This is the story of my first experience with a guy…I am going to use this forum to get a lot off my chest, things only two other people and the parties involved know about. With no one to tell, I am hoping this acts as a way to just get it off my chest and the weight off my shoulders.
Let me start off by saying I am not a writer, the flow of this won't be perfect, but thats because its a real story, all of my stories are real and some are crazy in a good way, some in a bad way, but all true. I hope people enjoy reading them, even the bad ones are things I can look back on now and find erotic.

I guess let me start by describing myself. At the time I was a transfer sophomore to a prestigious NY college on a baseball scholarship, always taking a strong interest in healthy living I worked out daily, I ate a very clean diet, and as a result was in the shape you would expect a D-1 athlete to be in. To date at this point I had never had any experiences with other men. I had on occasion jerked off to thoughts that included guy on guy play but it was usually part of something that involved a girl as well. Being a transfer I didn't know a lot of people outside of the baseball team and even they were mostly New York players. So I felt like I didn't fit in from day one. That would change over time as I got more comfortable and that was going into my seconds semester. I needed money so my first semester I became an RA (Resident Assistant) so save some $ on room and board and to make a little extra spending money. I thought it was a great job because I got my own room, a weekly check and free room nd board. Not too bad…with second semester coming and a heavy course load coming and baseball demands and practices it didn't look like I could do the RA thing second semester, so I was assigned a room. I was put in a quad, a quad is a room originally designed for four students, but do to fire code they put three people in the room. I met my one roommate on day one of my spring semester, Jason (JJ) was on the soccer team and a theater and psych major. He seemed like a normal kid, very attractive and in great shape. He had the whole soccer theme going pretty strong too with longer blond hair he would keep up with a head band all the time. The day I moved in he was in soccer shorts and thats it, over the next 3 months I don't think I saw him with a t-shirt on more than half a dozen times. He was always half naked. I didn't get to meet my second roommate for almost three weeks, Chris was pre-med and going to be a doctor because both his parents were, while Id see signs of him coming and going I never saw him.

After a week or so guys on the BB team started telling me stories about my roommates, saying there were rumors of them doing weird stuff, 'the soccer guys are strange man be careful…' they's say. I heard rumors of the european kids getting some of them drunk and making them do sexual things they'd later deny or blame on the alcohol. I was told by another kid that my roommate was bi. I didn't pay much thought to anything because his gf was over all the time, she was a hot half asian half white brunette from NJ. No gay acts here I thought…that all changed when I met chris and saw how they interacted. It was clear that they had a strange relationship, both always half naked, there was a lot of touchy feel stuff that I found strange. Not totally uncommon in athletics, but because of all the stories I heard it made me assume stuff. They were both outgoing and forward, but liked to joke. They would always make sexual jokes, gay jokes, etc.. saying things like "Wanna bet? Loser has to get naked and stay that way all day…" "BS…Im not falling for that again, fool me once shame on me…" then start laughing and go on about their business.

I decided one friday I was going home (Hartford) for the weekend, I packed my stuff, They had both started drinking, there weren't any games this weekend so I was free to get home, get some home cooked meals, and get my laundry done for free, can't beat that…they tried getting me to stay and drink, but I didn't drink and wanted to get home so I passed even on just hanging out and started home. About 30 minutes into my drive I pulled over to get a snack and gatorade, after fishing around I realized I forgot my wallet. I gave the car another once over but didn't end anything, I tried calling both of them to see if it was in fact there but there was no answered. I turned back and got to campus…I went into the dorm, went up to my room when I keyed in and opened the door I almost died, my roommates where naked and making out and both jerking each other off. I froze…I didn't want to see what I was seeing and I def didn't want to watch but I couldn't process what was happening, after what seemed like a minute (it was really only a few seconds) i yelled out 'Jesus christ guys what the f%ck?!' Mortified and in shock I slammed the door shut standing outside the door, I couldn't believe what I saw. I could hear them cracking up like they could care less…I asked if they were decent, christ said yes…I walked in and grabbed my wallet off the desk, they were laughing I went home and was ready to call housing and be transferred…by the time the weekend was over I had already spoke to both of them via text and they had both apologized stating they get a little wild sometimes when they get drunk and they were sorry. I don't know if its because I was warned and heard rumors but by the time I got back I wasn't as mad I just didn't wanna have to deal with that. I said " I don't care what you guys do, what you're into, or what gets you going I just don't want to have to see or deal with it…" after a joke about you should try it they both agreed to keep it under control and leave me be as far as 'getting crazy' was concerned.

Over the next month that seemed to be just a bad memory and we all started to be pretty cool around each other. We would joke and bust on each other a lot…about 8 weeks after the incident they started making jokes, lots of them, making comments, doing things to make me uncomfortable, walking around in just under wear, masturbating in their bed when I was in mine, looking and staring while they did it, they thought it was funny making me uncomfortable. JJ would jerk off at night and say my name pretending like he was getting off thinking about me, what ever they could to get me uncomfortable. JJ even would offer me money to jerk off of to change in front of him, it was endless. Slowly chipping away at me I guess subconsciously I suppose. Then it happened….. (See part two)

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