Fisrt time--learning how
Can you teach me how to please a woman?

A bit of background. Late 1960s. Old established prudish northern city.
I was 19 at the time, 5-7 and 130 pounds. Skinny but not ugly. I wore very thick black rimmed glasses. Only one way to describe me: nerd -- I was an electronic technician.
I did not date much before this, because of my “nerd” status; the “cool girls” migrated to the muscle/athletic guys. (No, I did not have a pocket saver, but I did have a slide rule) All that was left over was the plus-size prudes…
I was invited to a party thrown by a co-worker who just started at our company. He said that there would be a lot of guys and girls our age from his neighborhood, with beer.
So, what the hell, I said I would be there.
For me, I am not a real drinker; I nursed 2 beers all night, as I was driving. As I went for the second beer, there were these two girls talking. One was older, 50’s, dressed in jeans and a white blouse, and taller than me. The other looked like 20s. Short brown hair, plaid skirt, white blouse with a logo for the hospital, almost looked like a Catholic school girl’s uniform. . (The hospital was run by the Catholic Church.)
About 5-4, slim but toned, smaller boobs, very nice face. Looked like a high school cheerleader. So, the smaller one was saying to the older one “Yes, I would like to get married again, but if not, a good lay will do” They both giggled. So I waited till they parted, finished beer number two and approached her away from the main crowd.
I said “Excuse me, but I overheard you talking to the other lady” She got a real strange look, and “yes?” I said “I have not been with a lady that way, and would like to learn how to really please one. She: “I have never heard that line before” “It’s not a line, I am a 19 year old virgin. My friends brag about wham, bam, thank you ma’am. I want to learn how to enjoy it longer as to please the lady. If she’s pleased, I’m sure I will be.”
She realized I was serious. I fully expected to be landed on my ass from a right cross.
(Maybe wearing glasses has an advantage?) She said her name was Cathy
She said that she is a nurse in OB/GYN at the catholic hospital and if they found out she would be fired. After all, to them, a 19 yr old guy with a 38 yr old woman was not right.
She gave me her phone number and said ”I have early shift tomorrow and must leave now, but call me in the evening, and we will discuss this. Tell nobody about this”
So here’s her story (which is true) of her before that night. She was married but was in a bad automobile crash which made her unable to conceive. Her husband divorced her shortly afterward, because he wanted kids; His own, not adopted ones. So she wrapped herself into her work and finished up her degree and specialty.

This is the part which blew my mind (and nuts later). At the hospital, OB/GYN doctors and nurses sometimes had to instruct newlyweds on how to get pregnant. The public or religious school systems did not teach this, and many parents, especially mothers, found it too embarrassing to do so. So my request, not to make a pun, was right up her alley……

She said these are the rules: “We would have fun, get our kicks, but no strings attached. We don’t get seriously involved. At any time, either one of us could say “thank you, it was fun”, and move on. I agreed.

Also being a prudish town, there were no “adult bookstores” to be able to buy any kind of a “manual”. So the doctors found something called a “marital manual” to use as a textbook, with illustrations. Sort of a “Dummy’s guide to sex” (After seeing it, I was certain it came from another country and the doctors had it translated.) They were not allowed to have “live” demos, so a pseudo classroom atmosphere was about how it went. She said they had anatomically correct plastic models but that was as far as it went.

She liberated one of the books. It started out with foreplay. Like: kissing, and fondling. The sensitive spots of man and woman, etc. We did that. Then it went into “advanced” foreplay (oral), sucking and licking. The object was to not to replace the sex act with oral, but to get both parties motor running and the engine warmed up, for the main event.
The next chapter was almost all missionary position. I was ready to blow my load after a few minutes (this was REALLY my first time), but she stopped me, and made me slow down. She said to almost stop if you have to. So we slowed, and went back to it for the next ½ hour. By then we both needed some sleep, and she was working tomorrow, so I went home.
The next session.
This was about some other positions, and more advanced stuff. And cleaning up afterward, so you did not smell like sex the next morning at work.
The last chapter covered condoms, birth control pills sex toys and devices, etc, for AFTER you have the kids you want. Nice to know for the future, but not needed tonight…

We had real dates like movies restaurants and such, but no hand holding or other signs of affection in public. This way if we ran into someone either of us knew, we would say “my cousin from XXXX”
Sometimes the sessions with her were 3 weeks apart sometimes twice a week. I traveled a bit in my occupation, and her schedule…….

After about 3 months, on and off, she said that she was going out with a guy her age and like him a lot, so its time to move on. She said “I did not and will not tell him about us. He knows I can’t have kids and is OK with it.” Being I was expecting this, I said “It’s been great. I will never forget you, and sincerely hope you find what you want and will be happy. If it does not work out, let me know.”
She said “I will be happy, even if I have to teach him how to please me” We both laughed and did not see each other until-- about a year later, I had a service call at the hospital and saw her in the hallway. I said: “Are you happy?” She said “Yes, but I had to teach him the finer points …”
We both laughed and went on. I never saw her again.. Cathy gave me more than sex; it was the confidence I acquired that made me more popular and dated a lot more. In fact, about 2 years later I got married and moved out of state. That was 44 years ago and still married to the same one.

Yes, the “manual” did come in handy, as my wife was one of those who could have been Cathy’s student…… No experience and prudish parents.
She asked “where did you get this?” I said: “From a teacher….”

Go easy on me, this is my first story.
I have others waiting

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2014-10-26 20:06:56
Very good, Thank you for writing in a manner which stimulates the brain.

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2014-10-23 00:24:45
A good believable story. You have a certain talent for this sort of story. Please more.


2014-02-08 22:00:15
Yes I did fuck her. ALL the lessons included live demonstrations

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2014-02-08 04:22:27
Did you fuck her or not? I couldn't figure out if you were reading out of the book or giving her the dick. Clarify next time.

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