your partner’s Avatar’s pussy. It’s like fucking two women or two men at the same time.”

Cal was ready to put Susan’s helmet on her head. “Carefully place the helmet on me,” Melanie’s hologram said. Cal put the helmet on Susan’s head. “Before starting the program, Cal, you need to adjust your helmet, too. Paul will adjust Kat’s helmet when he arrives. Just do what I had you do to mine, and everything will work beautifully. What we are trying to do is overload the Melanie Avatar with sexual experiences so intense she can’t handle it and shut down. It should work.” She further showed Cal how to load the Avatar settings, so he could launch the interface.

While Cal was getting Susan’s helmet and program set up, Kat went to Lab 2 and got Cal’s helmet. It wasn’t much to look at; kind of like the full skull caps worn in sci-fi movies and TV from the 50s and 60s, before color. As she was heading back to Lab 3, Paul came in, carrying two helmets like the one Kat had.

“Has Susan directed Caleb in setting up the Avatars and helmets?” Paul asked, anxiety pouring from every pore.

“Yes, she has, and Cal’s already calibrated Susan’s helmet and put it on her. He hasn’t yet launched the interface program,” Kat said, picking up on Paul’s anxiety.

“Good. There may still be some time to fix all this.” Paul looked Kat directly in the eyes. “I need for you and Cal to trust me for just a few minutes. Susan had a plan to overload her Avatar and shut Melanie down. The problem is that Melanie may be running the program, and Melanie would be trying to overload Susan so she can take possession of Susan’s body.”

“Melanie’s hologram gave Cal the directions for calibrating the helmets. We put Susan’s body on a table; Cal and I had a fight with Susan, and we knocked her out.” Kat told him the whole story.

“Sounds like something Melanie would do; force Susan to act like that, then claim she was taken over by the Avatar. Fortunately, I have a trick or two that Susan knows, but Melanie doesn’t. We’ll soon know if Melanie or Susan gave those instructions.” Paul kissed Kat, and then noticed that Kat was bare-ass naked. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” Paul turned away.

Kat said, “You should have done that. Remember when I came in to the office? I asked you if you would sire my children. That still goes. And it might take a lot of tries to get me pregnant….”

“We’d better get back to Lab 3, before Melanie/Susan starts to wonder what’s going on,” Paul said. “You and I will work out the baby-making thing later.” They hurried to Lab 3, Paul getting naked on the way. Kat enjoyed the view.

“Hello, Paul,” Melanie’s hologram said. “Glad you could come. Let’s get everything set up, so we can finally shut Melanie down.”

“Glad to be here,” Paul said. He turned to Cal. “Caleb, I’m Paul Brighton, Susan Simmons’ counterpart in the female Center here in town. Pleased to meet you.” He held out his hand.

“Thanks for coming on such short notice,” Cal said, noticing Paul’s build. “I’m just sorry that it’s under these circumstances.” Cal noticed Melanie looking at Paul and himself.

“Let me check your work, Caleb. Calibrating these helmets can be a bit tricky.” Paul removed Susan’s helmet and inspected it. “Perfect. I don’t need to make any changes here. Let me see your helmet.” Cal handed Paul his helmet. “Also perfect. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you had been dong this for as long as I have.” Paul chuckled. “I’d better get Kat’s and my helmets set up so we can get started.” Paul replaced Susan’s helmet on her head. Paul quickly set up the two remaining helmets and said, “Only two things remain. Caleb, you know what to do to get ready for the interface. Strip and lie down on that table. I’ll bring over your helmet. Kat, lie down over there. Melanie/Susan, if you’ll kindly lie down next to Caleb…”

Paul took the chair Melanie vacated and checked the interface settings. “Looks like everything’s ready to go. I’ve set a timer for starting the neuro-cybernetic interface.” He activated the program. “Interface in 15 seconds.” He went to the next empty table, lay down, and put on his helmet. “In 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

It was a strange feeling, like being in two places at exactly the same time. Cal got up and walked over to Susan’s table. She looked so sexy, there, but she looked so strange, like there were two women, almost alike, lying there, naked. He caressed her cheek and felt two cheeks. He looked at a shiny surface and saw his own reflection; Cal and Peter, Peter overlaying Cal in a kind of ghostlike image. “In the fairy tales, the princess was always awakened by a kiss,” Cal/Peter said, and he kissed Susan/Melanie gently on the lips.

“What… who…” Susan/Melanie said. She opened her gorgeous, sexy eyes and saw Cal/Peter. She threw her arms around him, pulled him close and whispered into his ear, “Rape me. Force your cock into me. Slam me hard, over and over until I cum. It’s the only way to overload Melanie. If you can get Paul to rape my ass, that would be even better. What about Kat? Is she here?”

“Yes,” Cal/Peter said. “Maybe she could eat your tits?”

“Perfect,” Susan/Melanie said. “When I/we cum from all that sensation, that should shut Melanie down. Do it.”

Cal/Peter motioned Paul/Simon and Kat/Angela over and explained the plan to them. Paul/Simon listened intently, then said, “That sounds like a plan that Susan would come up with. I see that your Avatar is better hung than mine, Cal, so you should decimate her quim. I’ll fuck her ass. Kat, you suck her tits like you’ve never sucked tits before. We’ll make this Avatar-bitch regret she ever took us on.”

Cal/Peter, Paul/Simon, and Kat/Angela walked over to Susan/Melanie. “You’re going to service all of us, bitch,” Cal/Peter said. “Stand up.” He pulled Susan/Melanie off the table and sat on the edge of it. “Blow my rod, bitch,” Cal/Peter commanded. “Make me hard. I want to force my way into that pretty little hole between your legs.” He pushed her lips against his pecker, and as her lips parted, Cal/Peter felt the unmistakable impression of two mouths sucking his cock; or rather, sucking his cocks. Cal/Peter quickly grew to their full lengths, eager and straining to enter Susan/Melanie’s sexual entrance.

Cal/Peter pushed Susan/Melanie away and said, “Enough of that. I want to see if you’re ready for me.” He laid down on the table and said, “Climb up here, bitch. Show me your cunt.” Kat/Angela and Paul/Simon lifted Susan/Melanie onto the table, Susan/Melanie trying to resist. Kat/Angela reached between Susan/Melanie’s legs and fondled her pussy. “She’s starting to get wet,” Kat/Angela said. “Maybe you want her before she’s ready for you.”

“Sounds good, Kat,” Cal/Peter said. “Put her on top.” They forced Susan/Melanie over Cal/Peter’s dong and pressed her down until Cal/Peter’s cock slowly penetrated Susan/Melanie’s pussy. “Ohhh, yeah,” Cal/Peter said. “Nice and tight, waiting for a hard fucking.” Cal/Peter started pushing himself into her resisting cunt, making Susan/Melanie cry out in pain. “Hey Paul,” said Cal/Peter, “I bet her asshole could use a good reaming out.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” said Paul/Simon. “I like the look of her ass.” He spread her cheeks and pressed his cockhead against her rim. He leaned over the tortured woman and said, “I hope you’re ready for a royal ass-fucking.” He pushed in hard as Cal/Peter pushed up hard, and Paul/Simon went ¾ of the way in on one thrust.

“NNNOOOOO!!!” cried Susan/Melanie. “IT’S TOO MUCH!!! YOU’RE BOTH TOO BIG!!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ALL!!!!”

Kat/Angela started pinching Susan/Melanie’s nipples. “Too bad, bitch. You’re taking it, and you’re going to love it. You’re going to want Cal and Paul to rape you over and over and over. You’re even going to want to service me whenever I want it.” Kat was playing with herself and getting close to climax. She pinched Susan/Melanie’s engorged clit. “Some more like that, and you’ll explode. Then you’ll beg for more.” Kat/Angela violently twisted Susan/Melanie’s hypersensitive love button until she screamed in delight.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD!” Susan/Melanie screamed, her pussy exploding on Cal/Peter’s cock. Cal/Peter unloaded in her double cunt, and Paul/Simon jetted his goo into her combined ass.

* * * * *

Paul/Simon was the first to get up. “Susan, are you there?” Paul/Simon said. Susan looked up at Paul/Simon.

“Melanie is still on, but she’s not active right now, Paul,” Susan said. “I think it’s safe to disconnect and delete Melanie from the system entirely.” She got up and winced at each movement. “God, I’m sore,” she said. “You didn’t have to take your roles so seriously.” She disconnected the interface.

Cal took off his helmet. “We did if we wanted to convince Melanie. She could have tapped into you and figured out the whole plan.”

“She almost did, Cal,” Susan said. “You need to take Kat to Lab 2 and help her out.” Kat was looking a little miffed.

“I’ll do that,” Cal said, reaching down to Kat and helping her up.

* * * * *

Kat and Cal were set up for a normal interface in Lab 2 and Lab 3; Peter and Angela had an excellent session. Cal’s collection bag had a large glob of man goo in it; Kat overflowed hers, and MAC had to be called in to clean it up.

Over the next few weeks, Susan managed to reinstall Melanie as she was meant to be. Cal and Susan had several sessions together; Peter liked fucking Melanie, and Melanie liked fucking Pater. Paul tried to get Kat pregnant, but it just didn’t work. Simon liked Angela, and they got in on many times.

Eventually, Kat and Cal got their payment for helping test the equipment; their own Home Units with 10,000 FuCKs in storage. They were given full instruction on setting up the units and activating the interface. The one thing they didn’t understand was the Phase III capsule place in the unit room.

* * * * *

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