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Hi guys. This is my first ever story, so please give feedback. I apologize for misspellings and grammar faults, I'm Norwegian, and can't garantee everything is right. Hope you will enjoy. Here is chapter 1-3
Chapter 1

My name is Cora. 24 years old, slim, but got good curves, and big boobs, I got a double D cup. I got hair like Ariel, and it reaches down to midwaist. I'm 1.57m tall. Or short, however you want to see it.:)

I run towards the pub, late as always. I trip and the purse falls to the ground, all of it's contents scattered around on the ground. "Oh fuck me!" I course loudly.
"Not if you were the last person on earth.." I hear a familiar voice behind me and turn to see Tim, the only one in our group I can't stand. "Ditto, asshat!" He just walks past me, not sparing me a second glance. He walks into the pub, orders a pint and look for Jason. He sees him in the corner. "Hey mate, I'm over here!" Jason calls out to him. "Hey." He flash his million dollar smile as he walks towards him. "Hey mate! How's it hanging?"
"A little to the left, as always!" They laugh as Tim sits down. "Have you seen Cora? She normally isn't as late as today" Jason says looking at his watch.
"Oh, I saw her on all fours outside. Guess she was waiting for someone." Tim says nastily. "Fuck you, Tim!" I say as I get to the table, hearing what he said. He just rolls his eyes and take a sip of his pint.
"Hey babygirl" Jason says, getting up, giving me his normal teddybear hug. He is the best friend a girl could ever have, and always there with a hug.

I go to the bar and buy a round. I give one to Tim, one to Jason and one for myself, and I sit in the nook of Jason's arm. "Is everything okay, babygirl? I'm worried about you."
"Thank you Jason. I'm just tired. Work has been utter hell."
"You have to take care of yourself"
"I am. I'm taking two weeks off.."
He strokes my hair.
"Good. Haven you eaten anything today, babygirl?"
"No, forgot it.."
"Let's order something now."
Tim cuts in. "No! The only good thing about this pub is the drinks. Never, and I mean, never eat here.. We were on the toilet for a week last time!" We laugh, and he shakes his head. "I've never had that much pain in my ass in my life, felt like I'd been buttfucked for weeks.."
Jason laughs so hard he almost shoot his drink through his nose. Tim and Jason talk for a while, and I mostly sit and listen, my mind isn't in the right place.

After two more rounds, it's on me again, so I bring the drinks to the table and sit back down.
"So, any plans for your vacation, babygirl?" Jason asks. He never got tired of using that petname for me.
"Being a couchpotato, and catch up on Sons of Anarchy."
"Aren't you always a couchpotato?!"
Tim remarks snippy from the side.
I look at him, down to his pint and him again.
"Can't you ever just be nice?! Asshat.." I mutter and go back to the bar.
"Tim, what the fuck? When are you two going to get along?"
"When she stops being a bitch!"
"I think it was you that were the bitch now, Tim.."
He takes a gulp of his pint, and feel a slight pang of guilt since he never even said thanks for it.

I sit at the bar, trying so hard not to start crying. I drink two mojitos and take two shots before I feel ready to go back. I also feel quite buzzed at the moment.
As I walk towards the table, Tim gets up. "Oh, are you leaving?" I say sarcastically.
"No, I'm taking a piss. Care to hold it for me?"
"Wtf, no..!"
As he walks he scolds himself for saying that, as he wanted to try to be nice.
A guy smashes into me, spilling his beer all over me. "OH COME ON! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!" I scream in frustration.
"Take a fucking chillpill lady!"
I need some air, and rush out where I can be alone. The tears roll down my cheek, and I let them.

"Hey. You look like you need this.."
I jump as I hear Tim's voice behind me, and I wipe my tears quickly. As I turn he stands there with the most ridiculous looking cocktail I've ever seen, with fruit and umbrellas on top. "Uhm.. Thanks?" He hands it to me, and turn to leave. I taste it, and immediately gag. "That tastes like cotton candy on acid!" He turns back to me. "It can't be that bad!" He takes it, and takes a sip, and spits it out faster then I've ever seen. "Oh fuck! That's horrible! How can they sell this?!" He looks shocked and dumbfounded. "You bought it!"
"Well, I know you're not a huge fan of beer, so I just asked for the drink with the biggest amount if vodka in it.." He sets it down. "Are you really okay?" He asks more serious then ever.
The tears threaten my eyes again.
"No.. I.. I lost my job today.."
"What?! No way! Why?"
"I got the blame for Jasmine's tampering with the reports."
"Why didn't you say it was her then?!"
"She is the one that told the management about the tampering.. It would just look like I was trying to make her look bad. At least I don't need to look at her ugly face anymore.."
"But you should take this further!"
"I don't stand a chance. Jasmine is their golden child!" Tears flow freely now. "Sorry, I don't know why I told you, you don't care about my problems anyways.."
Tim has no idea what to do. He realises that he doesn't even know what I worked with, that he actually don't know me at all. But that he truly cares.
"I.. Of course I care.."

The door opens up, and Jason comes out. He looks from me, to Tim and back to me again. Seeing me in tears next to Tim, and he flips out. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" He charges after Tim and hits him smack over the nose.
I scream. Tim screams. "Jason! Jason, stop!" He doesn't hear me, and pushes Tim against the wall. "Why can't you leave her alone?!" "I didn't do anything!" Tim shouts, trying to break free.
"JASON, STOP IT!" I yell loudly. "He didn't hurt me! He was nice! He was actually really nice!" He puts Tim down, and rush over, hugging me tight. "What's wrong, babygirl? Why are you crying?"
"Just been a rough day.. Can you go back in and order me a mojito? I just need to talk to Tim before I go back inside." "Sure baby.." He turns to Tim. "I'm really sorry.."
Tim waves him off. "I'll take two pints!" Jason nods and go back inside. I look up at Tim, him being 1.88 m, I have to look up quite a bit, and his nose is bleeding. "Are you okay? I'm sorry.." "Nothing like a bloody nose on a Friday.." He laughs it off.
"Please don't tell him about my job.. I don't need him hanging over my shoulder as I'm finding a new one.." He smiles. "Secret's safe with me."

We get back inside, and Jason calls us out. "Look who's smiling at each other! It's a fucking miracle!"
I blush, but we both say "Fuck off, Jason" at the same time.
We sit down just as Carrie comes in. "Hello!"
"Hey Carrie!" I hug her. "Missed you."
"Miss you too, Cora." She smiles and great Jason and Tim.
Carrie and Tim has a on and off fling, she use to go to him when she doesn't get it else where. Looks like it's been a while for her now, cause today she is all over him.
"How are you today, Tim? Missed your sexy ass.." She smirks, almost sitting on top of him. "I'm good, thanks.." He brush her off. "Any other plans than catching up on your tv-shows, Cora?"
"Maybe I'll go on a roadtrip to clear my mind"
"Oh, I love roadtrips!" Carrie busts in again.
I laugh. "You are crazy on roadtrips Carrie.."
"Oh really? Tell me more about this.." Jason leans over the table with a huge sleazy grin on his face.
She blushes and tells everyone about the adventure she had in the back of my car while I was driving, to my horror. I leave, not needing the pictures of that back in my head.
I start talking to a guy at the bar and he buys me another shot.
I take it, and immediately regret it, feeling it pressing up my throat.

Carrie reaches under the table and strokes Tim's cock through his jeans, and nibble on his earlobe, but he pushes her hand away, leaning his head casually the other way, so she lose the grip on his ear. "Carrie, please.."
He turns to Jason. "When were we going to Frank and Jenny for the dinner tomorrow?"
"Oh, that. It was 18:00 I think?" Jason replies. "It's 19:00.." Carrie says, with a hint of bitterness. "Dinner and games, wasn't it?" They nod.
"Cora has been away for a while. Where is she?" Tim gets up. "I'll see if I can find her."
He walks through the pub, not finding me anywhere. He checks the bathrooms, to some girls dismay "this is for the ladies, dipshit!" "Oh, sorry, I forgot, I used to be one!" He replies dryly and walks back out. He goes outside and hear belching. He follows the sound and see me around the corner puking my guts out. "Hey, let it out.." He says, taking the hair from my face and stroke my back.
I puke again, sobbing as I do. "I feel like shit.."
"Want to go inside and have another cotton candy on acid cocktail?" He asks teasingly. My respond is more belching. "No for the cocktail then."
"I want to go home.." My sobs get bigger.
"I'll take you home, come on."
He pulls me up and take me to the street and gets a cab. We get in, and I lay down with my head on his lap.
"If she throws up, you're going to pay for the cleaning.." The cabdriver looks sternly at him.
"She won't, relax.."

The cab starts driving and we're in silence for a while. "Tim..?"
"Why do you hate me?"
He tense up a bit, looking a bit startled down at me. "I don't hate you. You just tend to rub me the wrong way.."
"I do that, cause you treat me like shit."
He looks down at me. "Guess we should start being nicer to each other"
I smile, but my face turns in a grimace "Oh, god.. I feel sick again.."
"I mean it, she throws up, she is paying!" He says again, but my house is just around the corner. "Stop here."
As we get out I throw him a twenty. "Keep the change, sourpuss!"

The cabdriver curse at me, but I close the door, so I don't hear what it is. Tim supports me, and steer us in the direction of my house. I find the key, but he has to unlock it, as I have a hard time finding the keyhole. "Come on, drunkhead, let's get you inside."
"I need to brush my teeth, help me upstairs?"
He manage to get me up the stairs and I brush my teeth. He goes back downstairs and I follow him unsteady. "Want a beer?"
"Sure. But I need to feed you first."
He goes to the kitchen and fry up some eggs and bagels. I sit on my couch, feeling like a four year old. "Eat. You need to eat, or you will be a mess in the morning"
"Yes daddy.." I pout. He sits down in the couch across from me a sip on a beer.
We talk for a long while, getting to know each other a bit better.

He was right, the food did wonders, and I feel so much better. I'm not slurring as much with my words, and my mind isn't cotton anymore.
"Sorry I pulled you away from Carrie tonight.."
"Don't worry about that. I doubt you would be able to get home on your own account tonight, so someone had to be responsible" he winks. "Dickhead" I say throwing a crisp at him. He laughs, picks up the crisp and eat it.
"So, want to tell me more about your job?"
"I don't have a job.." I reply
"Come on, you know what I mean. What happened?"
"Please Tim. I don't want to talk about it, not tonight. Okay?"
"Soon. You need to talk to somebody about this, this is horrible"
"Yeah.. So, what is it you do exactly? I have to say I never paid much attention when you talked about it.." I feel slightly stupid, but I know he hasn't a clue to what I did, so I guess we're even.

"Not much to pay attention to. I work in my fathers shop. Fixing cars."
I raise my brow. "You don't.. You don't have a car..?"
He laughs and take a big gulp of his beer. "It's broken."
I laugh so loud I think I'd might wake my neighbours. "You're kidding me?!"
"Guess I know where not to take my car when it's broke."
"Hah, I do good work. I just don't give a shit about my own. I live close to everything, so I don't really need it."
My phone beeps, and I pick it up. It's a text from Jason.

You got home okay babygirl? You should've let me get you home, don't like you going on your own when you're like this.'

I'm home, and I'm safe. See you tomorrow, bear<3'

"So, what your deal? Why are you always alone?" Tim asks bluntly.
I look at Tim like he slapped me.
"No! I didn't mean it like that! You're just. Why are you single?"
"You're single!"
"Yeah, and I end up with Carrie ever other weekend."
"So? Doesn't look like she is forcing you!"
"Hey, don't get angry, I didn't mean anything about it."
"I'm single, cause nobody has the balls to hit on me."
"Then why don't you hit on anybody, Cora?"
"Who says I'm not trying? They are so god damn slow I practically have to shove my hand in their crotch for them to get the point."
"Do it." He says dead serious.
My brow raises further. "Are you for real..?"
"Yeah. Why not. I'd do it.."
"Hah! That I don't believe!"
"I'm not shy. You should know that even if we've not talked much."
"I dare you.."

I'd never thought he'd do it. But he gets straight up from the couch, strides right over the god damn coffee table, leans over me and place his hand straight in my crotch.
I gasp in shock.
He looks me dead in the eyes. I've never seen how amazingly green they are.
I should maybe tell you how he looks. As I said, he is 1.88 m high. Broad shoulders, big arms. He looks really good, having a nice v-shape. But I have no idea how he looks without his shirt, as we've never been to the beach at the same time. He has a beach blond, tussled hair, and he always got that perfect 'straight out if bed-hair'.
I swallow hard, grab his shirt and pull him to me in an intense kiss. He is over me in seconds, touching me all over, stroking his tongue against mine. I'd never thought I'd say this, but oh my god, he has me wet and ready in seconds. He bites my lower lip, making me moan in his mouth. He grinds against me, and I feel his huge bulge pressing against my pussy.
"Where's your bedroom?"
He ask in a deep, husky voice, almost making me explode right there.
"Upstairs.." I gasp breathing heavy in his mouth.
He lifts me up easily, that tells me he is quite well trained. He holds me by my ass, and I wrap my legs around his hips, arms around his neck. He never stops kissing me as he walks up the stairs, impressing me that he never even has to look where he is going.
He fucking finds my bedroom on the first try, and almost throw both of us at the bed.
"Fuck, you're so insanely sexy, Cora.." He whispers in my ear.
I breath deeply. "Fuck me.." It comes out as a whimper.

Chapter 2

"What..?!" I gasp in surprise. I'm so horny I don't know what to do.
He kiss me again, biting my lower lip.
"Not yet, baby.. Foreplay. I want to make you cum, getting you really ready for me. I don't tell everyone this, but I'm quite big. 9,5 inches. And it's really thick. I actually hate it, it's scares a lot of girls. Carrie teased me for over a year before she let me have sex with her.. That is why I go back to her often. She is the only girl I have had sex with the last two years" I don't know what to say.
"And, I do understand if you don't want to, but I really, really want to make you cum.." I kiss him, almost desperately, moaning deeply in his mouth.
"Please, I'm so fucking horny!"

I've haven't even finished my sentence before he starts to pull of my top, and starts stroking my breasts. He folds down the cup and takes my nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue as he continues to play with the other. I still feel him press his hard cock against me, making me more and more wet, I feel it gushing.
He gets on his knees and pull of his shirt. He looks fucking stunning. Got a lot of muscles, but not to defined. I bite my lip and let out another moan at the sight of him. He slowly pulls down my tights, so slowly it almost kills me. "You love to tease me, don't you?" "I just want to look at your sexy body. I've never seen how perfect it is.."
I get a bit shy of his words, but he also makes me feel really good.
"You look fucking perfect too.."
As the tights is completely off I expect him to take my thong of too. But he just strokes up my legs. Thighs. Inner thighs. Spreading my legs wide. Working his thumbs so close, but yet so far away. "Tim.. Please.." I beg him, barely able to talk.
He gives me what I want, stroking his thumb over my slit, but still through my thong. "Cora, you're so wet.."
"What do you expect..?"
He laughs softly and leans his head down, kissing small kisses on my clit.
"Pleeeease" I beg him again.
He pulls down my thong even slower then the tights. Kissing down, following the skin that becomes visible as he pulls it down.
"Perfectly smooth.. Fuck, you're almost making me blow a load in my jeans, baby.." He whispers in that sexy, deep voice.
"Ahh.. Fuck, Tim.."

He comes back up, and take off my bra, sucking on my nipples again, as he grinds his big bulge hard against my wet, naked pussy. I feel for the first time how big he actually is, and it turns me on even more, but it kinda scares me, thinking about how it will fit.
I think he sensed it. "I won't do anything you're not ready for, trust me.." He says, kissing up my chest and neck, giving my neck a small nibble, making me shudder in pleasure.
"I trust you.." I whisper back, stroking my hands up his big arms and shoulders.

He gets out of the bed, grabbing a firm hold around my hips and pull me to the edge of the bed, kneeling and goes to town on my soaking wet, warm pussy. I gasp of the sheer pleasure as he lightly suck my clit.
"Oh god. Tim.. Keep going!" My legs squirm. He slides two fingers inside me, fingerfucking me as he flicks, sucks and nibbles on my swollen, sensitive clit.
He starts moaning, sending shivers through my entire pussy and spine.
I'm gushing again, and he gets more intense. "Fuck! Fuck, Tim! I'm going.. I'm.. Ahh!!"
My toes curl up, my entire body is spent, aching for release. He make another, stronger suction on my clit, and I cum screaming. He licks up all my juices, and his fingers go into overdrive, making me cum again, squirting this time. My body shakes out of control, barely managing to catch my breath. My cum runs down his chin, chest and to the floor, but he drinks up most of it. He slows down, pulls out his fingers and just lick and kiss softly, making me calm down.
He crawls back up to me, lifting me further into the bed.
"You taste so good, Cora. I've never had a squirter before.. I fucking love it!"
I laugh softly as he kiss up my neck, nibbling on my earlobe.
"Yeah baby?" He murmurs.
"I want it.."

He lifts himself up, supporting him self with his arms. He looks deep into my eyes, with those amazing green eyes. He strokes away the hair from my face.
"You sure? I don't want to hurt you."
I nod. "You'll stop if I'm in pain, right?"
"Of course!"
"Then, I don't see the problem.."
My hands glide down his sides, reaching the waist of his jeans. I start to unbutton it, almost feels like it's going to burst out. He gets back on his knees, and I pull down both his jeans an boxer. It almost smacks me in the face is it springs out. My jaw drops. "Fuck.."
It's the biggest, thickest cock I've ever seen. It's rock hard, thick with veins popping out.
He looks down at me, unsure what I'm going to do. I take it in my hand, can hardly wrap my fingers all the way around it. I start stroking it slowly, and it twitches hard and he moans louder then any guy I've ever heard. "Your hand feels amazing, Cora." I smile up at him as I stroke the length of his shaft. He bites his lip, looking so sexy. Precum trickles down the head, and I can't stand to wait, so I pop his big head in my mouth, and he moans and explode immediately. "AHH! Fuck, Cora!!" He twist his fingers in my hair, actually holding me back a bit so I won't gag on it. I swallow as much cum as I can, but it's such a huge load, it dribbles out from the corner of my mouth.
I realise that he never goes soft, not even a bit.

I keep sucking and stroke his cock, standing on all fours in front of him. He strokes over my back, and grab my ass, squeezing it. I take him deeper, halfway down my throat. "Fuck! God baby, that so fucking good! Don't stop" he moans, growls and slap my ass, making me moan, sending vibrations down his shaft. His cock starts twitching hard again after a few minutes. "Shit, stop, I don't want to cum yet.." I can't help it, finding it to good, and keep on going. "Holy fuck!" He roars, and pull me off by my hair. "You fucking tease.." He moans as he kiss me hard, tonguefucking me.
"I want you.. Now." I stroke his ass, and he press me too him, my breasts squeezed against his chest.
"Lay down, sexkitten." I laugh at that petname, but I get on my back and he gets on top of me. His rock hard cock lays against my wet slit, and he rocks slowly up and down. "Tim, please.. I need you inside me."

He place his head against my wet entrance and carefully push inside me. I gasp, he is way bigger then I'd expected. "Want me to stop?" He whisper quietly. "No.. Don't stop.." I moan breathlessly. He strokes my waist, and push further. "God dammit, you're so tight!"
It feels like I'm going to rip open, but it feels so amazingly good at the same time.
After a little while he hits my cervix, making me cry out. "Fuck!"
He pulls back, kissing me. "Sorry.. I'll"
I cut him off, "shh! It's good, it just took me by surprise, okay?" I suck on his lip, want him not to be so scared about this. He feel so fucking good inside me, I feel every vein in his shaft.
He slowly stroke in and out of me, the pleasure is almost to handle.
I want him, I want him bad. I want him rough.
"Move. Turn me over.." I whisper. He easily flip me to my stomach, and get inside me again. I close my legs tight. "Fuck me. Hard.."
He let out a huge sigh as he squeeze my ass, and start pounding me harder then I've ever been. "Oh, baby.. Fuck, you feel so good. So fucking tight.."
"Ahh.. Mmmh! Tim.. God that's so good. Keep going!"
The bed is on the verge of collapsing. "Yes baby. Yes, I'm so close! Cum for me, Cora. Cum with me!!" He roars as he fucks me harder and faster then I thought was possible. The orgasm builds up inside me like a tsunami, and hearing him like this push me over the edge. "FUUUUUUUCK!!" I scream loudly as the orgasm ripples through me, making my body shake out of control, clenching and milking Tim's massive cock. "CORAAA!!"
I feel his cum shoot inside me, stroke after stroke after stroke. I dig my fist in the mattress, actually poking a hole through the sheets with my nails.
He keep stroking in and out of me, but going slower, getting both of us down. He grabs my hip, pushing me up against him before he lays down over me, both our bodies limp.
We fall asleep like that, drunk and drained.
Tim is still inside of me, still on top of me.

I wake up hours later, with a massive headache, a strange full feeling in my pussy and a annoying noise from hell.
I realise that the noise is my phone, and as I stretch to get it, the fullness from my pussy disappears and I realise that Tim was still inside me, sleeping heavily. "Wtf..?" I mumble to myself.
I find my phone and the display says 'CARRIE'
"Did you see how Tim blew me off yesterday?! He never fucking does that!"
"Tim. He blew me off!"
I turn slightly to see him sleeping naked in my bed.
"Oh.. Yeah.. Sorry about that. Listen, this is really a ba.."
"I'm just around the corner, bought bagels and coffee. Come down and unlock the door."
"Carrie, No.."
"Come on! I'm outside your door"
She hangs up.
"Fuck!" I jump out of bed and scramble to find a big shirt and a pantie.
"What..? Why are you up?"
Tim mumbles, looking all dazed. If I had had time to appreciate the sight, I might fallen in love on the spot.
"Stay in bed! And keep quiet, Carrie is outside, she wants to talk."
Just as I go for the door he pulls me to him, kissing me deeply, and take my hand stroking it over his warm hard cock. "You fucking tease.. I hate you." I bite his lip and run downstairs. Carrie is banging so hard on the door it looks like it's going to fall off. "ALL RIGHT, I'm coming! Jesus, Carrie!"

"Seriously! I've never been blown off by him, he is always there when I need to get me something..!" She is sitting on my couch, sipping on her coffee, pouting.
"I don't know.. Maybe he is tired of you using him as your last resort?"
She looks up at me. "Trust me. He is happy someone's gives it to him."
I can't help getting angry at her words.
"Carrie.. This is really not a good time for me, I.."
She looks up and down at me. "Wait! You look freshly fucked! Who is it?!"
"Uhm.. Just a guy I know. He, uhm.."
She sits up, looking all excited. "Is he still here?!" My quick flash to the top of the stairs gives me away. "Oh my god, I can't remember the last time you brought someone home!"
She is halfway up the stairs before I can react. "CARRIE, NO!!"
I panic. "Please!"
I know that she will recognise his clothes on the floor if she walks in. "I'm just taking a peak! He will never know!" She starts walking up again. "CARRIE STOP! ITS A GIRL, OKAY?! AND YOU KNOW HER, SO I PROMISED TO KEEP IT A SECRET!" She almost falls down the stairs. "A girl?! You fucked a girl?!"
"Yes.. Now please.. Leave. I'll see you later tonight."
Her jaw is still on her chest as she walks slowly down. "This why you have been acting so strange lately?"
I bite my lip, trying to look guilty. Not that I need to try, I am quite guilty.
"Mhm.." I nod.

"Motherfucker..!" I say sitting down on the bed, head between my hands. "It sounded more like you were fucking a girl.."
Tim murmurs in the crease of my neck. I have to laugh. "Ass.."
I turn to look at him. "What am I going to do?" He shrugs his shoulders. "I don't belong to her.."
"I'm supposed to be her friend. Best friend.." "We haven't done anything wrong, we had sex. So what? We didn't cheat on anybody. Tell you what. Let's take a shower, and we go somewhere, other side of town if that's what you want, to lunch. We should get to know each other better, we have years to catch up on. We had fun, right?" I nod. "Yeah, who would known, you're actually quite funny." I stick my tongue out, and he quickly catch it between his lips. "Shower. We should get clean and dirty at the same time." He lifts me up, making me giggle as he carries me to the bathroom.

Chapter 3

I have to wipe my eyes from the tears of laughter as the waitress sets down out food. "Enjoy" she smiles. "Thank you." We both reply.
"You seriously tried to run after the car with your pants on your knees?"
"Come on, would you just stand around to see your car roll off?"
"Nope, but I think I'd try to pull up my pants first." I laugh as bite down on a fry. "Let's just say, I finished my piss when I fell." He mumbles, trying to hide the embarrassment on his face.
My stomach is sore from all the laughing I've been doing the last hour, getting to know Tim better.

His phone rings, and he picks it up.
"Hey, Jason. What's up?"
"Hey. Listen. The dinner tonight."
"Yeah? Is it cancelled or something?"
"No. It's just. Carrie called me, and said that Cora told her she's gay. Guess that's why she's been acting so strange lately. Scared we'd might dislike it or something."
He looks at me, grinning, or more smirking. "Really..? She's gay? Huh.. Never thought of Cora as gay.."
I roll my eyes.
"Yeah. So we thought we'd tell her that we'll support her no matter what. And, seeing that you two don't really see eye to eye, I was hoping you could support us and her too. Please mate. Would mean a lot to me."
"Well. As you say. We don't really like each other much. But I'll try to keep a straight face. And keep the lesbian jokes to myself.."
"Thanks mate. See you later. Oh! By the way. Where did you disappear off to last night? You could at least say goodbye."
"Yeah, sorry. Found an old hookup. She didn't take no for an answer."
"Haha, great. Anyways. Catch you laters!"
He hangs up, Tim puts his phone down and laugh. "News travels fast.."

"For real? They're going to have an 'we're okay that you're gay-intervention?!' This is so fucked up!" I say stirring my milkshake with my straw.
"Could be funny though. Playing along." He practically giggles.
"Cause we are keeping this secret, right?"
He sits back in his seat. "Yeah, I think that might be for the best. Going to be mean for pretend, ha, that's going to be fun."
"Dickhead.." I say teasingly and take the last sip of the milkshake.
I check the time. "Want a lift to Jenny and Frank's today? I'll drop you off around the corner of course."
"Can you take me home so I can change and get ready first?"
"Yeah, I have to get ready too, so we can go to your first, then my place, and drive over to them after that."
He pays after a discussion about me wanting to split the bill.
As we get out he puts his arm around my shoulder, and I get butterflies in my stomach. I let my hair fall in front of my face so he won't see me blushing. He snags the car keys from my hand and unlocks my car. "Get in. I want to try out this ladybug of a car."
"Dude, how can you call a turquoise car a ladybug?! He is my little seamonster."
"Hah! Seamonster my ass!"
I sit down in the passenger seat. "If you don't stop insulting my car, I won't blow you."
"Valid, very valid threat.. I love your little Seamonster!" He says as he drive off.

We get to his apartmentbuilding and we go inside. He has a nice apartment, not huge, but it's lots of room for one guy.
"I'll be a minute, make yourself comfortable" he says as he takes of his shirt and walk into the bathroom. He looks so sexy. I walk quietly into the bathroom, he is standing with his back to me, only in his boxers. I go to stand behind him, stroking my hands around his hips, and just above his waistband of his boxer. "What are you doing?" He says a bit surprised, but delighted. "I'm making myself comfortable.." I whisper, trailing kisses over his back. "Fuck, Cora.." He moans softly. I move my hand down his boxer, half of his cock is already sticking out on top of the waistband. I start stroking it slowly, making him sigh loudly, leaning his head back. He tries to turn, but I grab a firmer hold on his cock, making him wince and standing still. "Babe.. Ahh.." I work my hand faster, all the way up and down his long shaft. I keep going faster, his breath getting more and more ragged. After several minutes with a firm fast handjob he moans loudly. "Ohhh, fuuuuuck.." I feel he is on the verge of eruption.
I quickly stop, tuck it back in his boxer, kiss his back and say "get dressed, we have to go." And turn for the door. "Oh hell no!" He grabs my hand and push me against the wall, lifting me up to match his height. "You fucking tease.." He presses his rock hard cock against my pussy, kissing me deeply, moaning in my mouth. "We should.. Mmm.. Tim, we have to go.." "I know.. Soon.." He trails kisses down my neck, nibbling gently on it. He carefully lets me down. "I need a fucking cold shower.. Go wait in the livingroom, I can't watch you if I'm getting this bastard down." I giggle and sway my ass as I walk out the door. "Coraaaa.." He grumbles as I close it.

We're finally on our way to Frank and Jenny. And, of course late. His cold shower and mostly the fact that we had a quicky back at my house as I was trying getting ready, had slowed us down quite a bit.
I stop the car about a block away from their house. "You should go first. They are used to me always being late. You, not so much. I'll wait here for about 5 minutes or so before I drive up and come in." I say.
"Okay. See you there." He gives me a kiss, and as he gets out he smile slyly. "Bitch.."
I laugh. "Dickhead.."


As I walk the last block, I can't stop smiling. I must look like an idiot to people passing me.
I regret being such an asshole to Cora for so long.
I don't even remember my reason for not liking her in the first place. I haven't for a long time, it's just been hard to turn over and be nice, since she started treating me as I treated her. "Dickhead.." I mutter to myself.
"Tell me something I don't know!"
I'm startled and look up to see Jason.
"Oh hey mate!" I give him a man hug and we go inside.
"Hey guys, good to see you!" Jenny comes over, practically jumps in my arms. "Oufh!" She almost knocks the wind out of me. "God, you're worse then my old dog.. I saw you the day before last." I say teasing her. I've known Jenny for 20 years. Since she was 4 and I was 7.
Her brother was my best friend, but he drowned at the age of 9, and we have been inseparable ever since. She is the reason I meet the others, both a Frank and Jason is guys I now trust my life with. And Carrie. Well.. I guess we have used each other to get rid of tension and sexual frustration. I care about her, a lot. But I don't have any romantic feelings for her.
Then there is Cora. The short little beauty. I've been attracted by her all along, that smashing red hair, her beautiful face and good curves. Why the fuck didn't I like her in the beginning?!

"What?!" I say dumbfounded.
"Where were you? You looked like you were a million miles away." Frank says standing in front of me.
"I think I was.."
Cora walks in the door. She looks amazing in that dress. I want to rip it off and take her on the set dining room table.
"Well fuck me, look who the cat dragged in!"
I say loudly. She responds with a glare and a show of her middle finger.
"Dude! You were supposed to be nice tonight!" Jason hiss in my ear. "Oh.. Yeah.."
He gives me a beer and go over to hug her.
I go to the kitchen and put my hand on Jenny's back. "Smells good. What are you making?"
She beams "I tried out a new recipe! Beef with cinnamon, cayenne and black pepper, roasted in the oven."
I raise my brow. "Cinnamon..?"
"Try it before you judge it." She says with a mock sternness
"Yes mother.."
She pushes me out to the others. "Go, let me finish this in peace, you're a pain in my butt, Tim." She says, and pinch my ass. "HEY! You're obviously the pain in my butt!"
She laughs and go back to the oven.

"Please sit down, dinner is ready." Jenny chirps.
We sit down and Frank pours red wine in our glasses.
The plates looks like something straight out of a restaurant.
As Jenny and Frank sits down we all do a toast. I dig in, and the beef is like an explosion in my mouth. "Oh my god, Jenny, this is the best dish I've ever had!"
Words can't describe how good this is.
Jenny is glowing. "Thank you Tim"
The conversation goes easily during the dinner, and everyone is in a good mood.
As I sit above Cora, I start stroking my foot against her leg. Her face has the cutest grimace as she tries not to laugh. I go further up, loving the desperation on her face.
"Mhm?!" She respond in a high pitch, making everyone pay attention to her. This is wicked fun.
"Are you okay?" Frank looks a bit worried at her.
She just nods her head intensively. "Yeah, all good!"
I manage to get my foot between her legs, making her squeal.
She goes bright red, almost as red as her hair.
"What's up with you?!" Carrie asks with a hint of irritation.
"Uhm.. I just.." She looks stressed and out of an excuse. So I 'accidentally' knock my water glass to the floor, switching the attention over to me.

After the epic dinner and more wine we clean up the table and mingle.
I notice that Cora slips out to the bathroom. The door is open and she is leaned over the sink, resting her face in her hands. I go in, close and lock the door quietly. I go behind her, her eyes never leaving mine through the mirror.
"Have you any idea how hot you made me back there..?" She whispers.
"Shhh..." She haven't noticed that I've undone my zipper and pulled out my cock. In a swift move, I lift up her dress over her ass and pull down her thong. Before she knows what happens, I bury my cock inside her, making her gasp loudly, and she quickly turns the water on full to muffle out the sexy sounds she's making. I never break our eye contact, and I don't think I've ever seen that kind of lust that I see in hers. It turns me on so much I'm hardly able to stick to the plan.
"Tim, fuuuck.." She whispers moaning. After a moment she closes her eyes, and I know what to do.
I pull out, and leave her, no more words.
The gasp of frustration she exclaims is music to my ears..


I guess I deserved that after the handjob in his bathroom earlier, but now I'm so horny my thong is soaked..
I get back to the dining room and we play a few drinking games, pretty soon all of us is on a good buzz.
Jason clears his throat.
"Cora.. We kinda wanted to talk to you about something.." He says all serious. I see Tim grinning from ear to ear in the corner of my eye, and I know this will be difficult keeping a straight face in.
"Oh? Anything wrong?" I ask, trying to sound innocent.
"Well.. We. Uhm.. You." He looks like he is trouble finding his words.
Frank speaks up. "Honey. We heard that you are.. Well, that you told Carrie that you're gay. And that we are all very happy for you, but a little hurt that you didn't tell us."
Tim can't contain his laugh, only I know why. Jason sends Tim a nasty look.
"Sorry.. Cora, muffdiving is the best thing ever! Welcome to our side!" Tim say, raising his class to me.
I scold him, before I look over to Carrie. "Thanks.." I say sarcastic.
"They deserve to know!" She replies, her voice raised.
"I told you something that is very, very private this morning, Carrie, and I did it only because I was scared you might catch her."
"It would have come out anyways..."
"Yes, it would. But it should have happened on MY FUCKING TERMS, as it is MY life, MY love life this is about!" I find this a refreshing way to get rid of some of my anger from work.
"Babygirl, we just."
I get on my feet, kicking the chair to the floor. They all look like scolded kids. Except Tim, and his smug face. "Wipe that smile of your face, or I'll make you an aunt!"
I say and storm out.
They sit in stunned silence.
"Maybe I should.." Jason says quietly and starts to get up.
"Jason, something tells me that you are the person she least wants to see right now. Let me. She hates my face as it is, don't think I can do much harm." Tim says and follow me outside.
"She is right.. We didn't handle this really well, did we?"
Frank says quietly. Jenny takes his hand. "We meant it in the best way possible.."

It's dark outside, and Tim can't see me. "Cora? Cora, where are you?"
"Around the corner.." I say, choked with tears. He comes around the corner, and sees me crying. He quickly pulls me in for a massive hug. "Baby, why are you crying?! I though.. I thought we were just pretending?!" He sounds desperate, like he thinks it's his fault.
I just hide my face in his chest, and cry hard. Letting it all come. He just holds me tight, swaying carefully. After a few minutes he strokes over my hair.
"Baby, please. What is it? Why are you crying?"
"I just.. Fuck, Tim! I'm out of a job! I got fired under false pretenses! As I acted out being pissed in there, I realized how pissed and hurt I actually am.
I feel awful for yelling at them like that!"
"Don't mind them. One day the truth will come out, and you say it as it is. You are under a lot of pressure. We have the greatest friends alive, they will forgive you. I promise."
He looks deep into my eyes, they sparkle in the moonlight. I'd might sell my soul if he asked me to, those eyes could make me do anything.

"Cora? Tim?" We hear Jenny's voice from the door around the corner.
"We'll be there soon, Jen! She needs a few minutes." Tim calls.
"Okay, tell us if she needs something." She says just before the door closes.
He keeps looking at me, not letting my eyes go. "Have you any idea how beautiful you are right now?" He says quietly.
It gets to much, and I break eye contact and laugh it off. "Yeah, pretties raccoon ever.."
"Stop. Don't say stuff like that. I.." His words trail off. "Ready to go back inside?" He asks more up beat.
"I guess.." I mumble and follow him inside.
They look like a pack of lost sheep, and all hug me after turn and have apology after apology.
I go in to the bathroom and wash my face, and use some of Jenny's make up to freshen myself up. When I get back to the dining room the table is set with more wine and snacks.
"How about a game to lighten up the mood?" Jenny suggests
"What game?" Jason replies.
"Spin the bottle. Adult version.."


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Great story. Your English isn't perfect, but I liked it . For some reason, I can't vote, but you deserve a much better rating.

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