Phase III Avatars...
The Players:

Katherine Banks (Kat): A very horny, 25-year-old, sexually imaginative woman. Virgin because no one has wanted to take her virginity away.

Caleb Whitaker (Cal): Kat's male counterpart. Similar story.

Peter: Cal's Avatar

Angela: Kat's Avatar; also Kat's friend, Angela Newman, Cal's elementary school days crush

Susan Simmons: A tech at the Finkelman Cyberspace Research Center; has the hots for Cal.

Paul Brighton: A tech at the FCRC. Has the hots for Susan and Kat.

Let the story continue....

Eventually, Kat and Cal got their payment for helping test the equipment; their own Home Units with 10,000 FuCKs in storage. They were given full instruction on setting up the units and activating the interface. The one thing they didn’t understand was the Phase III capsule place in the unit room.

* * * * *

Six months later, a large delivery truck came to Cal’s house with FCRC printed on the sides. Three men unloaded two large crates and one pallet of electronics. “Where’s your Unit room?” a worker named Fred asked.

“Through the front door, to the left; open the door and go down to the basement,” Cal replied.

“Great; in the basement. Always in the freakin’ basement,” Fred said, under his breath. To Cal, he said, “Sign here, here, and here; initial here and here. Come to your Unit room in 30 minutes.” Cal signed and initialed, and Fred and crew went to work.

30 minutes later, Cal went down to his Unit room. There, in the Phase III spot, were two cylinders; one had something in it, and the other was empty. Fred was there, putting a few final touches on the area.

“Here’s the manual for your Phase III Avatar. READ IT!!! I don’t like making a house call because the Alpha – that’s you, Bub – didn’t read the freakin’ manual! It’s all installed. All we need to do is tweak the system a bit, and for that, I need you here. Sit down.” Fred indicated a new chair in the room; Cal sat.

“State your full name, first, middle, and last.” Fred said.

“Caleb Allen Whitaker,” Cal replied. He thought he heard an echo of what he said come from the upright cylinder.

“Age?” Fred asked.

“25,” Cal said, again hearing that strange echo.

“Last question,” Fred said. “What’s your Avatar’s name, first middle and last?”

“Peter David Adamson,” Cal answered, this time definitely hearing the echo from the upright cylinder. “Okay, Fred,” Cal said, “what the heck is going on? What did you bring to me? What am I supposed to do?”

“First off, don’t panic. Secondly, get a cup of coffee and sit back down. Thirdly, watch this video; take notes if you have to. Then, READ THE FREAKIN’ MANUAL!!!!” Fred exclaimed. “I’ll be back in 20 minutes to give you a quiz.” Fred and crew left the room.

Cal took a deep breath or two, got a cup of coffee, sat back down, and started the video. After a spectacular opening sequence, Susan came on.

“If you’re watching this, Cal, then your Phase III Avatar has been delivered and installed.” The camera pulled back to a longer shot, showing that Susan wasn’t wearing much at all. She continued, “This is why we took those DNA samples, Cal. We sort of cloned you. This isn’t an exact genetic duplicate of you; it’s a living, breathing duplicate of your Avatar, based on your genetic pattern. If he were involved in a DNA test, his DNA would match yours almost exactly.”

Cal now realized why Fred insisted he sit back down. If he’d been standing, he would have fallen over. He paused the video for a minute while this sank in. After he wrapped his mind around this concept, he continued the video.

“I hope this doesn’t come as too much of a shock, Cal,” Susan said. “Melanie wanted to be a Phase III, but we just couldn’t let her. That’s why we had to shut her down. I’m truly sorry we put you and Kat through all that, but we were right in selecting you for the program. Kat’s friend, Angela, has also done very well. Fred and his crew are on their way over to install her Phase III unit, though she doesn’t really need one, as there are very few differences between her and her Avatar. Kat’s unit was installed about 10 minutes before yours, so she should be about halfway through the manual. Please read it through and underline anything you don’t understand. I’ll come by and explain it all, if you need it.”

Susan waved at the camera. “Bye, Cal. I hope to hear from you, soon.” She blew a kiss at the camera, then bared her marvelous chest. Cal almost had a heart attack.

Fred came back and found Cal deep in thought as he was poring through the manual. “Glad to see you reading the book. Got any questions?”

Cal jumped. “Well, I couldn’t find a couple of control points,” Cal said. “I don’t think they were installed.”

“Good eye, Bub. We didn’t,” Fred said. “It was a test to see if you’d been reading the manual. You’re a sharp one, almost as sharp as the lady whose unit we installed today right before yours. We got one more install to do today, and we’ll be done for a while. It’s good to see this unit is in good hands.” Fred held out his hand. “If you ever need servicing on any part of your Home Unit, feel free to call and ask for Fred. We’ll be right out.”

Cal shook hands and said, “Thanks. I’m looking forward to trying it all out.” He went back to the manual as Fred saw his way out.

An hour and a half later, Cal felt confident enough to try activating his Avatar. He started the computer interface:

“Time delay before implementing?” Cal entered one minute. “Open entry cylinder and lie down, after stripping off all clothing, please.” What’s with all this stripping? Cal thought, as he complied with the computer’s instructions. He climbed into the entry cylinder, laid down, and closed the lid, and waited. “Avatar activation in 5… 4… 3… 2… “ A cold gas filled the tube, and Cal fell asleep.

“Exit cylinder open,” the computer voice said. Cal pushed the door open and almost fell out. What am I doing standing up? he thought, as he grabbed the table for support. He saw a suitcase on the floor. He pulled it up onto the table and opened it. It was full of clothes, just his size, and a note: Thought you could use these. Love, Susan. The note was scented with something familiar, but Cal couldn’t place it. He got dressed and called Susan.

“FCRC, Susan speaking,” said a thrilling voice.

“Susan? It’s Cal. I’m trying out the new Phase III, and I like it!!” Cal said.

“I’ll be right over,” Susan replied.

Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Cal answered. Paul and Susan were there, as well as a woman Cal knew was familiar but he couldn’t place. “Come on in,” he said, gesturing them into the living room. “I hope you don’t mind the mess.” Cal looked at the women; they looked back. “Kat?” Cal asked of the woman he didn’t quite recognize. “Is that you? God, you’re even more beautiful in real space than you were in cyberspace.”

“Glad you like the new me, Cal. I like the new you. Susan does, too. And Paul likes us both.” She kicked off her shoes, revealing a little sexy leg. She went over to Susan, stroked her hair lovingly, and said, “I wouldn’t mind sharing you with Susan if you don’t mind sharing me with Paul. I think we owe her a gentle loving session after what we did to her and for her at the Center.” She squeezed Susan’s breast gently, and Susan moaned a little. “What do you say, boys? She’s got two massive tits and three horny holes; no waiting.” Kat unzipped Susan’s dress and slid it off of her, revealing a fantastic body just ready for sex.

Cal looked at Paul; Paul looked at Cal. They shrugged and started undressing. Cal finished first; he walked to Susan and took over for Kat. Susan smiled wickedly at Cal and gently stroked his enormous sex pole. Cal fondled both her breasts, waiting for Paul before kissing her. Cal looked around; Paul was kissing Kat passionately and fondling her ass. “Oh, well,” Cal said, and began kissing Susan with all the ardor he could muster. Susan responded in the same manner, grinding her crotch against Cal’s love rocket. Cal was soon to his full length and girth, and Susan’s juices were dripping down her legs.

Cal gently laid Susan on the carpeting, and Susan responded by opening her legs to him. He took the hint and climbed into her love saddle, gently pushing his massive cockhead into her dripping love hole. She bucked a little, forcing a couple inches of his love muscle into her. “OOOOOOhhhhhhhh,” she moaned. “I like that. Push more in.”

Cal began with short strokes, gently pushing more of his bed snake into its home. As more of him entered her, he was able to make his strokes longer and deeper. Soon, all of him was inside her hot, juicy quim, and he held himself still for a minute or two, so she could get used to being filled so full.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. “I need you to fuck me; I need you to make me cum. I want your cock to fuck my brains out!” Susan’s eyes were on fire with the lustfulness that filled her body.

Cal began stroking her womanhood with his engorged manhood, bringing small moans of pleasure from Susan’s throat with every stroke. The more he fucked her, the hotter she got; the hotter she got, the more she fucked him back. He was banging her harder and faster, going as deep as her pussy would allow. She was trying to make sure his shaft was all the way in her with each and every movement of Cal’s thighs and hips. All too quickly, it seemed, Susan was on the verge of a massive orgasm, wanting only a little extra stimulation. “Kiss me,” she breathlessly said. “Kiss me; suck my nipples; stab me harder with your weapon. Make me cum!!!” Each declaration got louder and louder as Cal furiously pounded her pussy.

Cal was watching Susan’s titanic tits flounce around with every stroke. He pinched one errant nipple. “OOHHH, Yeah,” Susan moaned. “Bite it, lover boy!” she demanded. Cal complied, drawing out a passionate groan from Susan. “Bite them both!” she cried. He bit one, then the other, then back to the first; back and forth, forth and back, until Susan finally couldn’t handle it.

“AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed. “IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD!!!” Wave after wave of sexual release pulsed through Susan’s overheated and oversexed body as her massively intense orgasm ripped through her. Cal exploded into her quim, jetting what felt like a gallon of hot cock cream into her. He collapsed on top of her, and gently rolled off, slowly withdrawing his woody from her sopping hole.

“Was that nicer than the last time, Susan?” Cal asked, hoping he hadn’t hurt her too much.

Susan smiled at him. “Much nicer,” she purred. “I liked being raped by you and Paul, but I didn’t like the pain, soreness, and bruises afterward. This was much better. Thank you.” She kissed Cal deeply.

Cal looked over at Paul and Kat; they were going at it like gangbusters. “I’m so close I’m so close I’m so close,” Kat was saying. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!” she wailed.

Cal got instantly hard again. He went over to Kat and Paul and said, “Do you remember our first time with Simon and Melanie?” Kat nodded enthusiastically. Paul stopped and stared off into space, then a grin started forming. “Susan’s pussy is full of our combined juices, Kat,” Cal said. “And Paul, her ass needs some attention, too.” Paul’s grin got wider and wider. He pulled out of Kat’s hole and went over to Susan, helped her up into position, and pushed his slimy cockhead against her ass cheeks. Susan gladly spread them wide and began taking his love muscle into her Hershey Highway.
Cal helped Kat get into position, her mouth poised over Susan’s quivering quim, slimy juices beginning to ooze from Susan’s sex pocket. Cal took his place behind Kat, placing his cockhead against her pussy lips, and gently thrust his head into Kat. Kat shoved back hard, forcing half his length into her. Cal pulled out part way, then pushed hard, driving his cockshaft all the way into Kat’s waiting sexual garden. Kat and Cal quickly settled into a rhythm that allowed both to experience each other’s sexual delights to the max, while Kat got a good taste of Susan and Cal’s combined fluids.

Paul was punishing Susan’s ass with every stroke of his rock-hard sex muscle, and Susan was responding very favorably. Susan loved having her ass reamed by a knowledgeable partner with a big dick. She was getting closer and closer to another massive cum. Kat was sucking Susan’s pussy dry, making sure Susan’s love button was well taken care of. Paul reached around and tweaked both of Susan’s nipples just as Kat nibbled on her clit. That pushed Susan over the top. “OOOOOOOHHHHHH, THAT’S SO FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!” Susan screamed in ecstasy. She began cumming and cumming and cumming. Paul fired jet after jet of hot jizz into her waiting asshole.

Cal reached around Kat’s waist and down to the front of her love patch; he started playing with Kat’s clit, gently massaging it and flicking it. “Glurrgg, glurble, glorp,” Kat said, her mouth and tongue full of Cal/Susan cream. He thought he knew what she wanted; he reached up with his other hand and fondled her tits, gently tweaking her nipples. “Grargle fumbge nupreas,” Kat said, nodding as vigorously as she could. Cal fucked her tortured twat harder and faster, pinching her clit and nipples as hard and often as he could. Soon, Kat reluctantly lifted her face from Susan’s honeypot and screamed, “DDDAAAMMMNNN, I’M CUMMING BUCKETS!!!!” A powerful orgasm tore its way through Kat’s magnificent body, her overworked pussy milking Cal’s woody for all it was worth.

Cal unleashed another tremendous torrent of man-cum into Kat’s ejaculating pussy, replacing all her female fluids with his male fluids. He then rolled to the side, taking Kat with him. He kissed her neck, and she turned to him, pussy glaze all over her face. “You taste good with her,” Kat said, “but I think we taste better.” She kissed Cal and fed him some of Susan’s honey. “What do you think?” Kat asked.

“MMMmmm… tasty,” Cal said, “but I need another sample direct from the source.” He reached over to Susan’s quim, scooped out a little sample of her remaining juice, and licked his fingers clean. “Yes, it is tasty,” he said. “Now, I need a sample for comparison.” He forced Kat’s legs apart and scooped out a sample of her combined juices. “Yup,” Cal said after tasting the Cal/Kat love juice, “we definitely taste better together, Kat. But Susan and I taste great, too,” he said, patting Susan’s massive tits.

Kat said, “I’ve got a question, Cal. How did you know I hadn’t cum? I mean, Paul and I were really getting it on and…”

Cal replied, “It was easy, Kat. Apart from what you were saying after Susan and I finished, my carpeting was dry.”

Kat squeezed Cal’s love muscle hard, then laughed.


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