A true story of how my sister and I first discovered eachother
Chrissy's hands reached up from the water, searching up for the pool edge. stretching up from the pool she straightened her tight young body. I could not help it , my eyes were drawn to her bubble butt. Small drops of water clung to her tight swim suit. What was I thinking? This was my sister!

It was a Saturday afternoon and we were home alone as usual. I say as usual because every weekend mum and dad worked night shift. Now I was older , they considered me adult enough to look after Chrissy and myself while they worked.

I was sprawled on the hot concrete, only a towel under me. What was happening? I shifted uncomfortably on the towel, my cock had stiffened while watching her small round ass wiggle around the pool edge towards me. Did this mean I wanted to do things to my sister? I mean she was a pretty girl she always had been. Now there were small signs things were changing with her. Her ass rounded out , hips widened slightly but there were no signs of budding breasts.... but what an ass, I was mesmerized.

She flopped down beside me ,laying on her towel. We both lay silently on the ground catching the last of the summer sun. I shifted my head so I was facing her, she was lying on her stomach her bare back below her swim suit top tanned by the long summer. She was a fit little minx, the small of her back so sexy above her round tight ass cheeks. Oh my! I was imagining her bare ass and my cock meeting, sliding up and down that beautiful virgin crevice. I started to dry hump my towel, pretending I was doing the same to her . She turned to face me, I stopped humping, shit what was I doing? Her stunning blue eyes smiled at me from beneath her blonde locks. "hungry Chrissy?" I quizzed. "yeah Pat , time for something to eat, I might have a shower , what's for dinner?" she asked. "I'll make some toasted cheese sandwiches while you shower , hey?" I said. "Sounds great I'm famished." she replied. She hopped up and I watched that fabulous ass wiggle back to the house.

I could hardly concentrate on making sandwiches while I thought of her tight body naked in the bathroom. I heard the shower start and then a scream from Chrissy. I ran to the bathroom door, "what's wrong sis ? , water too hot?" I asked jokingly." No smartass!, I think I'm a bit sun burnt, will you check?" she pleaded. Shit! ok calm down ,I said to myself , Its your sister , just be a good brother and check it out. I walked into the bathroom, Chrissy was standing in the shower totally naked with her back to me. Her beautifully shaped ass there in all its glory, all I could do is stare . "well?" she asked "What do you think?" I was about to answer it looks great but then I saw the red tinge to her back. "Shit sis your burnt, you need some aloe vera cream to soothe that" I said." well don't just stand there! get it and rub some on please" she begged. Retrieving the cream from the cabinet I approached the shower my heart racing. "well come on!" she screamed I squirted an amount of the cream and slid my hand over her back. "oh yes that feels better" she said "all over my back please" My hands ran over her smooth skin from her shoulder down slowly to the crease of her sexy ass, with each pass my hand lowered until it ran over her ass cheeks. "hey, i'm not burnt there am I?" she asked as my hand rested on her ass." No sorry just using all the cream I had on my hand" I said. Chrissy turned around to face me. There in front of me she stood naked ,her small nipples standing slightly out and her pussy just a slit with no hair at all. She was completely oblivious to what she was doing and what affect it was having on me.

I, on the other hand was standing there in only my board shorts staring at her pussy. "hey Pat what's going on there ? " she asked pointing at my shorts. I looked down and to my horror my cock was tenting out my shorts badly. "Shit !" I exclaimed as I ran from the bathroom. I ran to the toilet and slammed the door. I could hear Chrissy outside the door." Are you alright Pat? What's the matter?" she asked. "Its alright" I answered "I'll be out in a while , go get dressed we can eat in a minute." "ok" she answered "you sure your ok?" " yes, now leave me and get dressed" i said. I pulled down my shorts my cock standing out hard and pulsing. It was never going to go down unless I jerked off, but to visions of my naked sis? fuck yes! after a few jerks a thick stream of cum sprayed onto the toilet seat. Man I needed that and then the guilt of jerking to my sis hit me. what was I doing? this had to stop now.

We ate our sandwiches without another word. Finally I said " well time for a movie hey? then off to bed, we've got an early start tomorrow. " she answered. " sounds good pat . you pick , I'm a bit tired. I might lay on the couch and If I fall asleep you can wake me when you go to bed" I picked a DVD I would like seeing, she would probably fall asleep , a good action movie would do. I turned back and Chrissy was laying on the couch. It was still warm outside and she lay in a t-shirt with her white panties stretched tightly across her ass. "Will you please put some more cream on my back pat?" she asked. Thoughts of her naked raced through my mind again and I wanted to touch her ass again, that silky smooth hot skin. " sure sis I'll just get the cream" I answered . What was I thinking? I wasn't, my cock was! I returned to the lounge with the cream, to my surprise Chrissy lay on the couch ,she had removed her t-shirt and was ready for me to soothe her back. " sit down here Pat " she commanded. I sat down next to her, then she lay across my lap as she had done so many times before (usually for me to scratch her back). This time it was different, my heart beat so fast, I had a feeling of anticipation that excited me. I stared at her white panties pulled up so tight I swore I could see the outline of her pussy lips. I squirted the cream on her back she squealed " its cold" "well its supposed to help with the heat of sunburn , let me spread it on" I said . I slowly rubbed it into her soft hot skin just skimming her white panties with my hand ." make sure you get it everywhere" she said. Then she reached around and slid her panties down to her thighs, her perfect round ass sitting there for me to perve on. slowly I spread the cream , lower and lower until all I was doing was rubbing her ass cheeks. Chrissy said nothing, just laying there with my hands on her bare ass. I squeezed her cheeks ever so softly, slowly massaging them, do I dare to slide a finger along her asshole and down to her bare pussy?

"Some more aloe I think " she said shocking me, she didn't want me to stop! I put more cream on the small of her back, this time concentrating on her ass. I moved my hand so my finger brushed along the crack of her ass, becoming more daring my finger slid down between her ass cheeks and over her beautiful rosebud, back and forth in slow strokes , each one slightly longer until my finger ran along her bald pussy. Chrissy did nothing except slightly part her legs for my finger to get better access. My sister laying on our couch , her panties around her thighs and her brother with one hand on her ass and the other touching her pussy. I was living a dream, her ass so white and firm, yet soft and smooth. not a hair in sight, her thighs slightly parted. A small puckered asshole, her pussy hairless and just the most perfect small lips, pushing together tightly, covering her virginal vagina. My finger gently ran up and down her pussy , ever so slightly I applied some pressure to my next stroke, her lips parted. Pure heat, sexual heat, exploding from her pussy .Chrissy let out a small sound, I lingered, my finger just inside her pussy. Her little bubble butt quivered, she was not stopping me, no protest, she even lifted her ass slightly to give me better access. My cock was straining to exit my shorts, surely she could feel it against her flat belly? I wanted to get it out and rub it up and down her ass crack, to feel the heat of her sexy body, to know what her pussy would feel like with my cock in it, now all these thoughts were taking control of me. Chrissy lifted her head from the couch and turned towards me, her eyes looked straight at me almost begging me to continue. Her eyes now drifted to my shorts, "Pat, show me your ..." she stopped not knowing what word to use I think
"you want to see my cock Chrissy?" She nodded at me, my heart was pounding in my chest, my cock throbbing, this was it, no other girl had seen my cock. I took my hands from her ass and Chrissy sat up. This was it, Chrissy was going to see my hard cock, hard for her, because of her. I pulled the front of my shorts down and my cock sprang out , "That's what was happening before?" she asked "yes.....when I saw you without clothes in the shower before it was hard like this" "Its so big, is it hard? does it hurt? Why did it get hard before and why now? " so many questions she had. "Because when I saw your naked body it makes me feel like this, excited, and when I saw you naked I just wanted to touch your body. Feel you smooth skin, touch your butt and your pussy" "I'm feeling very strange Pat, I like it when you squeeze my butt and when you touch my.... pussy? oh what a feels so good, it makes me tingle all over. I don't want you to stop........... What did you do in the toilet before dinner?" "I had to get my cock to go soft again" "how Pat?" "I just pulled it until I came" "Came?" "Until..... Oh its too hard to explain Chrissy" "Then show me now Pat. I want to see" My sister wanted to see me jerk, all while she sat practically naked in front of me. Even better she didn't want me to stop touching her. so my right hand wrapped around my cock as it had done hundreds of times before now and my left hand went to Chrissy's pussy. Chrissy eyes locked onto my right hand as I slowly pumped my cock. I parted her pussy lips again feeling the heat and now moisture of her pussy. I was so worked up, my cock looking the biggest I'd ever seen it , the head purple, veins pulsing , her eyes wanting something she knew nothing about. I could feel my balls tighten and the familiar feeling was rising in me. I started to stroke my cock faster.
She was mesmerized by the rhythm, I was loosing control, my finger slipped into her pussy and I pushed it in ever so slightly.
"Oh Pat, that feels so nice, put it in me more"
I pushed in up to my knuckle, gosh she was so tight. Her pussy gripped my finger, I eased it in and out, keeping pace with my stroking hand. I was getting close and Chrissy was starting to breathe heavier, all the time her eyes fixed on my throbbing cock. I hadn't even thought about where I was going to cum, but with her face so close she was in for a surprise. I took my finger from her pussy and lifted it to my nose, the smell so sweet and sex filled, I put it in my mouth to taste her, that was it, cum sprayed from my purple knob. The first spray shot straight onto her thighs, the next hit her chin , then three more sprays hit her chest . My cocked throbbed in my hand a few drops of cum still seeping from the knob , my cum dripping slowly down her chest over her small hard nipples.
" WOW that was awesome Pat, so that's what you did in the toilet. Why wouldn't you want me to see that? "
"Because I was embarrassed, a brother should never feel like this about his sister"
"feel like what Pat?"
"That she is the sexiest thing he has ever seen "
I leaned forward wiping the cum drop off Chrissy s chin and before she could say anything I kissed her perfect sweet lips. She didn't recoil in horror, she answered by kissing me back. My tongue pushed between her lips probing her mouth, looking for her tongue, there it came back at me. I embraced her, My body against her, one hand on the back of her head the other on her glorious ass cheek, inching its way back to her wet little pussy lips. Chrissy's hands raced all over me, one coming to rest on my hard cock. She grasped it and began to stroke it slowly. Breaking the kiss she asked " I thought it was supposed to go soft now?"
" I don't think there's much chance of that happening while your touching me like that sis"
"oh good because I want to see it spurt like that again!
She was worked up now and although she didn't know what to do, I could tell she wanted something, that desire in her eyes. Chrissy was stroking my hard cock and my hand moved back to her pussy, her skin was so smooth and taut. she pushed her mound down onto my hand.
"what do you want to do now pat? I have all your stuff on me, maybe I should have a shower ?"
"yeah we should clean you up, its nearly time for bed" I said. there was a look of disappointment in her eyes, I was thinking again with my big head not my cock. Our parents would be home in a couple of hours and my guilt was kicking in.
Chrissy had other ideas as I would find out soon enough.


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